Bob Barr: the man, the mustache

September 3, 2008

Libertarian presidential candidate Bob Barr has crashed the Republican convention.

Barr, a former Republican congressman now running for president on the Libertarian ticket, was spotted inside the Xcel Center on Wednesday morning, near the talk-radio jocks on “Radio Row.”barr.jpg

What was he doing here? How did he get in? What did he think of Sarah Palin?

Barr said it wasn’t a good time for questions.

“I have to visit the men’s room,” he told Reuters.

Some analysts believe Barr could serve as a spoiler candidate by pulling votes from Republican John McCain in states like Georgia.

But Barr is significant in other ways.

“He is the first mustached American running for president since Thomas E. Dewey in 1948,” the American Mustache Institute wrote in a press release. 

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Photo: REUTERS/Molly Riley (A mustachioed Barr speaks in a Reuters interview, April 4 2008)


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What a non-informative piece! Thanks!

Posted by Nick | Report as abusive

It will be interesting to see how much affect Barr could have on McCain’s chances in the election. Ironically Barr could lose some Libertarian leaning supporters that stick with Ron Paul, who has maintained a Republican title. Largely it may depend on the attitude of the strong conservatives versus libertarians in the election. True Libertarians will be a different group than the conservative wing of the Republican party right now, especially concerning the War in Iraq and focus on Christianity in politics.

Posted by Lowell | Report as abusive

A mustache, now that’s a vote worth considering. If he had a soul patch it’d be slam dunk 😉

Seriously, he may very well turn out to be this year’s Ralph Nader for the GOP.

Posted by mike | Report as abusive

American Mustache Institute…wow

Posted by Nate | Report as abusive

Thanks Reuters for focusing in on the real important issues. Can’t wait to read your next article about Palin’s baby or Barack’s skin tone.

Posted by Marek | Report as abusive

Perhaps it would be time to resurrect THE BULL MOOSE, as a log or an emblem or to remind folks with Republican leanings that the BUll MOose Party has been done before, and has an hisotircal precident!

I cannot donate. I have not held a full-time job since 1`987 when I left blood banking to try to certify to become a pusblic school chigh school science teacher. Ther is no techer shortage. I had my last science teaching interview in 2007 in Prince William County, first for a chemistry psotion and then for a biology postion. The interviewers switched the positon for which I was itnerviewing. Actually, I am qualified to teach both– have held a provisional teching certificate issued by the state of vrignia since 1988 with endorsements in biology, chemistry, general scicne and psychology. I used to belong to a labor union, too. I was a member of ASFME for the 5 1/2 year during which I worked for the American Red Cross Washignton regional Blood Services when it was located on E Street in Washignton, D.C. There is no reciprocity for fromer union members when applying for teaching psitions. Alos, I have been a college adjunct biology lab instrucotr three time; taught as a homebound teacher in the City of Charlttesviell for 11 1/2 years; started a thrid master’s degree, one in bilogy at VCU and never completed it.
I possess an M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction from VCU; an M.Ed. in Special Education from the Univserisity of Vrignia, but without endorsements to teach special ed– I failed teaching special ed, tried to drop the student teaching prior to the drop date at the Unvisersity, but the Unviserisity insisted that I would have to take a WF, withdrawl failing in the course because no one in the special ed deparmtnet wanted me to be able to use my degree to teach special edcuation students. ( I passed sutdent teaching in regular eduction, student teching in both biology and chemistry.) I took the NTE in 1986 and passed both the core and specilaity test, scoring in the 95th percentile with a score of 760 on the Test of Biology and Genral Science; also joined American Mensa LTD and Intertel the same year, using my Miller Analogies Test Score, taken Spring of 1986, as a qualifying score– never used my MAT test score for anyhting else!

At any rate, I support your candidacy. I would like to see the Departmet of Education at both federal and State levels closed. I think that college educated parents if they have the time and ability ought to home school their children. It makes no sense for people who are perfectly competnet, well education and proabaly have higher IQs than the teaching staff to send their children to be taught by less educated and probably less intelligent people. Parents with only high school degrees ned to be enrolled in school simultaneously if they home school much beyond elementary school.

As for myself, part of my edcuation was in private schools and part was in pbulic schools. I have experienced both public and private elmentary, private middle, and both public and private high school and college education.

