Hillary Clinton: Happy to stump for Obama-Biden

September 16, 2008

rtr21rk6.jpgWASHINGTON – Given the rise of Sarah Palin’s political star, is Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama regretting his decision not to choose Hillary Clinton as his running mate?

Palin, the Republican vice presidential running mate to White House hopeful John McCain, thinks so and even Obama’s running mate wondered whether Clinton would have been a better choice instead of Joe Biden. But what about Clinton herself?

“We have a great Democratic vice-presidential candidate,” Clinton said when asked about Palin’s comment in an interview on ABC’s “Good Morning America” that will air on Tuesday.

Clinton praised her “friend” Biden as a strong leader who understands the big issues the United States faces at home and abroad.

“So I’m very happy going out campaigning as hard as I can for both Barack and Joe,” Clinton said.

Palin told ABC’s World News Tonight anchor Charlie Gibson on Friday she believed Obama regretted not picking Clinton, his chief rival for the Democratic nomination, as his No. 2.

“I think he’s regretting not picking her now, I do. What, what determination, and grit, and even grace through some tough shots that were fired her way — she handled those well,” Palin said.

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– Photo credit: Reuters/Brian Snyder (Biden on stage at the Democratic National Convention with an image of Clinton on the screen behind him.)


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It’s obvious that Hillary’s heart is not in campaigning for Mr. Magnificent – the amazing Mr. O. This former Hillary supporter is tired of the Democrat’s and ready for change that the Maverick’s will bring. McCain/Palin 08.

Posted by Pat | Report as abusive

I just can’t believe it! I know Hillary is campaigning for him, but I am with Pat… her heart is just not in it. I wish she would DUMP the party, and go on the ballot as an independent. I can’t stomach Obama or Biden. And to think McCain & Paulin is the alternative is not any more comforting. Why does it always seem to come down to “the lesser of 2 evils”… Why can’t we end up with someone we are passionate about and who can and WILL get the job done.

Hillary- I know you are the RIGHT person for the job… man or woman… You have what it takes to get things back on track. Unfortunately, it seems we are going to have to suffer through another 4 years of stupidity and God only knows what else before you have another shot at getting things moving in the right direction. Plesae do not abandon your plight. We need you.

Posted by Tori | Report as abusive

It’s great to see that people are coming together and finally focusing on the issues. The economy is the #1 issue, and Obama has a very strong plan to get the nation on track. It’s an exciting time for America with such a wise leader as Obama!

Posted by Mike | Report as abusive

It’s unbelievable to me that anyone who supported Hilary can now support McCain/Palin – they could not be more different. If it were someone I knew, I’d question them about racism – the only real difference between most of Hilary’s positions and Obama’s is his race and her gender. Otherwise, they hold the same things dear – a woman’s right to decide what to do with her body, equal taxation instead of the rich getting breaks that everyone else pays for, keeping jobs in America instead of sending them overseas, taking care of those less fortunate, really improving education and health care for everyone, not just the rich. I truly don’t understand how anyone who supported Hilary can now support a team that is so much like Bush and Cheney that it gives me nightmares – look what they have done to this country!

Posted by lucyblue | Report as abusive

The Clintons’ hearts are only really into campaigning for themselves. This is the third presidential election since Bill left the White House, who have they campaigned for? Nobody, that’s who.

Don’t read Clintons’ lack of enthusiasm as any sort of reflection of the candidate. They just like to pout.

Posted by CC | Report as abusive

Some call him maverick, I think “scary as hell” is more appropriate. He got on the change bandwagon like last week, someone must have told him that things really aren’t going well for the nations majority of people he is out of touch with. The only change I see with McCain is a more aggressive military style. He should be put in a nursing home, and not in charge of our country. He doesn’t want to build American, he wants to play an old mans game of chess with the world using our military. The problem is his global game of chess has drastically changed since he last played as a pon in Vietnam. Their intelligence is evident by their half-witted and fearless comments regarding taking a tough stance with Russia and Iran. With nuclear missles that will wipe out the whole f’n world, Johnny Cowboy and Palin still want to run our county the old way. Push and shove, arrogant and ignorant. He should go play tough guy in a nursing home, where he can hold the button that calls his nurse to change his diaper. Just keep him away from that presidency and the code to arm nuclear weapons, because he will hit the button.

