To debate, or not to debate, that is the question

September 24, 2008

WASHINGTON – Republican presidential hopeful John McCain has proposed postponing the first debate with his rival, Democrat Barack Obama, citing a need for the two senators to return to Congress to help hammer out a compromise on a $700 billion bailout for Wall Street.

For his part, Obama said the debate, which is to focus on foreign policy, should go ahead because now is a time when Americans need to hear from the candidates.

Should the two White House hopefuls go on with the show? Should they switch the topic of the debate to the economy? Or should they cancel as McCain suggested while dealing with the crisis?

Have your say in the comments section, or log onto the news prediction market HubDub to place a virtual wager on whether Friday’s scheduled debate will take place.

Will the Obama/McCain debate happen on Friday?

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Is McCain for real? This guy is a joke. First of all, it was Obama who called McCain to suggest a bipartisan approach to the crisis. McCain, being the underhanded GOP sleaze-bag that he is, tried to fool the American people by going on television and announcing the move to cooperate while Obama was speaking in Florida. He is stooping REALLY low, proving that he is desperate and pathetic.

Obama is 100% right to insist on continuing with business as usual. Washington doesn’t need this crisis to be overshadowed by politics, and there has never been a more crucial time for Americans to hear from both candidates.

McCain is just a chicken.

Posted by Sarah | Report as abusive

Good grief, of course they should go ahead with the debate — now more than ever! If McCCain cancels I’ll be furious and disgusted.
Elderly White Woman Who Will Now Have to Work Until She Drops

Posted by margaret winter | Report as abusive

The Debates should go on. I detest the Republican ploy of suspending free speech during crises- real and manufactured.

Posted by Africalive | Report as abusive

I eagerly await the debates as I haven’t decided my vote yet. However, what’s more important is to address this issue immediately. We have no idea if the urgency is real, but do any of you want to wait to find out or would you rather leadership meet to discuss? I am tired of the political grandstanding during these hearings – and want to hear a more thorough resolution. Obama and McCain should be present for the discussion – one of them will inherit it. They can debate next week – get this finished first!

Posted by Eliahs | Report as abusive

Yes, I do feel the debate should go on, but the topic should be the economy.

Aside from their thoughts on the overall state of the economy, these senators should explain to the people what they think contributed to the current crisis, what their position is on the proposed bail-out, and what they would contribute to the bail-out discussion that is going on behind closed doors. Which measures do they support, and why? How are they going to protect the interests of the average-day citizen?

It makes me wonder why McCain is trying to back out of a public discussion of this important matter at hand. It seems he is shying away from just having to deliver sound-bites via scripted news conferences and advertisements.

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[…] Senator McCain has recently called for his first debate with Senator Obama to be canceled. (To debate, or not to debate, that is the question) […]

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For his campaign. But seriously, it’s win-win, because without him there, there’s no debate, regardless of what the Commission says. He’s working while Obama is more interested in winning.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m for Obama 100%. I just think this was a shrewd move for The Oldster.

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It seems to me that both of the candidates have jets at their disposal, and could conceivably leave Washington D.C. late Friday afternoon for the debates and be in Mississippi in plenty of time for the 9PM start time.
Sen. McCain is afraid of the debates.

Posted by Concerned Citizen | Report as abusive

The debates should definitely go on. If not, then why don’t the vice presidential candidates step up? They’re supposed to be ready to take over at any time, so let’s see how Biden and Palin do with this little curve ball. My money’s on Biden.

Posted by Megan | Report as abusive

Having a debate during the hours in which Congress is not even in session should not interfere with the intentions of either Senator, whether they choose to continue campaigning or go to Washington, D.C.

Posted by Michele in Arizona | Report as abusive

McCain suggested that he and Obama should debate on the date scheduled for the VPs, which means more time for Palin to prep.

McCain is dropping in the polls. Early voting is starting soon in several states. If McCain avoids the debates it could help with the early voters.

As Obama said they both have airplanes so it would not take much time for travel. They could still be in touch with DC by phone.

Congress has two full days to work on the issues, what will it matter if McCain and Obama are gone for a few hours Friday night?

Posted by Jim | Report as abusive

My first reaction was “what???”
When did this guy become president or even president elect ??
The best suggestion I’ve seen so far is from a conservative blogger. Mr McCain can make good use of his time and that of his team by delegating Sarah Palin to stand in for him at the debate.
Or if he’s not so sure his VP nominee is up for that yet then perhaps have the VP debate on Friday.

