McCain “disappointed” that media declared debate a tie

September 27, 2008

mccain3.jpgWASHINGTON – Republican White House hopeful John McCain, fresh from his first debate with Democratic rival Barack Obama in Mississippi, expressed regret on Saturday that his performance didn’t win over all the pundits in the press.
“I was a little disappointed the media called it a tie but I think that means, when they call it a tie, that means we win,” McCain said during a telephone call that was caught by cameras filming him at his campaign headquarters.
Both camps claimed victory after the 90-minute debate on Friday.
Meanwhile, Obama’s campaign manager, David Plouffe, sought to lower expectations for the next debate in Tennessee on Oct. 7. It will be conducted in a town-hall style with questions from an audience.
“We will be a decided underdog in that encounter, and John McCain is the undisputed town hall champion,” Plouffe told reporters on a conference call, noting that McCain — who is fond of the format — had challenged Obama to do joint town hall meetings throughout the summer.
“He clearly feels, even more than the foreign policy debate, this is his home turf. So if we can just escape relatively unscathed against the undisputed town hall champion in Tennessee, we’ll be thrilled.”
Obama has held regular town halls of his own throughout the 2008 campaign and does not appear to struggle with the format.

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Photo credit: Reuters/Brian Snyder (McCain talks on the phone at his campaign headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, on Sept. 27)


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“I am afraid Sen Obama does not understand the difference between a TACTIC and a STRATEGY?” What did Sen McCain mean – in reference to the surge in Iraq?

Posted by Aleka | Report as abusive

As I watched the debate between McCain and Obama, I was struck that McCain was an insulting, old man smirking when he thought he made and attack point. He is a child in his thinking and reactions to Obama’s strong comments. He has never defined what his much heralded ‘winning’ in Iraq is. McCain does not know the real reason for the surge was to buy time for the Iraqi’s to establish a workable government based on benchmarks the Bush administration provide. the Iraq government has not done so, and by this Bush standard, the surge has not succeeded. The reason violence has been quiet is because Motaqa al-Sadr and his 100,000 Medhi Army have entered a cease fire for almost a year. General Petraeus knows this could erupt at any time.

Watching McCain on the podium, his lack of respect and his flagrant personal attacks simply indicates his integrity and what type of president he will be. He is a bully!!!

Posted by Charles Redfern | Report as abusive

McCain’s behavior during the debate, his campaign “suspension” and grandstanding during the financial crisis, his selection of Palin, his constant pointing to his POW experience (none of the veterans I’ve known even want to talk about their war experiences let alone talk about them over and over again for personal gain), his many position reversals, etc., etc. all point to one thing… he is desperately grasping at his last chance for the presidency (not just in this election, but in his life). McCain has done some good in his career but comes off now as a dangerous warmonger who’s willing to sell out in any way necessary in order to win. Do we really need another warmonger in the world’s most powerful political position (albeit a more intelligent and experienced one than Bush)? Did anyone notice the gleam in his eyes every time he talked about past conflicts/wars? Folks interpreted it as an old man reminiscing (or living in the past, if they don’t like him), but I think he actually loves war. Every generation in his entire family going, I think, back to the Civil War, has served in the military and most of his male ancestors were veterans. I guess we should honor that service, but I think war is something you try to avoid and that you enter into with the greatest reservations. It’s not an adventure or a right of passage. If you want it to be then don’t take others along for the ride.

Posted by D. | Report as abusive

I was taught discussions concerning religion and politics always brings the worst out in people and to read the blogs proves just how true this is. I don’t think there is one impartial comment. Oh well this is Democracy.
You are getting what you paid for or at least a choice between two people who have been able to raise an obscene amount of money to run the race to the Whitehouse. A Smooth talker and a War hero.
For the importance of this election to both the USA and the rest of the World I would have thought there should have been minimum age,education and administration experience requirements like 50 plus and a minimum of 15 years of international monetary and foreign affairs experience.
The ticket which would have got home in a landslide would have been Clinton with Obama as running mate for the first four years and then perhaps Obama could have stepped up with the four years international experience.
Mind you if McCain had picked Condy it could have been interesting but too Bushy.
I am 71 and consider myself fit and more like a 60 yr old but would not look forward to all the pressures of running what is arguably still the most important country in the World for four to eight years.
The men and women who have the most experience and could do the best job of running the country are not on the list of candidates and this applies to most countries in the World when elections happen including where I live.
Good luck anyhow.
An interested KIWI

Posted by Don Corry | Report as abusive

“Why is everyone getting so upset that McCain looked at the audience (live and on television) instead of looking at Obama? I am glad that McCain answers to “us” instead of to Obama. In “Public Speaking 101″, you always make eye contact with the people you are answering to. This is just another stupid and feeble attempt to discredit the candidate most obviously qualified for the job. Obama was not a polished speaker and continually and irritatingly kept interrupting McCain as he talked. Obama was the rude one!!!”

