McCain finds it tough without Palin

September 10, 2008

PHILADELPHIA – Republican presidential candidate John McCain cut short his first public appearance without running-mate Sarah Palin after chanting supporters of Democratic rival Barack Obama interrupted his speech.

After lunching with a roundtable of women at Philadelphia’s Down Home Diner, McCain shook hands with supporters and strode up to a podium to deliver a statement. But as he spoke, chants of “Obama, Obama, Obama” filled the room.

Reporters craned forward trying to hear the Arizona senator. Unfortunately for McCain — and possibly overlooked by aides who planned the event — a section of the diner opened up to a market where a crowd had gathered behind a cordon.

A large contingent of Obama supporters showed up, mixed with some who had bumper stickers reading “Democrats for McCain”.

“It’s time to leave the talk behind and start shaking up Washington and fixing our economy, taking care of the problems facing our families. We’re going to give a tax cut to every family with a child,” he said.

His words were barely audible.

McCain’s supporters shouted “John McCain”, “John McCain,” “John McCain”. The duelling chants nearly drowned out the presidential hopeful’s voice.

“Pennsylvania is a battleground state as we can tell,” McCain said.

Meanwhile Palin, the Alaska governor, was on a flight back to her state. 

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Is that what our country has become.

Obama’s supporters are all over the place rudely interupting events. It is a bad reflection on Obama and the new politics he promised.

It is just prove that Obama and his click should not get anywhere near any kind of power, if that is how they conduct themselves.

Where is the respect? You won’t see that kind of behaviour by McCain’s supporters.

Posted by Jane | Report as abusive

How come no one was shouting USA USA USA USA?

Posted by SFBX | Report as abusive

Today in America the wealthiest 1% owns more than everyone in the bottom 95% combined. Income inequality is at its greatest level since the 1920s – right before the great depression. Though the US has continued to make big gains in productivity over the last decade, nearly all of the benefit of those gains has gone to the wealthy, not the workers. American CEOs earned 411 times as much as average workers in 2005, up from 107 times in 1990. In the economic expansion of 2002-2006, the top 1% captured nearly three quarters of income growth. pincomes-2006prel.pdf

This condition is not an accident, but is instead the deliberate goal of Republican economic policy. The rich write the rules! McCain’s proposals will accelerate this trend further by using a tried and true method – fill the campaign dialogue with talk about social issues, personal stories, vague statements (“tax cuts”), and the trickle-down myth, and hope that middle and lower income voters do not read the details. It worked twice with Bush. While they talk about gay marriage to your face, they are literally picking your pocket from behind – systematically redistributing wealth from poor to rich. And here’s the kicker – they don’t think there is anything wrong with the situation! And if you vote for McCain, you are again telling them that you don’t think there is anything wrong with the situation either! The high unemployment level, housing crisis, credit crunch, lower value of the dollar, high gas prices, and increasing national debt are all related to these failed policies. Standards of living in the US have continued to rise only because in most families both people work, and people work longer hours and more days per year (all for lower benefits). Something has to give…

These are the proposed tax plans for the two candidates. You can see that McCain intends to further reduce the tax burden of the wealthiest Americans at the expense of the middle and lower income families. Obama’s plan increases taxes on the wealthy, especially that top 1%, to the benefit of working americans – a first step in reversing the rich-get-richer trend and toward re-building a real middle class. In fact, Obama has offered to actually raise his own taxes for the benefit of the country as a whole. Where are you in this table?

……………… MCCAIN …………. OBAMA
Income ……. Avg tax bill ……. Avg. tax bill
Over $2.9M …. -$269,364 (-4.4%)… +$701,885 (+11.5%)
$603K and up…. -$45,361 (-3.4%)… +$115,974 (+8.7%)
$227K-$603K…… -$7,871 (-3.1%)…….. +$12 (+0.0%)
$161K-$227K…… -$4,380 (-3.0%)….. -$2,789 (-1.9%)
$112K-$161K…… -$2,614 (-2.5%)….. -$2,204 (-2.1%)
$66K-$112K …… -$1,009 (-1.4%)….. -$1,290 (-1.8%)
$38K-$66K …….. -$319 (-0.7%)….. -$1,042 (-2.4%)
$19K-$38K …….. -$113 (-0.5%)……. -$892 (-3.6%)
Under $19K ……… -$19 (-0.2%)……. -$567 (-5.5%) nomy/candidates_taxproposals_tpc/?postve rsion=2008061113

Posted by DS | Report as abusive

McCain’s campaign is shamelessly lying and creating false contorversies. Calling Obama supporters rude, is just more of the same Republican nonsense, grow up.

Posted by Bob | Report as abusive

I just want to add my two cents; how is McCain now handling the attention being taken from him and unto his running mate now that she has gone to attend to family duties….. Do you think this will sit with him in a positive light — concerning, We the People, are not fawning over him?

Posted by Connie | Report as abusive

mccain supporter’s? which one… without palin he barely draws a crowd…

he reaps what he sows… with his double speak of running a clean campaign and then coming out with the most outrageous ‘say it enough and it’s true’ ads… and hypocritical uses of pig lipstick… boo hoo…

cast your vote… not baseless aspersions…

Posted by jd | Report as abusive


Since the media won’t do their da*n jobs, somebody has got to stop John McCain and Sarah Palin from LYING from coast to coast!

Posted by Nashville_fan | Report as abusive

click = clique, I presume?

This is a reflection not of rudeness, but of bottled anger over 8 years under the disastrous republican rule. People are being misled by ads and headlines that have nothing to do with the real issues, campaign managers trying to steer our attention away from the fact that McCain’s policies are much the same as Bush’s.

Posted by SL | Report as abusive

They probably weren’t missing much, anyway. Stump speeches are virtually identical no matter where the candidates speak them.

So, to conclude, McCain is back to trying to fill cafeterias again without the RVPN. Palin: all celebrity, no substance.

Kind of ironic given the GOP smear tactics, isn’t it?

Posted by Christian Leftist | Report as abusive

McCain is telling the truth and Obama melting down is prove that the truth hurts.

How noble is this smear campaign against Sarah and her children? The media refused to vet Obama, yet they are all over Sarah?

Biden thinks Sarah’s 4 month old baby is fair game and you accuse Republicans of dirty politics?

I thought the children of candidates were off limits.
Democrats are just acting like the hipocrites that we all know they are.

Posted by Jane | Report as abusive

This stuff has been done by the Republicans for years every time I go see a Democratic candidate there are people protesting I have put up with flip flop chants been spit on even watched as police hauled republicans to jail for attacking people. This is not news just the conservative media spouting off for there favorite candidate.

Posted by David | Report as abusive

No Jane, our country hasn’t become that. You’re taking an isolated incident to help support a very important decision.

I do agree we have too many people in our country who are easily duped, persuaded, live by soundbites, and cannot formulate a rational thought for themselves.

“It is just prove that Obama and his click should not get anywhere near any kind of power, if that is how they conduct themselves.”

Was Obama there doing this himself?

I’m confused.

For the record, I am a democrat and I see negatives and positives on both sides. However, I rather stick to the important issues at hand.

Posted by DWood | Report as abusive

I think there is so much frustration from both sides for a varierty of reasons but from my perspective my frustration is very simple:

If McCain and Obama are the best this country has to offer, in my opinion, this country is in deep doo doo.

Niether one seems to have the best interest of our country in mind.

One wants a socialist government with cradle to grave entitlements and they both want to give amnesty to about 30 million illegals and change the face of the USA forever. BTW: I wouldn’t believe the 12 million illegal number for a second. They have been using that number for years and the porous borders are being infiltrated by countless numbers of illegals 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

Wish we had better choices.

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

In a truly free society, everyone gets a say, yes even John McCain. Barack Obama gets to do the same, as do the VP candidates. I beleive in the right to protest, but what can it mean when you are interrupting an election year speech (no matter how repugnant you may find it or the speaker) at such a time as this? Only that you are fearful of the person speaking. Let’s hear what they all have to say. Dont be afraid;let them say it. They’re good enough at sticking there own foot in their own mouth. If you feel YOUR message is the right one, don’t fear the opposition, counter it intelligently. Note to Rick Davis: This campaign IS about issues. Please revise. Or you will lose.

And Sarah: Is this “media” you’re speaking of the same one that tried to promulgate Senator Obama’s ‘muslim faith’ and his lack of patriotism and experience? I hope not. “Vetted” is not the word, they “shredded” him. All americans, republicans and dems alike should take home a good message: the guy has spirit. He’s not P***ing back at them, he won’t relent and stays on message.But he’s not the ‘great white hope’ nor is Senator McCain; the mess is bigger than we all know about, trust me.

Did I say ‘great white hope’?!?! No, it’s just a figure of speech! Really!!!!!


Posted by Phox Noose | Report as abusive

So McCain will give a tax break to all people with kids.

So what happens to those of us that don’t? WHY oh WHY do we base this on kids?

Posted by cany | Report as abusive

What… the Republicans can heckle and we can’t??

Posted by A.P. | Report as abusive

SP is the draw in the McCain camp.

Why aren’t more people calling her out about her support of the “Bridge to Nowhere” a $400M bridge to an island with a population of 50?

Why aren’t people acknowledging the fact that until she had a child with special needs, she shows a record of NOT supporting children with special needs?

When is this oh-so-wonderful-strong-independent-think ing woman going to put on her lipstick and Face the Nation without a pre-written script? The Republicans need to let her show the world whether or not she can take the heat. I am not impressed…..anybody can take a community college speech class and read a teleprompter as well as she did at the NRC……when will see her on her own? Do you really feel this mayor of ~9,000 is ready to run this country?

Posted by Jan | Report as abusive

everytime the mccain/palin team are confronted with their lies, instead of backing up their allegations with FACTS the just continue on with their same old speeches – ones that haven proven to be flat out lies and/or “truth-stretching”/manipulative/baseless stories. as a last resort they try to change the subject and talk about poor palin and her inability to deal with being on the national stage (like every politician before her).

give me a break.

i used to like mccain – the old mccain – but this new one is a marionette, not a maverick.

Posted by boycottpalin | Report as abusive

All of your dribble could not be farther from the truth. You Liberals are destroying this nation with your Godless beliefs.

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin is not being smeared.

If you think Sarah needs help against the critical focus on her since her nomination, how can you believe in your heart that she can handle the job of VP or possibly president?

(Many) Months ago, McCain acknowledged that Americans wanted an honorable campaign, and repeatedly stated that he was committed to running one.

Later, fearing he was in a losing track, chose to try to win a campaign the dirty way over possibly losing one the respectable way.

Since he hired a Karl Rove disciple, his campaign has:
-run ads solely attacking personality
-relied on ridicule instead of actual debate (tire pressure guages, anyone?)
-run ads that lie ridiculously that a bill in Illinois was meant to teach sex-ed to kindergarteners (stranger danger, anyone?)
-has his VP lying about killing the bridge to nowhere (she was all for it before she was against it)

America is the greatest country on earth. *This behavior is not a path to greatness*. The way McCain is running his campaign is a disservice to America.

A much bigger disservice would be to elect McCain *if he continues to campaign this way.*

Tell McCain you expect better of him and of your fellow Americans.

If you don’t like this kind of politics, then *TELL THAT TO POLLSTERS*

If you only dislike this kind of politics only when the other guy does it, please consider moving to another country. I love America too much not to ask you to leave.

Posted by Jose in AZ | Report as abusive

Notice how all the welfare recipients are getting all worked up and panicky ? I guess the Obama people are afraid they mighty have to go to work if he looses.

Posted by old mo | Report as abusive

So the result of Obama’s “community organiser” work is to deny others their freedom including FREE speech.

Shows Obama & his supportors are “mockers” of the US constitution.

McCain-Palin 08

Posted by RT | Report as abusive

I won’t vote for McCain, but I think anyone who shows up to disrupt a candidates is no better than a thug. These people ought to be ashamed of themselves.

Posted by Reiffel Range | Report as abusive

“Where is the respect? You won’t see that kind of behaviour by McCain’s supporters.”

RESPECT?? Are you serious?? After Caribou Barbie got up and the RNC and mocked the work Senator Obama (and millions of other community organizers) has done? When McSame uses the phrase “lipstick on a pig” when referring to Senator Clinton’s health care plan, but cries like a little girl when Senator Obama uses the same phrase? (And no, he did NOT call Caribou Barbie a pig; he called her the lipstick. McSame’s policies and support of Imbecile Bush is the pig.)

And of course McSame’s supporters would do that. They’re Republicans. They have no shame, no honor, no integrity, no plans, no ideas, no NOTHING.
Only theft of others’ ideas and themes, since they have nothing of their own.

Posted by GammaRae | Report as abusive

Obama was refering to Palin as the pig with lipstick, and McCain was the old fish that stunk, he’s a lawyer that chooses his words carefully, he meant to say it, and it shows when annoyed, he is nasty. It was uncalled for and it makes me mad, and it should embarrass anyone who connects with him. Ans now he has hecklers, where the opposing party can’t even speak their platform? How scary is this?

Posted by Pamela | Report as abusive

What happened to McCain? So greedy for power that he has chosen a horrible pick for VP. And now he pays the price.

Posted by patty | Report as abusive

are you ready for life in prison or death penalty for excercising choice? believe it. All you grinning hoards for pitbull in lipstick, your gonna love it when big gov’t gets between you and your bodies. just what penalty will we need to make Roe V Wade overturned stick? life? death sentences for sure!
Y’all are idiotic.

Posted by michael | Report as abusive

Interrupting a speech is shameful! Both parties should be ashamed!

Posted by Renee | Report as abusive

please, i dont think anyone doesnt know republicans believe in “win at any cost” and I do mean will not stop at anything…. so gimme a break with what Obama rightly labeled “false anger”…. it’s hypocritical at best.
small town values in repug-speak means life sentence for choice, and bomb factories to pick up the economy.

Posted by michael | Report as abusive

Is this another story where McCain says that Obama supporters are picking on him? He has been playing the “Don’t pick on the old man” card a lot lately.

McCain, I do not feel sorry for you just becuase you are having age related memory problems, and such.

Your GOP buddies turned yet another election into a Lindsey Lohan spectacle, distracting everyone from the real issues that affect peoples daily lives.

You are the company you keep, McGramps!

Posted by George McSamehole | Report as abusive

Wait and see what happens if the republicans steal this election, look at the USA Today polls and you will see that Mccain is behind and every thing they have done so far haven’t improved their position, they are really getting creamed and are DESPERATE to improve their numbers.

Posted by william tttle | Report as abusive

The only systematic raping of the poor is done by the democratic party.

The teachers union has the democratic party in their back pocket and fight tooth and nail against any non-union policies to improve schools like charters or vouchers. They are condemning the poor to a life of being poor (and dependent on the democratic party handouts to keep their loyalty).

By the way, if you look at the most expensive cities to live in the US, they are all overwhelmingly democratic…NY, LA, SF, Miami, San Diego….filthy rich and overwhelmingly democratic.

Posted by L5 | Report as abusive

McCain is running a dishonorable campaign. If he actually had a vision that justified going this down low to get elected it might be one thing–but his vision is simply his ego and ambition. Having gambled and won, perhaps, on Palin he’s libel to think he can also go to war in Iran on a dare. Or send troops to save Stalin’s heirs in Georgia.

Posted by Will | Report as abusive

“You won’t see that kind of behaviour by McCain’s supporters.”
No purple heart band-aids this year?

Posted by nsr | Report as abusive

“Where is the respect? You won’t see that kind of behaviour by McCain’s supporters.” Patently untrue.

No, you will only see that type of dishonor from McCain himself.

Posted by Bill ( | Report as abusive

Where is the respect? You won’t see that kind of behaviour by McCain’s supporters. -Jane, that’s a joke right??? LOL!!!

Posted by Sean | Report as abusive

Grow up Jane! McCain spews lies and diversions and picks a person to be his veep who is totally unqualified and unprepared to take command. If she’s so great, then why isn’t she answering any questions??? America deserves an informed voter-BE ONE!

Posted by 1armywife | Report as abusive

I’ll grant McCain one thing, he actually appeared in a setting where people with opposing views could express them. How long will this last and he becomes another Bush/Cheney, insulated from the public at all times?

Posted by homer | Report as abusive

liars get what liars deserve. McCain deserves a lot worse than to be drowned out by Obama supporters.

Posted by zach | Report as abusive

Respect is given to people who deserves respect. I am a Bangladeshi living in LA and had immense respect for a guy who took all the pain of adopting an orphan from Bangaladesh. But today I cannot recognize that same person. Tell me what you will, this Bangladeshi’s vote will go for Obama.

Posted by Guy From LA | Report as abusive

How in the world did McCain ever win the Republican ticket? Has any Presidential nominee ever been so outshined by his running mate? If I were McCain, I’d be humiliated.

Posted by Eric | Report as abusive

You might not have seen this behavior from his supporters, but you have – and will continue – to see it from McCain.

Posted by Roy | Report as abusive

McCain has proposed to bankrupt the country even faster than Bush with bigger tax cuts for the wealthiest 1% and more tax breaks for fossil fuel industries. Think any of that would trickle down to the rest of us? He’ll give you a tax “credit” less than half what it takes to go out and buy health insurance for your family but you’re on your own after that. He thinks we can throw the Russians out of the G8 when in fact the Russians would have to vote themselves out. Even the Bush Administration thinks that’s nutty. Everyone from the Iraqi government to the Bush Administration has adopted Obama’s timetable for getting out of Iraq but McCain still wants to stay for four, a hundred or a thousand years, or whatever it is this week.

Pigs will fly before any of that works.

Posted by markg8 | Report as abusive

Maybe the critics are right. Maybe there’s no escaping our great political divide, an endless clash of armies, and any attempts to alter the rules of engagement are futile. Or maybe the trivialization of politics has reached a point of no return, so that most people see it as just one more diversion, a sport, with politicians our paunch-bellied gladiators and those who bother to pay attention just fans on the sidelines: We paint our faces red or blue and cheer our side and boo their side, and if it takes a late hit or cheap shot to beat the other team, so be it, for winning is all that matters.

But I don’t think so. They are out there, I think to myself, those ordinary citizens who have grown up in the midst of all the political and cultural battles, but who have found a way—in their own lives, at least—to make peace with their neighbors, and themselves.

Posted by TheNamelessOne | Report as abusive

I think McCain deserves to be heard, and I think it’s wrong to simply shout him down. That is, I used to think that. His recent ads are so full of lies that I think he *should* be shouted down. He needs to know what it feels like when the truth gets drowned out. Thankfully, the media seem to be catching on, and have come down hard on his bogus “Obama wanted to teach sex ed to kindergardeners” ad. Each day brings a new deceptive ad. I used to like McCain but I find him more revolting — or out of control of his campaign? — by the day.

Posted by Skippy | Report as abusive

McCain/Palin has lied about Bridge to Nowhere more than 7 times!

Posted by Homer S | Report as abusive

Waa! Steve you’ve got it all wrong. Godless whormongers are not waiting to take you away to the funny farm.You are already there. Be afraid, be very afraid. The next voice you hear might be your own spewing more crap. God is not, and I repeat it to those who have closed minds, NOT a political party. If so, God would have hired Karl Rove to help banishing Man form the Garden of Eden. It’s all Palin’s fault! She was the maverick that was talked into taking a bite out of the quince leaving us to work and slave the rest of our lives. Darn Republicans!

Posted by uriahheep | Report as abusive

Pamela: you say that Obama is nasty. Even if we accept what you say is true, yesterday alone Obama called Palin a “pig” and McCain stinky, while McCain said that Obama wanted to teach explicit sex education to kindergardeners (a bald-faced lie). Which is more nasty? Which makes your skin crawl more? Which reflects worse on the target of the attack?

Obama’s the nasty one? Really?

Posted by Skippy | Report as abusive

so a presidential candidate is entitled to “free speech,” but the voting public is not?

conservative “logic” is hilarious.

and as if obama himself sent hecklers to this poorly planned event…right.

for anyone to try spin this lame stump event into some sort of low blow by obama and refuse to even acknowledge the incredible lies and slander coming daily from the mccain-palin camp and candidates is truly blinded by partisanship and fear.

Posted by chops | Report as abusive

Steve, Jane and Ol Moe are classic republican voters. McCain promised them nothing because like all republicans seeking the presidency, he plans to give them nothing, except anger at people they don’t know. This nation is broke, it’s fighting 2 wars and the idiot in the White House and McCain want to start a third. McCain helped send DHL jobs in Ohio overseas, then covered his flank by giving the people false hope for “better” jobs he knows they don’t qualify for. I don’t know why, but some right wing Americans just plain demand right wing lies, and he’s giving plenty. That’s the only way anyone could defend him.

Posted by Jo Martinson | Report as abusive

As a matter of fact I find it refreshing to hear that this sort of event could happen.

It is a sign that our democracy is strong.

Especially when you consider the kinds of events your President does. Mr Bush hasn’t been in front of a crowed that wasn’t hand picked for about nine years or so.

Posted by Kamal El-din | Report as abusive

Sadly politicians have to be prepared for these kind of things today… and John McCain seems to old, weak and out of touch to respond and prepare….
How many times does he have to change is campaign staff to get a competent crew?

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

McCain fails to draw enough supporters to drown out a handful of hecklers? Too bad his VP has to go “study” with bush admin strategists for two weeks. It’s going to feel like last September all over again for McCain…only without 8 months to make up the losses.

Posted by Sean in California | Report as abusive

You’re not going to believe this, but I think this was a devious Karl Rove tactic. Consider: By noon today it was evident that (a) John McCain on his own couldn’t draw a crowd and (b) the McCain-Palin “outrage” over the lipstick comment had backfired. The McCain-Palin campaign had to figure out a way to get McCain out of this event without talking to reporters (who would have asked him about the comment and about the small turnout), AND he needed to generate some support for “poor” McCain in the heartland. So, Karl Rove and his minions planted “Democrats for McCain” signs in the crowd (just like those “independents” who were against Obama at the convention, yeah, right), then they planted some people there to shout “Obama” so that he had to cut short his remarks and no one could hear anything so he could plausibly deny hearing the question, and the bubbas in middle America could say, “that mean old Obama.” Devious? You betcha. Karl Rove? straight from the heart!

Posted by working in Texas | Report as abusive

To Jane:

Unless there are hanging chads involved.

Posted by eggy | Report as abusive

Homer J. its 23 times yesterday afternoon. Probably another 7 today.

