Karl Rove says McCain, Obama have gone too far

September 15, 2008

rove.jpgJACKSONVILLE, Florida – Take it from an expert. Karl Rove, known as the architect of President George W. Bush’s electoral victories, believes White House candidates John McCain and Barack Obama have gone too far in their attacks on each other.

Rove, speaking on the television program Fox News Sunday, said an ad by the Democratic presidential nominee and Illinois senator criticizing McCain for not being e-mail savvy was unfair.

“His war injuries keep him from being able to use a keyboard. He can’t type. You know, it’s like saying he can’t do jumping jacks,” Rove said of the Arizona senator and former U.S. prisoner of war in Vietnam.

But pressed by the program’s host to find fault on both sides, Rove said the Republican presidential nominee was equally guilty.

“McCain has gone in some of his ads — similarly gone one step too far and sort of attributing to Obama things that are, you know, beyond the 100-percent-truth test,” Rove said.

The Obama campaign seized on the comments, which it felt validated growing criticism that McCain’s operation had turned increasingly negative.

“In case anyone was still wondering whether John McCain is running the sleaziest, most dishonest campaign in history, today Karl Rove — the man who held the previous record — said McCain’s ads have gone too far,” Obama spokesman Tommy Vietor said in a statement.

Rove said both campaigns were making a mistake by pushing the envelope with their assaults.

“They don’t need to attack each other in this way,” he said. “They have legitimate points to make about each other.”

Words to live by as the 2008 campaign enters the home stretch?

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Photo credit: Fred Prouser/Reuters (Karl Rove at a panel discussion in Beverly Hills, California on July 14, 2008)


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Not being able to type isn’t an excuse for not being computer literate. I know lots and lots of disabled people who can’t type and they use computers all the time. There is an abundance of adaptive equipment available to anyone with injuries such as McCain’s, and God knows the expense of such equipment isn’t one of McCain’s concerns.

On the View, when McCain was attacked for having approved his untruthful and distasteful ads, the first thing he did was defend himself, saying just that, that his ads were a defense against attacks by Obama.

Come on, John, and come on Carl. Just how stupid do you think we are?

Posted by Michele | Report as abusive

Who gives a damn!?! When did Karl Rove become a relevant authority on truth?

Posted by Jeremy Cruz | Report as abusive

Mr. Rove is right. These political ruffians are out of bounds!

Posted by gringo | Report as abusive

Of what possible relevance or significance can it be that John can’t or won’t use a computer? It was a sleazy ad whose only purpose was to try to portray him as a clueless old fogey completely out of touch with modern America. Presidents don’t have time to play around with e-mail and internet surfing,anyway. They have people for that.

Posted by John hinckley | Report as abusive

Rove, the decorated idiot tries to slash mud at Obama’s campaign. He tries to confuse the garbage from McCain camp, his doing, onto the other campaign. He actually belongs in a jail; a coward who would not talk under oath. Why are any News and other Media ever mentioning anything this scoundrel has to say. {His paranoid comment <> Treat him like a treason artist, way beyond just doing con jobs.

Posted by O.P. Neon | Report as abusive


How stupid do you think we are? Do you actually think John McCain doesn’t understand computer technology? I don’t think America needs a ‘web-surfer’ in the Whit House… it needs an accomplished man that has faced adversity and one that has solid character above all… and in this race, that’s McCain Palin.

Obama = empty suit. The man has accomplished nothing… other than to prove that he can act on stage with a prepared speach…

Posted by Brian Dreyer | Report as abusive

Karl is right. The two candidates have chosen to squander record breaking fundraising dollars on idiotic attack ads. There’s no change, there’s no reform. Just a hyper-inflated media frenzy and crazy people trying to rule America and the world. Talk of 3am phone calls, assassinations, cracker nation blues and swine lipstick. What an utter freakshow circus this election is turning out to be. The End must be near.

Posted by joy | Report as abusive

Let me get this straight. Did rove really just suggest that he believes campaign attacks need to pass a 100% truth test? It would be difficult to think of someone with less moral authority on the issue…

Posted by Jim | Report as abusive

Mr. Rove:

What crap. Even my 3 year old grandson who cannot even read can use a computer mouse to click on an icon to start a game or pull up an email account.

My 82 year old mother has arthritis and can’t type, but she can talk into the microphone and dictate her emails and watch the computer type them for her.

John McCain is a spoiled rich brat who has never gone shopping except for beer, and HIRES people to do EVERYTHING for him. He has NO concept of the struggle the average person has running the Republican Gauntlet of the past 7 years.

Barack Obama understands and has a proven record of working to help those who NEED help. When McCain’s crowd needs help, they hire a lawyer, an accountant and someone to lobby on their behalf. That is the difference between the two candidates.

And McCain is a hip shooter who will get us into MORE wars, just like Bush has. Obama will look for other solutions before going to war. The people of this country know that and are not fooled by McCain’s lying commercials or Palin’s pretty face.

Have you even noticed she has STOPPED wearing lipstick lately so as not to be confused as a pig by McCain and Obama. Both have used that statement, but only Obama admits it. McCain tries to pretend Obama was referring to Palin — but Obama was simply parroting what he heard McCain say about Hilary Clinton.