Posted by chris | Report as abusive

Sounds like a good fight is going to be on Tv. These people must payed alot for the tickets. (the debate)
I hope you do not get disapointed.. Some people do not care about there country, just complain when it dose not go there way..I am a x-vet..

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Of course the debate must go on. This is another cheap political trick by McCain. If he truly supported a bipartisan effort to addres the economy he would have negotiated with Obama BEFORE unilaterally announcing his intention to chicken-out of the debate.

The real reason for his suspension of his campaign is that he will have to fire his campaign manager Rick Davis, and needs time to regroup and find a replacement. Here’s why Rick Davis is dead meat:

The lobbying firm of Rick Davis, the manager, was being paid $15,000 a month by Freddie Mac until last month. That fact is a direct contradiction of words McCain had spoken Sunday night. At that time, responding to a Times story being prepared for Monday’s paper revealing that Davis had been the head of a lobbying consortium led by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae until 2005, McCain said Davis had done no further work for either mortgage giant.

McCain lied again. This, after accusing OBAMA of being compromised by campaign contributions from Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae!

After firing his economics advisor Phil (“we are in a mental recession…, …Americans are whiners..”)Gramm recently, McCain’s campaign is in DEEP DO-DO!

Posted by John Peddicord | Report as abusive

A president should be able to multi-task. if McLame can’t handle running a campaign and following headlines(he’s not a member of the Finance Committee, so he has no responsibility in putting together this agreement)he has no business being in the White House. If there was a 3AM call, could he even find the phone?

Posted by winnie47 | Report as abusive

Since the Democrats have said they have a breakthrough on the bailout plan and only a few other things left to finalize before meeting the Republicans at 10am on the 25th for bipartisan approval, the debate should happen. Now we can only hope that bipartisan work can be done and not have the plan politicized to try and make his decision look like leadership.

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Posted by Omar | Report as abusive

It is evident the old ailing man just got tired desperately, and needs a break before the debate with young, smart, and energetic Obama.
The bailout is just his pathetic excuse to delay the debate as McCain has never been any kind of an expert on economics (he admitted it himself), and his absense for several hours from Washington would have no effect on working out the bailout deal.

Posted by Reasonable Guy | Report as abusive

The debate needs to go on. Congress is doing its job on the financial issues. Injecting the presidential candidates will do more harm than good.

McCain is trying to kill several birds with one stone–postpone or cancel the VP debate and pretend to take the high road while he is doing just the opposite.

May his chickens come home to roost!

Posted by Marcia Kirkpatrick | Report as abusive

We are both normal blokes representing normal people. We just both have airplanes, otherwise we are pretty normal blokes in touch with the average American.

Possibly the two worst presidential candidate choices America has had in a long time.

Vacuous sociopathic windbag v doddery old man.

I feel sorry for American voters.

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Reuters, why must you shield your candidate from the truth?

McCain is just a chicken.

– Posted by Sarah

Really? I could have sworn it was Obama who:

a) refused to do 10 town hall debates as McCain proposed, specifically because he wouldn’t have the questions beforehand and wouldn’t have a teleprompter and

b) turned down McCain’s offer to appear at the Saddleback forum simultaneously, then proceeded to stammer and waffle on every question, while McCain gave direct answers.

You were saying?

Posted by Matt | Report as abusive

Why should Obama go back to DC to help with the crisis. This is work for adults. Let him stay on the campaign trail and give his empty suit speeches. When the Democratic leadership tells Obama to stay on the trail and not return to DC to assist on the crisis…IT’S BECAUSE HE DOESN’T NEED TO BE THERE!!!GET IT..HE HAS NO IDEAS..HE CANNOT GET A CONSENSES IN THE SENATE. Lmao…yeh stay on the trail have nothing to offer the folks in DC. He says he’ll take care of it in 40 days????? That’s the type of hope and change we all need.

Posted by Chris | Report as abusive

I think the debates should be a daily event but first we need to put up power generating windmills in front of them. They both spew hot air with no meaningful information.

These two are the worst possible candidates to be running for Presidents. Niether one really cares about us, the taxpayer. Of course, most politicians don’t care about us. They only care about money and greed and POWER!

No matter which one wins, this country is in deep doo doo.

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

Reuters, give me a break! Why do you delete posts that don’t violate any rules? Is it just because they make your liberal candidate du jour look bad? You’re really objective. You’ll post one word items that say, “McOld” but not a substantive challenge to liberals.

