Palin sees debate with Biden as ‘quite a task’

September 18, 2008

WASHINGTON – Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin sounds a bit wary about her upcoming debate with her really, really, really experienced Democratic rival.
“Senator (Joe) Biden has a tremendous amount of experience,” she told Fox News. “I think he was first elected when I was like in the second grade.”
If her running mate John McCain, 72, wasn’t hoping to be the oldest person to begin a first term as president, one might think Palin was suggesting Biden, 65, was old. 
“He’s been in there a long, long, long time,” Palin said. “So he’s got the experience. He probably has the sound bites. He has the rhetoric. He knows what’s expected of him. He is a great debater, also.”
“So yes, it’s going to be quite a task in front of me,” she said.
Palin also said she didn’t mean to insult Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama in her nominating speech when she belittled his experience as a community organizer. 

“I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a community organizer, except that you have actual responsibilities,” she told the Republican convention.
“I certainly didn’t mean to hurt his feelings,” Palin told Fox News. “Didn’t mean to offend any community organizers either.”
She said she did it because Obama had taken a shot at small town mayors.
The Alaska governor, little-known before being chosen as McCain’s running mate, said she respected former Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton but disagreed with her on the issues.
Clinton has been campaigning on behalf of Obama since losing the Democratic nomination, but she has avoided direct confrontation with Palin.
Clinton planned to speak at a demonstration against the president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, near the United Nations which convenes its annual General Assembly next week but she canceled the appearance on Wednesday after learning Palin would also address the crowd.
A Clinton adviser said the protest had not been billed as a partisan political event.
Organizers of the demonstration subsequently announced Thursday they had decided not to let any American political personalities appear.

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It would be great if Palin started to answer some REAL questions, instead of hiding from the public and media.

For instance:

Why is she conducting Alaska state business on a Yahoo email account?

Why did Palin say she would be open about the “TrooperGate” controversy, and now she is working hard to delay and shutdown the investigation?

Why did she lie about visiting Iraq, when she never did?

Why does she say she opposes earmarks, yet with her leadership she has asked for nearly a half billion dollars in such earmarks?

Why did she never travel outside of the US and Mexico, until last year? Does she have any world interest?

Why does she opposed abortion, even in cases of rape and incest?

Is her son, “Track,” a cocaine addict as media have reported? And, is “Bristol,” the pregnant unmarried daughter, banned from their house as reported?

Does Palin have any control over the Alaska National Guard? If so, can she explain key achievements that she has had in managing the Guard the past 18 months?

Why does she enjoy killing defenseless moose and other wild animals?

Sarah is a scary prospect for VP and potential President! Why is she afraid of talking to anyone?

Is she scared of being honest?

Posted by Michael Joseph | Report as abusive

Sad that Mr Joseph has nothing better to do. I would suggest that the answer to most of the questions about Mrs Palin’s family is that they are none of his business and have nothing to do with her ability to serve as Vice President. As for her lack of foreign travel experience I would point out that most of our presidents never left the US and that it is also very possible that her family finances and family responsibilities may have precluded expensive foreign travel. OH yes, the defenseless moose. That was a far more defenseless chicken you had for dinner last night Mickey.

Posted by Bill Mason | Report as abusive

Yeya Palin!!!!!!!!!!, good luck to ya mate from new zealand

Posted by blackwell | Report as abusive

SARAH PALIN IS PHENOMENAL…who cares what party she represents! I’m a democrat folks!

Sarah, you inspire me, and those women who are secure in themselves. May you be honored as the next Vice President, and may you always know…you, yourself have made a phenomenal difference in our lives. You truly have the courage to make change. Thank you.

Posted by Bree Wescott | Report as abusive

Re: Comment by Michael Joseph:

Your version of REAL questions involve gossip about Gov. Palin’s family and attacks on hunting????? (Oh, and don’t forget that she used a yahoo account to conduct state business. Yes, and also don’t forget that someone she knew apparently wanted an incompetent trooper fired.) Thank heavens you are not running for office.

Get a life.

Posted by Clearview | Report as abusive

It would be great if Obama started to answer some REAL questions, instead of hiding from the public and media.

Why does he still have 400 paid bloggers pretending to be real people on the internet?

Why do his paid bloggers spread known lies and debunked rumors when they post?

Why do his paid bloggers use personal attacks on the families of the opposing candidate when Senator Obama said families were “off limits”?

Why don’t his paid bloggers mention the person who hacked Palin’s personal yahoo email account is the son of a State Democratic Representative?

Why do his paid bloggers think that the American public is basing their vote on rumors and gaffes in the first place?

