Game On: Republican convention ends, tell us your thoughts…

September 5, 2008

rtx8f6n.jpgThe Republican convention is over, a whirlwind event interrupted by a hurricane hitting the Gulf Coast and energized by the pick of a woman vice presidential candidate. And with it comes the home stretch of the (seemingly interminable) 2008 presidential election.

Did presidential hopeful John McCain finally win over the conservative base by picking the conservative Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his No. 2? Does he run the risk of alienating the independents drawn to him in the past with her selection? Did he lay out enough policy specifics to refute charges by rival Democratic candidate Barack Obama that details were lacking?

What else do voters want and need to hear now that the conventions are over?  Game on, bring on the debates!

(And yes, it’s OK to admit that you skipped the pre-game warmup to McCain to catch the NFL season opener between the Washington Redskins and New York Giants…) 

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The idea that the candidate who has been a Washington insider for so many years and whose campaign is run by lobbyists from top to bottom is the maverick who will change the way things are done is laughable.

Posted by getplaning | Report as abusive

McCain had his chance in 2000. Instead you put moron Bush into office because of his brand name. A Brand name that isn’t any good anyway. Nice going Republicans! And now you think we’re going to trust you to make good descision? Republican party = Gimmie More, Gimmie More, Gimmie More. You’re new campaign slogan.

Posted by jw360 | Report as abusive

Here’s Leiberman in 2006 talking about Obama: 4077105039690042419&ei=203BSIOuEaG-qgORn ZnRCQ&q=lieberman&vt=lf&hl=en

2008 Lieberman: 4077105039690042419&ei=203BSIOuEaG-qgORn ZnRCQ&q=lieberman&vt=lf&hl=en

What? Lieberman is on his last legs. Republicans knew he could be bought and that’s what they did. More Republican corruption. Our American system at work people.

Posted by jw360 | Report as abusive

I am with you on all of that. I am an independant for the fact that Republicans seem to have gotten lost from their foundation of beliefs.

McCain is not and never was a Republican favorite because of his too liberal views. However I a read Obama’s site and McCain’s and listen to them and look into how they voted in the past on various bills I will decide the lesser of two evils.

Though “new” to America and her tenure short, Sarah has governed at City and State level. Made decisions. Cleared corruption on both Democrats and Republicans.

America needs alot now. Reform is one. (Clean out the garbage in the Government that is masked as Democrat and Republican alike.)

I believe as VP Sarah will grow strong and fast. It will be interesting to hear her over the next two months and as a VP if they win. I feel America needs a chance to watch her work.

I was hoping someone would promise completion of double fence build along the southern states borders within 90 days of being in office. (can be done)

As we pull out of Iraq, utiize some of that to help manage the border and assist in enforcing current laws on illegal immigrants and drug trafficing both.

Invest in more man power to assist those that have “properly applied in the right channels” for citizenship. Reduce the wait time to become citizens.

Of those deported back to Mexico can of course apply for citizenship and wait their turn.

We need more culture / diversity / hard working Americans. But do it legally and not at a burden that tax payers of legal Americans have to pick up the tab on.

Posted by Alton | Report as abusive

McCain sounded like the man I always liked last night, a moderate. It was funny watching as McCain scolded the wasted past 8 years, scolded the partisanship of the last 8 years, scolded the vast corruption of the last 8 years. Funny because the people he was scolding were right in front of him clapping like sheep. I don’t think they fully understood that.

Even funnier still; is that while Palin is an honorable person for the work she has done in Alaska, he had to add her because she’s an extreme evangelical to get his own party to like him. WOW! Talk about talking one step forward with McCain and then one huge step backward with Palin.

I wish we could take McCain and Biden and put them together. Until I hear less partisanship from the Republicans I will not trust them.

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

McCain sounded like the man I always liked last night, a moderate. It was funny watching as McCain scolded the wasted past 8 years, scolded the partisanship of the last 8 years, scolded the vast corruption of the last 8 years. Funny because the people he was scolding were right in front of him clapping. I don’t think they fully understood that.

Even funnier still; is that while Palin is an honorable person for the work she has done in Alaska, he had to add her because she’s an extreme evangelical to get his own party to like him. WOW! Talk about talking one step forward with McCain and then one huge step backward with Palin.

I wish we could take McCain and Biden and put them together. Until I hear less partisanship from the Republicans I will not trust them.

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

I am a life long Democrat (57 years) voting for John McCain and voting for my first Republican. Barack is not qualified.

I am also disgusted with main stream media.

Thank you

Posted by Debbie Raines | Report as abusive

First off, McCain is not going to change a thing, what he will do is say anything to get elected. Here is to all you idiots who say you will vote for McCain after hearing a scripted speech and not waiting until the debates…You are Fools.

