Obama presses sharper message against McCain, despite Ike

September 14, 2008

MANCHESTER, N.H. – As Hurricane Gustav threatened to wreak havoc on the Gulf Coast two weeks ago, Democrat Barack Obama made a point of toning down his campaign rhetoric during a swing through the Midwest, saying it was not a time for politics.

The White House hopeful and his Republican opponent John McCain also took a day off from battling each other on Thursday to observe the anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks in a solemn ceremony at Ground Zero in New York City.

But Obama, who has faced complaints from some supporters that he is not fighting back hard enough against McCain’s attacks, was undeterred in his determination on Saturday to keep up a more aggressive tone to his campaigning as Hurricane Ike raked Texas.

rtr21ul3.jpgObama used the first several minutes of his rally speech here to express sympathy for people in Texas whose lives have been “upended as a consequence of Hurricane Ike.”

Then he transitioned back to the campaign by saying that Americans across the country are facing a “quiet storm” because of the failed policies of the Bush administration.

He lambasted McCain as someone offering more of the same, saying he was “out of touch” while latching onto the Democrat’s message of change.

“You’ve got John McCain, my opponent in this election, who has been standing up since his convention suggesting that somehow he and his running mate are going to be the original mavericks and are going to shake things up in Washington,” Obama told the outdoor rally of about 7,000 people.

That prompted McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds to point out that Obama had canceled plans to appear on Saturday Night Live this weekend because of Hurricane Ike but did not set politics aside. Obama’s running mate, Joe Biden, scrapped plans to attend the Manchester rally with Obama in light of the storm.

“Today’s attacks mark a new low from Barack Obama,” Bounds said, adding that “it says a lot about Barack Obama’s judgment.”

Obama spokesman Bill Burton volleyed back with a scathing criticism of McCain as someone who is “cynically running the sleaziest and least honorable campaign in modern presidential campaign history.”

The statement was one of blizzard of e-mails the Obama campaign sent out during the day bashing McCain and his running mate, Sarah Palin.  One such e-mail was a lengthy memo cataloguing what it characterized as the McCain campaign’s “lies and spin”.

McCain was off the campaign trail for the day while Palin held a rally in Alaska before heading to campaign in the lower 48 states.

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– Photo credit: Reuters/ Neal Hamberg (Obama at a New Hampshire rally.)


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Its not just Obama scaling back today. Its everyone.

Obama scales back campaign events in Ike’s wake from The Associated Press this morning …

This is for everyone affected by Ike. Hang in there …

Isaiah 40:31
“But they that wait upon the LORD
shall renew their strength;
they shall mount up with wings as EAGLES
they shall run, and not be weary;
and they shall walk, and not faint”

This is a responding to the political part of this article ….

Schmit and Rove campaign ads scare everyone because they are branding the Media as “Piranhas!”, Democrats are “Wolves” and talented Artists are just lite “Celebrities” without talent and their voice doesn’t count. Schmidt and Rove have branded Palin as their Barracuda and Pit Bull.

Now Schmit and Rove are attempting to play the victim when ever the Democrat’s response or the mainstream media starts asking the questions that are on the minds of the voters.

This will be the election that will be studied by historians. How did they do it? They took out everyone with negative ads and then created their own celebrity who is running on a open playing field now. Barracuda and Pit Bull running down field carrying the football. Can a goldfish stop them. I’m checking out a video – Trained Goldfish Performs Amazing Tricks!!. Can all talking dogs stop them? I look at the video -Talking Dogs. This election may decided by a gold fish and all talking dogs taking on Schmidt and Rove’s Barracuda and Pit Bull. I have faith in the gold fish who says “No worries Team. Everything is going to be all right!” Our Goldfish runs onto the playing field to take on Schmidt and Rove’s Barracuda. A determined mutt joins our gold fish to take on Schmidt and Rove’s Pit Bull.

Democrats and Obamacans’s courting all Republican and Independent Voters!

