Obama: Republicans focusing on lipstick and Britney, not issues

September 13, 2008

CONCORD, N.H. – Barack Obama accused Republicans on Friday of trying to shift the focus of the presidential debate away from serious issues such as the economy and toward frivolous subjects like lipstick, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.rtx8oqq.jpg

Taking on a feistier tone, the Democratic presidential hopeful sought to show his supporters he wants to fight back aggressively against escalating attacks by his rival John McCain.

Democrats have become concerned about the momentum gained by McCain and his new running mate as polls have shown McCain has pulled even or slightly ahead of Obama, erasing the lead the Democratic presidential nominee held throughout the summer.

“You’ve seen the other side not want to spend any time talking about the issues,” Obama said. “I mean, what have they been talking about? They’ve been talking about lipstick. They’ve been talking about pigs. They’ve been talking about Britney. They’ve been talking about Paris.”

“These are serious times and it requires a serious debate,” he said. Obama was referring to a blitz of ads McCain has run, including one that likened him to celebrities such as Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.

In another ad, McCain accused Obama of trying to smear Palin, an Alaska governor and self-described “hockey mom,”  when he likened the Republican’s plans for government reform to putting “lipstick on a pig.”

rtx8prh.jpgThe McCain campaign has suggested that Obama was making reference to Palin’s joke that the only difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull was lipstick but Obama’s campaign denies his comment had anything to do with Palin.

Some of Obama’s backers worry that Obama won’t push back hard enough against the kind of “Swift Boat” attacks used against Democrat John Kerry in his failed 2004 White House bid.

But Obama has been emphasizing he is not going to shrink from the fight against tactics he compares to those of President George W. Bush’s strategist, Karl Rove.

“Here’s what I can guarantee you: We are going to be hitting back hard. We have been hitting back hard. We have been hitting back hard but we’re hitting back on the issues that matter to families,” Obama said earlier in the day at an event in Dover, N.H.

Obama was responding to a question at a town-hall style event from 39-year-old Glenn Grasso, who pressed the Democratic candidate on how he would respond to Republican “attack ads and the smear campaigns.” 

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- Photo credit: Reuters/Mike Segar (Obama at forum on national service in New York on Sept. 11). ABC handout (McCain appearance on The View).


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I think Sarah is more qualify than Hillary. So was Hillary’s rise to fame just because she was the first lady or womens’s libe. Come on Americans, We don’t need different parties we need qualified indivuals to represent America’s intrest. Most politicians don’t get it. They work for the tax payers and should be accountable. As an independant, I vote for who is the most qualified, as by their voting records, leadership, character, the company they keep, and their decision making ability. Obama’s voting record has been less than adaquate. He is supposed to be representing his people and making a decision, Yes or no. This seems to be hard for him to do, Why? Wright or wrong make a decision Obama. Joe Biden was a wrong decision, it shows you have no experience and are not for change by picking this dead beat politician. Joe himself, said Obama was not qualified to be president, as did Hillary. Buy the way Obama, tell your friend Oprah, to stay out of politics unless she is going to be fair and balance an have Sarah on her show. This is a slap in the face to all the women she has been representing and who has made Oprah what she is today.

Posted by Russell Avocato | Report as abusive

I think that anyone who doesn’t know how many states they are in the United States of America, is not qualified to be it’s leader. No matter how smart they are or how good of a speach they can memorize.

Posted by Tom | Report as abusive

Know matter what you say about Sarah’s qualifications as V.P. She has more experience & qualifications then Obama for President. Open your eyes. Get the chip off your shoulder form the past elections, that they were not stolen.

Posted by Russell | Report as abusive

I am afraid for the future of this country…not only because of this year’s election but because SOME of the posters here can’t put together a coherent sentence or spell simple words:

“I think Sarah is more qualify than Hillary. So was Hillary’s rise to fame just because she was the first lady or womens’s libe.” “Wright or wrong make a decision Obama”. “Senator Obama is focusing on portraing himself a victem…”

“We are living the results of our failure to maintain an EDUCATED and informed electorate that thinks critically”.

Posted by Joanne | Report as abusive

how much does the DNC pay you to post this swill? Are you paid by the word or the posting?

Posted by vet | Report as abusive

In all the comments I read here there is overwhelming opposition to any thought of a McCain Presidency, so why do the polls present a tie in voter support.

Could it be that Republicans don’t have computers so they spend all their time taking polls?

Posted by William | Report as abusive

They only intelligen responce I see on this entire blog is “sam”.
I love the democrat who says republicans are ” hypocritical, mean-spirited and deliberately stupid” Can’t you see the irony in that statement?! someone who would write that CAN’T be mean-spirited themselves. Just because republicans find most of these OPINIONS too rediculous to respond to by blogging all day, doesn’t mean you’re winning the race.
By the way I hear issues, issues, issue….Do you even know what they are?

Posted by mary johnson | Report as abusive

correction: Joanne, you made some very good points also.
Most of these bloggers are just venting out of anger or perhaps fear???

Posted by mary johnson | Report as abusive

To Russell Avacato, WELL SAID!

Posted by Amy | Report as abusive

I am a McCain supporter and no I dont need to bash Obama or blog what I know. I just want to say that both these men have applied for the hardest job there is with the hardest interviewing process there is. Their life is under a micro-scope and anyone around them. They both should be commended and respected, differences in some views and some things they agree on. As long as they stand by their word. Who ever wins or doesnt it sets a positive example for our children that anyone can be what they asspire to be. Male, female, black or white you can succeed. Isnt that what our country is about? Our future for our youth. This mud slinging doesnt set any example from either side.I hope this race gets back to the important issues. Our country and how its going to get out of this rutt.

Just an added note. Its a proven fact that in a time of crisis a woamn handles herself better than a man. Palin being a woman bothers people maybe even scares them. But us woman are tough now adays. I am a Republican, started my own buisiness with sacrifice and hard work, am married and also raising our son, and no he doesnt go to daycare. There is a song titled “The female species is more deadly than the male>” Dont underestimate Palin, I had hoped for Hillary and would have been the only time I voted Democratic. Yes with a woman it does change how woman vote.

Obama camp bashes Governor Palin’s 17-year-old daughter for being pregnant. I believe it’s the pot calling the kettle black!


Check this out:

http://www.atlah.org/broadcast/ndnr09-03 -08.html

I wonder why Obama does not say anything about this man this Reverend Manning who keeps calling Obama’s mama trash.

Posted by REPLACE DO-NOTHING DEMS IN CONGRESS | Report as abusive