Posted by Henk | Report as abusive

[…] McCain struggles in first appearance post-convention without Palin.  His speech is interrupted in Philadelphia market by gathering Obama supporters who chant “Obama!”, which inspired counter-chants of “John McCain!” by McCain’s supporters, thereby drowning out McCain and causing him to stop his speech. […]

Posted by Daily Tidbits: September 10, 2008 « Roadkill Refugee | Report as abusive

hey ds (waaaay upthread)

easier yet for anyone interested in what your taxes will look like under President Obama

go to

our family gets back $980

Senator McCain would tax us $539 more

and that’s not counting his plan to tax our employer’s contributions on benefits – another $2200 in taxes for this working family

no thanks

Posted by clarice | Report as abusive

The McCain campaign is despicable. He is a Republican and that party has a forty year history of lies, criminality, economic royalism, and intolerance. He picks Palin, who begins her national political life with a string of pathological lies, ie. I was agains the bridge to nowhere (after she was for it), I fired the state chef (who is still cooking for my family under a different title), I fought Big Oil, when she loves them as much as Bush or Cheney, and I am For Change. The only change she wants is an address.
Wake up, America. The national Republican Party has devolved into a festering pit of fascism, fundamentalism, and phony candidates. Away with them!

Posted by Eric owin | Report as abusive

Obama supporters are rude? Please. McCain and Palin are the ones who slung mud at their convention. Not Obama.

Posted by Tina | Report as abusive

First Barack mentioned the word pig, then he said fish, and now is fans are saying Obama. The horrors! McCain must be avenged for these dastardly events.

Posted by Karl Rove’s Sister | Report as abusive

With these bad ads and lies, I’m led to believe John McCain has lost his honor.

Posted by liz | Report as abusive


The fact that Obama’s supporters showed up to a McCain rally shows me exactly what this country has come to: People are tired of getting used the last 8 years and they’ve decided to take action.

Call me crazy, but to protest a Presidential candidate’s forum shows me that people think there’s alot at stake in this election. Which there is.

Senator McCain is not a Maverick. He’s following the Republican playbood and doing whatever he can to win, which is smart by him. But don’t kid yourself and think that Obama’s supporters have somehow brought down the level of political discourse. They’re just kind of aggravated with the last 8 years and frankly, they’re mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore.

Posted by John | Report as abusive

I am sick and tired of being called a godless liberal. I am a born-again, Bible believing Christian and a Democrat. No where in my Bible does it tell me to pass judgement on others who are different from me. No where does it tell me to help the rich and ignore the poor.My Bible also does not mention that I should give up my personal choice and freedom and have the government dictate to me what I can and cannot do. My Bible doesn’t tell me that we should invade countries and kill innocent people for their oil. You people rail against big government but we have a moral obligation as a nation to take care of those who can’t take of themselves. You are full of hatred and greed and that is not the way Jesus wants Christians to be. “Beware of false prophets who come to you in sheeps clothing but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.You will know them by their fruits…” Matthew 7:15,16

Posted by linda | Report as abusive

This is a good first step, but it doesn’t help enough. Just chanting “Obama” doesn’t address any of the issues, lies, or dishonorable tactics of the Rovian McBush tactics.

I encourage everyone that hears McCain or Palin speak to start chants of “Prove It” to any claims like the bridge to no where. “Lies!” to claims about Obama’s record and character. And “Dishonorable” to their vicious attacks, smear, and distortion of Obama.

Keep fighting the lies.
We don’t need a maverick… We need a President.

Posted by Mark | Report as abusive

DS wrote: “Today in America the wealthiest 1% owns more than everyone in the bottom 95% combined. Income inequality is at its greatest level since the 1920s”

Thank you DS – this is the simple, obvious truth and it’s absolutely dumbfounding that so many people are duped by secretly snickering Repbulicans to vote against the best interests of themselves and their children.

Wake Up America – YOU’RE BEING TAKEN FOR FOOLS! McCain & Co. are screwing you and laughing all the way to the bank.

Posted by obsessed | Report as abusive

[…] truly is pathetic: Republican presidential candidate John McCain cut short his first public appearance without […]

Posted by McCain Is Afraid To Campaign Without Palin | Comments from Left Field | Report as abusive

All I can say is, I am pretty sure we are plain old skrewed. Obama: I think his heart is in the right place, but he is still a consumate politician and frankly, I don’t completely trust him. Picking Biden for his running mate concerns me greatly. Biden has done a lot of good but he is kind of an idiot. He does not seem to know how to hold his tongue, and that is putting it nicely. On the other hand, McCain and Palin scare the livin’ crap out of me. I am not religious myself but I am not anti-religion either. I see a lot of good come from people having faith in something greater than themselves. However, the idea of having individuals in a position of such power, that they could actualy bring about the total destruction of our species, who believe that God has personally chosen them to wage some kind of holy war?!!!!!!! NO WAY, COUNT ME OUT!! If they win I am seriously considering moving to some other country. Bush has just about gone there already and I will be glad to see his regime get their fingers off the trigger.

Not that McCain is that nutty, but he IS VERY old, and anything could happen. If you think I am exaggerating about Sarah Palin just go look it up, she has said it enough that there is no question about it. She would take out the terrorists, and all the rest of us with them, and let God sort us out.

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It’s amazing how quickly the fascists forget that back in 2004, it was Bush supporters who interrupted almost every single Kerry speech, while the Secret Service made sure that only die hard Bushies were able to attend Bush functions.

Here’s to enjoying a taste of your own medicine, fools.

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I am a huge Obama supporter, but this story makes me sad. At least they could have chanted “lies” when McCain was telling lies, or booed his bad policy lines. But how does changing “Obama” do anything other than make undecideds dislike Obama supporters?

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Palin is entertainment, very much in the mold of Joan Rivers. Palin is news only because McCain thinks she should be president in his stead. It’s an amusing thought, that would become scary if people elect McCain because of Palin. In any event, with McCain out on his own without his newly-minted celebrity, the crowd will do what it will to break the monotony.

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So when is Sarah going to give our money back? The money she got for the Bridge to Nowhere? She kept it; she didn’t say “No thanks”. Millions of dollars! Wouldn’t a “maverick” give the money back?

So when do we get our money back? When? Come on, Sarah! Give us our money back! We want our money back!!

To tell you the truth, I’m not holding my breath!

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What we are seeing is the typical Karl Rove type of politics. How else did George get elected twice. The hate that comes from this man’s mind is not natural. His ideas come right out of “Mien Komp.” Mr. Rove shows that the other candidates(people)are causing the problem, and he makes sure the candidate is unable to be on equal footing and he make sure they are shown in a negative light that everyone else recognizes. Look at the ads today. Obama is being criticized as the evil one because of his comments about lipstick. Ads now show McCain and Palin as righters of wrong while Obama cannot compete. And we have statements that paint Obama as a community organizer, showing him as less a politician than anyone else. It’s there…Karl Rove, Fuhrer of the Republican Party.

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Kamal, you got it exactly right! The citizens of this nation are fed up with Repug lies, political tactics and destructive policies – and we have the right to voice that frustration. To those who voiced their dissentat McCain’s rally, good on them!

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To Eric and Linda: You guys ROCK!!!

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It is really quite simple folks. McCain is not his own person anymore. Hell the RNC would not even let him pick his own VP. This Palin pick was totally thought up by the Rove like pollsters at the RNC.

I can’t make it any clearer than this clip. Show it to everyone you know, because it is really short sweet, and horrifying. This is what a McCain presidency promises. Got Chills? 2w

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Jane posted:

“Is that what our country has become.

Obama’s supporters are all over the place rudely interupting events. It is a bad reflection on Obama and the new politics he promised.

It is just prove that Obama and his click should not get anywhere near any kind of power, if that is how they conduct themselves.

Where is the respect? You won’t see that kind of behaviour by McCain’s supporters.”


you mean the mccain supporters who go around the internet repeating the lie that BHO is a muslim when he’s not, that he’s a marxist when he’s not, that he has no legislation record, when he clearly has? that he’s going to raise everyone’s taxes, when he’s going to lower them for anyone earning under 200K? that he has a black love child? oh, whoops, that was when rove WASN’T working for mccain.

seriously, people who run this bs should take a long hard look in the mirror.

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**Oh good grief! McCain gets away with lying constantly. I’m HAPPY that Obama supporters get a chance to give that old fart a pain in the butt. He’s trying to give the country much worse. What a bunch of frauds Republicans are. They don’t give a DAMN about America. They just want to win.

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As a Philly resident I feel I should note that the Down Home Diner is in the middle of the Reading Terminal Markets—it is a wide open space filled with tons of people, restaurants, butchers and produce stands so it’s not like the Obama supporters crashed his campaign event. They were reportedly standing behind the cordoned off spot in the market area.
I’d be amazed if you could have heard him anyway over the normal lunch time noise level in the there, but frankly the whole thing amuses me given all of McCain’s whining of late.
Obama will win Philadelphia by at least 4 to 1. Why McCain would choose our city for a lunch event (and there–this diner might hold 50 people tops) is an absolute mystery.

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[…] Solo Rally No wonder he wants Palin with him all the time. He tried it on his own today. Look what happened. […]

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“How come no one was shouting USA USA USA USA?”

Because that would be mistaken as support for John McCain.

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Wow Jane, that’s really insightful!

Look, if McCain can’t handle Obama supporters, what chance in hell does he have handling the Russians, or the Chinese?

They’d eat him alive, at our nation’s great expense.

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If this is how McCain can “bring’em in” on his own, he’s got a problem. Too bad he picked the wrong woman to clean up for him this time. And yes, if sex ed. in kindergarten means that kids learn to speak out about child abuse before they can read, I’m for it.

Most parents never, ever think it could happen to their child, so they haven’t even had a chance to deal with it…until it’s too late.

McCain, you sure learned how to fight dirty. How proud you must be. Live with it.

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If McCain cannot handle a few protesters, how can we expect him to handle terrorists?

He’s too weak and too old for the job.

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Here’s a newsflash for you, Steve: there’s no such thing as God, you effing idiot.

The sooner people realize that we’re on our own here, the sooner we’ll be able to start living as if we want to stick around for a while.

“Godless liberals” is a compliment as far as I’m concerned. What if I put all my faith in the tooth fairy, or the Easter bunny, or Santa Claus? Exactly. You’d think I was a complete idiot. That should give you some idea of how those of us who’ve come to accept our mortality view you and your ilk.

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It’s rude, it’s thuggery.

But I love it. Keep doing this crap Obama supporters and you will continue to expose the Obama Campaign for the fringe group that you are.

Do you really think America wants a country where oppositing points of view are publicly shouted down?

You people have gone mad. Seriously.

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“Today in America the wealthiest 1% owns more than everyone in the bottom 95% combined. Income inequality is at its greatest level since the 1920s – right before the great depression…”

Tell it, brother! Where have you been all my life? This was a big problem during the CLINTON admin, & these imbeciles just keep making it worse.

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Wasn’t it the Bush/McCain supporters who, so rudely, stormed into the room in Florida and stopped the vote from being counted? There’s nothing as rude as destroying democracy, the economy, and middle class.

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I find these comments very interesting as I read that Senator John McCain’s speech was interrupted by supporters of Senator Obama at a campaign rally.
Senator Obama only use the same statement that Senator McCain use in a previous political speech. He made the same statement in reference to a point Senator Clinton was making and he did not apologize to her. Governor Palin compared hardworking women to a dog, “The difference a hockey mom and a pitbull is lipstick.”
Please hardworking mothers tell your daughters and sons that the difference betwen hardworking women or hockey moms and a pitbull or dog is not lipstick. I believe Governor Palin has made racial slurs and has called Hilary Clinton a female dog using profanity. Governor Palin should stop throwing stones at other candidates.
Senator John McCain should allow Senator Palin to respond to the comments being made about her. I am not a welfare
person as I work very hard everyday to make a living. My girlfriend ran her own business but due to the high taxes and cost of goods and services she was forced to close and move to another city. Governor Palin plays the political game well. I think we need to understand something, Who is going to pay the 15 trillion dollar national debt we presently have thanks to John McCain/George Bush. At the Republican National Convention several war protesters were arrested for voicing their opposition to the war. We have troops in need of assistance in Afghanistan but we are keeping troops in a country that the surge worked. I am paid well to review politicans and write about what they say. The truth hurts, You can put lipstick on a pig and it still is a pig. If I put lipstick on a woman she is still a woman, right, she is not a pitbull. Governor Palin is not a pitbull, Hockey mom, or great financial manager of a city or state budget. She left the city she was elected to be mayor in debt per the public information from the city and she charged the state for staying at her personal residence. Governor Palin is not the mother of the child she is claiming as her own. Senator McCain should needs to face the facts, he is a weak candidate without his trophy running mate. I support Ron Paul.

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Well, if McCain can’t handle a crowd in a market, how is he going to handle really tough characters? Plenty of people show up and heckle other speakers — somehow, they deal with it and get the job done.

I guess it’s of a piece with his tired, lying publicity campaigns. Reminds me of a line from e.e. cummings, which I will retool slightly: “A [politician] is an arse upon which everyone has sat except a man.”

Seems to fit McCain.



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Republicans are plain and simple, the dumbest people in this country. They’re all a bunch of puppets for the super rich who control them with religion, guns, gay rights, abortion, fear, and NON EXISTING tax breaks for the middle class. Things that DON’T AFFECT ANYONE’S daily life… The other day I was looking at the Per Capita GDP by State (that’s basically how much each person in a state produces, regardless of the state size), and 8 out of the 10 TOP states vote Democrat, and 8 out of the 10 BOTTOM states vote Republican… That’s a clear indication that the Republicans are good for nothing… I say let’s divide up the country and let the republicans die of starvation.

I got my GDP data from here,  /gdp_state/gsp_newsrelease.htm

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I personally think Obama is an intelligent, reasonable man. But his supporters, at least a significant portion of them, are completely out of their minds and will lose this election for him.

When all is said and done, it will be written that the DailyKOS crowd made Obama and the DailyKOS crowd destroyed Obama.

Do you really think Obama is happy when he reads stories like this?

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Jane- really? The McCain campaign accuses Obama of calling Palin a “pig,” a blatant, instantly disprovable lie (that even O’Reilly won’t defend), and then runs a TV add accusing Obama of trying to teach $ex-education to kindergarteners (when the the legislation supported by Obama was written to teach children how to fend off advances by sexual predators). I just ask you to honestly, honestly take a look at what’s happening in this election and ask yourself who is more dignified.

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The majority of the American people are fed up. The next four years CANNOT look like the last eight.

Throw the bums out!

O & JOE ’08

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L5 wrote: “San Diego….filthy rich and overwhelmingly democratic.”

Are you on another planet? San Diego has long been a conservative stronghold.

All of California is expensive–the entire state. And many, many parts are very conservative. Your “logic” is ludicrous.

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Such is life. Obama has lost so much ground that he has resorted to0 the same old thing. Change? No change with obama, it’s partisan politics as usual. Hope? No hope here, just more of the same old crap. John McCain holds a meeting for his supporters, and Obama dispatches his minions to disrupt a basic right under the constitution, freedom of speech. However, narrow minded democrats insist that freedom of speech is now a privilege and no longer a right. Sad day for the United States.

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Obama supporters are rude and have no class — just like their Messiah.

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the obama supporters chanting slogans is nothing compared to what mccain’s gutter rovian politics has done. nor is it anything compared to the republican tactics during the 2000 recount in florida where guys and gals in business suits crashed a recount site to intimidate the recount workers into thinking that a mob on angry citizens were there. those guys & gals were political operatives.

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As long as the McCain campaign continues to lie, Obama supporters will continue to shout the truth.

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*Their* Messiah? Judging by the way some of your idiots are speaking in tongues over the Sarahcuda, you’d think God had a sex change operation and renamed herself Sarah.

As a loyal Republican for 20 years, I’m sick of what the Party of Reagan has become. You’ve fundamentalists have kidnapped the party and I’ll no longer be any part it.

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Choosing Palin was like spraying air freshener after your dog soiled the carpet: it covers-up the smell for a while, but basically the room still stinks.

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Jane: What planet are you living on? The things you are saying the Obama campaign have done never happened. Check your sources because you seem to be swallowing some whoppers hook, line, and sinker.

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Shouldn’t the title be “McCain drowned out by anti-free-speech Obama supporters?

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McCain is a joke..afraid to be on the campaign trail without Sarah. How pathetic. The religious nutties don’t want McCain, they want Sarah. In fact there is a religious nutty group who are praying that McCain wins and then dies in office so Sarah will be our next President. Yup yup…we don’t need to go overseas to find religious nutcakes…we have our own home grown types. And guess who they want to be President…Sarah!


Good grief…the Republican party is filled with wackos.

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McCain has brought shame to himself by adopting the dishonest campaign tactics of George Bush. Thirty years of failed conservative policies have sent the US down the road to decay and impotence and McCain’s promise to continue all of Bush policies will only hasten the destruction of the American economy.

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McCain has shown his unbelievable gall to ask Obama to apologize to she-whom-I-am-sick-of-hearing-her-name (instead of hearing about the issues). Is he seeing everything through her eyes now? What? Are we in junior high?

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The word is “clique”. Amazing I guess Obama’s orchestrates his “cliques” to show up and chant at McPOW’s events…or do we wonder if people who are losing their jobs and homes may be fed up just throw out a chant or two? By the way psssssssss who don’t own 7 or more houses?

Straight talk express leading zombie Americans to jump off the Bridge to Nowhere!

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Having witnessed how the left has viciously and relentlessly attacked Sarah Palin for more than a week this episode comes as no surprise. Obama supporters are the most hateful bunch of thugs I have ever seen, so much so that Obama himself had to issue a public call for his supporters to stop. Clearly, they’re not listening. I expect to see much more of this idiotic behavior as the Democrat’s hate machine start eating itself.

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So, let’s get this straight. Because Palin wasn’t there, McCain couldn’t stop a bunch of rude jerks from wrecking the rally? And if she’d been there…?

This is inane. You’ve made Josh Marshall very happy, but in the process, you’ve damaged the Reuters brand. Again.

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Obama supporters chant “Obama, Obama, Obama”

McCain supporters chant “USA, USA, USA”

That says it all.

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This nonsense is getting old. It’s totally obvious that Obama wasn’t referring to Palin…come on people, that doesn’t even make sense. If you direct the ‘lipstick on a pig’ comment to a woman, what you’re saying is that the woman is very ugly. And i don’t know anyone who thinks McCain’s new beauty queen is ugly.

You know, the more i think about it, the more i realize that ‘Lipstick on a pig’ actually describes McCain’s whole campaign…think about it…McCain’s policies amount to nothing more than ‘Lipstick on George Bush’s Pig\'; McCain has a host of lobbyists being passed off as campaign advisors – more lipstick on the Lobbyist pigs, Palin being paraded as being a maverick despite the fact that the millions she slashed from the budget ended up only amounting to a mere 2% of the total budget – Lipstick on Palin’s fake maverick pig; McCain running a ‘clean’ campaign based on total lies, smoke and mirrors, gutter politics and Rove’s third world campaign strategy playbook – Lipstick on Rove, no other pig required.

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So who will run the country if he becomes President? I guess we know now

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I would like the news media to provide meaningful coverage of events by the candidates by telling us if the candidates are willing to answer questions from reporters. If the candidates aren’t capable of doing so, the article should mention it! If they were unwilling to answer questions about particular subjects, the media should mention what subjects they’re not talking about in their coverage.

The media covers what they see and hear and read, but they never talk about what they don’t see and hear and read, what the candidates refuse to talk about. That’s important because the McCain campaign is a campaign of personality, not issues. They refuse to talk about any issue that isn’t on that morning’s talking points. Their material is very restrictive. Who the heck is Sarah Palin? Who knows? I sure don’t.

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There is nothing in this story that supports the headline. The problem was caused by the Obama robots being rude and disrupting discourse. Very impressive his supporters are.

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Actually Jane, the McCain supporters do that all the time. It’s just hard to hear the three of them.

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That’s what happens when they venture outside of the protective bubble. I’ll bet that doesn’t happen again.

McCain/Palin are just like Bush. They’re so afraid of hearing a discouraging word that they only appear before tightly controlled audiences. Somebody slipped up on this one.

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“Where is the respect? You won’t see that kind of behaviour by McCain’s supporters.”


Oh, the irony: The same English whom McCain bravely fought in the War of 1812 now riding to his rescue on their fainting couches.

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McCain supporters are oh so polite and civil!

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Much of your statistical data is suspect. The income study is derived from data in something called the Picketty and Saez series. This is not a nationally recognized data source. In fact, it is created by the author of the document. There is not explanation whatsoever on the methodology used to arrive at the number on the series and where their source data came from.

The “Picketty and Saez” series is further discredited by the fact that the government themselves produce information on the incomes of the population in a yearly report to Congress called Statistics of Income. There is no need to create a custom series of data points when this data is already provided by the federal government.

Sorry, but your document looks to me like little more than a study that has been massaged to say what the authors wanted it to say. Even if it were true, you do not know how to read a graph either. The graph clearly states that the top 10% of incomes make about 50% of the money. While that is still high. It is nowhere near the numbers that you stated. You have discredited yourself with the very data you presented as proof.

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The Obama supporters should have chanted “LIPSTICK ON A PIG! LIPSTICK ON A PIG! LIPSTICK ON A PIG!

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If McCain cannot deal with a crowd of hecklers how will he deal with Putin or any other world leader?

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DS: your comment is beatifully written, and the statistics presented so deeply sad. What I can never get past about this phenomenon is why? Why do people ridiculously wealthy feel the need to grasp at more? What do they want it for? There are only so many homes/yachts/personal jets/football teams one and one’s children and one’s children’s children can own in a lifetime. Speaking from personal experience, it isn’t really that fun to be enjoying conspicuous luxury before people who are suffering. Is it a desirable goal to get everything material you could ever have wanted, but have to experience it in a suffering, cynical, screwed-over world of your fellow humans? WTF makes this so much more attractive than giving up a little to raise the floor for everyone?

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Stay class Obama supporters…Good to hear the tolerant and open left trying to shout people down who don’t share their views…

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We are in BIG trouble if the Democrats win this year, for if they do and they are able to push there socialist agenda, me thinks there is going to be alot of “shrugging” going on.

Go luck paying for healthcare for all, affordable college, childcare, infrastructure projects, “renewable energy” and even defence, when the tax paying Americans say “ENOUGH!”..remember..two can play at that game.

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All you have to do playback Mccain/Palin recycle speech from 10 days ago and you’ll hear same crap no substance.In VA today you could see the folks looking at each other and wondering when are they going to hire a new speech writer,this crap is getting old.50 percent of Americans (REP) deserve to remain stupit.PAIN OF CHANGE OR PAIN OF REGRETS you choose

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“Who the heck is Sarah Palin? Who knows? I sure don’t.
– Posted by Mike”

Sarah Palin is the woman who has absolutely rattled Obama.

