Comments on: Biden ramps up attack dog role in Obama campaign Tracking U.S. politics Wed, 16 Nov 2016 03:39:51 +0000 hourly 1 By: Nick Thu, 18 Sep 2008 00:12:20 +0000 Now its time for Obama to be more than uplifting, but to show the same PASSION (fight!) as Biden.

Its not a time to be calm and collected, it’s time to be ready to take off the kiddie gloves and fight with FACTS and not slander and side-issues.

Obama 08!!!!!

By: Jeff Tue, 16 Sep 2008 17:20:03 +0000 1. I don’t think that.

2. Not many disagree with going to war with alqueada. I think it’s more to do with Iraq not having WMD. No tie with alqueada. Oil not paying for war. Building Iraq while the U.S is falling apart. Government creating false documents of Saddam Hussein buying yellow cake. All while the world has lost respect for us. This is where you need to step back look at all we have done and say enough is enough.

3. I think if you ask most Americans they are paying more now. Gas is up. Food is up. health insurance is up. All of this and my pay check isn’t up. It’s not a tax cut if you put it on the credit card because U.S. National Debt as % of GDP is way up… 1%, who already pay 50% that only points out the disparity between middle class and rich. When someone makes in 1 hour more then a working man or woman does in a year I will only smile when they raise the tax for them. You can can shed a tear all you want. The class war started in the middle class first.

4. I hunt. I don’t fear guns or to kill. I also don’t disagree with you.

5. The truth is nice for a change. I don’t see a case were you have to create propaganda to your own people. Georgia attacked Russia so it was provoked not unprovoked. I like my government to tell me the truth. Not drive me into wars.

6. I agree with your interpretation of separation of church and state. Just don’t pass religious law onto me cause I have no religion and thats my freedom. The whole Gods war used by religious zealots on the right really does not help matters lets keep that separate. I will not send my son on the religious rights holy wars. I still beleive if God is talking to you, you need a straight jacket not leader of the free world.

By: Matt Tue, 16 Sep 2008 13:13:27 +0000 Hey Reuters, no problem if it’s a lib attacking a repub, right? How about equal time? Might help fix your reputation as a far-left PR branch of Obama’s campaign.


It helps these long-winded posts of yours if you get even one thing right.

1. Anyone who thinks there are both 60 dem and 60 republican senators is an uneducated clown. That’s you.

2. Several terrorist attacks under Clinton that we did not respond to. One under Bush, none since we’ve used our military in response.

3. Taxes are down for everyone under Bush, which is why Treasury revenues are at record highs. Why should the wealthiest 1%, who already pay 50% of total income tax collected, foot even more of your bill?

4. The asinine gun argument is one most liberals won’t even try anymore. Just because you’re afraid of guns and watch too much TV doesn’t change the fact that areas with strict gun control have the highest crime rates, and those with high gun ownership have the lowest crime rates. Read a book.

5. Georgia attacked Russia? Wow, you ought to make sure the rest of the world knows that. Why would you keep that to yourself so long?

6. The non-sequitir in your rambling and idiotic post about separation of church and state is probably a reference to what you and your fellow Church of Secularism members parishoners believe is something that has any truth or basis in history whatsoever. Sadly, it is not. Thomas Jefferson once replied in a letter to a church that was seeking to become a state-sponsored church that it was best to keep the wall of separatation between the two. This is directly in line with the first amendment, which protects religions from discrimination by the state. This also happens to directly contradict what you wrongly believe, that there can be no religion in government. It means government cannot interfere with or abridge the rights of any religion. Keeping religious beliefs or people out of government would be exactly that.

By: Matt Tue, 16 Sep 2008 12:29:38 +0000 McCain, on CNN this morning has talked, and talked with out mentioming 1 plan on how to correct the introstruction or putting our people to work. He says it is Obama’s fault . That Obama has refused to have townhouse meeting with him. What does that have to do with fixing the issues facing the Citizens today. He is talking to the Spanish so is he telling the voters he will find a method, so he must not have a plan yet. Obama has a plan you can read on his web site. Obama has put out a plan on each point. I want it is writting not a bunch of lying ads against your opponent. time

– Posted by Joyce Mitchell

It was bad enough you posted this once, but twice?

What is introstruction? Not to mentioN (see no m at the end), I’m pretty sure McCain didn’t want to meet Obama at a townhouse anyway.

By: Mlyn Tue, 16 Sep 2008 07:47:14 +0000 Lehman declares bankruptcy, BAC buys Merrill, Dow tanks 500 points, a huge national debt in the trillions, and derivatives in the hundreds of trillion . . . this started with Reagan in the 1980’s, the dismantling of the Glass-Stegalll Act which kept investment and commercial banks separate. . . the rise of Asia and other emerging markets . . . . Even Jim Cramer says that the SEC and the FED are not doing their regulatory jobs. They’re looking the other way. We need our government to enforce the laws, keep the system transparent and accountable.

I can’t tolerate it when folks equate Democrats with Big Government when the Republicans are the party that wrecked this country through their leadership and sycophantic appointees. I can’t tolerate it when folks equate the Democrats with tax and spending when the Republicans have over taxed the middle class over the upper class, and spent our money on budget priorites that are extremely anti-democratic, anti-social, self-serving to the upper class of the Republican Party. Even Warren Buffet and Bill Gates and others have publically denounced our unfair tax system in that the top 3% income earners pay less tax compared to the 97% of us. I can’t stand it when Republicans continue to promote supply side economics–giving tax breaks to the corporations–when it hasn’t worked since Reagan. There is no reason why anyone should think lower taxes for the corporations will incentivize them to spend on research and development, or keep valuable employees, or buy better equipment . . . look at how much money is paid to CEOs and departing CEOs and tell me the subsidies are justified.