Deborah, this was not exactly “public speaking.” The two candidates agreed to a set format in which they would speak to the audience and discuss their policy position for a set number of minutes, which they both did. Both candidates also agreed that in addition they would talk to one another directly to highlight disagreements, etc. I think you can agree that when someone is speaking directly to you, it is unbelievably rude not to even give them the courtesy of looking them in the eye. I’m sorry but how you can call Obama rude is a bit far fetched. It was Obama who very graciously walked over and shook John’s hand and said “good debate.” From McCain’s smirk, condescending tone, interruption of Obama, and his lack of eye contact, it was abundantly clear who the candidate with the lack of manners was!

As far as presidential, who would you rather have represent the USA when having to meet face-to-face with some of the unsavory leaders of the world? Obama, who tries to turn everything into a negotiation, or McCain, who will stand stedfast in the best interests of the USA? Clearly, the choice is easy. If you get down to very basics – just compare the resume of Obama to that of McCain. This is not rocket science folks!

On this front, I would say that talking to someone is much better than isolating them. McCain’s stance on foreign policy is similar to that of Bush and look how well that has turned out. I think not even considering talking to Russia, Iran, etc is a big mistake. I remember eight years ago democrats warning against Bush’s foreign policy and management skills and look what a pickle our country is in now. Perhaps it would heed the republicans to just listen to logic and common sense this time….unless they want NO country left at the end of the next four years. Vote McCain and Palin at your peril. Like you say, yes, it isn’t rocket science!

Posted by elisa | Report as abusive

John McCain is a very dangerous bitter tired old man with absolutely no good ideas for cleaning up the horrible mess created by the current moron who sits in the oval office pretending he understands reality. They are both pathetic losers and are both bad for America. Soon President Obama can begin the long painful process of cleaning up the mess created by the misfits in the Bush regime. This will take years to accomplish however.

Posted by widollar | Report as abusive

Did anyone really listen to this debate? Perhaps it is easier to see in black and white what was happening, without all of the charisma? I watched it and now I’ve reread the transcripts.

Obama made McCain look like an ass. Period.

In the very beginning, Lehrer tried to get the two to debate about the issues and actually talk to one another. Obama said that he fundamentally disagreed with McCain about the economy and said that we have to hold ourselves accountable day in and day out to regular people who’ve been having a financial crisis for awhile. Lehrer specifically asked McCain if he agreed with Obama and he said “NO” and went off on some tangent about his belief in the American worker. They basically said the SAME DAMNED THING but McCain didn’t have the character to agree with Obama.

Throughout the debate, Obama specifically said that he agreed with McCain on several issues and the next day the McCain campaign spun that into an attack ad. Now, apparently, agreeing on something important for the American people is wrong? When McCains first comments of the night were on how proud he was that the Democrats and Republicans are working together? How can we expect them to work together and get anything done if we have a leader that isn’t man enough to admit when someone else is right?

McCain also said that he would double the ‘dividend’ for every dependent child in America. He obviously doesn’t know anything about filing his own taxes or how important an exemption for each child is to most Americans.

When Obama called him out on taxing health benefits, McCain didn’t respond to that he simply went off about oil companies.

The entire debate when on like that. Obama made a good point about McCains policies and McCain pulled out a ‘he did this’ to keep from talking about it.

The most brilliant thing McCain said during the debate was “We Republicans came to power to change government, and government changed us”

I was really disgusted when they were asked what spending Americans would sacrifice for this bailout and McCain said that he would stop everything but defense spending. Really? These shady contracts to his cronies would be top priority while CHIP just goes away? Does anyone else see this is completely wrong?

This country needs an intellectual President. Someone who has the mental ability to understand the vastly complex issues that we face. From what I saw in the debate, McCain just doesn’t have that ability.

Posted by AJ | Report as abusive

John mcCain is the best that America needs in the following years ahead. He has integrity, he states facts, and does not waver when decision needs to be taken, especially in difficult situation where determination is a must!. He is the right President for america. My country is one of the great allies of the US and believes that when it comes to foreign policy, and keeping america safe, Jhon mcCain is the right choice.

