Game On: Republican convention ends, tell us your thoughts…

September 5, 2008

rtx8f6n.jpgThe Republican convention is over, a whirlwind event interrupted by a hurricane hitting the Gulf Coast and energized by the pick of a woman vice presidential candidate. And with it comes the home stretch of the (seemingly interminable) 2008 presidential election.

Did presidential hopeful John McCain finally win over the conservative base by picking the conservative Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his No. 2? Does he run the risk of alienating the independents drawn to him in the past with her selection? Did he lay out enough policy specifics to refute charges by rival Democratic candidate Barack Obama that details were lacking?

What else do voters want and need to hear now that the conventions are over?  Game on, bring on the debates!

(And yes, it’s OK to admit that you skipped the pre-game warmup to McCain to catch the NFL season opener between the Washington Redskins and New York Giants…) 

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I am a registered Democrat and have been a Democrat ever since I was able to vote. I never thought I will consider voting for a Republican. I dislike Bush and I fear that Senator J.S. McCain will be just like him since they belong to the same party.

Well, I think I have to be honest with myself and ask myself if I really like the Democrat’s Policies, Obama’s speech contains no substance at all, other than ME ME and ME making history, I didn’t hear anything that could possibly provide solution to all the problems the common John Doe is facing.

I thought I listen and watch the RNC and find out what they are up to. I was impressed by Gov. S. Palin’s speech, it showed sincerity without shed of deception. POTUS RNC Nominee Senator J.S. McCain’s speech is heart warming.

As a military Veteran myself, I feel his pain and sacrifices. It was too much for me and that led to an timely Honarable Discharge. Military member’s like McCain that kept going when the going gets tough gives so much hope to this country.

As Senator McCain said and I quote “It is not the number of fight that defines a man, it is the manner in which he fought!” I cannot question or challenge his patriotism and dedication above and beyond the call of duty.

In this case, I shall cast my vote and decided to go all the way for President McCain and Vice President Palin! I will change party affiliation as well.

God Bless America!

Jerwin Cayonte
Jacksonville, Florida
A Democrat voting for Republican

Posted by Jerwin Cayonte | Report as abusive

As an independent voter, this convention did not tell me anything new from the Republicans and what McCain will do to fix the disaster that Bush-Cheney has left us in. I live in Ohio, so I know my vote counts. I am still deciding, but McCain and Palin did not do anything for me so far.

Posted by Alice Goodson | Report as abusive

After the past couple of days of watching the RNC and watching last week’s DNC, I’m all for Senator John McCain! It’s all about security, if you don’t have that, you don’t have a country.

Posted by Barb F | Report as abusive

McCain is exactly what America needs and at exactly the right time.

McCain/Palin is a superb ticket.

Posted by Ben W | Report as abusive

I think John did a great job. He told the American people some of the plans he has for our future. You can’t cover everything or go into it in great detail at the convention. However, his speech dripped with Patriotism, Selflessness, Sacrific and doing the people’s will. Sure George W leaves something to be desired. I think the main thing he did wrong was not stand up to the wild leftists in Congress. John McCain will as well as stand up to the Republicans who do nothing. When John McCain becomes President and Sarah Palin Vice-President, politics in this country will change. American pride will once again soar. There will always be those who think otherwise and us Republicans will still fight for their right to be heard. God Bless America. Hoorah!

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To see only one race represented in a convention shows exclusivity, this is not what made this country what it is.

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I am a registered Republican and high hopes on McCain stating is policies about how failing economy and the war on Iraq. And yet again he disappoints. My parents are on the verge of losing their home and this guy comes saying i was POW. I don’t give a flying fish if u were raped during your capture. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT THE ECONOMY? I can’t believe i would be voting Democrat this year.

Posted by Israel F | Report as abusive

It appears that as much as things change, things stay the same. I was born in the 60’s and raised during the changing times of the 70’s became an adult during the 80’s matured during the 90’s and truly thought I would never see a president that looked differant from those I grew up seeing. I thought we had a chance to show everyone how much we as a country have grown up. unfortunatly after watching the RNC I see that even a Harvard Educated, U.S. Senetor can be a victim of our failure to truly grow as a nation. I think some are afraid of Obama because he represents “Change” a change in the attitude of young blacks that they too can truly do anything they set there minds to do.

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Why is your paren’t inability to manage their money an issue with this election?

10:59 pm GMT I am a registered Republican and high hopes on McCain stating is policies about how failing economy and the war on Iraq. And yet again he disappoints. My parents are on the verge of losing their home and this guy comes saying i was POW. I don’t give a flying fish if u were raped during your capture. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT THE ECONOMY? I can’t believe i would be voting Democrat this year.

– Posted by Israel F

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I think everyone should read through this website… This link is only covering the false statements made last night, but many of the other links discuss Obama’s misrepresentation of the facts. gop_convention_spin_part_ii.html


Posted by Corey | Report as abusive

I’m a registered Democrat and generally vote with that party. But tonight, as I llistened to McCain, I recognized that this was the type of candidate I had been waiting for – someone with courage, unrivaled patriotism, and integrity. His speech provided exactly what this country needs at this time – inspiration to Americans to fight for their country, fight to make it better, fight to save it.

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I look for bs. I don’t look for the guy promising me everything under the sun. I don’t look for the guy trying to portray himself as the average “joe” just like me; because we all know who politicians really are. I’m not your friend, I’m a voter; so don’t patronize me. I look for bs in anything any politician says, from the time he/she says “thank you” to the time he/she walks off the stage doing that little hand waving gesture. There is no bs in McCain. 0. There is no bs in Palin. 0. All those little pencil-pushing maggots feeding off the hard-earned money of the American tax-payers to pay for wasteful projects so they can gain the admiration of equally pencil-pushing maggots better watch out, because Mr. McCain has a “veto pen” fired up and ready to go. This is the ticket I will vote for.

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Tonights speech was cry for help. It was sad to see the man who was slandered by the RNC in 2000 by the Karl Rove machine have to rely on his service record to get sympathy. I once thought of John McCain as a Goldwater stout conservative, but tonight I saw a man who needed Rush Limbaugh’s approval to select his VP. This is not a Maverick, but a big oil branded gelding. Sorry, but the RNC has let this country down the last eight years and I will not trust them anytime soon.

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I’ve never voted for a Republican in a presidential election and never figured I would. I was impressed with Obama when he gave his speech at the Democratic Convention in 2004, thinking to myself, someday that man will be president. That thought included the assumption that Obama would serve as senator for a term or two, learn, then run for president. When I heard he was forming an exploratory committee for president after serving less than half a year as a senator, I was really disappointed, particularly in his judgment. I thought it was selfish and presumptuous. It threw up a red flag for me regarding Sen. Obama.

I was a strong supporter for Joe Biden during the primaries, donating more $$ than I ever have for a political candidate, and more than I could afford. I did so because I thought he had all the right stuff to make a great president, and still think so. But Democrats thought otherwise and all but ignored his candidacy even though he was obviously the most qualified, and clearly demonstrated it during the debates. I was angered and frustrated. Democrats can’t seem to pick winners, even during an election that should have been a walk in the park.

Here we are at a critical juncture in our nation’s history and the Democrats choose the least qualified candidate available to them. I was livid over their stupidity. Then to my amazement the Republicans picked one of the few Republicans I like, John McCain. I spent time listening to them both. Though McCain has his drawbacks, he has an integrity about him that is rare in a politician. With Obama I thought, ok convince me and I’ll vote for you, because, frankly, I didn’t want another Republican in the White House. But Obama never made the case for me because even though his rhetoric sounded impressive, everything depended on me taking him at his word. I don’t take the word of someone I don’t personally know, particularly on important matters, and this is a very important matter. A Harvard educated lawyer turned politician who says, trust me; make me president. No, I wouldn’t in my daily life and I won’t for a presidential candidate.

Obama has no real track record, just talk. I get the feeling that his mouth has carried him far, that early in his life he learned to use words to get what he wants. That’s fine, but to convince me to vote for him there has to be more, and there just isn’t.

McCain has proven to be an exceptional American and an exceptional human being. When he says he’ll work across the aisle he’s got a track record to prove it. When he says he’ll take a stand even if it flies in the face of his own Party he’s got a track record to prove it. When he says his country comes before himself he certainly has that track record as well. I still think the world of Biden, but this campaign is about the presidency not the vice-presidency. John McCain earned my vote where Barack Obama has not. I’ll be voting for a Republican president for the first time in my life.

Posted by Ginchinchili | Report as abusive

The more things “change”, the more things stay the same …

Is it just me or is anyone else turned off by both candidates? Both come across as filled with inflated senses of ego in their lust for power. Obama and his messiah complex and McCain with his bogus campaign of change (and his utterly tired POW touting).

Their VP picks are also like caricatures – although i’m slightly more turned off by hockey-mom-from-hell and her bellicose demagoguery. She’s like some sophisticated cyborg puppet. Biden – well – he’s like looking at a bowl of bran cereal with watered down milk.

Oh yeah, and Obama does strike me as someone who’s more into his ego than actual public service.

Mark my words – four years from now, we’ll be wallowing in the same BS no matter who gets elected.


Posted by Janus | Report as abusive

McCain’s choice of Palin was clearly a message he wanted to send to voters, right or wrong:
1) This race is not about race (not sure I agree with McCain here, but his effort is sincerely noble – it’s just that he could have chosen any number of excellent black republicans – a field, I dare say, that is superior to the choices among white republicans)
2) We don’t answer to anybody (true to form for McCain’s whole political career and Palin’s as well)
3) I acknowledge that conservatives think I’m too liberal (self-explanatory)

What I don’t get about the contest is why the strongest voices among black Republicans are ignored by every media outlet, except for Fox news. The message is historical, revolutionary, and terrifying to most democrats. I guess members of the press really will do anything possible to get Obama elected. The absence of coverage on members of the National Black Republican Association validates this assumption with unheralded clarity – they are simply scared of the message. Return to the party of Lincoln and MLK, the party that rules the day in all civil rights reform. Leave the racist history of the liberal elite and godless Democratic Party behind – they think they “own” you. Obama is not MLK’s dream, he’s not even a true African American.

