Bush to make rare fundraising appearance for McCain, but without McCain

September 10, 2008

rtx68cn.jpgWASHINGTON – President George W. Bush will make a rare appearance on the campaign trail on Friday, attending a closed-door fundraiser in Oklahoma City to benefit Republican hopeful John McCain and the Republican National Committee — but the candidate will not be there.

Despite being a prolific fundraiser during his first seven years in office, Bush has only attended a handful of events this year and almost all of them have been closed to the press, which experts have attributed to his low job approval ratings. His last appearance was in Gates Mills, Ohio, near Cleveland, in late July.

Bush attended three closed-door fundraisers during a fundraising swing for McCain in late May, but they only appeared together at one event and then in public for a brief minute afterwards at the airport before Bush departed.

Still, Bush said in an interview this week with Fox News that he didn’t particularly feel left out of the campaign season.

“It’s interesting to observe the race,” Bush said, according to a transcript of the interview. “You know, sometimes I long to be out there campaigning, but everything comes to an end.”

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– Photo credit: Reuters/Kevin Lamarque (Bush and McCain at the Phoenix airport in May)


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Gold Star Families Protest Bush – McCain Event
in Oklahoma City, Friday, Sept. 12.

Three Gold Star parents will protest President George W. Bush’s visit to Oklahoma City on Friday, September 12. The event is being held to raise money for Republican candidate John McCain and the Republican National Committee.

Warren Henthorn, of Choctaw, Kay Henthorn of Oklahoma City and John Scripsick of Wayne, Oklahoma, consider it their patriotic responsibility to show up to ask questions of President Bush about his mishandling of the war that cost their son’s lives. In desperate economic times, many people, who do not have family members or friends serving in Iraq or Afghanistan, are paying little attention to the killing and suffering that is taking place on a daily basis so far across the world.

The fundraiser, being held on the northeast side of Oklahoma City at a private home, will give those attending the opportunity to donate $5,000 to have their photograph taken to memorialize their support of George Bush. Tickets to the luncheon cost $1,000 and for $25,000 they can get a brief meeting with the president.

These Gold Star families will not be donating or attending, but will be speaking out against the war which they say is both illegal and immoral and should be brought to an end. Their concern is for the other troops serving, those who will be deployed in the future and those returning, who are seeking medical care, along with the families that also undergo the hardships of war.

Henthorn and Scripsick have sought the advice of legal council to make sure their first amendment rights are secure and observed in demonstrating that morning at the event which takes place at 9200 N. Sooner Road, near Britton Road. They plan on arriving at 9:00 am as the doors open at 10:00 am and will close at 11:00 am.

“I’m sure standing on a corner this Friday, outside the fundraiser, will not get my questions answered. But maybe the right person will hear the message. I do know that doing nothing will produce nothing.” Scripsick stated.

John Scripsick recently observed the one year memorial of his son’s death on September 6, 2007.

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It just so happens that the home that Bush will be visiting for the fundraiser is the home of a long-time out Oklahoma City gay man.

Politics make strange bedfellows. Bush will enjoy the hospitality of a homosexual just for money. And, a homosexual will let Bush in his house just for money.

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[…] According to Reuters, Bush is also scheduled to “make a rare appearance on the campaign trail [the same day], attending a closed-door fundraiser in Oklahoma City to benefit Republican hopeful John McCain and the Republican National Committee.” However, John McCain won’t be there. […]

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John Scripsick wrote an op ed that was published in the Tulsa World regarding Bush’s visit.

A parent looking for answers

http://www.tulsaworld.com/opinion/articl e.aspx?articleID=20080914_65_G4_USArmy79 3371


John Scripsick: Most people will lie or stretch the truth for one reason and that is money

My son died in Iraq one year ago and it has made me study the reasons we went to war, as any parent would do looking into the loss of their child.

President George W. Bush came to Oklahoma City Friday, to raise money for Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz. I think for a donation of $5,000 you got your picture with Bush at a beer distributor’s house.

My son joined the Marines to help this country do good. I tried to talk him out of joining, but after 9/11, lots of young men and women joined. One day before his final signing, I thought he was having second thoughts, but Bryan looked at me and said he already gave them his word. I was worried, but proud that he was a man of his word.

As time went by, I’d seen that Bush, Dick Cheney and others were not men of their word. They will lie straight to your face. Most people will lie or stretch the truth for one reason and that is money.

I was there, on Friday, but not to get a picture taken with him, but to ask some questions:

How can our government pay $800 to $1,000 a day to Halliburton, KBR, Blackwater employees, which Cheney has ties to, and only pay our troops $70 to $100 a day?

Is it true that Blackwater, which has cost taxpayers billions to provide security in Iraq, has given generously to your campaign?

Was Enron your largest contributor?

Did a Texas oil company, that gave to your campaign, drill in the Kurdish region yet?

Did you read the report sent to you in August 2001, about an attack in America coming soon?

Did you pay $5 million to a man from Iraq so he would not talk about weapons of mass destruction?

Did you ignore Iran’s offer to infiltrate al-Qaida after the 9/11 attack?

Why did you ignore Joe and Valerie Wilson’s knowledge about WMDs and al-Qaida in Iraq?

How many military leaders, CIA officials and others have resigned since you have been president?

If you collect enough money, pull a good-looking rabbit out of the hat, and McCain becomes president, do you get a pardon from these questions?

My son died in Iraq on Sept. 6, 2007. Does my asking these questions make me unpatriotic? Did my son die for my freedom or did he die so Bush could pump money through private contractors and please the Republican campaign contributors?

I was sure standing on a corner, outside the fundraiser, would not get these questions answered. But maybe the right person will hear the message. I do know that doing nothing will produce nothing.

John Scripsick, a resident of Wayne, lost his son in the Iraq War.


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In 2004, after Bush won, The UK Daily Mirror wrote on their front page: ‘How Can 59,054,087 people be so DUMB?”
Some were outraged in the US, do they now agree?

Four years later, and thousands/millions are screaming at Sarah Palin/McCain, to be VP and president. We can only hope that 60 million people will not turn out to be so dumb to make the samew mistake again. What will be left of the US culture, economy and scholars in the end.

The decline of the American Century,

The pity of it all…

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