Inside the Tent: Reactions to Sarah Palin’s speech

September 4, 2008

Sarah Palin touted her small-town roots and lashed out at Democrat Barack Obama during a highly anticipated speech to the Republican convention on Wednesday, ridiculing her critics as out-of-touch elitists who do not understand everyday life in America.

Here are some reactions from inside the convention center in St. Paul:

Liz Tait and Molly White, Texas

“Soccer moms are gonna put her in the White House!”

Bob McAfee, Pennsylvania

“She’s a winner and we need a winner.”

Anne Conrad, Tennessee

“She’s a woman who has dealt with real issues in her family, her state, and her job, and she’s addressed them with strength, out of courage, and really following her convictions.”

Tony Manheim, New York

“I thought she gave a great speech and I’m rethinking my initial reactions.”

Christine Dwyer, Ohio

“She’s rocking, she’s rolling, she’s bold, she’s courageous and we love her.”

Tobias Buck, Indiana

“Sarah Palin looked into the liberal heart and made it bleed.”

Audrey (last name not known), Minnesota

“I really belive this will pull in Hillary voters.”

The videos were shot by Ed Stoddard, Corbett B. Daly and Leslie Rutledge.

Inside the Tent has more than 40 delegates and other attendees in Denver and St. Paul, equipped with video cameras to capture the conventions from the ground up. Rutledge is not a Reuters employee and any opinions expressed are her own.

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Are we idiots or something? After 8 years of the worst presidency American has ever had, are we going to vote in McCain/Palin – with the possibility of a President Palin. Wake up, Americans, or the lives of 300 million people, the future of the greatest nation will be ruined at our very own hands. Wake up Americans, and say no to McPalin.

Posted by Michael | Report as abusive

Okay so lets do her the same way we do Obama…besides the hype and excitement…what about the facts…what does she believe…

Posted by RUSERIOUS | Report as abusive

Some of my observations. 1. The republicans represents the jocks, bullies, cheerleaders, “the incrowd” in school. The democrats represents the smartkids, the diplomatic kids, geeks, the outcasts in school. 2. The republicans seem to focus on power, control, fear, etc. The democrats focus on unity, freedom, sharing, etc. 3. It seems the republicans can call Sarah Palin a sweetheart, hotchick, babe, etc. as seen on stickers, placards, commentry etc. but the democrats cannot call or attach any feminine characteristics that are negative without being branded as women haters.
This election is not about the many different peoples in America but it is about electing a select social class and the republicans have a trojan horse “Sarah Palin”. The country and global issues facing the planet can take second place. The democrats can lose this election if the women vote is given to Mcain.

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We have always wanted one of our own in the top spot whether a teacher,banker,factory worker etc. Now we have one.

Posted by Bobby Craig | Report as abusive

“We have always wanted one of our own in the top spot whether a teacher,banker,factory worker etc. Now we have one.”
Who is “WE” and how is Palin “ONE OF OUR OWN”. She tried to ban books and she left Wasilla with more than 20,000,000 in debt when she left as mayor. I could go on but why bother.

Posted by Tarro | Report as abusive

McCain and Palin are both crazy. They are not in touch with reality which is precisely what has been wrong in this country since Bush and Cheney took over. If they are elected, America will end up being a Third World country and in very short order.

They will keep us enslaved to oil at all costs which will destroy our power to be independent in this world just as it has destroyed the EU’s ability to truly stand up to Russia.

They scream “Victory!” when all they will do is lead us to defeat.

Posted by Fred | Report as abusive

Most of the North Slope oil went to the Japanese and not to the US. The same will happen to all new oil. It will go to the highest bidder. We do not have the laws in place to guarantee any new oil be kept domestic. The Republicans won’t allow it.

If we stay on an oil economy, this will continue.

Vote Obama

Posted by Fred | Report as abusive

The only places in the world where working class people without education have made into the top echelons of power are Communist countries with predictably bad results in economic performance and hatred of the educated West.

Is this what you want for this country?

Posted by Fred | Report as abusive

GO TEAM>>>> Palin show us the silent majority still rules !!The core of AMERICA…McCain / Palin…our hopes and dreams !!