Posted by John | Report as abusive

The face of the RNC represents America’s past (over 90% white) while the face of the DNC represents the future; blacks, whites, Hispanics, Chinese, Indians. The RNC nights were all about attacks and even though some attacks came from the democrats, we were able to get specifics as to how they plan to move the country forward. As a white female, it was disturbing to see Palin aggressively attack Obama and belittling his work as a community organizer. Attacking your opponent’s character is politics of the past and Americans must move forward for our very survival in this changing world. We must show these politicians that the issues are far more important to us in this election.

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Following both the Rick Warren forum, the DNC and RNC, it’s a slam dunk for me to support the Republican ticket. They stand for the values, ambitions, sacrifices and collective experiences that this country was founded upon. It’s not about economic health; it’s about those who most try to do God’s will. Economic health and many other good things precipitate when God is put first. The Bible is very clear on that. If you’ve not read the Bible cover to cover, then you really don’t understand. It’s like complaining about the elected officials when you never voted, to use a common comparison.

Posted by Lynn | Report as abusive

As always, I have to remind folks. Our country is conservative. It is owned by the power elite who control the government, run corporations and the military. Fundamental change is not coming. Tweaking around the edges with either candidate is coming. Your American life as you know it is not really going to change a whole lot outside of cultural changes over time.

However, just think for a moment, women protested to gain the right to vote and that took 130 years at the same time people were allowed to organize into unions in America, it also took close to 200 years for civil rights, desegregated schools and 200 years to protect seniors and the disabled with health care. What we call conservatism today, was standing in the way of all of these human rights in our history.

And now, I am not afraid to say change is coming again. It is coming from a man who grew up powerless, who organized people in their darkest hours and rose up to tell his story to millions of people. This person was able to slip into the power elite and is taking advantage of this opportunity. It is time for America to let a black man with all of our racist history become President. It is time for this change alone. That is change enough. This change makes America live up to the true meaning of its strongest creed.

Posted by Mike | Report as abusive

christians telling lies. john stewart nailed this by showing taped comments of leading repuglicans flipping 180 degrees depending on party identity. it’s called lying. lying. christians call this a sin. you heard them all week, lying every day. never stops.

Posted by j. a. r. | Report as abusive

I am 100% behind McCain and Palin. Noboma scares the poop out of me because of the typical dems big goverment taxing and spending habits. Obama is way too liberal for me. I believe McCain will institute change and no doubt Palin will also. They won’t fix Washington over night but my bet is they will do much to restore the faith in our leaders that has been lacking. I feel such a bond or kinship with them both because they seem very intouch with the comman man— something neither party has done in years. Go McCain/Palin you have my vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Herbert Pagitt | Report as abusive

It’s unbelievable how gullible (and fickle) the American public is. I lived in Alaska for 23 years, have been to (through) Wasilla, and am astounded that people think that being Mayor of a town of 8500 people is a qualification for being a heartbeat away from the Presidency. Sarah Palin is the biggest reason NOT to vote for McCain. I don’t want a provincial, religious conservative in office anywhere NEAR the White House. She’s a good speaker, but a frightening possibility.

Posted by Patrick Dixon | Report as abusive

I have the upmost respect and admiration for John McCain, and I think we are so fortunate to have him as a Presidential candidate. God knows he does not have any hidden agenda or need to be President. He is a true patriot and wants to continue to be our public servant. We would be insane not to elect him into office.

And what can I say about Sarah Palin, except, thank you God! She is “wonderful”. Finally, a “real woman” who speaks to the conservative Christian woman. I have no doubt with her integrity and courage she will get the job done. I think she is highly intelligent, and a “can do” person. She is amazing! I only wish I had half of her energy and gumption. The only thing negative I can say about her is that she can keep her “moose stew” (unless of course that’s the magic that makes her so beautiful inside and out).

My vote is for John McCain and Sarah Palin. Godspeed!

God Bless America and God Bless our troops overseas who are fighting for our rights and freedom!

Posted by Melody Shaw | Report as abusive

I was struck by the celebration of war. War as a source of glory and protection from a “dangerous” world. Palin lived up to her reputation as a fighter. The continuing subtext of ridiculing Democratic values — not arguing the merits but disdainfully mocking them — was a real turn off.

They kept disparaging Barack Obama’s service as a community organizer helping people in communities hurt by unemployment. I found that utterly offensive. Conservatives insist that government be kept small and not provide programs to help people struggling with economic and other challenges, yet they see grass roots, local neighborhood efforts to help people organize programs for themselves as laughable? I found these sentiments, delivered with flourish by well-off, professional politicians, Rudy Giuliani and Sarah Palin to be mean-spirited, ugly and devoid of sincere reflection. I understand it’s just political rhetoric intended to stir up voters, but the tone sets a sneering example for the culture. Aren’t people tired of the Carl Rove negativity?

Posted by Duncan Gibbs | Report as abusive

I find it interesting that so many people are commenting about the genuineness, integrity, and lack of BS from McCain and Palin. Palin’s speech was full of lies, and that is according to the AP, not some liberal bloggers. Since when is flat out lying considered a good trait? I’d be much more willing to listen to their speeches with an open mind if I didn’t discover after the fact that so much of what was said was either an outright lie, a lie by omission, or a manipulation of the truth.

Obama/Biden all the way – it’s time to restore integrity, honesty, and true patriotism to the White House.

Posted by Megan S | Report as abusive

I cannot believe anyone would vote for the Republicans. Pallin’s speech wasn’t written by her but presented well. She was a TV personality and a Miss America so of course she is good infront of the camera and crowd. Her lies in her speech were horrible. The Republicans are using the same below the belt tactics that put Bush in. They are the party for big corporation and the rich, which most of us are not. Obama’s speech gave precise points on what he would do for our country. McCain is a war monger with LIberman and the extreme Christian Pallin. Drill for the Corporations+ Start a war for the Corporations+Kill Unions for the Corporations+Deeper Debt=Republicans. Wake up America. They are no different then the Bush’s. McCain want Cheney in his cabinet. CHANGE HA HA HA.

Posted by BRian | Report as abusive

After hearing the convention bio of Mrs. McCain, I can’t help feeling that when Mother Teresa reports to St. Pete, he will scold her and tell her that she is all very well, but she is no Mrs. McCain. I can’t quite reconcile this with the ‘I don’t know how many houses I own’ thing. Let’s see, they both lied to each other about their ages when they met, and McCain was impersonating a bachelor, neglecting the wife who had campaigned for his release from N. Vietnam for years. I really don’t see the shining characters they the Repubs want us to believe in. Meanwhile, McCain sells out everything he allegedly believed in to get elected, and the ‘bipartisan’ candidate hires Turdblossom Rove. And, Oh-My-God he picked a Jerry Springer show trailer trash beauty queen and incompetent mayor of Mayberry RFD(from 0 to $20,000,000 in debt!) for a Veep. God forbid she should ever have to go mano a mano with Putin–as seems very likely if the dodderer and his ‘grandaughter’ get elected.

Posted by Steelsil | Report as abusive

I witnessed, over the past four days, real clarity that exposed the empty rhetoric and over the top iconography of the DNC.

Posted by Jamie | Report as abusive

For starters, Palin was better than McCain. His message of change lack specifics and seemed to ignore the president from his party. Palin missed her chance to establish herself as a confident leader who knows the details that are the essential part of governing. Rather she came across as a very tough pit-bull; attaching rather than explaining doesn’t instill confidence. Policy that addresses the public’s needs leads to lasting support.
I have no sense of how the lack of details will play out over the coming weeks. What kind of leadership does this country want? When you travel (in 1st world countries), you find that leaders are more subdued, thoughtful and most importantly focused on the details of government.

Posted by Robert Rightmire | Report as abusive

It’s disappointing to read that some folks are changing their votes – they obviously were only listening to the ‘promises’ – because there were no solutions this evening! We have no idea how McSame is going to fix the gross deficit, help the ‘average’ American have health care without going into debt, reduce the cost of medication, improve education and help kids go to college, (we have to help them get a good education to stay ahead in the World), stand up to the oil companies (who financed the big party in Minn), change how Washington does business – that means getting rid of K Street, improve the economy and provide more job opportunities. They have NOTHING TO SAY that will make me vote for them.
And on the one hand they tell us that women are smart, can reach through the glass ceiling, multi-task up the wazoo, take care of the family, laundry, housekeeping, and still go to work BUT WE ARE NOT SMART ENOUGH TO MAKE A DECISION ABOUT OUR REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM !!! Give me a break!!! Are they stupid or is it me? My religion is my business, what is in my file at the doctor’s office is my business and it MUST stay that way. So you see I can’t vote for John and Barbie. I’m voting for CHANGE THAT I CAN BELIEVE IN, I’m for Community Organizations to help the less fortunate, I’m for Habitat for Humanity, I’m voting for a party that promotes a GREEN future that I can participate in, I’m voting for protecting this earth, the wildlife and the parks. I want the next generation to be free of our debt and live in a more peaceful world. Join me ……

Posted by Rosie | Report as abusive

The Republicans have put us into debt. They have increased government and taxing our children. Sara Pallin is not a Maverick. Her family comes from the HEATH candy bar fortune. She is a very wealthy person. She and John are so out of touch with reality it is not funny. The Republicans are amazing at marketing lies and the American people believe them. SHe was for the Bridge to nowhere, she received money (after hiring a lobbyist) from the government to fund sewers in her small town. They are the same old party for big business, against health care, for more private wars, against funding for the troops benefits and the list goes on.

Posted by BRian | Report as abusive

I’m a registered Democrat. So was my Father. My Dad always said that you must always vote for the best candidate. He said that, while we belong to the Party that, as a group, espouses our personal philosophies……….not every candidte from our party is necessarily the best person for the job.

He said that if any the Republican candidate is the bestter choice………we must vote for that Republican.

McCain is that better choice.

Senator McCain… have my vote.

Posted by angelocolangelo | Report as abusive

Did you check out the participants in the Repub Convention – how waspie they were??
White haired and bald, white faced and bored?
Hardly a soul representing any monority. Are they all gun-toting red-necks or what? SCARY SCARY

Posted by Rosie | Report as abusive

Thank you, Patrick. The biggest reason NOT to vote for McCain is Palin.