Obama’s message rings of a “Beautiful day coming to America” which is similar to Reagan’s “Its morning in america again”

Beautiful day coming to America

U2 – beautiful day
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omFdpnSu5 7U

Over 70 retired generals and admirals have endorsed Obama/Biden ’08

Hope and Change backed by strength.

Our World
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlfKdbWwr uY

Obamacan’s – “The best defense against usurpatory government is an assertive citizenry.”
William F. Buckley, Jr. quote

The real change team for the last 19 months
Change we can believe in.

Vote Obama/Biden ’08

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Spare us your pseudo outrage Tucker Bounds. A new low for Obama? Any low for Obama is miles higher than you and John McCain can possibly reach at this point.

I agree with Obama in that McCain is “cynically running the sleaziest and least honorable campaign in modern presidential campaign history.” And if John McCain wants to retire with dignity rather than sinking lower and lower into Dante’s Inferno with people like you as his guide, then STOP IT.

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Comprehensive Sex Education Act link: http://www.ilga.gov/legislation/fulltext .asp?DocName=09300SB0099lv&DocTypeID=SB& GA=93&print=true

Please read this Act (SB0099) before you decide who is lying. If Obama wants to teach his daughters about having save sex at the age of five than that is his problem because he is the parents of those girls. As parent, I do not want the government to teach my children to have sex or encouraging my children to have casual sex in school or out of school. Since sex education has been offered to public schools, the sexual activities among teenagers have increased and nearly 50% of the young children in this country are having sexual transmitted desease.

Posted by Cindy | Report as abusive

i luv u barack

Posted by Erika | Report as abusive

The folks who brought us Nixon and Bush are peddling more lies … Obama never supported the sex education described in the ad, but rather a program to empower kids to be protected against sexual predators. Dishonesty is coming home to roost, smudging McCain’s once positive image, and deepening disdain for his party. Enjoy your mudplay, but the mud sticks.

Posted by Iris | Report as abusive

Cindy: I am sorry you have to resort to the same twisted half-truths that McCain and his sleaze team are using to win at any cost. Please check FactChecks.org or Snopes to learn the real story, not the lies that you seem to buy in to. I am also sorry that McCain, rather than retiring with dignity, will leave the scene known as the man who ran the dirtiest, sleaziest and underhanded campaign of all – in the Republican fear and smear campaigns hall of fame. No platform, no purpose, no business in Washington for four more years of the last eight.

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To Cindy:

So Obama supported legislation in favor of teaching kids to abstain from sex and to avoid bad guys such as predators? I don’t see what’s wrong with that.

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Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama thinks there should be a PRIVATE SOLUTION to Lehman Brothers’ current problems, a senior economic adviser said on Saturday. Obama aide Jason Furman was asked whether the candidate would support a government bailout of Lehman. Furman responded: “Senator Obama believes we should have a private solution to Lehman’s problem. And, unlike Bear Stearns, the Federal Reserve now has a special lending facility in place that could prevent a wider run on the market.” Furman also said Lehman’s problems were a reminder of the need to modernize U.S. financial regulations.



Don’t forget: Many Americans and illegals are ‘living off hard-working taxpayers’ now! It’s time to stop Welfare and financial aid, except for senior citizens (over age 65) and totally disabled “Americans”. Obama claimed he did not favor affirmative action based on race or ethnicity. However, when Ward Connerly, a conservative black man in Michigan, tried to get laws passed to end affirmative action a couple of years ago, OBAMA TAPED RADIO ADS OPPOSING HIM AND ARGUING FOR AFFIRMATIVE ACTION.


The Obama camp can play on “age” and “gender” but God help us if anyone mentions “race”. You can’t have it both ways.

Obama continues to make appalling comments but they seemed to be condoned and even defended by his supporters — these comments are derogatory. McCain would have been given 40 lashes.

I say that every time Obama wants to get by with his appalling derogatory comments, there is the race card. I am tired of everyone saying this is not about race and then he uses it to his advantage.