Shame on you, John McCain. I used to respect you. NO MORE.

Posted by Mark Regan | Report as abusive

Now that McSame has levied his nasty ads Karl is fearful of similar adds from Obama? It’s still the same old you can’t do what we do syndrome. We’re above it all, Sure thing Karl whatever you want we’ll just do what you say, after all your the one who brought us the WORST PRESIDENT EVER!!!!! So we can be sure you only have the good of the nation at heart?

Spare us the spin… Go directly to jail, no get out of jail free cards.Valerie thanks you for her early retirement. The under cover CIA operatives who’s work you thus undermined are so appreciative for your efforts at furthering the collapse of the US intelligence agency. But with the NSA spying on Americans who needs under cover agents in the field of foreign countries—great work Karl.

Posted by yakmon | Report as abusive

The McCain camp started the sleaze slinging and now they are crying fowl that they got a dose of what they had coming to them. Sounds like the class bully that finally gets the stuffing kicked out of him.

we have tens of thousands of people about to lose their jobs in NY as our financial industry, once the envy of the world, finds its way going down the toilet. And yet..no one mentions that the Republicans consistently fought against regulation so that these fiascoes wouldn’t happen. Now, the big guys responsible for these messes want OUR money to bail them out. So they can collect their golden parachutes. I don’t mind shoring up our financial industry, because I know we can rebuild it better than ever…but not if we do the same thing over and over again.

We can do better…we need to do better. Go-Bama!

Posted by soccer mama | Report as abusive

Do Americans, Republican or Democrat, really still care what Karl Rove thinks?

Posted by Brian Woodward | Report as abusive

I’m trying to figure out who is interested in Rove’s opinion. His comments on McCain or Obama are much like getting Charlie Manson’s comment on the new OJ trail, who cares?
Anyone with two brain cells would be insulted by McCain’s commercials if they thought they were aimed at them and if anything, they are alienating voters who are undecided. I know they think they are being clever, twisting half truths or outright lying, but the only people they have outsmarted so far, is themselves. Having been slickered for the the last two elections, I think the American voters are probably going to be a little harder to fool this time, by either party.

Posted by Alexander Frost | Report as abusive

The fact that McCain does not use a keyboard is true and McCain’s war injuries are not pertinent in this instance or in any qualification for being a successful president. Furthermore, McCain’s ads are lies and distortions and clear to all logical entities much worse than Obama’s. Where is the John McCain I knew and would have voted for 6 months ago? He is hiding in the likes of Carl Rove’s pocket.
Rove should be in jail. He will not appear before congress because he is above the law and the constitution just as the Bush administration still operates today.

Posted by Mike | Report as abusive

Funny how Obama’s spoksman proves Rove’s point about both camps going too far with his comment about the “sleaziest, most dishonest campaign in history”. Comments like that lead me to believe his spokesman must have not been paying attention in his history classes.

Posted by Dan | Report as abusive

We must remember that Mr. Rove is an advisor to the McCain/Palin people. His many disgracful practices in the past are being repeated, Mr. Rove will set thing up then say someone else did it.

It’s most dishearting to see outright lies being issued ny the McCain people. Certainly they must discuss the actual issues before election.

I think Ms Palin will reach her match during the first VP debate, after that Mr. McCain will just fade away.

It seems Mr. McCain has made a 180 degree change in his words, willing to sell his first born for the position on President. Such a shame for a once fine man.

Posted by Gary | Report as abusive

i have a niece that is a paraplegic that uses a computer on a daily basis. she uses a joystick to operate her wheelchair. there is no comparison to the disability she has to the disability that john mccain has. you cannot tell me that john mccains disabiliy prevents him from using a keyboard or a mouse……….. karl rove really is the master of spin….

Posted by jeff | Report as abusive

Oh come on!! Msot people that use the computer and email don’t type with more than a couple fingers anyway. McCain is just old and behind the times.
I suppose he can’t even use the web because he can’t use a mouse? What a lame excuse.
Rove is just trying to make people think that Obama has also gone too far in his ads – but he hasn’t!!

McSame has got a record for the number of lies… and Obama has zero lies.
http://politifact.com/truth-o-meter/ruli ngs/pants-fire/

Posted by Dave | Report as abusive

Just to illustrate Michele’s comment, blind people with middle-class incomes use computers routinely now. Acquiring new skills is precisely what McCain is asking from the American workforce at risk of losing their jobs. Computers are also one of the best ways to address government “inefficiencies”. What happened to leading by example?

Posted by Francois | Report as abusive

I see both camps do negative ads. Just look at the pair blogers from Obama, they are every where.

I am a senior citizen and I take offense to what Obama continue to imply that old people are incompetent, useless!

Posted by kona | Report as abusive

I find it inexcusable to have such untruths voiced by both candidates, but mostly with McCain’s corner. Palin’s over-embellishments of her accomplishments and of her “anti-pork barrel” stances is in direct contradiction to her “bridge to nowhere.” She may have had the option of keeping the bridge on target (though not enough fed funds to complete it), but to spout, “Thanks, but no thanks”, when in reality, she kept the money and spent it on her “own pet projects” is not turning the fed money down, as implied.

