Palin talks abortion and newspapers — sort of — in Couric interview

October 1, 2008

palin30.jpgKANSAS CITY, Missouri – Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is happy to discuss her views on social issues like abortion and homosexuality, but reluctant to list what she usually reads to keep up on world events.
That’s the takeout from a series of interviews the Alaska governor did with CBS anchor Katie Couric, which aired on Tuesday night.
Palin, whose opposition to abortion rights has ignited support among social conservatives, some of whom were wary of presidential nominee John McCain, discussed whether rape or incest victims should be allowed to have an abortion.
“Personally, I would counsel the person to choose life, despite horrific, horrific circumstances that this person would find themselves in,” she said. “If you’re asking, though, kind of foundationally here, should anyone end up in jail for having an … abortion, absolutely not.”
When asked about her views on homosexuality, Palin talked about a close friend who is gay.
“One of my absolute best friends for the last 30 years happens to be gay, and I love her dearly,” Palin said. “She is one of my best friends, who happens to have made a choice that isn’t a choice I would have made. But I am not going to judge people.”
Palin has faced criticism for lacking experience in foreign policy. Before becoming governor some two years ago she was the mayor of a small town.
Couric asked Palin what newspapers and magazines she read regularly before becoming McCain’s running mate “to stay informed and to understand the world.”
Here is her response, according to a transcript provided by CBS:
Palin: I’ve read most of them, again with a great appreciation for the press, for the media. 
Couric: What, specifically?
Palin: Um, all of them, any of them that have been in front of me all these years. 
Couric: Can you name a few? 
Palin: I have a vast variety of sources where we get our news, too. Alaska isn’t a foreign country, where it’s kind of suggested, “Wow, how could you keep in touch with what the rest of Washington, D.C., may be thinking when you live up there in Alaska?” Believe me, Alaska is like a microcosm of America.

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Ok this joke’s been carried on long enough. You can stop it now McCain.

Posted by ApplyDirectlyToTheForehead | Report as abusive

This is not a suprise. What a national tradegy.

Posted by Yvetta | Report as abusive

She is s much more dangerous than the current monkey in DC.
What an idiot. But she can smile so cute and “get back to YA!”

Posted by Tbpmom | Report as abusive

Let me see, she does not understand what it means to say the name of the media you read?

Or she didn’t hear the question twice or three times?

Or she does not want to say because it would be embarrassing?

I don’t think its hard to figure out. Despite her walking around the question and saying the double speak so well. We know what she is doing.

We, unlike what she has been told by the McCainintes, are not stupid.

Posted by Paul Stewart | Report as abusive

The political theater just keeps getting richer and richer. And Palin is the comic relief in a scenario that tends toward tragedy. Don’t ever change, girl!

Posted by Jim Brown | Report as abusive

SHE’S BACK …… and just as Scarrry !!!

Posted by MichMan | Report as abusive

This is an outrage! How dare John McCain SPIT on the history of America by selecting this buffoon to be President of the United States should he die in office! She could not give Katie Couric the name of ONE newspaper? Has she ever read the CONSTITUTION? Has she heard of the BILL OF RIGHTS? Someone in the Press better start asking her some basic questions about this country. This is SHOCKING! Any Republican with an OUNCE of SELF RESPECT will NOT vote for this person. John McCain, you have LOST!

Posted by Dan Rains | Report as abusive

Oh. My. God.

She is a moron who doesn’t even read.

Posted by Matt Hummel | Report as abusive

How hard is it to answer a simple question, as to what newspapers she reads on a regular basis, and she can’t name one.

Fits the description of a true airhead.

Posted by Dale Moore | Report as abusive

My god… Sarah Palin is a mess.

If you can’t handle the “hard ball” questioning from Katie Couric, how the heck are you going to be able to deal with Islamic fundamentalist, Troopergate, the economy, and well, France?

Can you imagine Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Palin trying for common ground? Can somebody say food fight?

Posted by Dan Yahraes | Report as abusive

So she reads the National Enquirer! That is the paper/magazine that is all over America and readily available to be in front of her, all these years. Wow, what an informed woman. I may have to rethink my position about her. She is truly, innovative.

It is embarrassing to think that intelligent Americans can really take this candidate for VP seriously. Come on! There isn’t ANYONE else that would have been a better choice for the McCain ticket. You who support this ticket, have lost touch with reality. With little wonder, as most of you Voted to keep this current administration in corruption.

Now living in Australia! And still voting!

Posted by susan | Report as abusive

That’s Sarah throwing back at it at GOTCHA COURIC.

Posted by John | Report as abusive

Can someone really argue that asking someone what magazines they read is a “Got Ya” question. That is not a believable. Instead try this, “vote for McCain.”

Posted by Brad | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin could have at least said that she reads the major Alaska newspapers and cited them by name (assuming she remembers the names of those papers!) Her response — actually, the lack of one — just adds fuels to the fire that she is way out of her league here. And the whole things has gotten pretty embarrasing, to say the least.


Posted by privatejetrider | Report as abusive

“What newspapers do you read?” is not a particularly hard question. How the hell could she blow it? Even if she really doesn’t read any papers, she must have at least HEARD of some of them. She could have just named one or two of the local Anchorage papers, maybe some of the national ones like NY Times, Washington Post, WSJ, even USA Today, and that would have been the end of it.

You would think that the ability to lie convincingly is second nature to politicians, but Palin can’t even manage that.

Posted by Elitist | Report as abusive

Want to know a stunning fact about Palin? She has a degree in communications/journalism. How scary is THAT? If she sucks this bad at something she studied for five years, what the hell is she like on unfamiliar territory?

Posted by winnie47 | Report as abusive

that’s what i said to a reporter when asked if i’d read, i’d replied: i don’t read… brilliant.
this is a bit like “being there”.

Posted by chauncey gardner | Report as abusive

If McCain really wants a chance to not lose this election, he only has one option. Replace his running mate.

McCain’s political campaign has become a theatre of the absurd.

Posted by Joseph | Report as abusive

Palin has no intellectual curiosity because she clearly believes she already knows everything she needs to know.

Alaskans should be totally red-faced in having elected such a nitwit as their governor. Likewise, Republicans should be mortified that their presidential candidate picked her as his running mate. Or do I have that backwards…is he the running mate?

