Why does Sarah Palin’s biopic sound so familiar?

September 5, 2008

ST. PAUL – “Mother. Moose hunter. Maverick.” As a film on vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin began at the Republican National Convention on Thursday night, a strangely familiar melody played in the background.

The swelling strings triggered associations of family, oil and … J.R. Ewing? Yes, the song bore a striking similarity to the theme song from “Dallas.”

Listen for yourself:

Sarah Palin bio (from about 0:35)

YouTube Preview Image

Dallas opening credits (from about 0:10)

YouTube Preview Image

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Sara Palin is revolting. I now question McCain’s judgment because of this reckless and cynical vp pick.

Posted by Carlin | Report as abusive

This little video stunt here is just a childish way to bash McCain and Palin. The bottom line is that Palin is more experienced an qualified than Obama. The media can pull these kinds of dirty tricks all they want and it doesn’t change Ameica’s positive opinion of Sarah Palin.

Posted by Cousin Bobby | Report as abusive

On Palin and the bridge to nowhere:I can bet she or her immediate family had interest or land holding on Gravina Island.

Posted by Luis | Report as abusive

Palin is simply a totally irresponsible pick. McCain picked her just to rally whats left of the lemming republican party and try to catch the disgruntled Hillary voters. The tactics used by McCain are revolting. McCain will always be a panderer to me and will sway with any breeze, just watch him on the Senate floor a few times and you will see what I mean. McCain will use the same machine that defeated him in the 2000 election because that was the deal that he made with those pricks.

Palin is just a pretty pony at the show, and NOT a leader.

Posted by Wayne | Report as abusive

Yup, not a leader. A leader doesn’t outmanuever British Petroleum, a $290 Billion in revenue a year company. A leader doesn’t get the TransCanada pipeline passed by the legislature…the same idea that had been stuck in the mud for 30 years. Nope, that irresponsible pick didn’t get anything done in Alaska.

She also didn’t upstage the sitting Republican governor and a two-time Democratic governor. Nope, she’s just a pretty face.

Face it, she’s still a politician. But she is a very strong person, with a whole lot of natural talent.

Posted by tom | Report as abusive

You are so not alone on this, I just emailed a group of friends this observation-one friend just emailed me back that she thought the same thing, then I googled it and found this blog. this is frickin’ true!

Posted by Erin | Report as abusive

This is terrible… how can anyone STILL pretend that global warming is not happening? I wish that he had chosen otherwise — or that she is prepared to learn… . We have too little money to fix EVERYTHING that climate breaks. Triage is applied in an emergency to allow the most globally beneficial use of inadequate resources. There will be severe climate disruptions, which will be left untreated because they will be recognized as able to recover autonomously. Selected climatically-induced emergencies where tax-payers’ money can reduce suffering will be funded. Last, and most sadly, there may be even situations where unlimited funds cannot reverse impacts and the limited funds are deemed better deployed on other projects for more go to www.climatechangetriage.net

Posted by John | Report as abusive

-Palin energizes base-

In the hills and hollows, up crick and down dale
Throwback revenants gnash teeth and send up a hail
The hicks from the sticks each one and each pair of
with a frenzied howl cry out for darlin’ Ms. Sarah
With a beating of drums and a blare of brass horns
The hillbillies and trailer trash are wailin’ for Palin!

Posted by Steelsil | Report as abusive

McCain/Palin is the worst ticket in the history of Presidential campaigns. The Americans who would vote this ticket are the same folks that got us into the last eight years and should have their voting rights revolked. You idiots got us into this war, this economic recession, and this terrible social divide we are now in. Hey republicans …. abortion will always be legal, humans are actually ruining the planet, nobody is coming after your guns, and God doesn’t really exist … he’s a fantasy … just like your dreams of winning this election cycle … you stupid primates. Wake up from the stone age and smell the burning fossil fuels you dip-schitzs … you are killing the middle class in this country, you are increasing poverty, unemployment, and if you don’t stop … this country will split up and revolt. I don’t care if McCain was a POW for 20 years, won the war single-handedly, or slept with Palin (she’s kinda hott) … he will never be President.

Posted by Sam | Report as abusive

Cousin Bobby and tom: get a grip, this person ought not to be 1000 miles within the Oval Office. Tom: Wow—way to go with the fantabulous acheivements, Palin, doin’ real good up there in Alaska; why not stay there?

Posted by Inana | Report as abusive