Posted by Not so fast | Report as abusive

Palin has been the victim of an astonishing array of falsehoods.

Why don’t you ask Obama about the following lies:
Obama lied about NAFTA
Obama lied about his 20 years in racist church
Obama lied about Rezko
Obama lied about Kilpatrick
Obama lied about surge in Iraq

Posted by Jayashiel Kakileti | Report as abusive

Remember the mission, Sarah! Don’t blink! I know that with the Lord’s blessing you will make it to the top of that horrible Sodom for us and finally bring about our promised victory for Jesus over Satan. Israel is in place. Now the Lord won’t be able to stay away in his Heaven when His nuclear bombs begin to rain down on all these sinners. Praise be, it will be glorious!

Posted by GodWarrior647238 | Report as abusive

Ooh, my goodness some of you people are so uninformed. Sarah Palin is a hyprocrite (Bridge to Nowhere about-face); racist (quoting Pegler, an extremely unfortunate excuse for a person and anextreme racist); dumb (doesn’t understand Bush’s doctrine that she herself espouses) and I could go on and on and on and on ad infinitum. Oh yes, and she’s a liar (as is Mc Cain and the rest of the Republicans – just ask Karl Rove, the King of Liars). I honestly feel very sorry for the U.S. if this ticket is elected. Here come the pork barrels. Here comes the earmarking. Here comes home renovation on taxpayers’ backs. And, heaven forbid, here come more of the same Washington (Reagan, Bush) de-regulation fiascos.

Posted by M Morris | Report as abusive

I’m a little confused, Let me see if I have this straight.

If you grow up in Hawaii, raised by your grandparents, you’re ‘exotic, different.’ Grow up in Alaska eating moose burgers, a quintessential an American story.

If your name is Barack you’re a radical, unpatriotic Muslim. Name your kids Willow, Trig and Track, you’re a maverick.

Graduate from Harvard law School and you are unstable. Attend 5 different small colleges before graduating, you’re well grounded.

If you spend 3 years as a brilliant community organizer, become the first black President of the Harvard Law Review, create a voter registration drive that registers 150,000 new voters, spend 12 years as a Constitutional Law professor, spend 8 years as a State Senator representing a district with over 750,000 people, become chairman of the state Senate’s Health and Human Services committee, spend 4 years in the United States Senate representing a state of 13 million people while sponsoring 131 bills and serving on the Foreign Affairs, Environment and Public Works and Veteran’s Affairs committees, you don’t have any real leadership experience.

If your total resume is: local weather girl, 4 years on the city council and 6 years as the mayor of a town with less than 7,000 people, 20 months as the governor of a state with only 650,000 people, then you’re qualified to become the country’s second highest ranking executive.

If you have been married to the same woman for 19 years while raising 2 beautiful daughters, all within Protestant churches, you’re not a real Christian.

If you cheated on your first wife with a rich heiress, and left your disfigured wife and married the heiress the next month, you’re a Christian. If you teach responsible, age appropriate sex education, including the proper use of birth control, you are eroding the fiber of society.

If, while governor, you staunchly advocate abstinence only, with no other option in sex education in your state’s school system while your unwed teen daughter ends up pregnant, you’re very responsible.

If your wife is a Harvard graduate lawyer who gave up a position in a prestigious law firm to work for the betterment of her inner city community, then gave that up to raise a family, your family’s values don’t represent America’s.

If you’re husband is nicknamed ‘First Dude’, with at least one DWI conviction and no college education, who didn’t register to vote until age 25 and once was a member of a group that advocated the secession of Alaska from the USA, your family is extremely admirable. OK, much clearer now.

Posted by Brenna | Report as abusive

ms. wescott do you think barack obama looks white? even if he is half white the truth is many people in this country still look at him as a black man. he is a product of the era he was born into, and it was during his childhood the civil rights movement was under way. i have friends who are half white and half black born in the 1970s and people used to leave burning crosses on their lawn and their parents used to be the talk of the town. two university professors in the late 60s and 70s were the scandalous gossip of a suburban community with people giving them dirty looks and snide comments. when you grow up in a time and place where your white side doesn’t accept you who do you think you are suppose identify with?

Posted by mrs hef | Report as abusive

I’ve noticed when she is wracking her brain to string words together, she stalls for time by repeating the adverb three times – she said today she’s “very very very ready” , he’s been in there “a long long long time…”

I’m very very very much over her and this one act play.

The debate will be a fine swan song for this bird-brain.

Posted by Vanessa | Report as abusive

Why does Palin pretend to be a government reformer when she’s taking $300 million for the State of Alaksa in earmarks?