Posted by Stormy | Report as abusive

T think Sarah Palin is cute, but we have to be serious do we want more of the same, and lets face it the GOP are starting to look at the DEMS and say hey we can do that too. I think that come nov 4 mcCain/Palin will be out and OBAMA/BIDEN WILL WIN.

Posted by bruce billions | Report as abusive

No matter what she says, she is NOT Harry Truman and it is an insult to that fine man to even try to compare herself. Truman would never have tried to divide the country. What a disgrace she is!

Posted by Mary L | Report as abusive

The key to remember is that Mccain is not about change and Palin is just a pawn to get a women vote. If she was that Great and Qualified don’t you think we would have heard something from her at least in the last 4 years, OBAMA,gave the keynote address at the last DNC, BIDEN has been a senator for 20 yrs +, even McCain has a history but the proud state of Alaska, come on if this is not a desperate act, what is?

So i guess it is safe to say that John Mcsame will give his plan tonight on the economy, or just do some more OBAMA bashing. Lets face it change and unity are the DEMS focus, whats the GOP’focus,beating BARACK,then wha

Posted by bruce billions | Report as abusive

Nice republican ticket. Democratic politacal elite should be worried. VP is a self made woman, husband a union man, hard working family from the last frontier. Let hard working people keep their money and the lazy let “government take care of me” crowd freeze in the dark. About time we got some real people in the white house.

Posted by John Senenen | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin and McCain represent more than just any party affiliation. This whole, “Four more years of Bush/Cheney” is getting old. There needs to be a more substatial arguement from the left, as they are wearing thin on the general population and are sounding like whinners instead of intelligent. The Palin/Mccain ticket offers diversity, it offers a chance for future change that is needed in the white house going up against some hard hitting republicans. I can tell that neither Palin or Mccain are touting that they are republican, rather that they are americans and they are for their country first… as it should be. They stand for some of the truest values that we have yet to see in our society. Kudos to Palin for standing up for herself, her family, talking about energy and policies and pusing for reform. She pushed back as only a fantastic Vice President can do. She seems already vice presidential and Biden better get ready for some serious heat coming his way from Palin…

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Her speech was full of exagerrations and lies. That sums up everything Palin would bring to the government, no thanks.

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I am astounded at the audacity of old John McCain who is supposed to be some kind of conservative to bring out a woman from Alaska, who is anything but conservative regarding family values. I believe that Rebulican leaning people are being mind manipulated into believing that its OK to have pregancies among teen agers in their families.Ms Palin was all about her mediocre life style
and gave the impression that it should resonate with the Republican base. She said nothing about healthcare, national security,and economy. Just parroting the taxcut Mantra of the Republicans rings hollow. All in all, I think the Republicans brought out the pit bulls among them to attack Barak Obama and they hope that will do the trick.If the idiotic minded vote Republican this time around, they would fully deserve the mediocrity that has prevailed over the last 8 years.

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I think the democrats in this blog should get back to work and stop complaining. Barack is not going to be the answer to our countries problems. Want socialized medicine? Really? Look at Europe and Canada… its working so good for them. Want reform? Sure.. but what are you really going to get? Barack only says what people want to hear. What experience does he really have in international politics? Other than an ulterior motive????

Posted by Jim | Report as abusive

From Obama’s speech one thing was clear he will bring business back to America and that is a CHANGE. GOP is not even talking the way he is.

Posted by suds | Report as abusive

Iam a man and i was voting for mrs Clinton.I beleive that sara paulin is more qualified to be not just v.p. but also President .John Mccain could not have chosen better if he had years instead of months wake up mrs Paulin dont owe enybody in washington notin.god bless you all.

Posted by Waylon | Report as abusive

Another Bush! Low on experience and big on confidence.Scary stuff

Posted by Omar | Report as abusive

McCain’s choice for VP is a billiant stroke. Sarah Palin’s speech fully confirmed that she will trump the card the Democrats thought was an unbeatable ace, Barak Obama. He has the words, but she has character and the words too. The more the Democrats and their dyed-in-the wool media allies go for her, the brighter this star will shine. She will make Biden look like what he is, and for all his age McCain is not, yesterday’s man.

