New state polls show shift towards Obama

October 1, 2008

rtx93zk.jpgWASHINGTON – A slew of new state polls released on Wednesday showed some shift in momentum toward Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama and away from Republican rival John McCain.

CNN/Time Magazine/Opinion Research Corp. released polls for five battleground states — Florida, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada and Virginia — that showed Obama ahead among likely voters in all of them, though still within the margin of error in four.

Obama held a 51 percent to 47 percent lead in both Florida and Nevada, a 53 percent to 44 percent lead in Virginia, a 54 percent to 43 percent advantage in Minnesota and a narrow 49 percent to 48 percent edge in Missouri.

CNrtx93x2.jpgN said its previous surveys of those states had showed McCain was up in Nevada, Virginia and Missouri. And previously in Florida the two were tied and in Minnesota Obama was up two points.

Meanwhile, new polls by Quinnipiac University in three key states also showed a small uptick in support for Obama after last week’s presidential debate.

In Florida, Obama’s lead grew to 51 percent to 43 percent, from 49 percent to 43 percent before the debate.

In Ohio, Obama was up 50 percent to 42 percent, versus 49 percent to 42 percent prior to the debate. Remember, no Republican has won the White House without the state.

And finally in Pennsylvania, where Obama has struggled a bit, he widened his lead to 54 percent to 39 percent from before the debate when he was up 49 percent to 43 percent. 

A McCain spokeswoman, when asked about Obama’s jump in a handful of polls, stressed that the Arizona senator was an underdog in the race and that it was a difficult year for Republicans.

(additional reporting by Jeff Mason)

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– Photo credits: Reuters/Brian Snyder (McCain at the Harry S. Truman presidential library); Jason Reed (Obama at a rally in La Crosse, Wisc.)


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I would love to see how many viewers CNN has lost. That is a poll I would love to see!!

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Facts: Look up tax history back to 1913. Republicans were in charge before and during the Great Depression (1929-1933). From 1922 The republicans had the tax bracket for the very rich at 25%. This was like that from 1924- 1932 when FDR (Franklin Delanore Roosevelt, DEMOCRAT) changed the tax code to 63% for the upper income earners in order to pay for social infrastructure programs to get people back to work (Unemployment 1929-1933 was 25-30%, after FDR by 1936 15%). Look it up it is all in the records. Socialism and taxes on the rich to fund them for roads, bridges, military, dams all put people to work and brought our nation out of the Great Depression. Also look at what caused and happened during the Great Depression. BANKS and FINANCIAL Institutions collapsed and the stock market and investors lost everything on Wall Street. By 1929 industry had slowed way down and credit dried up. SOUND FAMILIAR. See history is repeating itself. THE BAIL OUT IS A JOKE. WE NEED OBAMA TO TAX THE RICH AND START GOVERNMENT INFRASTRUCTURE PROGRAMS (JUST AS FDR DID) IN THE FORM OF ALTERNATIVE ENERGY RESEARCH AND INFRASTRUCTURE AS WELL AS ROADS AND BRIDGES. WE WILL BE ABLE TO EMPLOY PEOPLE AND ONCE AGAIN PULL OURSELVES OUT THE TERRIBLE MESS THE REPUBLICANS HAVE REPEATED ONCE AGAIN.. IF YOU DO NOT BELIEVE, DO THE RESEARCH YOURSELF.

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once again, he slides down hill!!

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This past week, John McCain showed everyone willing to listen and see, that he
-is too slow on his feet, too petty, and too cranky to be running the USA,
-too hung up on military issues and the war in Iraq,
-completely clueless about the lives and plights of his own countrymen and -women,
-and completely oblivious to the fact that even his beloved military power is not sustainable if the US as a society falls behind our competitors around the world.

After all, this is the same McCain
–who until a few days ago had stubbornly claimed the economy was “basically sound”,
–whose chief economic advisor had mocked critics as “whiners”,
–who for 26 years in Washington had pushed for deregulation of the very speculators, hedge-fund operators, and investment bankers responsible for this financial disaster, and
–the same McCain who just days ago was hawking his intention as President to get rid of the last remaining protections put in place after the Great Depression.

In fact, if there’s one politician in Washington who over the last 26 years has done the most to pave the way for this meltdown, that politician would have to be John McCain.

In less than 6 weeks, we can put an end to this sickening era of Rove-style ploys, stunts, slime, sleaze, and culture wars, and begin the hard work of repairing the immense damage these thieves and scoundrels have done to our country and our people.

Americans – the future of our country hangs in the balance!

Please get registered to vote today!

Please plan and allocate time to vote on Election Day!