He is of bi-racial parents. Why doesn’t he say so? For the record, I have no personal feeling one way or the other about his color as people call it. I believe we are all of the “human race”. I do object to his appalling derisive comments about people he hopes to represent and about American history. How odd that a man who hopes to be President of the United States of America seems to have anger issues over the history and heritage.

America is not perfect. There are things in the past that were wrong but we cannot change the past; however, I am not going to keep apologizing for past mistakes and wrongdoings. We need to learn from it.

Obama has based his entire campaign on lies. His negative outlook on small town America and blue-collar workers really disturbs me.


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B Hussain Obama ignored the destruction of Ike storms in Texas and indeed he is the sleaziest and least honorable presidential candidate in modern presidential campaign history.

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Whats the big deal about this “maverick” theme? McCain & Palin aren’t anymore mavericks than the rest of politicians. If they were they wouldn’t have to keep saying so and talking about the piddling trifles of their so-called “maverickness”…

This whole campaign has gotten so boring on both sides. Its like a schoolyard of misfits who want to be presidents but they don’t yet really even know who they are.

A real man would tremble at the thought of being president, but not Sarah Palin, gud durn it, she can’t wait! She wants it worse than anyone.

There used to be an old wisdom… Only those who don’t want to govern others, because they know the gravity of doing so, are fit for it. Those who WANT it should, by the culture, be disallowed…

Be wary of people’s enthusiasms, as well as your own…

America will get what it votes for, that’s for certain…

Posted by sutu | Report as abusive

sutu – – Sarah Palin only responded that she was ready to serve as VP. She didn’t seek this nomination out unlike the other three men on the ticket.

Using your logic this woud make her the *most* qualified to hold the office.

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To Cindy:

I checked your link:

“The program established under this Act shall include, but not be limited to, the following major educational areas as a basis for curricula in all elementary and secondary schools in this State: human ecology and health, human growth and development, the emotional, psychological, physiological, hygienic and social responsibilities of family life, including sexual abstinence and prevention of unintended pregnancy until marriage, prevention and control of disease, including age appropriate instruction in grades K 6 through 12 on the prevention of sexually transmitted infections,”

Take a look at that: *sexual abstinence* and *age appropriate*. Especially the age appropriate part. It’s obviously a lie that Obama supports “comprehensive sex ed for kindergarteners” like McCain accuses in his ad. Nowhere in the legislation does it encourage children to have sex, as McCain insinuates, especially with the *sexual abstinence* part.

Oh by the way, you can warp statistics to mean anything. If sexually transmitted diseases are up 50%, that could mean anything from too much television to better detection to gosh, I don’t know, too many religious prudes wagging their fingers at their children not to have sex. All children go through a rebellion phase, and surprise surprise if the parent is telling a child no no never have sex all the time, the child will fight back. It doesn’t have to mean sex ed is bad especially for older children. If they don’t even know sexually transmitted diseases exist/are terrible, how will they avoid them? By wagging more fingers telling them not to have sex even more?

It is very much the sleaziest campaign in modern history.

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Hello. I am not democrat nor republic partisan. I am not even an American. I am only a person who is very lucky to live in this blessing planet.

Somewhow, some people want more and more by hurt other people more and more. By killing, by attacking, by bombing, by holocausting. By corrupting, by telling lies.
Not only in US, but in my country, Indonesia.
They claim it as legal thing to do.

They do it in the name of world peace. For people sake.
They do it now. Until tomorrow, forever.

Whatever missions and goals they sell, no more relevant now. They say the same voice: Where is mine, what’s in it for me.

Life as a skeptic is more reasonable to do now.
So, whoever elected as the PRESIDENT, it is guaranteed that THERE IS NO PEACE on EARTH.

With best regards to all the true peacemakers.

Posted by Aswin | Report as abusive

I am very tired of the negativity from both campaigns. I want to hear about the issues! Here is also an FYI for any of those campaign staffers (both sides) who want to negatively portray people who may not be into computers: grow up…you are aiming at the largest voting block in this country, and those people are not happy, including my parents and my inlaws!