Posted by Roz | Report as abusive

Wow, people can be so judgemental. She likely didn’t want to get into endorsing and one periodical. She’s a modern women who gets her news from everywhere. I just had to look up now to see what site I’m on, turns out it’s reuters, linked to from Google news. Get with it people, it’s 2008.

Posted by Joe | Report as abusive

The Republicans scored bigtime by picking her…for the convention, where everyone is disillusioned that this woman will carry their ticket. They forgot one small thing though, that after the convention, she has to talk…speak…answer questions…

If, God forbids, McCain wins the election…I’m very very nervous as to who he would pick for Secretary of Defense…or National Adviser…or any other high ranking positions in the white house….VERY VERY SCARY THOUGHT!

Posted by Jay | Report as abusive

I am from an Asian country and have been watching the Palin drama unfold for the past few weeks. I am shocked that an incumbent VP of America cannot even name a few regular newspapers she reads to keep herself informed about the world, let alone about her own country! There is something seriously wrong here because some of our politicians may be young as she is but they are well seasoned and of course very well informed about our country and world affairs.We would never vote for a person so inadequately informed.

Posted by Mousumi | Report as abusive

It isn’t surprising, really, to discover she doesn’t read to inform herself. Many, many years ago, I was divorced and the single mother of 3 pre-teens, working full time as a Registered Nurse. I felt very inadequate about current affairs, “world view”, as I had been immersed in raising children, working, and engaged in a not very nice marriage. I decided to inform myself, and started reading Newsweek, Time, listening to NPR, watching CNN. It did not take long, because I also became very interested and concerned. Today, I can sipher out BS of a situation and come to conclusions that are confirmed in the next day news cycle.

This helped me to become a better parent and advocate for my children; a better professional nurse; and a fully participating citizen. I could probably be interviewed by any of the MSM and provide more informed and opinionated responses. I could certainly articulate the policies of John McCain and of Barack Obama and I could easily defend one set of policies over the other. I could define the qualities each one possesses that would make for better government. And I can tell you which one is full of BS and lying and which one is not. I can cite about 8 Supreme Court cases decided upon since the time I began to take responsibility for being informed.

Ms. Sarah has never felt the need to inform herself and that is evident. Forget experience. Her surrogates like to say she has the same experience Bill Clinton or Jimmy Carter had as governors. What they fail to see and no one has countered them with is that Clinton and Carter were informed; Sarah is not. It helps to have studied and had a formal education and law degrees, but, if one is a “self made woman” as they claim her to be, one would have informed herself.

There just is no defense in support of her candidacy for VP and for McCain’s judgement. We have seen his flawed judgement over and over again since this poor one. Day after day, they get worse and worse. Can it even be really happening? It is like one long SNL skit, between the two of them and their happy campers.

Posted by nana | Report as abusive

Misinformation/distortions/clouding/lies = McCain/Palin.
Unprepared/doesn’t know what she doesn’t know =Palin

McCain and Palin can put our country and world in further peril. We cannot vote them in office–please!

The sentinment among many Alaskans, including our local newspaper that Palin would be a very wrong choice as VP or worse yet, President!

Posted by Alaskan not for McCain/Palin | Report as abusive

All the anti Sarah comments are so uneducated and petty….no real substance…..just bashing…..blah, blah, blah…..why do people insist on speaking or writing when they have nothing of substance to share? Sarah Palin is smart…..and dedicated……..and here sme dumbbell calls her a moron. Like, duh!

Posted by Jackie | Report as abusive

To prevent abortion take the following steps:

* Talk to your children about where babies come from.
* Talk to your teenagers regularly about safe sex practices.
* Teach personal accountability to your children.
* Do not treat sex as a shameful or embarassing subject.
* Encourage your schools to provide sex education.
* Ensure birth control is affordable and readily available.
* Offer unconditional love and support if your child becomes pregnant.
* Expand social programs that financially assist single mothers so that they can pay their rent, continue to attend school, and provide a solid future for their child.

A lot of conservatives act like idiots in that they condemn abortion and yet lack the maturity to address its real roots. Sex is a natural part of life that should not be hidden or thought of as shameful. Do everything in your power to foster an open discussion about sex and its ramifications with your children.

Posted by leapblog | Report as abusive

My questions would also include: What is the title and author of a complete book have you read in the past year?; How many world continents are there, and name the one Alaska belongs to?; Where would you find a copy of the U.S. Constitution to read?; What is your view of college liberal arts curriculum?

Posted by Richard | Report as abusive

Misquote from above: The local newspaper has run many articles that demonstrate concerns about Palin’s state behavior as governor, but mistated that it does not support her VP candidacy.

This Alaskan does not.

Posted by Alaskan not for McCain/Palin | Report as abusive

No Brad, it was not a “Got ya” question. It was a simple question to see what sources Gov. Palin uses to familiarize herself with international events. Regretably, instead of saying Time, Newsweek, US News and World Report or Atlantic, among others. She danced around the question with a lot of obfusticating blather that illustrated a dangerous degree of ignorance. Vote for McCain? No way, Jose.

Posted by John H | Report as abusive

Katie Couric would have us believe that we can be well informed by listening to Katie Couric 22 minutes per night 5 times per week, so why do we also need to read newspapers? Most well informed people get their news on line these days. Who has time to carry dead trees around? Besides do we really want some buffoon like Joe Biden who spends 4 hours a day on an Amtrak train reading every damn last article in the Washington Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Chicago Trib, L.A. Times. Enough news already, folks.

Posted by David Harlem | Report as abusive

Oh, Jackie…So uneducated and petty…no real substance? Yeh, that’s a fairly good description – oh, you weren’t describing Palin? Awww…and you were doing such a “smart…and dedicated” job of (what did you call it?) bashing.

Posted by Kat | Report as abusive

Readership of newspapers has been in a steady decline for each of the past 15 years, so it is not surprising that a busy 44-year old mother of five who is also a governor does not sit at Starbucks all afternoon examining the Book Review in the New York Times. The more shocking story is that Joe Biden thinks that home based television existed in 1929, and that Franklin Roosevelt was President.