The debates should definitely go on. If not, then why don’t the vice presidential candidates step up? They’re supposed to be ready to take over at any time, so let’s see how Biden and Palin do with this little curve ball. My money’s on Biden.

– Posted by Megan

Dear God, if we have people like you voting, we’re in deep. Your money is on Biden, the guy who just went on TV and said, “after the 1929 market crash, FDR went on television to reassure the American public.” Too bad for Biden, FDR wasn’t President until 1932 and television was a couple decades away.

This is the same Biden who in 1988 had to retract every word of a statement he made claiming to have gotten three degrees while on a full legal scholarship and was at the top of his class. The truth was he had financial aid, not a scholarship, he had a double major for ONE degree, not three, and he ranked fifth from the bottom of his class. Before you make McCain comparisons, I’ll take the bottom of the class at the USNA over the top half of any other school any day.

I could go on and on about Biden (calling Obama the “first clean and articulate black candidate,” stating “You can’t walk into a 7-11 or Dunkin’ Donuts without having an Indian accent,” etc. but you liberal robots and your allies in the press will continue to excuse it all while referring to the right as stupid.

Posted by Matt | Report as abusive

A leader needs to be able to multi-task. I feel the debate should continue as scheduled.

Posted by Ava | Report as abusive

Let’s have McCain do a “Katrina” solution for low over the debate hall..then go home and say “We have it under control”…I am sorry but STILL under the impression that the R’s WANT TO LOSE THE ELECTION…so like Palin for VP. (whom rumors are now want VP debate moved). and ALL the other gaffs..the R’s are doing best they can to loose but the public is so dumbed down they simply do not notice. NO campaign EVER, has made so many messes.. and ended up nearly tied. So the R’s are using big guns like this to loose, but somehow the D’s will counter it and remain at 50/50 tie.. and may even loose. NEVER ever saw a big losing series of foul ups and messed up sitution-opportunity.. snatched from jaws of victory as the D party is doing now.. Maybe with coming economic and all the other issues coming down the 2009 track. might it be.. BOTH PARTIES want no part of it and want to lose..but no matter how badly they screw up cannot yet find firm course to stay to lose???
After all we ain’t seen nothing yet on the four horse’s of “OH OH”, the next administration will have to face, “USA broken Economy, Our wars,Terrible energy mess and the drogon going out to feed now that 2008 Games done and their 2000’s game to start, the China’s raise to power.. R or D, they cannot seem to firm up how to loose?

Posted by chuck | Report as abusive

Yes the debate must go on. We all know why McCain really does not want to debate. The people really need to hear this debate more than ever given the blackhole we’re in.

Posted by Rex | Report as abusive

Obama wants to debate the crisis while McCain wants to do something about it. McCain has proven to me that he is putting his country before his career.

Posted by Robert | Report as abusive

Obama wants to debate the crisis while McCain wants to do something about it. McCain has proven to me that he is putting his country before his career. He can walk the walk.

Posted by Robert | Report as abusive

what a great time for senator mccain to want to go mia. running and hiding behind the financial fiasco he and his ideological compatriots created, and pretending his presence is required to fix it. what’s telling is that no one but mccain wants him anywhere near the delicate and important negotiations. after all wasn’t it but a few weeks ago he was still insisting the economic fundamentals were strong? with insight like that, no wonder no one wants him involved. mccain seems a bit hysterical.

Posted by michael | Report as abusive

McCain had my vote until he started jerking around to events. Do we want this guy’s finger on the big red button?

Posted by John Bannick | Report as abusive

We have a sitting president and congress in place who are working with a cadre of financial experts to resolve the financial crisis. The presidential candidates are senators and as such, they do share a responsibility for contributing to and providing the support needed to carry through the proposed or a similar “bail-out” resolution. However, the presidential candidates’ primary responsibility at the moment and up until election day is to demonstrate to us, the American people, that they have the intelligence, endurance and poise to handle multiple responsibilities and commitments simultaneously. One of those commitments has become a tradition–that of participating in presidential debates.

The proposal that the financial crisis is a valid reason to postpone the debate is alarming. The debates provide a venue for the candidates to prove themselves before a national audience. In a sense, a presidential or vice-presidential debate is an interview with the American people; it provides the voter with an opportunity to scrutinize and observe how each candidate responds under pressure in an ad-hoc forum.