Posted by Deezan | Report as abusive

In this dangerous time America needs a team of experienced executive decision makers. This is no time for on the job training. Obama has no (zero) experience in running a town or a state let alone a country. Only an experienced leadership team in touch with the average American family and American problems is capable of running America. Only McCain-Palin have that experience and heart. If you want real change in Washington for the people and not a change just for party’s sake you in all good conscience will vote for McCain- Palin.

Posted by Independent | Report as abusive

are you kidding? do that many people really think the speech was that good? The protesters were a welcome distraction from a watered down, pandering, pat myself on the back, don’t talk about anything substantial, bored me to tears speech I’ve ever heard. And why the crap were all the white people yelling USA at other white people expressing free speech? USA? OMG the ignorance put on display! It would be comical except these people are serious! I’m not really an Obama supporter, but for me this election it’s more who to vote AGAINST than who to vote FOR, because no matter who you vote for, a politician’s getting the job. But seriously McCain’s speech was terrible!!!!…….Terrible!!!!! Palin is hot!

Posted by Mike | Report as abusive

I used to be a republican, but am ashamed by their policies. They say they are for unity, but all I see in the last 8 years is the republican version of crossing the isle is that if you aren’t with us, you are against us and not a patriot. This philosophy has come so strongly through the republican convention. I am so ashamed of this party, that I was once a part of. So much anger, yet so little help for the working class like myself. Palin’s nomination only re-ignites the cultural wars of the last 8 years. So much for being beyond partisan politics. I am definitely not voting for McCain.

Posted by Stephen | Report as abusive

There were good things about McCain’s speech and bad. The good is that he admits that Republicans have screwed up and put themselves first before the people and I respect him for saying he wants to change it. The bad he lies about Obama. Obama is going to lower taxes for 80-90% of Americans. He only plans to increase taxes somewhat on the richest 10%. I think what we have here are two really good men running for President this time around. It’s a shame McCain is in the corrupt Republican party, because he’s a good man surrounded by a-holes. The entire event was shit, except McCain and his speech. I still think he made a mistake in choosing Palin. From what I hear she sounds worse than Bush to me. She wanted to ban library books when she was mayor? She doesn’t believe in Global warming, saving seals from extinction, or evolution? She wants to ban abortion? And McCain said he does too, but I think he may be lying about that for his parties sake. She was part of a group in Alaska that supported seceding from the Union? Just UnAmerican. Seems to me most of the Republican party are just totaly intolerant of peoples views except their own? That’s unconstitutional and UnAmerican in my opinion. I saw he mentioned we believe in all men are created equal, but he forgot to mention Freedom of Religion, and I don’t support a party that wish to push their Religion on people by banning abortion and banning gay marriage. Marriage is not uniquely Christian? All kinds of religions get married, so the argument that gay marriage should be banned is unconstitutional. And no this country was not founded just on Christian beliefs. There were even atheists that founded this country. Go look it up.

Posted by jw360 | Report as abusive

“I was never the same again. I wasn’t my own man anymore. I was my country’s.

A statement that will be long remembered………

Posted by centuryseeking | Report as abusive

In all the petty disdain for McCain I haven’t yet heard the press make note that his selection of Palin was probably, in part, an effort to have another real independent on his side. How is it the press just refuses to identify heartfelt service to the nation, the whole nation, as an important character trait. Perhaps it’s difficult to see character in others that you lack in yourselves.

McCain has made a good case, and is standing on a long proven track record, yet the Liberal fascination with an articulate black man seems to have made them even more simple minded than ever.

It’s sad to see the Liberals and their angry old cliches that worked so well in the 60’s & 70’s, still working the same tired routines.

A person would have to be a half-wit bigot to be cynical about the recent speeches by McCain and Palin.

This election is a contest between The Phoenix and The Snake (who imagines himself a dragon) and the character (as well as the future) of the US will be revealed by our choice in November.

Posted by Aaron Truitt | Report as abusive

The only thing Senator McCain showed is why he would be 4 more years of the same. He blamed ALL our economic problems on the price of oil, if you can believe it!

Now, most people can understand that the price of oil is NOT what caused their houses to drop in value, or their jobs to evaporate. To solve the price of gasoline problem, all we had to do was slow down and pump up our tires. As a result, the price of gas has plummeted.

No, the reason the economy continues to free-fall towards a full-blown recession is because the REPUBLICANS DON’T GET IT!


There’s only one way out of this, and that is to THROW THE BUMS OUT and put REAL CHANGE in place.

THANK GOD for Senator Barack Obama. The country needs him, and it needs him NOW!



Posted by sacto joe | Report as abusive

Republicans Hate the America They Gave Us
What I find amazing about Sarah Palin and the Republicans in general is that everything they hate in America… big government, corruption, big-time lobbyists, a Washington elite out of control, less freedom, rural America in dire straits, the little guy being forgotten, small businesses failing, millions of our dollars being spent on foreign oil, an energy policy stuck in the last century… is a direct result of what their policies and leaders have given us.
For God’s sake, who do you think has controlled the Washington establishment…the Congress, the White House, the Supreme Court… for most of the last 12 years? Just a note from a real conservative. My vote is for Obama.

Posted by Ed Morabito | Report as abusive

Hi, I’m not from the US and A but I’m following the elections closely because whoever the leader is will impact the rest of the world one way or another. I also don’t care who wins, as long as the American economy peaks again and be less intrusive to other sovereign nations.

That being said, I find this interesting and enlightening…
“”What I don’t get about the contest is why the strongest voices among black Republicans are ignored by every media outlet, except for Fox news. The message is historical, revolutionary, and terrifying to most democrats. I guess members of the press really will do anything possible to get Obama elected. The absence of coverage on members of the National Black Republican Association validates this assumption with unheralded clarity – they are simply scared of the message. Return to the party of Lincoln and MLK, the party that rules the day in all civil rights reform. Leave the racist history of the liberal elite and godless Democratic Party behind – they think they “own” you. Obama is not MLK’s dream, he’s not even a true African American.””

Seems like the media, especially CNN are conveniently sidestepping a news angle that could possibly portray the Republicans as less of a gang of old white men and more of a multiculturala group… hmm… fear that this angle could swing the votes against the democrats?

I hope that IF Obama becomes president, he can walk the walk and not just talk the talk. I hope that IF McCain becomes president, he will be less of a warmonger and cowboy than Dubya.

Posted by Five Times | Report as abusive


McCain gave a speech tonight?

Posted by jvill | Report as abusive

John McCain was awesome. I hope we don’t miss out on tapping the great character, experience and bravery of this man. He doesn’t just talk about the stuff people want to hear at election time, like most other candidates – about all that they will do if the voters give them the keys to the fancy white house and nice paycheck. Instead John McCain talks about the stuff he has already been doing (with the physical, emotional and political “scars to show for it”) to make America a better stronger community.

Sure, democrats try to lump him in with W. Bush, but people who really follow and know John McCain’s record know that is nothing but trash talk. A term Obama may be familiar with from the basketball court.

McCain has my vote. I won’t abandon a man like that who has worked so hard from the inside to stand for justice, honor and truth toward all Americans over a meticulously manipulative man like Obama who has no real record of supporting equality and/or change.

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Why are the media (including Reuters) running story after story of uncritical coverage of the conventions? When did they (the media) become spokesmen for the campaigns? When will it end???? Palin’s speech contained about 5% truth, but the media keeps running it in big headlines proclaiming it a blinding light from god.

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I liked the speech. It was more objective and factual than Palin’s. McCain was respectful of his opponent. I trust McCain’s understanding of war. No doubt that McCain has a better resume. When it comes to the issues, Obama will simply not be straightforward about Iran. Obama endorses a state which is undeniably more socialist, and I spent six weeks in Europe this summer and do not want that. One of my friends, a foreign exchange student from France, returned to her country and had to wait six months for a doctor’s appointment because their healthcare system is crap.

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I was not thrilled about John McCain at first. I prefer a candidate with executive and business experience which is why I was a Romney supporter. However, I believe that the enemy of the good is the perfect. In politics, you never get exactly what you want and I’d rather be involved than just sit back and whine about our country. John McCain has a lot of good qualities that I admire. He can use his connections and life experience to make positive changes. Congress is a mess, and I never thought I’d say that you would need an insider to clean it up, but he knows exactly who he can work with and what needs to be done. I think he is as trustworthy as politicians get. I know that what he says he’ll do, he’ll try and do.

I think McCain chose Palin because like him, she says what she means, steps on toes if necessary to work for the people, and went into public service to try and make a difference.

I watched both conventions and while I think Obama is a good speaker and sincerely believes he can create change, change in and of itself is not specific enough.

I am hoping both parties will start to talk about the issues so that the voters will see exactly where each party’s kind of change will lead them.

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Lessons from the Republican Convention? For many Independents and moderate Republicans, the convention cleared the air on a few points. Most obvious: candidate McCain has become the willing captive of the Republican right-wing. The selection of Palin underscores that. No amount of rhetoric about McCain’s so-called “maverick” qualities can disguise the extremism displayed at the convention.

Convention speeches and the cheering crowd also highlighted another disturbing reality about this year’s Republican campaign. Those in control (young critics once tagged them “The Republican Establishment”) are the real elitists of modern industrial society. Nothing reminded us of this more than the standard manipulative attack on “community organizers,” always a crucial grass-roots element of our democracy.

And now John McCain’s own acceptance speech demonstrates those same qualities of gross deception and manipulation. Now McCain, whose campaign reeks with established Washington lobbyists and other Republican insiders, asks voters to believe he and his team will reform Washington. Now McCain, once known as a “straight talker,” uses that line to advance the interests of the political bases sustaining him: social-religious conservatives and a pervasive big-business complex.

One feature of this campaign is doubly deceptive. Republican planners and speechwriters would have voters believe the “old” John McCain is in charge and will show his “true colors” once implanted in the White House. This time, they say, Washington won’t change the man, the man will change Washington. Truth is, neither would happen. The man is already changed, and firmly under control. He was ambitious enough to pay that price to have a shot at the Presidency–the most prestigious office on earth, although not the real seat of power.