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The goal for this bill was that young children be taught to beware of sexual predators. FYI: SChools can’t teach sex education in schools under Bush (we aren’t supposed to discuss birth control methods, etc.) I would say that is part of the reason for the spike in teenage pregnancies. Not all kids are going to respond to abstinence training. I teach at a very rural school and these kids need some help to understand about STD’s and how to not get them. We have a small school and several pregnant teens. Yes, I know that that is a parent’s responsibility, but many of these parents are MIA or are not addressing the issues. I would rather a teenager that had decided to have sex was prepared to understnad the possible conqesuences than they would just have to live with misunderstood consequences.

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STAND UP AND FIGHT FOR OUR NATION. McCain will do and say anything to keep our nation in Bush policies — and much worse. BoomBoomBoom IRan — and now Boom
Boom Boom Russia by Palin.
I am selfish: I will vote for the candidate whose plans support my best interest.
Social security? McCain wants to tax your social security benefits — Obama says that any SS recipient who makes less than $50,000 a year should not pay taxes.

Is your family having trouble making ends meet? McCain says our economy is fine but he can’t remember how many homes he owns. And says he just doesn’t understand economics. HIs wives (past and present)keep his budgets for him,he says. Obama understands how much our country’s deficits, war costs, taxes to the top 2% of the wealthiest, million dollar tax breaks for the oil industy and bailouts for Fanny Mae, etc. impoverish the middle class.
AS for McCain’s claim to fame as a POW: check out these videos:
Former POW says McCain is “not cut out to be President”
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_KjsEs46C 70

The voice of a Medal of Honor recipient.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYXCplJN1 uo


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To me all this talk of either side is only brainwashing show to American public

Posted by Lec Neli | Report as abusive

McCain had only one advantage in this campaign: nobody could go after the character of a former POW. He gave that away by lying multiple times on TV. It’s over for Sleazy McSame.
Under McCain/Palin, rape victims have to pay for the exams. Americains don’t know anything about Pitbull Palin. They will.

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I’m scared that Obama is a fascist.

Posted by v | Report as abusive

The leader vote to serve, not to make destruction, i believe you can do that! maybe next time i meet you as USA president..

Posted by hamed | Report as abusive

I wonder how Mr. McCain feels about the new Palin-McCain presidential ticket.

According to an MSNBC documentary about Mrs. Palin’s rise to power and prominence in population-deprived Alaska, and her rise to celebrity status in the lower 48, “Mrs. Palin could be the key to America’s future”.

Holy Cow! That’s really reaching into the twilight zone, isn’t it, Mr. & Mrs. Reader?

I was, am & will always be my own key to my own American future if you don’t mind…you MSNBC wimps who obviously need the pair that Amy Poehler’s H.R. Clinton character offered to you on SNL last night.

At least SNL retained its pair, after MSNBC had its radical vasectomy.

It’s really tough for Mr. Obama, Mr. Biden and domestic/foreign policy issues to be heard above the media din FOR Mrs. Palin (and by inference, also for Mrs. Palin’s running mate, Mr. McCain). What was that…the media is supposed to be NEUTRAL? Guess again, M&MR.

Mrs. McCain has figured it out though. Yes, she has the solution for getting noticed above the din.

Rather than raise her voice and lose it in the process, Mrs. McCain simply wears very loud colors to get the attention that she once commanded before Mrs. Palin came along and filled Mr. McCain with glee and delight.

As a matter of fact, Mrs. Palin has enraptured the media as well, i.e., the press (women as well as men). You know, M&MR, the press that is specified in the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights, i.e., the press that is supposed to have the freedom to find out all about virtually unknown politicians who “could be the key to America’s future”.

Although the media is shamefully avoiding taking on Mrs. Palin’s flawed side by way of the First Amendment, she doesn’t mind using her First Amendment freedoms of religion and speech in the political pulpit. Of course, she seems to have missed the point of the founding fathers, i.e., with freedom of religion comes separation of church and government (a.k.a. politics, government).