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We have a mess inedcuation. We also have a mess in the Department of State. All the ancient Sino-Soviet experts retired Post- Nixon administration and were not replaced with individuals possessing comparable training and skills, including Dr. Condoleeza Rice, in my not too humble opinion. I am not a Russina expert by any meas. I did take a course in Russian Cvilization as an undergraduate in colege. If I can spot Dr. Rice’s mistakes with my naiscent back ground, then there is a whole lot which is not Kosher going on in the State Department.

I am not really a Libertarian. I read part of Adamn Smith’s Wealth of Nations; I know about Laissez- Faire, Anyn Rand, objectivism, etc. Laissez-Faire has not worked since the 18th/19th centuries in my opinion. The world is too complex to use prue free trade model, and free trade models do not work when trading with communist nations as trading partner! FAIR TRADE is needed, not Free Trade! NAFTA needs to be rescinded. The U.S. lost all of its textile industries due to free trade stupidity– and the deals made with South America did not decrease the illegal cocaine and other narcotics from coming ashore, mostly from South America and the rest form Asia, Africa, Europe, et cetera!

Marriage amendments are sticky. Personally I would tell gay couples to seek a lawyer to draw out any contract they wish. Marriage has been recognized by societies since Neolithic times. Polyandry and Polygamy exist in a few cultures around the wolrd, but the traditioanl monagamous marrage is a cultural institution in our westernized culutre and has existed from the beginning with each partner only having one spouse at a time! All kinds of American tort law, divorce law, causes for divorce et cetra will be tossed out with equal recognition of gay mariages or gay ninions as marriage across the United States. Cusody bettles already have become sticky when a lesbain couple maried in vermont, the marriage was not recognized in Vrignia; one lesbian spouse decided to go straight– and the child brount tinto the first union via artifcial insemination was caught int he middle. This recognition of gay marraiges by some states and not all put a strain on the legal system which already is overburdoned by divorces etc.

As for health plans, etc— if an insurance company already has a plan for domestic partners, then treated gay domestic partners the same as married domestic partners seems to be legal to me… but then there are behavioral consideration. Are gay domestic partners essentially monogamous? If not, then the isue of the spread of AIDs and HIV may be broght into question. Are gay domestic partners more or less faithful to their partners as tyical hertosexual married couples? thers are questions for the insurance underwriters, sociologists and epidemiologists to determine. It is not fair to legislate that insuracnce companies et cetera have to treat gay domestic union the same as heterosexaul marriages. It’s like saying that the health risks of smokers and nonsmokers are essentially the same!

Resuurecting the BUll Mosse Party might be a better choice than just stickying with the Libertarian party in my not too humble opinion.

However, you do hae my vote!

Mrs. Carol R. Bowling Shumate
1897 Ridge Road
Haymarket, Va. 20169-1306

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Run, Bob, run!

Posted by Carol R, B, Shumate | Report as abusive

If I could, I would type, RUN, in red, white and blue letters!

Posted by Carol R, B, Shumate | Report as abusive

Can’t Reuters come up with something more relevant than Bob Barr’s mustache? And the story is as empty as the headline. Reuters, what has happened to you? I thought you were a news organization.

Posted by James Orleans | Report as abusive

Compared to McBama, Bob Barr is a standout. I will vote for him unless Ron Paul decides to change his mind and run.

Posted by belle | Report as abusive

The most potent issue open to Bob Barr and other third party candidates is the war. Now that Barack Obama has cast his lot with the Israel First Party, pledging himself to the war in Afghanistan, even taking it into Pakistan, and, of course, pledging to stop Iran from even reprocessing spent nuclear fuel, the voters looking for a candidate are on America’s anti-war left. Barr, whose platform also includes repealing the Patriot Act and laws against marijuana, may draw as many voters who would otherwise pull the lever for Obama as those who are inclined to hold their noses while voting for McCain.

Posted by William Dalton | Report as abusive

Did someone get paid to write this?

Posted by Al Newberry | Report as abusive

– Posted by William Dalton (above)
Barr, whose platform also includes repealing the Patriot Act and laws against marijuana . . .

Barr has NEVER said he would repeal the Patriot Act. He is for eliminating certain “provisions” of it.

Barr has only gone on record for eliminating laws against “medicinal marijuana”. Oh lordy, we can’t have anyone using it for personal pleasure, now can we!

Plus I point out that Barr, in supporting ONLY medicinal marijuana, believes that only “experts” in the cartelized, heavily government regulated medical industry can “approve” marijuana for use. But Bob, we already have that! Where is your “radical libertarian” program? Oh, I forgot, you aren’t a libertarian at all . . . just another run of the mill conservative with the slight possibility of a few libertarian leanings.

Posted by Steve LaBianca | Report as abusive