At present, I am more inclined to vote for the candidate who “lies” the least in this campaign. Integrity and ethics have lost meaning with the GOP – mostly.

Posted by Jim Thomas | Report as abusive

My son is functionally quadriplegic and though he cannot use some of the adaptive computer equipment such as voice activated software, he can at least hunt and peck and manipulate a mouse with what few skills he has. McCain needs to be more forthright about his handicaps if he wishes to be judged by different standards than non physically challenged Americans. I doubt, though, that he lacks the innate capacity to take in information on the internet, to at least dictate emails, and to fact check and absorb information. This handicap is worse that the physical handicaps he has incurred. It chills the blood to think of a president, after all we have been through, who depends completely on others for this information and its processing. It is tantamount to being illiterate and makes him or her extremely vulnerable to manipulation.

Posted by elisabeth null | Report as abusive

I gotta hand it to the Republicans, they know how to spin anything. This underhanded tactic wouldn’t be depressing if the media didn’t buy it hook, line and sinker: When it’s obvious your candidate is the bad guy — everybody agrees McCain’s ads this month have been absurdly nasty and dishonest — blame both campaigns to prevent an Obama bounce. Insidious and ingenious both. And the so-called liberal media runs with it without thinking.

Posted by Dave | Report as abusive

wow … this is half the problem, our media have no sense of actually providing any journalistic context.

The McCain campaign has spent the past two weeks repeating blatant lie after blatant lie.

The Obama campaign puts out one stupid ad, that while possibly in bad taste is essentially true.

… and you guys report the story as if “both sides are doing it” … equally.


Posted by Todd | Report as abusive

The only remarks Karl Rove should be making is to the senate committee of which he is under subpoena. Otherwise America doesn’t want to hear anything from this master of sleaze.

Posted by Haniel | Report as abusive

Mc-“Cane” is too old and his health condition do not make him fit for being president, specially with Pinochio S. Palin as running “mate”. But Mc-Cane’s age is not the issue, it’s his MENTAL age, which is OLD and not in touch with our current terrible situation, to which Bush and cronies have brought to us.
-The same OILigachy is behind Palin, even before being “selected” by Mc-Cane.

Posted by El Mugroso | Report as abusive

Issue, ISSUES! With the average Baby Boomer retiring with total net worth of around $200,000, how are they going to make that last their lifetime? They’ll need Social Security as a safety net and it’s really not all that much in this expensive economy. How are we to pay for all this gentlemen, Obama and McCain? Talk about this, why don’t you?

Posted by Curmeleon | Report as abusive

I’ve been a computer professional for 25 yrs and
I don’t want the President fumbling with
technology. If they have the skills when they get there, great. But, PLEASE, let’s not waste the time of the most powerful person in the world coping with the inevitable tedium, problems and change inherent in Computer/Technology usage. Let’s keep the President’s leverage high. And, I won’t even get into the Security risks…(“Oh crap, I just texted my password to the third-world!!! How do we undo that?…”). Hire an admin or aide with Security Clearance and geek skills to shadow the Prez and offer consulting when needed.

The President needs good judgement and support from experts, not a page on Facebook. Run the country, not the computer.

Posted by JB | Report as abusive

Please, computer literacy is by no means a qualification we require in a president. For what possible reason would the president need to use a computer in the first place? Do we need our president to be able to Google search, shop for gifts on Amazon, or look up things on Wikipedia? A president needs to have experience, judgment, ethics, and a clear set of policies to improve the country- he does not need to know how to waste time playing poker online.

It is amusing how you cheerfully omit any commentary on Obama’s blatantly false advertising while attacking McCain’s ads as dishonest when you obviously have not looked up the facts. Perhaps you should read the text of the sexual education bill Obama voted for for example, and then judge who is lying about what.

Posted by George | Report as abusive

So swiftboat attacks on John Kerry were fine but you can’t so much as question why John destroyed three jets, finished last in his class or maybe wouldn’t be a good “decider” because he can’t understand how to use a computer and the reason why is because he is a Republican and they are exempt from reality??

Posted by george milton | Report as abusive

Karl Rove thinks his outing of many undercover CIA agents is no big deal. So why would we care what he thinks about this election? Leave it to FOX to hire traitors.

Posted by qwe | Report as abusive

C’mon does Rove really think for a minute that the people buy his lines about Obama going too far? He knows that McCain and Palin are about to be scrutinized by the media (especially Palin) and hammered by the Obama campaign in response to their Rovian adds. He is setting McCain, Steve Schmidt (and himself by extension)as the next victims of Mr. Obama. Mr. Rove, get a life; get a real job; get real and please go away!

Posted by Rukiddingme? | Report as abusive

Rove wants us to believe that McCain’s computer illiteracy stems from physical limitations? Following his return from Vietnam, McCain went through rehab and re-certified to fly Navy jets. Apparently, Karl Rove believes that working a computer keyboard requires greater manual dexterity than landing a jet on an aircraft carrier.

Posted by E. | Report as abusive

I completely agree Michele. There’s definitely alternatives to standard keyboards when it comes to using computers. And in all honesty, if the man is so disabled that he can’t use a keyboard, shouldn’t I be concerned with his ability write and sign documents as president?