Why does she lie about being against the Bridge to Nowhwere when she was for it?

Why doesn’t she answer questions with anything beyond empty rhetoric?

Posted by David Kantor | Report as abusive

I don’t understand why folks pay importance to glamor and skincolor than essence. whats the difference between a developed nation and a thirdworld country where illiterate folks vote for filmstars. comparing biden with palin – she is pale ale and just trash.

Posted by zane | Report as abusive

To the person who claim that Obama didn’t identify himself as multiracial is stupid. Everybody should know that black blood over-rides all blood, that is why other races are scraed to mix their blood with black blood. If a white person have a child with a black person, the baby will be identified as “black” as stated by the U.S. Government. It’s funny how when a multicultural person does something bad, they are automatically consider a “black” person, but if that multicultural person does something like… oh run for president he better speak up about his “white” side. Anything to make white people look better and feel good about themselves. Anyway, as a democrat and as a person, I choose to vote for Obama because we share the same values. Unlike democrats who choose to vote for Palin because she is pretty, she gives a good speech (when she wants too), oh and she is a woman, but let me not mention her sex, don’t want to be sexist. Even though the only reason why she was nominated for the ticket is because she is a woman, but since she realized that she is a woman not she want people to stop pointing that out. Well Hey, Palin you ARE a woman therefore you need to be at home raising your disfunctional family and paying attention to your cheating husband. Can’t run a housewhole but she can run a country, GET REAL!

Posted by Obama Supporter | Report as abusive

Thank you Michael Joseph for asking the above questions.

The McCain camp seems to have put up a lot of smoke screens. I have noticed quite a bit of double talking and side stepping. What is going on?

If anyone knows how to use soundbites with the media, and has experience in that arena, that would be Palin over Biden, right? Palin was once a TV anchor. Her answers regarding a debate with Biden seem awfully defensive.

She didn’t intend to offend community organizers?
If you don’t have the common sense to know it was offensive- why in the world should you be considered for VP? Will she make the same kind of blunder with foreign leaders? I thought “you can’t blink” and “you have to be wired a certain way” Is she wired the right way for our country?

Also, why does she use such a limited vocabulary and recycle/repeat words? Is she nervous and unsure? Or being coached? She does not seem authentic. I may not agree with her opinions 100% and initially thought she was fairly intelligent and honest. Now, I am not so sure.

McCain’s camp has been mudslinging and manipulating information for too long. I want to see some of that straight talk he promotes.

I am really looking forward to the debates.

Posted by CP | Report as abusive

Ms Westcott,

I’m not familiar with you or your “white-surburbia upper middle class female and male friends (I actually think it’s a rather sad way to describe yourself) how as an educated, Caucasian female, also “white-surburbia upper middle class” (ick!) I’m sure you’re aware that for census, or any type of demographic breakdown Mr.Obama is, by definition, black. If his statement of fact is your excuse to be turned off, then surely you would have found another excuse, because you don’t seem to be mature enough to look past skin color to the issues, and who is actually more prepared to assume the responsibility of presidency. I personally felt that Hillary was the best prepared, and was planning on writing her in to make a statement. However if the election seems close at all I will cast my vote for Obama.

Posted by Nancy | Report as abusive

Ms Westcott,

I’m not familiar with you or your “white-surburbia upper middle class female and male friends (I actually think it’s a rather sad way to describe yourself) how as an educated, Caucasian female, also “white-surburbia upper middle class” (ick!) I’m sure you’re aware that for census, or any type of demographic breakdown Senator Obama is, by definition, black. If his statement of that fact is your excuse to be turned off, then surely you would have found another excuse, because you don’t appear to be mature enough to look past skin color to the issues, and who is actually more prepared to assume the responsibility of presidency. I feel sorry for you. I personally felt that Hillary was the best prepared, and was planning on writing her in to make a statement. However if the election seems close at all I will cast my vote for Obama.

Posted by Nancy | Report as abusive

Okay…I could care less about Palin’s family life. But come on people…She is not experienced enough to be vice-president of the United States. She just isn’t. She said seeing Russia from Alaska was foreign policy experience. She has NO foreign policy experience. And if she is avoiding Troopergate already what does that tell you about honesty?? Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone trustworthy in office? Someone who doesn’t have to be coached about what to say in an interview? Someone who knows what is going on? Someone who doesn’t have any cover ups going on? You guys are basing your vote on a popularity contest. You like her. That’s great. But likability does not make a good President. Want proof? Look at our President now. He is a great guy that would be a lot of fun at a Barbeque. But our country is falling apart. Please, please vote with intelligence.

