Obama: could be fun to try putting lipstick on a pig

September 10, 2008

NEW YORK – As controversy surrounded Barack Obama’s comments about putting lipstick on a pig, the Democratic presidential hopeful found himself joking about the whole idea of putting makeup on an animal. rtr1oh7z.jpg

In an appearance on “The Late Show With David Letterman”, after 24 hours of back-and-forth over Obama’s use of the “lipstick” analogy, Obama found time to laugh.

“Have you ever actually put lipstick on a pig?” Letterman asked.

“The answer would be no,” Obama replied with a laugh. “But I think it might be fun to try.”

Obama said it was “silly season” in politics and noted that the saying “you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig” is a common saying and it means that if you have a bad idea you can’t just dress it up and make it better.

“In this case I was talking about John McCain’s economic plans. That just calling them ‘change’, calling them something different doesnt’ make it better,” the Illinois senator said. “Hence, ‘lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig.'”

“It’s a common expression, at least in Illinois,” he said. “I don’t know about New York City. I don’t know what you put lipstick on here.”

Obama said he was not calling McCain’s running-mate Sarah Palin a pig and was not referring to her at all.

“Keep in mind, that had I meant it this way, she would have been the lipstick, you see,” he said. “The failed policies of John McCain would be the pig — following the logic of this illogical situation.” 

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– File photo credit: Reuters/Keith Bedford (Obama arrives at the Letterman show in 2007)


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It would be nice to think that American voters have “had enough” with Rovian tactics, but…don’t hold your breath.

Cheney & Bush were sold, twice.

The Republicans are Masters of the Universe. At spin. Still.

Rove is reaching the casual voter, someone who barely tunes in to politics, but can be swayed with simple, gross deception.

They’ve got nothing. “Lipstick on a Pig” is a common expression. And it had been used by Obama a dozen times before Palin came on the ticket.

For a look at the history of this expression in recent American politics, see the good article in the (I kid you not) Washington Times: http://tinyurl.com/6s3tal

“Mr. McCain, meanwhile, has used the folksy saying on the campaign trail himself, including at one appearance to describe former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s health care plan.”

As with the Swift-Boating of Kerry, it’s “game on” now. It will be “game over” if things don’t change at Obama HQ.

Thomas Freidman (NYT) got it right yesterday:
Obama and his people need to keep their ear on the street (in the Walmart?). And respond better. Way better.

If Rove can win this thing (again) after what Cheney and Bush and the Republicans have done to our county, it will be so very sad, and familiar.

And a triumph of marketing, *again*.

–> Do Something! barack obama dot com Send ’em some coin or volunteer, please. And hope they get some fire in their bellies.

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Per Fox News it has been 4 weeks since McCain has given a press conference. Why is he hiding?

http://embeds.blogs.foxnews.com/2008/09/ 10/mccain-embraces-the-staged-rally/

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Quote from above:

“Obama said he was not calling McCain’s running-mate Sarah Palin a pig and was not referring to her at all.”

If that is the case then how do you explain the reaction of his audience?

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Obama is the joke of the year. He has a “do nothing” record and is not the man for change he says he is. He has no record of change or reaching out for change. The only thing he changed was his pastor and only because the truth about him came out. Let’s not vote this smooth talking “do nothing” into the highest office in the land. He is not worthy of it.

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Someone should tell Carl Rove were hip to his BS and every time does this crap we’ll send $10.00 to Obama …

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Liberals are terrified by Palin and her tremendous popularity. Pigs and Palin aside, I will never support socialism. Socialism is one step away from communism and that’s why I will not vote for Obama!

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I can only hope there resides in the women Rove is courting a glimmer of memory that he duped them before and now some have lost husbands, sons and fathers. I have more faith in the women of this country whether they shop at Walmart or Neimans, then many seem to. They want health care and jobs not a cheerleader in $700.00 glasses.

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Guess he’s saying there are alot of pigs in Chicago. I didn’t know that pigs (farm animals) usually lived in the city – maybe he was referring to himself.

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I’m glad Obama applied humor to this. It makes the McCain camp and their “truth brigade” sound silly.

If they press it further, Obama could point out that Sarah Palin is like Eliza Doolittle. She’s Pygmalion. McCain as Henry Higgins has sequestered her to teach her how to rise up from provincial politics to a national level, in time for the VP debates.