Bob Sheaf (a Brit and pro-Cameron Conservative who loves and thanks God for America)

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I thought Gov. Palin’s speech was very good. So were the speeches of Romney and Giuliani. I thought the comments about the “left wing” media were also appropriate. Keith Olberman of MSNBC is so bad he looks like he’s on the Democratic payroll. He poured over the speeches for grammatical errors, and challenges to statements as if he were running for office, and even tried to lead his interviewees into derogatory statements. I thought news anchors report. I didn’t think they were in the business to try and lead their personal agendas. He quoted a criticism from Time magazine, but never offered a compliment quotes from the same publication or derogatory mentions on how Sen. Obama wrote memoirs on his father – even though he left them flat to return to Africa – and to this day does not seem acknowledge his mother or that side of his family for his opportunities.

Olbermann sat with his hand holding up his head looking disinterested. He seemed to be one of the few who took offense to the anti media comments. Others did not… presumably because they are either Republican or genuinely reporting the news with no biases. CNN is just as bad. And I did not watch Fox because I was looking for criticism. Fox can be just as bad front running for Republicans as CNN and with MSNBC anchors are for Democrats. But Keith… get over yourself and report the News with integrity.

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Dissapointing speech by Palin, well executed, but very divisive. She bashed Obama, which is what the Republicans seems to be all about. There was little substance of what she would actually bring to the table for America… yeah, she puts the Country first, we all put country first.. so what.. other than drilling in ANWAR, encouraging teenage pregnancy and opposing abortion, what does she have to offer?

Posted by mike | Report as abusive

On Sarah’s church website (Wasilla Assembly of God) until yesterday, (when the Repubs shut that website down), statements were made that anyone who didn’t support Bush and the fake war in Iraq (The 60 to 70% of us who don’t approve of Bush or the war, based on the polls of the last couple of years) have been excluded from Heaven, then most of us shouldn’t vote for these’s only fair, you know…if they think we should be excluded from heaven, why should we put them in the White House?

Posted by Mark Lytle | Report as abusive

Republicans are the “in-crowd” in high school and Dems are the “smart kids”, the geeks…? Please don’t ever post again. That’s beyond idiotic. And by the way…the 2008 election will be remebered how the Dems blew it…Obama blew it by dividing the party…face raelity folks–he is not electatble–it’s sad but it’s reality…Bush’s approval rating is at an all-time low for a lame duck pres…this election should be a shoe-in for the Dems and yet it’s neck and neck with the Dems slipping away…Repubs and Dems both annoy me…but at least my taxes once be raised when the Repubs win. :)

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Wow… after breezing through these comments all I can say is the Libs are scared crazy. Because if you actually read the comments its all about their hate. Jocks vs Nerds… really… But they are right we should look at fact… Obama… rock star with major networks pushing him like a no other. And then the person they apparently fear Sarah Palin, who may not be perfect, has more experience in her first term of Governor then Obama does as a “Present” senator on issues important enough for the senate to vote on. We can not rely on someone who hasn’t determined whose pay grade it is to make a moral call on his own and define where he stands in issues that might affect Americans image of him; we need someone who has the guts to say here is what I believe. We can not afford indecisiveness in a world of hate. Like it or not this country was founded on Christian beliefs and once we totally loose sight of that we are truly in for a rude awakening.

Now while some of you are franticly trying to figure out where I live in order to remove me from the planet because I do not believe in your precious Obama… I do believe he thinks he loves this country, I just do not believe he is ready to serve this country in a place that requires more then just being there. When a VP picks experience over shadows the oppositions President nominee you have to wonder why? And why did they pick old school politics to back him up.

And you are right life has not quite been as fun since 2006 while GW was in office and if you look back in 2006 Democrats had the control of congress and all you ever heard on the news was filibuster this filibuster that. With nothing new really coming out of DC, it is time for change alright, Congress with its 17% approval rating almost ½ of what GW has. This tells me the change needed is not in the White House but in the Congress and Senates on both sides.

Oh and for those who are so mad they cant see straight and only see red… that’s the states your looking at on the electoral map.