Posted by donsem | Report as abusive

McCain was lucky to graduate from college, which I know because he has touted it. Obama is ivy league educated and didn’t muddle through. He is intellectual and dynamic and meets the standards that I thought were meant to be (or at least should be) those necessary to be president. When you set the bar too low, you get people like Bush, Palin and Quayle. I think the republican party should attempt to raise the bar. These intellectually stunted individuals are an insult.

- Posted by elisa

Hey Elisa, maybe you’re unaware of this, which surprises me considering how much you claim to know about being intellectual, but the US Naval Academy is a far more difficult institution than Harvard to a) be accepted to and b) graduate from. It takes deep intelligence to get through the courses and rigorous training that lead to you becoming a fighter pilot. It does not to write a thesis about how corporate greed is keeping the man down and socialism will save the world.

Maybe the type of intellectualism you’re referring to is the type that leads a candidate to take a loan from a money launderer, or to sit through racist sermons for twenty years without noticing, or to threaten to bomb our allies and kneel to our enemies. Maybe you’re referring to brilliant statements by a VP candidate that FDR was on TV in 1929.

Posted by Matt | Report as abusive

- not sure what websites you’ve been looking at – the DNC’s site? CBS News? MSNBC? Yes, those are bastions of impartiality aren’t they?
- Posted by Michael Reed-

Did you want to add any more news outlets to that list? Maybe CNN, Fox? Both declared the same results. You will run out of space soon. McSame is so desperate and bitter and attacking an ever wider group of journalists and media that his ‘base’ has turned against him.
What a great strategy. Not.

Posted by Gord Metcalfe | Report as abusive

I urge every reader of these lines to take his or her responsibility as a citizen in a democratic country seriously, and register this coming Monday to vote if not yet registered.

I urge you to convince your friends and family to do the same.

And I urge you to take your electronic calendar or appointment book, and allocate right now, well in advance, a sufficiently large time block to be able to tolerate waiting lines, and cast your vote on election day, or alternatively, to set wheels in motion Monday morning to vote in early elections or by mail ballot.

After the mind-boggling dishonesty we have seen thus far from McCain and his Rove-team, it should be clear to all of us that we must secure a landslide victory for Barack Obama to secure a victory at all.

We need a massive voter turnout in this election for President, and we need an overwhelming majority of votes cast for Barack Obama.

No one can do this for us – we must each make the effort needed!

We can be thankful such enormous pressure was exerted on John McCain from so many quarters that he was finally forced to show up for this debate – which he clearly had hoped to avoid.

The outrageous events leading up to this debate, and Friday night’s debate itself, will, I believe, prove to be a tipping point in this election.

In his reluctant appearance, McCain displayed himself to be:
-too slow on his feet, too petty, too pedantic, and too cranky,
-too hung up on military issues of all kinds,
-way too hung up on the war in Iraq,
-completely clueless about the lives and plights of his own countrymen and -women,
-and completely oblivious to the fact that even his beloved military power is not sustainable if we as a society continue to rapidly fall behind our competitors around the world.

In short, McCain proved himself to be unfit material for the Presidency of the United States of America.

Barack Obama made the most important point of the night when he stated that our government, our policies, and yes, our budget, must reflect our values as a people, and must serve us as a people. Everything else in Friday night’s debate flows from this insight.

I was disappointed the neither of the canidates dared to take Jim Lehrer up on his initial direction to debate how their Presidency would function post bailout. Neither would go there.

McCain would have had to admit that the bellicosity of the Bush Administration and their savage advocacy of democracy for the world would not be engaged in by a nation rendered physically comatose by aggregated debt of the current crowd’s deficit spending and the owning by the Federal Government of the financial irresponsibility of the deregulated financial sector.

In a way our nation and McCain are in very similar straits. We are now like the Paul Newman character in THE HOWLER, a short story in Hemingway’s ADVENTURES OF A YOUNG MAN. Newman plays the part of a long quit boxer still in training along the destitution trail that followed his beaten to a pulp career. The old trainer cannot leave the old pugilist, now helpless and mentally befuddled.

John McCain is the howler. As a fellow Vietnam Veteran, I could sympathise with his plight, but I would cringe to think of this man negotiating the rapids that the current President has engaged this nation to travel in the future with his endless wars and fiscally irresponsible policies.

