Inside the Tent: Bob Dole talks campaigning

September 5, 2008

Former senator and Republican presidential candidate Bob Dole tells Inside the Tent contributor John Steward why this year’s White House race is different.

Inside the Tent has more than 40 delegates and other attendees in Denver and St. Paul, equipped with video cameras to capture the conventions from the ground up. Steward is not a Reuters employee and any opinions expressed are his own.

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I watched both conventions and witnessed history.

Barack Hussein Obama is smart and has a great personality but he is not believable and cannot be trusted. Obama “HOPES” we won’t notice how many times he has “CHANGED” his mind. He has based his entire campaign on lies. He has too many ties to terrorists and anti-Americans (Ayers, Rezko, Said, Farrakhan, Pfleger, Wright [‘God Damn America’], etc.). If you are the leader of a country — or a business for that matter, there are no “present” votes — That’s how Obama voted most of the time. He worked 142 days in the Senate and spent the rest of the time running for president. Obama will bankrupt America — especially with his capital gains taxes. His death tax will hurt our children and grandchildren. No one is experienced on ALL issues; however, he is not experienced enough ON ANY ISSUE to run this country. He keeps bashing President Bush — President Bush is NOT in this race! Obama is unqualified and unfit to become Commander-In-Chief. In fact, his association with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, among others, would prevent him from getting the security clearance needed to enter the military as a private. HE HAS NEVER SERVED OUR COUNTRY!

Joe Biden does have political experience. If Obama wins, he will be the puppet and Biden the puppeteer (vie Bush/Cheney). The only difference is that Biden doesn’t know when to shut his mouth or turn on his filter! In the debates, Biden himself said Obama was not prepared to be President and that it wasn’t a position to “test drive”. Biden was right — we do not need a president in training! Obama knew how his own colleagues felt about his inexperience.

The Honorable John McCain has worked for our country for all of his adult life. He brings years of experience. He has proven he loves our country enough to die for us! John McCain is a Hero and true American Patriot. He has shown his integrity. He is genuine — A man that I trust. As for his choice of Sarah Palin, she has a lot of good points herself. As one Proud American, he gets my vote!

Sarah Palin is smart, accomplished, believable and likable. She brings a breath of fresh air and offers change we can believe in. She has more executive and leadership experience than any candidate. She is governor of our largest state. She crossed party lines to do what was right for Alaska and will do the same for the United States of America! PALIN IS A STRONG COMBINATION OF GRACE AND STRENGTH. I have no qualms about stating that SOME DAY, Sarah Palin will most assuredly be the first woman President of the United States!


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I believe that John McCain and Sarah Palin are the best choices for our new leadership. I only hope that they will bring our lost jobs back to America.

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Dear Heartland,
You are saying that Obama is always changing what he supports? Now if you take that logic and compare it to how John McCain has recently has changed his “mind” over the past years, you will see how silly politics really are. Check out the Daily Show and you will see the flip-flopping that he does. Sad to say that I have to get my news from a Fake news show, but as of late Fox News just hasn’t been really providing me with real answers, plus there are few things on Earth as unnerving as listening to a bunch of fiscal Republicans, who claim to be bi-partisan, while they argue like a bunch of 5 year-olds.

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Is it true that the seemingly sweet Governor Palin of Alaska referred to Senator Obama as “Sambo” and Senator Clinton as “the Bitch” while eating out on the day that Mr. Obama clinched the democratic nomination for president?

Is it true that Governor Palin is a bigot who refers to the native Alaskans in extremely derogatory terms?

If anybody knows the truth of this, I would like to see your comments here in this blog.

Posted by Ariel | Report as abusive

I wonder, Mr. & Mrs. Reader, if Charlie Gibson of ABC News is going to question Mrs. Palin to determine if she has been using openly racist and sexist remarks as regards Mr. Obama, Mrs. Clinton and/or native Alaskans.

I understand that 65-year old Mr. Gibson has been chosen by 72-year old Mr. McCain as the safe bet to interview 44-year old Governor Palin.

I hope that Mr. Gibson takes his First Amendment obligations and responsibilities as seriously as his First Amendment freedoms. In other words, I hope that he doesn’t bow to the unwarranted criticism what the press has been too hard on Mr. McCain and thus dance around the character traits of Mrs. Palin.

I think that Mrs. Palin’s character traits are open to discussion…whether good or bad. This is something that was glossed over where Messrs. Bush and Cheney are concerned, i.e., their bad character traits were glossed over and their good character traits were accentuated by the press in 2000.

OK Jack

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Previously I might have considered McCain, but I have since changed my mind. Here we have a 72 year old individual who has several times been treated for some form of cancer. While he may have the experience, I think the health issues need to be addressed. Also, who came up with Palin as a running mate? She has only been govenor for ten months and priot to that mayor of some small backwater Alaskan town where the only thing she had to navigate was some moose walking down main street the wrong way against a red light. He credentials are far below what is needed for a vice president. Sorry, Mr. McCain, I am voting for Obama. Mr. McCain says he too is for change. Where has he been for the past 22 years as a United States Senator? He could have acted for change but instead has been keeping step with our less than esteemed president Mr. George Bush.

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I heard Obama refer to himself as an African-American on CNN the other day during their Obama biography. However, he had to have been born in America in order to qualify to be president. So why is he calling himself African-American and not just American? Are we really considering electing a man who refers/considers himself half not American? Shouldn’t the man we elect be solely American in his own thoughts and “heart” since he will be representing the country of America?

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