Letterman skewers McCain for canceling ‘Late Show’ visit

September 25, 2008

WASHINGTON – John McCain should have seen this one coming.
The Republican presidential candidate suspended his campaign and dramatically announced he was going to Washington to help hammer out a $700 billion bailout to save the U.S. economy.
Then he called to cancel with David Letterman. At the last minute. Leaving the wickedly funny late night comic with blank airtime to fill. Probably not the smartest move.
“Senator John McCain, the Republican candidate for president, was supposed to be on the program tonight,” Letterman said in an opening volley. “But had to cancel the show because he’s suspending his campaign because the economy is exploding.”
“You know who John McCain is,” he added to laughter from his live audience. “He’s the running mate of Sarah Palin, you’re aware of that?”
And that was just the start. Letterman wasn’t about to let it go. After heaping praise on McCain as an American hero, it was right back to the cancellation.
“When you call up and you call up at the last minute and you cancel a show, ladies and gentlemen, that’s starting to smell,” Letterman said. “This, this is not the John McCain I know, by God. It makes me believe something’s gone haywire with the campaign.”
“This just doesn’t smell right because this is not the way a tested hero behaves. Somebody’s putting something in his Metamucil,” he said.

A presidential candidate doesn’t just suspend the campaign, Letterman insisted.

“You go back to Washington. You handle what you need to handle. Don’t suspend your campaign. Let your campaign go on, shouldered by your vice presidential nominee, that’s what you do. You don’t quit,” Letterman said, pausing to let his audience mull over the idea of McCain letting the little-experienced Alaska governor take over the campaign.
“Or is that really a good thing to do?” Letterman asked.
The jibes kept coming. McCain’s age — at 72 he’ll be the oldest president to start a first term in office — and Palin’s inexperience.
He reacted with mock astonishment when he discovered McCain had not raced back to Washington but was instead being interviewed for the CBS evening newscast with Katie Couric. Letterman watched a live TV feed from the studio as McCain’s face was patted with makeup.
“Doesn’t seem to be racing to the airport, does he?”
“Hey John, I got a question. You need a ride to the airport?”

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Photo credit: Reuters/Molly Riley (McCain at U.S. Capitol on Thursday after returning to Washington for talks on U.S. financial crisis)


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You don’t tug on Superman’s cape,
You don’t spit into the wind.
You don’t pull the mask off that old Lone Ranger
and you don’t mess around with Dave.

-With apologies To Jim Croce

Posted by Tom Burnett | Report as abusive

Cindy McCain did a fundraiser in Washington last night. All of his offices are open. Palin “talked” to the press today at ground zero. He is still running commercials.

Why are you falsely reporting that he “suspended his campaign”?

Posted by Mark | Report as abusive

Wow. Just wow. Presidents have to wear a lot of hats and this is not acceptable.

Posted by rachel | Report as abusive

Democrat wacko’s like Letterman are the reason why Obama will lose and McCain will become the next president.
Keep the insults coming my liberal friends, keep’em coming.

Posted by Peter Foxworthy | Report as abusive

I’m from Indiana, but like many Hoosiers, but prefer Jay Leno. Political jokes are to be expected from all comedians and hopefully toward candidates on a fair or equal basis, but Letterman has gone way too far, so, sorry Dave, you’re one Hoosier we can live without. CLICK. That was the channel changing. Stan in Shelbyville, Indiana

Posted by Stanley Cobb | Report as abusive

Typical of our lazy, self-indulgent Republican leaders who answer to no one but themselves. Didn’t Woody Allen once say that 95% of life is showing up?

Posted by Foo | Report as abusive

‘Democrat wackos’? Guess you have been listening to the sane Rush ‘Ditto’ Limbaugh all these years. And how do you know Letterman’s political background? Guess like most Grand OLD Partiers, you have no sense of humor. Then again, your party did pick Sarah Palin.

Posted by Erik | Report as abusive

It was a pretty big deal for McCain to lie to Letterman, after all it was on the Letterman show that he announced his candidacy. But I think yesterday’s posturing just shows how scared the McCain campaign is of debates. Not the Obama vs McCain debate that McCain tried to postpone, but the Palin vs Biden debate that they tried to get replaced by the Obama/McCain debate. It’s looking increasing likely that Friday’s debate will go as planned so we will see Bidan and Palin next Thursday although hopefully she will do a better job than on Couric.

