Cheney: Palin good candidate, can be effective VP

September 8, 2008

cheney3.jpgROME – Dick Cheney, considered one of the most powerful vice presidents in U.S. history, said Sarah Palin, a newcomer to the national political stage, was a good candidate and can be an effective vice president.
Republican John McCain’s surprise choice of the virtually unknown Alaska governor as his running mate in the contest for the White House has raised questions about whether she has the experience for an office that is next in line to be president.
“I think she’s a good candidate and I don’t see any reason why she can’t be an effective vice president,” Cheney told reporters travelling with him on a trip to Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine and Italy.
Cheney, 67, a former congressman and energy executive, is considered to have wielded greater power as vice president than previous holders of that office. He was deeply involved in decision making on the Iraq war and has been one of the harshest critics of Russia in the Republican administration of President George W. Bush.
Palin, 44, a self-described “hockey mom,” is a first-term governor of Alaska and prior to that was mayor of Wasilla, a small town in that state.
In a fiery speech at the Republican convention last week, Palin touted her small-town roots and attacked her critics as out-of-touch elitists who do not understand everyday life in America.
McCain and Palin, the first female Republican vice presidential nominee, are running against Democrats Barack Obama, the first black presidential nominee, and Joe Biden, a Senate veteran, in the race for the White House that will be decided in the Nov. 4 election.
“We’ve had all kinds of vice presidents over the years and everybody brings a different set of experiences to the office and also a different kind of understanding with whoever the president is,” Cheney said.
“Each administration’s different and there’s no reason why Sarah Palin can’t be a successful vice president in a McCain administration,” he said.
“I thought her appearance at the convention was superb. I watched that with great interest. I loved some of her lines – what was the difference between a hockey mom and a pitbull? It’s lipstick,” Cheney said with a laugh. 

Photo credit: REUTERS/Konstantin Chernichkin  U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney arrives at Kiev’s airport, Sept. 4, 2008.

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scum love scum…..and the new york media barons have forced another scum choice on american voters.

would you let cheney date your daughter?

wisdom says “write-in PRESIDENT RON PAUL” IN NOVEMBER.

check with your biased election board on “how to do this properly”. you MIGHT get the correct answer….but then again, did you read about the police-state at the republican convention.

the new york bad guys and girls DO NOT WANT YOU TO VOTE FOR RON PAUL.


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[…] Vader gives Palin the thumbs’ up. […]

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Dick Cheney is a corrupt politician who used the vice presidency to further Haliburton’s and his own profits from this war. His recent trip to Georgia was about securing the gas and oil pipelines and to gain a huge stake in the new Nabucco pipeline. I believe the choice of Sarah Palin was strictly for securing even more drilling rights in Anwar. John McCain is too OLD. He struggles to get through speeches, even those incredible hoaky(convention) ones displayed on a teleprompter. I do not want Sarah Palin anywhere near the Presidency should MCcAIN not be able to complete his term. Come on press DO YOUR JOB. Stop pandering to conservative powers.

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Well, that shows how much change we can expect from that quarter. Long live the Sith.

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[…] President Dick Cheney said Sarah Palin is a good candidate and can be an effective vice president, reports Reuters. Speaking to reporters during a trip to Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine and Italy, Mr. Cheney said: […]

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Who would believe the republicans would bring in the first true communist subversive to our government. The left should give this woman a chance.

Last year, 2007, Alaska’s legislature approved a major tax increase on those windfall profits of the oil industry. The state of Alaska has received more than $10 billion this year from oil revenue.

Thanks to the addition of these new taxes, that is double the amount it received the year before. The idea on how to spend the money comes from Alaska’s governor Sarah Palin. Her administration now gives $1,200 to every single Alaskan to help them pay for gas. On top of that, each resident will receive an annual dividend of $2,000 from an oil-wealth savings account. Think what a family of 7 could do with that money (Gov. Palin has 7 members in her family).