Posted by Wayne | Report as abusive

I would like to comment on how well Senator McCain and Governor Palin proved to the country what true leadership looks like. Anyone who viewed any part of both conventions seen vast contrast between the both. One showed how dedication and love of country deserves this country’s respect and vote. The other showed empty words as well as dedicating time to a long time Washington liberal like Ted Kennedy. This country needs change in some ways….but not the wrong change! I remember not long ago when a was very young a news commentator was interviewing a Aircraft carrier crewmember back in the late 70′s. He stated that his wage pay was far less than anyone in the private sector and moral was terrible. Why? be in the military if we are not going to support our people in uniform. Thank God that changed in the 80′s when President Reagan put pride back into our military. Senator McCain and Gov. Palin will restore many wrongs that plage our country and at the same time keep us safe from people who want to see America suffer. The “Obamanites” of the country remind me of the “Jim Jones” crowd years ago that would follow empty and fancy words to a place they have no idea they are going. But, in the end face a bitter realization that their leader was just that “empty”. I hope and pray these people see Obama in that way before it’s too late.

Posted by John | Report as abusive

I’m a lifelong democrat. Of all the democrats in the running, we (not I) picked the least experienced of the lot. I still don’t know what hope or change I’m supposed to be looking for. He’s just so empty, yet people swoon and cry like they’re teenage girls at a rock concert.

I’m a middle aged man. I don’t have time for this empty foolishness. Give us some substance, please! And backbone. I was thinking I was going to be forced to vote for him, but my turning point was the crisis in Georgia. When did democrats become such wimps?

I’ll reluctantly have to vote for John McCain. That Palin woman has more cojones than Obama and Biden combined. Hillary would have been an outstanding pick. Obama could have been the enfeebled VP. He has no business being President yet. He’s spent most of his national senate career running for President. Hillary has spent her life preparing for it, and no one is going to push her around. I would have loved even John Edwards in the running. Who cares if he can’t keep it in his pants? His wife doesn’t, so why should I? He would have been great as a VP.

Posted by wayne in ga | Report as abusive

To those who keep waxing on about the integrity and character of John McCain: I ask how much character and integrity did it take for him to cheat on his wife who waited faithfully for him and campaigned for his release while he was imprisoned? I guess that was a reflection of the upright moral standards Republicans believe they own. Do you even remember the Keating 5? His political journey has been one purely of ambition just to be president, because, well, he just really wants to be president; if a person will practically do anything–immoral, shady, or illegal–to promote himself to that prized position, is that a demonstration of character and integrity? This isn’t about public service for McCain, it’s about self-glory, and opportunistic ambition.

Posted by ew | Report as abusive

This is like a choice between a firing squad or death by hanging! When it’s over, you are dead either way! The choice of candidates this year is pathetic! On one side, you have Granpappy McSame, on the other, an empty suit! I could not, in good conscience, vote for either of these clowns! I will write in a vote for Jesse Ventura!

Posted by Victoria | Report as abusive

well It’s happening again we always think it’s about these people obama biden mccain palin and they try to get us lost in there life story like that means anything. but I think obama was wise when he said it’s about you in his speech. Because it bought me back to 1992 when
Bill clinton was elected. Was he that great of a politition? he was a good speaker but that’s not why he got elected. the reason he got elected was that after 8 years of reagon & 4 years of bush middle america was falling apart don’t you remember? family’s were living in there cars they had to set up food lines. And when you have no job & no place to live and no food issues like abortion & gay marrige and what you teach in schools & Religious beliefs don’t really mean much anymore. I guess you have to hit a bottom before you accept change but do we really have to go back there again?

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As a naval veteran, Peace Corps Volunteer, and retiree I thought the Republican Convention was long on glitz and short on real effective Presidential talk or proposals. Guess not much there to talk of, other than to slam Bush whom John McCain supported 90% of the time. The slap on community organizers was very short sighted and says the nominees prefer a ‘hammer’ to constructive discussion to resolve issuess.

historically, 6.1 % unemployment is not bad…all the spew from obama and biden about the economy is mostly election year horsecr-p and the media picks up this premise and goes with it…putting these two ( dems ) into the top spot will be a roller coaster ride. i’ll be voting for mccain, not because i like him but because he’ll more than likely continue the tax cuts, and he will be tough on the russians, and the terrorists.

Posted by s.bolivier | Report as abusive

Did we forget that the Republicans have given us the last eight years? Are we ready for more? Are we so blind that we forget that neither McCain or Palin wrote these so called “great” speeches? Palin’s speech was written before they even knew who would read it. Then to have her say, “I said no to that bridge” is an outright lie! They kept the money people!! They didn’t give any of it back!