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If there was any doubt before Sarah Palin’s speech last night, we now know without a doubt that character assassination and belittlement of community service are clearly key components of the Republican platform and the entire bent of this campaign for McCain/Palin. If she really feels that what we need is a “pit bull” as our VP, then let’s go for the real thing and bring in an actual pit bull. The dog might actually speak to more substantive issues than she did

The conspicuous lack of substance on any of the critical issues that America faces in this election (Iraq War and foreign policy in general, the economy, healthcare, etc.) only reaffirms the eye-opening declaration by Senator McCain’s campaign manager Rick Davis that “the presidential race will be decided more over personalities than issues”…a statement that shows just how out of touch this McCain/Palin ticket is.

Now more than ever, we need change that is meaningful to the middle and lower class families who don’t own 7 houses and don’t quite reach that “$5 million” threshold that Senator McCain speaks of as the dividing line between upper and middle classes.

Now more than ever, vote Obama/Biden!

Posted by Gary | Report as abusive

Although I didn’t post it…Repubs _are_ the in-crowd, that poster who stated that was largely general, the Republican party is WASPier, and of higher income then the average..that’s why all they worry about is their tax-ratesand their portfolios.
Although Obama isn’t poor by any standard, it wasn’t surprising that McCain can’t find all of his houses and condos, so Joe, why all the rage?

Posted by Mark Lytle | Report as abusive

It is amazing the hypocrisies that Palin and the Republican party put forward. They have been very effective in convincing people to believe things that are not true.

1) Alaska receives twice the earmarks per person as any other state, and she speaks proudly of this. Palin praised the ‘Bridge to Nowhere’. She even payment on for it, and is building an onramp to it. Its just she hung that town out to dry, and cancelled their bridge so she could pocket the money. She seems to believe in reform of earmarks not going to Alaska.

2) She speaks of reform, but is in a ethics probe for abuse of power. She used her power as govenor to personally attack a member of the public. She believes others need to be ethical, but its ok if she isn’t.

3) She failed her responsiblity as a parent. If a democratic candidate had a pregnant teenager, it would crime against the moral underpinnings of our society, and she would be on attack. However, this is just one of those family matters that is off limits.

Palin is the type of elitist that is the most reprehensible. The type that believes that everyone must follow her rules, except her.

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This was hypocracy at its best!! Do the Republicians really think that the American are stupid enough to buy this cramp. Last night was nothing but Republicians as usual: lies, smoke screens and throwing low blows at the Democrates. Come on America arnt you tired of the same old, same old. Don’t you want someone in the white house that is going to stand up for you. YOU the person who goes to work every day to put food on his/her family’s table and to put a stable roof over his/her family’s head. YOU this person who works so hard every day so that his/her children can go to school and get a good education. YOU the person who works so hard so that his/her family can have good health care. You who works so hard to keep his/her family safe from harm. WE are the heart and soul of America. WE are the oil that keeps the wheel of the machine that we call America tuning. It’s time of change!!! We need to rise up and regain our country back. The only way change is going to happen is to get rid of the weight that has been holding America down. We need to kick the right wing conservative out of office. We need a new face, new ideas, someone that is going to think out of the box. That’s all I can say, the rest is up to you. Please vote for change for America

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Posted by I HATE LIBERALS!!! | Report as abusive

First, to have an extremely poor orator like Giuliani introduce your VP nominee is ludicrous. His comments were factually incorrect (Senator Palin, Palin has more experience than Obama + Biden), borderline racist (sorry that her small town is not flashy enough for Obama), and lacking substance.
Unfortunately, Governor Palin’s comments mirrored that. Her comments aimed at Obama in a highly non-specific, oratorically elaborate manner that Obama is often accused of. Being the mayor of a small town is nothing compared to being an organizer in southside Chicago. Has she even been to southside Chicago? When she questions someone else’s experience, she should contemplate her own. Her experience in parenting is clearly substandard.

As a wealthy and educated minority, the GOP did a great job of disenchanting our family last night. We were insulted by Governer Palin’s insinuation of Obama’s community organizing work- my parents were hardworking immigrants from Chicago.