Also notice that Rove points out a specific Obama ad, and implies that it’s directly offensive, but then simply generalizes McCain’s attacks on Obama and says they don’t meet the “100%” test.

It’s clear that this is an attempt by a GOP advocate to appear “neutrally critical”, but to criticize a certain side just a little more than the other.

Posted by Stephen | Report as abusive

I liked a quote I heard about this. “Its like the Devil calling you a sinner.” Although I have to agree with Karl that there definitely are legitimate points to be made.

The view was very telling, he claimed his attacks were sort of a revenge for not doing town-hall style events. Probably due in part to McCain not being able to draw a crowd.

Posted by Jeff | Report as abusive

I think that Obama’s recent string of attack ads are still issue based. McCai’s age is an issue to me and the “McCain computer illiterate” ad is a subtle way of implying this concern. I work in a tech environment and I know plenty of older executives that have learned to use technology to increase their ability to gather information and make important decisions. The ad calling McCain out on equal pay for equal work and the ad where the connection to lobbyists is drawn out are excellent ads. They go to the very heart of McCain’s allegiance and priorities.

On the other hand, McCain’s attack about the sex-ed bill in Illinois state senate is despicable. The portion of the legislation referenced by the McCain ad was intended to create child safety awareness to protect children from predators. Obama in his attacks has brought up valid concerns, while Obama has been damn near humiliated; being portrayed as a radical immoral lefty wanting to teach kindergartners about sex. There’s no comparison between Obama “attac-tics” and McCain’s “pooflings”.

I don’t even mind the McCain camp’s tactics so much as the relentless whining. They are finally up against a DEM with a backbone and a media press with some fire and they have no clue what to do. The irony is that they have become the “P.C. pansies” they are always railing against.

Posted by jm@RT | Report as abusive

Senator McCain’s injuries to his shoulders do not allow him to raise his arms above his shoulders. We all know that keyboard holders allow people to adjust their keyboard to any level that is comfortable. If Rove’s statement was true, then I guess John McCain can’t raise his arms to the level to sign any bill, autograph, or piece of paper. I think that there are a lot of disabled Americans (with shoulder injuries or amputees) that will resent such a Rovian notion.

Posted by Peter | Report as abusive

“Not being able to type isn’t an excuse for not being computer literate. ” Yes it is. Before you were born people used to have things called secretaries. McCain makes enough money that he can afford one. I have consulted and worked for many companies, successful companies, who have senior executives who are computer illiterates, but are considered the Napoleon of their regional business. Their success proves it and many companies still employ secretaries to take care of the little things you are trying to make out to be a show stopper. Just because most people over the age of 35 arent yapping on myspace, twitter, IM, email, text message, or wasting time on a cell phone, doesnt mean they arent capable. However, I have noted a pathetic showing of insecurity by Democrats who are trying to play McCains computer illiteracy as being inept. Gota love it. Perhaps if Democrats stopped making everything a “you can lose but you cant win” scenario, we might have better candidates. Obama is going to lose this if he keeps up the negativity. He is supposed to be the candidate of change and the only thing he has been doing is acting just like everyone else.

Posted by Jellico | Report as abusive

When Rove tells that McCain campaign has gone too far, you know the straight talk express has really derailed. He will do every thing possible to win this election. That is his life long ambition (he even stated in his book). He thinks he deserves American presidency because he was a POW. Well, there were lots of POWs in the past but no body claimed it as their birth rights to be the president of the USA.

Posted by Free Ads | Report as abusive

The only reason Rove is admitting McCain is a liar is because he sees the writing on the wall. He is using hte occasion to try to make Obama’s ads look just as bad, but it won’t work. McCain has run nothing but Attack ads for months. Obama has exaggerated a couple of times, but his basic premises are true.
-As far as Obama’s ‘100 years’ ad, McCain did later reposition himself and say that the troops would not be on the front line. However, if McCain thinks we can stay in Iraq for 100 years without casualties, he doesn’t understand the difference between Japan, Korea, and the Middle East. Obama is right- a presence in Iraq for 100 years could only be a fighting presence. I have worked in the Middle East and I know the mentality we are dealing with there. There is no way Americans can continue to have a presence (as we have in in Korea and Germany and elsewhere) and not be attacked continually.
-As far as the ’email’ ad, it has nothing to do with war injuries. McCain himself joked that he does not understand computers or the internet. True, he can’t raise his arms above his head: I don’t know about you, but my computer is not above my head when I’m working on it. The ad makes the valid point that McCain does not understand new communicative technology and doesn’t care to. You can agree or disagree about whether it will affect the presidency, but the ad itself is truthful.
McCain’s ads on the other hand, are out and out lies. What’s the matter Carl, getting worried?

Posted by Katharine | Report as abusive

I find every political article filled with partisan commentary. Its much worst than the presidential ads. Why do we expect anything better from our candidates when the citizens attack the politicians incessantly?

Karl Rove was being unexpectedly fair minded. The John McCain comment was just one example of many which he could have pulled from either one of the parties. Why are you picking on it?

Quite frankly, I don’t care if my President can email. He has other people who can and shouldn’t be wasting his time on the computer.