Posted by Bill from Ohio | Report as abusive

I would say after watching this interview that nothing she said is something I don’t already know. I disagree with her on the majority of social issues, and personally, I cannot stand people like her who are as shallow as a kiddie pool. However, I’d say most of you commenters are going for the jugular on this one when it does not merit it. Just because it has been established that she may not her “shit” the way a VP ought to in previous interviews doesn’t mean that by her being vague about what she reads means she doesn’t read. The woman has a degree in journalism. That shows at least some interest in the written word, either writing it or reading it. Had I been asked that question, I probably would’ve been vague myself, in that I have read much during my life. If a politician were too specific in giving examples of what they read, it could be construed that that is ALL they read. If she had at least given some examples of the types of magazines or newspapers she reads, I would have felt better about it. However, I just don’t think you jump to the conclusion that she doesn’t read based on the vague answer she gave. She’s not stupid, but I would say she has a shallow mind good with simple concepts and go-to action, but not good at thinking through problems and taking into account many factors to reach a solution. In the end I’m not defending Sarah Palin at all, but promoting one to interpret her answers with thoughtfulness, rather than railing on her just because everyone else is doing it or you hate what she stands for. Otherwise you become just like her.

Posted by Laurel | Report as abusive

Country First? By choosing Palin as VP, not only is McCain doing a DISSERVICE to the Country he is INSULTING it.

“Palin” is factual evidence of McCain’s bad judgement which propels him undeserving of the office of the President. Not dissing the man per se – the key phrase here is “bad judgement” – selfish, reckless, absolutely unpresidential.

Posted by chad | Report as abusive

I don’t know, sometimes I feel like McBush keeps her so locked up, that the real Sarah won’t come out. True, she probably have some smarts and whit about her but to what degree? I mean, when you say things like because Russia is across the way you have foreign experience. It’s like, did you look in the mirror and bother asking yourself what that sounds like. And that other question about the $700B rescue effort, it was like, what the hell. I know she’s going to make gaffes, it’s expected and but I feel her communication skills have been lacking. I don’t know if it’s because she unscripted and gets nervous, but she needs to work on it. True, I’m still not voting for that ticket, but I will give her the benefit of a doubt, including McBush even though he says things of late that have been conflicting.

Posted by Trasa | Report as abusive

Absoluty great; another (vice) president who doesn’t/can’t read ! Maybe she can manage to get the country in even a bigger mess than it is after 8 years with a president who also admitted that he doesn’t ready newspapers.

Posted by melanie | Report as abusive

OH, but I do wan to add, that if she has to keep Todd around to govern in Alaska, it does make me wonder who the brains of their operation truly is. I mean, the more and more I hear her answers with the interview from Katie, it doesn’t look to good and makes me wonder how she managed to run Alaska. But you know, my mom used to work for people in charge that didn’t have no sense and wonder how they would get into the position they were in, but if you surround yourself with people who can, it makes you look good.

Posted by Trasa | Report as abusive

Are you nuts. I bet you know what newspaper you have read. And can answer using words in a sentence or at least in order. No substance? This person speaks worse than a 2-year old. If you don’t hear that you must be as unintelligable. Give me a break.

What do you think this is, a half hour cartoon or something? We should play games with the country because Know-Nothings like you may prove to have become the maajority and would vote for the megalomaniac and his airhead check-out clerk for president and vice president? Like it is a reality TV show? What is wrong with you people. Substance is not Vote McCain as the other bozo above stated. Where’s the substance in such a dumb action like that?

Why should such fools get power, are you nuts? Who will you blame when they prove a disaster?

If Obama wins your world view of him will be so unbelievably wrong that you might not be able to function anymore, but need to go into therapy

Posted by fred fep | Report as abusive

She apparently won’t put the women in jail who have aboritons — just the doctors.

Evolution should be taught as an “accepted” principle in the science class – with discussions in Other classes about creationism.

This woman is careful, and tricky in all her responses. They are cleverly planned to appear straightforward and honest, but my oh my, what a world of subterfuge lies behind!

Posted by frank burns | Report as abusive

This woman is a pure mediocrity. The more she opens her mouth, the more clear it becomes. Who on earth would not be able to answer Couric’s softball question? Couldn’t she just make something up? Obviously, she is scared to say anything, and has lost her confidence, and now is reduced to clumsy evasions in even the most innocent questioning. Unfortunately, a considerable minority of Americans would prefer that we have a mediocrity in the highest office, simply so they can feel better about being mediocrities themselves. But not enough to win the election this.

Obama/Biden ’08

Posted by dsw | Report as abusive

several things come to mind including the movie “idiocracy”, the old fable “the emperors new clothes” (based on the reluctance of the media pundits to just come out and call this idiot ant idiot.) and last but not least are we in an episode of the twilight zone??? most people in our country that are still capable of intelligent rational thought realize that we should elect the best and brightest, educated, qualified individuals to lead our country. not just any moron (that some of you might want to have a beer with) that comes down the pike… p.s. that goes for john (manchurian candidate) mcshame too.

Posted by j. smith | Report as abusive

I appollgize for any corrections my phone makes that are confusing…ok guys I agree that Palin Is not a qualified runningmate but at Lear the one who is running is qualified unlike obama… I have nothing against obama and I am a democrat but I will be voting for mcain…when obama representative from Chicago was asked to namejust one of obmas accomplishments 6 times could only answer by saying what he’s Shure obama will accomplish and four years ago obama said himself that he wouldn’t run for office for at least twelve years and it would be iresponsible for him to run with such little experience

Posted by Cody Arnold | Report as abusive

How many reporters do you think were just sent to Alaska to find Sarah’s friend so that they can ask her: A) Is homosexuality choice? B) How good of a friend are you to Sarah Palin? C) Do you think Palin is qualified to be VP?

The list could go on and on.

Schadenfreude all around kiddies.

Posted by Andrew | Report as abusive

Sarah has no experience??? Look at the mess we are in with the leaders that have all the so called experience!!! I say give her a chance….anyone who can manage a family of five children and run a state as Governor has better qualifications than any slick politician in Washington!

Posted by Drew | Report as abusive

anti-sarah comment coming, i guess, but beyond everything that has been said, her inability to cite one news source that she regularly reads to keep abreast of u.s. and international news is troubling. the problem is that the office she aspires to requires at least a working knowledge of the world, its leaders, and history. she appears to possess very little interest in or knowledge of these topics as evidenced by her obvious discomfort in discussing fairly general international relations and diplomacy issues in two (real) limited interviews. palin is at best not ready to be v.p. and at worst not equipped to be v.p. sorry.