Then, having made that point, Obama can press it further by saying that Sarah Palin is a “pig in a poke”, that is, she is being sold to the republican voters almost sight unseen, and certainly untested. McCain is asking his base to vote on an unknown person. And that, as in My Fair Lady, is a gamble on McCain’s part.

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The problem with the Democrats may be a simple one. It may be the fact that their nomination and scheduling puts their convention before the Republican one, along with the nomination. That gives the Republicans the advantage of knowing about the Democratic pick.

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The way that Obama’s audience reacted after Obama’s “lipstick on a pig” comment proves that he knew perfectly of the timing and implication of his comment. He is now playing naive and innocent. Well, the public is neither naive nor innocent and sees right through his mask. Like we are supposed to believe that he did not strategically include his quote in his informal speech after hearing and seeing Palin’s joke many times on the news, etc. I can’t this Obama character!!!

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genome73, it’s easy to explain the reaction of his audience. they heard what they wanted to hear. you know like when Bill CLinton was running around in New Hampshire . . .

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re: genome73

“If that is the case then how do you explain the reaction of his audience?”

Well, perhaps the audience actually GOT the joke he was making (just like people presumably got the IDENTICAL joke when McCain made it about Hillary Clinton’s health-care plan). It’s a funny joke. Ha.

So, please take off your “stupid-hat” and put on your “I can use my brain-hat” for a bit. No politician in the world, Republican or Democrat, would call his opponent a lipstick-wearing pig. Palin has, technically, called herself a lipstick-wearing dog, but thankfully I had already stabbed myself in the ears with a screwdriver, and missed that part of the speech.

As far as the rest of the “Obama has a do-nothing record” crowd commenting here and elsewhere, thank you for saving me the trouble of turning on the conservative talk radio shows. I was hoping to hear someone else’s opinion today, and you’ve been so gracious…

Obama knows more about how this country works than most Americans will ever forget. So does Biden, and so does McCain. Don’t their different policies mean anything to you? Why does winning an election matter more than what you do AFTER winning?

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genome 73,

You will have to ask the audience.

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Obama has a “do nothing” record? Have you read about his record or are you just parroting what you’ve heard or read on some blog? Palin wants to start a religious world war. She uses exactly the same terminology of the terrorists — it’s God’s will. She wants a Christian-Muslim war. By the way, have you noticed that suddenly American military are going into Pakistan on raids? Wanna bet they are “hot on the trail” of bin Laden, just in time for Christmas… oh, I mean, election day? Sure they could have done it sooner, but that wouldn’t have served their purpose.

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It is sad to see Senator Obama call Governor Palin a “pig” and lamely try to cover up for it. No, the American people are not that dumb nor impolite. I had first thought that Senator Obama was a gentleman, but this brings that notion into question.

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I was a “hockey mom” and I rarely wore lipstick, does that mean that I can believe that Sarah Palin is calling me a dog? Waaahh. I’m telling.

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The McCain machine is getting really slimy. It is disgusting when you try to dupe the American people by taking 2 unrelated comments, splicing them together and putting them up on the web. I was starting to lean towards them, but this has pushed me very far away. Please don’t act like we are THAT stupid again McCain.

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Does anyone believe that this Lipstick mess has Mr. Rove written all over it..oh I forgot, he is only “friends” with someone on the McCain campaign staff.

Posted by dorothy angiolillo | Report as abusive

People are still stuck on stupid. We are so behind in the times, still, that we are ready to critize and reject someone that doesn’t have the skin color of our own and not listen to anything that they have to say, even if he’s willing to benefit our families.

Why can’t we just come together and try to help one another and stop being selfish and unconcerned for others. Do you have a heart? We all need to stop and help someone else because whether you believe it or not someone have helped you. God Bless America!!!

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To the BLOGPOST sponsor:

You are oblivious of the true issues in today’s American Life – Gas prices at record high, bigeest budget deficit in history, tanking of giants like Freddie, Fannie, Bear Stearns, Lehman, lowest high education numbers in history, higest foreclosure rate since great depression and the list goes on and on. AND ALL YOU COULD TALK ABOUT IS LIPSCTIK ISSUE?!?? McCain is a sexist, he has proved that time and time again. Obama camp will soon start to air negative ads as well and the truth will be clear. But if you are an American like me, should you not talk about the REAL ISSUES?!? Or you also got bought by the republican mantra that this election is NOT ABOUT ISSUES, BUT ABOUT A COMPOSITE VIEW OF THE CANDIDATES!!! If so, please say so LOUD AND CLEAR. Else please open up the dialogue. You will do all Americans a favor.