Posted by jmamswct | Report as abusive

Obama is going to lose, and you are going to be the Democratic Presidential candidate. My “vibes” tell me you will likely win.

Posted by Nancy Weber | Report as abusive

Obama picked Biden because they will work together well and Biden brings amazing national security and foreign affairs knowledge and experience to the team. The biggest obstacle to picking Hillary was not Hillary but Bill. He has had a lot of business dealings that involve “interesting” parties to foreign governments and businessmen. He also does not do well sitting in the back seat – he likes to drive the situation and that doesn’t work well when you are not the president. Vetting Bill Clinton would also be a royal headache. The scandals from the past would all be brought to the forefront, as well as possible new ones as yet undisclosed. Hillary probably realizes these obstacles were in place and would pose more of a problem for Obama than would be good for the campaign and the Democrats fight for the White House. I am confident that Obama will offer Hillary an important position in his administration when he is elected.

Posted by Chris in Seattle | Report as abusive

To suggest a Clinton supporter would turn to Palin or a McCain/Palin ticket suggests the bulk of her supports are ignorant. I hope that’s not true as I wouldn’t want to find myself in that company. Yes we wanted Clinton…but we knew Barack would be the best second. Reverting to McCain means that people only wanted Clinton for her gender and nothing else; that’s shortsighted and ignorant. We wanted an intelligent qualified woman who could take our country from the brink to something greater than we are today. I pray that Obama wins and Hillary is put into a position with great impact. More so I pray that McCain and their disgusting entourage of lies lose; We cannot afford it!

Posted by jON | Report as abusive

For all those that say they were former Hillary supporters and are now Macain/Palin supporters, I’m sorry but I’m taking it for granted that you are just Republican comment trolls.

I would find it very surprising and sad that someone would now support a party that is the opposite of everything Hillary Clinton represents simply out of spite.

What sorry shape the US will be in if a party is elected based on these non-issues they keep trying to muddy the waters with. Lord help the republicans if it ever gets back to issues.

You know, little things like the economy, the war, nuclear treaties, the climate, etc

Posted by Jeff | Report as abusive

I do not understand how anyone who supported Senator Clinton can now vote for Senator McCain. There are so many issues they differ on and that are at stake. To name just a few: The Supreme Court could have as many as 3 judges step down which affects decisions that will impact the lives of our children and grandchildren around personal liberties including freedom of speech, gun laws, torture, choice, and on and on. The Democrats and Republicans are so far apart on so many issues: the economy, tax relief for the middle class, health care, etc. The choice is clear. What has happened to this country?

Posted by Cynthia Severin | Report as abusive

For those wondering how former Clinton supporters could vote McCain, it’s called a Protest Vote. You can read about it on the PUMApac website. I’m a lifelong Democrat & former precinct worker, while personally I could not cast a vote for McCain I DO like Palin’s spunk and am NOT voting for Obama. All PUMA’s have different reasons, these are mine: can’t overlook Rezko ties, can’t overlook racist pastor(s) & black theology background, can’t overlook how sexism played out in the Obama camp & msm, can’t overlook his voting for FISA! EVEN IF I could, after going to Denver and seeing firsthand the delegate intimidation and hearing first hand about the Caucus Fraud, I could never cast my vote for a candidate who engaged in Fraud to narrowly steal the nomination from the more qualified candidate. There. I hope people aren’t saying “it’s unbelievable to me” anymore!

