‘Gaffe Machine’ says election is so about the issues

September 3, 2008

biden3.jpgFORT MYERS, Florida – Democratic vice presidential nominee Joe Biden, mocked by Republicans as a “gaffe machine,” took a swipe Wednesday at a remark by John McCain’s campaign manager that “this election is not about issues.”
“This election is not about issues?” Biden asked rhetorically, drawing hoots and hollers at a town-hall style meeting with several hundred people in Fort Myers, Florida. Noting Americans have difficulty paying for such basics as health insurance and gasoline for their cars, Biden said, “Where I come from, that’s an issue.”
Campaign manager Rick Davis, in an interview with The Washington Post, said, “This election is not about issues.” He said, “This election is about a composite view of what people take away from these candidates.” He predicted that the more voters get to know McCain and Democratic presidential rival Barack Obama, the more they will like the Republican ticket.
Biden bristled. “You have the greatest character in the world, but you are not going to give me a fighting chance that would keep my job. I love ya, but I don’t want you as president,” he said.
During 35 years in the Senate, the fast-talking, often long-winded Biden has earned a reputation for gaffes. Republicans count two since last week’s Democratic National Convention — when he referred to Obama as “Barack America” and put himself on the top of the ticket by saying he was “running for president.”
On Wednesday, Biden made another slip of the tongue. In promising to help Americans if elected, he said, “the Biden, excuse me, the Obama-Biden administration.” Amid laughter, he added, “Believe me, you all got it right: Obama-Biden.” 

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I would like to see AT LEAST FOUR national televised debate between Biden and the big joke. Seriously, GOP, she is a BIG JOKE. It’s going to be pitiful.

Posted by swingVoter | Report as abusive

The pregnancy of Bristol Palin brings forth an array of issues. To start with, it’s nice that Bristol will keep the baby and supposedly marry the father. But consider this for a second, there would be some pregnant teens
who would NOT want to go forward with the pregnancy. Sarah, what do you say to those teens? Put them in jails after you become VP as you and McCain will likely over-turn Row V Wade? What about the fact that other religions, like Islam, preaches that you bear child only if you can afford to take full care of them. So abortion, in this context, is fully vetted by the newest of biblical religions. What about the fact that, my wife being a very protective parent, does not want me to buy a handgun? She is afraid that it might fall in their hands at the wrong time in their life and they might act stupid. What about the fact that a father myself, I would want my daughter to be safe and practice safety before anything in life. Abstinence will definitely be taught and strongly urged, but in those “what if” moment, will I be able to excuse myself if my daughter is in the same situation as Bristol? What if Bristol became HIV positive after having sex with the other teen? COuld you have excused yourself, Sarah?

Posted by Guy From LA | Report as abusive

Gaffe machine? He has got to be kidding.

Posted by cv | Report as abusive

Who is the dope Guy from LA and what is he talking about?
Is he saying the ISLAM is the “newest of religions”? Parents do the best they can when raising their children. I have 8 myself. I would not want any of my 3 daughters to get pregnant outside of marrage let alone as a teen. However, if they did, I would still stand by them. And it should not have any bearing on my ability or qualifications to do any job, public or not. You libs should leave Sarah’s family alone. It will only backfire on you by energizing the Republican base. When they come out to vote in force, Dems beware. Instead of talking about Sarah’s daughter, how about Obama and Biden’s ties to terrorists and other questionable friends?

Posted by Jon | Report as abusive

Amazed as we all are at the Republican choice for VP, our energy will appear misspent as the we see in the next several weeks how this Palin nomination will implode and become yet another dismal memory in this mad pursuit for perfect leaders.

Debate instead the need for a medical system that will mend the bones from hurling sticks and stones.

Posted by concrndnxtdrnbr | Report as abusive

Was this written by a spiteful 12 year old girl?

Like, oh my god, he said this election is so about the issues! Gag me with a spoon!

Posted by burndtdan | Report as abusive

Gaffe machine? Maybe the McCain campaign can help me find Czechoslovakia. Is it on the Iraq-Pakistan border?

Posted by Dan | Report as abusive

“Gaffe Machine?” Really? Will you be opening for Carrot Top later this week or something? Don’t quit your day job at Taco Bell. You fail as an “analyst”.

Posted by sdhrhdsa | Report as abusive

Thomas Ferraro: quit your day job – you are a partisan hack.

Posted by Stradavus | Report as abusive

Seriously. What burndtdan said. “Is so”??? If Biden actually said that, I’d find a reason to slap him – and I damn well plan on voting for Obama/Biden.

Quit making politicians sound like children. Most of them will do it for you if you give it enough time.

Posted by Jessica | Report as abusive

the guy with 8 kids–

Obama’s questionable ties to terrorists?

It pains me that my taxes are paying for your kids to go to school. A complete idiot like you is contributing a bit too much to the gene pool of the world for my liking.

Posted by lol republicans | Report as abusive