Posted by Julie Lee | Report as abusive

The more I read, the more I am convinced that not only are so many of my fellow Americans lemmings but they watch too many reality shows. This is not American Idol people! You don’t vote for someone because you get a warm feeling inside when she talks about ‘values’ or because she shops at Walmart. This is ridiculous. We want our leaders to be SMARTER than us and have BETTER judgement than the rest of us. Not vote for a dumbed down version of Hillary Clinton. I saw the interview on ABC. When Palin was asked a question, sometimes she looked like a deer caught in the headlights. Like she doesn’t have a clue. Okay, maybe she’s nervous. I can understand that. But when, every time she opens her mouth it’s another, obviously, memorized talking point instead of a thought out answer you have to wonder. I know what it’s like to have to prove your worth and intelligence twice as much because you’re a woman, but come on… She doesn’t even seem like she’s trying. I am insulted.

Posted by CinnflowerGirl | Report as abusive

[…] Palin sees debate with Biden as ‘quite a task’ […]

Posted by » Blog Archive » Race 4 2008 Evening Essential Reads | Report as abusive

Has anyone asked Gov. Palin what exactly were her duties as Mayor of said small town? She hired a consultant to do most of them. And the others required her to smile and wave. Awesome.

I’m tired of this election being about Mrs. Nobody from podunk nowhere. Let’s talk about the last 8 years and where our country is economically, internationally, and inspirationally.

We don’t need another person in the White House who we want to have a beer with. We need someone who will inspire respect and trust from the rest of the world. Neither McCain nor his pandering choice of a running mate are that choice.

Posted by K.F. | Report as abusive

Interesting comments and very strong feelings based on fact and fiction and personal attacks. I wish both candidates a successful debate and truly provide what they stand for and specifically how they would deal with the financial crisis.

Don’t point fingers but provide what they feel should be done. I’m more interested in the positive and working as a team, rather than shallow attacks by either.

Posted by buffalojump | Report as abusive

Our society is far too easily manipulated. Her nomination is serving its purpose beautifully. By reigniting every politically divisive issue in this country we have become distracted us from the issues. Our newspapers now resemble tabloids and we bicker about her like she’s Britney. Can we return to the issues? Can we go back to talking about each side’s plans once in office or as I believe is that the reason for the distraction.

I hated myself for reading about Britney and I hate myself even more now for adding to this silly ‘debate.’

Posted by Lemming | Report as abusive


Very eloquent. You are right on target. These people are absolutely unbelieveable.

Posted by Joy | Report as abusive

The Lefties anger over the pick of Sarah Palin is amazing. She has EXACTLY the same type of experience and depth of experience that Theodore Roosevelt had before he became President, not V.P. I think he did pretty well. Sarah will also.

The lies that the Left are perpetrating against her and her family show the desperation they are in. Their empty rhetoric is, frankly, frightening. Seriously, don’t you people have jobs? Do you have nothing better to do than sit down all day and and spew your hate and anger on boards such as these?

Let’s face the real issue here: you lefties are scared as heck that she and McCain are going to get elected and they’ll trim the federal budget back so far you’ll lose every gravy-train dollar you get for sitting on your cans all day. You’ll have to get a real job. Your welfare days will be OVER. No more money for Planned “Parenthood”. No more funding for artists that drop crucifixes in urine and call it “art”.

Just wait until Sarah takes on Joe “Stand Up Chuck” Biden in the debates. This will be a slam dunk. In fact, Biden should waive the white flag now and have Barry get in the ring with her. Lets see Hussein speak without a tele-prompter – no, wait, that’s too painful for all Americans to watch and may put him at too big a disadvantage, let’s but an earpiece on him and he can get his talking points straight from Howard Dean in the truck.

Give me a break.

Posted by Carl Hames | Report as abusive

this debate is going to be amazing. I can’t wait to see Biden rip her apart.

Posted by Nichole | Report as abusive

This debate is really interesting.
I’m watching from the other side of the Atlantic (right now I’m sitting here with a mobileDSL connectionin sunny Munich where the Oktoberfest is about to start) so I can take a fairly neutral stance.
What strikes me is that ther are an awful lot of comments which point to emotional or spiritual reasons to choose/not choose a candidate. What does that have to do with anything? Why choose a candidate because they is your type of Christian, is blessed/more blessed? How can you claim to be a valid judge of that? Are you a prophet? Why not get knowledgable about views, politics, political background and actions taken/not taken in the past? It’s absolutely no use to not vote for someone simply because they in the wrong party, have the wrong gender or color.
Look at what they done, if they are consistent in their actions, read their programs and then decide, don’t go out there and vote for “your” candidate simply because you don’t liek the other one. Make an informed decission!

