Sarah Palin a crowd-pleaser at appearance with McCain

September 23, 2008

hockeymom.jpgMEDIA Pa – Sarah Palin threatened to steal the show from running mate John McCain as she warmed up the crowd at their joint appearance at a rally on Monday in Pennsylvania.

“Sarah, Sarah, Sarah,” chanted the crowd as the Republican vice presidential candidate stepped on stage in the town of Media.

“I see a lot of hockey moms out there for McCain,” she said as the crowd roared its approval. She went on to introduce her family, calling husband Todd “Alaska’s First Dude,” before pointing out their daughters Willow and Piper.

Palin quickly launched into criticisms of Democratic Sen. Barack Obama, whom she said “likes to point the finger of blame but, tell me, has he ever lifted a finger to help?”   

“In order to get others to say ‘Yes’ to change, has he ever told his own party ‘No?'” she asked. “When it comes to reform, he likes to say, ‘I will,’ but has he ever been able to say, ‘We did?'”

The two Republican candidates go their separate ways again on Tuesday, when McCain campaigns in Ohio and Michigan while Palin meets with several foreign leaders in New York.

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Photo credit: Reuters/Eric Miller (Palin supporter at Minnesota rally)


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There were a huge number of Obama supporters, students, and Union members… not out for McCain to say the least. What was that about?

Posted by Leil | Report as abusive

This is what the media covers after they’re chastised by an arrogant and outright deceitful campaign? Reuters you make me sick to my stomach for covering this garbage. All Palin and McCain have done is attack because they have nothing to say. Keep going…you’re managing to get the Democrats and anyone with a ounce of brains to see the truth. Obama/Biden is the only sane choice

Posted by Paul Rafael | Report as abusive

Why don’t you tell us how many people attended? Or would it make McCain/Palin look good? The local newspaper is reporting the number near 10,000, and that is twice the number that came out for Reagan in 1984.

Posted by James Stacey | Report as abusive

I suspect they were professional protesters. After the rally was over, there were many red shirts in Media and I didn’t see any blues ones!

Posted by Donna | Report as abusive

As one of the Obama supporters people their I can tell you exactly what that was about. The McCain campaign chose a very iffy town for a rally that is split speaking in terms of parties. Plus the rally was in an outdoor, open air, anyone can get close, inviting of democrats setting. Short Speech wasn’t it? The warm up stuff was on longer than McCcain and Palin Combined

Posted by Alex A | Report as abusive

Geez, does the world have to suffer from yet another 5 years of incompetent American leadership?

At this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised if America is totally eclipsed by China, Russia and the Europe in 10 years.

Please, Americans, vote wisely. Use your heads!!!

A Singaporean Working Mom for Obama

Posted by Jenn | Report as abusive

I was there. There was a crowd of 15,000 to 20,000. There were 20 to 50 obama supporters shouting near the corner. This is delaware county and McCain/Palin should not be getting this much crowd. I am afraid that, the polls are not really showing the excitement. Something is happening in PA. I hope, obama camp realizes it.

Posted by Ranjit | Report as abusive

This woman is nothing more than a barker at the county fair. To me this is an insult to the true “hockey moms” of the world.

Posted by Billy | Report as abusive

The population of Media is about 5,500 people. It’d be interesting to follow McCain campaign press releases to see what figures are given for crowd size. It’s a bit disappointing that this Reuters article does not report attendance figures.

Posted by WENDY | Report as abusive

Where were you? I was at the rally in Media today and while there were a handful of Obama supporters on the fringes there were THOUSANDS of McCain supporters. Are you blind or were you really there?

Posted by Theresa | Report as abusive

Fork In The Road Of American History-

It’s become pretty obvious that this particular election brings us to a fork in the road and our decision in November will have a major impact on American history. Historical. If we choose McCain, America continues on her traditional path as a democracy. If we choose Obama, America will become socialist or possibly a theology more ruthless.

Everyday between now and November, please talk to your friends and family members. Obama represents a grave threat to what our founders built. We can’t allow that to happen.

Posted by Brickhouse | Report as abusive

Thousands of McCain/Palin supporters came out tonight to Media, PA. I’m not sure where the previous poster saw Obama supporters, they were few and far between.