To put this in perspective, imagine this: What if we were facing both the current financial crisis and a diplomatic crisis of a similar magnitude? Would the man who would be our president opt to “postpone” one of them so as to deal exclusively with the other?

The proposal to cancel the debate is akin to a proposal to cancel a job interview with the American people. What is even more disturbing is the proposal to reschedule the debate for the date designated for the first VP debate. These look like slippery moves to me. We are not trying to hire an illusionist, but someone who can honestly lead the country in the right direction. We are facing a host of problems that, for the sake of the planet and future generations, need urgent attention, right now–global warming and evironmental degradation, declining natural resources, famine, disease, war. We do not need any more “Who looks better in the media now?” games, political delay and tit-for-tat tactics, or strategically placed western veils on Sarah Palin. We need someone whose talk is substantial enough to support his own weight. We need someone whose long-term view is not measured in two an four year increments but in decades and centuries, who cares about what will be when all the current players will be dust.

Posted by Tick Tock | Report as abusive

I have read the comments so far and its seems to be that you all agree that the debate should go on even if the VP’s have to stand in. My issue is that this crisis is not something that just happened, its been happening for the past 8 years, so McCain wants to suspend his campaign in order to meet in Washington to come up with a solution, that is just a polite way for him to say, I am not prepared, I am falling in the polls and I don’t know what to do. THE DEBATE SHOULD GO ON!

Posted by Mia | Report as abusive

Hussein just wants the spotlight, at any cost.

His primary responsibility is to perform his own job as a senator, and not to wave his own flag at this crucial time in U.S. history.

I knew he would have this selfish, egocentric response.

Hussein: “It’s all about ME”.


Posted by Giaccomo | Report as abusive

I don’t want any debates, I want the economic problems fixed!! The debates only show how well the candidates can repeat learned speeches. Actions speak louder than words and McCain is showing to be a man of action.
Obama’s response about going to Washington to help with the economic problem: ‘I’ll go if they call me’ – it’s just deplorable. He is still a senator and he is getting paid to act like one – let him go to work like the rest of us!!

Posted by Angie | Report as abusive

The debates should take place.

It would appear the McCain is playing for time on this.

First, he won’t let his running mate appear in unscripted interviews with the media, and now he would appear to be avoiding Friday’s debate.

That’s no way to run a campaign, and speaks volumes about his ability to cary out the duties of the office of the president.

Posted by Toy | Report as abusive

John has set himself up to be ridiculed unless he is actually able to bring some new revelation and approach to fix this problem. He had better bring a plan with at least the basic mechanics worked out in layman terms for us all to understand. In essence this is his chance to get an up/down vote right here – right now. Some would say John is dodging the debate because of confusion.
As sad as this financial meltdown scenario is, it is exactly what is needed to test the mettle of our potential new President.

Posted by warren huff | Report as abusive

Not long time ago i really respected McCain for his service for this country and for his bipartisan initiatives. But since he got the GOP nomination he has changed dramatically, its not the same guy. Its like he “stepped on the dark side of the force”.
Its such a cheap trick. He is not an economy expert, he cant help in any way in forging this deal.
I demand that debate to be as planned.
If he really thinks that he needs to be in DC, he should send Sarah Palin to cover for him. I would love to see what she has to say.

Posted by PwlM | Report as abusive

In the course of governmental wrangling and decision making for the bailout, both candidates should have made their views known and both have lieutenants in the frey. Neither candidate’s presence is essential in Washington at the debate hour. They should debate and let us hear their views so we can better decide.

Posted by Al Reisz | Report as abusive

The candidates have two days to state their views to Congress and the President. There is no reason to cancel the debates and as Obama says a President should be able to concentrate on more than one thing at a time! Perhaps McCain is not up to both tasks!

Posted by Jill Wallin | Report as abusive

What exactly is John McCain so busy with he can’t attend the debate. What huge hole in this bail out is he so dedicated with that he can’t continue on his campaign.

McCain and Obama have very little to do with any of it aside from talking about it.

Posted by Mark S. | Report as abusive

They are both senators first and presidential candidates second. They need to do the jobs they were elected to do, especially with regards to something this important and far reaching.

The country comes first, and that includes the economy and the people that it affects.

If the debate is a couple of days late, so be it.

Posted by Cyndi | Report as abusive

Clearly those of you who feel McCain is ‘Chicken’ or has some other purpose for delaying this debate, are not aware that the debate’s agenda on Foreign Policy – very heavily favors McCain.