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Everyone who thinks Obama was calling Palin a pig must also think McCain was calling Hillary Clinton a pig when he used the same phrase. If you don’t, you are either pretending to be outraged for political purposes, you are a hypocrite, or you have no critical thinking skills. There is no other way to look at it.

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“If that is the case then how do you explain the reaction of his audience?”

Maybe they were applauding for the same reason they usually do? They agree with what he’s actually saying, in this case, that McCain calling his policies ‘change’ is putting lipstick on a pig? You might have noticed there’s usually a lot of applause during his speeches. That doesn’t mean he’s insulting anyone, especially someone he hasn’t even mentioned.

Note also that Jake Tapper of ABC news who was actually there wrote “… neither I nor any of my colleagues there spoke to anyone who thought Obama was calling her a pig.”

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Richard D: Obama not worthy? Which candidate was it who had the respectable judgment to pick as his running mate a seasoned, experienced, nationally known politician, and which one who had the bad judgment and temerity to select an improbable, inexperienced, unknown candidate whose church, which she has NOT left, has some radical views including the belief that we are in the Last Days (love to see her in charge of our military and foreign policy, with that belief!); who established herself as willing to fire anyone who didn’t agree with her 110% (see Wasilla librarian, city manager, and police chief); who became mayor of a town owing nothing and left it $22 million in debt, with increased property and sales taxes to boot; and who in her short time as veep candidate has already been shown to have no problem talking out of both sides of her mouth or outright lying (she was against the “Bridge to Nowhere” after she was for it; and she did NOT give the money back to the U.S. government, but kept it because it was by that time granted for the state to use as it wished). Yeah, thanks alot, McCain. Wouldn’t have thought you’d compound your own ignorance on the issues, but you fooled me!

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I just wanted to thank some of the more rational posters on here (Ryan in particular). It really does help to see that the anonymity of the internet doesn’t turn everyone into talking-point parrots.

It’s also nice to see, for once, the rational posts out-numbering the ridiculous ones!

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Thank you for this piece. It’s putting light were it’s needed. The media has become an eco chamber to the circus. Let’s not lose focus. As serious as these elections are, the Amercian people have to look beyond form. Awareness is everything.

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I’ve been intending to vote for McCain for the past few weeks now, but this is honestly the last straw. They’re just playing dirty. Their outrage seems completely made up. McCain simply isn’t the same tough-talking, stand-by-his-principles, SNL-hosting senator I admired years ago. I think it’s time for Obama.

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[…] as he spoke, chants of “Obama, Obama, Obama” filled the room. More at tales from the trail. Also via Reuters: Letterman hosted Obama tonight: “Have you ever actually put lipstick on a pig?” […]

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Obama has such a shallow record.

Anybody can hire pro campaign managers and speechwriters, and say whatever people want to hear.

Obama reads his speeches word for word from the teleprompter.
He took advantage of affirmative action to lead a life with no challenges, no rough spots.
From elite prep school, to elite ivy league school. He then cashed in on his race in politics.
Ex Democrat and Clinton supporter, now voting for McCain.

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“Socialism is one step away from communism and that’s why I will not vote for Obama!”

I know exactly what you mean. I’m so grateful we remain safe in the hands of a party that would never, ever nationalize major players in the mortgage sector, expand welfare state programs like Medicare, or otherwise make our country more like those hellholes of low productivity, life expectancy, and standard of living: Canada, the UK, Sweden, and the Netherlands.

Indeed, just yesterday, I saw Obama advocate the nationalization of all industry! Next thing you know, he’ll be establishing a dictatorship of the proletariat in which all private property is abolished! And then, on to the great transition to Communism and the wasting away of the government! And you, my dear Melissa, can be a blog commentator in the morning, a lawyer in the afternoon, and an idiot in the evening without ever being a blog commentator, a lawyer, or an idiot!

But until revolutionary socialism runs its course, I guess you’ll be at least two of those three things.

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Obama reads all his speeches from a teleprompter? Like McCain doesn’t? In fact, McCain can barely read his speeches.

At least Obama writes his own speeches – unlike McCain or Palin, whose entire speech (except for the autobiographical bits) was written over a month prior to the convention by ex-Bush speechwriter Matthew Scully.