Posted by CarolinP | Report as abusive

It is sad that everyone is comparing Obama to Palin. The candidate first on the ticket running for PRESIDENT better be more experienced than the Vice President!! What’s even more sad is that it is such a close call. Obama with his 143 days in the Senate. I leave food in my freezer longer than that! Also, since everyone wants to play the race card, I’m not worried about Obama winning b/c black people don’t vote!

Posted by Puddy | Report as abusive

I think “Godwarrior647238″ pretty much says it all. God jihadist is more like it. I’d think you were fake if I hadn’t seen the website of Palin’s former church, and their “godwarrior” promo video. ( , by the way – check out the video). bring on Armageddon, I guess. If you guys and Al-Qaeda ever realized your similarities and joined forces, the rest of us would all be screwed.

PS – if anyone thinks Obama is the only politician out there with paid bloggers, they’re fools. That’s like saying why does McCain have speech writers. They all do.

Posted by xamot722 | Report as abusive

awesomely enough, the iran unity rally organizers have asked palin not to speak at the rally on monday because of a petition signed by over 20,000 people

Posted by sarar | Report as abusive

Sarah only answers to God not the petty prattle of mere people.
Given the intense belief that some have, I suggest that they write her in for president come Nov. 4. Her husband can be her vice.

Posted by Rodger Lemonde | Report as abusive

To Carl Hames:
One thing you may wish to consider in your thinking is that Theodore Roosevelt also served in a much different time with very different national and global issues than what the next US president would have to deal with. The lack of experience that Palin has, if something were to happen to McCain and she took the helm, could further degrade our foreign relations.

Posted by Sam | Report as abusive

Guys I think comparing Obama to Palin is perfectly legit. I’m not wishing death on the man or anything but McCain is 72 with repeated cancer outbreaks, thinking we need an actual legitimate leader behind him is important. I’m about as anti-McCain as they come but I can only imagine how big of a joke our country would look like with Palin at the helm.

Oh and by the way I don’t understand all the Obama love on the this website. Funny thing is I’m probably voting for Obama because there aren’t any decent 3rd party candidates. Barr is a weasel and everyone else is running on some religious moral ticket. Obama has just been the new guy of the party who doesn’t wanna ruffle any feathers so he can get promoted and his strategy is working individually, hopefully he has a national perspective unlike our last president if he’s elected.

Posted by Michael | Report as abusive

Just imagine that uneducated woman in charge of the USA’s Economy.

Posted by Anna | Report as abusive

If Sarah Palin were sincere and ready to go to Washington to change the way it is run then, show us the perfect example of it by facing the Alaska Legislature. Show us that once and for all the accusation that she abused her power in the so called Troopergate scandal is wrong. Otherwise, Sarah Palin would just continue talking in an empty suit.

Posted by glacierp | Report as abusive

Dear Bree Wescott,

You are the woman who is so mesmerized by Palin: can I ask you, do you live vicariuously through other people? Do you not have any significant level of education or intelligence? Palin is white trash and she may be our President. Does this not absolutely scare you? The presidency is a job for people who are exceptional smart! -not beauty queens who proclaim to be Christian and lie and lie.

The world loves Obama. The BBC did a poll and the majority in 22 countries would prefer to see Obama as president. Think about that-really think. They are all worried that McCain and Palin’s reckless behavior will bring us into WW III. God help us all.

VOTE OBAMA BIDEN!-The world loves them.

Posted by Theresa farrell | Report as abusive

I wonder if Bree was doing the Goose Step and raising her proud Arian hand high in salute as she was typing her blog.

Hey Bree, Wikipedia the phrase “One Drop Rule” and then ask again why Obama identifies himself as black. Multi-racial can mean so many things and since he obviously looks black it doesn’t take a scientist to exam why he calls himself so. Also, you might want to read “White Privilege” by Tim Wise (you can Google it). I think you might find it interesting.

People like you are scary in that you spew your vitriol thoughts and wear them like a badge and then turn around and call yourself an American.

Posted by Darlene | Report as abusive

She has no idea.I’m really looking forward to all of the debates.