So this ‘old’ ‘ailing’ candidate is risking a lot to focus on the crisis at hand.

I don’t care if or when they debate, I could never vote for a blatently out-right liar like Obama and for those of you without a conscious – what a shame and shame on you!

Posted by Brian McNally | Report as abusive


What a fool you are. You have a nice collection of out of context sound bites…but no footnotes. Since you must believe everything that you read, you must also believe that the economy is fundamentally sound. That was what McCain said on the day Lehman Brothers collapsed. How about the joint proposal by the two candidates, written by Obama with an inclusion by Obama. Sounds like a joint proposal that only one side wrote or read.

Does McCain think he has more voice than the 99 other Senators that somehow HE will come up with a solution. The solution is already on the table and he is trying to posture for free press. He will suspend his campaign so he can come up with some more lies to put in TV ads. Save some of his campaign cash so he can pull another trick to avoid Palin having to debate as well.

This old timer thinks he’s got one up his sleeve, but he’s not fooling any educated American…unfortunately, educated Americans don’t make up the majority.

Posted by Andy | Report as abusive

Ten Days ago McCain thought the economy was “fundamentally sound.” As of yesterday he believes it is in such bad shape it needs a bailout and right now. Wrong both times. Only thing he’s been right about on the economy is that he doesn’t understand it so well. But politics he understands: What a great excuse this is to avoid actually discussing the issue in a debate.

Posted by Stephen Manion | Report as abusive

The debate should go forward. This is political grandstanding by McCain plain and simple.

If he cannot control his own party (it’s the republicans who are threatening the agreement afterall) AND argue a debate then how in the world can he be expected to deal with TWO wars, domestic security, the economy and whatever legislation comes up if he becomes president. Is he going to suspend the “war on terror” while he deals with the economic mess as president???

He can do whatever he needs to do on the bailout without being there in person. He can send his VP pick to do most of the ground work (she needs the experience anyway) and then, if absolutely necessary, go in person for 1/2 a day to personally push for an agreement.

Posted by JimH | Report as abusive

Matt why do you GOP followers get so much comfort in calling everyone a liberal? I think McCain’s a liberal and you being head over heels in love with him pretty much makes you a liberal. Conservatives don’t want to make enormous expansions to amnesty and corporate welfare like McCain’s bills tried to do, and they most certainly don’t the queen of big spending to be their VP.

That just must really rock you guys to the core, knowing how you people are you’d rather vote in someone you’d describe as terrorist rather than liberal but when you made the choice of McCain over Romney you proved that you guys wanted just another liberal in the Oval Office. No different than Democrats.

Posted by Michael | Report as abusive

That’s supposed to say “don’t PICK the queen of big spending”

Posted by Michael | Report as abusive

I think that the republicans are stonewalling the deal just enough so McCain can ride to the rescue and “persuade” them to make the deal. Then McCain can go on TV and say; “Without my leadership this deal would never have been made. While my opponent was campaigning I was saving the economy.” Just watch.

Posted by jimH | Report as abusive

These two candidates are not just retired businessmen with time on their hands to wander around high-priced hotels and prepare to bs the American people with sensational campaign promises, many of which will never be acted upon, on tv in a grandeur debate while shirking their senate duties while the rest of the country is in turmoil.

These two candidates are current sitting senators in the United States Congress! And they SHOULD be putting country and their legislative duties before political party debates and presidential candidacies.

I guess putting in real work and upholding sworn duties may be a foreign idea that is hard for Obama to comprehend since he has only served one term in the U.S. senate and half of that term he was running to live in the white house.

Seems Obama just wants to run off to the debate to avoid real work to gain real experience and instead do what he does best – get a grand forum on tv to lie, manipulate and talk BS

Posted by CJ | Report as abusive

I am glad that McCain is holding off on the debate, it shows he is a man of his word, he cares for this country, and that’s what he is putting first, the debate can come after.


Posted by Barb | Report as abusive

There appears to be an overwhelming vote to continue the debate, of which I totally agree. What’s alarming is the comments from the McCain supporters that tend to be very nasty and defensive. If you don’t have anything but slander to add to what is largely a well-thought-out and intelligent interchange, then you’re really just following your candidate’s lead.

Posted by rilo | Report as abusive

“send Sarah Palin to cover for him. I would love to see what she has to say.”