Obama/Biden 2008!

Posted by AC | Report as abusive

Although I have many Republican friends, and many I know do very generous things, there is a wing of that party, that is very influential, that seems to combine
a mutant type of Christianity that is quite militant and self-righteous, almost feral in nature, and curiously, with extreme materialism. This is group that has that party, and indeed, the whole U.S. hostage at the moment.

Posted by Mark Lytle | Report as abusive

The left is running scared it seems, from the top all the way “down” to the commenters here. Obama himself is probably seriously concerned about his own veep pick, a McCain-ish old white boy with a lifetime spent in the smoky rooms of the capital that was supposed to offset his own lack of experience. At managing anything. Should have gone with Hillary.

One commenter even said that working class people should not be in top echelons of power? WOW this one-man-one-vote thing really rubs you people the wrong way, doesn’t it? WHO are the elite in this equation?

And that’s referring to manKIND, don’t get your feathers ruffled. Palin wouldn’t because she’s got both feet firmly on the ground like the majority of us. Sorry about that.

Posted by Richard Weerts | Report as abusive

To Mr. “I hate liberals”…I am a Ron Paul conservative. I too have worked hard, in the oil industry, 25 years. By the way, do you know where you’re hard earned money goes? Probably not.

Try war, Wall Street, bureaucracy. Probably 90% of it…trillions of dollars. Literally.

There are a few poor people getting assitance, some of them probably shouldn’t be there, and should get a job that’s true, but if you think the people you admire are “on your side” then you have a shock comming…

In all probability, they would look down their noses at you. I undestand you, but it’s going to hard for you to improve your situation if you trust people who use you.

I am not totally happy with the Democrats either, as they are the lesser wing of the warfare/welfare party that runs the U.S. That’s said I see Obama as the lesser of the two evils at the moment.

Posted by Mark Lytle | Report as abusive

Awesome. Hot. Determined. Responsible. Yes, that is what we need in the White House.

Obama is out.

Run scared Democrats. Time to get jobs and stop making excuses. McCain/Palin 08.

Posted by steve pepe | Report as abusive

Americans are a funny lot and their trump for war forms part of the reason for their economic woes! Everyone knows that as a super power, they are a lame duck. It is no wonder they could not protect a strong ally, when the Russians invaded. In my mind, I have no doubt that if the Chinese decide to spread communism, no one will stop them!

That McCain, Palin and the republicans still see the need for and continue to speak about support for the Iraq war (have u noticed that McCain has spoken to veterans at least 3x more than any other interest group?) is obviously a party with misplaced priorities.

America under the democrats have seen economic progress and peace time and time again. When 7 soldiers were killed in Somalia, clinton did the wise thing and pulled out his troops. 4,500 and counting, the troops are dying based on a faulty intelligence while the real culprit of 9/11 is still lounging, 7 years after in the mountains of Afghanistan.

Which is Obama’s point. Pull the troops out of Iraq and make them go after the real bad guy. And more to Obama’s point, the money spent on the war in Iraq if spent on education and health, will significantly change the lives of ordinary Americans, not Americans who do not know how many properties they have.

Posted by Dave | Report as abusive

I should also add, that I see the Repubs as much too wedded to Big Oil. Even though I Know Palin has taken on the oil industry in certain ways, I don’t think she has much interest in the U.S. weaning itself off of petroleum in general. Since, as T.Boone Pickens has pointed out, we now import 70% of our oil, at a cost of 700 billion a year, which largly goes to countries that fund terrorism, kicking our oil addiction would drive a stake right through terrorism’s heart. That’s a plan. Staying addicted to oil, and giving terrorists a check _AND_ incurring astronomical war costs(on BORROWED money, no less), is no plan. Unless of course you are (1) making a truly fat living off of high oil prices, or (2) making a truly fat profit off of war, you should be against the status quo. That I see so little mention of this concept which is so core to the Republican sense of mission (acturally, it would render much of the mission, superfluous) here shows how little people are paying attention. Or the dominance of the Status Quo shows just that money from certain industry groups are speaking, more then people.