Dennis Miller said it best tonight. She’s in Obama’s melon, big time, and it’s got him saying all kinds of idiotic things.

If Obama can’t deal with some Hockey Mom from “Wasilly” as Obama called it, how is he going to deal with Putin?

He’s falling apart over some Hockey Mom from some small town.

He’s imploding. His poll numbers are dropping. He’s flummoxed. He can’t deal with the media giving Palin attention instead of him and his overinflated ego.

So much so, that he is saying idiotic things just to get any attention from the media, good or bad.

He’s losing it.

This guy would be a disaster in the WH, where you can’t just vote “Present” instead of taking a stand and making a decision.

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Where is the respect? You won’t see that kind of behaviour by McCain’s supporters.

No, instead you’ll see lots of talk about how the press needs to show “deference”…..

My god, what are we, subjects or citizens???

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Jane’s first posting is racist. She just falls short of calling Obama supporters “uppity.”

By the way, Jane, Philadelphia’s “Down Home Diner” is in a public market. Cordoning it off for McCain and his supporters — and excluding everyone else (including shoppers) — is OK in a private country club, but not in a downtown full of people trying to live their lives.

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This guy would be a disaster in the WH, where you can’t just vote “Present” instead of taking a stand and making a decision.

And Palin (who has a huge history of never heeding advice, always lying first when she’s caught in a public embarrassment, and never forgiving or forgetting any political slight to her famously fragile and thin political skin) would be so busy finding ways to exact revenge on everyone who ever crossed her path she wouldn’t find any time to be president.


Posted by oddjob | Report as abusive

All of the Republican’s ads are character attacks based on lies and disinformation. But if you attack McCain it’s always, “How could you? Don’t you know he was a POW?” If you attack Palin, it’s “How could you be so sexist?” If you chant, you’re rude. Oh my! If you can’t stand the heat, stay in Alaska.

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Jane – I believe you’re referring to ‘cliques’ rather than ‘clicks’. I guess we San Francisco liberals need to continue trying to educate you red state voters…

Posted by Julian | Report as abusive

Quoth the ever so sage JANE and her chum SUZY: “Where is the respect? You won’t see that kind of behaviour by McCain’s supporters.”

No, they just yell at their convention and rudely insult and belittle the work of “community organizers” – activists who try to get working folks to organize together to go things to help others; like raising money for charities, and donating blood and working together to build playgrounds in inner cities.

You know who I find insulting and unclassy? People like YOU, whose votes are responsible for putting someone in power who sent my cousin to risk his life in Afghanistan and Iraq for an unjust war. It’s people like YOU who lack the intellectual curiousity to do a simple fact check that would reveal that every time Sarah Palin opens her mouth, she lies to you.

Get out of Wisteria Lane, ladies and educate yourselves instead of repeating the Fox News talking points. Then we can have a “classy” discussion about economic development and foreign policy and constitutional law. Until then, all I see is blood on your hands for the past eight years, for which you will have to answer to your God.

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I love it. Palin is driving the left batty. She’s taken all the media attention away from Obama, and Obama has flipped.

He can’t handle a Hockey Mom from “Wasilly”

Obama’s not a leader, he’s a teleprompter reader.

Posted by PHP87 | Report as abusive


You sure seem concerned about American politics for someone that spells behaviour with a U. If McCain wants to hold a public event at a semi-open-air venue, then he going to have accept that his message is not that poular with the public. He should schedule his events at the private country clubs his rich Republican supporters are members of.

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The Palin-mccain campaign is a sham. Do they think made up lies and innuendos will get them through til election day without her publicly expressing her views? What are they hiding? Where is the outrage from informed and inquisitive voters?Where is the common sense?

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It is always amazing that those on the Right assume that a Liberal requires the tax dollars from their paltry income to survive! Apparently the concept of the “Common Good” is foreign to them. God forbid that a Right-wing loudmouth should become disabled or unemployed! I’m sure they would refuse any Government aid, since it was a Liberal initiative!

Perhaps it has never occurred to any of these ideologues that many of us Liberals can buy and sell the lot of them. We were simply raised to believe that basic human compassion is a virtue, vice a liability.

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If you think Obama was being sexist re: the pig remark, then the joke is on you.

The sexism is in YOUR mind. That’s YOUR interpretation.

Of your own VP candidate.

Checkmate “my friends.”

Now stop voting against your needs. Then we’ll talk.

Posted by Tim | Report as abusive

Tony –

Tony is the Oligarchs Fanboy . . .he wants us to continue the erosion of the middle class and siphon off that last bit of opportunity, handing it to the upper 2% in the greatest transfer of wealth ever –

oh yeah, Tony we’re sticking with your team –

and what is this oh so clever “shrugging” ? nice dogwhistle there Sport, did you mean to say “shiftless” ? “lazy” ?

and as for that “Socialist Agenda” – booga booga! ya mean everyone enjoying benefits from healthcare, education, pension, For Life – LIKE SENATOR McCAIN ?
that one ? yeah, that would be great.

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It’s a shame the drivel that is posted here. Obviously there are a lot of young people on here (on both sides) who don’t have anything constructive to say about anybody. I say “young people” because of the words you use and the sentence structure, or lack thereof.

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Remember all of the GOP protesters who showed up in Denver to try to close down the Democrats’ convention?

Remember all the times last week when Obama was shouted down by McCain supporters to the point where he had to abandon a speech?

No? Really? You don’t?

The Democratic philosophy does best when discussion of politics is forbidden to the people.

The truly committed Democrats would deny you even a vote on political issues. They, after all, know best how to govern The Masses. They can’t do that yet, though, so for a start, they’ll shout down other viewpoints.

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Obama doesn’t need help handling a Hockey Mom from “Wasilly,” he’s had no problem answering questions from anyone who asks questions about any of the issues. I think it would be terrific to hear what a smart woman like Sarah Palin thinks are the solutions to the problems with our country. Perhaps you could enlighten us:

1. What is Palin’s position on funding Social Security? Obama has proposed a 2-5% tax on incomes >$250k. How ’bout Gov. Palin?
2. What is Palin’s position on the repeal of the estate tax in 2010? Both McCain and Obama believe that it shouldn’t be repealed. Obama proposes leaving it at 2009 levels.
3. What is Palin’s position on cutting my taxes? Under the Obama/Biden administration, I get a $1000 tax credit. Seniors making <$50k a year pay no income tax. What do I get under a Palin administration?

I think these are fair questions for her, considering she’s a heartbeat away from the presidency. However, she’s been oddly silent, despite the fact that she’s got her pick of available news outlets at her disposal to tell us all why we should vote for her. Everytime I’ve heard her speak since the convention, she’s only repeating the EXACT SAME LINES from her convention speech.

Why isn’t she discussing the issues? Is it possibly that maybe she’s just reading a teleprompter? Naw, she’s repeated the same lines so often now, she’s got them memorized.

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[…] Just read this article from Jason Szep about John McCain making his first solo appearance without his pig with lipstick (had to say it), and getting drowned out by Obama supporters. (McCain Finds it Tough Without Palin) […]

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No, what you see in John McCain supporters is a continued willingness to accept McCains utter incompetence, lack of knowledge, and his and his party’s outright lies.

And also a willingness to accept Palin as experienced, honest, and fiscally conservative despite all evidence to the contrary.

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Obama supporters shouting over McCain is a bit of a tit (is that sexist?) for tat…….the McCain campaign has been trying to muzzle the media and its access to his running mate, who must be such a delicate flower in need of protection…how is THAT for sexist? And how about those buttons that the RNC put out which say “Palin is a babe”? Isn’t that sexist? Let the woman speak. She can either handle it or not. If she can, terrific. And in the meantime, McCain should be shouted over. No more of his tired old (yes, I said old) Rovian half truths.
Keep it up Obama supporters.

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[…] I noticed in a blog post by Jason Szep today that talked about Obama supporters showing up to disrup… […]

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So what I ask is, how many trillions of our tax dollars have been spent fighting pre-emptive wars for the last 5+ years? How many trillions in debt is the * administration going to leave us in?? It doesn’t bother you to think that your g.children’s g.children will still be paying for these wars and failing economy, 50 years from now??? WHY is that ok???? What’s more, the Republicans spent all those trillions killing other people, while our own citizens have lost their jobs, homes, health care, and necessities to simply live life. Destructive programs that have made us hated around the world, are fine, but programs geared to helping our own citizens are not. To me that’s a sign of some seriously flawed thinking.

Funny how tax paying Americans haven’t called a halt to the massive spending the Republicans have been guilty of over the last 8 years, but according to you, they will if the Democrats get into office?? Sorry, I just don’t think I get it, unless you mean, it’s more proper and OK to kill people than it is to help them.. Sad commentary if that’s what you’re saying…

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Yes the one who thinks he is the new God is in a melt down and it seems to be melting faster every day. Don’t really understand why Dems are having so much problems, it should be their year. But it looks like they chose the wrong person to be their canidate. But it is good for them maybe they will see that the far left is not where most of their members are and for sure not where the rest of America is. Maybe they will come back to the center as they use to be when they had respectable canidates, JFK and others. In fact if JFK was alive today he would be hated by the far left due to his policies.

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The truly committed Democrats would deny you even a vote on political issues.

An extremely strange comment, given that it’s the McCain campaign that won’t talk about the issues.

When it comes to the issues, what the candidates will do, rather than the People Magazine fluff about who they are perceived to be, THE GOP HAS BUPKIS, AND THE MCCAIN CAMPAIGN KNOWS THAT!

That’s why they’re afraid to debate the issues. That’s why instead all they’re doing is going down the same tired lane of culture war/identity politics.

It’s the same damn thing they’ve used since 1968. THEY OFFER NOTHING.

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Facinating. Despite all the brick heaving, there doesn’t seem to be one link to provide backup. Just raw, venomous opinion.

And for to person who wrote “this Bangladeshi’s vote will go for Obama”: If you are a Bangladeshi, you have no right to vote in our elections. That is a privilege reserved for people who reguard themselves as Americans, not Bangladeshi.

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When are we going to hear Ms Palin answer the media questions on the many concerns and issues that most Americans want to hear her reply to. Why is the GOP hiding Ms Palin and only allowing her to speak in a more controlled and script environment. It appears that both Mc Cain and Palin can make false statements and television ads about Obama then go unchallenged because they are not available to the television media to tell the truth. I guess lying is the way to go after all we the viewers are to believe that everything that is said is the truth on the Fox, ABC, etc. Forget about the days of news media being fair and balance. Not to mention why are the news media requesting that the presidential and vice presidential candidates focus on the issues like the increase in unemployment, failure of both Fannie May and Mack, bank failures, more peoples are losing medical insurance secondary to job lost. I sorry we are all going to have to pay more taxes to help those individuals who have lost jobs, homes, and families are breaking down from the stress of these issues facing the middle and lower class family. Until you have walked in these individuals shoes you really can not understand what they are going through. So I don’t want to hear that Obama is going to raise taxes, because Mc Cain will raise taxes on the middle and poor too, but not on the richest Americans. We must face the facts we will all have to be on board to help turn the this crazy situation around and solve some of the problems facing most Americans today (not Red, Blue, Purple, Grey America).

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Who knows if the Obama campaign had anything to do with the shouting or not. Perhaps it doesn’t even matter. But if people want to be concerned about dirty campaigning, I would be more concerned about things like this purposeful distortion of the facts by the McCain camp. We know the top people knew what was going on for that! mccain-palin_distorts_our_finding.html

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This is a misleading story. McCain didn’t find it to be tough without Palin; he found it tough to leave his protective media/GOP lies bubble and talk to real Americans. Too funny.

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I don’t understand how so many people can be fooled again. Bush has brought nothing but innocent lives lost looking for non-existent weapons of mass destruction,
lost jobs, lost homes,an exorbitant deficit. Bush-Palin will just be more of the same. They have already started out with one lie after another. Now they are using smear tactics so that they don’t have to talk about the real issues. They are crying that the media is unfair. It is totally fair that the person one heartbeat away from the presidency answer the tough questions. I want to see her on Meet the Press and other shows with integrity. How can people be in love with her without knowing if she can handle the job? The Republicans are slowly destroying the middle class and it is that very same middle class who are letting them do it by voting for them.

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I have heard that Alaskans have continually asked “Where is Sarah” when she worked from home instead of her office and no one could find her. Well, now we need to ask “Where is Sarah?” Why is she not conducting one interview after another so people can discern for themselves that she is ready to be vice president and one step away from the presidency? Why is she hiding?
Is she afraid of having a teleprompter. McCain is just using her to get women’s votes. Women are not as stupid as some men like McCain think. We want answers.

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I hope in the next few weeks the discussion will go deeper than Sarah Palin’s personal life or John McCain’s speaking abilities. It is fine to be impressed (or not) by Sarah Palin as a woman or John McCain as a war hero, but this election is not about one woman or man. This is about the core values of our leaders and America’s future. Sarah Palin’s and John McCain’s values are staunchly right-wing, Big Business. They openly (and rightly so since they are Republican candidates) support Republican attempts to dismantle public education, sex education, environmental science, diversity, international cooperation, economic opportunities for the working poor, universal healthcare and separation of church and state. Those of us who care deeply about these issues don’t care about gender, looks, pregnant kids or snippy remarks. We just know we don’t want John McCain or Sarah Palin to lead this country, and we will vote to prove it!

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How did it happen that John McCain had to face real people anyway?

Surely his spend. spend, spend Republican philosophy could have afforded to establish a perimeter around the area and prevent any association with real people who are allowed to voice their opinions…this is only the USA! (USA! USA!)

As for Palin, her inability to speak to the big bad media demonstrates her lack of preparedness to be a President. If she can’t face the media how will she be able to face al-Qaida?

Obama is not perfect either..why isn’t he calling the media to task on giving Palin such a big break? If she’s not prepared for the job interview (a campaign)–she’s not prepared for the real job.

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to cany: Obama’s tax plan is not based on number of children. That’s John McCain’s plan. Obama has said seniors with less than $50,000/yr will not pay tax, that persons making over $250,000 will pay increased taxes, and those making less than $250,000 will get reduced taxes. There are so many families in the country who have lost jobs and homes, they need a tax break. I trust Obama to do what he says he will do.

He has also said that taking the Bush tax breaks from the upper 5-10% will be enough to cover the tax breaks he intends to give to the other 90-95%.

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I’ve noticed that the crowds are not there to see McCain, the chants for him are barely audible.

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Come on! Whining about Obama supporters disrupting McCain’s event? Saying that it reflects poorly on Obama’s campaign? Get real! Did anybody see MSNBC’s Democratic convention coverage where you couldn’t hear the interviews with all the rowdy, obnoxious GOPs disrupting the broadcast incessantly? Good grief!

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How can electing a 72 year old man in declining mental health possibly benefit the US for the better? Regardless as to who wins, we may all be dragged kicking and screaming into a future of climate change and much lower energy use whether we like it or not, because we have collectively and arrogantly failed to plan for such realities. At least Obama offers the chance that we can navigate the coming shifts with a fair amount of wits and intellect about us. But the US today embraces, even revels in abject ignorance, and so is likely to favor the bling-bling of McCain’s purple hearts won for his POW status, as if this alone qualifies him for some high office (coming from the very same people who belittled John Kerry over the same in 2004). If America votes with the GOP, this country will get its’ just desserts, and they won’t taste good at all.

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I find myself wishing for a Republican party that was more like Reagan’s party. Reagan had class, wit and intellect and was not the divider that Bush junior and McCain are. A time before the right-wing “Christians” bought and bastardized the Republican party. My heart goes out to the moderate Republicans. It must be hard to look at your party now and see the circus show it has become.
On another note, you should also remember that Reagan was in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, and he was younger than McCain is now. You’re really rolling the dice on our countries future.

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iam offended that jane posted the idea that people chanting were thugs. if i recall, republicans shouted back. furthermore, the republicans said
obama was inexperienced, how does palin’s record of time in office qualify her to be anything? he chose her as an attempt to attract the female white voters who would have otherwise supported hilary. that McCain/Palin team is a joke.
by the way jane there are more white people on welfare than black. also, all black people are not thugs. you need to learn your history! everything black people are, they learned from white people. im not racist, i am just stating the facts.
blacks have never come into a country and stole land from people who already lived there.nor have they ever held people against their will forcing them to work for free, and while we are at it, it is by the hand of a white man that our children are dying for oil,on, oh yes, a country’s soil that again, does not belong to us.

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There are 22 Republican governors. All but four have served longer than Gov. Palin, and all but two govern states larger than Alaska (and that includes the other two female Republican governors, Rell and Lingle). Yet she’s the most qualified of the bunch?

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Typical of the Obama fascists. They did it to Hillary the whole primary season — showed up at her campaign rallys and heckled her, trying to drown her out. And an ObamaWhiner on a bulletin board had the never to call THAT “free speech.”

If free speech is trying to keep someone else from speaking, then Obama does not have my support.

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Doesn’t it seem like it is Sarah Palin who is running for President now? She has kind of swept McCain aside. I can hear her saying, “Get out of my way, old man!” She knows if she is elected, that she will be President within four years. She never had to get a vote through a Primary, or even campaign until two months before the election. She has just sort of waltzed in at the end and is reaching for the prize. And, she will do ANYTHING to grab it.

I find all of this really scary! It’s like the campaign has become “American Idol” where you are suppose to vote for your favorite personality.

This country is falling further behind everyday, economically, monetarily, and losing respect around the world. I honestly believe (a lot of my friends do too) that if McCain/Palin are elected that they will finish this country off. They will start another war, so that McCain can be a “War President” too. There will be a draft, and they will have to raise taxes on all of us to pay for it. They will continue to allow our government to be taken over by radical religious people who will impose their religious beliefs on everyone. Women will lose our right of Choice, and will no longer be in control of our bodies. They have even tried to say that birth control is a form of abortion. Higher education will only be for the rich.

In other words, if the Republicans win the White House again, this country will be in even bigger trouble! We are sliding down a really steep slope!

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Jane, You don’t have a clue as to whats going on in America.

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re: “Where is the respect? You won’t see that kind of behaviour by McCain’s supporters.”

If you want to talk about respect, let’s chat about the crass, deceptive smear videos the McCain campaign has been floating on the web almost constantly over the summer months. imo, These ads are the second-coming of Swift Boat nonsense, masterminded by Schmidt/Rove, with the clear intent of brainwashing the proverbial masses with seamy imagery.

In that light ask yourself if you want a president who endorses such polished media deception tactics in the wake of such media debacles as the WMD in Iraq adventure.

Then do a bit of Googling about McCain’s infamous temper, and ask yourself if you want that temperament in control of the world’s most lethal, nuclear-armed military.

Just food for thought for rational minds.

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You are the Boss…which team would you hire???

with America facing historic debt, mutiple war fronts,stubling health care, a weaken dollar, all-time high prision population,skyrocketing Federal spending,mortgage crises, bank foreclosures,etc. etc.,this is an unusually critical election year.


Occidental College- Two years
Columbia University- B.A politcal science with a specialization in international relations.

Havard- Juris Doctor (JD) Magna Cum Laude

& Biden:
University of Delaware-B.A. in History and B.A. in political science.
Syracuse University College of Law-Juris Doctor(J.D.)


United States Naval Academy- Class rank 894 of 899 (5th from the bottom)

Hawaii Pacific University- 1 semester
North Idaho College- 2 semesters general study
University of Idaho- 2 semesters journalism
Matanuska-Susitna College-1 semester
University of Idaho- 3 semesters- B.A. in journalism

Fishing and Hunting License

NOW, which team are you going to “hire”???

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Typical democrats. It’s sort of sad, really. So lost in their hate and their over-heated agi-prop that there is no anti-Republican smear … no hyperbole … no conspiracy theory too extreme to advocate.

Face facts, chumps. You’re losing. And the main reason why … is because of people like you. It’s actually quite amusing. So please, by all means, keep up the good work.

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In support of Obama, don’t forget who now is “advising” the McCain campaign, CARL ROVE. Didn’t you all notice that the tone of McCain has changed in the last two weeks. I think Palin had alot to do with that but I also believe that the Rove influence is there!

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“Where is the respect? You won’t see that kind of behaviour by McCain’s supporters”

There really isn’t enough irony in the world to begin to address this comment.

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Palin is the lipstick on the tired old McCain campaign, the cosmetic applied to make it look better.

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Obama supporters being rude!?! How dare they! Only Republicans are allowed to be rude and disruptive. Brooks Brothers Riot, anyone?

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You’re kidding, Jane. Really? The McCain people haven’t been rude? They openly mock Obama’s community service like it’s a bad thing, and that’s respectful? Dignified?

You support your candidate, that’s clear, but don’t play wounded party with your phony “Oh my, now I just can’t support Obama” nonsense.

People have a lot to be making noise about right now.

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Consevatism has failed America. The evidence is overwhelming.

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Barack Obama is correct as he keeps saying…all the Republicans have been talking about is trivia. PLEASE can we address the issues. And please remember…goverment by the people, for the people…(or we will perish from the earth!)

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Yes, since Pailen, Rove sounds very familiar. All of these comments favorable to Barack Obama are right on. See: education profile, Rove association, please read the comments. This is our country. If this keeps up we will be the laughing stock of the world.

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As a proud Pennsylvanian, I’m glad people, Democrats, are speaking up and voicing their outrage over Senator McCain’s sleazy, lying campaign. The Republican robots supporting McCain are just getting a pulse of America’s feelings about this country and their opportunistic presidential hopeful. It hurts when Democrats unite and stick it back at ya, doesn’t it?

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I cannot believe some of the comments regarding Obama not being vetted and having a melt down. Some of you repuglicans are delusional. Palin is on the scene for 5 seconds and all of a sudden white women are falling all over themselves with glee over a woman who no one knows. Obama has been campaigning for over 18 months so if you don’t know his positions by now then you never cared. Obama is the one that told the press that family especially children were off limits and no one in his campaign has gone against that. Palin is a figment of your imagination and it’s hilarious. It must really be nice to be white in Amerikkka

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its hard out there for mccain lol i guess his soul mate aint there

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hey ds, i am by no means rich. but if you did your research, the top 1% of pay 70% of the tax’s. and i think its something like the top 5% pay 97%. how much more can they tax them. obama just raising tax’s on the rich is a myth. they can’t pay 100% of the taxes. obama will raise all of our taxes. i don’t care about these stupid plans you posted. i care about facts. just because a candidate says he is gonna lower taxes for 95% of people doesn’t mean he is gonna do it. think before you write things. do research of facts not what a candidate that wants to get elected says. the rich pay enough. how about lowering everyone’s taxes even the rich and just cut spending on needless programs. you see thats the problem with you libs. i am not rich but i also don’t believe in the re-distribution of wealth. that is communism. i don’t believe i deserve somebody else’s money. if you want to be rich earn it like everyone else has had to. thats the great thing about this country is that you have the opportunities to do whatever you choose.