Posted by GHalley | Report as abusive

Why is Rove only concerned about negative attacks when a few are lobbed by Obama? You can bet if Obama expressed regret and vowed to stop, Rove would be right there with McCain cooking up a host of new sleazy attacks against Obama. Rove is just trying to appeal to Obama’s better nature so McCain can resume full force. Rove has no shame. Why is he trying to invent some phony version now?

Posted by Nna | Report as abusive

why has Rove suddenly come out from under the bridge he lives below? He must be concerned that his proxy isn’t doing a good enough job. It is just another sign of just how close McCain and Bush have become.

I suspect that they realize that if McCain wins he will have completely alienated Congress with his lies. It will make Bush’s last term look really productive.

Posted by Cataplasm | Report as abusive

Actually Karl Rove was on Fox and said that McCain’s ads have gone too far…..but some of Obama’s ads didd’nt pass the 100% truth scale……but he was mainly talking about McCain talking about Obama’s tax plan, healthcare plan and what he did in the senate…

Obama wanted to teach an age appropriate version of sex-ed for toddlers to know the difference of sexual advances and “bad touch” also that obamas tax plan will raise taxes for those making over $250,000/year……

McCains tax plan has been called horrible by independent economists because he is borrowing money to cut taxes for income and for his healthcare plan

Posted by Oregon4Obama | Report as abusive

I agree Michele, Republicans like Rove wrote the book on lies and B.S. Whenever they’re totally busted they try to implicate a Democrat. Whats worse is the press plays right along with this framing technique. I hope Obama keeps calling them liars until you can stick a fork in Rove to see if he’s done. If big media weren’t such biased republicans, they be asking rove when is he going to answer his subpoena to Congress.

Posted by hoosiermac | Report as abusive

I am sorry to say but the proof is out there that Obama did vote for sex ed for kids 5 and up all the ads are true. The View or the Spew is just a bunch of women whos careers have gone bust and have nothing else to do but be a bunch of ninnies. Democrats are just upset that McCain/Palin is in the lead. Because Republicans have class, education and money. Not to mention moral values and we work hard. To have gay marrages and abortions, sex education for kids? I own a buisiness and Obama wants to tax me more because I worked hard and sacrificed to build it and make a great living to give hand outs to lazy, yes lazy americans who dont want to work hard and always have an excuse why they cant get ahead. No thanks. Any politician who all of a sudden is proud to be an American overnight does not deserve the white house or my tax dollars.

Posted by Jeni | Report as abusive

Comments welcome: http://whenelephantsfly.blogspot.com

First, come on – John McCain is physically capable of using a computer. I actually knew a computer science major in school who was blind! Granted if you are among the countless veterans of the Iraq war who returned home without limbs, then perhaps you can make a case for not having computer skills.

Second – you have to realize that for a person like Karl Rove to even hint that McCain has stepped over the line in negativity, you know that McCain has engaged in some serious negative campaigning.

I hope and pray that the American people start to realize that McCain is engaged in this level of negativity to skirt away from core issues like the economy or his plan to make the middle class pay more taxes while McCain and his rich cronies get absurd tax breaks (and so his wife can afford to buy yet another pair of $300,000 earings while most Americans continue to struggle to keep up with their mortgage, fuel their car, and pay for health care.

Comments welcome: http://whenelephantsfly.blogspot.com

Posted by When Elephants Fly | Report as abusive

Wow, and I was beginning to think that Rove had lied so much that he could not even tell the truth. Of course, it does look like had to be pushed to concede that McCain ads had lied, of which they have done extensively.

http://ap.google.com/article/ALeqM5jMtvz hUJmkDwVPsjJ0vhp-MDl1-gD934RHCG0
http://www.factcheck.org/elections-2008/ mccain-palin_distorts_our_finding.html
http://www.cnn.com/2008/POLITICS/09/13/p alin.iraq/index.html

Posted by purerichard | Report as abusive

So, Obama directly responds to Karl’s comments on negative campaigning by repeating the same asinine comments about McCain’s “sleazy” attacks, while also knocking Karl? Tommy Vietor (and by proxy, Barack) are so incompetent on this front, it’s embarrassing.

Computer literacy isn’t needed when you have other people to tell you the news and communications you have waiting for you. And don’t make jokes about how “detached” McCain is about it; don’t pretend Obama or any other politician doesn’t have multiple staffers doing that work for them.

Posted by Luke L | Report as abusive

What utter crap. If Stephen Hawking can use a computer, John McCain can too.

Posted by Dinn | Report as abusive

Instead of referring to Palin by name, just use the term GOP. The GOP embraces the same greed and stupidity that she does. The more that people see the difference between Obama and the GOP, the more likely it is that Barack’s authenticity will get a chance to shine through.

Posted by Joe Dully | Report as abusive

Pathetic. Politicians are not grown-ups. It’s like high school kids running for student council and calling each other names. Our economy is in the toilet, almost beyond repair, TELL US WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO DO TO FIX IT!!!! I don’t care to hear about hockey moms, lipstick, and how much Cindy McCain’s outfit cost. Talk to me about what you will do if I vote for you. I don’t care about Palin’s daughter or family for that matter. I want to know what she brings to the table. And don’t tell me she’s a pitbull. That doesn’t tell me a thing about her. Tell me what Biden brings to the table. Tell me what YOUR plan is to fix what the past 8 years have taken, and without any regard to the people of this country, flushed away. Fix this mess and tell me how you plan to do it. Enough of this childish nonsense. Act like adults.