And people just love slogans and pom-poms anyway, for some, life is a pep rally. War is like a basketball game, it provides meaning and all that.(for some)

Posted by Mark Lytle | Report as abusive

Prediction: McCain will win by about 6 percent. Palin might, on her own, beat Obama by more than that.

Posted by PirateVoice | Report as abusive

Palin has become an instant celebrity. She is a MUCH MUCH bigger celebrity than Obama. It is a shame that in this country of 300 million people, GOP could only have this moronic person as a VP. Here is why she is an abomination to society:

1. She is a traitor. Watch her address to Alaska Independence Party which wants independence from USA. yI
2. Palin painted the current war in Iraq as a messianic affair(What!!?!) in which the United States could act out the will of the Lord.   /palins-church-may-have-sh_n_123205.html
3. Palin said she is for limited Government, but she increased the size of the City of Wasilla payroll by hiring a CIty Manager as SHE WAS INCOMPETENT TO RUN IT ON HER OWN. Her predecessors did not need anyone to run the city.
4. She said she will change Washignton. Well, she hired Jack Abramoff’s firm to lobby for the city. For a city of 6000, she could get ear-marks for $27 million!!
5. She said she will cut cost, well she ran her city to debt when she left
7. She has a baby with down syndrome, BUT SHE CUT THE SPECIAL EDUCATION BUDGET for Alaska. I guess she did not know tha GOD WILL PUNISH HER THIS WAY.

Posted by Guy From LA | Report as abusive

When McCain and Palin win the election and start promoting REAL change in Washington, I wonder what you Dems will complain about then. Had Bill Clinton approved drilling for oil during his presidency, we wouldn’t be in this energy crisis situation like we are now. If the democratic controlled congress had the people’s interest at heart instead of their own careers and power, we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in now. We need down to earth people in the White House who understand the American people and Obama/Biden are not it. And when the Republican base gets energized like they are now, look out Dems. I wonder just how many seats in the House and Senate the Democrates will actually lose this year. :)

Posted by Jon | Report as abusive

Let’ s get back to the fact about “change”. Can someone tell me who came with this word during this election period. I’m no democrat nor a republican, but I think Obama is the one that brought this word to the campagnain and all the bunch are just followers. My question to fellow americanss is how would you trust someone who in first place didn’t have the notion of change to bring change. In contrast with the democratic convention, I didn’t hear any specifics about how the republicans are going to put foods on the table and create jobs or healthcare. So is the logo: ” country first” true or just words. The last thing is we vote for the top of the ticket and not the VP. What I heard is Ms. Palin has more executive experience than Obama, Joe and Mc Cain. Let’s assume this is true and what this tell you about the Mc- Palin ticket? To me it says that Mc Cain is not qualified to be commander in chief either. So, please my fellow americans, I think we are better than rethorics.
Wake up America.

Posted by del | Report as abusive

Wow! After that speech, as a registered Democrat, I am seriously rethinking my choice here. Obama is starting to look more and incompetent by the day.

Posted by changedman | Report as abusive

The Democrats were wrong to stop drilling in some areas, but the fact is we are fast appraoching the point where drilling will not save us. I want drilling to go on, just to prove we can’t produce an additional 14 million barrels a day (what we import everyday, we produce less then half of that in the U.S. most of our oil fields are 30-60 years old.). I don’t think Repubs are good at math, they prefer arm-waving. One exception, T Boone Pickens. He can add quite well. He knows that we should have switched to alternatives years ago.

On another note, the Palin video addressing the Alaska Succesionist’s, is a howl….

Posted by Mark Lytle | Report as abusive

Since when did the Republican party become the working class party? More important, when did they leave the staus quo. Obama’s campaign is forcing the McCain campaign to fight on their grounds and Obama has the high ground, thanks to the previous two administrations.

Posted by Whatsup | Report as abusive

After reading a few of these responses from Obama voters, don’t you just love seeing them getting so upset? They are so scared… and they should be. Come to the light, cowards of terrorism, we will finish this fight so your children can live without the fear of being blown up on American soil. Come to the light, abortion supporters, there has to be something seriously wrong with a person who will vote to have 9 month old healthy babies partially pulled from their mother’s womb alive, have scissors plunged into their head and their brains sucked out. Come to the light, gay rights activists, in your heart of hearts you know what is right and what is wrong. Come to the light, all judges who want to change our constitution from the bench based on their personal beliefs and feelings. Sarah Palin is exactly who Hillary would like to be when she grows up!