McCain and Palin really revved up the crowd. There was a lot of excitement for the real change McCain and Palin will bring to Washington. I am very optimistic that they will reform Wall Street and Washington, protect our national security, and keep our families safe. I shook hands with Sarah and Todd Palin, but I couldn’t get close enough to John McCain. I definitely recommend seeing them if they come around again.

Posted by Fred L | Report as abusive

i was there with all my teamster buddies to see palin not for nobama teamsters dont speak for all of us

Posted by boone | Report as abusive

USA will have strong leadership under McCain & Palin.
Their policies are similar to Reagan’s that won the cold war and brought greatness to America.

Obama on the other hand stir up support from “dole dependents” who won’t work as hard, pay little taxes but want more & more welfare. Obama wants America to be a “toothless tiger” easily bullied by IRAN, Russia & OPEC. He wants to tax businesses when businesses are having liquidity problems.

McCAIN-Palin will bring energy independence to USA using American technology and American labour etc.

Posted by reuel | Report as abusive

I hope your foregin relations speech this week in New York will be different from the one you have been reading for the last 3 weeks. I am pretty sure they have all seen that show. You might want to throw out there you have experience because you can see Russia from AL.

Posted by Hottopics | Report as abusive

Someone asks about how many people are at Palin’s campaign stop. Well I can tell you that the Rep’s lie about that too. Palin was in Carson City NV and I live next door to the park she was at. There was only three thousand people and they lay claim there was ten thousand people. So I wouldn’t believe in the size if they printed it.

Posted by PattyB | Report as abusive

Say, Hottopics, I doubt she can see Russia from AL (uh, that’d be Alabama, Alaska is AK for your information). As a long-time Alaskan who has ALWAYS voted for the person, not the party (and more often Democrat), I can tell you she is the real thing. This state was riddled with corruption, and she cleaned house, making lots of enemies along the way (including the most vocal legislators I keep seeing quoted in national news). This “troopergate” is nothing but a witch-hunt (I could go on about the people heading th committee). In fact, it’s really coming to light just how much of a witch-hunt the national media has embraced against Sarah Palin. For all you hard-working people in Pennsylvania, she knows her energy issues & she knows how to take on the “big boys” (such as Big Oil – need I say more). I’m hoping John McCain will truly return to his maverick roots!!

Posted by ak rose | Report as abusive





Posted by Catie | Report as abusive

PattyB – Maybe you don’t know how to count.

Posted by Katee | Report as abusive

Obama should win the presidency once all is said and done but this race may go down to the wire. I wouldn’t have imagined that being possible 6 months ago.

Posted by John | Report as abusive

mccain doesnt know what day of the week it is.

palin kills defenseless animals from a helicopter

only a foolish ignorant person would vote for them.

Posted by richard j | Report as abusive

The situation in USA now reminds me of the early Reagan s(1981,1982): recession/depression, cold war…….

People were calling Reaganomics VOODOO economy, and criticizing his tough stand against the Soviet, central American leftist regimes, and religious fanatics in the middle east.

Look what he had achieved !!!

Vote McCain, for Obama would be Jimmy Carter all over again.

Posted by Lim FY | Report as abusive

I was actually AT the rally yesterday. I’m a union worker for McCain. Let me tell you, it was packed…I got there hours early and still was so far from the stage I couldn’t see a thing until after they spoke….there were busses dropping people off in rotation.

Yeah, there were some obama people, but they weren’t many…just a bunch of college kids…they left after the first few minutes, when they weren’t heard and got discouraged I suppose. No one cared that they were there….

Posted by jenn | Report as abusive

Wow to think four years ago i was voting for Kerry what was i thinking.these dems are nasty people cant beleive i was one of them.

Posted by boone | Report as abusive

The rally last night was incredible! It was a great experience to see the next president and vice president of the United States! I lost all respect for Obama supporters. They were sooo rude and ignorant,chanting all through the rally. Looks like they’re running scared!!! It didn’t matter, we still heard every word our new leaders were saying!