Credit the manipulators with one success, at least. The selection of Palin has helped muddy the political waters, throwing some Independents and Moderates into a state of confusion. But how many will come out of it deceived into switching to the illusion of Reform Republicanism? That stands as the most important question of this election.

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Same as 2000 and 2004 with “change” (LOL) as a new theme from a guy who’s been in Washington 30 years and has voted with Bush 90$ of the time. Lots of flags, talk of guns, lower taxes (Obama would lower them more) and country. Same old same old from the GOP. Oh, and Sarah Palin isn’t credible. Voted to slash funding for Teen Moms and Special Needs Children 62%.

Some change, eh?

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Except for the war hero part, McCain gave one of Obama’s many speeches over the past few months. Good for him. He apparently now sees the light, but I’m voting for Obama. We’ve had a maverick-bring-em-on kinda guy in the White House during the past 8 years. We don’t need another one.

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I just wanted to say that while people are complaining about America:
we should remember that we live in the nation with the second highest life expectancy in the world. Americans enjoy immense prosperity. We are blessed to not have to pay 9 dollars for a gallon of gasoline. There is so much to be thankful for, and I would argue that there are billions of other people in this world who dream of having the opportunities that we do.
So God bless America. Let’s pray about this choice and realize we can’t depend on one man alone to change this nation.

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Mc Cain and the RNC will just continue to carry out the failed policies of the Bush administration.

Palin is a certified joke. Look at her history starting with the town of 5000 where she tried to ban books at their library and thinks God wants her to build a natural gas pipeline.

She and he husband are in the pocket of big oil.

If you want to live in a security state move to Russia.

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I just have to say i keep seeing people say that Obama has no track record. Well i guess you all havent been to the Library of Congress and taken a look at what bills he has sponsored or cosponsored.Im tired of all the ignorance going on with the Republican party some times
miss VP wannabe palin (and yeah i can spell her name even tho tons of you republicans cant) runs a state that has a smaller population then my home town now that is a sad fact and John McCain sadly throws out the “I was a POW
dont yall feel sorry for me retoric when ever hes asked a serious question.So wake up and research these people that your gonna vote for dont be a SHEEP and go by hear say.

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Why is no one investigating the Chicago Annenberg Challenge? Barak Obama was the Chairman of the Board of the CAC in the 90’s in charge of a 49 million grant from the Annenberg Foundation and matching funds of as much as 60 million dollars. This money was supposed to improve the Chicago School System. Some of the schools were selected to be recipients of grants and some were not. In it’s final report on the CAC, the Consortium on Chicago School Research rated the results of this over 100 million dollar investment. My reading of this report seems to indicate that the program was a dismal failure, typical of efforts to reform systems by throwing money at them.

To quote the report:

“Student Outcomes
As reported earlier in this section, there were no statistically significant differences between Annenberg and demographically similar non-Annenberg schools in student academic achievement or in student social and psychological outcomes.”


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I think what people need to understand from this convention is that the GOP offerd nothing as to what they would do to fix the economy…They just offered more tax cuts for the wealthy, drill here and drill now, pro-life pandering, fearmongering, and attack after attack.

People are tired of living afraid. Sarah Palin is just a distraction that was trotted out to distract from the real issues facing Americans everyday.

The GOP has been lashing out at the media for doing a better job than vetting Sarah Palin than the McCain camp did.

Enough with the POW talking points and attacks on Barack Obama, John McCain needs to give a detailed explanation of how he’s going to help middle class families struggling everyday tp make ends meet.

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So, what I saw was the same old script rehashed, which makes sense when you have nothing new.

Fearmongering – 9/11 “tribute” crap. What a disgrace to those who died. If the GOP couldn’t make us safe after almost 8 years of war and turning the US into a police state, when will they?

Fight? What has McCain actually fought for over the past 27 years? Keating and the S&L scandal – accepting over $100k from him (and pushing through the legislation that made it possible?) The “Enron” loophole? Lots of Pork Barrell spending? (look at our deficit…when did he complain about spending when it was the GOP enriching it’s friends?)

Honesty? Reform? McCain has been at the heart of the system for 27 years. Involved in at least one scandal (that I can reference offhand). Palin has ALREADY lied about her “fiscal responsibility”, her anti-establishment fight, and has abused her power since she was only mayor. She is a JUNIOR governor from one of the least populous states in the Union. She became mayor of a small town that had no debt and left it severely in debt with much HIGHER taxes (reduced property taxes for the wealthy and significantly increased sales taxes).

Obama, in his FIRST YEAR help draft and push through one of the most significant reform bills ever passed in the Senate.

Lastly, the GOP has a LONG history of fiscally unsound policies:


that the Neo-Cons got control of both Houses of Congress in 1995, and singular control of our government from 2000 to 2006, and yet even with all that power in 12 years they never controlled spending.

When Mr. Reagan was in office he had a Democratic House and a Republican Senate to deal with. But the “Great Communicator” used the bully pulpit to force both Houses of Congress to go along with his tax cuts on the promise that spending cuts would follow. However, the spending was never reduced. The mixed-party Congress, with no presidential leadership, failed to follow through on reducing spending.

How did Mr. Clinton lead the nation into fiscal responsibility? When there was a Democratic run Congress he worked with them to put a policy in place that the Republicans dumped the minute Mr. Bush entered office. That reasonable and responsible policy was; if you cut taxes you must make a corresponding cut in spending. They called it “pay as you go.” We need that kind of responsible leadership again. Under President Clinton the Republican Congress lived within the ‘pay as you go’ rule and spending was extremely well controlled.

The Republicans rapidly abandoned this rule when Mr. Bush entered office in 2000 and deficit spending started skyrocketing immediately. Republicans have proven they do not have the guts or the political will to do what it takes to get spending under control. For the country’s sake let’s hope a new Democratic Congress will change the direction of this otherwise certain economic train wreck.

One thing the data makes clear, in stark contrast to their rhetoric, is that in the last 60 years whenever Republicans held all the power, they never used it to reduce the debt; in fact they always increased it. If you want deficit reduction you need Democrats in control, because the “borrow and spend” Republicans have never done it on their own.

============= t.htm

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Enough of this military machine. John’s “tough times” you say but are you proposing a MILITARY DRAFT to maintain the momentum of patriotism? Or is your plan to keep our poor soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan FOREVER because THEY volunteered for the military hitch? How can you “FUND” the 100 year old war? My God…just say it…YOU NEED A MILITARY DRAFT!!!

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I’m part of the genus of people called the “middle class,” an endangered species if there ever was one. In the future, this group will be studied like the dinosaurs, with various theories offered as to why this group became extinct. Some will say an asteroid hit us…others will propose that Reagan economics did us in…or one of those east coast think tanks will suggest that we died out because there was no money in it. The middle class as a valid construct is no more. I propose a new socioeconomic typing system: The working poor, working hard, and hardly working.

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Please America – no more George Bushs. Two is enough.

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Amazing that people still think of democrats as the “big government” spenders given what the Iraq war machine is costing us. Also, choosing Sarah Palin shows that McCain isn’t anywhere near as “independent” as his reputation. She seems to read from the religious-conservative party line like a script. It’s almost like McCain picked Dr. Laura as his running mate.

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It’s funny that we’re supposed to believe that a 72 year old man is suddenly the agent of change. In his speech tonight, there was no indication that McCain doesn’t agree with Bush 90% of the time, or that he wouldn’t represent a third term of Bush. All of this supposed maverick stuff is from the past. Why on the cover of the Economist did it state, “Bring back the real McCain?”

He was originally against Bush’s tax cuts, now he’s for them; He went against his party on immigration, now he won’t vote for his own immigration bill; and he was against off-shore drilling, now he’s for it. If that’s not an agree-with-Bush recipe, what is?

Additionally, I prefer policy specifics at a time like this over generalities. Unlike Obama’s specific blueprint, all McCain did was say things like “I’ll create jobs, my health care plan is better than Obama’s, I’ll clean up Washington, I’ll keep us safe, I know how to deal with Russia, etc. Well, can you let us in on how you plan to do all of these things? Merely stating you’re going to create jobs and fight for us is not a policy. I’m sorry but McCain is another simplistic, feel from the gut, uncharismatic guy you wouldn’t mind having a beer with, just like Bush.

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The Dems keep nominating the Far Left Liberals who offer Marxist Socialism. It’s the same, same, same Liberalism…..Gore, Kerry….now Obama…..they’re all the same. That’s why they can’t attract enough Independents. They should’ve convinced Bill Clinton to be Dem Party Chair.

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What has happened to our country?? Since when is nominating the lowest common denominator for vice president a reason for people to feel hopeful and encouraged? Are people so easily suckered and flattered by such a transparently desperate move to pander to their egos? I am so saddened by what is happening. Maybe some of the working class feels so understandably downtrodden that they’ll grasp at any semblance of acknowledgment, even if it’s manufactured. Why do people allow themselves to be so easily played, especially by a party that doesn’t give a damn about them?? The United States is such a truly great country. But our greatness is being abused by the few who want only to preserve their own massive wealth and power at the expense of the tired and hard working–and many of those hard-working people cooperate jubilantly, not realizing that they are absolutely playing the fool. And, frankly, that includes Sarah Palin herself.

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Q: What was the first thing war hero John McCain did when he got back to the US after being a POW?

A: He started screwing around on his wife!!! Yes, his first wife and mother of his three children who prayed for him everyday he was in captivity nearly died in a car accident and was severely disfigured. When she was no longer a beauty queen, John started sleeping around until he found a rich beauty queen to marry!

He’s disgusting. 27/The-wife-John-McCain-callously-left-b ehind.html

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McCain is surely trying to distance himself from Bush, and he did that very effectively on an emotional level tonight. We know however, that during the entire course of the Republican caucuses, primaries & debates, he was trying to convince voters that he was the one to carry the Bush torch. Which is it?

The problem for McCain is that while he now realizes the need to separate himself from Bush, whenever he touches on specifics, his policies remain virtually identical to those of Bush. Tax cuts & smaller government to fix the deficit & spur the economy? We’ve heard that before.