I guess that Mrs. Palin is okay with 2 out of 4 clauses of the supreme law of the land’s First Amendment, i.e., the 2 clauses that are convenient and play well at the moment. Recap: She likes freedom of speech and religion, and the fact that the media has abdicated freedom of the press. Plus, she figures that with the latter it must be okay for her to skip over that little nuisance called separation of church and state.

Does this sound like anybody else we Americans are familiar with?

Wow! Yes! Now we have the female version of George Walker Bush! Along with that, we have the good ole vasectomized media.

Naturally, in Mr. Bush’s case, he wasn’t too peachy keen on anybody’s freedom of speech except his own (and that of Mr. Cheney, of course). Remember that guy, Ari Fleischer? You know, M&MR, that fellow who told us on *September 26, 2001, to “watch what we say, watch what we do” when he was Mr. Bush’s press secretary. Now he’s a paid, partisan, political commentator. Mr. Fleischer, of course, supports Mrs. Palin. Perhaps he wants his old job back come the Palin-McCain administration on January 20th. Well, one can hope can’t one?

OK Jack

*MR. FLEISCHER: I’m aware of the press reports about what he said. I have not seen the actual transcript of the show itself. But assuming the press reports are right, it’s a terrible thing to say, and it unfortunate. And that’s why — there was an earlier question about has the President said anything to people in his own party — they’re reminders to all Americans that they need to watch what they say, watch what they do. This is not a time for remarks like that; there never is.

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Has Obama changed the change he was going to change yet? Or is he changing the change he had already changed?

Lets have less hot air and more policy specifics. I am no fan of Mcain but time is running out for you to start giving us some concrete ideas of what you will do that is actually unique rather than more of the same old Democrat policies.

Posted by Nick | Report as abusive

I am not american, and i have a question i am sure a lot of people around the world have the same.
…does anybody can tell me why somebody like McCain has a chance to win these elections? I think that this guy, everywhere in the world, would be seen as a joke, with absolutely no chance of being elected.
I think only in USA we can see these kind of caricatural candidate. It is so obvious that this man will continue the bush gvt policy and doesn’t care for the people. And Sarah Palin? I think the choice of Palin for VP is showing how the only interest of McCain is to become president, and if the democrat candidate was Hillary, McCain should have choosed a black man as VP… so much hipocrisy!…
Americans will elect McCain, and after 2 more wars and millions more of poor people, they will elect him again, because he will do the “best” TV spot attacks on his democrat opponent.
Americans are still too much racist and ignorant to vote for Obama. (And somebody call Barack Hussein must probably be an an agent of Al-Qaida!)
America is the only rich country where people doesn’t have the education and the intellectual tools to make a good choice when electing the president of their country.
The problem is that this choice will have an effect on the whole planet… unfortunately.

Posted by rodrigo | Report as abusive

To Nick:

One of Obama’s strongest advantages is that he has very detailed and specific plans to deal with a wide array of problems. You may not agree with everything, but he certainly puts on a spread and presents his ideas with thoughtfulness and a genuine desire to fix problems. I suggest you check out his website or pay close attention to his policy proposals in the media.

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If true that Obama is prepared to ratchet up the numbingly passive tone and content of his campaign, it’s about time.

McCain/Palin, & the legion of Rove-operatives led by Steve Schmidt & co., have been clobbering Obama in every major media news-cycle for weeks, and on the web as well (see the numerous Republican Party-sponsored youtube hate-clips on immigration, abortion, race, etc.).

At the end of the day, most voters want to know not only the views of politicians, but that they are fighters who will work hard for them, an impression Obama/Biden have not been willing or able to project.

Hopefully for our nation, the so-far aloof Obama and Biden have at long last started to “get” this point.

They have to right their capsized campaign quickly and forcefully, before it’s too late. If they don’t, all Americans will be the losers, and we’ll suffer painfully for the next four years.

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People, lets us make every attempt to be able to disagree without being nasty.
Obama has agrees with and has voted for abortion where they take the baby and leave it in a dark room to die after birth, this includes babies who have down syndrome.
Can you honestly say you can vote for someone who approves that?

Posted by Kelly Smith | Report as abusive