Posted by joe blow | Report as abusive

I am not uneducated as Jackie suggests. I have a Ph.D., and I find Sarah Palin’s answer profoundly disturbing. I understand that Palin does not want to reveal that she is either a) reading “liberal media” publications or b)reading evangelical tracts written by her deranged pastor. What I don’t understand is why conservatives are so willing to defend Palin’s anti-intellectualism and her refusal to reveal herself. Knowing what people read gives us important information about who they are, how they think, what they believe. Palin knows this. Therefore, by refusing to answer the question, she reveals that she doesn’t want us to know who she is. What is she hiding? Why are conservatives so proud of her contempt for knowledge and ideas? Why do they share it? We’ve had 8 years of a president who does not read or think. Why are so many people eager for more?

Posted by PhDiva | Report as abusive

Don’t order off the menu America!
This women in the real “emtpy suit”. She is scripted, coached, and controlled by the McCain Campaign.

Ask he the hot-button issues and she spews forth slogans and talking points. Go off the script and she had NOTHING. She could not even answer what newspaper she reads. Come on, can someone cut her loose now please?

Now the question and answer is harmless in and of itself, but this is a distinct pattern and it is very disturbing.

Posted by Chris | Report as abusive

I will vote for the McCain/Palin ticket. John McCain has the experience and intelligence to guide the USA. Sarah Palin understand “us”. She’s not on the outside looking in at our dilemas. She’s living our issues. Who’s better to work for us?? Mr. Obama: Exxon/Mobil does not owe the USA one thin dime. No one forces people to buy product from them. Their money is not ours. If you want to profit from them, buy their stock AND SHARE THE RISK. Otherwise, STFU about their profits. You’re not Robinhood and this the Socialist Republic of the United States. Mr Biden: Men are not guilty until proven innocent as you implied in your VAWA. The Democrats had their chance to fix regulations to prevent the Freddie MAC and Fannie MAE issues four years ago when they were caught cooking the books. THANKS TO THE Democrats, we now have a mess on our hands and an expensive bail-out. The USA is not about ENTITLEMENTS, it is about OPPORTUNITY and hard work. The USA is not about “FREE” healthcare. Health insurance is not about paying your bills for you, rather, protecting you from catastrophic expenses. Wrap you’re donkey brain around it. I hear Obama speak and I hear a lack of experience and the promise of change without a PLAN. We already experimented with Jimmy Carter in the White House. IT DIDN’T WORK. It seems to me that Democrats are absolute worst at understanding why history is significant. This guy in Iran that Obama wants rhetoric with is another Hitler. Why can’t you see this?? The man tells us one thing and does another and yet Obama thinks he’s going to get the terrorist to understand reason. WHAT?!? This makes no sense.

Posted by Smarter than you | Report as abusive

Even if she had just lied and said Wall Street Journal, it would have been better than her rambling vaguely. I’m in no position to be near politics yet I read the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Business Week, and random newspapers/magazines that friends send me from London and Japan.

Maybe I could replace her =P haha

Posted by Nichole | Report as abusive

Perhaps this comment will be considered “petty” by the Palinites, but I found her statement that “Alaska is a microcosm of America” laughable. I grew up in one of the few states with LESS racial diversity than Alaska (that would be Maine) and as much as I love my home state, in no way would I ever describe it to anyone as a “microcosm of America.” Alaska is probably a lot more like Maine than it is like where 80% of Americans live, which is in large and small cities characterized by racial, religious, social, ethnic and economic diversity.

I think Sarah Palin made that comment about Alaska being a microcosm of America because she doesn’t know any better. Why would we want to be represented by someone so oblivious? Americans need to get over the romanticization of “small town life/values” and recognize that we are an increasingly urban, pluralistic society.

Posted by lagata | Report as abusive

By putting Sarah Palin forward as his running-mate, John McCain is banking on the shallow stupidity of the majority of the electorate. Unfortunately, as long as she keeps smiling and comes across as a good ol’ American gal that will probably be enough. It worked for Bush, twice.
The world sincerely hopes that enough knowledgeable Americans will go to the polls in November to offset the number of ignorant deluded fools. God Bless America indeed!

Posted by Dominic | Report as abusive

Think about it: there is no way you can answer the question without being criticized, especially considering the manner in which the media has been treating the candidates. If you say “Wall Street Journal”, you run the risk of being too close to Wall Street, “NY Times” means you are too liberal, “USA Today” means you are a simpleton, any Alaskan newspaper means you are too local and narrow-minded, and “CNN” could mean you are enamored with sensationalism. At the same time she was probably a little offended, as Couric obviously was trying to imply that Palin doesn’t read and is therefore oblivious to current issues. I am not a Republican but am tired of hearing people rationalizing criticism in minutia. She is of course less experienced with the issues than any of the other candidates. Let’s see what she says in the debate.

Posted by let’s be real | Report as abusive

I agree with Jackie. I’m tired of both sides bashing the other. I agree that perhaps she could have answered the question better. But does anyone honestly believe that the governor of a state doesn’t read? That a person nin that position isn’t constantly briefed on the state of the union? What would happen if she did name a specific paper? Likely that organization would run out and try to bash her anyway. God forbid the media ever admitted to being Republican.

Posted by Melissa | Report as abusive

McCain is clearly more interested in winning than the needs of this country. Putting this woman in a position to take over the U.S. is tantamount to treason.

As a Republican I have to vote with what’s best for us all, and sadly my party has decided that keeping power at all costs is more important than responsibly running the country.

Posted by John | Report as abusive

Wow… First Drew- manage a family of 5? The teenager is pregnant! Run a state? How many other governors are under investigation? I truly think America is still struggling with race. Obama may not be the best person in the US to run now, but if he were white, Palin would not even be in the race. It is a stunt by McCain. I used to respect him, but life is full of disappointments. I am moving out of the U.S. if she wins!

Posted by Dude | Report as abusive

Yvveta, I agree that this is not a surprise, but it is certainly not a tragedy unless we, the people vote for her ticket in November.
Her inability to provide the names of her news sources speaks volumes to me. It is an obvious answer in itself.