I think we all DESERVE to see what she has to say. So far all they have done with Ms. Palin is hide her. Just more proof that she was chosen solely as a “trophy”. I would love to see her debate moved up, but either way, somebody needs to participate in a debate on Friday

Posted by Jeff Landis | Report as abusive

It’s a pity that McCane is trying to manipulate the American public because he doesn’t have another way of garnishing support. It seems from the blogs that there are a few people falling for it. Hopefully most Americans are smart enough to know better! Who was it in the Republican Party that said the American economy was a sound one?

Posted by rolyat | Report as abusive

McCain is going to send Sarah Palin to the debate. This is going to bring Obama down to VP level and affirm McCain at Presidential level.

Posted by Hank | Report as abusive

This is W’s responsibility. The other 2 are not important. We don’t know which one will get the mess? If I was a CEO, I don’t want the applicants tell me how to do my job. These applicants did not even get thru the first interview.

Posted by Doe | Report as abusive

Unbelievable grandstanding by McCain. He isn’t even on a committee working on this bailout.

Turns out the White House had this drawn up months ago and never once met with Congressional leaders to suggest they get their ducks in a row. Not once.

Now, they want to effect the election, and further disrupt our process by throwing this out a week before Congress was scheduled to adjourn, hoping they’d pass it hastily.

I’m so sick of the Bush Administration and the GOP I could puke. I voted Republican too. Screw ’em.

Posted by Danny | Report as abusive

I’ve been involved in planning debates and know the tremendous amount of time, effort, and expense that goes into coordinating them. I had a candidate try to pull out on me about a week before the event. I called our state’s major newspaper and the Associated Press and made sure that our story got out first. The offending campaign wanted to restart it. I only would only accept an apology from the candidate, not from any of his staff.

I hope John McCain is apologizing for his irresponsible behavior. He might think he has more important things to do, but he is showing little regard for all the people that are attempting to put unedited information before the voters. And he is denying all of us citizens the opportunity to judge for ourselves.

I plan to have my television on at 9:00 tomorrow night……………………..Philis

Posted by Philis Alvic | Report as abusive

McCain, Rove, Steve Schmidt, Rick Davis & Co. must have be at their wit’s end!

Barack Obama’s polling numbers were rising across the country, he had just taken the lead in critical swing states, and he was gaining credibility among independent and crossover voters.

Meanwhile, McCain’s Rove-Boys, the ultimate one-trick-dogs of American politics, were again serving up the same old Rove-style “culture war”, but were going no where!

Voters, faced with hard economic times, and a threatening financial crisis, were not taking the bait, yet McCain had bet the farm on it.

The glamour was also wearing off of Sarah Palin, as voters learned of her unbridled pork-politics (to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars), her flip-flopping (for the Bridge to Nowhere before she was against it, and pocketing the money in the end anyway), and her ongoing stonewalling of a legislative investigation (Troopergate) into abuse of office charges against her.

It didn’t help when Palin started making statements in her few selected interviews that could only convince voters she was obviously not chosen for her political competence.

With McCain’s actuarial table showing a 1-in-3 chance of Palin actually taking over as President during his first term, her performances (“I can actually see Russia from an Alaskan island”; “the Bush Doctrine – in what respect?”; “McCain’s record on finance regulation – I’ll get back to you on that later”) began turning her into a liability for the Ticket.

On top of all that bad news, the first Presidential debate loomed, threatening to cement Democratic gains, and McCain losses.

Yikes! What to do?!?

Well, we now all know McCain’s reaction to his ship-wrecked campaign: stop the press, halt the campaign, all hands on deck, country first, I must go to Washington! And there he was, McCain suddenly on TV trying to sell himself to voters as the one person needed to fix it all.

Posted by fbla1805 | Report as abusive

FACT: McCain invited O-bama to debate in “town hall” style settings repeatedly over the summer. Obama declined every time. (Who’s the chicken?)I know, I know, that’s never referenced in Obama’s house organs (aka MSM).

McCain’s call to put politics aside is a legitimate reason to postpone the debate.

Also remember – there is no teleprompter at the debate. Pee Wee, at a minimum, is going to have to respond to real questions (at least from McCain). Barry’s big adventure continues (though not much longer)!

Posted by Ward | Report as abusive

The public deserves to hear McCain/Obama debate this evening and the topic should not be foreign issue but the financial crisis.

Posted by isabelfarell | Report as abusive