Posted by Joanne | Report as abusive

I was in Media, PA last night at the rally, and the loud, rude, obnoxious CRETINS who tried to shout down Mr. McCain and Mrs. Palin were unsuccessful. The antagonistic, intolerant, hateful, sexist, bigoted group of sign makers and democrat party supplied paraphanlia jockeys made noise whenever they could. Very annoying.

They all should have been at their second job (because of the “poverty” that they live in) or at the college that they get loans and grants for to attend that taxpayers like me pay for…

I am hoping that McCain/Palin will reverse the disasterous liberal/socialist (“let’s be more like Europe”) policies that have caused Europe to kill (abort) or use birth control to prevent more then 1 or 2 children to be born while aging, elderly people are being cared for by less and less European young people, so Europe must import Africans/Asians/and Middle Easterners (many of whom are Muslims who don’t like athiests/secularists) to work, pay the taxes, and care for the aging Europeans.

Europe, the land mass, will be there 100 years from now. What we call “Europeans” today will not be. Their liberal/socialist policies will have caused them to go extinct. America does not want to go there. That is why our European fore-fathers left Europe in order to be free, prosper, and survive…

Liberals/Socialists SUCK….

Viva Mccain/Palin

Posted by Bernard M. Russelman | Report as abusive

Yeah, Boone. I’m sure you voted for Kerry four years ago. What a troll.

Posted by ohsuzanna | Report as abusive

I wish the level of civility and substance on these comment boards was higher – so that we could strongly disagree without being so bitter, on both sides.

Posted by Carroll Hoke | Report as abusive

to: As one of the Obama supporters people their I can tell you exactly what that was about. The McCain campaign chose a very iffy town for a rally that is split speaking in terms of parties. Plus the rally was in an outdoor, open air, anyone can get close, inviting of democrats setting. Short Speech wasn’t it? The warm up stuff was on longer than McCcain and Palin Combined

Learn some grammar and spelling and learn how to write. Your questions could then be taken seriously.

Posted by D Mcc | Report as abusive

As for the Obama supporters, here is a post from someone at the rally (posted at mobile/channel/item/6870):
I was at the rally in Media yesterday. The Obama supporters are a disgrace to all Americans. They disrespected the American flag, screamed curses in crowds of children, yelled obscenities at seniors in the crowd and more.

Like the group of 6-8 teens (or young adults) who were dirty, with bandanas over their faces, and spit in the face of a McCain supporter walking down the street. He was wearing a “Vets for McCain” t-shirt. They called him a baby killer, a piece of sh*t, repeatedly screaming “FU you traitor to your race”, then spit on him again.
I am thankful to the Media police and proud of the respectable people who came to the Vets aid without confronting the losers who assaulted the veteran. I hope those people are charged with assault and a hate crime! They singled him out because he is black! I am ashamed of the behavior of the youths who perpetrated this crime.

Posted by nobama | Report as abusive

‘Sarah Palin threatened to steal the show ‘
reminds one of the clown acts in the circus lol

Posted by basho | Report as abusive

Maybe one of you dems can tell me what Obama stands for. What hope and change. Not interested in his European style socialism. Not really worried about some elites concerned about the world not liking America. Guess what..the elites never like the USA when a Republican is in office. So cry me a river, your still losing in November because no one nows what your empty suit stands for…except maybe Rev Wright, William Ayers, Tony Rezko and a boatload of Fannie/Fredie $$$$. Keep throwing your t-shirt slogans and leave the real thinking to the adults.

Posted by Chris | Report as abusive

If you love Sarah write her in for president and forget McCain.

Posted by Rodger Lemonde | Report as abusive

Why am I hearing all this Reagan love? He’s the main reason we have such classism in this country with his historically huge tax cuts for the rich. Back before Reagan families only had to send one parent to work and everything was cozy and comfortable.

Iran-Contra affair anyone?

Posted by Michael | Report as abusive

Also I’m getting a little confused by all the right wing blathering about socialism. George Bush is the face of moderin American socialism and you people love him, anything socialist should be like a breath of fresh air.