Posted by DissillusionedRepublican | Report as abusive

Just whose side is Letterman on? That of the American people, or the self-serving crowd in the media. If McCain isn’t going to take part in the debate, why on earth would he be seen on a late night show, seriously. I believe that the finance issue is too important for either Presidential Candidate to be running around to appear on anything other than news shows.

Posted by Michele | Report as abusive

Hey Dave!

You were great last night!

Here’s another option sinc ethe tim eis already booked and scheduling another debate may not happen……if McCain can’t make it to the debate on Friday…change it to the VP debate! Biden is ready! Why isn’t what’s her name?

Lily Rose

Posted by Lily Rose | Report as abusive

So anyone makes fun of John Mccain, and immediately get labeled a democrat wacko! Peter Foxworthy – get out of your foxhole into the real world.. this time America’s going to reject the republican shenanigans in no mean measure. Good luck, GOP.. you are going down.

Posted by sri | Report as abusive

Don’t you think McCain looks tired?

Posted by LREKing | Report as abusive

“Democrat wacko’s like Letterman are the reason why Obama will lose and McCain will become the next president.
Keep the insults coming my liberal friends, keep’em coming.”

His show announced McCain’s run. And lies trump insults any day of the week. McCain’s lies just don’t stop coming.

Posted by John | Report as abusive

McCain has really turned into a slimy politician. This makes him look like a coward who is too afraid to debate Obama. It’s bad enough that no one in this country is allowed to ask Palin any question. And now people are claiming sexism? You’ve got to be kidding. McCain called Hillary a b*tch, HE was the first to use the “lipstick on a pig” comment about her, AND he made crude jokes about Chelsea Clinton. I cannot believe what a bunch of hypocrites people are. NOW, children are off-limits (oh, except when Palin wants to use them to garner sympathy). The modern definition of a Republican: Wants a free ride, whines incessantly, flip-flops daily, STEALS billions from taxpayers. Shall I go on? Republicans have run this country into the ground more than once. Then the Dems get in and have to pay off their big deficits and clean house. And somehow the Dems get labeled as big government. You must be kidding. It is ridiculous. Wake up, America. Your country is on fire.

Posted by Dagny | Report as abusive

PF: Republican wacko’s like McCain-Palin shouldn’t be running for the presidency.

Posted by Everyman | Report as abusive

It was McCain himself who said he was “suspending his campaign.”

Posted by Joe | Report as abusive

Bah, whatever Peter Foxworthy.

Bottom line is: McCain is a damn liar and his administration will be as incompetent as the last one–you can see it already–EASILY!

And you still love him like a foolish,

Posted by RapidRon | Report as abusive

I’d like to know exactly how much time McCain spends in Washington actually working on this crisis… he may be in Washington, but I think he is in R.O.T.C. mode (Run Or Take Cover) Very disappointing because I was going to vote for him. If he’s lie about being on the David Letterman show, what wouldn’t he lie about? Ridiculous…

Posted by John Eldridge | Report as abusive

If I were McCain I’d never appear on Lettermans show after his snide remarks with the likes of Keith Oberman.

Posted by Steven Wilson | Report as abusive

No matter how you feel about Dave, or the candidates, or which side you are on, the bottom line is that McCain flat out lied. How many of you want a liar as your next president?

Posted by Tom | Report as abusive

Anyone who thinks McCain “suspending” his campaign is anything more than a political ploy has been drinking the kool-aid. Not only was it a ploy but I think by now we can say, it was a failed ploy. Another hail mary pass that falls woefully short. He just doesn’t have it in him, God bless him.

Posted by PJ | Report as abusive

McCain is a joke. Only a fool would vote to put a foollike that in the White House.

Posted by ernie | Report as abusive

Gee, Letterman bashing a McCain – why would anyone be surprised. He has been bashing Bush for years. He is just a wacko liberal that thinks we want to hear his opinion. I change channels whenever Letterman comes on.

Posted by mr. b | Report as abusive

Letterman can get bent. What’s with all the left wingers age discrimation remarks? McCain may be 72, but I’m sure he could put a take down on ol’ Dave.