If you watched carefully, Obama called McCain Senator McCain when addressing him in general, however when McCain started to say B/S, which was frequent, Obama call him “John”. It is a bit disrespectful to call your debate opponent by first name, but the clue is Obama was telling John and everyone one else they should not respect the lies. Also, I thought it was hilarious that McCain just repeated his stump speech. Obviously Obama was ready, I laughed my tuckus off when McCain thought he would play the old RNC trick and tug heartstrings on the bracelet (like a reason to keep fighting a war is our past casualties, I don’t get it) and Obama yanks out “I have a bracelet too”. Check.

Posted by Marty, CO | Report as abusive

Actually, I think the media would have been all over McCain if he tried to get on Obama’s case for calling him John, not for a lack of respect, but for implying that Obama should be deferential to him. Generally, when people work together, unless one is in a superior position of authority, insisting on having someone else call one by their last name is taken as a belittling demand.

As for the impartiality of the debate polls: FOX news, by the numbers, also found that Obama won, and several professional, non-news polling agencies found that he won by double digits.

Posted by Kylar | Report as abusive

His actions never looking at the person talking to not only looks like a fool is one .
I believe that adviser which is another low road idiot is behind this wanting to act like Obama isn’t even on the stage .
they must believe it makes them look special well they are es-specially dumb . They come up with some ignorant tactics, lie continually that Phalling really adds to their mix what a looser look where it has taken them. I love it

Posted by Honeybee | Report as abusive

Hey Elisa, maybe you’re unaware of this, which surprises me considering how much you claim to know about being intellectual, but the US Naval Academy is a far more difficult institution than Harvard to a) be accepted to and b) graduate from. It takes deep intelligence to get through the courses and rigorous training that lead to you becoming a fighter pilot. It does not to write a thesis about how corporate greed is keeping the man down and socialism will save the world.

- Posted by Matt

Really difficult to get into the Naval Academy when your father is an admiral.
McCain looked as if someone gave him a wedgee with his Depends.

Posted by RealAmerican | Report as abusive

Lem -

I am a Obama supporter, but I find your post not entirely correct.

1.Mccain referred to the Iranian “Republican Guard”–in fact, the unit is called the “Revolutionary Guard”

- Obama made the same mistake also…

3. confused the concepts of military tactics and strategy

- Obama actually confused the point.

7. showed an undignified lack of respect to the next President of the USA– the clearly much smarter, more nuanced, more level-headed man on the stage, Sen. Barack Obama.

- This is a opinion backed statement. Please try to keep to statements of fact.

Why not say something like:

1. McCain was quoted as saying that we need a “League of Democracies” formed to put pressure on Iran.

- Ummm, I may be mistaken, but we already have this “League” it is called NATO.

Posted by Chris | Report as abusive


He graduated I believe 2nd or 3rd from the bottom, which for some reason he seems to be proud of (he has asserted it more than once in interviews). Also, correct me if I am wrong, but wasn’t his father and grandfather in the upper echelons on the military? Obama on the other hand got into Harvard and he obviously WASN’T a legacy candidate. Also, he graduated top of his class at Columbia Law School and was head of the law review. I feel confident that he is smarter than McCain. In addition, I can tell just by listening to that debate and past statements made by McCain that he is a bit of dim bulb on more than a few issues. He talks about Pakistan as a failed state prior to Musharaf’s coup, which is not true. He referred to Zidari as Kidari, he doesn’t know Spain is a NATO ally… one point he didn’t know there were two branches of Islam (i.e. Shiite and Suni) and he thinks the president can fire the head of the SEC…and most of all I would point to his selection of Palin as demonstrating CONSIDERABLE intelligence and judgement! For someone who keeps praising his 26 years of experience…..I think he comes up short on more than one front.

So, while you might say the Naval Academy is harder to get into……it is more exclusive a school (ie smaller), so the standards will be different….but someone who was LUCKY to graduate at all cannot be compared to someone who graduated at the top of his class from two ivy league schools. I’m afraid your argument doesn’t convince me.

Posted by elisa | Report as abusive

^Typo: that should have been considerable LACK of intelligence and judgement.