That’s a fancy way of describing wealth redistribution , i.e., downright communism. And that is real change we can believe in. Will she do the same for the Lower 48 states? yI

Secession party 6 months ago. 7 year membership yI&feature=related

God will punish American – her pastor

Two months before the election we are not looking into her background and subversion of the U.S. No. we are preoccuplied with her instant celebrity status. Her coming interview with ABC morning talk show host rahter than a real reporter who spent a career investigating politicians is the biggest joke of all.

Michelle Obama says she is proud of her country for the first time, and the media goes crazy on her. This women and her husband are communits and secessionist, therefore the most unamerican couple to be elected and we are preoccupied with her being a soccer mom.

Well, in my state I want to know why Arnold Schwareznegger hasn’t go those big fact checks from the oil companies for every citizen of California. What’s wrong with him? Common Arnie, get us on that gravey train, too.

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i guess america will never be ready for a black president. and i guess the new definition of of inexperience is afro-american. seems like america is good with the way we are living now. funny how so many people claim they can relate to sarh palin after 1 15 minute speech and a whole lot negative bashing. didnt say what she stood for or what ideas she has to turn this country around in the right direction but people can relate to her. it took barrack obama almost 2 years to explain itself over and over and over again and people still claim they dont know who he is and what he stands for, funny. anyway, just be careful what you wish for people because when it’s all said in done sarah palin will be ok, barrack obma will be ok, john mccain will be ok, it’s we the people of america who will suffer. just saying pay more attention to the issues is all.

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C’mon people wake up! Iraq war was all about oil. Iraq is one of the richest oil countries in the world. we occupy is for many years and at the same time our oil prices at the pump went up while the oil companies make record profits and Iraq has a 80 billion dollar surplus on their accounts. I guess it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what is going on! Sadly enough people think that Palin is Santa to clean up the mess but in realty she just and other oil associate business person that will make money one our backs. No wonder Cheney endorsed her he just made a deal with her!!

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I’m surprised Dick Cheny had words of support for Sarah Palin. Just kidding. I would expect no less from the current vice president of her party. I’m not sure Cheney’s endorsement is the one I’m looking for. I was hoping for some real change to the way our government handles itself, and although Palin is young and enthusiastic, her approach seems pretty much like Cheney’s to me.

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Reference Chaney’s approval of Palin to be a heartbeat away from the presidency:

“…I loved some of her lines – what was the difference between a hockey mom and a pitbull? It’s lipstick,” Cheney said with a laugh.

I’m sure Putin is going to get a big kick out of that line when he and Palin meet to discuss the potential nuclear destruction of the world.

Palin…rhymes with failin.

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It is hard to know who is scarier Cheney or Palin. We know that while George Bush was napping in the Oval Office Bush Cheney conspired with his right wing extremist partners to bankrupt this country and start a useless war that as cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of soldiers and innocent civilians in Iraq. Trillions of lost treasure, gone into the pockets of Halliburton, Blackwater, Big Oil, and the spilled blood of our finest soldiers is his legacy. If complete novice Palin would have the opportunity to takes over as president- not impossible considering McCain’s age and health history, then who would be running her administration? We could look forward to a shadow administration that could make Dick Cheney look good. The McCain/Palin ploy is to shift to the extreme right of the Republican Party using a lightweight, anti-choice, creationist, anti-environment, pro-oil candidate who won her limited fame on right-wing radio talk shows. We must rejected this ploy if the United States of America is to retain its constitutional rights, its economic strength, and its self-respect.

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What Dick Cheney is basically saying is that Sarah Palin will be a fine oil executive as VP. She should continue the draining of the national treasury that Mr. Cheney has accomplished in the last eight years. The Republican party has failed this country and we must change the leadership or suffer through this apparant race between the healthcare industry and the energy industry on who can bankrupt the american consumer first! Americans must throw these bums out of here!

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Poor Obama — he’s resorted to calling Sarah a LIAR. This is going to get good sooner than we think. Last week, he sent “30” lawyers to Alaska to vet Governor Palin! Why? The DNC and biased media never vetted their ‘golden boy’ — if they had, Hillary would be the Democratic candidate.








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bravo, east coast…cheney is a statesman!