Posted by Kelly | Report as abusive

Since when did the Republican party become the working class party? Why last night of course. And it is about time. Sarah’s identifying with the American people will cause a Republican win in November. Obama and the Democratic party are the ones on the ropes now. The Dems have no substance. No message except for CHANGE. What exactly is this change? McCain has a long record of going against the normal party establishment. That is why the Republican base has been causious about his being their nominee. With Sarah Palin as his VP. All fear is gone. Women of america will vote for the Republicans as well as independent voters. We want lower taxes, less government, etc…. McCain/Palin will bring it and the Dems know it. That’s why they have been attacking Palin so strong. Now after her speech last night, we can expect that attack to go to new levels.

Posted by Jon | Report as abusive

Can someone explain what a community organizer is? That doesn’t even sound like a real job? More like a hobby or after-work community involvement.

I have worked my entire life and have paid my bills as best as I could. I am not rich, I make less than most professional people. I have little debt past a house and car. I am working to give my family options as they grow. I do not want a government taking more of my income away so the over-abused welfare system can have it or other well intentioned bills can steal it.

The current administrations low approval rate is rediculous because what is the comparison? What president has been faced with such a severe attack on home soil? This is a time to repair the economy, educate our children and secure our country. McCain has been through things that set him apart from any other politician. I believe he knows whats right for the country and I hope when he is elected that he does command from the heart.

GOD bless America!

Posted by Ohio | Report as abusive

Economy economy economy… am I the only one who gets it? Energy is our economy, Energy affects everything. The more it costs the more we pay as companies cut back jobs, benefits, etc. Like it or not our energy needs dictate our economy.

What kind of crack do you have to smoke to truly believe the Republican Party is not a working class party? The working class in compromised of people of all views from left to right. The working class people keep this country running no matter who is president. This election has become a series of campaigns that bring me back to the elementary school elections where each candidate promised Twinkies and longer recesses to appease the crowds. While knowing their ability to deliver anything was false.

Posted by Joe | Report as abusive

It’s amazing to me that so many Americans can have their buttons pushed just by invoking general concepts such as patriotism and “family values.” These people strike me as being extremely lazy. They would rather be led like sheep than analyze specific issues, voting records, and other decision-making data. Yep, just let people like the GOP and Bush/McCain do their thinking for them. Where I come from, the end result gets spelled out this way: “Live poor but vote rich.” If McCain were to be elected, all those poor unthinking suckers who voted for him along with those super-religious and/or super-materialistic GOP leaders who are behind all this deserve just exactly what they’ll get, four more years of the same. It’s just a pity that all of us who could see ahead eight years ago and knew what an idiot Bush was (and has proved to be) have to suffer the same consequences.

Posted by Emily | Report as abusive

When it comes to connecting with the “average” American..the ones who do most of the working and living in this country..Obama and Biden talk the talk. But, unfortunately for the Democrats, McCain and Palin walk the walk as well. Gov. Palin’s speech put an exclamation point into this whole race. What a great candidate!

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Okay, can people stop generalizing and saying all Democrats don’t work and just complain. I work two jobs and my whole family works their butts off. My sister is in the Navy. We have all had jobs since we were very young.

Stop insulting the people who work hard for where they are. Not all Democrats are lazy just like not all Republicans work hard. Stop generalizing. It’s annoying.

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Kelly- Wow! First of all, I don’t know anyone who actually supports partial birth abortions. Second, there is no such thing as right and wrong in love. And third, aren’t people who are looking to change the constitution based on religion just the same as people trying to change it based on personal beliefs?

We don’t need to come to the light… We are already there… maybe you should join us.

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Hi, i truly belive McCain/Palin are thing America needs for a better future!

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Paris Hilton would be a better choice than Sarah Barracuda! At least Paris has an energy plan!

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