Posted by elisa | Report as abusive

I think McCain just couldn’t keep up w/ Baracks whoppers. Mr. Kissinger has already corrected Barack on that little lie and the mother of the dead soldier who Barack mentioned (the bracelet) has asked him repeatedly to quit mentioning her son.…let-whe re- media

And lets see who voted against 190 to tighten legislation on Freddie/Fannie…why the man who has received the most money in 3 yrs from them. Barack again. Quit being lemmings being led to the cliff and check out another information source then Moveon and Kos…

I watched the debate and came away feelig that Obama was the more presidential and on target than McCain. I am astonished at the way McCain behaved; he was angry, rude and showed no class. His not wanting to make any eye contact or lack of congeniality was no surprise as the man is full of arrogance. How can he tell Obama that he dosent’t know the diffrence between strategy and tactic?! Give Obama credit for his education. I don’t see McCain with a college degree. McCain went to the military academy and learnt to be a fighter pilot but how does that comapre to a Harvard Law degree in terms of scholastics? Obama will be our next president – and the good people of this country can sense that and will vote him into office. Our wisdom will prevail; not that of a so called maverick! McCain – please quit now and save us your shameful attempt to be a leader and get a grip on your anger.

Posted by Jewan Sukhdeo | Report as abusive

Mr. McCain is one of the most disappointing public figures in recent years. I have lost all respect for this pseudo-maverick, he is simply a political one-liner following the Rove row. His ideas are stale, and ideology situational. His ads are only about his opponent, fraught with partisan attacks and falsehoods.This saddens me from one I supported as the best statesman that our GRAND Old Party has. Instead he is a desperate tired old man, with a shallow gal as his surrogate. God, please bless America and help us move forward together.

Posted by Chase Wilder | Report as abusive

So, the media calls it a “tie” (which, judging from many of the blogger’s comments today, and based on my own opinion, is complete BS and Obama emerged as the clear choice), and the first thing McCain says is “I think that means we won.” This very accurately demonstrates how delusional McCain really is….I can’t wait to see him go down in flames, the lying prick!

Posted by erin | Report as abusive

John must have gotten hold of some of Cindy’s stolen pain medications.

He obviously saw the CNN, USA Today and CBS polls that all found Obama won the debate. But McCain trying to “spin” the story, calls it a “tie.”

I imagine come election day, when Obama wins, McCain will call that a tie, too.

McCain is an out-of-touch, delusional senior.
And, I sure as heck do not want Palin as possible VP or President. No way.

Posted by Michael John | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin’s star has been falling ever since her “pitbull with lipstick” speech, when she so lustfully tore into Obama and mobilized full-throated screams of approval from her political base in the Republican Party.

For example, during Palin’s reign as mayor of Wasilla, female rape-victims reporting the crime were forced to pay out of their own pocket for the forensic-kit and exam needed in the work-up, an uncommon state of affairs even in Alaska (documented in detail in NYT 9/26/08),

What makes this fact so compelling, is Palin’s publicly stated belief that even women who suffer rape-pregnancy should be required to carry that pregnancy to full term and birth.

Since becoming V.P. candidate of the Republican Party, Palin has refused to clarify her position on these issues.

On less emotional questions, Palin’s glamour has also been wearing thin as voters learned of
–her unbridled pork-politics (to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars as Alaskan Gov., and even millions garnered from the Federal budget by hiring a major D.C. lobbying firm while mayor of the town of Wasilla, population 9,000),
–her flip-flopping (for the Bridge to Nowhere before she was against it, then pocketing the money in the end anyway), and
–her ongoing stonewalling of a legislative investigation (Troopergate) into abuse of office charges against her, which this past Friday was again in the news, as more of her aides refused to testify.

With McCain’s actuarial table showing a 1-in-3 chance of Palin actually taking over as President during his first term, her interview performances with statements like
–“I can actually see Russia from an Alaskan island”;
– “the Bush Doctrine – in what respect?”; and
–“McCain’s record on finance regulation – I’ll get back to you on that later”
began turning her into a serious liability for the Ticket.

Yet at the debate Friday night, and today in Ohio, McCain keeps praising her! He is so cranky and stubborn, that just can’t admit mistakes!

In the end the American voters will decide the issue in November.

Sure I’m uneasy at the thought of what she might do, were a Pres. McCain to become incapacitated. As the most powerful politician on earth, her potential for wreaking destruction and devastation across America, and on the entire world, is truly mind-boggling.

I’m very interested in all the different takes on
why McCain wouldn’t ever look Obama in the eye
as he was speaking. I’ve always found that if a
person refuses to look you in the eye it’s because
he isn’t telling the truth. Could that be it?

At any rate, I was very drawn to the calm, steady
nature that Obama displayed and felt that he
exhibited true statesmanship and thoughtfullness.
McCain just came across to me as very narrow minded,
stubborn to a fault and even arrogant. I just
don’t feel like he quite connects with those of
us who live on middle class incomes, don’t own
7 houses and 13 cars and don’t have wives who wear
$300,000 outfits.