Posted by Michael | Report as abusive

This town is 3/4 of a sq. mile with about 6,000 residents. There is NO WAY that there were 15,000 people there! That’s what the McCain camp reports, the secret service reports 10k and the local police (who know this area best and are used to estimating crowds at events on these streets) reports about 5,000. I would say that 5,000 would be TOPS… Veteran’s Square wasn’t even full. And, as for protesters, there were about 500 of us. During the speeches most people were standing along Veterans Square, some people were in the rally, and others were along Balt. Pike. MOST of the McCain supporters were bussed in from 2 locales, and the place cleared out as soon as the event was over. This crowd was NOT representative of Media or all of Delaware County, for that matter.

Posted by funkymama | Report as abusive

i would like to invite all believers in Jesus to pray hard for this coming election. This election is not simply a political or cultural contest. It is a profoundly spiritual conflict and as such will have global and eternal consequences for America and the rest of the world(Ephesians 6:10-20). I would encourage people to look at the heart and not the outward appearance (or rhetorical fluff) of a person. (I Samuel 16:7).
Having said that, I definitely would vote for MCCain/Palin. I could sense that Senatore McCain is a very sincere person, one who has been through trials by fire. Sarah Palin impresses me for her genuiness and empathy for you and me-ordinary people. These two have character, courage, and conviction, the hallmarks of true and effective leadership, exactly what America needs now.

Posted by jon parren. | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin is a nice convenient excuse for American who would never vote for a black man in this century.

Do not hate Sarah Palin. She got nothing to do with it.

Posted by deeduda | Report as abusive

Fork In The Road Of American History had it right.
Obama always talks about “changing America” to the way he wants it not the way it should be.
I like America and it traditions as they are. I DO NOT want anything to do with Obama’s traditions.
Vote Obama, Al Quaida’s best friend.

Posted by AnotherWatcher | Report as abusive

This campaign is about McCain not Palin. It is McCains character & values we should examine to determine whether or not his promises are lies or will be kept. Assurance that promises will be kept is character and values.

James Hensley, founded one of the largest beer distributorships in America. He was Cindy Hensley McCain’s father and the father-in-law of John McCain who he hired as his Vice President of Public Relations.

Hensley was top lieutenant for Kemper Marley the point man for Mafia mob chief Meyer Lansky, whose wealth and connections started McCain’s political career.

In 1948, Hensley was prosecuted for federal liquor violations. Hensley took the fall for Marley and Marley paid him back by setting him up in the beer distribution business. McCain’s career was sponsored by the Lansky-Bronfman Mafia crime syndicate.

Can you trust John McCain to fulfill his pre-election promises?
Source: cain_s_mob_connections_146.html

Posted by William C. Walters | Report as abusive

Sarah has nothing on Michael Palin of Monty Python fame: he would make a much better VP! :-)

Posted by TheTruthIs… | Report as abusive

I chuckled at the comment posted by one who said the following and then chastised others for bad grammar and spelling:

“As one of the Obama supporters people their I can tell you exactly what that was about.”

However, it was good for a laugh.

But in all honesty, McCain tells things as they are. Obama states pipe dreams. Beware of slick talkers, for con-artists are the slickest-talkers of all. Hearing actual facts isn’t always pleasant, but McCain is willing to state them. I pray people listen and don’t vote for Obama’s impossible promises that sound good, but which even Obama knows he can’t fulfill.

Palin is a wonderful, down-to-earth person and will be a very capable Vice President. The way her family is being ridiculed is abominable, but she seems to take it all in stride.

Posted by GladysMP | Report as abusive

The people going to vote for Obama ,new young voters do not have good education and do not know how to select a good person . For matured person all they want ” HANDS on “like Give me Give me.

Watch it a vote for is a vote for terrorist, Iran ,Chaves,North Korea ,Cuba, including Resko,Wright, Farrakhan,and Pledger. Also , did you see the smile of Biden, I, don`t think he can be trusted.

Posted by Flores Guevarra | Report as abusive

Yes to McCain/Palin, leaders that stand for America. Not tax and spend liberals like Obama who will only take more money for failed social programs. I also live in suburban Philadelphia and we have large numbers who support McCain and the number is growing.

Posted by Marc | Report as abusive