Posted by Mark | Report as abusive

Either way, we’re going to get an empty suit that is going to sell us all down the river.

Worst Election Ever.

Posted by oc | Report as abusive

oc do you think it’s the worst campaign ever because your candidate is going to lose? That’s another spin..Carl would be proud. To call Obama an empty suit indicates exactly what type of person many people will be in November…sore losers. Obama is the only sane choice.

Posted by Paul Rafael | Report as abusive

Well Mccain’s camp has produced some big old lies to try to influence the email generation of computer users (50-70 yr old) who have shown they can be manipulated by the “Obama used a Koran to be sworn in” chain mails.

We can only hope these tactics don’t work, or the country will be totally ruined when president Mccain shows his complete lack of economic sense. Remember when Ron Paul asked Mccain about the plunge protection team, and Mccain had no idea what it was doing, or even that it existed?

Perhaps Mccain should have “googled” a few subjects to try to fill in the large gaps in his knowledge about the really important things that will need to be worked on after the eight year Bush fiasco!

Posted by Teddy | Report as abusive

Karl Rove….the man makes stuff up for a living. He is probably the one who made the ad he’s saying went too far. He’s the one who avoided jail and Scooter got the short straw for a little bit.Karl Rove. Expert trouble-maker.

Posted by shaamex | Report as abusive

Shut up Karl Rove. Crawl back down into your brimstone lair until next election. McCain’s ads don’t pass the 5% truth test.

At the same time, when the devil can be made to admit that someone is more evil than him, we shouldn’t vote for that person, right?

Posted by Bryan Gacha | Report as abusive

Karl Rove belongs in Jail. His opinion means nothing to me. He is not an American, but a perverter of our sacred democracy.

Posted by Miko Krause | Report as abusive

Oh Karl Rove…

Michele makes a very good point. STEPHEN HAWKINGS anyone?

Face it McCain, you just can’t teach an old dog news tricks.

Posted by Chris | Report as abusive

Obama’s ad about McCain not being able to use the computer isn’t a question of his age. It is pointing out that McCain is not in touch with the American people in this computer age.

Many disabled and older people are computer savvy. I have a friend who is legally blind and he uses a computer just fine. He isn’t attacking all people who are not so computer literate but he is just attacking McCain and his inability to be on the same level as more Americans.

I definitely think that McCain’s ads are much more offensive.

Posted by Nichole | Report as abusive

Rove’s example of McCain not being able to type is nonsense. McCain can write and sign his name, so the notion that he can’t use a keyboard is ridiculous. Even while saying the ads have gone too far, Rove is incapable of stating the truth about the Republican candidate.

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Karl Rove’s analysis of the e-mail issue was incorrect. McCain indeed was referring to the fact that he has limited computer experience and has relied on staff for e-mail, etc. More recently he has begun to use the internet and even named some sites he uses.

Fact 1: this issue is irrelevant to the election
Fact 2: Karl Rove’s analysis, however, was a lie. Obama 2, Rove-McCain 0.

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How ironic that Karl Rove says that both candidates have gone too far. As the “architect” of the Bush campaigns and as a “consultant” to McCain’s current quest, it would seem that the choice of Sarah Palin as Republican VP candidate and the management of her public exposure thus far is a chapter directly torn from the “Karl Rove Manual of Spectacle Politics.” I for one have had enough of the politics of cynacism and destruction.

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Yes, Yes !! You are right on target, Mr. Rove. I watched your news media video.. and agreed with all your comments. There is NO NEED to bash either candidate … What we NEED is “truth” and facts. Who cares about emails… and whether McCain can type?
( BTW —- Don’t mess with OLD FOGEYS !! We’re well seasoned, experienced, and qualified to serve your words for dinner ! — )

Stop the Cr@p…. get down to basics. The country needs fixing !!

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Wow. I never thought in a million years I’d agree with Karl Rove….
That being said, it’s the pot calling the kettle black. Rove’s not exactly known for being a gentle kitten himself, plus it came out back in March that he would be advising McCain’s campagin. Hmmm….

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[…] Here is the part of the transcript the HuffPo conveniently left out for some strange reason. Tales from the Trail Blog Archive Karl Rove says McCain, Obama have gone too far | Blogs | Reuters.c… […]

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It’s interesting how the dems continually slam Carl Rove, until his statements reinforce their vitriol for the republicans. I don’t care what the media says, if you connect the dots, it’s obvious that Obama’s lipstick/pig comment, which came just days after Palin scored points with her pitbulll/lipstick statement, was an ugly sexist response from Obama. Now, Obama is crying that he was misinterpreted, while the media, once again assists him in playing the victim. The deck has been so stacked in favor of Obama, whether it’s the media’s refusal to vet Obama in the first place, to giving Obama free rides with Wright, Farrakhan, Rezko, Ayers, etc.. The media, as well as shows like The View, are continuing to show extreme bias against Senator John McCain, while kissing Obama’s ass.