Also, her “Seeing Russia From Alaska” comments are Bovine Feces.
She’s never been to the only place in Alaska that has a view of Russia, Little Diomede Island.
I do agree with the multiple comments about the present administration’s ineptitude, (a Monkey could do a better job than Bush) but voting her and the old person in would be akin to trying to heal an open sore with a wire brush.

Posted by Olddog | Report as abusive

I think it is admirable that she fails to fit into the mold. Katie repeatedly tried to fit her into a shape that she refuses to accomodate. I think that she will bring a fresh outlook to Washington, one of an average person, not a millionaire ex-lawyer who hasn’t paid for his own dinner in 20 years.

Posted by Bobby | Report as abusive

AND as I look back at recent comments, you people would rather be lied to than for your vice-presidential candidate to refuse to answer a question? How do you call yourselves american?

Posted by Bobby | Report as abusive

OK. Remember Dan Quayle and how he was considered a laughing-stock because he didn’t know how to spell “potato”? Someone needs to ask Sarah Palin to spell “national disgrace”.

Posted by jim | Report as abusive

Bobby, I call myself American because I was born here, Served in the US Army during the Vietnam era, worked in, and retired from the Aerospace Industry, paying taxes and participating in local and national discussions and events all along. I raised my family here in the USA and will die here as well. I care about America and what happens to her. I’m sickened by the current administration’s lack of integrity and transparency. They think that they can do anything that they want and are always trying to foist more onto us. (I’m talking bailout here)
I think that you’re the one with blinders on, playing the mushroom and feeding at the table serving most of the Lies.
But I have my opinions and you have yours. Make no mistake though, we’re ALL Americans,……and proud of it too.

Posted by Olddog | Report as abusive

Fails to fit the mold? Bobby… come on! She’s being given a chance to give some smart answers. I’ve heard none so far. Would we rather be “lied to”? This whole republican thing is a lie. No.. I’m sick of being lied to, but placing someone in the light that is just plain can’t answer the questions with a yes or no after repeatedly being asked, or makes a paragraph of her answer and STILL there really isn’t an answer, well, I don’t want that person running the country. We’ve already had that. You can always tell when Bush has to come up with his own answers, because his words change and he fumbles his sentences, like he’s screaming “help me” through his ear piece. This administration we’ve had for the past 8 years has made a disaster of our country. It’s time to put a different class in the seat. I’m not absolutely crazy about Obama either.. but there is NO WAY McBush should win. He’s just a continuance of what’s been happening.

Posted by Kathy Immel | Report as abusive

Palin, absolutely ridiculous. A bad joke. For instance, her belief in “Pro Life” as she says she’s a true believer of and will not apologize for it. Then you see Sarah with the moose/deer that she shot and killed and is having a video/photo taken of her and one other guy in the photo and the dead animal. Sarah is all smiling that she’s the one that killed this poor animal.
Now ask her if she’s ONLY “Pro Life” for humans, and not for animals. I don’t see her starving so she’s not killing the animal to survive. Why is she killing these animals? What a contradiction… that “PRO LIFE” should mean for anything with a heart beat.
No one has brought this up of her contradiction to this subject. Why not? I picked up on that as soon as I saw her with the dead animal.. Stating I thought she was PRO LIFE!
Then… there’s the issue of homosexuality. She states: “She is one of my best friends, who happens to have made a choice that isn’t a choice I would have made. But I am not going to judge people.”
Made a choice? According to homosexuals, it’s not a choice. You are born with not feeling right playing the role of the gender you’re given. Oh Sarah…. bad move on your part (again) of “foot in mouth”.
Hey Sarah.. here’s a suggestion… when someone asks you a question. Use the “yes” or “no” answer. You won’t sound as dumb as you do when you make your answer into a paragraph.
Oh dear me. Well, it just goes to show how ridiculous McBush is to have selected her in the first place to run with him. I truly believe that with Obama winning over Clinton, that McCain (McBush) thought.. I’d better do something here to get people’s attention, hey! I’ll grab a minority to be my running mate! Hey a woman! Come on Palin.. you’re running with me… now smile for the cameras! Look smart, but try not to say anything!
Oh dear! Now he’s having to sit next to Palin in the Katie Couric interviews as if he’s her lawyer and jumping in when there’s a question that’s over her head (well they all are actually).
This is the biggest joke ever! Can’t you all see this? Now.. this time around if the republicans (with who’s running this time) win this… you HAVE TO SEE IT’S BEEN FIXED ………AGAIN!
Absolutely fricken ridiculous!

Posted by Kathy | Report as abusive

Remember: it was lies and inept and arrogant governance with Bush that got us into the Iraq War and deregulation of the financial markets, both resulting in vast financial and personal loss for Americans and worldwide!
“Thanks but not thanks!”

McCain and Palin have been proven mutiple, multiple times to provide blatant misinformation in speeches and adds. How will our country and world suvive information that is known to them alone, with which they make their decisions, but given to the public in inaccurate ways? Dangerous.
“Thanks but not thanks!”

McCain choose a whooly inexperienced, undereducated VP/likely successor as president if he becomes incompacitated in any way. How will he choose his cabinet and other positions that the public cannot vet in any way.
“Thanks but not thanks!”

The world view of the “maveriks” seems haughty and arrogant–not appealing to the goodness and wholeness of humanity that wants life and needs to work together.
“Thanks but not thanks!”

McCain/Palin–a danger to our country and world.
“Thanks but not thanks!”

Posted by Alaskan against McCain/Palin | Report as abusive

You know what?
I’m reeeeeeaaaaaaaaallly impressed!
She said that she reads “all of them”
Do you know how many newspapers there are in America alone?
If she is able to read ALL OF THEM then she must be a freaking genius! Genius!

Posted by SpeedReader | Report as abusive

I just posted a comment that was apparently no PC enough for the moderator. Was it my suppor of the McCain/Palin ticket or the fact that I reminded you that Barack’s middle name is HUSSEIN? Either way, it just shows the bias of your so called “news service”.

Posted by Rob | Report as abusive

This Palin situation would be comical if it wasn’t so frightening. Americans actually think a person with no discernible communication skills (except for a certain warm fuzziness, with flashes of scorn) is qualified to do anything important? That she could step up to be POTUS?

How in heck did she graduate with a college degree?

She must have read SOMETHING, even if it was online news. Can’t she think on her feet (or sitting in a chair)?