Posted by rsimms | Report as abusive

Dave just cinfirmed why I never watch his show.
First if all, he is not funny, though you could not tell it from hois looks.
Second, he is a copmplete *ssh*l*.
Dave’s comments about John McCain are totally uncalled for.
Just because Dave is showing his colours and spewing filth, does not make him a political genious.

Posted by Robert Postuma | Report as abusive

It’s funny Obama is reading his speech to a bunch of Kindegarten kids, while McCain is out taking care of a financial crisis that affects the entire world.

Obama hasn’t figured out how to put the book about himself down…..and how to go find out where the problem is……let alone, solving a problem in the first place.

Posted by Steven Wilson | Report as abusive

It always amazes me how the right wing calls anyone who thinks differently than they do ‘wackos’. Hardly civil discourse. Though maybe that’s not to be expected from someone who is intellectually challenged. Seems to me people in glass houses…

Posted by Jake | Report as abusive

The Presidential Debates are very important. But do I believe that 1/3 of these politicized debates are more important than the strength of the memorial park in my bank account for honorable presidents who promptly reported for duty when called?

Posted by Tax Payer | Report as abusive

The most valid point that Letterman makes is “why can’t Palin move forward with the campaign in he is in Washington. Doesn’t McCain “trust” his VP choice?
I guess all that experience she has would get in the way.

Posted by Lillian Townsend | Report as abusive

Oh David,
Whats more important the US economy or your show?

Posted by andy layman | Report as abusive

[…] he needed to suspend his campaign and go to Washington to broker a deal. Yet he stayed in New York, sat for make-up from a $5,000 a month make-up artist, gave an interview to Katie Couric (aimed at covering-up his […]

Posted by Will John McCain Have the Courage to Defend His Actions? « The Bag of Health and Politics | Report as abusive

Thank you Dave. I no longer have the desire to stay up past my bedtime to watch late-night TV. Your entertainment valve is a sad reflection of what it once was. I sure hope Paul can find himself a good gig; he deserves better.

Posted by Bob Davis | Report as abusive

Attention Mark:

See McCain’s own campaign website: http://www.johnmccain.com/informing/news  /newsreleases/ca67294b-fc49-4e4d-a08a-8 540112bc275.htm

Title: “McCain Suspends Campaign to Work on Wall St Plan”

Posted by AB | Report as abusive

“It’s funny Obama is reading his speech to a bunch of Kindegarten kids, while McCain is out taking care of a financial crisis that affects the entire world.”

Mr. Wilson. Seems to me that the current resident of the White House sat and stared in a kindergarden class (looking like a deer caught in the headlights)for seven minutes, or more, while the country was being attacked.

Too bad McBush can’t concentrate on more than one thing at a time.

Posted by Old and Weary | Report as abusive

Letterman used to be so great. I remember watching him on HBO specials before he got his start on NBC and then on through the years. He was always so witty and fun to watch but, he’s really turned into just a WHINY, OLD GRUMP. I’m not interested in him or his show anymore. This recent bit of garbage and all his Bush-bashing has only strengthened my reasons to change channels. I simply don’t care WHAT he has to say…. it’s clearly irrelevant!


Posted by Ex-letterman Fan | Report as abusive

Forget if you are Dem or Rep….the fact is McCain lied. Why didn’t McCain just say to Letterman, “I don’t think me appearing on your show is appropriate because of the crisis we are in”. Why didn’t McCain try the truth instead of lying that he had to catch a plane to rush to Washington. 22 hours later McCain catches his plane that took an hour and half to get to DC.

It is the lies, not the fact he didn’t show, that is so astounding. I want a President who doesn’t lie to make policy — Bush did it to get us in a war — McCain seems to have a good start.

Posted by STEVE | Report as abusive

I agree with Old and Weary. A scary number of McCain’s people naively believe he saving the world and Letterman’s show was a trivial issue.. ok, fair enough. But then, what did he do in DC? Thursday night, I read the headlines an agreement was imminent and almost ready.. but this morning, I read McCain sabotaged that.

“Sen. McCain has sided with the House Republicans who want to start with a completely different approach and reject what President Bush put forward,” said Rep. Henry Waxman, chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

This was nothing more than a ploy. I was leaning toward McCain earlier, but this just confirms how changed he is from the great guy he was only 5 years ago. Kerry considered him as a running mate back in ’04; his own party thought him a liberal only a year ago – look at him now. Complete 180. Maverick indeed.