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Well, forgive me but I don’t see any hallow around Carl Rove’s head which would give him the right to pontificate on the current practices of the two political campaigns. His hands are so soiled with dirty tricks it isn’t funny. The problem with the Republican campaign now is the mass media psychological shock treatment that McCain and company have successfully executed which could be called, “dropping the Sarah Palin bomb”, from which we had all better soon wake up.

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If there are any undecided voters left on this blog, please consider that Supreme Court retirements and subsequent appointments are likely in the next term.

If you’re not familiar with the current court make-up, please look at http://www.supremecourtus.gov/about/biog raphiescurrent.pdf

If you really believe in the decisions made by Alito, Roberts, Scalia, and Thomas, then you should vote for McCain. If you don’t, you should vote for Obama.

Bush’s damage to our world credibility, his continued acceleration of our accumulated debt (Iraq alone costs $10 billion per month which we pay for by borrowing from China and other creditor nations), and appointment of Alito and Roberts will have a lasting legacy.

McCain’s voting record makes it likely he will attempt to appoint more justices of the Alito / Roberts world view. You have the power to prevent this. Even if no politician wants to talk about our accumulated debt (political suicide), we can at least work on repairing our image in the world and preventing more Alito / Roberts / Thomas / Scalia disasters.

Please help us salvage what we can. The impact of this election will be felt for years.

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Jellico- While it’s wonderful that many top business leaders can achieve great levels of success without being computer literate, not a single one of those business leaders is responsible for taking a country with one of the largest economies in the world into a new future. The concern about McCain’s unfamiliarity with computers has nothing to do with his needing information that administrative assistants can retrieve for him, and everything to do with him not understanding one of the single largest factors affecting the direction society and industry are currently headed in. How can we expect him to make policy decisions that will affect high tech industry when he can’t even use a simple home computer? While I do imagine he would surround himself with advisers who understand technology, if he himself does not understand he would not be truly making decisions; he would be doing whatever his non-elected advisers recommend. In line with that, how can we expect him to make informed and educated decisions regarding the transition from oil to renewable resources? This should be, in some ways, the dawning of a new era for our society. If the United States of America wishes to remain one of the top countries for technological development it is imperative that we have a leader who is in touch with modern technology, and not someone who is helpless with anything more complicated than a calculator. It’s not his inability to use twitter or send e-mails that we’re worried about. It’s how out of touch he is with something that is steering the direction of our society and economy.

BTW, I hope your use of pejoratives with regards to your perceived insecurities of Democrats assuages whatever insecurities that compelled you to resort to insult. Oh, sorry. For those who are “out of touch”, BTW stands for “by the way”.

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Karl Rove, of course, is only criticizing McCain, because he is now very worried that McCain’s adds are bad and will lead to more support for Obama. His comments on Obama’s adds is simply to prove to the McCain supporters that he supports McCain.

When Rove made attack adds, he didn’t care about the truth. All that mattered was that it damaged the opponent and that there was no easy defense possible. So, in case of the Swift Boat ads, Kerry could not easily prove that he was right, as the events happened a long time ago. Attempting to put forward Kerry’s own point of view on this would not fully reverse the damege done and it would come at the expense of a lot of talking about the issues Kerry wanted to talk about.

But in case of the McCain adds about Obama’s proposals for sex-ed at Kindergarten, “pig with lipstick” statement and on Obama’s tax plans, Obama didn’t need to do anythink himself, all the mayor news organizations debunked it the next day.

So, all these adds by McCain badly misfired. McCain now looks more and more like Bush talking about Yellowcake from Niger. He has shown that he can take facts deliberately out of context and present them, with a straight face to the US public, as implying something that supports whatever point he wants to make.

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I’m a paralyzed Veteran from Vietnam. I am paralyzed from the neck down, I have used the web since the early 90’s
Excuses excuses

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The funniest thing about the whole campaign is both sides are clamoring for “change” yet… they say the same thing over and over and over. If you need examples look above this post.

If you want change, say something new. If you want the same old stuff… keep doing what you are doing. How a democrat or a republican can represent change is the silliest thing I ever heard.

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[…] Karl Rove has stirred up the debate brew and some attention for himself with comments he made on Fox News about John McCain’s television ads attacking Barack Obama. Rove, once dubbed “Bush’s Brain” is feared in my profession as the Darth Vader of the deadliest attack ads in modern politics. His saying that McCain’s ads “have gone too far” is guaranteed media coverage beyond his initial interview. Maybe that is what he was hoping. […]

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Seriously when did the Republican party become dominated by wimpy conservatives? I think The SNL version of Hillary said it best when they suggested the Median and the Republicans “grow a pair” or they can “borrow” hers.

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John McCain probably “miss-remembered” (ala Roger Clemens) that change was Obama’s claim, and that ad about teaching sex ed to children was 100% false…….We will find out how foolish the United States is if McLiar….excuse me McCain wins. Did someone say “George Bush’s third term”.

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Some previous posts have said that a president doesn’t need to be “fooling around with email” or “surf the web.” “He has people for that.” Computer technology goes way beyond email and the web. If a president of the USA doesn’t understand computer technology nor how that technology is how the world functions and operates today, then he doesn’t understand laws or bills that would affect that technology on a business and economic scale.