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Even his own Convention was disrupted with hecklers. Veteran Hecklers! Not Democrats…American Veterans and his quiet tactic was for the audience to shout USA USA..shouting USA AGAINST American Veterans is just what we need in our next President *sigh*

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Funny that McCain supporters are only upset about the chants of Obama supporters. Only proves the old adage that “It’s Okay If A Republic Does It, But Not If A Democrat Does It.”

Me, I think it’s funny as hell plus being incredible political theater – just the kind of energy we need to take the country out of the slagpit Bush/Cheney have pushed us into.

Too bad McCain hasn’t got the courage to stand up to his detractors. Probably because he feels like a schmuck for stealing Obama’s message but leaving all the content and meat behind.

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When Obama was interrupted by McCain suppoerts at a speech he said to them, ” Let me talk a minuite and then we will give you a mic and you can ask your questions and I will address your conerns ” they sat down and listened then ask their questions. Obama handeled the problem with ease and grace !

YOU SEE ! McCain can’t even handel a little problem like this!
How is he going to handel anything really important ?

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McCain WHO?

Now he’s going to be running on his OWN words.
He is bound by them.
So far, so good.
Like a Chinese Finger Puzzle.

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McCain needs Palin that’s for sure, but will a side show attraction be good for the election and as a VP? I think not.

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A few days ago I wrote that the original “Palin” plan was that after a few campaign stops the republican VP candidate would be shuffled back to Alaska for intense VP training and preparation to face Biden in the debate. However McCain hasd decided to keep Sarah by his side for at least a few more dog and pony shows.

The reason – she’s a celebrity and drawing big crowds!

In the pre-Palin environment it was always that Obama / Biden could announce a campaign stop and thousands would show up. While the joke was that for McCain the trick was to find a crowd and weasel in. Now with Palin on the ticket, McCain is actually starting to draw Obama sized crowds, however there is a significant difference!

Obama / Biden supporters show up in droves to hear the candidates speak about the issues that affect them. The new McCain crowd is more like those attending a sideshow more interested in seeing the bearded lady (Palin) than hearing the pitch from the old medicine peddler (McCain).

McCain’s Philadelphia experience seems to be bearing this out.

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When Sarah Palin looks at McCain she’s probably calculating how many days before he’ll bee too incapacitated to serve. McCain will need to expand government by hiring personal security (in addition to Secret Service) and probably a food taster to protect himself from Sarah Barracuda

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Man o man, what would happen if Palin wasn’t fairly attractive? How many Republicans show up Nov 4th then. Says a lot when people are judging VP candidates on looks. Thank goodness the majority of this blossoming support is coming from red states to begin with.

Oh and to the person who griped about their not being a better choice to vote for, how about Nader, or any of the other 3 3rd party candidates on most state’s ballots. Ron Paul won’t endorse McCain cause he knows he would be a terrible president. if you’re tired of the same 2 choices.

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It is our right as Americans to speak freely and to assemble. Obviously Jane (who wrote the first post)is a white woman who has never had to assemble or speak out / chant / demonstrate for any cause. The same type of person who mocks community organization like her idol McCain. I’m sick of the Republican Whining.

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It is time
for Obama to show righteous indignation and anger for the lies and distortions perpetated on the American voter…Clinton was one thing but Mccain and his running mate and these ads are another thing entirely!!!

We need people to be reminded that mccain was part of the RTC Keating 5, That his ‘WET START’ resulted in the deaths of 100 on the USS Forrestal..That the ‘maverick’ that was has sold his soul to the right wing religious nuts like Dobson with his running mate choice!

Then to be reminded that he has voted with Bush 90% of the time and we have a $403 Billion dollar debt as a result!

Then to be aware that his running mate has less econnomic experience than mccain, that she is in the pocket of Big Oil, that she is an earmark queen and the lower 48 have paid for her generousity to Alaskans, that she is excellent at sarcasm and does not care that she lies in the process. She makes rape victims pay for their rape kits, for Gods sake!!!


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So how does it feel outside the cone of silence?

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Enough! Enough I say! Shout from the rafters! Scream from your seats! Rude? What’s ruder than the direction these people have taken this country. ENOUGH! If we do not raise our voices in unison, if we do not drown out the likes of McCain and the distraction which he named as his VP, we are on course for another 4, even 8 years. Can you hold on that long for relief? If not, join me in a choir of dissention. When you hear more lies: ENOUGH. When you see any in the McCain camp trying to get there non-message out, scream, scream at the top of your lungs, ENOUGH, JOHN McCAIN. ENOUGH, JOHN McCAIN. ENOUGH, JOHN McCAIN. ENOUGH, JOHN McCAIN. For your lives depend upon it.

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The people will be heard! Once you remove the Trojan Moose from the rally, what do you have? An old man with old ideas that aren’t ready for the new century. Not even his own supporters really like him, that’s why nobody showed up to his rallies until the Alaskan Idol joined the ticket.


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dannyhilton – thank you. Your post is the second best post I’ve read in a long while.

Many thanks,

Kevin B

I’m saying it now: President Barack H. Obama, Jr., 2009 – 2017

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Thank God free speech is alive and well in America. The Republicans know nothing but hatred, bigotry, and divisiveness. We must speak out against them at every available opportunity, especially as they have done so much to limit our freedoms.

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Should we democrats just roll over and let you take our freedom of speech as well?

Never in my life have I been so embarrassed to be a woman AND an American, as I am now. Sarah P does not represent the average woman and John McCain does not support MY AMERICAN views.

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Obama supporters improper behavior ???? Try holding the McBush campaign responsible for their gutter style politics, and shameful pandering to the religious base.
Then talk to me about the american people being outraged and demonstrated their constitutional rights as Americans.

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I would love to hear new plans by McCain, or his camp (made up of Bush people) or perhaps her highness Queen Sarah would consider us important enough to respond to. explain how the McCain philosophy (does he have one or a plan) is any different than the last 8 years. What do they plan do do about the 47 million who don’t have health care, the banking crisis, the economy, energy besides drill drill drill which does not solve the problem, poverty, HIV, the horrible economy, loss of jobs, jobs going over seas, the US not having the edge in manufacturing and other industries anymore, and other huge issues facing our country

Read this and have an open mind of you are an undecided. These are scary true facts. McCain by the numbers.

John McCain by the Numbers

Am I a scared Democrat. Yep! And for good reason. Enough is enough.

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To the first commenter:

“Where is the respect? You won’t see that kind of behaviour by McCain’s supporters.”

Are you serious?

Really serious?

Cause just this week. John McCain put out an ad accusing Barack Obama of being a pedophile… Then he turned around and his supporters cried sexist.

Is that the kind of respect you are talking about?

Get real… John McCain events are John McCain supporters only. Filtered by aides and guards. They messed up this time.

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Jane, We all know what a “hippocrite” you are. Perhaps, you should “learn you” that the only people who brought their brood (oops, my bad.. kids) into this were Palin and Mccain and Rove and all the others like them. Their Kids are just fine as long as it works for them, so.. you “hippocrite”, please vote for them and then you will be the one dying in a shantytown aka thirdworld, wanting health and medical care when you are in your 60’s (if you are not already there).

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Nobody was chanting “Drill, baby, drill”?

Interestingly some of the anti-Obama posters leaving comments on this thread (Jane, can you hear me?)seem, by their constructs of written English, to be outsourced McCain supporters. What are you being paid?

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Tryptic – thanks so much. You’ve been so constructive in your criticism that I’ve changed my mind, decided not to say anything that could sound even remotely negative about John McCain and/or Sarah Palin, and I will now humbly sit and listen attentively for you and others to guide me in my pursuit for the American Dream.

I’m a so eternally grateful for your helpful prose. You must have spent a great deal of time constructing your thoughts. I think we all owe you a hearty, American THANK YOU! Come on, everyone, let’s thank Tryptic! Don’t hold back!! Give Tryptic what she/he deserves!!! Thank You, THANK YOU, THANKYOU!!!

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Excellent news for the McCain campaign. It must boil his blood realizing he’s playing second fiddle to a woman!

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That’s what happens when people have had enough of the McCain campaign’s lies, diversions and Rove politics. What do you expect when McCain hires the very same people who destroyed his candidacy in 2000? What’s changed when his campaign is operated by the same lobbyists and fear mongers who ran Bush’s?

We’ve seen the same stale tactics for 8 years now (longer if you count the Republican antics of the 90’s) and enough is definitely enough.

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Sen. Mccain is a COWARD when it comes to running for President, anyone can hide behind lies deceit and might I add a womens skirt tail !!!
America !! Vote for the truth this time for the sake of America !!!

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“Where is the respect? You won’t see that kind of behaviour by McCain’s supporters.”

Can you REALLY ask that? What of a convention of anger and bloodlust where “community service” is uttered like some vulgarity?

Where last time around you wore purple heart band-aids to demean a man’s service to his nation. (Something you think so inviolable any other time) when HE showed up to serve…unlike Bush who just popped in to the base to get his pic taken and teeth checked and Cheney who, “Had other priorities.”

Respect, indeed. Give some and you might actually get some in return.

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Let the Obama supporters drown out McCain for good…vote in November for Obama/Biden!!!!

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im a repulican,and for the first time ever i am not voting on the 08’election.i dooooooooooooooo not like palin,and really dont think mccains presidental material.
palin scares the crap out of me.she is just a power hungry big mouth women.who seems to have issues.i am scared of her becoming president,with no experience as far as forein affiars.and with a baby what dose she think shes quite funny.repulicans complained about hillary.well i think palins no difference then hillary.palins a joke i think.yikessssssssssss

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Should crime victims be made to pay for the cost of investigating those crimes? Mayor Palin seemed to think so – at least when that crime was rape:

Critics: Under Palin, Wasilla charged rape victims for exam y/52266.html

The same women who are so disaffected by the Clinton defeat are willing to excuse great sins on the part of McCain/Palin, and it can only be out of spite.

The fact is that Obama passed legislation to protect children from predators, Palin protects predators by forcing victims to pay for their own rape kits. McCain’s desire to have a debate about sexism is especially strange coming from a man who makes jokes about apes raping women, who claimed that Chelsea Clinton was so ugly because Janet Reno was her father, who is close friends with and the beneficiary of a man who thinks if rape is inevitable we should just sit back and enjoy it, who has used the ‘c’ word at his wife in front of reporters, and FINALLY who has voted against every issue that matters to women and children INCLUDING equal pay for equal work.

Vote McCain to spite the Democrats, and it will be your daughters you are stabbing in the back.

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To use another saying… On his own, McCain has so little to say about real solutions, that he has to “hide behind her dress.” His campaign–all mean symbolism and no substance–is right out of the Bush-Rove playbook. I don’t care what is said: You can put lipstick on Karl Rove, and we still see the pig. (No offense to actual pigs on actual farms).

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Where is the respect? You won’t see that kind of behaviour by McCain’s supporters.

– Posted by Jane

Jane you are right. You won’t see that kind of behavior by McShame’s supporters BECAUSE HE HAS SO VERY FEW OF THEM. He is a FRAUD and OPPORTUNIST and wants to win this election so bad that instead of putting ur country first, he has put himself first with lies and smear out the wazoo. Our welfare be da*ned! Just so he wins, he could care less about this country and the people in it!


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Jane, my dear .. surely you must know that every time you see a McCain bumper sticker it is on a pickup truck. There goes your theory of McCain supporters being oh so genteel..

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Is that what our country has become.

Obama’s supporters are all over the place rudely interupting events. It is a bad reflection on Obama and the new politics he promised.

It is just prove that Obama and his click should not get anywhere near any kind of power, if that is how they conduct themselves.

Where is the respect? You won’t see that kind of behaviour by McCain’s supporters.

– Posted by Jane


That’s right you won’t see that in the rich because they think they are better than the 95% of the country that McCain can care less about.

People have made the difference in this country by standing up in many ways to effect change. Salvary would never have been beaten if it were not for those kinds of people standing up and saying we are tired of it.

Women would not have the right to vote if it were not for people standing up to fight against those that did not feel is necessary to have the woman’s vote. So, you are right about that. However, it is too important to allow a lying, deceitful person to continue on without incident. I also see that there were “democrats for McCain,” in the crowd. See how passionate Dems are for either party? Get over it, smarty!

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Sexism, is it strictly linked to pigs and lipstick or can one perceive sexism when a male presidential candidate requires his female vice presidential running mate to ride on a plane for 8 hours and not permit her to even acknowledge the press riding on the plane with her; and disallows interviews with the candidate; and doesn’t permit unscripted speeches; and doesn’t permit her to travel without a band of former lobbyists now called campaign aides?

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Bush never heard any dissent and look how he turned out.

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This is the proof of the pudim….

McCain should let Sarah Palin run for President
put country first

this is the ultimate sacrifice ….
come on John , you chose her…. we know she is no good but you created this monster

you owe to us to let her become the number one in the Ticket


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WELL SAID ARIANNA ~ ffington/enough-why-obama-should-r_b_125 519.html

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Linda — I agree whole-heartedly with everything you have said. I also believe in God and am a liberal Democrat and therefore believe that we should take care of those who cannot take care of themselves. How many veterans and fought and sacrificed for this country and yet are homeless. The Republicans call help for the less fortunate entitlements — well, aren’t they at least entitled to a place to live and to know where their next meal will come from!! As to our vets coming home from their deployments — aren’t they entitled to good medical and mental health care for the sacrifices they and their families have made and the horrible things they have seen and had to do in the name of our country????

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Hey JANE! “Where is the respect? You won’t see that kind of behaviour by McCain’s supporters” That’s because they’re so hard to find. John and the self proclaimed dog with lipstick are fradulant LIARS. Even after they’ve been proven to be liars, they keep repeating the lies because ignorant people like you will believe it.

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Good that McCain is confronted for his lying and dirty campaigning. Let him answer for his decisions…instead of cutting and running away from his responsibility to answer for his terrible judgement, his womanizing, his crude campaigning, his dishonesty. Palin is next.

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I don’t think we can expect the old soldier to be a gracious loser. There will be a lot more whiney complaining from McCain and the Republicans as this campaign progresses.

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The Democrats make a big mistake. They try to justify their actions and explain their words. The Republicans don’t worry about those details. They lie, get caught out and, guess what, continue the lie. They don’t waste time with apologies, explanations or rationale. Suggest the Democrats learn from this. The goal for Obama supporters is to get Obama elected on November 4. Focus, work towards it, don’t be distracted and ignore the insinuations from the other side.

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McCain is afraid to face the public without his phony prop Palin by his side.
It’s gotta be killing him to know that a nobody from nowhere had totally eclipsed his boring old self.
He created a monster.

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This is delicious payback for all the crazy Republicans who interrupted Kerry’s speeches with their spitting and shouting and holding up flip flops. Can you tell that we’re mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore? Do you feel good now that the pit bull is back in Alaska that McCain has gone back to barely being able to fill a cafeteria? That he’s an empty suit with a trophy VP?

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power to the people! Obama has way more people on his side, and we SHOULD be doing this. The voices of many, isn’t that democracy?

McCain kinda leans on Palin these days. Rather sad.

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No body made palin baby fair game, but Palin herself! That child was tossed around from one person to another for political gain at that repug convention. She trotted her pregnant teen out their like a trophy, and try to make it sound like a good thing teens get pregnant. Don’t distort facts! This woman has problems like all normal parents, but not all parents want to be V.P and take away the needed work and attention parents need to give to these kind of children! Unless you have a special needs child, you can’t imagine the attention,physical therapy,Dr’s visits and confort this child needs. They cling to mom, very rarely dad. So she can’t just walk out of the V.P or even pehaps the Presendency if this down syndrone baby has siezures as he gets older, or when her teen is over welmed with a new baby and a husband who’s also a teen, who doesn’t even want a child in the first place(his words on the web of his). I have no problem with a v.p haveing children under a good senerio! Or a prez haveing children for that matter! But this is just way to much, way to many problems and in war time, and a possiblity of her becomeing president is scary indeed. Than we finaly get to her lack of foreign experience, unless you call russia close to alaska as experience. Palin is just to risky right now.

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Sarah Palin is a smoke and mirrors celebrity. John McCain is a suckerfish who has attached himself to her belly because he can’t make it to the White House on his own. A 72-year-old man has a 33.33% chance of dying before he reaches the age of 76. In other words, it is John McCain’s judgment that Sarah Pain is the most thoroughly qualified individual in the Republican Party to become president of the United States she he be elected and die during his first term! That is absolute insanity! Sarah Palin can’t even defend herself against the press. How is she going to defend our country against terrorists and or the Vlamir Putins of the world? John McCain’s political decision to select Ms. Palin as his running mate is an irresponsibly dangerous one that could end up in disaster for America? Why would anyone who puts America’s interests first choose Sarah Palin over every Republican Senator and Representative in congress? John McCain put himself and his Party first. America be damned!

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Democrats for McCain? That’s like Jews for Jesus … an oxymoron. How can anyone claiming to be a Democrat — the party that has traditionally represented the least privileged, suddenly become a booster of the most privileged? Like all those populist hand-lettered signs that showed up at RNC, I have no doubt that the bumper stickers, like everything else about McCain/Palin, is just another lie.

The frightening thing about all of this is the echo of Hitler’s observation that if one repeats a lie often enough — no matter how outrageous — the people will eventually believe it. McCain has forfeited any claim he may once have had to independence, outspokenness and honor. He’s just another pig in lipstick.

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hiding behind his mom’s skirt? mc cain is lost without his mommy

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Imagine a probable Vice President and possible President of the U.S.A modelling clothes in VOGUE!
God Forbid McCain should win. The U.S.A. will be torn by RIOTS!

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Many readers seem to be missing the point – Without Palin, McCain has very few supporters. On extreme conservative circles they’re already relishing his advanced age and health and saying it won’t be long before he’s gone and she’s in charge. I don’t know who to feel sorry for. McCain for being used by Palin’s religious right, or Palin for being used by McCain’s campaign.

In the end, though, both lose and Carl Rove, Dick Cheney and their millionarie Haliburton lobbyists are the ones who would win. I’ve had enough.

P.S. Did you see the Bush-appointed Dept. of Interior scandal of oil bribes, sex and drugs? The same people who brought you drill, baby, drill.

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Clearly, McCain’s ‘political stunt Barbie’ is the ONLY draw to this candidate. He’s now considering only campaigning together. This is a “desperation move”. The Obama camp will out-campaign them by double the exposure and everyone will see McCain’s sheer “impotence” as a Presidential candidate, who is being artificially propped up by a woman who’s become a serial liar and bad american joke.

People are waking up; people aren’t fooled by the McViagra version of McPappy – not fooled at all!

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John McCain has no integrity. He is a little slime ball who has one ambition left in life and that is to become President — no matter what it takes. He will say anything if he thinks it might get him in the White House. Country first? Give me a break!!

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I don’t blame the hecklers, who have just as much free speech as the candidates; as long as it stays non-violent, it’s cool.

And I can understand the hecklers’ frustration; just yesterday a news item appeared that said McCain had hired onto his campaign a dozen workers from the Bush White House–and he’s a maverick running on change??? Either he’s lost his mind or he thinks the American voters are idiots. And then he blames the press for reporting that “white man speak with forked tongue”. No wonder he gets heckled.

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I find this pricless – Sarah goes home and McPappy crumbles. Is this the man who views himself “qualified” to run this country? Being propped up by a woman whose checkered past is the fodder for tabloids? How sad, indeed!

So now we have McSame cancelling appearances without his “human prop” as well as participating in the same ‘sequestering” of himself so he doesn’t have to answer serious questions about his own lies (supporting the failed policies of George W. Bush 95% of the time). It doesn’t get any better than this, folks.

Palin is hiding out like a mushroom; now McSame is hiding out like the Frito Bandito! Only in america! Yessiree, only in America.

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McCain wants to split the country into parts to keep GOP rule. He wants rural against city, Black against White, women against men, pro-life against pro-choice, community organizers against…..??? Really what’s the slam against community organizers about? Wasn’t Martin Luther King Jr. one? So dumb….the GOP will learn the power of community organizers come Nov. 4., trust me.

No party is perfect, but the GOP have grown into a dangerous party controlled by the religious right and ran by Karl Rove. We will not survive another 4 years under their rule. Throw the bums out!!!

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Good Grief Jane, you ask where is the respect!

What respect has McCain and his team shown? They haven’t shown any to Obama. They haven’t shown any to the American voters.

They have hijacked this election and have reduced it to soundbites, talking points, distortions, and repetitive lies.

All this faux outrage is getting old. They bluster and pretend outrage at every turn. Their game is easy to spot. It is meant to deflect and inti midate,. Deflect people from really looking at this woman and the lies and inaccuracies and spin that are piling up daily and to intimidate people from looking into her background, experience, policies, philosophy, etc

Almost more than McCain’s policies, the actions of his campaign over the past month and especially the past week tells us what to expect if he’s elected.

Spin, Spin, Spin and outrage and bluster. They’ll spin every issue and be outraged and blame the “elite liberal press” every time they’re questioned on anything. We would be hearing a lot of “POW” and “That’s sexxist”

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The next headline we’ll read is this: Palin and McSame in hiding. McSame is 95% Bush;Palin is just another Bush.

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The double standard of this sexist charge/smear charge only trivializes the role of women in this country further and erodes all hope of women being taken seriously with equal pay for equal work. That the Republicans have done this is now patently and painfully obvious.

But what does the continuation of the accusation of “foul play” really do to each of us? It perpetuates this horrendous double standard.

Can you imagine Dick Cheney going into hiding or being told to “hide out” by Bush?

Can you imagine Obama telling Biden “he’s just not ready” to explain his statements and past history?

This is bordering on total absurdity, folks, and the fact that we continue to entertain this obvious “sideshow” is only aiding and abetting those who would distract us from the reality of the problems plaguing every american.

Do not be fooled by charlatans and downright quacks!

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This is an amazing and disheartening display of rank divisiveness among Americans, promulgated by the issue-free McCain-Palin camp (“divided we fail” indeed). I watched every speech at both the DNC and RNC, and carefully weighed substantive content versus unsubstantiated attacks delivered by the major speakers. DNC speakers won (by a landslide) on the issues, and the RNC won (by a landslide) on serving up bile, hatred, and attacks. I agree with the messages above concerning the basis for the Obama supporters as being not “rude” but rather, justifiable outrage. I’m a woman, and have supported my fellow women professionals—but would never support the self-proclaimed pit bull named Sarah. I am left wondering how we (as a country) have come to this point where we can’t even communicate.