Say McCain is elected and dies. Say Palin has to lead and inspire the American people through a Big Crisis of any kind. What will she say? Nothing? Evasions? Fractured thoughts, platitudes, slogans?

Now we know why the Republican party can only threaten foreign powers, bomb them, and invade them. No wonder Palin and her ilk don’t want to negotiate with foreign leaders. They can’t!

It’s that old punitive, vengeful worldview, exacerbated by a lack of spoken communication skills. It might work in the short term on a playground, where the players are 10 years old, but in the complex real world of international politics, bluster and outright acts of destruction get us nowhere.

Posted by Robert | Report as abusive

Political Math 101:
Obama = Palin
McCain = Biden

Republicans = Democrats

And thus:
Future = Doom

Which validates against the known truth:
All things that rise will fall, including nations, societies, and governments.

All you Obaminates and McCainiacs out there who love marching in lockstep, consider a remedial course in arithmetic in your offtime.

Posted by russ in PA | Report as abusive

Every comment against Mrs. palin is absolutely jealousy. If the question was directed to a democrat, the answer would be, “It’s not your business what I read”. So why picking on her? The next question would be which soap she bath with, which perfume she likes, which car she drives, etc. There are so many journalists and commentators that would like to make an issue out of nothing. Shame on you, so, instead support her as VP and give her the chance. She will demonstrate herself and will give the people of America as McCain running mate a solution to its problems.

Posted by donsem | Report as abusive

“While I don’t tote around copies of the Post and Times with me, I do read the content on their respective web editions. I read US News and World Report. I also read my local paper, the Alaskan and occasionally pick up other local papers (with their AP and Reuters articles) and the Wall Street Journal’s Opinion page.”-What Sarah could have answered.

Wouldn’t you want someone as VP who could put together SOME sort of answer to that question? Her answer begs the question; does she read the news AT ALL?

Posted by Bob | Report as abusive

she’s a turnip

Posted by mavis | Report as abusive

Dude, I hope you choose Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia or Iran to live when J. McCain and Sarah Palin enters the whitehouse to govern the country with integrity.

Posted by donsem | Report as abusive

I understood Governor Palin’s response as not wanting to publicly endorse the newspapers she reads or doesn’t read. Of course, she stays informed, but whatever she says about reading or not reading certain papers will be be used as political spin. With onlne news articles, how many people always read an actual newspaper anyway? If this is a sign of ignorance, then Joe Biden’s comments (just let him open his mouth) would cast him as a complete moron.

Posted by Brandon Sasser | Report as abusive

This is to all you rebuplican haters, you will hate on anything or anyone who stands for the moral right. you think that sarah palin is an idiot, she is down to earth, something that we need in a politician, she is an american first. please tell me when obama became an american first? he would not cross his heart on the national anthem, just started wearing the lapet pin of the flag, weak democratic white house will lead to the security risk for this country. without this country being secure, nothing else will matter. all you left wing freaks screamed for help after 9-11, you will not want to live through that again, the left wing of this country makes me ILL!!!!

Posted by true patriot | Report as abusive

“She is one of my best friends, who happens to have made a choice that isn’t a choice I would have made. But I am not going to judge people.”


Posted by joe | Report as abusive

Crossing one’s heart during the national anthem is not required, nor has it always been in practice. This is only a recent convention developed by the hard right. Wearing the flag as a form of jewelry is actually inappropriate. If you will check your flag etiquette, it is disrespectful to wear the American Flag in any form on one’s person.

If McCain were an American first, as you say, he would have chosen a qualified running mate since he is a 72 year old six time cancer victim instead of Governor Palin who is obviously not qualified—read Conservative columnists George Will and Kathleen Parker if you disagree.

Posted by Kathleen | Report as abusive

I really think that Palin is either crazy or an egomanic. I am an intelligent woman with a masters degree in education, but I know, I would never assume I could run this wonderful, but very complex country. This is coming from a person who has worked in inner-city schools, in early education and in special education. However, I understand that to take on the responsibility of VP, I would need to be more then what I am. She is not capable and is not credible enough to even run a state, quite frankly. It was a sad day when McSame pick Ms. Pain.

Posted by andslat | Report as abusive

I think that katie is biast and I will not watch her anymore

Posted by tammy | Report as abusive

Thank God Americans with sense will not be voting fo the thief of Illinois.

Posted by tammy | Report as abusive

Why didn’t she just say The Bible?

She is really pretty and feisty too!!



Posted by Marvin | Report as abusive

There must be at least a hundred intelligent, articulate, educated, well informed, and competent women out there who are actually, factually and practically qualified to be VP.
Desperate to prove his maverickness he turns down all of the “logical” choices and chooses Palin. It is just unfair for him to put the smaller percentage of the intelligent and honest people in his party in this position where they have to either give this woman a phony endorsement which means they are trying to sell to you and me a product they themselves would not buy or they must exercise their honest judgment and call this choice a blunder putting themselves at odds with this ticket. This is an unfair and unnecessary burden. John McCain it time for you to live up
to your “straight talk” gimmick and stop humiliating Americans with this dumb choice.

Posted by Raffy Krikorian | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin is being patronized and cornered by Couric when she asks her these questions. The media and you guys seem to not be able to think past the initial answer. She names a newspaper….then the media jumps on the credentials of the newspaper and ties them to Palin. She names the McCain vote record example….and that will fuel a media frenzy centered on that one vote. I think that is the problem with democracts along with you guys, you cant see past your own nose.

Posted by Stephen | Report as abusive

Sarah!! Time, Newsweek, US news and world report, COSMO!!! WTF just name anything. Is that she wants to show the world how she will not answer any question straight?

Posted by Edgyone | Report as abusive

She’s read “all” the magazines?

Even “Honcho”?

Wow. She’s much better read than I had thought.

Posted by michael | Report as abusive

or perhaps she could have just said ‘Google’,
before returning ‘Into the Wild’

Posted by Society | Report as abusive

She does not sound well-traveled, well-informed or well-read. She is not worldly. This might not be a concern for an Alaskan governor. It is a concern for a VP.

Posted by Marco | Report as abusive

We only have one paper here in Anchorage and that is the Anchorage Daily News; it even has a nation and world section right behind the Alaska section. The Mat-Su valley, which is the area where Wasilla is located even has a newspaper called the frontiersman and the strange thing is she couldn’t even think of that.