I don’t want a president who doesn’t use computers to be making laws on technology he clueless about nor does he have the inclination to learn.

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McCain has gone too far, even Karl Rove knows it can’t be ignored, so in order to deflect attention from the lie-spewing, win-at-all-costs candidate McCain has become, Rove must say Obama has gone too far too. Sorry, Karl, you know, and we all know that it is only McCain who has pushed the envelope. I pray Americans wake up and vote for Obama. Let’s all pray for an Obama win. And let’s all vote for Obama.

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Geez, I was typing too fast. Amended version below:

Can’t stand Karl Rove, even if he’s critizing McCain, with whom I’m not impressed and more than a little annoyed.
Rove is a whole-hearted hypocrite, considering all the black-hearted garbage he’s spewed in the last eight years!

Michael, I agree with you; I have a friend who has CP and can barely move, but he uses his computer every day.

I’d like to hear Sarah Palin answer reporters’ question – without plenty of rehearsal time. About all we’ve gotten so far is shaking of pompons and a lot of cheer-leading.

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John McCain is not apt at using email? So what? Barack Obama never touched controls of a fighter jet. Barack Obama never authored a single piece of meaningful legislation to show for his 2 years in the Senate. Barack Obama never… In short, Barack Obama never has done anything except some – admittedly very brilliant – speeches. However, no matter how brilliant the speeches were, they don’t make up too much of a record on which one can run for the top office.

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McCain can chose how he wants to lose. He can either lose fairly, or he can lose dirty. If he loses dirty, the dirt sticks.

I want to hear Sarah Palin elaborate on how the Iraq war is a “task from God.” That statement is on video. Then she flip-flopped in Charley Gibson’s intereview, and said she “doesn’t know” if it’s a task from God. What changed your mind, Sarah? Is God no longer keeping you informed?

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Come on people, see the truth in all of it and realize this…

Obama’s latest ad was not one to slam on McCain for not being able to type, nor his disabilities. The ad goes deeper than that. People with disabilities strive to do better for themselves and those around them. How can McCain be a good president when he in fact won’t even try or strive to learn new and adaptable ways to do more for himself and the people? Just like he did as a pow, he will lay down and hand America over to any who demands it.

As all of you see the label of war hero attached to one that was only a pow, you too are only looking at the outside and not educating yourself on the candidates nor digging deeper into any of their truths.

All politicians lie to a certain extent and so do all of YOU, but one that is obvious in the lies of his campaign ads and goes on to continuously approve them, is a coward.

Obama’s truths www.fightthesmears.com

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Let’s look at the facts as reported. Obama’s statement about McCain’s computer literacy was not a lie, it is a fact admitted to by McCain.

On the other hand McCain’s ads contain out right lies about Obama’s plans and programs.

How does Karl Rove compare an inconvenient truth to an outright lie and say both are way out of bounds?

Because Rove is a Republican and has been the “Bush liar” for years.

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Check out http://www.factcheck.org for the truth behind the lies. A non-partisan policy study by the University of Pennsylvania.

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Karl Rove is a disgrace. He should be in jail. Do us all a favor and leave the country. As far as I am concerned Karl Rove does not love the United States and he should leave the country.

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This is Rove doing damage control for the benefit of McCain — kind of like how the ultra-partisan GOP rails against the partisanship plaguing Washington (when they’re the ones responsible for nearly all of it), so Rove crows about the negative tone of “both” candidates, then it has been McCain’s candidacy that went negative first and without hesitation or shame. Now Rove’s concerned suddenly about the tone of the campaign?

Clearly, he realizes they can’t sucker punch their way into the White House this time.

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You are right Obama has never touched a jet stick, and he has never crushed 5 jet liners either lol

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[…] I’m not the only one who has noticed that the campaign ads are taking a nasty turn.  Karl Rove told Fox News Sunday that he thought both campaigns have gone too far. Other media outlets seized upon his comments and finally this question can be posed to the candidates:  Why are you guys acting like you’re in junior high?  Okay, maybe that’s loose terminology, but people are finally starting to see—and point out—the pattern of negative campaigning and how little it has done for furthering campaign objectives.  For the love of Christmas Jesus, what are their stances on the issues?1 […]

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[…] lie after another. It’s been truly disgusting. You know you’ve crossed the line when even Karl Rove gets squeamish about your campaign tactics. (Yes, Rove blasted Obama too. But that’s just Rove being Rove.) Something has to give […]

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why the hell is anyone watching The View, and furthermore it should be automatic disqualification for any candidate who would appear or call in on the view, or oprah, dr. phil, tyra, the spin zone, anything on any news network that was airing fresh news every 5 seconds about Paris Hilton or Brittany Spears before the 2008 white house race even started.

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I agree with Rove.

Too much rancour and not enough application.

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Karl Rove has joined Mike Huckabee is saying enough is enough and these candidates need to get back to the issues that are going to get them votes….or not! Time is running out and they are spending all their time trying to attack each other over silly insignificant details instead of letting the American people know what plans they have to make things better for us….I’m missing Mike Huckabee right now. He made more sense than all the other candidates combined….

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