The Democrats are proposing significant policy changes with regard to critical matters regarding Energy, Health Care and the Environment. Their tax plan is specific, and it calls for higher taxes on the wealthy to help close the budget deficit. McCain’s tax plan is Bush’s tax plan, which is a pipe dream that hasn’t worked and has caused immense deficits on which we will continue to pay massive interest (to foreign countries) indefinitely. His open trade policy will allow corporations to outsource American jobs to countries that exploit their workers, paying them pennies on the dollar. A relative handful of corporate executives benefit, and the vast majority of American citizens suffer. How McCain thinks this sutuation is good for the American economy is beyond me.

I’m sure McCain sincerely feels strongly about government reform in terms of weeding out corruption & excessive spending. But not one Republican President to my knowledge has ever curtailed spending, although every one has promised it. It remains an empty promise unless McCain specifies exactly what he plans to cut. If he gets specific, it’ll become clear that such cuts would be too unpopular with everyone, Democrats & Republicans alike, to ever be practical on any significant level.

As for security, I would like to know why McCain believes the United States is more secure today after 5 years wasted in Iraq. While we are bogged down in Iraq with a war that has bankrupted us… and while we have alienated most allies which could’ve helped us with the cost of waging the war on terror… Bid Ladin walks free, Al Quaeda grows worldwide, Iran, Pakistan, Russia & North Korea are literally loose cannons. How are we more secure with the neoconservative Republican policies McCain continues to defend?

I never liked Bush, but I do like McCain as a person. But it’s not a question of voting for the nice guy anymore. The fate of our country hangs in the balance, and the stakes are too high to ignore the issues.

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I immigrated to this country as an adult. I know how dangerous the world is. I’ve decided to vote Republican not because of a single issue, namely, security, but because of others that the Republicans more closely convey.

Security by itself is a big issue. It is no coincidence that the biggest chunk of our government’s budget is for the military. Idealists who believe that the rest of the world is like America are sorely mistaken. As the saying goes, liberty doesn’t come free.

I love this country. I shake my head everytime I see a native-born American whine and get angry at this country. You fool, I want to say, pick any other country and see whether your lot will improve. More often than not, it is the individual who causes his own fortunes to rise or fall and not his environment.

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The Republicans are suddenly the party of change, and are all about the working stiff, McCain is a maverick, “the liberals” have been in charge of Congress for the last 25 years, and a senator (who actually *has* a platform) is less experienced than the mayor of a town with a population of less than 9000? What kind of Cloudkookooland are these people living in?

Reality check: Sarah Palin is an insulting slap in the face not only to every experienced woman in Congress, but to the American people — this is how little McCain thinks of the office of Vice President, and the responsibility that goes with it.

As for McCain, let’s just suppose for a moment that this is not all cynical hype, and that after all those years of xeroxing the party line and being George Bush’s staunchest supporter, he’s suddenly had an epiphany and become the man to change Washington. Bottom line, the kind of change McCain would supposedly bring is nothing you, or your children, should ever have to see — not even in your worst nightmares.

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The GOP are so far out of touch it is beyond ridicule. All the want is their culture war, this ‘do as I say,not as I do’ moral retardation. They have NOTHING to add to any policy debate,nothing on the issues save for ‘drill here,drill now’. I hope the American People won’t be fooled- Not this time, not again. The American people are smarter than the last eights year have shown them to be and this time, in this moment, they will not fail.

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I watched both conventions unbiased its to early to tell anything at this moment these are a few things I have noticed about both parties.

Obama about hope, economy, bad government decisions, ways to invest in alternate energy, the misguided war, rebuilding global alliances and relations. He pinpointed most of the means for getting money for the investments. Mainly from raising high class earnings, back to where it was before the Bush era, about 15billion yearly. Not that negative as a whole, there was some respect towards john Mccain. More energy crowd wise. I felt more of a connection with the speakers, the speakers smiled from time to time. More engaging on issues.

Its substance involved invoking fear among people, bashing Obama, half lies, half debatable issues. Obama says he is going to lower taxes not raise them. I am not sure why Mccain added that into his speech. Mccain said Nothing about health care and the G.I bill, nothing about bringing our troops home, nothing about raising the business tax, F.Y.I as of now business tax percentage rates are at an all time low for companies, as low as it was in 1935. Nothing about lowering business taxes for companies willing to bring jobs to the USA, nothing about improving education standards in america, nothing about investing in alternate energy projects that would completely erase our dependence on oil foreign or domestic, nothing about lowering capitol tax gains for startup companies, nothing about taking away tax deductions for companies outsourcing jobs. Not to much on the economy as a whole. And in my mind it was depressing it reeked of no hope, not really any change. If you remember back to the first Bush era and Clinton years they slowly lowered taxes that strengthened our country over ten years. A week ago Mccain thought the economy was fine as it was.

Side notes.. I know everyone thinks drilling more oil is the answer I am one of them, but the position the republicans have on that issue is mainly appealing without any actual facts. Ok here are facts, a bill like that to drill oil in national parks offshore drilling and so on. It would take years to get a bill like that written and for it to be passed through congress By then 2010.. Locating possible drill sites would start, assessing the amount of oil at each site. 2012.. Building the oil rigs running piping. 2017-2018.. Initial process begins. 2018-2019.. at this moment drilling is at maximum efficiency. And its not entirely true about our oil reserves, its around 10 percent of total worldwide reserves. Consumption as of today is around 23million barrels daily…Our oil reserves would pump up our national input to 750-1 million barrels daily.

Obamas view is different investing in other means of fuels, He also does believe in drilling in america just not offshore drilling. Natural gas is probably the best means at the moment, its renewable and a lot cheaper then oil. On a cool side note, they would tap into your gas line at your house you would fill your car from your garage. Its cheaper produces less CO 2 emissions for your environmentalists out there, then reducing our need for oil. He is also proposing more wind solar and clean coal technology to be implemented into America.. He is also for bio diesel a part of bio diesel contains chicken fat lol. Its really cheap as well plus has more efficiency as far as mpg and no C0 2 emissions.

The current pros/cons with both parties Dem. He is charismatic and likable. believing in change. I don’t believe everything will happen right away but I do believe his words and am sure most will pan out over time. They have a very in depth plan on the economy. Not that educated on national security and war. Considering all have there own branch of government NSA FBI Navy Army.. With the Head people that run each division and a appointed military adviser, he wouldn’t have issues making the right choice quickly. Military inexperience is more of a scare tactic for the Republicans doesn’t hold merit. There is a lot of behind the scenes helpers.

Mccain, he was not that negative the thing that bothers me is he doesn’t want to pull troops out of Iraq. Is not into economy issues. I wish he would of been elected instead of bush. He is getting pretty senile you can tell on interviews on youtube he kinda stumbles and has brain farts sometimes. He is defiantly a patriot, he is a likable person, he is filthy rich. I am kinda wondering why both Mccain and Palin have been dodging the media. I am however glad that they stopped covering her daughter.

End notes.. I like Obama and Mccain. With recently having a kid I have been looking forward in time. I am kinda weary with Mccain getting the economy back on track. At this moment Obama has a better economic plan. At this moment its Obama, we still have the debates.. After that my minds made up

Here is a compelling video leaked online.. Take a minute to check it out… kg

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He will be worse than Bush, but Americans are stupid enough to elect him.

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The rulers in the White House have always had the thinking that they, for being the highest official of the mightiest nation in the world, have the right to mingle with the politics of other nations. They have helped topple regimes that have been legitimately elected by its citizen, or install and/or support tyrants that are unpopular to their people as if it is their God given right. It is now the right time for you Americans, not only to think about America, but the world. And the world clamors for an Obama Presidency. Don’t make the same mistake of electing another George Bush. The world looks up to you. Lead. If you can’t, then step aside and let the world mind its own business.

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RNC = Really Nasty Codgers

McCain put me to sleep. Palin reminded me of Ann Coulter in a pair of glasses and without blond hair dye.

I’ve voted GOP in the past, but since Newt Gingrich I’ve viewed them as lunatics only seeking power for power’s sake.

Their unbridled reign from 2001-2007 and the disastrous results – war, record debt, record spending – coupled with the mean spirited snarling Paling showcased Wednesday night, have completely ruined the GOP brand and turned me off to ever even consider voting for them.

Go Obama-Biden 08/12 !!

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John McCain was my choice eight years ago, and he`s my choice in 2008. Had he won then, the country wouldn`t be in the state it`s in today. I begrudgingly voted for Bush as the lesser of two evils.

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I am so sad that Republicans (and democrats alike) keep pandering to people’s emotions rather than adressing the real crisis facing America.
It is still “The economy”
10 trillion dollars in debt, real estate crisis, bank failing, 21 billion dollars a week of debt added to an already maxed-out credit line, roads and bridges falling apart, industries laying off workers, food prices spiraling, major corporation moving to Dubai….
and the republicans say: let’s clean up Washington?
from what? their mis-managenment?
Ossama bin Laden might be a threat someday, but no food ,no job, no house is way more a real possibility!
Whether the democratic party or the republican party nominee is in the white house matters very little: they will have to raise taxes!
I do not care WHO or what gender the next president is, we WILL have to pay the debt sooner than later and the day of reckoning is near!
Stop spending millions on conventions, meals, and airplanes, start telling us the reality of the mess we got ourselves into. Bring the troops home, bring a real team of economists and specialist in governement( not political appointees but professionals who are paid according to their performances) , deal with environmental issues w/ incentives for corporations, reduce waste.
and please stop using ” the American People” in every phrase:
I, for one, am tired of having the burden of being part of the most incredible country in the world, led by the most incompetent ninkempoops, supported by media experts whose sole purpose is to defame the opposition, distort the facts, package the message, or worse out right lie.

That is what I got from the media orgy of this convention

Posted by Pascal | Report as abusive

I found the RNC to be sickening & maddening. Nothing – and I mean NOTHING but misleading attacks and BS, as the delegates pretended that the last eight years didn’t happen. It was not representative of the America I know, or one that I would want to live in. I hope and pray that my fellow citizens are smart enough to see that group of people (not ALL GOP members; the ones on that floor and podium) for what they are: Those who would smile & salivate as they tear others down in an attempt to prop themselves up.