Posted by John | Report as abusive

Grow up Letterman !!! Your ego and head are as huge as the Titannic once was, and we all know what happened to IT!! You are a funny man who makes much more than the Republican Candidate, so you think you are “worth”
more or your (or CBS’)time is more precious or that clowning with you, is much more important than helping Washington lawmakers resolve one of the most serious financial mess this country has ever faced?? As a matter of fact, you should really thank McCain for handing you such delicious mocking points for your big mouth !!!

Posted by susan | Report as abusive

Move on to something else David.. your attempt at comedy about McCain doing the right thing as a senator and potentional president is a bad reflection on YOU, not McCaiin.

You are boring us. Get over it!

Posted by silver1 | Report as abusive

hmmm let me see he has to urgently go to DC and cancels Letterman. BUT he does have time to sit down with Katie??? PLEASE this doesn’t even pass the smell test. If you don’t want to go on Letterman say so. That will get you more respect than lying and then running to Katie to do an interview…

Yeah I see just how pressing it was..

Posted by Daniel | Report as abusive

“I’m from Indiana, but like many Hoosiers, but prefer Jay Leno. Political jokes are to be expected from all comedians and hopefully toward candidates on a fair or equal basis, but Letterman has gone way too far, so, sorry Dave, you’re one Hoosier we can live without. CLICK. That was the channel changing. Stan in Shelbyville, Indiana”

I’m from Indiana, too. Nonetheless, I can write coherent sentences.

And I can vote for Obama, making me just another old white Hoosier for Brother Barack.

P.S. How stupid does McCain think we are? Very, very, very…

Posted by Lou | Report as abusive

I had watched Letterman since he first came on the air (after Carson) in 81 or 82. He was refreshingly funny, goofy, silly and made you forget the days troubles. Over the years and I think especially after the NBC CBS switch out he seems to have taken a more sullen, serious tone, sometimes even bitter perhaps and doing much more political commentary (jokes).

Posted by austexcal | Report as abusive

“Letterman used to be so great…but, he’s really turned into just a WHINY, OLD GRUMP.!

– Posted by Ex-letterman Fan”


Then you must loathe McCain.

Posted by Lou | Report as abusive

I am a long time fan of Dave but last night he crossed the line. For the very first time in my life I turned his show off. I know he is an Obama supporter but please, leave it out of your show. Otherwise, I find no enjoyment in his “humor”. He has lost me as a viewer.

Posted by Frank R | Report as abusive

Well said David…the old guy and his mindless Alaskan babe should suspend the campaign til Nov 5th..we’d all be better off…

Posted by Chuck | Report as abusive

Hey Letterman, Hillary just announced her support for McCain. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.
To those of you that didn’t see it on Gretta Van Susteren…it’s true. The Clintons are backing McCain.

I was wondering when she would figure out that if Obama wins…she can’t run in 2012.

It didn’t make sense for her to go around the country supporting him if she wants to run in 2012.

Posted by Paul | Report as abusive

“McCain spokeswoman Nicole Wallace said Thursday that the campaign “felt this wasn’t a night for comedy.”” The truth is that McCain’s campaign since the RNC has been nothing but the biggest Comedy of Errors! Actually it is a tragic comedy and a comic tragedy for all Americans…

Posted by Saddam McCain | Report as abusive

I don’t get it why any of our candidates need to be on late night comedy shows with Letterman or others !

The display of Letterman’s “ego” here reminds me of someone needing anger management help !!! He has always had back up for last minute cancellations and has a large staff helping him

Posted by LYNN | Report as abusive

11:02 pm GMT

I don’t get it why any of our candidates need to be on late night comedy shows with Letterman or others !

The display of Letterman’s “ego” here reminds me of someone needing anger management help !!! He has always had back up for last minute cancellations and has a large staff helping him

Posted by LYNN | Report as abusive

Letterman is a nobody who is insulting a man who is a true hero,great American and an unselfish human being,John McCain.
Letterman is a failure,a coward and he represents what this country is all about….greed.He has no talent and no craft,he is a real tough guy behind that desk,hiding in Connecticut or Montana.
What a crying shame.Only in today’s America.