It’s time for a change…and McCain and Palin does not offer that. I’m changing…I trusted Bush and the Republican party…but look at where they took us. I’m voting Democrats. Let’s give them a chance. We already have Republicans in office.

Think about it. Who wrecked America? Was it actually Bush or was it his policies? Was it Bush or was it the Republican party? After all…they controlled the White House and both Houses and here we are. Wake up!!

We should not be voting for people…we’re voting for a platform and policies….and we’ve seen this show for the last eight years!

Posted by Patrick | Report as abusive

As someone who supports NAFTA & free trade, I cannot vote for the Republican ticket. Since Palin said in her speech the gas pipeline from Alaska will reduce dependency on countries who are “against us” and 93% of our gas comes from Canada, I can only assume she was speaking against NAFTA. The Obama people are much less vitriolic about energy imports.

Posted by KathyO | Report as abusive

Just look at the headlines on your front page and tell me that we need 4 more years of the same. We need a different philosophy and approach – McCain is sure not the answer. We’ll have the same people (or worse) running our government. The last eight years illustrates the problem.

Change??? Who is he kidding.

I heard Mr.Obama say, “This election isn’t about me, its about you.” I heard him say tax cuts for the middle class. I heard him say we all need to work together to solve America’s problems. No matter who you vote for, its going to take more than one or two people to solve these problems. The Democratic Convention was about working together as Americans. The speeches were inclusive, upbeat and hopeful. The outdoor fresh air venue was terrific.

Republicans used hate and fear. I am appalled that they used images of 911 in a political arena. Ms. Palin’s speech sounded snarky and sarcastic. I didn’t hear anything about issues- I heard snide remarks delivered in a smug tone. I can’t trust her record because much of what she has said is turning out to be untrue. Mr.McCane didn’t address issues, didn’t mention the middle class, didn’t mention the economy.

Posted by Jill | Report as abusive

Watched both conventions…And I really would like to see a party shift, but again, like when Kerry was running, there is no comparison. Lack of substance and clarity from the Democrates side along with one minute talking about how it was just recently that Michelle Obama has found pride in her country..To a long speech about what it is to be American..Was a bit insulting to me and she lost me!

On the other hand, John McCain’s wife outshined Michelle both in service and class… Not convinced, yet about Sarah Palin, what a big jump. She seems to be a bit shell shocked and who wouldn’t be…young mother and possible V.P. how can she do both? This isn’t PTA.

What I’m finding interesting though is that I think there seems to be a misunderstanding of the histroy of the Repulicans and think it would benefit the party to re-educate the public…
Just a thought…
And God Bless America

Posted by kim | Report as abusive

I’ll be leaving the Republican party as soon as I can. Running John Mccain over Ron Paul is a sure sign that the party has truly moved away from it’s original ideas. I have never considered voting for Obama and I still will not. It will be a write in vote for me this year for I consider a vote for Obama/Mccain to be a vote against the Constitution and the sovereignty of the American people and as well , the sovereignty of many countries abroad.

Posted by jason | Report as abusive

Obama is the worst choice for a leader ever. For those who believe it is everyone elses ( the wealthy, the business owners, the republicans, the Bush administration) fault for your misery. I implore you to move. Go live in Cuba where they made the same mistake of believing in a young candidate with no plan. you will fit in. Everything there is provided for you- utimately with a price. I dont want to pay for every lazy uneducated person any longer. Americans have lost touch with our founding fathers ideals, what is mean to be an American. Obama just perpetuates the mindset of “I will be the first guy in lifeboat”… me.. me… me.. I..I..I..I.. Everyone owes me something….Not very presedential dont you think? I vote for MCain- He will fight for us and always has. I want a true leader not an Event Planner.

Posted by kristy | Report as abusive

I was a Republican until Sarah Palin threw her daughter under the bus to prove that the baby boy was indeed her own child. “See, he can’t be my daughter’s baby, because she’s already pregnant by her boyfriend.” What a mom!

Posted by AJAX | Report as abusive

I am an independent that feels insulted that McCain would pick an unqualifed running mate. She did do a good job of reading the speech put on the teleprompter. But her speech had plans for the future. On her first address to the American people, she lied about selling the jet on E-Bay and insulted all community orgraizers. She ridiculed the media and must have forgotten she was a journalism student.

Posted by lee | Report as abusive

After reading a majority of the comments,am convinced they must have been composed at a REPUBLICAN CONVENTION.Or the American people are realy nuts.If the’War Hero’does get elected,all the hocky moms who are trying to emulate the [Alaskian Diplomate&Wolf hunter] can start crying, when he starts the Draft up again.Which never should have ceased to begin with. God help this country. EX G.I.