Folks should check out the AARP website to view the each candidate addressing the AARP members via satellite. Obama answers the questions directly about taxes, Medicare and Social Security; McCain just rants but says nothing definitive. Don’t give in the the fearspeak of the McCain campaign.

I invite those Republicans who can see the light of history and the facts to vote for Barack Obama. The neocons destroyed the party. John McCain succumbed to the “dark side” by accepting Sarah Palin. She is divisive and mean spirited. She will be used again and again to distract the American people on social issues that do not belong in politics. She will be the the ultimate reality TV show.

If the American people don’t wake up and object to the lack of governance by our agencies, if the neocons are re-elected to the White House, it’s my opinion that “friendly fascism” will emerge. Except we don’t use that term “fascism” anymore; it refers to another time and place. Now it’s religiousness or lack thereof or the wrong religion. Wake up, people, this is too serious.

By: Talleyrand Tue, 16 Sep 2008 06:08:17 +0000 In any half-way reasonable. industrialized nation, McCain would already be out on his ear. His choice of Palin was a disaster, because she is a complete ignoramus, she is a far, far right-wing ideologue. Her attitude towards Russia is nothing but fire and brimstone, and the reason for it is that without fear as a tool, ignorant politicians simply don’t know how to rule. It’s like religion. Her “god” is not the compassionate one, but a vindictive bum.

But in the USA, everything has to have that touch of brummagem glitter, it’s all hyperbole, all icing, no cake. So when someone comes down the pike and says: I have thought this over, folks, and it can’t be said in three words….. everyone yawns. So Biden, for example, has to attack viscerally.

When this election is over, and if Obama wins, the US government should set up some sort of bipartisan board of scholars to vet candidates, period. This idea that any Tom, Dick, Jane or Harriet can be chosen for critical offices has simply failed. It used to be that you needed some sort of experience and failing that at least a brain (which is why I am going for Obama). Nowadays, you have to be an idiot, apparently, so the hicks don’t feel too inferior.

Unfortunately, thanks to a bunch of Europeans, the USA is an atomic power. Were it not, I would say: so what.

By: Walter Sobchak Tue, 16 Sep 2008 04:46:39 +0000 Wow, you never know how many kook fringe Dem’s there are until you check out this $%#@. Saul Alinsky should be turning in his grave, but he’s not. The recruitment team that found Barry, knows that Saul is with his idol, and object of dedication in Rules For Radicals, Lucifer. There is nothing new about Barry, or his politics.

By: new_york_loner Tue, 16 Sep 2008 02:34:40 +0000 Senator Obama rejected Hillary and her supporters and then chose an old Washington insider as his running mate, a guy who, despite his vaunted “experience”, voted to invde Iraq on the flimsiest of pretexts.

As a result, the flawed Iraq War decision cannot be used against McCain, a very powerful argument is now unusable.

And clever McCain is pandering to the disgruntled female Hillary supporters by choosing a female running mate and apparently a significant portion of those scorned women are falling for it.

Obama is defeating himself. Somehow, he lost the vision thing.

Sadly, the nation and the world may suffer the grim consequences of Obama’s failures.

By: Rich Tue, 16 Sep 2008 02:31:15 +0000 OK, people. Think. Bush FAILED. That’s the only way to put it. And McCain is doing what? Abandoning all of the principles he had only two years ago so that he agrees with Bush on EVERYTHING. The reason? So he can win. That’s all that matters to him. Case in point: Sarah Palin. She’s the real face of his campaign, and as long as he can keep it that way and not let people dwell on her actual politics or values, then he can use the publicity to win. Don’t let this fool you. Obama may seem like he’s floundering, and Biden is a fairly unknown (if experienced) senator. But if people start thinking about McCain’s flip-flopping, and Palin’s obvious corruption and power-madness, then they’ll realize that Obama and Biden’s policies are in direct opposition to Bush’s. That can only be a good thing. They haven’t flip-flopped; they HAVE, however, tried their best to oppose Bush’s corporation-dictated policies–even in this Congress of “Pelosis,” who whine shrilly about Bush and argue with him on everything, and then wet their pants and don’t make any new laws or try to get any legislation through to prevent Bush’s shredding of the Constitution. Sure, the Republicans are blocking their every turn, as a former political party and now a for-profit enterprise, but they could have gotten SOMETHING done. Obama’s “clean coal” crap and indecision on some things aren’t big issues; he’s leaning toward the middle for November. But McCain is too. If McCain survives the term, prepare for another four years of “stay the course,” and policies that he only has because they’re popular with the religious right. If he croaks, get ready for a rip-roarin’ Palin term! Restrictions on abortion rights, gay marriage, sex ed, and knowledge in general. UN-restricted oil drilling in alllll the fine Alaska real estate, yet MORE nuclear power (no renewable power sources) and an old-fashioned book-burning every week! That should do wonders for the economy, not to mention our international reputation. The world already thinks we’re idiots, why not let ’em think we’re all hockey moms and hillbillys too? In conclusion: For the love of God, don’t vote for Palin-McCain (“The illusion of change.”)

By: flekash Tue, 16 Sep 2008 01:55:06 +0000 For the “silent majority”, Palin, being a female, will be just an excellent way out of “unpleasant” racial connotations of this election. It is her only role and it is as simple as that!
I bet Clintons will vote for Palin! That way Hillary may have another shot in 4 years!