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It could be worse, I suppose.

Obama might seek to run the government by extracting massive rents from its most productive industries, and then transferring those rents–even in the form of direct welfare handouts–to its citizens.

And, to top it off, he could enact major policies that redistribute wealth from one class of citizens to another… say, to those that live above a certain parallel from those that live above it.

Oh, wait. Then he’d just be like the Governor of Alaska. And we know she’s a paragon of conservative, free-market values. She took on “Big Oil” by taxing it for the benefit of Alaska… at the cost of higher prices for the rest of us.

Posted by Lee S. | Report as abusive

If Obama can claim the word “change” as his own then why can’t Palin claim the word “lipstick”.
It was a stupid phrase to use and as the master thinker he should have known better. Just proves he is not the master thinker after all and just another master orator with a pre-written speech.
All the pundits on both sides should remember that many of the decisive issues our Founding Fathers dealt with ended up in duels so this is hardly new.
Note* It is the Congress and Senate that have the greatest affect on our economy and, the war no withstanding, we were makng progress on the economy up until the last couple of years.
Let me think, what has changed in Congress and the Senate in the last couple of years?

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“It is the Congress and Senate that have the greatest affect on our economy and, the war no withstanding, we were makng progress on the economy up until the last couple of years.”

Right, because economic performance responds immediately to changes in congress, no matter how many of their policies do or don’t get enacted. The current housing crisis, for example, had nothing to do with financial oversight (or lack thereof) during the 2002-2006 period; if only the Republicans had stayed in power, we’d face no credit crunch whatsoever. Similarly, the massive deficit triggered by runaway spending and tax cuts wouldn’t have been a problem at all for US balance of payments if the Democrats hadn’t gotten narrow majorities in the House and the Senate in 2006.

I mean, its like an ex-smoker who gets lung cancer two years after quitting. He was doing just fine until then; clearly he should have continued to smoke.

I do see, however, how this logic makes it possible to believe that McCain’s pledges to *continue* Republican economics will make things better. Personally, I want the McCain of 2000-2002 back. Maybe he’ll come out of hiding after the election, serve sweet revenge upon the people (now working for him) who slimed him in 2000, enact comprehensive immigration reform, and otherwise take the flip out of the flop!

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DURING THE PRIMARIES, DEMOCRATIC “PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE”, SENATOR HILLARY CLINTON SAID OF OBAMA: “No time for on the job training — McCain will bring a lifetime of experience — Obama will bring a speech that he gave in 2002″. I BELIEVE HILLARY WAS RIGHT!


People don’t liked to be referred to as good decent Americans at a BIG DEM RALLY in PENNSYLVANIA — and then be called “bitter, clinging to their guns and religion” at a “MILLIONAIRE’S ONLY” FUND RAISER IN SAN FRANCISCO!

Barack Hussein Obama, the “Nuevo-Millionaire-Elitist”, just doesn’t get it!


Posted by NORTH CAROLINA TARHEEL! | Report as abusive

Seriously, how ridiculous is it that this comment is getting so much attention? There are real issues here, not this ridiculous nitpicking of every little thing that the candidates say. I am so sick of hearing about every little “slip” on both sides. Maybe we should start worrying about the actual issues and start reporting on them, too.

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If you think Obama was being sexist re: the pig remark, then the joke is on you.

The sexism is in YOUR mind. That’s YOUR interpretation.

Of your own VP candidate.

Checkmate “my friends.”

Now stop voting against your needs. Then we’ll talk.

Posted by Timothy Morton | Report as abusive

I was once a believer of McCain. Now I feel ridiculous for it. As a responsible voter you have to be able to say this is wrong no matter what party. I may not vote for Obama but there is no way in hell I will vote for this man!!!!

This is all about marketing and winning regardless the cost. No way no how!! Not for me

Posted by brandon | Report as abusive

Contrary to popular belief there are some of us living overseas who would love to see a Republican victory. Why might you ask – cause we know that Mccain/Palin will lead you into another disastrous war i.e Iran or maybe Russia. The consequence would mean an additional $10 Billion a month in war spending,sagging public morale, increased US deficit, weaker dollar etc. All of which means America begins to unravel as the last superpower and we start a process of levelling the playing field in the balance of power. I suspect you might be dependant on middle eastern oil for some time – whats most ironic is that Iraq has posted a $90 Billion surplus while the US struggles to feed and provide jobs for its people – stupidity of the highest order!