Posted by Jon Glazer | Report as abusive

Based on many of the posts I’ve read here, if they are a snapshot of the bigger picture, I think it’s safe to say that most Republicans are complete and total morons.

As evil as the powerful core members are, I almost have more respect for them–at least, for their intellect–than the dunces who react and follow out of their fear/raciscm/misguided-religious-zeal.

Our culture has become so desensitized to branding and marketing that it seems like people don’t even think anymore. Fox News and right-wing radio have been so successful at fashioning themselves as news organizations and creating an army of idiots who will think what they want them to think, and more importantly, vote the way they want them to. From a pure evil-mastermind perspective, I guess I’d have to say “Hats off” to them. The brilliant part is, they’ve managed to appeal mainly to the basest instincts of the mean, ignorant, and uneducated, AND, they’ve done it in such a way that those people actually believe they are thinking for themselves.

I guess this is sounding pretty depressing, but it really is. It’s frightening.

Posted by ew | Report as abusive

I admire you Americans. You can make a choice and democracy prevail. Either McCain or Obama, its a collective choice. As for me whether i vote for my candidate of choice or not. The outcome is determined by those who took their war credentials and think they have the right to dictate us.
As for me i think McCain would help us in our fight for democracy in Zimbabwe as do the republicans but on the other hand Obama would reflect a new USA and would set a tone for World politics.
Voting is not about Color or War credentials but shows the direction and course of national actions for the coming period.
The choice is all yours.

Posted by Hombarume | Report as abusive

no way, no how ,no mccain-pallin!!!

Posted by hi | Report as abusive

after last night speech, I now know I am voting for mccain and that palin is just icing on the cake
obama is going to loose by a landslide like carter /reagan
the dems should have veted its candidate more closley
I will be voting republican this time

Posted by kazgnik | Report as abusive

For the 20 Air Combat Hours he had over Veitnam,he has accumulated 1.5 medals for each hour of said Airtime!!!!!!!!

He crashed 3 airframes and was shot down in another one as well………5 years in a POW camp………John McManchurian Canidate.

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Japanese doctor said, ‘Medicine in my country is so advanced that we can take a kidney out of one man ,put it in another, and have him looking for work in six weeks.’

A German doctor said, ‘That’s nothing, we can take a lung out of one person put it in another, and have him looking for work in four weeks.’

A British doctor said, ‘In my country, medicine is so advanced that we can take half of a heart out of one person, put it in another, and have them both looking for work in two weeks.’

A Texas doctor, not to be outdone said, ‘You guys are way behind. We took a man with no brains out of Texas , put him in the White House and now half the country is looking for work.’

Posted by Ghostmagnet | Report as abusive

For those that believe that Obama is going to only raise taxes on the rich – be careful what you wish for … You increase Corp Tax the Corporations will pass on that tax to you the consumer / middle class in an increase in the cost of goods and services – (Remember Carter / Remember Inflation?) Also remember that its easier for corporations to leave the US as many other countries do not have corp taxes so there goes your job….

Universal Health Care — Anytime the government runs a Service / Business they become expensive and fail Good examples – VA Health Care, NASA (What a waste) – anytime our governments gets in to the business sector they screw it up as there are too many bureaucrats with their hands out.

It’s funny that those that support Obama are for change don’t realize that Obama chose one biggest and oldest (30Years in Washington) Washington meritocrats – Joe Biden … Sorry Joe Biden does Not = Change, and Obama doesn’t know what change is when he Voted “Present” 130+ Times … little issue with decision making…

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Are any of you aware that the money spent on the war in Iraq is so much, that the Government could have given every single person in the US over $30,000? That’s right. Of course that would never happen with a republican in Office, because if you have poor people, you have soldiers to fight your war for oil. If everybody had even that small amount of money, our economy would collapse and we wouldn’t have people working at the burgerjoints, which we drive up to in our mammoth verhicles, only in which our giant kids can fit.
My point is that the money spent on Iraq could have been used for something worth while, (maybe not giving everyone $30,000) like invest in healthcare or education, or just making it a little easier for the impovershed people in america, or those who work hard.
Let’s face it, Republicans have never been on the side of charity. Yes they give to Charity, but not without galivanting it around, to make them look like a hero.
We need a president who fits a charitable and honest profile, someone who can actually have a different look on things than this traditional conservative of richer made richer and the poor poorer. How can any of you hard working americans think that having a republican will help you with life? Sure the foreign policy of a repub is stronger than a dem, but do we really need that right now? Shouldn’t we just focus on the economy first? If we don’t have a stong economy, then we won’t be able to defend ourselves from terrorist threats. John McCain’s policies are the same as Bush’s, although he tries hard to stray from that picture. Can we really take another 4 years of the last eight? I think not. We can’t afford it.

Posted by Big cars for big kids | Report as abusive

It amazing how politicians can spin things to satisfy themselves in an attempt to deceive people. We may believe all the negatives said by either party about the other -but that won’t lead us to make an honest vote. If Obama voted “present” 130+times…we need to hear what was his vote for those 130+ times. I would rather a man who votes “present” a million times in opposition to GW Bush! than to vote 90% of the times in agreement with him. The RNC lead us to require experience of those who seek to lead, yet they say Biden’s 30+ years of experience is not acceptable.How can you vote 90+% of the times with someone, and then come seeking my vote and say you are a reformer? That is deceptive and dishonest – and it is a smack in the face. It tells me that such a person thinks the people to whom he speaks are IGNORANT! And that I find disrespectful.

Question: How does going to war and getting caught, then released [not having escaped] by your captors, how does that make you a war hero? I think our priorities are twisted to suite out convenience…that is the action of politicians – DO NOT BE DECEIVED!

Posted by MB06 | Report as abusive

To those who look to vote for the lesser of 2 evils…take my advice; there are no degrees to evil! Evil is evil! Anyone who seeks to apply degrees is inherently corrupt! the act of murdering someone is evil. It is no greater or lesser evil how the murder was committed.

Posted by MB06 | Report as abusive

Politicians are exactly that. If you expect to hear anything with substance then you are smoking something you are not sharing. I have been alive long enough and heard enough political promises to fill a library and one thing is a constant. They will tell you anything to get your vote or make you scared to vote for the other guy.

If a politician treated me like an intelligent person and did not BS me to try and get my vote I would stop and listen. So far Obama is closer in that he does not give overly pre-packaged, easy to swallow answers that swell with pro-American pride. Enough of that crap for the past 8 years.

This country is in trouble and no flag waving, blinded, head in the sand, love it or leave it nonsense will fix it. We have a deficit that threatens to change our and our childrens future. Ignoring it is national suicide and pretending that we won’t have to pay for it is just plain stupid.

We have to maintain our national defense and enhance homeland security (I do serious work for homeland security) but we have to be responsible about it. I have had enough of people trying to lead this country that know precious little about its people and their daily struggles. That factoid alone is enough to invalidate the current republican candidate.

I wish it were different. I like and respect John McCain but he is too far removed from what is important to this country to effectively lead it. I suspect he would be an invaluable voice in the future of this country but as the leader of this nation he is not what we need now.

Posted by EdAInWestOC | Report as abusive

Sorry, as an Independent this convention was totally uninspiring. The Republicans just trotted out more of the same “I’ll scare you with 911″ and “Obama” is totally unqualified. Sarah Palin spoke nicely given that someone else wrote her material for her. She’s the worst decision McCain could have made to alienate potential Independent voters like myself. Where does she get off knocking Obama for lack of experience? Are you kidding, in office ~18 months, campaign funded by someone convicted of fraud and embezzlement. She has no business being a VP and McCain didn’t even know her before the selection. I’ll steer clear of the pregnant unwed teenage daughter issue but Republicans as the party of “conservative family values” would be bashing this to no end so this is a total hypocrisy. People forget McCain was one of the Keating 5 in the savings and loan scandal in the 80’s so he could have picked someone with some finance or economic experience. Finally, stop throwing 911 around as a scare tactic and I wonder how people feel about McCain calling his own wife a trollop and “C” word which really shows a disrespectful character. Sorry, McCain could of done this differently but instead showed he’s just more of the same Bush BS and rhetoric. McCain will loose this by a vast landslide and he already showed his desperation in picking Palin.

Posted by greg holland | Report as abusive

With all due respect to the previous commenter (Jerwin Cayonte
), I don’t believe you. I cannot imagine anyone who was a lifelong Democrat thinking Obama’s acceptance speech had less real policies than McCain’s. That is just not factually true and I think you’re a troll acting like you’ve converted.

I can’t imagine anyone who supports Democratic values ever even consider voting for McCain. I too respect his service, I feel sorry for him that he was tortured, and that makes it impossible for me to vote for him. Even after all he went through being tortured he is willing to have our great nation do those terrible things to other people. He voted for torture. He lies about how he voted and how he feels on this.

It is inhumane and he should be deeply ashamed. So should ANY service member who hopes our people will be treated honorably.

Posted by Liz | Report as abusive

Palin is “the” best choice. Her credentials having positions being responsible and reforming Alaska are strong attributes to her resume. She is more qualified than Obama already. I believe she will amaze people of her knowledge of world wide issues and the role America must play to keep the world both at peace and keep America safe.

If only the Obama camp can identify just one single accomplishment that has weight that Obama has accomplished would stop / bury the legitimate statement of no real experience.
We are talking about electing a pair (P and VP) that will be responsible for leading our country. This is no time for biast but time for looking at real substance.

Also, what American in their right mind wants to give more of their hard earned money to the Government? If there are some then keep taxes the same and allow them to contribute the additional amount individually, voluntarily.
After covering cost of living and supporting my family I do NOT have any extra. A raise in taxes would put my monthly budget in the RED and I will have to declare bankruptcy.

I look forward to a “clean” campaign from both parties. I look forward to both parties laying their plans out on the table for the Americans to view and select their candidate by what they are offering.

America should be proud. We have the first African American President Nominee and the first Female Vice President Nominee!

God Bless America – We should puase and be thankful for the sacrafices by other Americans in the past for keeping our country free and protecting our rights to vote as we do today.