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[…] are bad" even when it makes not a lick of sense … no wonder Dick Cheney called her a good candidate this […]

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What’s the difference between Dick Cheney and Sarah Palin?


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[…] on “taxes are bad” even when it makes not a lick of sense … no wonder Dick Cheney called her a good candidate this […]

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I just want to know HOW McCain thought Hillary supporters would vote for him because he has an underqualified WOMAN as VP. Does he think that we women are THAT shallow minded that we will vote for ANY woman just to have a woman? McCain is “elderly” (in years) and the VP may have to step up and be President before the term is up. Hillary Clinton put in too much time, money, energy, years in the senate etc for PALIN to go down in history as the First woman President (even if it is by default). I hope HILLARY supporters dont fall for this dumb trick If you REALLY support Hillary you would NEVER vote for Palin/McCain. If any woman deserves to be FIRST Woman PRESIDENT it shouldnt be the governor of less than 2 years, but Hillary Clinton who has done SO MUCH MORE!

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Please allow me to say what is truely on the minds of the American people, in regards to how they are planning to vote for the next President of the USA.First of all they all wants to vote for Republican party for the betterment of this country,they the Republican John McCain,and his new found girl friend Sarah Palin that he will be having a personal relationship with instead of that white hair woman Cindy his wife.They used the term Conservatives to mean a White People’s Party,and than term of inexperience mean that Barack Obama is the Democrat from Chicago who is a Black Community Leader meaning that he is that big city dweller who cannot be trusted, like what Mary Michel say what they are saying about Urban Dwellers is that “they cannot be trusted like small town people” in wish I think they are in actual of fact are the biggest theives there is in this world.These are Racist comments as I have been stressing before,and will continue to say,even that low-life ass-hole Mr 911 Mayor Rudy Giuliani that is always trying to take credit from the dead whjo never did anything worthwhile at the World Trade Center but walk around with face mask.This is Racist-epublican Party.Let me put it you this way,I don’t have to be 100% pure a English writer as long as you understand what I am trying to say.The Differences between a pit and a Scoocer Mum is as she claims is Lip stick,well she should have used her lip stick on her Butt cheeks,because that is where her mouth is NJ.

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People why waste your time with these scummy libbies. It just aint worth it.

McCain/Palin 08

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I find McCain/Palin refreshing. May I suggest you read one of the books McCain has written. Obama believes basically in government control and he is a socialist at heart. This is what changed my mind – I would have rather had Hillary Clinton than Obama, so it’s McCain/Palin all the way. Many of you who comment about McCain and Palin with nasty remarks – you are childish. Show some class – I wouldn’t do this publically in regards to Obama.

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What I had forgotten to mention eariler what you have to do with Ms.Pitbull with lipstick is to call Animal Control so they can you a Rabies shot,because of her devastating, dirty,and deadly out of control rabies.NJ

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Palin mentioned at a campaign rally that Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were to costly to the taxpayers. What a dumb vice president candidate can say such a thing, the fact is they are not funded by taxpayers, she has absolutely know clue about what she is talking about or what the problems are in this country, and she could be President

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Palin has the worst characteristics of both Bush and Cheney, Bush’s religious absolutist fanaticism and Cheney’s secretive ruthlessness.

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ANCHORAGE – Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has billed taxpayers for 312 nights spent in her own home during her first 19 months in office, charging a “per diem” allowance intended to cover meals and incidental expenses while traveling on state business.

The governor also has charged the state for travel expenses to take her children on official out-of-town missions. And her husband, Todd, has billed the state for expenses and a daily allowance for trips he makes on official business for his wife.

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I wonder how many comments like this McCain/Palin are hoping for, because the obvious national disapproval of Bush/Cheney in office right now raises political liability issues. I think Palin would rather have Cheney say as little as possibl.