Posted by Omar | Report as abusive

Puh-leeez! My family has used this expression for generations – all it means is that you cannot disguise something by prettying it up. Clearly what Senator Obama meant was that McCain/Palin cannot say they are separate from Bush/Cheney and the last devastatingly disastrous eight years just because they prettied up their convention. Read the GOP Platform, it is way more of the same eight years, only with far more extreme right wing zealousness.

Leslie – Wisconsin

Posted by Leslie Bruner | Report as abusive

I don’t know why people are getting upset. Look at the past few conventions that McCain spoke at. In three different conventions he said the exact same anology as Obama did. And i don’t understand what the big applaud for Palin is for, she is not an individual that should be in office. She can’t even control her own kids what makes u think she can control the USA. Her daughters have pictures of themselves holding Caption Morgan drinks and beer etc. She is just another two face idiot running for office.

Posted by Aaron Coin | Report as abusive

obama is the anti-christ and that explains everything about his behavior…now and in the future…beware !

Posted by richard healy | Report as abusive

if you liked jimmy carter,you will love obama.

Posted by richard healy | Report as abusive

Maybe Obama should embrace the situation and call Palin the Queen of Pork

Posted by Sharon | Report as abusive

I like Jimmy Carter.

Just curious: why are Dems, especially those of us in the eastern part of the US called “elitist?” When did that happen? AS far as I have always known, there are WAY more right wing elitist types than lefties.
Does going to college make you elitist? Has anyone else noticed that pretty much any more everyone goes to some kind of college?
I have an Master’s degree, but I fix my own car, do my own home repairs. So, I do blue-collar things but am an elitist due to my education?
People need to get real and ask EACH one of these candidates where they stand on issues, not Avon products.

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

I would like to know why the McCain/Palin team thinks Palin is exempt from or above comment or is not fair game?
One can create the illusion of a sexist (or racist) remark in just about anything anyone says.
If we have all progressed and want “change,” then part of that change has to be in our society’s and our candidate’s interpretation of remarks.
A person running for office is 100% fair game, no matter what color, creed or sex. To behave otherwise puts us all back a century.
Things in this world are too messed up to be wasting time on semantics. If you can’t take the heat, Palin, then get the heck out. We have REAL WORK to do.

Posted by pattypie | Report as abusive

So much international attention. The world is truly watching and we are not exhibiting the characteristic of a country known as the leader of the free world. What happened to America

Posted by Roschelle | Report as abusive

Linda Hatfield wrote: “can only hope there resides in the women Rove is courting a glimmer of memory that he duped them before and now some have lost husbands, sons and fathers. I have more faith in the women of this country whether they shop at Walmart or Neimans, then many seem to. They want health care and jobs not a cheerleader in $700.00 glasses.”

First, when I wore glasses and I am middle class, my glasses were $650. Perhaps you haven’t looked around lately at the cost of prescription glasses.

Secondly, conduct your research on Governor Palin, or perhaps are you one of those women that Ann Coulter defines as being a jealous, dried up old hag? Governor Palin is change, she is what our country needs, not the same old good ole boy club that is obviously very intimidated by a no-nonsense women who isn’t afraid to confront them.

Governor Palin coming on the scene moved me from not voting this year, to voting for McCain.

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Timothy Morton wrote: “If you think Obama was being sexist re: the pig remark, then the joke is on you.

The sexism is in YOUR mind. That’s YOUR interpretation….”

Timothy. That is the point – perception. Regardless what you individually believe is relevant to you, not to others. Each person perceives the comment either to be against Governor Palin or about no one. Their perception leads to which way a person will vote.

Oh, and my opinion? it was a sexist remark toward Governor Palin. His explanations what he was talking about or to whom after the fact, well I can do that too in almost any given situation. Carnac I am not. The man needs one of those walk around teleprompters, he definitely is not a man who can think on his feet and deliver a speech. He just isn’t any good at it and this speech definitely proved it.

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If there ever was an election the Democrats should win, it was this one. And look who they put all they faith in, and now look at the polls. It astounds me really. Obama/Biden is the best ticket they can put forward? Unbelieveable. Obama as someone’s VP would have been so much more solid and protected (as Palin is). Even Hillary as the nominee would have been less risky for the Dem’s. It really is an embarassing party, and the way they talk about other fellow Americans (Hillary supporters and Republicans) is shameful. How can any true American express such disrespect for fellow citizens, regardless of their political leanings?