Posted by Alton | Report as abusive

I could not stop laughing. The entire production was so cheesy they had to stage a protest to liven up the party. I thought it was in bad taste that Palin was showing her cleavage. Does she think that will get votes? She looked like a floozie, which is not what this country needs.

Posted by swingVoter | Report as abusive

As I read the comments posted by others in support of McCain, I am struck by the words sincerity, integrity, patriotism, dedication, selfishness, to name a few.

Yet none of the McCain supporters has named one single POLICY, one single PROGRAM, one single LEGISLATION that he proposes which they would support as well.

People are claiming McCain is their man based on ADJECTIVES, simple descriptions of a personality. These are the same words used to describe George Bush when in came into office, and look how he has governed.

The fact of the matter is during 6 of the last 8 years the Republican’s have been in power. Our economy is in shambles, our infrastructure deteriorating, we are fighting 2 wars which we cannot afford, so we borrow money from the Chinese, we watch as a major US City goes under water and people cry from roof tops, and yet there was not one word from the Republicans on how any of this would change.

My guess is it wouldn’t.

And right now on Reuters we see the jobless rate has gone up again.

Time to give others a shot at governing. If the Dems don’t do anything better, we can vote them out of office. But to say you would vote for someone because they are patriotic, or sincere, or selfish, when they have not clear ideas on what to do about the problems, to me, is not the best way to exercise your right to vote.

Posted by Christine H. | Report as abusive

For “Big Cars for Big Kids” and others. Please do not take any one’s word for facts. Look them up yourself.
You can go out on govt website to see how each House and Senate member voted on every bill set forth.
(I took the time as I am an independant and like to do research for my own decisions)
Fact is:
McCain is not a favorite of Bush or Republicans.
McCain voted only 60% in favor of Bush’s ideas.

Of that 60% – 33% were unanimously voted for by Democrats “also”. That 33% was for such items as relief funding for Katrina victims, renaming a post office after a small town hero that was the first to die in Iraq (owed respect to that family), as wel as other bills where Democrats voted for INCLUDING Obama.

If you have legitimate arguement please bring forward with evidence as I am still deciding on who to vote for. However, please stop such unfounded rhetoric backed by ignorance in not doing your homework/research first.

Educating yourself with the facts is a powerful thing.

No, I am not a McCain supporter. No, I am not an Obama supporter.

I will make an educated decision when the time comes. Which one is the best for America now and my kids future tomorrow.

Hey Reuters – Please create an open forum area for all to do resarch and share “facts” of our candidates so that we can benefit from what others have found in facts.

Becoming Informed/Educated Voters!

Have a good day!

Posted by Alton | Report as abusive

The Republican party’s platform (what there is of it), has become antiquated and war-like. Managed by otherwise good folks who have inserted god worship into their thinking so deeply that they have been afflicted with tunnel vision.

Republicans attempt to step into the twenty first century has failed miserably. I am a seventy year old, registered Independant.

Bob Corkery

Posted by Robert Corkery | Report as abusive

Agree totally with Ginchinchili. I am a Democrat but I cannot vote for the MENDACITY of HOPE. I cannot vote for the MENDACITY of HOPE that is promised by a self-anointed savior from his techno pulpit and collapsible Greek temple. I am VOTING FOR INTEGRITY and CHARACTER – JOHN S. McCAIN! John S. McCain has earned the honorable job of working for the American people.

Posted by RM | Report as abusive

Someone suggested that just because Obama graduated from Harvard was good enough to distrust him. That represents the tortured view for many of the right. We spend our lives hoping to better the education of our children. We hope and pray that someday they will attend the best colleges. This isn’t unique to Democrats. We all want this. Then if we’re lucky we’re called elitists in the political silly season. I can tell you from insider knowledge how dedicated and honest these kids are that graduated from elite schools. My daughter graduated from Princeton. I was raised in orphanages and boys homes. Eventually I went to college and later got a decent paying job. I would trust someone from an elite university much more quickly than someone who attended six colleges over six years OR someone who placed 894th out of 899 students academically. I grant the degree isn’t sufficient of itself to decide(honesty or dishonesty) this but as a starting point.
Also, to me, the argument appears to be that seniority trumps a brilliant mind. When do we ever believe that way in the real work world?

Posted by richard b | Report as abusive

Vanity Fair:

Cindy McCain’s Republican National Convention outfit-

Oscar de la Renta dress: $3,000
Chanel J12 White Ceramic Watch: $4,500
Three-carat diamond earrings: $280,000
Four-strand pearl necklace: $11,000-$25,000
Shoes, designer unknown: $600
Total: Between $299,100 and $313,100

Wow. That’s about 60 times the health care credit McCain proposes to give families for one year. George W. Bush helped cover the expense:

The McCains have received $313,413 thanks to George Bush’s tax cut.

If John McCain were President, she might have been able to add a bracelet to the ensemble. Under McCain’s proposed tax cuts they would have received tax breaks of $367,788.

When McCain and Palin tell their audience, “Democrats will raise YOUR taxes”, I wonder if the audience knows who they are really speaking to?

Posted by getplaning | Report as abusive

Quoting Jon Daily on Comedy Central.

Do you think only Republicans can fix the problems that were created by the Republicans over the last eight years.

Posted by Gary | Report as abusive

Dismantling public schools, continuing war overseas, ignoring environmental alarms… Doesn’t look like change to me. Looks like a return to the Newt Gingrich/Ralph Reed era. I bet Rush is thrilled that so many are adopting his talking points. Not to mention the glee Cheney and Rove must feel. I do remember that era and those talking points and the cowering of the media that followed. McCain and Palin have done a great job of showing me, a registered independent, that their way is the old way. I’m tired of attack, snide, hateful politics. P.S. About the push to get the Catholic vote now happening on the GOP front again. Someone should ask Palin and her church how they really feel about Catholics, whether they think they’re damned or saved.

Posted by Laura | Report as abusive

One thing is for certain and that is, if McCain and Obama are the best that either party has to offer this country is indeed in sad shape.

As a 40+ years believing in the Republican platform I must admit that I have lost faith in the republican party. If John McCain is the best the republican party has to offer we are in deeper trouble than I could have ever envisioned. When McCain and Huckabee conspired to defeat Romney in South Carolina McCain lost my limited respect for him. Romney should be the nominee and not the Mr. Amnesty guy. When McCain chose Palin instead of Romney he completely lost all of my respect as well as my vote.

My two greatest demands are that the commander in chief protect our country and not allow our country to be invaided by illegals from anywhere in the world. We Americans should not be required to speak Spanish or any other language. This is America and our language is ENGLISH. We should not be getting our phonebooks in Spanish, our bills in Spanish, our trips to the hardware store should not make us feel we are in Mexico with all their Spanish signage. We should not have to press 1 for English.

McCain plans on giving the 20 to 30 + millions of illegals amnesty and in doing so would undermine country.
(don’t belive that 12 million number they have been throwing around for years now)

Loosing our country is far worse than anything else I can imagine.

We have a choice between two Dumb-o-crats and neither McCain nor Obama have our countries best interests in mind.

We are in big big trouble. May we find a way to overcome these two horrible choices we have.

All I can say is Mitt Romney, I will be awaiting your next attempt to bring sanity back to the republican party. I’ll be with you all the way.

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

The idea that the candidate who has been a Washington insider for so many years and whose campaign is run by lobbyists from top to bottom is the maverick who will change the way things are done is laughable.

Posted by getplaning | Report as abusive

McCain had his chance in 2000. Instead you put moron Bush into office because of his brand name. A Brand name that isn’t any good anyway. Nice going Republicans! And now you think we’re going to trust you to make good descision? Republican party = Gimmie More, Gimmie More, Gimmie More. You’re new campaign slogan.

Posted by jw360 | Report as abusive

Here’s Leiberman in 2006 talking about Obama: 4077105039690042419&ei=203BSIOuEaG-qgORn ZnRCQ&q=lieberman&vt=lf&hl=en

2008 Lieberman: 4077105039690042419&ei=203BSIOuEaG-qgORn ZnRCQ&q=lieberman&vt=lf&hl=en

What? Lieberman is on his last legs. Republicans knew he could be bought and that’s what they did. More Republican corruption. Our American system at work people.

Posted by jw360 | Report as abusive

I am with you on all of that. I am an independant for the fact that Republicans seem to have gotten lost from their foundation of beliefs.

McCain is not and never was a Republican favorite because of his too liberal views. However I a read Obama’s site and McCain’s and listen to them and look into how they voted in the past on various bills I will decide the lesser of two evils.

Though “new” to America and her tenure short, Sarah has governed at City and State level. Made decisions. Cleared corruption on both Democrats and Republicans.

America needs alot now. Reform is one. (Clean out the garbage in the Government that is masked as Democrat and Republican alike.)

I believe as VP Sarah will grow strong and fast. It will be interesting to hear her over the next two months and as a VP if they win. I feel America needs a chance to watch her work.

I was hoping someone would promise completion of double fence build along the southern states borders within 90 days of being in office. (can be done)

As we pull out of Iraq, utiize some of that to help manage the border and assist in enforcing current laws on illegal immigrants and drug trafficing both.

Invest in more man power to assist those that have “properly applied in the right channels” for citizenship. Reduce the wait time to become citizens.

Of those deported back to Mexico can of course apply for citizenship and wait their turn.

We need more culture / diversity / hard working Americans. But do it legally and not at a burden that tax payers of legal Americans have to pick up the tab on.

Posted by Alton | Report as abusive

McCain sounded like the man I always liked last night, a moderate. It was funny watching as McCain scolded the wasted past 8 years, scolded the partisanship of the last 8 years, scolded the vast corruption of the last 8 years. Funny because the people he was scolding were right in front of him clapping like sheep. I don’t think they fully understood that.

Even funnier still; is that while Palin is an honorable person for the work she has done in Alaska, he had to add her because she’s an extreme evangelical to get his own party to like him. WOW! Talk about talking one step forward with McCain and then one huge step backward with Palin.

I wish we could take McCain and Biden and put them together. Until I hear less partisanship from the Republicans I will not trust them.

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

McCain sounded like the man I always liked last night, a moderate. It was funny watching as McCain scolded the wasted past 8 years, scolded the partisanship of the last 8 years, scolded the vast corruption of the last 8 years. Funny because the people he was scolding were right in front of him clapping. I don’t think they fully understood that.