Posted by Brian Cox | Report as abusive

Listen folks:
I’ve been around 82 years..been through the wars and all the presidents since Calvin Coolidge You can ramble all day with your insults back and forth and YOU WILL NOT CHANGE THE MIND OF A LIVING SOUL !! Politics and religion
are a useless form to waste your time. If a ‘billygoat’ was running for predident from your respective party…you would vote for him/her.!!!! Trust me..many ‘billygoats’
have made it to the White House. We are a gullible public
with god intentions.
Cliff richardson

Posted by Cliff Richardson | Report as abusive

To continue:
We should all be grateful that we have such a marvelous
country in which to live. In spite of our shortcomings, we are STILL the one country that comes to the rescue every single time. Having been there and done that twice
during two wars, I know from first hand experience, that most people in this world admire us and are grateful for what we do. I do regret, however, that we let SADDAM HUESSIN off the hook by killing him…we should have done to him what we did to Hitler’s sidekick, Rudolh Hess,
and put him in solitary confinement for the rest of his life to think about the tens of thousands that he butchered. Whomever is chosen by the political process to be our next president, we should stand behind him and if he doesn’t perform and turns out to be the “false profit”.. put him away as well.
Cliff Richardson

Posted by Cliff Richardson | Report as abusive

The primary elections are the greatest gift to the US and the democracies of the world. Every candidate is thoroughly examined by the media and the public during this process. Debate between both VP candidates, would allow us who is more qualified to lead our nation in case if something happens to the President . This will be a crucial debate it may very well decide the demise of the Republican party.

Posted by Sam Chahal | Report as abusive

The elections are the greatest gift to the US and the democracies of the world. Every candidate is thoroughly examined by the media and the public during this process. Debate between both the VP candidates, would allow us to decide who is the most qualified candidate to lead our nation in case something happens to the President. This would be a very crucial debate in this election, especially for the Republican party.

Posted by Sam Chahal | Report as abusive

Don’t tell me that Palin has better judgment. She doesn’t even know the issues in depth. How could she judge? Her education background is not strong enough to convince me that she is capable to catch up on the job. It’s very dangerous for US to have a VP so simple minded to deal with global issues.

Posted by lynn | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin Will Be Dropped From McCain Ticket.

The guns on the conviction of the sinner, Senator Barack Obama, are about to be silenced. Sarah Palin has done her job of connecting with the everyday people who will make the difference in the election. She has managed to make the Republicans, the party of, by and for the ruling class, the hope of the people in the margin, the smarter evangelicals who might have voted for Obama, the moms who struggle so hard to raise their kids in this mom unfriendly environment, the moose hunters and those Hillary women who can’t distinguish their bras from their pocketbooks.

Palin has also managed to distract us all from the consequences of the hundred billion dollar bank bailout necessitated by the blind greed of Republican mortgage scammers, a grand heist on all who work for a living whose paychecks will be cut in half by the stupendous inflation this will bring about. Stocks, mostly owned by the rich, go up; and the real income of the workers and middle class goes down. This effective transfer of wealth from worker to ruling class is a continuation of the broader capitalist Republican manipulations that have caused worker incomes to drop by 2% in the last decade while those in the top tier went up by 200%.

McCain’s conservative handlers have planned from the beginning to have Sarah leave the scene, once her job was finished, along with the baggage of her Trooper-gate conniving and her obvious lack of qualifications for the presidency. We suspect her coming exit to have been intelligently designed from the start in its reeking of our situation down here in Texas where my fundamentalist mother still tries to control me, a 67 year old woman, from the grave by having left me an inheritance totally controlled by my castrated conservative brother, a lawyer who made it clear immediately after my mother’s death that there’s no way I would ever see a penny of the money left me unless I left my evolutionist professor husband of 35 years who rescued me from this moron, child abusing, family I had the misfortune to be born into. And if I know these scheming conservative game players correctly, Palin’s exit will be blamed on something Michelle Obama said about Christmas or some equally absurd and vicious zinger. …matrix-evolutions

Mrs. Ruth and Dr. Peter V. Calabria Lubbbock,TX

Posted by Ruth Calabria | Report as abusive

I have read through this blog with great interest, and am very happy to have read the posting from those who are living for the year 2009, under a NEW and changed leadership team! I recently retired from a 23.5 year career as an International Flight Attendant for a major USA airline. I have had layovers in Asia,South America,The Caribean Islands,India,Russia, and predominately Amsterdam in addition to most of the Eastern and Western European countries. I have been exposed to many types of customers, good ones and bad, but 9/11 dramaticly changed my job duties and in addition, reduced my pay by 63%! I saw what was going to happen, so took advantage of my Amsterdam layovers to begin making my available to invest cash over there in Euro dollars. That is the only thing that keeps me alive in the current inflation/depression period of the US dollar. I do agree that the US has really left a lot of foreign nations in total shock that we are now among the 3rd world nations in terms of Foreign Currency exchange value. i.e. pre 9/11 $1.00 bought E1.00 so all was well. Now, it is almost $3.00 to get one E1.00. That is a total embarassment for our Republican Administration to have to deal with.