Posted by Leigh | Report as abusive

In this confusing quagmire of economy, I think Obama is the right and best choice for all of us. Just thinking of bad health condition would come about any time for McSame and Sarah Palin would be a commander in chief, all of my blood is frozen all at once. By the way, the escort or guard service or Air Force one would be used for her family of seven-in-chief sounds like scary. This would consume lots of public money and work to serve her family.

Posted by aida tanaka | Report as abusive

McCain for me was a failure in this match. Obama easily outshone him with his intellect and skill as an orator. He was measured, calm, decisive and constructive. McCain often resorted to a stale kind of didactic manner which neither clarified or expounded what he was talking about.

He said ‘he’ was disappointed? He could say that, although that is exactly what WE will be if he and his strange partner get into the Whitehouse.

What next, Sarah Palin taking potshots at specially placed moose on the Whitehouse lawn? McCain tongue-lashing his subordinates to hell?

McCain did not prove one iota that he is presidential material and even looked, to me, slightly frail and flaky.

The winner here was indeed Obama.

Posted by TheTruthIs... | Report as abusive

Really difficult to get into the Naval Academy when your father is an admiral.
McCain looked as if someone gave him a wedgee with his Depends.

- Posted by RealAmerican

Where in your class at the Naval Academy did you graduate, genius?

Posted by Matt | Report as abusive


As expected, you had no defense for the fact that you claim to be such an intellectual and describe your candidate as the same, but cannot explain why such a brilliant man would:

1. Not have noticed the racist rantings of his pastor even once over a 20 year period.
2. Threatened to declare war on an ally (Pakistan).
3. Claim we should take Russia to the UN Security Council over the Georgia invasion (Russia has veto power, dumb@ss!)
4. Claim to not know anything about the illegal voter registration of ACORN, of which he was a part.
5. Claim to not know anything about the felonies being committed by his close friend and personal financier Tony Rezko.
6. Claim to not know William Ayers, the unrepentant anti-American terrorist in whose house he launched his political career.
7. Claim repeatedly to have had a consistent position on something (“As I’ve said in the past…”, “As I’ve always said,”) when there are recorded quotes of him stating exact opposites on multiple issues.
8. Refuse to appear at town-hall style debates for which he couldn’t prepare answers ahead of time.
9. Think the American public is so stupid to not realize that socialism has resulted in economic collapse everywhere it has been tried.

This last one defines liberalism. Everyone who doesn’t think like you is an idiot. Anyone who went to Harvard is smarter than everyone else.

If it wasn’t ignorance that led Obama to make those claims and have those beliefs, then it was pure dishonesty and awful judgment. Which do you think?

Since you’re not willing to defend Obama on these points, maybe you’re willing to defend Biden on:

1. Ridiculous claims that he received three college degrees while on a full legal scholarship and placed near the top of his class. The truth was he received ONE degree with a double major (far from three degrees) while receiving financial aid (far from a full scholarship.) Anyone with an inkling of intelligence would have realized those claims could be easily verified or disproven, as they were, with five minutes of research.

2. Claiming that FDR went on TV in 1929 after the market crash to reassure the American public. I know eight-year olds who can tell you FDR wasn’t president in 1929, and that television was a couple decades away.

3. Claiming you have to have a “slight Indian accent” to “go into a Dunkin Donuts or Seven-Eleven.” Actually, this may not have been too stupid, knowing that, as a democrat, the media would give him a free pass. Do you think George Allen would have had that statement ignored?

Posted by Matt | Report as abusive

Add to #1 about Biden, that he too graduated near the bottom of his class. Do you even know what law school he attended? Hint: It wasn’t the Naval Academy.

Posted by Matt | Report as abusive

I think McCain just couldn’t keep up w/ Baracks whoppers. Mr. Kissinger has already corrected Barack on that little lie and the mother of the dead soldier who Barack mentioned (the bracelet) has asked him repeatedly to quit mentioning her son.…let-w he re- media

Newsbusters is a conservative site, please dont use this as a “source”. The father of the soldier who leans toward McCain made comments speculating as to the mothers feelings and intentions. The conservative stories are HEARSAY!!!! Here are several other stories which refute your claim. These articles use direct quotes from the mother Tracey Jopek, who interviewed with the AP. Read it for yourself… pa2sQRu0Xx99P3jt2bEXw7gD93G7THO0 cs.dll/article?AID=/20080930/WDH06/80930 0364  /soldiers-mother-ecstatic_n_130157.html

mccain lost