Even funnier still; is that while Palin is an honorable person for the work she has done in Alaska, he had to add her because she’s an extreme evangelical to get his own party to like him. WOW! Talk about talking one step forward with McCain and then one huge step backward with Palin.

I wish we could take McCain and Biden and put them together. Until I hear less partisanship from the Republicans I will not trust them.

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

I am a life long Democrat (57 years) voting for John McCain and voting for my first Republican. Barack is not qualified.

I am also disgusted with main stream media.

Thank you

Posted by Debbie Raines | Report as abusive

First off, McCain is not going to change a thing, what he will do is say anything to get elected. Here is to all you idiots who say you will vote for McCain after hearing a scripted speech and not waiting until the debates…You are Fools.

Posted by Wayne | Report as abusive

I would like to comment on how well Senator McCain and Governor Palin proved to the country what true leadership looks like. Anyone who viewed any part of both conventions seen vast contrast between the both. One showed how dedication and love of country deserves this country’s respect and vote. The other showed empty words as well as dedicating time to a long time Washington liberal like Ted Kennedy. This country needs change in some ways….but not the wrong change! I remember not long ago when a was very young a news commentator was interviewing a Aircraft carrier crewmember back in the late 70’s. He stated that his wage pay was far less than anyone in the private sector and moral was terrible. Why? be in the military if we are not going to support our people in uniform. Thank God that changed in the 80’s when President Reagan put pride back into our military. Senator McCain and Gov. Palin will restore many wrongs that plage our country and at the same time keep us safe from people who want to see America suffer. The “Obamanites” of the country remind me of the “Jim Jones” crowd years ago that would follow empty and fancy words to a place they have no idea they are going. But, in the end face a bitter realization that their leader was just that “empty”. I hope and pray these people see Obama in that way before it’s too late.

Posted by John | Report as abusive

I’m a lifelong democrat. Of all the democrats in the running, we (not I) picked the least experienced of the lot. I still don’t know what hope or change I’m supposed to be looking for. He’s just so empty, yet people swoon and cry like they’re teenage girls at a rock concert.

I’m a middle aged man. I don’t have time for this empty foolishness. Give us some substance, please! And backbone. I was thinking I was going to be forced to vote for him, but my turning point was the crisis in Georgia. When did democrats become such wimps?

I’ll reluctantly have to vote for John McCain. That Palin woman has more cojones than Obama and Biden combined. Hillary would have been an outstanding pick. Obama could have been the enfeebled VP. He has no business being President yet. He’s spent most of his national senate career running for President. Hillary has spent her life preparing for it, and no one is going to push her around. I would have loved even John Edwards in the running. Who cares if he can’t keep it in his pants? His wife doesn’t, so why should I? He would have been great as a VP.

Posted by wayne in ga | Report as abusive

To those who keep waxing on about the integrity and character of John McCain: I ask how much character and integrity did it take for him to cheat on his wife who waited faithfully for him and campaigned for his release while he was imprisoned? I guess that was a reflection of the upright moral standards Republicans believe they own. Do you even remember the Keating 5? His political journey has been one purely of ambition just to be president, because, well, he just really wants to be president; if a person will practically do anything–immoral, shady, or illegal–to promote himself to that prized position, is that a demonstration of character and integrity? This isn’t about public service for McCain, it’s about self-glory, and opportunistic ambition.

Posted by ew | Report as abusive

This is like a choice between a firing squad or death by hanging! When it’s over, you are dead either way! The choice of candidates this year is pathetic! On one side, you have Granpappy McSame, on the other, an empty suit! I could not, in good conscience, vote for either of these clowns! I will write in a vote for Jesse Ventura!

Posted by Victoria | Report as abusive

well It’s happening again we always think it’s about these people obama biden mccain palin and they try to get us lost in there life story like that means anything. but I think obama was wise when he said it’s about you in his speech. Because it bought me back to 1992 when
Bill clinton was elected. Was he that great of a politition? he was a good speaker but that’s not why he got elected. the reason he got elected was that after 8 years of reagon & 4 years of bush middle america was falling apart don’t you remember? family’s were living in there cars they had to set up food lines. And when you have no job & no place to live and no food issues like abortion & gay marrige and what you teach in schools & Religious beliefs don’t really mean much anymore. I guess you have to hit a bottom before you accept change but do we really have to go back there again?

Posted by wade | Report as abusive

As a naval veteran, Peace Corps Volunteer, and retiree I thought the Republican Convention was long on glitz and short on real effective Presidential talk or proposals. Guess not much there to talk of, other than to slam Bush whom John McCain supported 90% of the time. The slap on community organizers was very short sighted and says the nominees prefer a ‘hammer’ to constructive discussion to resolve issuess.

Posted by Sam Laurent | Report as abusive

historically, 6.1 % unemployment is not bad…all the spew from obama and biden about the economy is mostly election year horsecr-p and the media picks up this premise and goes with it…putting these two ( dems ) into the top spot will be a roller coaster ride. i’ll be voting for mccain, not because i like him but because he’ll more than likely continue the tax cuts, and he will be tough on the russians, and the terrorists.

Posted by s.bolivier | Report as abusive

Did we forget that the Republicans have given us the last eight years? Are we ready for more? Are we so blind that we forget that neither McCain or Palin wrote these so called “great” speeches? Palin’s speech was written before they even knew who would read it. Then to have her say, “I said no to that bridge” is an outright lie! They kept the money people!! They didn’t give any of it back!

It’s time for a change…and McCain and Palin does not offer that. I’m changing…I trusted Bush and the Republican party…but look at where they took us. I’m voting Democrats. Let’s give them a chance. We already have Republicans in office.

Think about it. Who wrecked America? Was it actually Bush or was it his policies? Was it Bush or was it the Republican party? After all…they controlled the White House and both Houses and here we are. Wake up!!

We should not be voting for people…we’re voting for a platform and policies….and we’ve seen this show for the last eight years!

Posted by Patrick | Report as abusive

As someone who supports NAFTA & free trade, I cannot vote for the Republican ticket. Since Palin said in her speech the gas pipeline from Alaska will reduce dependency on countries who are “against us” and 93% of our gas comes from Canada, I can only assume she was speaking against NAFTA. The Obama people are much less vitriolic about energy imports.

Posted by KathyO | Report as abusive

Just look at the headlines on your front page and tell me that we need 4 more years of the same. We need a different philosophy and approach – McCain is sure not the answer. We’ll have the same people (or worse) running our government. The last eight years illustrates the problem.

Change??? Who is he kidding.

Posted by mrhappy | Report as abusive

I heard Mr.Obama say, “This election isn’t about me, its about you.” I heard him say tax cuts for the middle class. I heard him say we all need to work together to solve America’s problems. No matter who you vote for, its going to take more than one or two people to solve these problems. The Democratic Convention was about working together as Americans. The speeches were inclusive, upbeat and hopeful. The outdoor fresh air venue was terrific.

Republicans used hate and fear. I am appalled that they used images of 911 in a political arena. Ms. Palin’s speech sounded snarky and sarcastic. I didn’t hear anything about issues- I heard snide remarks delivered in a smug tone. I can’t trust her record because much of what she has said is turning out to be untrue. Mr.McCane didn’t address issues, didn’t mention the middle class, didn’t mention the economy.

Posted by Jill | Report as abusive

Watched both conventions…And I really would like to see a party shift, but again, like when Kerry was running, there is no comparison. Lack of substance and clarity from the Democrates side along with one minute talking about how it was just recently that Michelle Obama has found pride in her country..To a long speech about what it is to be American..Was a bit insulting to me and she lost me!

On the other hand, John McCain’s wife outshined Michelle both in service and class… Not convinced, yet about Sarah Palin, what a big jump. She seems to be a bit shell shocked and who wouldn’t be…young mother and possible V.P. how can she do both? This isn’t PTA.

What I’m finding interesting though is that I think there seems to be a misunderstanding of the histroy of the Repulicans and think it would benefit the party to re-educate the public…
Just a thought…
And God Bless America

Posted by kim | Report as abusive

I’ll be leaving the Republican party as soon as I can. Running John Mccain over Ron Paul is a sure sign that the party has truly moved away from it’s original ideas. I have never considered voting for Obama and I still will not. It will be a write in vote for me this year for I consider a vote for Obama/Mccain to be a vote against the Constitution and the sovereignty of the American people and as well , the sovereignty of many countries abroad.

Posted by jason | Report as abusive

Obama is the worst choice for a leader ever. For those who believe it is everyone elses ( the wealthy, the business owners, the republicans, the Bush administration) fault for your misery. I implore you to move. Go live in Cuba where they made the same mistake of believing in a young candidate with no plan. you will fit in. Everything there is provided for you- utimately with a price. I dont want to pay for every lazy uneducated person any longer. Americans have lost touch with our founding fathers ideals, what is mean to be an American. Obama just perpetuates the mindset of “I will be the first guy in lifeboat”… me.. me… me.. I..I..I..I.. Everyone owes me something….Not very presedential dont you think? I vote for MCain- He will fight for us and always has. I want a true leader not an Event Planner.

Posted by kristy | Report as abusive

I was a Republican until Sarah Palin threw her daughter under the bus to prove that the baby boy was indeed her own child. “See, he can’t be my daughter’s baby, because she’s already pregnant by her boyfriend.” What a mom!

Posted by AJAX | Report as abusive

I am an independent that feels insulted that McCain would pick an unqualifed running mate. She did do a good job of reading the speech put on the teleprompter. But her speech had plans for the future. On her first address to the American people, she lied about selling the jet on E-Bay and insulted all community orgraizers. She ridiculed the media and must have forgotten she was a journalism student.

Posted by lee | Report as abusive

After reading a majority of the comments,am convinced they must have been composed at a REPUBLICAN CONVENTION.Or the American people are realy nuts.If the’War Hero’does get elected,all the hocky moms who are trying to emulate the [Alaskian Diplomate&Wolf hunter] can start crying, when he starts the Draft up again.Which never should have ceased to begin with. God help this country. EX G.I.

Posted by Uncle Fred | Report as abusive