I am proud of the United States of America, and hope to be able to regain a better value for my money that I spend over here. I would hope that Pallin will allow investigators to do the job which they should be able to do, without her interference if she is as “innocent” as she claims, there should not be any issue for her. I would rather have that information before I make my final selection on November 4, 2008. For now, I close by saying Obamma/Bidan for me!

Posted by Perry | Report as abusive

I believe mrs. Palin has something that Obamma and Biden have never had John Mccain has this also its called ….Common Sense….

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Has anyone noticed that the supporters of Palin seem like Americans that wouldnt vote for Obama even if theyre lives depended on it? She is stating that Obama is too busy fussing rather than run the country, then she spends a whole hour bashing HIM! People arent attending her pep rallies to support America. They go to see a show. I swear her whining rhetoric is beginning to hurt the McCain campaign! At the end of her speeches, she has told us NOTHING! What are we thinking? McCain is flip flopping all over the place, Palin is a cheerleader who only knows one routine, and the audiences at the rallies for McCain-Palin are all a part of the show they put on! Sighing and cheering on cue like a game show audience. America is at a serious time right now, we dont need any more clown shows from Palin- McCain!!! I have NEVER seen anyone in our history tell this many lies BEFORE getting in office. Has America GROWN any? Dont we see problems with all these issues the Republicans have? Well why vote them back in office? Im sure the Republicans dont care if McCain is right or not, they are just sticking with theyre people. And who are these people? And where do they live? How do they survive in this Bush-McCain economy? What will they say when even this last bailout plan doesnt work? You are on your own with this one. You cannot lie your way out of these next 3 weeks! I think.

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Here would be a good question to ask Palin at the debate:
“Do you agree with current vice president Cheney that the vice president is not part of the executive branch of government?”

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This is an open letter to the other 50%.

Terrorists fly planes into the Trade Center towers. Thousands of people are murdered. Instead of going after Osama bin Laden, Bush tells us to go shopping, destroys our constitution, and attacks Iraq. You want more of this?

We invade Iraq, a small country that had nothing to do with 9-11 or with weapons of mass destruction. We murder hundreds and thousands of Iraqis and thousands of American kids. This illegal immoral unnecessary war has cost us a trillion dollars. McCain-Palin tell us we will fight until we are victorious. Victorious for what? Democracy? Can you be that naïve? Try Iraqi oil, which–oh dear–is now going to the Chinese. Our sons and daughters are dying for China and even General Petraeus says there is no victory in Iraq. You want more of this?

The oceans are too warm from our glutton-caused pollution. One hurricane after another slam into Cuba, Haiti, the Caribbean, Texas, Alabama, Louisiana. All that is left of Haiti is mud and hungry desperate people. Sarah Palin doesn’t believe global warming is real. Thanks but no thanks to science and reality. McCain believes off shore drilling is the silver bullet that will solve everything. You want more of this?

Thousands of Americans have lost their jobs, their homes, their health insurance, and any chance of sending their kids to college. Factories are moving away. Banks are crumbling, and we the people get to use our taxes to prop them up. And McCain-Palin want to cut corporate taxes to boost the economy. Can they be more cynical? You want more of this?

Bush lied and lied and lied. McCain and Palin lie and lie and lie. You want more of this?

Palin: She is the pork barrel queen. She has stolen hundreds of millions of our tax dollars to stuff Alaskan coffers. She believes in Armageddon and that Alaska is where Jesus will land after the rest of the world is destroyed. She murders wolves from planes, and tells her constituents to do the same. Bring her a wolf paw as proof, and she will pay them for it! Pay them with our tax dollars. She doesn’t know what the Bush Doctrine is. She thinks Iraq is responsible for 9-11. She believes abortion should be illegal even in the case of incest and rape. She believes in allowing Georgia and the Ukraine into NATO and if that means we have to go to war with Russia, bring it on. But, hey. She’s a hockey mom and she’s cute. She’s just like Bush. She’s just like us. Ignorant, prejudiced, misinformed, and greedy.

And you want more of this. What is wrong with you?

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Why are so many people anti obama because he has african american roots? Why are people scared of different nationalities? Why do you call the media sexist when they critique Palin’s record? Why do people keep saying Obama is going to get murdered? Obama will win and you’ll all have to suck it up. Grow up this is a new world not your Great gandfathers or McCains

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Come on ladies! Does she really portray the image of what it takes for a woman to succeed in politics? Palin, shes a rabid dog! Say what you like about Hillary, at least she was professional and knowledgeable. If voting on gender is important to you, look hard at the image you are supporting and then think twice.