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The picture that goes with the article shoudl read: “Hurry back Sarah — I really need you.:

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Anyone making less than $227,000 and still voting repubelickan, is just like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders.
It’s amazing how working GOPers(Gay Old Party, not that there’s anything wrong with that) are so easily manipulated by their corporate CEO leaders. How is their trickle down theory working for ya now? At some point you would think they would look up and see that the rain the GOP tells you is falling on your head, is just them standing on your shoulders and pissing.
Another thing to ask yourself might be …if McCain has such good judgement , why has he changed his mind on almost every major issue in the last few years? Was he wrong the first time?

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Just like the people outside McCain’s abysmal performance today, it’s now TIME for each and every one of us to say “ENOUGH”!

ENOUGH distraction by these con artists! ENOUGH time spent on pretending that some two-bit governor from a state whose population is less than Austin, Texas matters one iota!

Let’s force McSame to deal with the facts – his own voting record and his disgraceful rejection of rights for women as evidenced by his actions….his warmongering support for 100 year of war in Iraq and his hypocritical use of lobbyists throughout his campaign while criticizing lobbyists….this man is a pathological liar and it’s never been more clear.

Neat trick trying to DARVO everyone (deny, attack, and reverse victim and offender) – this is right out of Karl Rove’s playbook and something this administration has refined to a new art.

McCain IS DARVO! He’s trying to DARVO all of us and pretend that it somehow makes sense. It’s just like painting the rape victim somehow as the offender.

The Republicans are counting on our collective stupidity. Let’s show them that we’re more informed and smarter than they think. We can see through their transparency.

John McCain IS DARVO. His and Palin’s campaigns are being run by the Bush administration. McSame and Palin wil be 4 more years of George Bush and if this occurs, we will not recognize our country within this next presidency.

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Note that the supporters aren’t being told to go disrupt McCain’s rallies, they are just doing it. You can’t hold Obama accountable for them, nor can you hold hold him accountable for the media or the bloggers who have slammed Palin over the past two weeks. All Obama can do is come out against that type of behavior, which he has.

Once again, it’s time to get to the issues that McCain is obviously avoiding.

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I think of elections rather as a job applicant coming for an interview. As a prospective employer, I would be extremely wary of a person who gives me an application which, upon no more than a cursory review, shows glaring discrepancies and obvious fabrications. I would be even more suspicious if that applicant refused to clarify any questions regarding these discrepancies, instead telling me that I must hire her, basically sight unseen, or be accused of being sexist…How many employers would give this applicant the time of day, and how many would show her politely to the door? I guess we’ll see soon enough…

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It is not surprising…. McCain is boring
that is why he has chosen this pigcat to join his ticket

but he should sacrifice his pride for the sake of the love of his country : COUNTRY FIRST

we want Sarah Palin on the top of the ticket !
VP ??? who cares….

McCain should let Sarah run for President !
if he really loves his country

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So a few Obama supporters and McCain cuts and runs? I am sorry but he deserved it, after the LIES he has been throwing out! You know John, I really thought this campaign would be different, what with you making that speech about wanting to run a “respectable campaign”. So what happened? Did you cave into the pressure of the right wingers? You can’t claim your “Maverick” nickname anymore either! You are now a Bush-voting right wing, flip-flopper. Hey let’s name you “Flipper”… I think it fits!

Here is the truth…from

Less Than Honest
With its latest ad, released Sept. 10, the McCain-Palin campaign has altered our message in a fashion we consider less than honest. The ad strives to convey the message that said “completely false” attacks on Gov. Sarah Palin had come from Sen. Barack Obama. We said no such thing. We have yet to dispute any claim from the Obama campaign about Palin.

McCain claimed that Obama’s health care plan would “force small businesses to cut jobs” and would put “a bureaucrat … between you and your doctor.” In fact, the plan exempts small businesses, and those who have insurance now could keep the coverage they have.

McCain attacked Obama for voting for “corporate welfare” for oil companies. In fact, the bill Obama voted for raised taxes on oil companies by $300 million over 11 years while providing $5.8 billion in subsidies for renewable energy, energy efficiency and alternative fuels.

McCain said oil imports send “$700 billion a year to countries that don’t like us very much.” But the U.S. is on track to import a total of only $536 billion worth of oil at current prices, and close to a third of that comes from Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

He(McCain) promised to increase use of “wind, tide [and] solar” energy, though his actual energy plan contains no new money for renewable energy. He has said elsewhere that renewable sources won’t produce as much as people think.

He(McCain) called for “reducing government spending and getting rid of failed programs,” but as in the past failed to cite a single program that he would eliminate or reduce.

He(McCain) said Obama would “close” markets to trade. In fact, Obama, though he once said he wanted to “renegotiate” the North American Free Trade Agreement, now says he simply wants to try to strengthen environmental and labor provisions in it.

That is just the beginning! Read through the facts and see what you really know and what you were told!

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Oh, poor old McSame, having trouble w/o the pitbill by your side??? What an insult to pitbulls….

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Don’t buy into the hype people. Obama has had the electoral votes to lock up this presidency since the middle of the summer. Even with this media engineered “bounce” from McCain, Obama still has a decent lead in the polls on the electoral college (which exclude first time voters and cell-phone only users). Right now, people are intrigued by Palin, but in a week, no one is going to care about her or McCain once again. Also keep in mind that while all of this made up hoopla was going on, Obama’s campaign has been steadily adding to its GOTV arsenal, one that will put Bush’s 2004 campaign to shame. Obama is going to win in a landslide, just watch.

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McCain is afraid to face the public without his phony prop Palin by his side.
It’s gotta be killing him to know that a nobody from nowhere had totally eclipsed his boring old self.
He created a monster.

Boy he sure did, a cute little thing that is kicking your monster’s ass.

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So glad there are people who can se through the BS that is the McCain/Palin candidacy. I think more people are on to them than the media or the polls would suggest. I’m from the northeast so I can’t really get an unbiased feel for the national opinion outside of New England (except from the posts I read online and what the polls say, though I don’t believe the polls are acurate.) I would like to believe that your average American is smarter than the strategy of the McCain camp. Of course, I’m not naive, Bush got re-elected in 2004, baffling. Then again, Kerry is no Barack Obama. Just heard a great segment on NPR about how 7 yrs later after 9-11 we are worse off in the so called war on terror.

“If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention.”

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Seriously, if the press insists on transcribing Obama as saying “gonna”, then we need to see quotations of McCain saying “Warshington”.

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

Pamela: you say that Obama is nasty. Even if we accept what you say is true, yesterday alone Obama called Palin a “pig” and McCain stinky, while McCain said that Obama wanted to teach explicit sex education to kindergardeners (a bald-faced lie). Which is more nasty? Which makes your skin crawl more? Which reflects worse on the target of the attack?

Obama’s the nasty one? Really?

– Posted by Skippy

Actually, Skip, yes. You should do your research before posting. Obama did in fact say that s3x education should be taught to kindergarteners. It’s on tape. I and many others have heard it. Just like we have heard other things he has said on tape, or not said on tape, only to reverse his position later and not get challenged on it by his adoring fans in the PR branch of the lib party, I mean the media. Some examples are the surge, drilling, tax cuts. Any time you hear Obama start with, “As I’ve been saying,” or “As I said in the past,” I guarantee you will never find that thing that he claims to have said in the past and you’ll probably find records of him saying the opposite.

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I volunteered for Clinton in 1996 in Philadelphia – it was so booring – Dole didn’t even dare to come into the city. It shows that something is wrong with his campaign managment – attempting to get supporters in Philly is laughable. Anyway, those volunteers were probably hankering at a chance to get something accomplished.

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“Is this what our country has become?”

… Sadly, yes. And it is terrifying.

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John McCain disgusts me. Fox News the only network that is anti-Obama/Pro McCain is showing him in PA at the memorial site from 9-11. He should NOT be there signing autographs and smiling. This is a day of remembrance and not a political stunt for PA votes. I can believe he sunk this low because this has been his tactics over the past 3 months. Sad…he is riding the coat-tail of Sarah Palin. He couldn’t pull out any supporters in Philly. He looked pitiful. People are coming out to see her (HIS opening ACT) and it is sad because he is only using her to further his political path to the white house. He is the one to introduce sexism into this campaign by using her in this manner and I pray the women/people of America see this before it is too late. But I get the feeling women are only coming out because this is a historic moment and the dust will settle once the debates take place. BUT he actions today along w/ his wife Cindy DISGUST and OUTRAGE me. 9-11 is NOT a political event — it is a day of rememberance.

Posted by Sonya | Report as abusive


LIE: Sarah Palin said that she told Congress “Thanks but no thanks,” for the earmarks for Alaska’s “Bridge to Nowhere.”
TRUTH: As the Anchorage (Alaska) Daily News reported (Aug 31), “Palin was for the Bridge to Nowhere before she was against it.” Before she became governor, Congress removed the earmark language, but Alaska still kept the $223 million in Federal money to use on other projects. Palin later changed her position against the Bridge.

LIE: John McCain said Sarah Palin has “foreign policy experience” and added that “Alaska is right next to Russia.”
TRUTH: Palin has never been to Russia and has never made any policy decisions related to Russia, and as the Boston Globe reported on Sept 4th, Palin “ played no role in any territorial defense or other national defense.” The McCain Campaign has provided no proof of Palin’s foreign policy experience to the media.

LIE: In a new “Fact Check” ad released Sept 10th, the McCain Campaign says that called attacks against Sarah Palin as “completely false and misleading” and blamed Senator Obama for them.
TRUTH: says while the words were accurately quoted, they had nothing to do with Senator Obama. (  /mccain-palin_distorts_our_finding.html  )

LIE: At his Cedarburg, Wisconsin campaign rally, John McCain said Alaska’s plane was “sold on ebay at a profit.”
TRUTH: As Associated Press and other major media reported, the jet did not sell on Ebay, and instead was sold by a plane broker for $2.1 million, a $600,000 loss from the $2.7 million Ebay price.

LIE: In McCain’s acceptance speech, he said, “We will increase the use of wind, tide, solar and natural gas. We will encourage the development and use of flex fuel, hybrid and electric automobiles.”
TRUTH: According to, his actual energy plan contains zero dollars for renewable energy.

LIE: In McCain’s acceptance speech, he said, “We are going to stop sending $700 billion a year to countries that don’t like us very much.”
TRUTH: says that this year the U.S. is on track to import a total of $536 billion worth of oil at current prices, and about one-third of that comes from Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom. So, that leaves about $320 billion coming from adversaries.

See more McCain Campaign lies and exaggerations at,,

McCain will say anything to get votes, won’t he. He says he will reform Washington — do you believe that, too — but he’s had more than 25 years to do that.

He can’t be trusted to lead the nation

Posted by John Michael | Report as abusive

This makes you wonder, if he can’t get a crowd without her, what’s he going to do when he’s in the White House and wants the attention of his cabinet? Are they going to insist that the “babe” be in the room with them? Or what about when addressing Congress? Will the camera be on Palin or McC? I’m betting the babe will get the camera action.

Posted by Sally in Chicago | Report as abusive

while i agree it was distasteful for them to interrupt him, it does show that people are fed up with the same old garbage we’ve been fed for the last 8 years and want real change. everyone who is complaining tho better vote or their just as full of it as washington insiders are

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During Kerry’s campaign, Republicans came out and shouted at him while the Republicans would bar anyone who had sworn an oath to Bush from coming in to any appearances. Was there anyone who called that rude? Were they Republicans?

McCain has discarded his ethics, morals and integrity in plumbing the depths of low roads to high office.

Posted by Kal | Report as abusive

“Where is the respect? You won’t see that kind of behaviour by McCain’s supporters.”

BS, Jane. McCain supporters did the same thing at the DNC convention. Just because the media didn’t report it, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. And, since when was free speech not allowed in a public place. Get over it!

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McCain cheated on his disabled and devoted wife and mother to his children to run off with Cindy – much younger and rich. He called Cindy the c word and has humiliated her in public despite her also being the mother of his children. He makes jokes about rape and hides behind Palin’s skirt on the stump, scared to appear without her and standing behind her like a pimp.

Do you really think McCain respects Sarah Palin? Or any woman? McCain is simply using Palin for his own political ends. He is insulting American women by insinuating we are mindless sheep who will vote for any woman regardless of who she is or what she stands for. He put Palin in the position of being one heartbeat away from the Presidency despite the fact that she was not the most experienced potential vp pick. At a time when our very way of life is threatened, he, who claims to put country first, has thrown us under the bus to get into office.

McCain is a sexist who is laughing at you. McCain plans to bring this country further down. He has no plan for the economy. And you idiots think this is about a pig. McCain, and the world, is laughing at us. God bless America.

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someone mumbled: Where is the respect? You won’t see that kind of behaviour by McCain’s supporters.

Where is the respect your candidate and sidekick has shown to Obama? (Or more importantly, to the American people?)

Do you really want the WH to be occupied by liars? I know that’s a strong word, but after most every claim McC and Palin have been making has been discredited by every major news organization, and they keep repeating the lies, you’ve got to wonder. Shoot, they even lied about’s findings. Check it all out. (Bridge to nowhere, Alaskans paying rent for governor, lobbyists running campaign, lying about Obama’s education platform, tax platform, foreign policy, flip-flopping so much it’s too numerous to mention, distractions, distractions.). It’s sad, really what John McCain has become. Did I mention he hired Karl Rove? Who continues to “report” on Fox News? If you like George Bush, vote McCain – he’s even more radical.

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PREDICTION: As McCain is Bush’s doppelganger, and Rove is running the show again, we will see no one allowed in any “town halls” or rallies or anything else with McCain in front of a microphone – unless attendees been screened ala the George Bush 2000 election – remember those?

Posted by truthout | Report as abusive

“September 10th, 2008
5:24 pm GMT

All of your dribble could not be farther from the truth. You Liberals are destroying this nation with your Godless beliefs.
– Posted by Steve ”

Really Steve? Evangelicals have kept the Republican party in power for the last eight years. It seems the religious extremists are the ones destroying the nation. Are you better off than you were eight years ago?

Posted by Blackwell | Report as abusive

It is totally amazing that Sen. McCain cannot seem to function without his new mouthpiece, Gov. Palin. If I recall correctly, most presidential campaigns have been waged with the presidential candidate traveling through our country and the vice presidential candidate traveling throughout the country discussing the issues. They rarely did “tag team” campaigning. Do we not trust Gov. Palin’s lack of knowledge, Sen. McCain, or has she become your mouthpiece because you are a wimp?

Posted by Shari | Report as abusive

One commenter said: Is that what our country has become. Obama’s supporters are all over the place rudely interupting events. It is a bad reflection on Obama and the new politics he promised… Where is the respect? You won’t see that kind of behaviour by McCain’s supporters.

Are you kidding me? Look at the mud being thrown by the McCain Campaign.. anything to distract voters from the issues. Disgusting. You should be ashamed for supporting him.

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

Buisness Weekly just published a report showing that Obama’s tax plan was more favorable both for the US Treasury and for the tax payers.

Without Palin there people will have to pay attention to the Candidate and his plans- maybe that’s what they’re afraid of.

Posted by Nikki | Report as abusive

Wow we couldn’t have seen this one coming. Palin is a gimmick, the Republicans themselves have said it, and she is gonig to run out of steam.
Also we know sexist Johnny boy will very soon start getting annoyed that he needs a woman to carry his show. We will see his nasty side rise to the surface again soon.

Either way you can be sure that he has already contacted Palin and told her to turn around and come right back.

McCain/Palin = Election First, Country Last

Posted by Lori | Report as abusive

Outrage can be an effective campaign tool. But so can humor. Later in the day, Obama was onstage with David Letterman, trading quips.

“Let me ask you a question here,” Letterman said. “Have you ever actually put lipstick on a pig?”

“You know,” Obama said, as the audience laughed, “the answer would be no. But I think it might be fun to try.” na-campaign11-2008sep11,0,4703724.story

Posted by patriot76 | Report as abusive

I have been very torn about this election until now. I had hoped the republican party (for which I have voted a straight ticket for 30 years) would take a stand and deal with the issues of our country. I now see they only want to play games and smear not only the democrats but anyone who does not bow down to the Palin image whether republican, democrat, etc. I won’t do it. I do not respect a party that puts the tit for tat above the ecomony, the wellfair of our children and our country. I just saw for the first time the commercial the McCain camp is running regarding sex education against Obama. i am ashamed of you Mr. McCain. I have raised 3 children and they were taught about Aids and STDs in the first grade. You have been in congress for how many years? and you are just now realizing what is taught in our schools. How dare you act as this is a new revolation. My vote will be for Obama in November.

Posted by very disappointed | Report as abusive

so, by this logic (all obama supporters are rude, let’s not pay attention to the republican plants at the DNC)click instead of clique indicates that all those who oppose obama are ignorant at best.

Posted by linn | Report as abusive

What does Sarah Palin and ABC News have in common? A belief in censorship! But unlike Palin, ABC News gets away with it. Informative, legitimate posts that criticize McCain, Sarah Palin, or the Republican Party suddenly disappear. Not just one. Not just mine. But is it any wonder, I mean, guess who gets to interview Sarah–the Republican Party. Oops! I mean, ABC News. Sorry, I confused the two for a moment. And people wonder why Republicans win elections? Come on Democrats, let’s give them hell. Go to, find a relevant article, and post!

Posted by ziadora | Report as abusive

To Pamela: Obama was not refering to Palin as the pig. What he was refering to was McCain’s economics as being the same as Bush’s. No matter how you try to disguise it…it’s still the same as Bush’s. It’s a common phrase, McCain even used it. Move on.

Posted by Marie | Report as abusive

McCain is like a little kid hiding behind the mother’s skirt. I read from other blogs that JM will bring Palin in the first presidential debate to distract the media and make some kind of visual focus to her during the entire debate. If he will do this (I hope he will), he will be accused or branded like a “toddler with a blankie”.

Posted by stclaire for Obama08 | Report as abusive

Fascinating. I think Palin has become McCain’s security blanket. He’s boring, she’s exciting (if superficial and programmed like a rock ’em sock ’em robot)and so now the tail seems to be wagging the dog.

You can just about hear him ask, “where’s my mommy?”

Sad really.

Posted by Nikonicus | Report as abusive

McCain and his cronies talk about serving a cause greater then yourself but then belittle Obama for doing just that. Just so everyone understands, Barack went to work as a community organizer after recieving his bachelors degree when he was 23. He worked on the streets of Chicago helping those that needed help most. He did it for 3 years before being accepted at Harvard Law school where he ended up graduating top of his class and becoming the first black president of the Harvard Law review. He received his degree in CONSTITUTIONAL LAW!
After that instead of going to work for any Law firm he wanted, he went back to Chicago to help the people he had come to love. All of this before moving into politics.
On the other side of the ticket we have two people that only recieved bachelors degrees. McCain from Annapolis where he graduated 3 from the bottom of his class of 850 people. And Palin who went to 5 schools in 6 years to get a bachelors in Journalism. Oh and by the way, her major professor at the University of Idaho said he didn’t remember her, she didn’t leave any impact on him.
Why is it all the McCain camp can talk about is his Community organizing experience and nobody talks about his education? Why is it that we have stopped valuing an education in this country?

Please wake up people. We need people of integrity, intelligence and a true desire to serve and lead our country. Stop letting the media and the McCain campaign distract you with such obvious BS.

Posted by Tom, KS | Report as abusive

he really IS hiding behind her skirt.
can’t hold his own, how will he run
the country? scary.

Posted by dottie | Report as abusive


Posted by Honest Abe | Report as abusive

Is that what our country has become.

Obama’s supporters are all over the place rudely interupting events. It is a bad reflection on Obama and the new politics he promised.

It is just prove that Obama and his click should not get anywhere near any kind of power, if that is how they conduct themselves.

Where is the respect? You won’t see that kind of behaviour by McCain’s supporters.

– Posted by Jane

Your right, we are everywhere and we are growing in number each day. Jane, my friend, let’s not have a behavioral double standard shall we? Your party has practiced “rude” scorched earth politics for several years now. In fact, you all left rude behind and moved onto obnoxious, lying, arrogant, and win at any cost several years ago. Y’all did turn out to be much bigger whiners than I ever expected. You can throw a punch, but you sure don’t have the guts to take one. Maybe you should consider that in many cases to get respect, you must give it. And friend, you and your pathetic ilk haven’t given Democrats, but more importantly, America any respect for eight years.
And always remember Jane, proper grammer and correct spelling are your friends.

Posted by slamkitty | Report as abusive

I liked McCain very much in 2000 when he showed political and moral leadership when accused his own party of caving to the religious right. I would have voted for him had he been the nominee. In 2008 McCain wants to be president but he isn’t running for president. His campaign handlers are doing that and he is showing no moral leadership for the party or the country. His commercials and ads are the work of savage partisans and that is far worse than Obama supporters chanting at a campaign event.

Posted by Dotsie | Report as abusive

Regarding Jane’s posting about Senator Obama’s supporters chanting and being rude and why his “click” should not be anywhere near power, remember the McBush woman who, at one of his town hall meetings, called Senator Clinton a “BITCH” and he just chuckled? Or how McBush used the “Lipstick on a Pig” statement when talking about Senator Clinton.
And since Senator Obama doesn’t have an artificial knee that pops when he walks, I assume you meant “clique”.
What was the saying that Dan Ackroyd used in rebutting Jane Curtin?

Posted by Tom | Report as abusive

And there you have it. Palin’s support is one inch wide and five feet deep, and cuts and runs. New saying: It’s the head of the ticket, stupid.

Posted by gentlewomanfarmer | Report as abusive

If you can’t remember what this election is really about, here is a reminder. P0

Posted by Susan | Report as abusive

Pamela: you say that Obama is nasty. Even if we accept what you say is true, yesterday alone Obama called Palin a “pig” and McCain stinky, while McCain said that Obama wanted to teach explicit sex education to kindergardeners (a bald-faced lie). Which is more nasty? Which makes your skin crawl more? Which reflects worse on the target of the attack?

Obama’s the nasty one? Really?

– Posted by Skippy

Hey Reuters, running blocking for your man? If he’s so brilliant, why does he need your help? Take two:

Actually, Skip, yes. You should do your research before posting. Obama did in fact say that s3x education should be taught to kindergarteners. It’s on tape. I and many others have heard it. Just like we have heard other things he has said on tape, or not said on tape, only to reverse his position later and not get challenged on it by his adoring fans in the PR branch of the lib party, I mean the media. Some examples are the surge, drilling, tax cuts. Any time you hear Obama start with, “As I’ve been saying,” or “As I said in the past,” I guarantee you will never find that thing that he claims to have said in the past and you’ll probably find records of him saying the opposite.