Posted by Joe Casey | Report as abusive

Maybe she wasn’t prepared to answer that question. Maybe her mind went blank, maybe she read a paper she doesn’t want to endorse. Do you think the woman who ran Alaska and butchered the oil guys is dumb? Are you calling all govenor’s dumb? Maybe she doesn’t answer stupid trivia questions quickly……….but, she knows her morals and her values and she’s not going to stand for people who don’t watch your backs. Or maybe you should vote for someone who is so well trained on telling you what you want to hear. Man, you people are harsh. Couric was relentless…….the interview made her look like a nagging brat. Another interiewer trying to make her look bad, it’s so obvious it’s incredible. I wouldn’t care if it was Obama or Houdini, she hounds people to make them look bad. It’s repulsive. But, Palin didn’t flinch.

Posted by joanne | Report as abusive

Govern with integrity? That is a joke! McCrazy gave that away when he picked her… Give her a chance? Why? Give me a break. As a veteran, I can not stand to listen to this. Some of you never served a day and you think you know what it like to be at war? Obama needs work but he said he will surround himself with the right ppl. Palin scares me to death.

Posted by Dude | Report as abusive

The Republicans are getting what they deserve…an airhead!!

Posted by Brian | Report as abusive

The scary part is that some people have conditioned themselves to expect so little from Palin now. We’re talking about the Vice President of this great country. We’re not talking about the Vice President of the high school student government. We should expect more from someone who aspires to hold this position. Obama, Biden and McCain have all been scrutinized, interviewed, checked out using a fine tooth comb, etc. If she wants to run with the big boys she’s got to be able to get out there and hold her own. So far she’s not doing that and seems to be hinting that her portrayed weaknesses are because the media and anybody else who has a negative opinion about her “performances” are sexist. Well, I’m a female…can I be sexist toward another female? Sorry Sarah, I simply expect more. What happened to the “Governor Palin of Alaska” who was introduced at the Republican convention just a few weeks ago?? McCain-Palin…Thanks, But No Thanks!

Posted by Lynn | Report as abusive

You are all forgetting that we are electing a president. This election is about making a choice for McCain or Obama. Please do your homework before you make a decision. If you want an inexperienced president, higher taxes, government run health care, higher taxes, big government, higher taxes, someone that will sit down with our enemies and chat, higher taxes,… You will see the best choice is MCCAIN.

Posted by Ann | Report as abusive

Eight years ago, no one expected the “regular guy we wanted to have a beer with” to hold his own during his debates with Al Gore. The bar was set so low that Bush’s performance was declared a triumph simply because he hadn’t humiliated himself. He had been coached to deliver a few simple messages over and over.

Beware of a repeat of this perverse dynamic concerning Palin’s upcoming “performance” during Thursday’s debate. She will be coached to the strengths we saw during her convention address — well-delivered, sarcastic barbs that pitch the Republican base’s rallying cries (say “I believe,” wrap yourself in the flag, and incite fear). Never mind her glaring incompetence for the Vice Presidency. If she doesn’t totally humiliate herself, the pundits will once again say, “Gee, she didn’t fall on her face. What a winner!”
Don’t fall for it.

Posted by Mary Ann | Report as abusive

Lynn – Obama has been scutinized?? Are you living under a rock? You are kidding, right? The liberal media has handled him with kid gloves from the start of his campaign. Why do you think Hillary, the most qualified candidate, did not get the Democratic nomination? Maybe Palin should have used a teleprompter to assist her like OBAMA does for all of his appearances. I like the fact that she is down to earth and understands the middle class. Do you think Obama and Biden relate better to the middle class? Will help the middle class? Two Senators that are multi millionaires! Yes, Obama is great at public speaking, but that is ALL. You are willing to vote for an inexperienced Commander and Chief, but it bothers you that Palin is inexperienced. Before you vote, review the facts on Obama. If he wins the election this country will definitely hit rock bottom.

Posted by Jim | Report as abusive

There are two questions I’d like to see put to Ms. Palin during Thursday’s V.P. debate, or in her next interview (if she ever has another).

Actually, Gibson or Couric (let’s forget Murdoch’s “hired-hand Hannity”) should have already asked these questions:

1.) Why did you as mayor of Wasilla force female rape-victims reporting the crime to pay out of their own pocket for the forensic-kit and exam needed in the work-up (see NYT 9/26/08)?

2.) Was your policy of requiring rape-victims to pay for their own forensic exams a result of your publicly stated belief that even women who become pregnant as a result of rape should be required to carry that pregnancy to full term and birth?

I see no reason why Palin, as candidate for the office of Vice President of the USA, and with a 1 in 3 chance of taking over as President in the next 4 years, should continue to be shielded from answering these questions publicly.

Posted by fbla1805 | Report as abusive

OK, sure, take this one response (or lack thereof) about reading materials by itself, and it is not necessarily a cause for concern. However, for those of us paying attention to the growing stream of Palin’s unscripted responses to straightforward questions, the picture is no less than alarming. She has shown a less than a firm grasp of (high school level) American history, let alone 21st century geopolitics. Her responses to her own beliefs about abortion and global warming are incoherent. This communications major cannot even form a sentence without getting lost in it. She may look darling when she wrinkles her nose, but people, are you joking? This is not a beauty contest. The U.S. is far too complex and precarious to be put in the hands of Gov. Palin. Stop kidding yourselves.

Posted by Amy | Report as abusive

As a New Zealander I am reasonably objective here, or hope I am. But even I cringe when I see the Couric interviews. Almost too painful to watch. Sarah Palin must step down NOW. I have no love for McCain’s political position, but he is obviously an intelligent man who loves his country, and at the moment his choice of potential VP is making Americas a laughing stock internationally. That, and sowing fear. The world doesn’t always see your politics finally (even those billions of us who READ) – it sees the potential of added disaster should this woman get anywhere near the Presidency. That is scary beyond words. Would your top politicians and your top soldiers really take orders from her? Think about it. Sorry guys, I admire your people, but this theatre of the absurd needs to stop today.


Posted by Rosalene Bradbury | Report as abusive

I thought it was very clever not to give the old hag “couric” a bone,

… answer about her favorite reads..

why should she?

It really is no-ones business…….I bet the congress in capital hill in Washington reads hustler or playboy, would any good ole boys admit to ALL they read and that SPECIFICALLY ??
> 0 < ?????? ^ v ^ ????????