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She’s just trying to lower expectations. Don’t expect her to answer any questions with anything that isn’t a line from her vetted stump speeches. She’s not the brightest bulb and she’ll use the same tactic Bush used. Stick to prepared phrases and if there’s a question you don’t want to answer, ramble a bit and then give a canned response for a point you wanted to plug that has nothing to do with the question that was asked.
Biden will answer the questions. She won’t and I won’t be suprised if the vast majority of dumb voters end up somehow thinking she wins the debate just by showing up.

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Everyone has the facts here right? And those that say McCain will deliver right? Well answer me this, how can McCain deliver when President Bush said you should vote McCain because he promised to not change any policies that Bush made, hmmmm suonds like the very same as the last 8 missuable years we always had,,,,no i see no real changes at all, but improvements that may cost us more money from a woman that used earmarks that added millions of dollars.common people be sensable and use your heads,,wake up!

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I’ve never seen the democrats so scared. This blog is proof positive that they are really scrambling. I’ve changed my affiliation to Ron Paul, but I can’t believe how harsh the democrats are attacking Palin on her intelligence. She’s HONORABLE simply by being a governor, yet you act as if she’s a low life uneducated nothing. You are very wrong about what she is. I think she is more than capable of being VP or even P. Watch out, you worst nightmare might just become a reality.

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If both Biden and Palin sent their resumes to any businessowner or Human Resource Department based on their education alone, Palin would have a difficult time getting a job with a lot of responsibility.

Now, let’s take a low paying job like a greeter in a store. “What specific experience do you have meeting the public, Nancy.” If my answer were “Since I’m not from around here, you can try to stump me all you want. Go ahead.” I would not even be considered. If my Dad stepped in to tell the recruiter that he believes I really am qualified, my job application would be tossed into the garbage as soon as I walked out the door.

Now her staff, along with her husband, are breaking the law by disobeying subpoenas. We would be in jail if any of us violated a court order.

Yesterday the McCain people insisted on changing the format of the upcoming debate so she won’t get “tripped up” (their words, not mine) by Senator Biden. I can’t imagine Hillary Clinton asking for special treatment, yet Sarah Palin called her a “whiner” during the primaries.

I just don’t get it. I posted on another board that the Palin’s total higher education adds up to 4 years (not counting the time changing schools or dropping out) Joe and Jill Biden have about 17 years between them. He has a doctorate of law. (4 yrs undergraduate and 3 or 4 years law) and she has 2 masters (one in Education, one in English) and a doctorate. That’s at least 4 yrs undergraduate and about 6 years graduate work.

Why anyone would want the Palins to represent our country is beyond my comprehension. We don’t need “dudes” we need class. We need to get back the global respect we lost the past 8 years or we will just keep getting weaker and weaker. If Palin can’t handle public questioning, media scrutiny or a debate with Biden, how will she be able to handle Putin or other world leaders? Now that the rules have been changed, she will have less to memorize, and any tough questions by Biden will be called attacks on her character.

I want to add, that although it’s not one of the issues, I feel very sorry for the little baby who is being dragged all over the place, often in noisy settings with a lot of commotion. I can’t understand why people with conservative family values aren’t disturbed by this.

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America or Amerika? Capitalism or Socialism?

Why would anyone support MORE government involvement in their lives (unless they don’t WANT to take any responsibility for themselves)???

Hasn’t government proven time and time again that it is NOT the great, loving protector it professes to be?

I pick the candidate with a proven record of not only bucking his own party – but reaching across the aisle and working WITH the other team when possible. Haven’t seen ANY of that from the opposition. Not once, not ever.

McCain/Palin all the way!!!!

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I saw McCain on CNN today and he was totally confident and relaxed. That is because he is going to cheat during the debate. Remember, McCain finished last in his military college and chose a woman who has no knowledge of history, current affairs, the world. What would suddenly put him at ease, now that we’ve seen Palin has no clue how to coherently respond to the simplest interview question?

He is going to cheat. His team will rig Palin with electronic devices so that they can advise her during the debate, in the Dr. Phil show mode. So Palin will suddenly know more about foreign affairs than the most seasoned diplomats and she will be an expert on every topic, like an erudite professor.

Tune in to see this. It should be a lot of fun. The contrast from Palin totally lost and confused in her rare recent interviews to this new Palin will be utterly miraculous –and I’m sure that Palin will call it an ACT OF GOD.

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I am very Republican, but I have to declare a Repub loss. Palin just couldn’t handle Mr. Politician. I posted a blog declaring Biden the winner, but stating why the Repubs will still win! 8/10/02/biden-vs-palin-who-is-the-victor  /

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