Posted by Cindy | Report as abusive

This election is too important to treat it like a popularity contest that your candidate lost, and thus you will take revenge on the winner by voting for their opponent. Voting for McCain because you are ‘sick of the Democrats’ and because Hillary Clinton lost the primary shows a complete lack of serious thought about the ramifications of your vote. McCain is the WRONG person for the job and will do great damage to our country, already in terrible trouble. Sarah palin is an opportunistic fanatic. Take a look at this video and see the real John McCain. Actual footage doesn’t lie—
http://www.brasschecktv.com/page/325.htm l
Obama/Biden ‘O8!

Posted by swing state bluesblog | Report as abusive

Let me start with the fact, I have always voted.
This year, I will not vote for the lesser of two evils.
If Hillary isn’t running, I won’t vote!!

Posted by MARY SMITH | Report as abusive

Oh and by the way, I should add the yes, without a doubt Hillary could out-debate (with one hand tied behind her back) either of these candidates on issues relative to The Economy.

Posted by Cindy | Report as abusive

GMT: The only difference between Hillary and Obimbo is race and gender? What a joke…the main difference is that he is a fraud! That is more than enough to vote McCain/Palin.

Posted by NewOrleansPuma | Report as abusive

I have to agree with Lucyblue. If female voters are being so easily swayed from Hillary Clinton to Palin, simply because she is a woman, then there is a deep-rooted issue with Obama. Racism? Sheer cattiness? Ignorance? Their political positions and values are on the COMPLETE opposite of the spectrum! If you vote for Palin simply because of your gender, without doing proper research and making an educated decision, then you’re inadvertently hurting yourself and missing the point. If you get raped are you comfortable with a mandate that says you are forced to have the child? And the Republican stance on the gun laws is horrifying. It is truly baffling to me. If this tag-team wins, I’m headed to Toronto or London. And this is coming from an educated, hard-working young black woman who NEVER relies on the race card-just the humanity one.

Posted by Melissa | Report as abusive

Hillary has allways been the strong and right one. Obama as the weakest one was selected by the good old boys and girls of the DNC because they thought he would be their puppet.Hillary won even with all the cheating Obama did in the polls and caucusus. Hillary will be back but as we have no party anymore i and all my familt and freinds will be voting for Mccain/Palin

Posted by sandipuma | Report as abusive

I took a test on a web site that correlated my “beliefs” with those of McCain, Obama, and Hillary about a year ago.

Not surprisingly, I had 80% in common with Hillary, 79% in common with Barack, and 20% in common with McCain.

I will be voting Obama/Biden, because logically speaking, why would I vote for someone I have 20% in common with?

I know some of you are disgruntled Hillary supporters, but let’s get real: if you vote for McCain/Palin you will be going against your values.

Please stick to the issues, Barack and Hillary are almost identical in their beliefs.

Posted by Lily Thies | Report as abusive

From check to checkmate: Obama’s winning strategy.

All those stories about the Dems being suddenly outmaneuvered and scratching their heads have to end – it is time to refocus. Presented below is the simple chess move that will decisively win Obama the election. If you agree, please copy, paste, post, spread the word and even pass it on to someone in the Obama camp if you possibly can!! The stakes are too high, and the thought of getting that 3am call that McCain has won the election is just too frightening:

The strategy:

Don’t try to refute and in fact actually acknowledge that McCain and Palin are “mavericks” – then, make “maverick” equal “dangerous” and “unsafe” and make “maverick” equal “more of the same.” Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Aschcroft, Wolfowitz, Gonzales etc. were all mavericks – and look what happened! All that maverick behavior soon led to corruption, deception, mismanagement, damaged relationships across the world, a weakened America etc. etc…:

“Can we really afford four more years of maverick? Barack Obama: real leadership.”