Posted by Matt | Report as abusive

Boo hoo hoo. Poor McCain can’t draw a decent crowd without Palin. That’s saying something when no one wants to hear what you have to say without your VP running mate by your side. If your VP is more popular than you, then why would anyone want to vote for you for President? That speaks volumes.

Posted by Nikki | Report as abusive

“Is this what our country has become?”

… Sadly, yes. And it is terrifying.

– Posted by Carrington Ward

And Carrington my friend, the responsibility for it lies squarely on you and the rest of the nut case wing of the Republican Party. Terrifying? Welcome to the club all of us who love our country have been in for eight years.

Posted by slamkitty | Report as abusive

Jane posted:
“Is that what our country has become.
Obama’s supporters are all over the place rudely interupting events. It is a bad reflection on Obama and the new politics he promised.
It is just prove that Obama and his click should not get anywhere near any kind of power, if that is how they conduct themselves.
Where is the respect? You won’t see that kind of behaviour by McCain’s supporters.”

Yes this is what American has become. America has become the battleground that the GOP has turned it into with their lies, deception, slander and “me first, sc**w you, it’s ok for me to do it but an abomination against God and country when you do” attitude.

You ask “where’s the repect?” This coming from someone who supports McCain’s campaign after he has tried to paint his opponent as a child-molester? After McCain and Palen have both been caught in lie, after lie, after lie and they keep repeating them? McCain and Palen are campaigning on the hopes that Americans are stupid enough to believe them and their tabloid news propaganda, and you ask where’s the respect? You refer to Obama’s supporters as a “click” and you have the gall to ask “where’s the respect”?

Actually yes you will see that and worse behavior from McCain supporters or did you not watch the RNC broadcast on 5x times the channels the DNC was broadcast on?

Posted by StopLyingToTheUSA | Report as abusive


You probably DO have an alternative to Senators McCain and Obama: former representative Bob Barr is a credible candidate running on the Libertarian line in most states.

He has admitted he made a mistake being so rabid during the Clinton impeachment fiasco, and his genuine small-government conservatism is pretty much undeniable.

If the tenor of your comments is a good indication (“One wants a socialist government with cradle to grave entitlements”) you’re a small-government conservative, too. Give Barr a look.

Posted by Anandakos | Report as abusive

Jane: Respect? Really? From the party of disdain? Please, review McCain’s voting and personal history – Respect?! You as a women should be appalled by his record of lack of respect towards minorities and women -his Janet Reno-Chelsea Clinton “joke” is so disgusting, that that intself warrants nothing but discredit to what he appears to represent……Go Obama!!

Posted by St Valentine | Report as abusive

Where’s the video? I want to see the video.

Posted by jimbo | Report as abusive

Lipstick on a pig is not a gender specific phrase. It refers to dressing up a bad idea in a vain attempt to make it appealing. Obama (and McCain when he used the identical phrase in reference to Hillary’s health care plan) was not referring to Sarah Palin but the the emptiness and out right unfairness of the Republican Platform.

Posted by Kevin | Report as abusive

“Will the Real Saran Palin please stand up”

The Real Sarah Palin
This woman has a lot of baggage.. the world is now seeing the real Queen Palin.
-Hockey Granny/Mom, Family First.. what Family first ?
-bridge to nowhere defender
-Can’t control her house, what will happen to country.
She doesn’t know where her 17 year old was, its 9PM do you know where your daughter is?
-Abused public funds and takes daily DM when at home,
-travels around and takes her kids and get free tickets etc, etc for them
-The million $ question is how much big oil paid to have Palin w/ the Mcain tkt.
-She is opposed to a lot of his ideas,
-Under normal circumstance no candidate will chose a running mate w/ varying views from their’s .
-Sarah “ drill, drill” Palin, that seems to be the only word she can say these days
-Abused public office, troopergater.
-Corrupt Governor and passed out favors.
– Hates wildlife

Posted by Bo | Report as abusive



Posted by Taajq | Report as abusive

GREAT keep his feet to the fire.
It shows that this is totally a publicity stunt.
What depths we have sunk to to support this juvenile nonsense?
How come Todd isn’t at home all of the time taking care of the baby??? Maybe its a Sarah/Todd ticket??? He has already been using a secure line to make phone calls – where is this soap opera going to end ???
Perhaps Alaska is going to be billed for baby care too – maybe we, the taxpayer are going to have to stump up for all of this ??
Gawd help us.

Posted by Rosie | Report as abusive

ENOUGH! Katrina, four dollar gas, a trillion dollar war, rising unemployment, deregulated housing market, global warming…no more.

McSame won’t win! Obama/Biden in a landslide on election day! Tell your friends to vote.

Posted by Tef | Report as abusive

McCain is telling the truth and Obama melting down is prove that the truth hurts.

How noble is this smear campaign against Sarah and her children? The media refused to vet Obama, yet they are all over Sarah?

Biden thinks Sarah’s 4 month old baby is fair game and you accuse Republicans of dirty politics?

I thought the children of candidates were off limits.
Democrats are just acting like the hipocrites that we all know they are.

– Posted by Jane

Gosh Jane, why don’t you ask your candidate if children of candidates should be off limits? I guess he doesn’t think so since he hired the same people who in 2000 accused his daughter Bridget of being his illegitimate black child by a prostitute. Listen, as a former McCain2000 county chairwoman and a former Republican activist who left over the Bush campaign’s treatment of McCain in 2000. I have forgotten more about politics than you apparently know. Why don’t you educate yourself a little before you come here on your sanctimonious high horse? There is nothing noble about politics and if it is the truth it is not a smear campaign. Your party just pulls things out of their
arses and presents it as the truth. That you cannot see these things makes me wonder if you are really even paying attention.

Please not for future reference:
prove – proof
hipocrites – hypocrites

Posted by slamkitty | Report as abusive

Do you know why John pick Sarah instead of Mitt?

He is always John who had affair years ago from his wife. He is always John who can not stop his urge for a fresh meat. He met her once and gotcha!! you are my running mate.

He bet he thinks about Sarah any time he has sex with his wife? lol

Posted by Anderson | Report as abusive

We the people will not allow this country to remain in the hands of the Republican Party whish has initiated and are hastening the demise of our great nation, its democratic principles once revered by the rest of the world. Today we have become the laughing stock of the planet, as our motives for the cursion into Iraq have been laid bare for all to see, and the current president seen as little more than a buffoon. Yet McCain is making him look like Einstein.
Palin and McCain have taken off their gloves, so stop pretending they are not doing damage to the electorate, sowing seeds of fear and hatred. And if we the people don’t thwart their efforts to hijack this nation again, who will?

Posted by kadene | Report as abusive

Wish we had better choices.

– Posted by Steve

You have one. Move to Mexico.

Posted by slamkitty | Report as abusive

“Where is the respect? You won’t see that kind of behaviour by McCain’s supporters.
– Posted by Jane”

Are you high?

Posted by deeppeace | Report as abusive

what goes around, comes around. McCain has it coming for his worthless campaign of empty words, vacuous promises, and deceit. Shame on John McCain. And he considers himself a hero of the nation. Shame.

Posted by Tom_Joad | Report as abusive

McCain and co. have shot down their “experience” argument by bringing Palen onto the ticket, and now they have shot down their “celebrity” argument with the GOPs golden calf being the media darling and with photos emerging of McCain and his lobbyist campaign head Rick Davis boarding the private yacht of Anne Hathaway’s indicted con man ex-fiance while in exotic location.

Posted by StopLyingToTheUSA | Report as abusive

Socialist government? Do mean the one in Washington, led by failed economic policies that have a) led to the biggest bailout in American history – which mean that the US govenemnet now owns more mortgages than anyone else in the world? Socialized housing? If that’s not socialism, I don’t know what is.

Or are you referring to the Republican government who has essentially sold our treasury to the biggest and most repressive communist government in the world, the People’s Repubic of China, and the one we owe the most money to? Money that was borrowed so we could set up a Sharia government in Iraq — where religious law overrules government/civil law? John McCain has supported all of these policies. Who is the socialist here?

Posted by mara | Report as abusive

That’s what happens after 8 years of the propaganda machine. Perfectly staging their speeches and supporters is a typical 1984 tactic.

Watch out for Fox News reporting on it as a liberal riot.


Posted by Aviator | Report as abusive

get real. God bless Barack for having the stamina to put up with the most disgusting, zero integrity, morally bankrupt campaign I’ve seen in the last 53 years. His supporters however have had ENOUGH and we’re not taking this farce any longer. If sara palin can’t stand on her own 2 feet and face reporters, she has no business being in any public office. If she’s as tough as you think and is allowing herself to be just a scripted pawn, then she still has no business being in public office. If you think america is going to accept a VP on less information then we would ask in buying a household appliance, we’re not. She’s not an american idol contestant where we can just vote for a “soccer mom” that we like. If we’re that stupid as a country, then why go thru the farce at all of holding an election

Posted by dbailey | Report as abusive

Jane, the “diner” referenced in the article is open on two sides to the Reading Market in Philadelphia, which is jammed full of people every day. It’s almost like he was standing in front of the MTV studios in Times Square and trying to have a press conference.

If he wanted a safe and captive crowd, he should have done it at Geno’s.

Posted by Anthony | Report as abusive

[…] McCain finds it tough without Palin: Republican presidential candidate John McCain cut short his first public appearance without […]

Posted by Lipstick on Pig Tales &#8211; 9 &laquo; Harmonic Guru | Report as abusive


Children are off limits – until the mother puts out a PRESS RELEASE on her pregnant child and her boyfriend. Understand? A PRESS RELEASE. If you wanted to keep the matter private…don’t put out a PRESS RELEASE!!!

Posted by Sean | Report as abusive

I think that although all Americans have the right to free speech, if you are going to another candidates speech you should listen to what he has to say and not interrupt. I was raised that interrupting is rude!! Also, as an independent voter, I read up on both candidates proposals online and I have no choice other than to vote for McCain. Mr Obama has on his website a marxist economic policy. Before everyone yells at me, just go online and read it, and the read what marxists teach. I also talked to economics majors before I make my decision. Having lived overseas, McCain will be more beneficial to the middle class than Barack Obama. I also see that the economy hear is better than anywhere else in the world. I have lived in a country with universal healthcare and shudder to think about it coming to the US. I have actually experienced this.

Posted by Mary Ellen | Report as abusive

Respect? Where is the respect from McCain and Palin, when they lie to the american people? Where is the respect when they refuse to talk about the issues that are affecting this country? Republicans want to be treated special, but don’t think they need to treat anyone else with respect.Putting their campaign before country is really respectful. Give me a break.

Posted by Json | Report as abusive

Why are people talking about McCain as if he was a factor? He is 72 and obsolete. It is the First Dude you need to fear. The First Dude is the person copied on those 1,100 e-mails that the Palin administration won’t release to the press. Do you honestly think that Palin is the boss? Check out the first Dude. He may become the de facto Commander in Chief.

Baby Boomer in DC

Posted by Rosalind Tayor | Report as abusive

I do believe that it would be best to leave Senator Obama’s name out of it. Just chanting “enough” would get the message across. And the chant John McCain should be followed with a resounding, chant of… Just Like Bush!

As far as anyone challenging respect, it is important to keep in mind all of the Bush supporters that interupted the Kerry campaign stops in the last election and those who interupt the Obama campaign stops. (People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones).

Oh yes, one last thing comment on respect…Wasn’t it nice the way Sarah Palin thanked Senator Obama for standing up for the privacy of her family during the Republican Convention?….Oh wait! She was too busy making fun of the fact that he spent his early years lifting people up, helping to build strong communities, working with churches, and keeping kids off the streets.

Posted by Karen | Report as abusive

I’m done with the Republicans, too. They’ve been nickel-and-diming our armed forces and our veterans, too. They tried to cut $900 million out of the VA budget two years ago, and they would have done it if the Democrats hadn’t shamed them into ponying up. President Bush ordered means-testing for disabled vets, and now I can’t even be seen at a VA hospital for my disability because I make over $37K. Funny — that’s not what the Army promised me when I enlisted.

And now McCain wants to tax me on health benefits I get from my employer? Nothing doing, Senator McCain. You may have been a POW, but you’re no friend to the military, you’re no friend to disabled vets and you’re no friend to working stiffs like me.

McCain can’t win this election on the issues and he knows it.

Posted by Disabled US Army Veteran | Report as abusive

I just want to add my two cents; how is McCain now handling the attention being taken from him and unto his running mate now that she has gone to attend to family duties….. Do you think this will sit with him in a positive light — concerning, We the People, are not fawning over him?

– Posted by Connie

It has been eight years since I had anything to do with a McCain campaign, but I could guess that this and having to kiss the rings of so many of the Christian Right that he can’t stand is driving him crazy. Did you know that McCain traveled with the Dole Presidential campaign and they pulled him because he was more exciting than Dole? Now that was a pitiful campaign.

Posted by slamkitty | Report as abusive

TO all the conservative Christian women out there that loath Senator O’Bama, the guy who’s worried about protecting your children from predators…women who are raising concerns that he is a sexist… you need to review the comments that John McCain publicly made at a Republican gathering regarding the beauty of Chelsea Clinton with crude reference to Janet Reno and Bill Clinton… or the rape joke involving a gorilla…the Hillary ‘bitch’ remark during a town hall event… that McCain didn’t defuse while people clapped… as Catholics… my wife and I would never think that this was funny. Attending a Catholic school system in the late 60’s and early 70’s… they never taught us that… maybe that’s why we never had to be reborn! Where did all this hatred come from?

Posted by rafunge | Report as abusive

It is time people got rude and mad at the republicans, it should of happened long ago, like 4 years ago, Bush and Cheney should have been impeached, yes get mad and stay mad as hell, look what they have done to our beloved America, look what they have done to our education, health care, economy, like where your living? well if you have a home then for how long, thousands are living on the streets, in cars,we are less safe now then we were before 9/11, we are not even protected against hot peppers from the other side of the border, the FDA is laughable, our ports are unsafe and people want to elect 4 more years of this, we will not survive if Mccain gets in there as all he can talk about , drill drill or bomb bomb, wake up America we need to CHANGE and do it fast or we will not survive as a society. We have got to fix America and fix it now, we can’t take another 4 years of Bush/McCain. Bush makes jokes about WMD’s , McCain makes jokes about bombing Iran, watch the youtube video about what happens if we bomb Iran, the expert says, OK bomb Iran, now choose what city you want taken out in the US, yes an entire city, you choose, Seattle, New York, come’on, choose pick your city, because it will happen, so prepare yourself, the Bush administration will not tell you, but you will lose an entire city, so pick it, go ahead pick!!!
So elect Mccain and this is what we will have or not!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Jules | Report as abusive

No, McCain supports have just called him the Messiah, the anti-christ, questions what we will call the “white” house if Obama is elected, said he’s not black enough, said he’s exotic, celebrity, and so on. Yah McCain’s supporters are true Americans. Idiots.

Posted by Patrick | Report as abusive

Well we see how John McCain is without Palin, and now we see it was all about politics,wake up people.

Posted by John | Report as abusive

I was at the reading terminal yesterday and where senator Mccain was giving his “stump” speech. You better believe that this is a progressive city and solid OBAMA territory. We will not stand for lying, controversy, false stump speeches and karl rove tactics. WE WILL NOT.
if he ever, ever campaigns here again you better believe we’ll be out there exposing HIM for the fraud that he is.

Obama Biden 2008.

Posted by Philly Voter for OBAMA | Report as abusive

I love how the “Christians” are supporting the candidate who left his 1st wife after she was CRIPPLED in a horrible accident. And yet the black man who’s articulate, respectful, with a beautiful family, married ONCE, with a great faith in God that he is NOT AFRAID to talk about, is the scarey one? Racists.

Posted by Patrick | Report as abusive

Republicans are hypocrites. It is ok for McCain to make the same lipstick on a pig remark about Hillary’s policy, where is the outrage over that? The republicans are screaming that everyone is being to hard on Sarah Palin and she should be treated with “deference” Are you kidding me? Did Condoleeza Rice ask the world leaders to treat her with “deference”? No, because like her or not, she earned the respect by the work she put in and the experience she gathered.It just proves that Palin is not ready to be V.P., because a woman who was ready would know that when you are in a high up position in politics, then you are under the spotlight and opened to questioning, and not to tell lies or they will be found out.

Posted by Jason | Report as abusive

Stay on script people, do not do personnal attacks, it is about truth and issues, if you attack someone then we are no better then McCain, as Obama says, ego and drama have no place in the campaign, remember who we are fighting for , Americans!

Posted by Jules | Report as abusive

Actually, Skip, yes. You should do your research before posting. Obama did in fact say that s3x education should be taught to kindergarteners. It’s on tape. I and many others have heard it. Just like we have heard other things he has said on tape, or not said on tape, only to reverse his position later and not get challenged on it by his adoring fans in the PR branch of the lib party, I mean the media. Some examples are the surge, drilling, tax cuts. Any time you hear Obama start with, “As I’ve been saying,” or “As I said in the past,” I guarantee you will never find that thing that he claims to have said in the past and you’ll probably find records of him saying the opposite.

– Posted by Matt

Actually Matt, he wasn’t referring to sex education but a program that teaches children in an age appropriate way about sexual abuse and how to properly handle the situation. You Republican pranksters just love to edit and take things out of context….and what is the deal with all of you wingers and sex? The whole country is going to hell in a handbasket and y’all are still obsessing on everything sexual. By the way, this liberal’s kids go to a Christian school where they both went through the above mentioned program in guidance. Why do Republicans want our children not to understand what to do if they are molested by an adult? I could assume or presume, my friend Matt, but only Republicans play that game. When you’ve got some truth for me come back and we’ll play some more.

Posted by slamkitty | Report as abusive

In response to Jane, I’d like to say what comes around goes around. In 2004 I lived in Columbus Ohio and attended a John Kerry rally on The Ohio State campus. While several thousand showed up to hear Kerry talk about the issues at hand, there were at least two or three hundred there carrying Bush paraphrealia, and loudly chanting things like “4 more years” and “flip-flop, flip-flop” and the ubiquitous “USA,USA” (as if the republicans are the only ones with a claim to our great nation).

While I think that the Obama supporters in this case in Philly were not acting in the classiest fashion by effectively injecting static into McCain’s time, their static doesn’t compare to the static that the McCain campaign has injected into the campaign on the whole. While Obama-Biden try to talk about the issues facing the country, the McCain campaign is busy talking about lipstick, lying about their connections to lobbyists, falsifying their records on earmarks, lying about Obama’s tax policy, and running slanderous ads about the legislation Obama voted for that was geared to protect children from sexual predators. Go ahead and fact check this stuff. The educated voter who takes the time to look into these things knows that McCain-Palin can’t win on issues so they are running on distractions and falshoods. It is the McCain campaign that is showing a true lack of class by trying to filibuster their way to November because they have no concrete solutions to discuss.

Posted by Shawn | Report as abusive

Well all of us are playing guys are talking about Obama and his supporters being about a white woman quietly protesting a the rnc and was beaten by our own law enforcement officers…where is the respect in have we become a society that cannot say what is on our minds…

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McCain supporters may or may not show up at an Obama rally and shout their support for the other candidate. But, what is disrespectful is the blatant lies being put out in the media by the McCain campaign. Lies about their own records. What happened to letting people make decisions based on facts? Kind of hard to do when they’re dishing up lies on the Republican side. We keep hearing that the McCain/Palin ticket is different than the Bush administration. If this is so, why are the Bush campaign strategists the ones crafting this campaign and speeches for them???

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Yes, to bring real change, when this country has been run by rich white guys for the past 8 years, we should elect another rich white guy. Sure, I buy that.

McCain offers no new solutions, no vision, no energy at a time when we need it most. The presidency requires the ability to inspire all of us to take on the challenges we face, a vision of what we could be. McCain may be a satisfactory bureaucrat, but he’s just another anti-intellectual with no political will to bring real change. He’s fine for the 60+ crowd, but for the rest of us, we need something more.

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very disappointed I could not agree with you more. All the BLATANT LIES and ROTTEN SMEARS that McBush has spewed seem to be backfiring! McSame is a DECEITFUL FRAUD, OPPORTUNIST and a very “LITTLE MAN” with a Napolean complex who needs to do nasty things in order to feel good about himself. These types of LITTLE MEN have to constantly prove themselves as macho so that people will not notice their size. He is not the “honorable POW” he wants us to think he is. He has only used that status to get through so many doors in life, but not this time. I can’t help but believe that people are finally beginnning to see through this hideous charade of distraction. Thank God, he will NEVER again be able to run for POTUS since this will be his second loss and he will either be dead or way too old to even think about it! As far as I am concerned, HE is the PIG IN LIPSTICK!

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Absolutely, it’s time people raised their voices against the GOP. There will be a time to return to cool and collected, but unfortunately the Republicans have shown exactly what kind of people they are. They’ve systematically undermined our free society for years, all the while paying lip service to fiscal restraint and small government ideals. I think most Americans would LOVE to see the day when a Republican comes to the table and engages in HONEST debate over the issues. (Jeff Flake where are you??) Until then, they deserve to be nowhere near the seats of power.

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Historically when someone went to fight in a war the elderly and women and children were left behind. Let’s leave elderly McCain and Palin behind and win this election with Obama/Biden.

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Who out there thinks that Obama hasn’t been vetted or runover by the media in his time running for President? Really? Here’s a list of issues that Obama has countered during endless news cycles…and this is just off the top of my head and I don’t even have TV: Rezko, Weather Underground, “madrassa” school, bitter and angry, his wife’s comment on being proud, lipstick on a pig, Hillary being “nice enough”, The New Yorker cover, and Rev. Wright. That’s nine major media items that covered months of his campaign. Off the top of my head I think McCain has been hammered on: number of houses, his wife’s tax returns, his health record…and nothing else I can pop off right away. Nothing about Keating, nothing about his personal life, generally very little. My point is this: both Obama and McCain have been through the media firestorm and now it’s Palin’s turn. It’s not sexist. It’s what we do….

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I’m pretty sure voicing your opinion at a public event is the constitutional definition of free speech, not the abolishment of it. If Senator McCain was concerned that non-supporters would shout down his speech, he should have held it in a more controlled environment.

Referring to citizens exercising their right to peacfully protest (yes, chants ARE peaceful) as ‘rude’ is the sort of arguement I can only assume King George used as justification for the Revolutionary War.

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As an Obama supporter in Denver, I spoke to many McCain supporters who were demonstrating outside the DNC. I told them, while I disagreed with their choice of candidate, I appreciated their commitment to their first amendment rights and their courage in standing up for them.

Jane clearly has a different interpretation of those rights. I’m sticking with Obama.