My vote will be for McCain/Palin, simply because I cannot overlook 20 years of association with a hateful church. And I don’t understand who can forgive that fact.

Posted by Paul | Report as abusive

I love that Mr Obama has taken the high road during this election — up to this point.

But it is now time to break out the big, nasty guns and level them at this mealy mouthed, cheats-on-the-wife playboy, Washington beltway insider, runs with the lobbyist elite establishment, attack ad approving, needs a democrat (Lieberman) to correct his mis-statements, over the hill, Senator McCain.

Barack – no more Mr Nice guy if you please.

We as a country have a chance to turn our backs on the go-it-alone, cowboy, shoot-from-the-hip policies of the last eight years, but we sure as hell will not turn this page in history by voting in the same party that got us into this economic and foreign policy mess.

Why would normally coherent people want to hand the Republican party another four years?!? God help us…

Barack Obama may not be perfect but he sure as hell will be a great improvement over McCain. He is the classic American (maybe ONLY in America) success story. He brought HIMSELF to this place in history — not his Dad, his connections, or is birth family. He has seen how people in the third world really live. He has show that he will put the needs of people around him over his own. He has the proven ability to motivate otherwise “regular folks” to take on larger and more powerful people. Please, America, don’t lose this opportunity! This country CAN be great once again if we just break out of our self-imposed prison of idiocy.

Posted by Rob C | Report as abusive

Let’s put an end to the media nonsense already. Important issues are at stake. All you evangelical consevatives, vote for your candidates; they won’t win anyway. Fortunately, there are enough younger people who are informed and get it. Older Americans have messed up our country long enough.
Everything is ‘sexist’ with Palin. Give us a break.

Posted by Joyce | Report as abusive

Since when did working your ass off to get into Harvard become a BAD THING??? Since when did serving your community become a BAD THING? Since when did teaching students become a BAD THING? When did the same comment that McCain made regarding Hilary’s healthcare policy become a BAD THING? When the Republican said so. I would rather have a president who wants to help people rather than a president whose ideals are subject to the fake HOLIER THAN THOU FANATICS!!!

Posted by Alida | Report as abusive

McCain has become quite the politician since he got his party’s nomination… he has proven time and again that his strategy for winning is based on personal attacks and distracting people from the main issues

Posted by media kingdom | Report as abusive

Republicans are performing acrobatics as they attempt to distance themselves from themselves. According to Romney at the convention, the way to fix government is to turn it over to conservatives.
HELLO!! ? Has Romney not noticed that conservatives have been in charge of Washington for a long time? They have, but they did not want to act like conservatives. During that time “conservatives” changed budget surpluses into huge deficits, caution in foreign affairs gave way to invasion of Iraq (a country who had not threatened the US), “lean and efficient” government compounded the Katrina tragedy, and government “got out of our way” (well, actually not of “OUR” way – it’s still trying to insinuate itself into our bedrooms – but it DID get out of the way of Bear Stearns crooks and rapacious oil executives), enabling the financial fiascos.

During these “conservative years” conservatism lost its honor, as the goal (staying in power) justified the means (the politics of wedge issues, fear, lies and deception). If Romney still wants “real conservatives” in charge, he should tell the REPUBLICANS how badly they misled the nation.

P.S. Now McCain returns with the promise his gov’t will “get out of the way”, and thereby enable big business to play for keeps- and make the taxpayer pay when they fail. (who said Republicans can’t act like socialists? they can, when it’s in order to bail out their fat cats).

Posted by ehudmos | Report as abusive

To North Carolina Tarheel: The Code word for you is Bigot.
And that’s okay,vote your heart. Just a reminder Romney, Huckabee and other Republicans had some unplesant things to say about Mccain. In fact it got ugly between Huckabee and Mccain. When Mccain won the Republican Nomination they all got behind him with their support. Airhead tarheel: Remember Hillary lost with that logic.Anyway she is 100% behind Barack now. Go out and listen to her and Bill when they come to your state.

Its sounds like you already had your mind made up (closet bigot). Then you searched for reasons to back your position no matter how illogical they were. We don’t want your vote you’re part of our shameful past

Posted by dannyhilton | Report as abusive