Why it will work:

Firstly, you don’t win campaigns by just trying to refute the opposition’s attacks – you have to boldly set the agenda and this does just that. The Reps took Obama’s popularity and tried to turn it against him – i.e. “Moses” “The One.” But they themselves are banking literally everything on this maverick brand (both for McCain and Palin) – that is all they have and that is actually their greatest weakness – don’t run from it, tackle it! By challenging the maverick premise head-on and changing the meaning of “maverick” into something unstable and unsafe you will redefine their own message and use it against them. They will either have to stop using “maverick” and focus on the issues (which means they lose) or keep using it and dig themselves into a hole whereby people come to see that they really don’t want another maverick administration.


You will have to push it hard and over and over again, but it really is that simple.

“Hasn’t America had enough of maverick?”

Clip of Bush: “Bring ‘em on!” Clip of Gonzales: “I don’t recall.” Clip of Rumsfeld: “Heenie-peenie pie in the sky!”

“Barack Obama: leadership that restores America.”

Other advantages:

-It is not sniping or petty, so Senator Obama can uphold his “new kind of campaign” ethos.

-The McCain camp is instantly on the defensive and that is where you want them.
-It is not trying to tear down Palin (which won’t work and may backfire), but rather just grouping both McCain and Palin with the other dangerous mavericks like Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld etc. Add to this McCain’s famously bad temperament and you have all the material you need.

-It is new, but keeps in tune with your prior messages (so you won’t look like you are desperately shifting strategy) of tying McCain to Bush and presenting him as more of the same. That message ran its course and lost its power, this will give it a whole new jolt of life.

– It is bold, audacious and headline grabbing – very un-Gore/Kerry.

-Most importantly it will work because most voters don’t want more Bush and don’t want more Republican leadership. This presents a crystal clear message that if executed strongly will shift opinion back towards Obama as something new; as a real agent of change; as a new kind of leader. That is what his supporters already believe, and it is time to make that message loud and clear.

Posted by Deej | Report as abusive

I am a Hillary supporter. That would be in whatever role she is playing within the Deomcratic party to defeat the Republicans. Any Hillary supporter who would consider voting for John McCain should get over themselves. This election is not about our favorite not winning the contest. There is so much more at stake. Yes, I wish Barack did not win the primary, but he did. Whatever else happens, we need new leadership. And you can think of it this way. In honor of Hillary, the first viable woman candidate for president, you should support her choice. She is campaigning for him because she knows what is at stake for America. Good leaders do what is best for the country, they do not pout. I will forever admire her and will follow her example of working for the best choice left for president. And I look forward to seeing what role she will play within his administration to effect change for Americans everywhere. Health care czar??

Posted by dory | Report as abusive

This is what I have learned from those who switch party allegiances as easily as a sweaty shirt when “their” candidate doesn’t make the final cut: The party system is dead. Ideology is meaningless. Long live the cult of personality. Waiting for America’s Putin …

Posted by neuebiene | Report as abusive

The average voters are not very smart as much as I hate to say it. It’s how it is. Yeah, they will listen to some issues and debate who the better candidate is but they will be influenced and led astray. At the end of the day, they will cast their vote, a vote which I say is not entirely based on reason and research but on 30 seconds of tv ads and appeals.

Posted by Poncho | Report as abusive

Her heart is in it just fine. She doesn’t want McCain in. I really don’t know what else she can do to prove that to all of the whiners who just aren’t ever satisfied. She will not atack Palin. It would not be smart and Obama doesn’t want her to do it.

Posted by Stephanie | Report as abusive

When you get past the BS and look at the facts, they remain – McCain doesn’t give a damn about working women, and what’s more, he never has. If women want to vote for that, that’s their funeral. What people need to realise is that if McCain gets into office, the lives of working women will not change – they will still face the same frustrations, challenges and hard choices that their male counterparts will not. The difference between the Democrat and the Republican this year is that the Republican, frankly my dear, doesn’t give a damn. McCain has made that quite clear.