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To those of you geniuses who are accusing Obama supporters of being “anti-free speech” (GOPig plants, of course): Better read up on the RNC, i.e. what happened *outide* the convention center. Large squads of gun-wielding SWAT teams raided homes in Minneapolis/St. Paul and detained and arrested the occupants for … planning a demonstration. They are so desperately afraid of their opponents’ message that they send in their jack-booted thugs to arrest people whose biggest “crime” is to plan to engage in free speech protected by the First Amendment. The obvious result is a chilling effect on others who’d planned to protest. This is entirely consistent with Bush/Cheney policy, and has been going on for years, but was taken to new lows with these pre-emptive arrests based on fabricated charges.

Obama is right: All you Palin for fürher supporters (yes, Palin — McCain is all but irrelevant and has been the entire campaign) can do is create phony controversies and tempests in teapots, because if you ever honestly set forth your proposals on how to deal with the many challenges our nation faces, you’d get about 20% of the vote — the ultra-wealthy and brainwashed religious fruitcakes.

Also, the GOPig plants who claim Obama supports a welfare state, think again (if you are able to think at all): Bush/Cheney/McSame/Lipstick spend much more on welfare than any Dem would to support investment banks, oil companies, arms merchants, insurance companies, etc. Socialism for the wealthy and corporations, “you’re on your own” capitalism for everyone else, that’s the GOPig policy.

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President Obama said in one of the articles – “Enough,” Obama declared yesterday while campaigning in Norfolk, Va. “I don’t care what they say about me. But I love this country too much to let them take over another election with lies and phony outrage and Swift boat politics. Enough is enough.”

“Vote for the man with a Plan.” President Obama 2008.

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McOld’s campaign is using Karl Rove and his politics of smear and distraction as there theme since he cannot win on the issues..

(Its the economy stupid)

The first post on this thread smells to me like a GOP operative spreading the usual disinformaton hypocrisy and lies… o

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That’s right — you won’t see this behavior from McCain supporters! Instead, they prefer to cast lies and distorted truths from the shadows, where no one can see them, so that they are taken as truth!

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People need to remember one thing: If a Republican’s lips are moving, he is lying. They apparently can’t help it, and why should they stop–there are no consequences….V

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It is ashame that the folks gathered to listen to a democratic presentation were hijacked by tyranny.

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unfortunately, john mccain has nothing meaningful to say and nobody is interested in him without his palin puppet.

barack obama and joe biden are addressing the concerns of a majority of americans: health care coverage, creating more jobs, and cutting taxes on the middle class. all mccain is doing is making a fool out of himself.

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“Jane”? Yeah, whatever, RNC plant.

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Senator John MCcain from observation and judgement is a smart politician, but he seem to be deceiving the America audiance as he take to advantage, those word he interprets and (or) hears out of context.
Sadly, he is demonstrating that he can declear war on another country without proper investigation. And he seem too desperate for power. As a Republican he attacked being a celebrity while he admires being one. He accept teenage pregnacy, one party system, and war as a consavative Christain but does not seem to embrace the teaching of forgiveness and re institution, as one of the pillars of Christanity.
Certainly, he has experience, but that will lead the world into a cold war against Russia as he alway mentions Late Ronald Reagan, as his mentor but does not think about the implication of emerging Europe, China, and oil. He will further criple the world economy because some of his antics being demonstrated in this campaign, may not be tolorated by NATO knowing the implication of production powered with Russian gas, against their Economies. So America should be wise come this election. Paulin, certainly will be checked from day one by his rich wife, who would not want to be overshadowed before American women. As Republicans celebrates, independents should realise that the Combination of Medvedev, and Putin is the backup of focus towards the new world challenges and requires energy and not instructions. Paulin cannot step into these shoes. America is too important to come amused, thereafter.

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No one can control the actions and behavior of another – there are ude McCain supporters as well. What we can control is who we put in office. Sarah Palin is anti-everything positive and a throw back to the dark ages – anti-abortion, anti-equal pay, anti-environment; she made budget cuts in Alaska that benefits kids and the disabled. She is just an ignorant diversionary tactic. McCain can’t do anything without her. He looks like an old coot with a young hooker when he holds her hand. NOT PRESIDENTIAL MATERIAL!!! Shame on him for selling himself out. With Lieberman on the ticket he might have had a chance to look presidential, if not be the president. But he sold out to the redical right and proved that he is just another political toy!

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Maybe “small crowds” is a cover story for why John and Sarah REALLY want to campaign together. Should Cindy be worried?

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McCain is a spineless whimp, a shell of the former Maverick and war hero. It would foolish to elect him based on 30-40 year old history while ignoring his conduct and effectiveness during the past 2 years.

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Folks might want to check out the new Enquirer post on Palin. Looks like she is going to get slow cooked, just like that upstanding fella John Edwards.

Hey, McCain, nice vetting job. Just what I want in a person aspiring to carry the nuclear football–someone who likes to make snap decisions based on gut hunches not facts, because they lack the work ethic or attention span to do the job properly, or worse, don’t care about any consequences other than personal gratification through winning the election.

Come to think of it, isn’t this all consistent with McCain’s bottom of class graduation, carousing, and abandoning wife and kids for heiress hottie?

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Obama supporters chant “Obama, Obama, Obama”

McCain supporters chant “USA, USA, USA”

That says it all.

– Posted by PHP87

No … McCain supporters shout “Sarah, Sarah, Sarah” … because they don’t even like their own candidate.

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reply to Jane….

sorry Jane that the chatting for “Obama, Obama, Obam” at McCains stop rattled your nerves – its called a democracy.

McCain is a carry-over of George W. Bush and reserves the same lack of intellect or curiosity. Hence, McCain and Pain stick to the GOP talking pts. without offering solutions.

Now, put down your spot of tea and your bon-bons and go out and do something constructive (accept criticize) to make this a better world.

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Do we need anymore proof what a joke the GOP campaign is?
Are they kidding? They’re all excited about the potential VP, yet not all that excited about the actual candidate. I watched CNN last night when Sarah Palin arrived back in Alaska and the crownd was chanting “Sarah, Sarah, Sarah”, the GOP announcer then directed the stepford citizens to change the chant to McCain. PATHETIC. They can’t even think for themselves.

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That’s funny, I don’t recall reading this REAL FACTUAL NEWS over on Fox Network. Oh, that’s right, they’re a Republican propaganda network. my bad….

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I will say Sarah Palin has taken the attention away from McCain. It is as if Obama was running against Palin and not John McCain.

Something else that I have noticed:
Palin loves the attention, you can tell at the way she smiles as people clap and yell for her. (I hope it does not go to her head)
Pailin’s charisma and her small town persona make her an intriguing candidate. However, I have caught her lying over issues like the bridge to nowhere, which she originally supported and praised the politicians for; she has taken a lot of money from Washington and she took the money for the bridge even though she never built one.
I will admit she is an effective speaker and a hard worker but I do not want someone so dishonest who pretends to be a reformer to sit in the most important office in the nation. She symbolizes another Bush Presidency, especially if McCain passes away.

I have come to realize that Obama and Biden are the best bet for progress. Obama and Biden are a dynamic team of hardworking Americans who know how to work from the bottom up, they are who I want in the White House.
Obama made a good point when he said that we could find compromises between the Republicans, Democrats. We might not agree on some social issues but we can find common ground. We might not agree on the war but we all care about our troops and the families that wait for them to return home.
I feel that Obama knows the plights of education and is a great example that hard work and a good education can take you places. He carries with him a strong foundation true to American ideals. Every step has been earned and he will be a great President for the United States.

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Somebody has got to stop McCain from spouting lies all the time. Glad these people stepped up to the task. Too bad the mainstream media continues to give McCain a pass.

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shame on those protesters, being rude to a sick old fascist who can’t wait to start another war.

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McCain couldn’t even control his own ‘supporters’ during his acceptance speech at the RNC, he can’t possibly keep the attention of an audience that is not hand picked by his campaign. I think the shouts of protest are a waste of time and probably rude but hey – this is America. I wish the right wingers who claim to be so patriotic would think more about real American values. Family values are not unique to America – believe it or not ‘foreigners’ love their families too! But the values that are unique to Americans – freedom and tolerance don’t seem to be valued by those right wing patriots.

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Jane –

You fail to remember that the Republican’s (including supporters of McCain) are the ones lying and using false smear tactics in order to undermine the Democratic process. What the McCain supporters do is much, MUCH worse.

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“Do you know why Chelsea Clinton is so ugly? Because Janet Reno is her father.”

-John McCain 1998

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Hey Fellow Obama Supporters! Stop arguing with sleeping people. Who cares if they support McCain and perpetuate the lies? You help them by aknowledging them. Please stop wasting your energy by getting distracted by lower thinking people. We know they are idiots and I know how frustrating it is when you really care and want them to “see the light.” You can’t make somebody see no matter how hard you try. They’ll see it on their own, or not, it has nothing to do with us. We have a true leader that is moving this country forward in a positive direction. Stay on course folks, keep faith and hope alive, and forget about the petty distractions.
One Love Baby!!!

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I am so proud of the people in Ohio who tried to shut up the stream of lies coming out of John McCain’s mouth in a great state that has felt the pain of lost jobs, lost homes, and unavailable health care. We must make sure that McCain’s Bush economic policies of continuing the same tax breaks for the rich and Big Oil and the Middle Class is on its own “trickle down” absurdity loses in November. He has no real plan to help the working class people in this country. DO NOT BE FOOLED AGAIN.

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McCain is completely lost without Palin by his side – this is what SOULMATE does to one. The poor old man is battling between Cindy and Sarah – CAT FIGHTS.

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When Sarah Palin’s lipstick fades, and Ole John McCain begins to ramble on about who knows what, the country (or at least half) will see what we’ve seen for the past eight years: John McCain giving ole W a warm and loving embrace.

See my Obama poster on my website and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

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Good…someone need to drown out all of the blatant lies that have been coming out of the mouths of McCain, Palin and their pundants. They stand before GOD and everybody and tells straight our lies from the PITS OF HELL and think nothing of it. They are advocates of the devil him or herself! The nerves of the bloggers on this piece to accuse the Obama supporters of being disrespectful.

I am convinced that the Republicans that call themselves religious people but have no sense of decency and NO Godly convictions. Anytime all of you KNOW THAT THE REPUBLICANS ARE TELLING ONE LIE AFTER ANOTHER…what hypocrites you are! To blow something out of proportion as small as lipstick as a big deal…is pure EVIL and DIRTY. You dirty republicans will get what you deserve in the end. Cause in the end you rightwingnuts will have be judged by ONE greater than us and yourselves. NOW CALL JESUS CHRIST A LIE!

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Thats right, lets just all keep it down so Mcshame can lie, cheat, and steal from us all
in peace.

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but… but I was a pow, for five years I didn’t have a beautiful VP beside me day and night… I was a pow… a pow… a pow I say…. please

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John McCain has nothing to offer but an old war story and now a pretty sidekick to help him embellish it. With her gone, it was just too hard to face down the opposition.

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[…] mujeres con las que había cenado McCain comenzaron a cantar canciones y a gritar el nombre de John. Nadie oía nada. Un desastre total. McCain no podía hablar. Así que, enfadadísimo, se bajó del podio y se […]

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Did Grampy McCain get to the right place without a younger woman to guide him? Is he answering any real questions yet or is he trying to burn another day without discussing anything of substance? Have the republicans hid Paling in Alaska so that she will not have to answer any questions. It is not good when both candidates on the same ticket are low on the intelligence scale.

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Citizens need to know and speak the truth and the facts – the relentless lying, smear and deceit churned out by the McCain campaign is already starting to be exposed for the garbage it is.

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you people, republicans and dems alike, are the worst spellers I’ve ever seen. Between accept/except, their/there, shameful/ashamed and the whole slew of just misspelled words, I’m pretty sure I don’t trust any of you!

Oh wait, I may have just given myself away as a dem: that’s right, I see intelligence as an asset!

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Seems as tho this has been the Palin for president campaign. Evertime Palin and McCain appear together she is the one speaking and he is off in the sidelines.

maybe mcsame should step down and have her run for president. at least than the beauty contest would be over and she would have to display real talent and answer the questions. ( she said on cnbc that she had no idea what a VP does)

The press needs to get back to their job and quit focusing on her every move. It just allow the Mccain group to stray off the issues.

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Freedom of speech folks! To cry foul at protesters showing up at a stump speech is like the pot calling the kettle black. As if McCain supporters have thus far conducted themselves beyond reproach. Please!

But what about the issues? This country is in hundreds of trillions of dollars in debt. To cut taxes is unpatriotic in my view. McCain (who has attempted to co-opt the word “patriot”) knows this yet he continues to dangle the same carrot of a tax cut. This is shaking up Washington? I think not. Cutting taxes, particularly for the very rich and corporations, particularly when we are in so much debt AND in two wars (Iraq and Afghanistan, is bad policy and further hobbles the infrastructure of america. The people of this country ought to BE patriotic and pay their fair share of taxes. In a healthy democracy the government has sufficient funds to support and empower programs that are there to protect americans: social security, disease control and public health, safe food, disaster relief, health care, consumer and worker protection, environmental protection, highways and bridges, etc. To support these programs benefits of ALL of us. We need taxes. Taxes are good.

The Republicans have reinvented the wheel for their own narrow purposes by redefining words and political issues. They have painted taxation as being “bad” and we (all of us) have accepted that definition. But it is FALSE.

Enough is enough!

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Is that what our country has become.

Obama’s supporters are all over the place rudely interupting events. It is a bad reflection on Obama and the new politics he promised.

It is just prove that Obama and his click should not get anywhere near any kind of power, if that is how they conduct themselves.

Where is the respect? You won’t see that kind of behaviour by McCain’s supporters.

MMMM….if you READ you can see that this article talks about McCain supporters shouting too! McCain and Palin are idiots – McCain is Bush on Steroids (after all he supported Bush 90% of the time), and Palin is completely unqualified and not even supported by the people in her own State of Alaska. Give me a break.

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John McCain always has to hide behind someone:
His wife
Joe Lieberman
Lindsey Graham
Barack Obama (Remember the Town Hall mtg dares?)
Sarah P
Why can’t John McCain function on his own?
Why elect a man who knows he doesn’t have what it takes?

No Pain, NovoCain

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To DS. Do you think the government should limit how much a person can make in our country? If not, do you think a person should be punished with higher taxes if he makes over a certain amount?

Let’s say I’m a rich person, which I’m not. I get dinged for two or three times the amount of taxes I pay now. I don’t invest as much either directly in a business I own, or, in stocks that help other businesses. Those businesses don’t have the capital to expand, so, they can’t hire any more workers (i.e. the poor downtrodden masses). In fact, some of those businesses have to lay off a few to make up for their losses.

Yup, trickle down really does work, in both directions.

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Hmmm, I’ve been reading a lot of these blogs lately and they’re mostly anti GOP. I must say the GOP has a false sense of confidence with regards to this election. It’s a new day, get use to it.

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In case we have forgotten what this election is about, here is a sobering reminder… P0

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I am so sick of this Obama sent people out. Understand this McCain was in PHILADELPHIA, PA not Mississippi. Philadelphia is an ENTIRELY DEMOCRATIC city. Has not voted for a Republican in all of my lifetime and I am over 30. Wrong city and the dumbest location to stage a rally anyway. So for all of you people not from here that don’t know anything about this city please stop with the accusations. I can GUARANTEE McCain would never come close to pulling Philly off so he should have stuck to the burb’s. We don’t want him here!!!

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When Sarah Palin was first presented as the gop v.p. pick, the media asked, “Why” Clearly Palin is an energizer for the gop base, but I believe there are other reasons as well. Oil interests continue a presence in the gop campaign. It was surely awkward to have a popular governor of Alaska, who not only talked back to the party, sniffed out corruption, but had also at least considered an independent Alaska. Sarah Palin has been co-opted. In addition, on today’s CNN coverage of Palin’s speech, she referred to John McCain as “a friend of Alaska”. Didn’t she see the three letters recently embedded in McCain’s eyes: O I L. If Palin believes McCain is a friend of Alaska, she is not ready to negotiate with world leaders and world crooks, what ever the case may be.

Posted by Sharon Rickard | Report as abusive

“where is the respect”? You won’t see McCain supporters behaving like that”No – McCain does it for them. Where is the McCain – Palin respect for all Americans who are treated like idiots and fed nothing but lies for their own ambitions and gains. McC & P. hate Americans

Posted by Nancy | Report as abusive

Shut up, Jane! People are upset because McCain is acting like the world’s oldest 5-year old. He is running a dirty campaign just like Bush ran against him in 2000. Remember? McCain fathered a black child out of wedlock? McCain is still very angry about losing in 2000 and he so desperately wants to win this time that he hired the same person who spread those rumors eight years ago. McCain should not be allowed near this kind of power. You don’t think a war hero isn’t jumping to bomb other nations for no reason and show how his military background suits him for this position. McCain will take us to war with Iran and Russia and kill thousands more US soldiers and innocent civilians overseas. Wake up!

Posted by jEREMY | Report as abusive

As I have watched the astonishing political events unfold during the past several days, I am intrigued by the crowds that “come out” for Sarah Palin and John McCain. The crowds are mostly old and white. The only one of Sarah’s generation in the crowd (so it seems) is Sarah. Clearly, Sarah Palin is charismatic, talented and destined for a world role. I would appeal to Sarah that she join this generation which is dedicated to solving serious global problems with genuine global partners. I sincerely respect Sarah Palin’s beliefs regarding right-to-life, but she is preaching to a very old choir at the McCain rallies. With this generation, she could do so much good and there is so much need in areas such as global women’s health, toxic contamination of basic resources and on and on.

Posted by Sharon Rickard | Report as abusive

Thomas Jefferson said that “the tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Republicans are destroying democracy, from the oval office to our streets. From executive decisions to voter suppression by the very sycophants that post comments on this page, piece by piece they are dismantling everything that we have fought for. If the republicans win this time, which will be a victory of deceit and spin, they must be prepared to reap what they sow.

Here is another quote by the great Jefferson: “It [appears] that however certain forms of government are better calculated than others to protect individuals in the free exercise of their natural rights, and are at the same time themselves better guarded against degeneracy, yet experience [has] shown that, even under the best forms, those entrusted with power have, in time and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.” –Thomas Jefferson: Diffusion of Knowledge Bill, 1779. FE 2:220, Papers 2:526

Ring any bells America?

And here is one more for the conservatives who posted on this page: “Man once surrendering his reason, has no remaining guard against absurdities the most monstrous, and like a ship without rudder, is the sport of every wind.”

The tree is hungry you conservative zombies. You decide when its watered.

Posted by Seth | Report as abusive

Yet more proof that McCain is the trap and Palin the honey.

Posted by Uzoma Peter Lane | Report as abusive

To: GammaRae
Well spoken! Couldn’t have said it better!

The republicans sling mud like no body’s business, but as soon as they get some of their own medicine, they curl their tail in-between their legs. The whole “lipstick” argument, for anyone that has been following the news, started with McCain calling Hillary Clinton’s healthcare policy “putting lipstick on a pig”. So apparently it is ok for Republicans to use that phrase.. but not Democrats. Personally I am happy to see alittle anger in Obama. They have been slinging mud on him for months, everything between his “funny” name, experience, voting record, religion, family etc. Get out of the kitchen if you can’t take the heat Republicans!

Posted by Erika | Report as abusive

When are people the pundits or the media going to shut down McSames when they say Palin is honest and other bull, and then they talk about Obama’s experience or how Palin was a Gov or Mayor what I’m trying to get to is the people should be reminded “Obama was ELECTED as Pres candidate for democrats by millions and millions of voters and Palin was PICKED…PICKED not elected! Picked by a supposed war hero who DOESN’T care about COUNTRY FIRST because if he did care he would NOT possibly put some one in the next powerful seat in this country with absolutely NO EXPERIENCE nor would he as a previous Naval Officer not abide by our sacred creed of HONOR -COURAGE and COMMITMENT. John McCain how can you ride your POW status and forget what makes all us veterans so proud of our service to our country. SHAME on YOU John McCaine. And when is the media gonna challenge him or even ASK him about his so called Honesty!!!

Posted by ainokea08 | Report as abusive

I ask you republicans one simple question. Did Sarah Palin state on TV that Hillary Clinton should Stop WHINING. That when you get into a race for presidential office you have to toughen up and have a thick skin???
The answer of course is yes but you can put what ever spin you want on it. Bottom line: STOP WHINING Sarah!

Posted by JP | Report as abusive

Freedom of speech is honorable. Unless we let one party reserve the country for corporations and the elite wealthy, democracy thrives when people stand up for themselves. Open expression is a heathy sign for America. What isn’t healthy is when the press is duped with groundless, trivia matters to avoid criticism of the incumbent party.

Posted by Iris | Report as abusive

Wow. So, people in the United States of America, whose right to free speech is Constitutionally protected are being called un-american for utilizing that right? We have spent 8 years allowing too much action without enough protest. Its about time someone stood up and said “your words are empty.”

Posted by karen | Report as abusive

RESPECT? Yes, for his passed; currently not a grain of respect, that he lost when he decided to take a moose shooter, pit bull w/ lipstick or simply said a unqualified woman as his VP. And I say that as a white, middle age woman. That was a straight attack on my intelligence.

Posted by Giopaps | Report as abusive

On this date of reflection and respect, I urge Americans to call for Sarah Palin to join her energy and good will with this generation, her generation. We are seeking to address serious social problems both here and abroad in partnership with others of this generation around the world. It is time to recognize the talents of all Americans and respect their differing view points. Sarah Palin is talented and clearly provides much needed leadership and role-modeling. But why waste these unique talents delivering the same speech over and over again. Is that how Sarah Palin will squander her gifts, years of token spokesperson, propagandist for the big oil interests who will ruthlessly drain Alaska (and Sarah) of her faith, resources and heritage .

Posted by Sharon Rickard | Report as abusive

no, what is shameful are the lies that McCain and Palin and their campaign spin each week. I think a little protest is just what the doctor ordered!

Plus, we should still be performing more citizen arrests on Cheyney, and anyone else involved in the Bush administrations. We might even want to consider McCain in this group, considering he voted 95% of the time with Bush’s whim.

McSame and you really daft republicans don’t “get it”. Seriously. This country is in big trouble due to the past 8 years of republican rule, but you put your rose-tinted glasses on and everything is “peachy”. Wait till we’re cutting your heads off at the guillotine.

Posted by iH8uAll | Report as abusive

It would be refreshing if more of the media actually picks up this story. Reality check. Apparently without Palin, McCain can’t cut it.

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With all the fabrications rolling off of McCain and Palin’s tongues, I guess some supporters feel that this is the only means of letting their voices be heard.