Posted by Dan Maloney | Report as abusive

McCain has turned into a pathetic puppet of pathetic Republican campaign tactics. He is Chicken. His VP is chicken, and their b.s. excuses and posturing should be fooling no one anymore.

You think Bush is a complete screw up, just look what happens when you get Bush and McCain in the same room. Dave had a point, with those two in the White House today our economy is much more likely to explode.

McCain is too chicken to debate on Friday, and he is too chicken to let his VP nominee face the press, because then both of them would have to face the truth about themselves and the Republican Party for everyone to see. The thing is this time, finally!, more than half of this country not to mention the rest of the world have learned not to trust let alone elect people who campaign like used car salesmen. If you are going to run and hide McCain, please go somewhere other than Washington, where you won’t make things worse than they already are.

Posted by FJ | Report as abusive

Dave is right, someone is puttig something in McCain’s Meramucil, he is not the hero of years past anymore.

The heck of it is, the lie was a needless lie. He could of just said:

“Hey Dave, I gotta go save the country, but first I have to go on CBS Evening News to tell the nation, and then help Rachael Ray, so I can’t make your show tonight, sorry bro”

Or something like that.

But nooooooooo! McCain has to make a big fat lie!!!

BTW, anyone that did not think Dave’s reaction was hysterical should probably also be taking Meramucil.

Posted by plaza04433 | Report as abusive

I live in Australia, and Dave is usually part of my late night T.V. Many Aussies follow US politics closely – what happens to you guys will eventually flow onto us to a degree.

Up until a year ago we had a Prime Minister (Howard)- in power for 10 years – who was a great friend and supporter of G.W. now we have a P.M Rudd)more aligned to your democrate philosophies. He addressed UN General Assembly yesterday.

I found Dave’s show hilarious. We have comedians satirists and commentators who take the same approach here, I can’t wait to see how many of his view filter into our media.

Well done Dave, you made some good points amongst the humour.


Posted by david Mckinnon | Report as abusive

First McCain did lie to the Letterman people about his immediate plans for the night. He could have said that his, Letterman’s, show was not a good forum to discuss the economic crisis; he would be glad to come again another time when the world was closer to being normal. Second, Letterman did have to fill empty air time. This requires a lot of scrambling and gnashing of teeth. He is responsible to the advertisers to provide an audience. Third, I can not believe that so many people are surprised Letterman was so mean to McCain. He is a Obama supporter. Wake up! The Democrats are on the verge of having control of all three branches of the federal government, something that hasn’t happened for a very long time. They believe they are the majority party and deserve to be in power. Letterman and any other “celebrity” will use their respective forum to influence voters to vote for their candidate or to vote against the opponent. Letterman is funny, continues to be funny, and this time next year a majority of the people who tuned him out for this incident will be back watching him. Take his and all other comments through a filter.

Posted by John | Report as abusive

This is all political posturing. WOOOSH! No, that was not McCain’s hurried pace to save DC, that was the sound of his poll’s plummet while he does news in NYC. Letterman does show bias and was pinched by the apparent no-show, but if McCain is ill-prepared for a 30 minute talk show that is a one hour flight from DC, while not uncommon to do 3-city rallies per day in the preceding week, then: first, how important are these senators–Obama, McCain, Biden, Palin–that they can just disappear campaining for years at a time; second, why is McCain now attempting to appear hard at work, while in actuality none of those senators are doing any work within this past year let alone what a normal 40/hr a week+ person would do; third, if they are not dilligent at their own jobs how can we expect them to know anything about how “economics” work for normal people; lastly, if there is a chance the republican nominees are avoiding debates or VP news coverage then either they are not assurred enough in their views or understand preparedness for pressure situations. In those executive roles, a person cannot just “wing it”,where is the execution? Palin seems too much like a fellow student in a political science course who upon being grilled on the reading material by a professor tries to get by with a smile or a vague unknowing response. Does not work these days–reporters are vipers. If the oval office is deferred to Palin due to McCains lack of vitality–god forbid–we will know that although Vietnam could not take down the fortitude of McCain, America’s relentlessness definitely can. It is not a soft job for bright smiles, weak minds, or the ill-prepared. As for myself, I cannot commit to a candidate yet, but this weeks events have further diminished my confidence in the major parties if not completely deflated my belief in the Republican nominees.