Posted by CLINTON VOTER VOTES PALIN | Report as abusive

Ann-Sorry but repeating a lie four times doesn’t make it true. You should try researching somewhere besides the John McCain website.
1)Under Obama’s plan 95.5% of families with children, and 81.3% of American households would see a tax cut.
2)Obama’s plan mandates coverage for children, but not for adults, and it does not require anyone to be covered by a nationalized system. Obama’s plan expands the insurance coverage offered by the government, but allows people to keep their own plans or choose from private plans as well.
3)As far as chatting with our enemies. What was it that McCain’s close friend of 35 years said?

Kissinger Sept. 20: Well, I am in favor of negotiating with Iran. And one utility of negotiation is to put before Iran our vision of a Middle East, of a stable Middle East, and our notion on nuclear proliferation at a high enough level so that they have to study it. And, therefore, I actually have preferred doing it at the secretary of state level so that we — we know we’re dealing with authentic…

CNN’s Frank Sesno: Put at a very high level right out of the box?

Kissinger: Initially, yes.But I do not believe that we can make conditions for the opening of negotiations.

Posted by WC Dugan | Report as abusive

I think Mr McCain is a totally irresponsible person to have chosen Palin. It´s not her fault, she is being used.

Posted by Ulrike | Report as abusive

This is another typical example of Couric playing the “Gotcha” game with anybody with an R behind their name. WHO CARES where Palin gets her news? WHY would Couric even bother with such a stupid, insignificant, unrelated/unimportant question?? Riddle me this……give me the date and location when Couric asked Biden where he gets his news. Oh, that’s right….SHE DIDN’T ASK HIM! At least Palin knows who the PRESIDENT WAS in 1929!!

Posted by Doug | Report as abusive

True, most people do not read newspapers, but read news online or watch TV/listen to the radio. I am one of these people. Sarah Palin could have said that as well. Heck, she could have kissed up to Katie Couric and said, “I get my news from you.” She didn’t. Case in point–she doesn’t read or have a clue what’s going on in the world. The fact that she can’t even complete a sentence is proof enough.

I would laugh at her stupidity, but I’m more scared that anyone would consider this idiot for any position of power, let alone VP. She’s an embarrassment to women; McCain clearly played the gender card here. He could have still played the gender card and picked another woman for his ticket–Olympia Snowe, Christine Whitman…

Posted by MD | Report as abusive

I am so frustrated by all of the liberals who can’t see past their own self-centered views. I am voting for McCain and Palin because they choose to protect the most innocent among us. I could really care less about what newspaper Palin chooses to read…I think that pales in comparisson to Obama’s consistent fight to kill innocent babies!! These comments are simply ridiculous…just a bunch of narrow minded liberal jibberish!

Posted by Jen | Report as abusive


“Couric asked Palin what newspapers and magazines she read regularly before becoming McCain’s running mate “to stay informed and to understand the world.”

Here is her response, according to a transcript provided by CBS:

Palin: I’ve read most of them, again with a great appreciation for the press, for the media.

Couric: What, specifically?

Palin: Um, all of them, any of them that have been in front of me all these years.

Couric: Can you name a few?

Palin: I have a vast variety of sources where we get our news, too. Alaska isn’t a foreign country, where it’s kind of suggested, “Wow, how could you keep in touch with what the rest of Washington, D.C., may be thinking when you live up there in Alaska?” Believe me, Alaska is like a microcosm of America.”

Posted by MichMan | Report as abusive

Did it occur to you Palin-bashers that she didn’t reveal names of newspapers/periodicals because she knew the public would find a way to use it against her? We all know how super biased the media is. I’m sure Sarah didn’t want to be labeled as too liberal or too conservative for her choice of reading material. And maybe…just maybe she didn’t want to give in to Couric’s needling. Too many people are giving Couric more credit than she deserves (She’ll never hold a candle to Walter Cronkite). She is far cry from fair and is incapable of giving the public an honest view that isn’t tarnished with her own left-wing wacko politics. There was no way to win in this interview; Sarah was damed if she gave names and damned if she didn’t. C’mon people, Palin didn’t get to where she is by being stupid. Wake up!

Posted by AK | Report as abusive

The crash in the housing market was caused by Democrats insisting that every American deserves a house, even if they can’t afford one. The failed policies of FDR are coming to roost.

FDR was one of, if not the worst, Presidents ever and his policies extended the Great Depression in the US for several more yeasrs.

Barack HUSSEIN Obama is advocating the same type of policy. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COMMUNISTS!!

HUSSEIN OBAMA? How could any AMERICAN vote for a man with that name who has said that he would support the Muslims in any war with the US? My God(not allah), have we all gone mad?

Posted by Crash | Report as abusive

oh my goodness.Are you guys 4 real? Am I the only one person that is scared to death that this could possibly be our next president of the United States of America? Hello,people!!! She Is Not Qualified. It was so obvious that she crammed for this debate and memorized a lot of what she said. Isn’t it interesting that after 2 weeks of bombed interviews, stupid comments, or “I’ll get back to ya later”, remarks, now all of a sudden she knows what she is talking about. Don’t be fooled people, she did not answer most of the questions she just recited what she studied these last couple of days at debate camp. if she is so smart, let her answer of few of the reporters questions or let her go on hardball or countdown. Thats when we will all see the real Sarah Palin come out.

Posted by letty | Report as abusive

I hope I’m not bashing Palin. I respect her, as I do everyone else. However, my most important thought in this election is that if something was to happen to the President and the VP had to fulfill the duties, it’s a scary thought that she would be running this country. I’ve had an open mind and listened to everyone’s debates. The most I hear from her is “Maverick, energy and hockey mom.” She’s avoided more questions than just “what do you read?”

Posted by TERRELL | Report as abusive

Wow Crash-

The US going to war with a religious group? Muslims, Islamic peoples. Wow.

And if I might add, I don’t thinkt that someone’s name has anything to do with whether or not they are right to run our country. And I’m not even pro-Obama!

I think everyone should take Couric’s interview worth a grain of salt. She’s left-wing and will therefore try to persuade her viewers as such, regardless of the facts. I think everyone needs to let the premise register that Sarah Palin can freaking read and start moving on to things that matter.

Posted by K | Report as abusive