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i am not rich but i also don’t believe in the re-distribution of wealth. that is communism. i don’t believe i deserve somebody else’s money. if you want to be rich earn it like everyone else has had to. thats the great thing about this country is that you have the opportunities to do whatever you choose.

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This post basically sums up the mentality of some white folks whose assumptions, based on ‘white priviledge’ they contend is: that anyone can be rich as the 1%ers who DS has pointed out clearly in a sourced reference making 411 times the amount of the average American worker. Here, this above knee-jerk basis for he does ‘want wealth distribution’ and ‘its communism’ is borne out of complete ignorance and a blind cultural trust of those making the money. In other words, he believes that they aren’t stealing, lying, rigging the system; so the good ole USA shouldn’t be taking money these folks have ‘earned’ and re-distributing it to others in society. Here, he’s not concerned with the possibility that the 1%ers may be stealing, he just doesn’t want or can’t stomach the possibility that some ‘folks’ he doesn’t like may get it.

Its deeply ir-rational, but personal and borne out of hatred.

It is the basis of which Hannity (rich guy with new 100 million dollar contract) endorses and Limbaugh (rich guy with new 400 million dollar contract) likes, as it favors them and their other 1% brethren. But, the kicker is that this knee-jerk acknowledges he is not rich, in a nation littered with bodies from the S & L scandal and more recently Enron and now Fannie and Freddie, but he can’t consciously understand that the system is imbalanced by the behind-the-scene financial dealings of the rich, who are hardly all, if any, earning their money earnestly like say him, or any of the other millions of hard-working Americans without 7, 8 or 9 digit financial portfolios.

He is actually advocating for the folks who need the least amount of advocating; but it is typical of why the republicans stay in power, they retain credibility even as they and their activities are exposed to light each year and the non-rich folks like this guy can’t seem to come to grips that they are doing anything wrong. His identity is tied with them; so he creates a rationalization to ignore that it isn’t a secret that massive wrongdoing is occuring among the top of our society; otherwise, he would have to admit that his lies with the various browns, reds, yellows also marginalized by entrenched wealth.

Instead, he is so consumed with rage, bias and fear, that he attempts to stay connected with the ‘rich white male’ party, of which he shares nothing but skin color because he refuses to accept his economic situation is closer to those he resents. This is the one gift that the ‘planter’ society gave the poor white man, ‘white priviledge’ can be used to still feel superior to non-whites and vote republican; one sees them everywhere throughout the South and beyond, they cut off their noses to spite their face—as it is the one real thing in a life experienced just like those they resent, except for the day they can excercise their right to vote and feel like these 1%ers feel like—a white man in America.

As I’ve looked at it in all directions, nothing else even comes close to explaining what it is that they are getting out of voting ‘republican’ and of course the corporate media which will cite that they vote against their economic interest, always perfunctorily stops short of always saying WHY? Sure, they throw out the typical abortion, gun rights, religious argument but it never quite captures the cultural reality of whence the mentality resides.

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I predict that if McCain really does give a tax break to families with kids, it is just going to cause a lot of people to get pregnant when they shouldn’t. Just more hungry mouths to feed.

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In response to the initial comment, McCain’s supporters where also chanting his name but worst of all they all call Obama a Muslim. But, as the constitution states, that shouldn’t matter due to the separation of church and state. I don’t see how attacking someone’s spiritual beliefs is respectful at all. Oh, excuse me, the respect of the republican party has cost the war on “terrorism” and the lives of many of my friends. Stabbing a country in the back isn’t very respectful at all.The hypocrycy of your ways is sadly amusing and the worst part is that you are not the only one.

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Good point Sharon! but the problem is Sarah Palin is not of that caliber. All we have heard thus far from Sarah is scripted speeches, inaccurate information, and lying! Maybe she could been for a greater good “NOT”! Sarah Palin choice for Vp undermines the intelligence of women everywhere.

This is a disgrace a women be on the ticket and allow herself to be treated like a mindless object with a skirt. Ok McCain I get it she sounds like an idiot when left to speak on her own. But still how dare McCain try to pull the wool over our eyes, and shift it to the other candidate.

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Ladies you have your focus on the wrong agenda. Sarah also represents centries of repression, being seen but not heard, say only what you are told! My God did anyone have a time lapse is this what you admire! She is going to take up back over 50 years!
She’s not a hero, she doesn’t represent hope, becuase it’s tainted!

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Good to know Democrats aren’t above mob rule and censorship!

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A bad reflection on Obama? What about a bad reflection on McCain — and his horrendous lie/attack/smear campaign? Where’s the respect in that? This is indeed what our country has become – resorting to lies and deceit in an all-out war to win the country’s highest office. Talk about selling out your soul.

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People aren’t above mob rule and censorship. Being a democrat or republican are just superfluous labels. But I am glad to know that you think like an automoton.

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With all due respect, I find it unbelievable that McCain supporters are questioning the issue of respect. McCain is running a campaign where the primary foundation is spouting untruths about Obama. I was appalled at the level of acrimony and hatespeak showcased at the Republican Convention. Why didn’t they spend their time talking about how they’re going to improve the economy, deal with the wars, healthcare, education? It was like they’re in Jr. High all over again. Very disappointing.

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Wait, so now he’s going to give a tax break to everyone with a child? Huh? Isn’t this totally against what he’s been saying for the last year?

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“By the way, if you look at the most expensive cities to live in the US, they are all overwhelmingly democratic…NY, LA, SF, Miami, San Diego….filthy rich and overwhelmingly democratic.”

And you have knowledge of this,how? Internet research? Lived in these cities? Well, I live in LA, and I am Democratic but I’m not rich. And I have to say it is a struggle here just to keep it together day-to-day for most people, and I’m not talking about poor people I’m talking about middle-class! housing costs and energy costs are completely out of control and the rich here, regardless of what you think are mostly Republicans.

And, as for your inane idea that the problems of education are going to be fixed by vouchers and charter schools are totally unsupported by facts. Our education system needs to be completely revamped for us to compete in the global market.

And what Democratic handouts are you talking about? Social Security? Every adult paid into that system so they have some bit of a cushion, though not much, when they get old. And there is always that old saw welfare! Well let’s just say that the mythical welfare queen, trotted out at Republican conventions, over and over during the 70s 80s and even into the 90s is harder and harder to find since most states now have workfare, which translates into we will help you but you still have to work or go to school and if you don’t follow our rules we kick you out. Now that’s not to say I don’t think there is welfare. We have a lot of corporate welfare, let’s start with subsidies to big farm. I’m not talking little farm here I’m talking the big industrial farms. I’m talking about big oil, right now as we Fill up our gas tanks each day, we are getting screwed and screwed mightily, along with everybody else in this country because I’m paying huge prices for my gas plus I’m handing over through my taxes big subsidies for them at the same time as the oil companies are are having record . so let’s talk about welfare at stock about taking care of poor Freddie Mac and poor Fanny Mae. And let’s not forget Bear Stearns or the big tax breaks, we give big companies like Wal-Mart to move into our areas and build stores, they are going to make money on!

I understand though, it’s easy to become misinformed. Most Republicans get their news and information about politics from people like Rush Limbough, Sean Hannity, or Bill O’Reilly. And who are , you guessed it, rich and Republican:

Rush Limbaugh: $33 million 2007.
Sean Hannity : $$100 million over the next five years.
Bill O’Reilly : $9 million 2006.
Rupert Murdoch: worth 8.3 Billion

Now all I ask, and I want you to continue to listen to these guys , is do a little research. it’s not hard anymore with access to the Internet. Start comparing what they say to what they do. Look who the Republicans gave the tax cuts to. Look who will be taxed by the Democrats. Take a look at our infrastructure. How companies are sending jobs overseas, how small farms are still being pushed out by big farms. And if you going to come back with the fact that the Democrats have been the majority for the past two years. Please. That dog just don’t hunt. To find out why go online to see how our government works and see how the Republicans have filibustered every major bill for the past two years. I don’t like rhetoric I like facts. I spent most of my life in the Midwest, and we have a saying that goes “talk is cheap, but it takes money to buy whiskey”. Facts not rhetoric.

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[…] Reporters craned forward trying to hear the Arizona senator. Unfortunately for McCain — and possibly overlooked by aides who planned the event — a section of the diner opened up to a market where a crowd had gathered behind a cordon. Source Article […]

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John McCain is a tired old politician. If you all liked the past 8 years you’ll love the next under a McCain/Palin administration. Oh and by the way, the actuarial statistics suggest that 1 of 3 VP candidates assume the presidency. Now that’s a scary thought, pitbull Palin with her finger on the nuclear button. Has given a thought about the war in Iraq and thinks that because Russia is across the waters from Alaska she has adequate foreign policy acumen. Just wow! I really cannot believe that Joe American is willing to put our country in such jeopardy.

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So, Obama supporters interrupted McCain…hmmm…sort of like how Bill O’Reilly constantly interrupted Obama in his ‘interview?’ Just compare that little interruption to the scummy ad McCain just put out on Obama, which is a complete lie. I mean, my God; they don’t even TRY for honesty. At all.

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Kelly. Right on! It’s such a shame that McCain and Palin seem to have no facts at their disposal. I can handle a bit of spin – humans do that, BUT…100% spin? C’mon. I don’t believe there is really much of a choice here and if somehow McCain wins in November, I give up. Truly. The only way they can possibly win is to lie their way there – or to pull a Bush and steal the election (remember 2000?). It’s all so depressing. I guess if they say something enough, people will believe it. Sort of like how Bush continuously mispronounced the word nuclear. Now, Palin says it the same way. Unbelieveable. I thought they were alike, but jeez!

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If McCain is so interested in change, why does he not join Obama’s campaign

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I gotta tell ya…I’m starting to worry about the mentality of people in this country. When you ask Repubs just WHAT it is they like about Palin, I hear stuff like…”she hunts, she fishes, she shops at Wal-mart just like regular moms, and she’s REAL.” “She could’ve had an abortion but gave birth to a DS baby anyway.” “She comes from a small town & understands small town values” But when you ask them what policies she supports that they approve of, all I get is, “she wants drilling & she’s against abortion”. THAT’S IT!!! With all thats facing this country after 8yrs under Bush, the fact that she bring NOTHING to the table other than a beauty queen smile, the ability to read a prepared speech & a questionable record as mayor/govenor (which somehow qualifies her to potentially lead our nation). Since the RNC, she’s made a few campaign stops with McCain, where she’s trotted out to make a 15min version of the speech she already gave at the RNC (complete with the same lies I might add) then MCain takes over and repeats HIS same lies about Obama raising their taxes and these people cheer like the sheep they are. Of course, when the camera pans the crowd, you see mostly older white men & women (the kind that don’t use the internet to check the facts & get most of their information from Fox/Fix news & Bill O’Reilly.) Don’t believe me?

Check this out:

We are being cheated people. Cheated out our 1 chance to REALLY make a difference in our children’s lives. McCain talks about change then turns around and hires Steve Schmidt to head his campaign. The same man who ran Bush’s campaign in ’00. The same man who was behind the smear campaign AGAINST MCCAIN in SC by suggesting his adopted black daughter was really his illegitimate love child!!! Does that matter to McShame? HELL NO!!! Its all about winning now and ALL the stops are being pulled out. Lets face it, at his age (72) this is his last shot at the Oval office and he’s going to do EVERYTHING to acheive his goal. Even run the kind of negative campaign he swore he wouldn’t. Even if it means using Karl Rove behind the scenes. After all, “Bush’s Brain” did such a great job beating him before, didn’t he???

Matter of fact, I think its time to take this criminal out of the equation don’t you?!?

Wake up people…Our country needs you to make the right choice! Eight is Enough!!!!!!

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Dear Editor:

To borrow a choice word from the Republican Representative in Atlanta; John McCain, Sarah Palin, Rudy Guiliani and the laughing conventioneers are a bit too “uppity” for me. In both her St. Paul speech and now on the stump, Sarah Palin sarcastically mocks community organizers to beef up her small town mayor experience. While Bush aids and an ex FEMA attorney tutor Sarah Palin in foreign policy, the may want to add American History to the curriculum.

Clearly Sarah Palin does not get the American Revolution or the Abolitionist, Environmentalist and Civil Rights movements. She has no grasp of the Suffragettes and most certainly does not understand American Labor. She mocks Americans including John Adams, Frederick Douglass, John Muir, Eleanor Roosevelt, the Reverend Martin Luther King and Cesar Chavez. She also makes fun of my grandfather, Andrew Reeder, the first President of the Shipbuilders Union at Sun Ships in Philadelphia. This is personal and I take profound offense. There is a little “Norma Rae” in each of us.

I still have the edition of “The Philadelphia Inquirer” with my grandfather’s name in the headline and the photo of him being sworn in from a hospital bed. The officials never determined whether it was a workplace accident or attempted murder the day before the election but he survived. Following their victory, my grandfather and many others from their Local organized in their community again and created the neighborhood youth center. He always stressed the dignity of work and the pride of being working class.

We are an industrious, open-hearted and generous people. This is our American Spirit and the tie that binds our nation regardless of collar, race, sex, religion, orientation, education and job status. Americans work, so America works. My family and my public school teachers taught me well and this is just not how we roll in the lower 48. Sarah Palin scorns the very people that labored, at great risk, to give her husband a Union to join and the PTA that she claims launched her career. Republicans laugh at us for putting in a hard days work and then pitching in to improve our neighborhoods. With our Armed Forces serving in brutal conditions and milk over $5.50 a gallon stateside, that is elitist.

I am a white, Christian woman, with a college degree and snappy eyeglasses, too, and I have never encountered a woman less like me. I will never forget my American roots and Sarah Palin is no sister of mine. In this election, I am my brother’s keeper. I completely agree with Hillary Clinton, “No way, No how, No McCain/Palin.” My vote goes to Barack Obama and Joe Biden. That is how we put America first.


Kim Reeder
United States of America

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McCain has gone from milking the POW card to using the sexism card. Obama spoke about this months ago instead of talking about the issues McCain chooses to make a big stink about nothing, and that new smear ad is the absolute lowest of the low. I thought that conservatives were all big on faith and family values, instead all they do is name call and ridicule anyone who disagrees with there warped values.

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I am so glad that Democrats as well as other Obama supporters united and spoke up. McCain is running a negative campaign and people are tired of him spewing his lies. Obama/Biden 2008

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Just another example of leftists acting like rude pigs. Pigs without lipstick I might add. You pretty much never see Republicans interrupting Democrat candidates. Why? Because Republicans for the most part have manners. How many times was McCain interrupted by disgusting Code Pink “chicks” during his acceptance speech? Palin was bothered too as well. Of course, she kept her compsure and delivered a perfect speech. Can you imagine if someone dared to heckle The One? He would start stammering and stuttering, “uh…ummm…you know…” But then if anyone ever distracted The Messiah from his teleprompter, they’d be accused of being racist.

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“You pretty much never see Republicans interrupting Democrat candidates. Why? Because Republicans for the most part have manners.” —posted by David H.

Hey David! I have a question. You infer that Republicans have better manners than Democrats. How then can you explain all of the ugly vituperative comments so many Right Wingers post both here and on countless other websites?

Your argument is an empty one at best.

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Jane, (you posted at 4:34 GMT), did you not read the article? Obama and McCain supporters were drowning each other (and McCain) out. You should retract the last statement in your post.

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How is that a reflection on Obama. You act like he told those people to go out and do that. People do what they want to do regardless of what others say. You must be a part of McCains hick clain. Don’t play yourself. If you don’t like Obama who cares. There maybe plenty of people who don’t like you. You don’t have to vote for him. Vote McCain so the world can be in even worse shape.

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Good idea to yell USA! USA! USA! that works for me.

Barack would not approve of such behavior.

Sad that it’s all about star power now. Will anyone watch the debates? I’m going to. But, I thought Bush was a total idiot in the debates and he won … crazy nation this turned into. Wish we could turn off TVs.

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Is Sarah Palin a pathological liar? She lied in her first speech to the American people as VP nominee and she keeps repeating the lies:

Lie #1: “I said Thanks for no Thanks” to the bridge to nowhere. (this lie has been debunked in a zillion media outlets)

Lie #2: I posted the jet on ebay! (this is more misleading than an outright lie. The audiences assumes she sold the plane on ebay. Nope, no buyers. pulled it off ebay and sold it to a crony.

Lie #2a: Sold plane at a profit. (Nope, sold plane at aloss)

Lie #3: I’m a PTA mom. (No record of her ever being a PTA member. )

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The main stream media will not hold McCain and Palin to the truth. They continue to tell outright lies on the trail and no one stops them.

The little people are frustrated and feel used by the republican party. Obama must prevail or we are doomed to 8 more years of incompetent government.

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Jane, you must be kidding. The McCain Palin supporters have been rude. The entire GOP playbook is dirty tricks.
Get real…
Obama has to get dirty now because Mac went back on his word about “rancor” and keeping it clean. If he doesn’t he will get the same criticism that Kerry got for not responding strong enough to the Swift Boat debacle – another GOP high water mark… gimme a break.

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[…] “Please keep coming back to Philadelphia, jackhole”(in reference to McCain) […]

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McCain himself has stated that he supports upholding the constitution as one of his top priorities. Freedom of speech and the right to protest is one of those freedoms outlined in the constitution, McCain fought for and is expected to defend as president. I can’t imagine why anyone, especially republicans, would complain, unless they don’t agree with constitutionally protected rights, and thus their own republican nominated candidate.

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If America does the worst thing it could do and actually sees Palin and McCain as serious contenders for the big Whitehouse job – then the US is sunk!

Age and beauty are fast becoming the dotage and malice ticket as we learn that the sack race was won by Sarah via her underhand treatment of her brother-in-law. :-)

Can we trust her to be VP? No way! Can we trust him to make more stupid decisions and keep pumping out gut-rot lies and more damned lies? You bet!

The show, folks is becoming increasingly grotesque, bizarre and ridiculous.

Why on earth would any sane person wish for another 4 years of the same old rubbish?

Could it be people’s weakness in being incapable of rousing some spiritual and constitutional inner strength and overcome their fear of people with darker skins?

The irony of those who claim to be Christian but break the tenets of Jesus Christ so easily is not lost on anyone with some kind of intelligence.

I say if you do not vote for Obama then you have NO grasp of reality at all. And you will therefore end-up with the President and VP that you so richly desire.

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uh…yeah…McCain supporters are completely rational…as evidenced by those who still believe Obama is Muslim…and the cops who maced and gassed the neutral media and democratic supporters at the RNC….Dems better be prepared to fight for this one….

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No matter what you say, you democrats will do anything even to the point of rudeness and evil acts to mess up good people. Sorry, goog triumphs over evil and the victors will be McCain-Palin ticket. Your vicious attacks and lies about Sarah will only gain her the favors of the silent majority and from a being who rewards the good.

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It is TERRIBLE what these EVIL Democrats do. The next thing, they’ll claim that because Sarah has been hiding for a week with her handlers and puppeteers she is not ready to appear in public, let alone lead the nation!
I thought she has settled all doubts when she said that her expertise in international affairs has been acquired with painstaking gazing at Russia from Alaska. Just because the National Guard general said she has not been accurate when she said she has victoriously gone a whole quarter of a mile into Iraq,these Democrats now doubt she actually went repulsing the invading Russian ice floes.

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Do you really think Obama had control over those people? I cannot and will not believe the blatant lies being told by the Republican party. I do think it was rude what the Obama supporters did, but you cannot blame Obama for what happened. Obama gives the rest of us hope that is something better in this dismal world we live in that grows darker each day. It makes me sick to my stomach when I hear and see people believing the out right lies about him. It’s sad what our country has come to…USA USA USA!

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Hey Carla –

You say “lies”, yet EVERYTHING HAS BEEN PROVEN. Good WILL win. And Obama is the good one. Read conservative publication “Economy”. Consult MSM. You’ll find that your side is the side who is lying. And you’re going down.

Sarah Palin good… a woman who says the war is good and holy and graced by God. You and I have a different interpretation of good, my backward friend.

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I was at the event. It was a small venue and McCain supporters were lined up begging to get in. The O-ba-ma chants were quickly drowned out by chants of John-Mc-Cain. McCain supporters outnumbered Obama, but the latter were much more in your face, rude and boisterous. Unfortunately the D’s are much more organized with their street teams, handing out stickers and whipping up impressionable voters into a frenzy about how evil the R’s are.

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Change you can trust, a slogan that could turn around McCain’s campaign?

Change you can trust contrasts beautifully with change you can believe in.

Everyone wants change, only with a team that we can trust to implement it.
If you’re in a tough spot, you want someone to come to help you that you can trust, not someone you believe may want to help you.

John McCain, polls show, is rated as highly qualified and highly trusted. This slogan, change you can trust, reinforces this message.

It can even be added on to John McCain’s current slogan. Country first, change you can trust. Or perhaps Change you can trust that puts Country first. Or how about Change you can trust that puts America first

It implies without directly saying it that the other side is perhaps a little less trustworthy.

It also reinforces the message that in a time we were facing battle with Al Qaeda worldwide and two conventional wars, John McCain is a commander in chief you can trust to lead us to victory.

There are 30 days left before Election Day. Sarah Palin’s debate performance was good, but it’s really up to John McCain to win.





John, are you listening???

http://strategicthought-charles77.blogsp an-that-could.html

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Average Americans can’t tell lies form the truth and vice versa. Call the truth lies and the lies truth, how interesting. Just for one example, check out the Senate Bills Record website on which senators voted YES or NO on every issue. See for yourself who are liars.

People are ignorant or stupid enough to be manipulated by media. Time to do some research for yourself.

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Zekeria, Just because people look at the same set of facts and come to a different conclusion. Does not mean they’re stupid. Its nuts like you who are dangerous. Who are you to judge the average the average American??? Don’t forget this is America one man or woman one vote.

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Lets stop the hating,trading of insults and out right lying. We are not red states and blue states, we are the United States OF America. We’re white, black, yellow, red and every shade in between. We’re male, female,straight
bisexual, gay and what ever we are “The United States Of America”.

Now some of you think that you have ownership on who runs for office and who is qualified and who is not. If someone runs for office who is different from you and who does does not support your views, the bigot in you starts to sweat & form beads on your forehead. The Gov. George Wallace in you starts to take over and you try to hide it in hateful & ignorant blogs.

I voted for Bush twice againt my wife’s advice. Bush and the Republican Party has run this country down. Now its time for them to go to the back of the room and sit down. Its time for Barack and Biden to give it a go. And make no mistake about it. They will win,and you closet bigots
will boil over with hate. But thats okay because its time that you move on to hell. Let the young folks run this country and restore it to its greatness.

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