Posted by Lisa | Report as abusive

Hillary not only is not happy to be stumping for Obama, she isn’t even going to vote for him. Bill Clinton said it best with his hypothetical Candidates X and Y.

Posted by RIChris | Report as abusive

I have been a democratic voter for over 40 years. This will be the first election that I leave the presidential position blank. I will vote for down line democrats. For me it is not an either or.

The democratic party does not exist. The DNC is corrupt. If we are to have any decent change within the DNC, then the democrat must lose. He is not a good candidate. While charming, he and his staff are dirty. He will stop at nothing to get elected, and he is/was not the most electable candidate. He knows nothing about being in the highest position and for me, he has already gone back on his voting promises since the primaries. He has broken promises to the very people he needs to elect him. and yet, I do not see democrats questioning his truth-o-meter in voting. If he flip/flops now, what would happen if he were president?

He has not kept the high ground. If he had, he would have stopped his campaign, the DNC, and the MSM from being so sexist. Not that I am voting for them, but the republican party has been all over media sexism from the beginning. That, I applaud.

Posted by HeatherRose | Report as abusive

I really don’t believe these people who say they were once Hillary backers who now back McCain. I think they are actually Republicans who want to try to convince x- Hillary backers that it’s okay to go with the “other” woman. As mentioned in an earlier post, if you were really, truly a Hillary backer, based on her ideals, then, you should analyze your true reason for switching parties. Search your heart for fear… racism… or, perhaps, an uncontrollable attraction to ignorant and anti-progressive platforms. The Mc-Palin duo will set women back, not push them forward, as Obama/Biden would do. If you have one feminist bone in your body, vote Obama! At this point, of course Hillary wants Obama to win it; she’s an intelligent, forward-thinking woman. So, if it appears that her heart is not in it, it may just be that your heart is not in it… maybe you are not ready to see a black man win… regardless of whether or not he is the better person to represent your ideals. If that’s what it is, try to open your heart and mind and get beyond it. He will serve us better. Palin is not like Hillary… she is more like the anti-Hillary. In fact, she is most like a male-designed anti-woman!

Posted by Judy | Report as abusive

he should have picked Hillary. I am also with Johnny Mc. I dont agree with Sarah Palin but we need someone to shake up the good ole boys network. I am astonished that an old white guy had the foresight to choose a woman and single handledly do something Democrats did not have the guys to do: put a woman in the White House. This old military guy picked the hot chick! It is great. We dont have to agree with them but they are tough, determined, smart and they will do their best! Vote McCain Palin 2008

Posted by Sean | Report as abusive

Believe me I was a huge Hillary supporter. Saw her several times, I am all 100 percent McCain. He was right on Iraq, right on Georgia. He will work hard and compromise. I want him to have an economic plan, energy plan and health plan. I am never voting for Obama. He did not pick HRC. He was weak and instead he went for establishment.

Posted by Sean | Report as abusive

What are people thinking when McCain and Palin are both lying most of the time. Palin’s bridge and McCain’s mis-quoting the tax issues about O’Bama. when in actuality both parties will have to raise taxes to pay for the debt that we owe to China and the unknown debts that we have no idea about.

Posted by Gwen | Report as abusive

Both Nobama and McCain are equally bad choices–just in different ways. I’m a Democrat who’ll be voting Republican in November for the first time in my 57 years–just so we can finally see the more than qualified Hillary Clinton inaugurated as President of the US in January, 2013! Now THAT’s an exciting prospect to look forward to…

Go McCain 2008! Go Hillary 2012!!

Posted by Both Candidates Equally Bad | Report as abusive


Posted by jennifer | Report as abusive

a life long democrat (73 years) voted in every election regardless of how minor the position. this was to be hillary’s year the year of inventiveness honesty change and a woman. left to howard dean and apparently the really persuasive axelrod we were given a very flawed unlikable candidate. i see both barack and michelle as racist and anti-semites, how else to explain a twenty year relatioinship with reverand wright. why is everyone willing to forget this unholy liason. there disdain for the american public is so obvious, not even willing to be inventive about their past dealings, and the present lack of patriotism of michelle. can dance on tv but can’t go to ground zero.