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Sarah P. was picked in the hope of dividing the Hillary clan vote between Obama and McCain. I had hoped the Hillary supporters would be mature enough to see through this tactic but I am beginning to wonder. The McCain-Palin ticket will be more of the same. If this were not so the existing Republican establishment would not support it. This country has suffered so much over the last 8 years and I hate to see the writing on the wall if McCain becomes president. Heaven forbid if something happens to McCain, then Cheney will be President again. Believe it or not, he’s been President the last eight years.

I hope we can get pass the hype and have real politicians that will address the real issues. I don’t care about the NRA, wolf hunting, moose hunting, whose mama daughter’s having a baby out of wedlock, etc., etc., etc. I do care about someone leading this country in a direction that will ensure a stable and safe future for my children.

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Reading these blogs is both fascinating and depressing. While a few articulate their views in a rationale and convincing manner, I’m learning that most Americans are amazingly stupid. I guess that’s why the Republicans have been so successful in winning these presidential elections. The disciples of Rush Limbaugh languish in their flag-waving yesteryear, and every four years the Republican party masterfully finds a way to press their buttons and eek out enough votes to win the swing states. Now they’ve dug Palin out of obscurity, and if her celebrity status can last 8 more weeks without putting her foot in her mouth, they may pull it off yet again.

I guess the saying is true: People get the government they deserve.

Really! Don’t people pay attention to Iraq, deficits, the declining dollar, our diminished stature in the world, the poor education we give our children, and the growing list of other problems we face? Those of us who care and actually worry about these things are dismissed as “liberals”. Our country is teetering on the edge of an abyss we’ll never escape from, yet we’re all excited about the Hockey Mom.

I’m sure Cheney is laughing all the way to the bank.

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I would hope America is not dumb enough to be diverted by the Republicans bullsh%@! It is the Republicans that ruined the economy, sent our young soldiers to die in Iraq, and charged us!!! Destroyed the housing market and sent gas to an all time high! Even Republicans admit that Bush and the Republican Party sucks! Palin is STILL a REPUBLICAN! Even if you love her more than you love yourself-she is STILL a REPUBLICAN! After you elect HER for president, John McCain will rear his ugly head and silence her again! Good ol’ boys back in charge! Question: Has anyone ever heard a Republican express frustration about our economy? Where do they live? Arent Republicans suffering from economic crisis as well? John McCain is the only one who seperated himself from the Republicans, and hes running for President! I want to hear one good ol’ fashioned Republican admit that the Republicans ran America in the ground! Just one! The Republicans go on T.V and defend things they know is wrong for America. The only thing I see is McCain hiding behind a womans popularity, claiming HE is tough. This nation is becoming more and more of a victim everyday. We are tricked by politicians all the time. We were tricked for the last 8 years and we want to be tricked some more. Its wierd. I may have to suffer 4 more years because of the ignorant choices that America is trying to make. If we elect a Republican AGAIN, gas prices will skyrocket, food prices will skyrocket, unemployment will rise and it will be too late to change it all! McCain is so out of touch, he isnt even talking about how he can help us today, he focuses on issues that will take several years to go into effect. How long will it take to see results from drilling? Do your research, it wont help you get gas this year or next year, ok! Palin is a con-artist, a good one! Flip Flopping all over Alaska, She is dancing as fast as she can! In a nutshell, Republicans are depending on deep seeded feelings the majority has for Obama. The majority of Americans dont feel like they can walk up to someone who resembles Obama and have the same conversation as they would with Palin. Well Im here to tell you, If you arent in Palins religion, you may be mistreated by her more than Obama! This radical isnt going to change her ways for noone! Get it right, this is not your everyday “soccer mom”.She was raised to believe the world is coming to an end and we all are going to take refuge in Alaska!!WTF! COME ON AMERICA ITS 2008-PLEASE CHANGE!!!!DONT SET US BACK ANOTHER 50 YEARS WITH THIS BACKWARDS, BACKWOODS MESS! GOD DOESNT SEND PEOPLE TO WAR!!!!CULTS SEND PEOPLE TO WAR AND PREY OVER IT! CULTS TELL YOU ARMAGEDDON IS COMING -SO LOOK OUT!!!!!!!NOT GOD! The Palin family story resembles The Beverley Hillbillies.

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