Posted by Joer978 | Report as abusive

Question: Why did McCain go to Katie and not David?
Answer: Because he cannot handle the truth. David is way too smart for him.

McCain is lying already, imagine if he became the next president! What a crook!

Posted by hercules | Report as abusive

To all of you knee-jerk naysayers who think Letterman’s just another Democratic shill, you might want to remember that he’s STILL jabbing Bill Clinton about his libido. He’s very much an equal opportunity offender, like all good comedians.

The fact remains that, had McCain been honest and said, “Dave, this isn’t the time for me to be on a comedy show, and Couric’s invited me to do her show. It’s more important for me to do the news,” he wouldn’t be in this spot. Instead, he tells a stupid “little white lie” and it’s blowing up in his face.

Posted by Shazzbot | Report as abusive

For several months, David Letterman has joined the other offensive Hollywood crowd, in telling insulting jokes, at Senator John McCain’s expense. Now, when one of the most important, challenging, and controversial decisions in our nation’s history must be decided, Letterman is still crying because McCain chose to do his job, fighting for the best deal he could get for Americans and America. I’d rather have McCain in Wasington watching out for America’s interests, than to have him on Letterman’s show, or to have our Nation’s future decided by Pelosi and Reid, who have a 15% approval rating for a good reason. If David Letterman cared about Americans, who made him rich, instead of being so self absorbed and petty, he would be supporting McCain and our country right now.

Posted by Howard | Report as abusive

According to Republican and Democrat congresional leaders, McCain came to Washington and holed himself up in his office with his team. He didn’t even attend the meetings, he just sent his comments from his office.

Wake up America, this “hero” is pulling out all the stops and becoming the sleeziest of politicians.

Just like Bush, he’s playing the politics of fear and capitalizing on the downturn in the economy by “Suspending the campaign” in order to look like he’s saving the day. He hasn’t been in Washington to vote on behalf of his AZ constiuants since April, but NOW he’s got to rush back to Washinton? Give me a break.

Posted by jamie | Report as abusive

David Letterman just isn’t funny anymore…. his anger with the Republican party and anyone associated with it oozes from his pores and makes his humor seem desperate.

I think David needs to remember that he is just a highly paid comic who once knew how to creatively express his views in witty dialogue.

Posted by David | Report as abusive

Dave is a clown. America needs more than just clowns right now.

Posted by CJ | Report as abusive


Posted by TINA | Report as abusive

It will take a few terrorist nukes in this country to shut up all the idiots like Letterman. I really hope it happens, just to see the likes of him get humbled.

Posted by Paul | Report as abusive

I’ve yet to hear Dave the liberal make fun of Obama’s inexperience.

Posted by Kelly | Report as abusive

Dave has been on the air a long time now. He reminds me lately of other TV icons that stayed too long in the lime light.
Brinkley slipped into senility right before our eyes. Johnny Carson lost touch w/ his audience using badly timed jokes and out of date references.
Are we watching Dave melt down on personal tirades like Kelly her child labor issue in tantrums day after day?
David Letterman appears to be loosing his perspective with an over inflated since of his own importance.
CHANGE IS COMMING. Dave will have to step down sooner or latter, perhaps sooner.

Posted by Todd W | Report as abusive

[…] of perceived emergencies that didn’t always turn out to be emergencies.  There is his withdrawal from the David Letterman show because of his claim he had to go to Washington, DC to deal with the […]

Posted by The Republicans hope for shotgun weddings and being AWOL « Miscellany101’s Weblog | Report as abusive

The Friday night “interview” with Brian Williams was the last straw for my Letterman viewing enjoyment. When did Letterman stop being a comedian and become a political commentator? If McCain’s running mate was a man…would Letterman be giving the nominee so much grief about inexperience. How long has Obama been in the Senate…Less than 4 years! Not what I would call a seasoned veteran AND we’ve only had 1 non-Governor in the White House in the last 30 years! This is not the Letterman I’ve grown to know…he has always been neurotic and obsessive in a fun way but he has gone off the deep end and has lost his way. Shame, shame…I now have got more important things to do with my time than watch the Letterman show…my sock drawer always needs rearranging.

Posted by PG Merit | Report as abusive