Posted by geri | Report as abusive

I noticed Tori’s comment mentioned that we are picking “the lesser of two evils” every election. She asked why it always comes down to this prospect.

As an American citizen I cannot greatly express how we are ignoring the bigger picture. Unfortunately, we have looked into our candidates own superficial character and not taken an educated stance at our future. The only reason why I see us choosing a “lesser evil” candidate is because we have chosen to side on issues that are not even relevant to our own country’s health. People want to side with Palin simply because she is female and aggressive; however, her lack of education would destroy our country just as Bush’s own lack of education. Not to mention, Palin is a VP! VP does not have any political power, only public influence! McCain is allowing himself to be ignored because he can’t afford more attention than he has now.

Look at a strong reality: McCain is OLD and is likely to pass away in office. Do you want another term of lack of education in Washington from Palin?

As far as Hillary, she obviously is too far caught up in her own legacy to work with others. This is horrible for effective government, because one ideology CANNOT dominate a country.

I vote for BIDEN 2008 and Obama as his VP.

Posted by Justin Long | Report as abusive

Hillary clinton will be the deciding factor in the end – once the dust has settled on the Palin choice. Substance counts.

Posted by gillian wilkinson | Report as abusive

Many of the problems our economy faces have been brought on by high oil and high gasoline prices. For the past 2 years, the Democratic leadership, including Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Barack Obama had pulled all sorts of strings to make the American people believe that the economy is collapsing. They have not passed up any opportunity to hurt the economy in order to make their point. Refusing to take common sense steps to keep oil and gasoline prices low is just one thing the Democratically controlled Congress has done to hurt the economy. We are now sending several billion dollars each and every day overseas. Our money is employing foreign workers to drill, pump, refine, and transport oil, instead of employing American workers to do those same jobs. Who in their right mind would question the impact this currency drain is having? Higher gas prices make it more difficult to meet one’s home mortgage payments. And defaulting on Mortgages in part has brought on the current crisis. So should some of the fault of our current Wall Street Crisis be laid at the feet of Pelosi, Reid, Obama, and their other liberal Democratic friends? Without a doubt it should!

Posted by GeraldD | Report as abusive

Hillary’s heart to me looks very much in the right place, campaigning along side Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

For myself, I’ve been donating a little this week also to www.hillaryclinton.com to help retire her campaign debt which can weight anyone down. Maybe others will do the same.

She’s a true woman leader whom I appreciate very much.

Posted by Julie | Report as abusive

On or about Oct. 5th or 6th Sen. Joe Biden will step down because of medical reasons, Hillary will be then added to the ticket. STONE COLD FACT THAT YOU CAN BANK ON!!!!!! Disco Dave

Posted by Disco Dave | Report as abusive

I have to say that I just don’t understand it. People say McCain is “scary as hell” because he is tied to Bush. Well is he? Throughout the primaries everyone knew, even my liberal friends, said that McCain was far from Bush (which is a good thing), but now they have changed their tune. I must say that as an Independant, I grew tired of the hypocracy of the liberal democrats. I was starting to get annoyed with the whiny republicans but the dem’s hypocracy knows no limits. Obama scares me and people just don’t get it. There are ties to ACORN and how can people say he didn’t say what he is on video saying. The fact is that low income voters will vote for him because they think the government will take care of them. Problem is that the government can’t help themselves. Another fact is that Bush and the republicans are not the only guilty ones…two words: Barney Frank. I believe he is a Democrat and a big one too. As far as Palin, another fact is she fixed Alaska. I can’t find much that Obama fixed. Biden seems like a good man but the media misses his “gafs” and he’s had as many as Palin. I would just like the media to be fair.

Posted by coy | Report as abusive