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Don,t lash out at CNN just because your upset about the polls. I can only assume from your reactionary little diatribe that you are one of those conservatives that feel CNN is part of some liberal conspiracy. The only conspiracy that is going on here is the one perpetrated by the GOP in the last two elections.

Posted by Give me a break! | Report as abusive


So it’s CNN’s fault that the Republican Party chose Grandpa Simpson and Chicklette the Wonderdunce to represent their party in the most important election of our lifetime?

I’ve got a Bridge to Nowhere for sale. You interested?

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Look guys, it was CLINTON in 1999 who signed the deal for easy, phony mortgages to people who didn’t qualify. It was supported by both parties so don’t give Main Street the phony Democrat or Republican blame game — politicians of BOTH stripes are to blame and only a SUCKER would believe the finger pointing at each other. As for the LAUGHABLE post by the Great Depression guy previously. Unemployment is nothing like the depression, the DOW is over 10,000, and a record $620 BILLION is sitting in non-financial company treasurers. CNN, Reuters and other media are there to sell news, and bad news sells — media induced hysteria just makes everyone stupid. Get a grip — pay off your credit cards, buy your next car with cash, and get back to living. If your elected offical voted for the $700B, which was to protect their own butt — vote them out regardless of party. Good grief!!!

Posted by turismo | Report as abusive

Clinton may have signed it but it was Phil Gramm, former GOP senator from Texas, who slipped into a massive must-pass omnibus spending bill at the last minute just before Congress went home for the Christmas break, so place the blame where it belongs, nitwit. Look at more than Fox’s and the GOP’s talking points; look for the details behind the overall story, you might learn something that surprises you, and you’ll be better off for it.

Posted by jimbo | Report as abusive


Posted by saminator | Report as abusive

Hugh’s comment illustrates the how and why of ideologues like neocons – and their nutball sycophants – can’t acquire power long term. Their ideology is more important to them than reality.

In truth, CNN and MSNBC have expanded their viewer base over the course of the election campaigns. To the point that MSNBC decided to publicly embrace more of a leftist position with the addition of Rachel Maddow – which also has been a success.

The only portion of CNN’s broadcast schema which has diminished? The Glen Beck – kiss rightwing butt parade.

Folks who earn their living in media note all of this. It’s only out in Cloud-Cuckooland that ignorance is bliss.

Posted by Eideard | Report as abusive

jimbo you are an idiot. what does the spending bill that phil gramm slipped in have anything to do with all of these bad mortgages. are you that dumb. clinton himself even said that this was the fault of the democrats overlooking regulations of frannie and freddie. look at the hearing that is all over youtube with the dems saying there is nothing wrong with frannie mae and freddie mac, which hold about half of all the mortgages in the u.s. bush and the repubs were pushing for more oversight and the DEMS WERE WRONG. funny too how much money these corrupt dems like dodd, obama, frank received from these companies. i hope the american people are smart enough not to vote in the people who are responsible for this mess. but it appears most of the people who post on these blogs are stupid enough. you gotta stop drinking the kool-aid you liberal idiots.

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I’ll be in NH this weekend to canvas for Obama. The polls are still close there. And that’s one thing I wanted to mention. I hope that we all are still focused on how close this election is, and how critical it is that John McCain and Sarah Palin not be allowed to become the next President and Vice President. I have a great deal of hope, and yes, the polls have shifted, but nothing actually matters until the final results are in on November 4th.

That being said, please do what you can.

1. Send this link to everyone you know and ask them to make sure they are registered to vote and to vote early if possible. .php#
2. Make calls any time right from your home by signing up for Neighbor to Neighbor ontact/login_signup.php
3. Go to a swing state for a day a weekend or a week: volunteernv/
4. Donate to the campaign: view/main/BrooklynKevin

If nothing else, please, please pass these links on to others.

November 4th is almost here. I’m really looking forward to November 5th. I’m sure you are too. Let’s make it happen together.

Stay well,


Kevin B

I’m saying it now: President Barack H. Obama, Jr., 2009 – 2017

Contribute Now: ( a.php)

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John McCain picked Palin, its not CNN’s fault or the conservative Republicans like me, who will vote for Obama in the end. Please, stop blaming the media.

Posted by LATINOVOTER | Report as abusive

I love conservatives now days. They make me laugh so hard when I see how angry they are because the concerned citizens of this nation are wising up to the idiocy of the Republican leadership. It’s not just McCain and his vapid VP. Republicans are going to lose most of the congressional seats to Democrats, as well. Not as well publicized, but vital to controlling congressional direction, Democrats just may have a filibuster-proof majority. Combine that with a Democratic President, yeah, I can see why these right-wing posters are worried. Don’t blame the country for the downfall of the Republican party. Blame the party itself for sowing the seeds to its own destruction. Finally. OBAMA FOR PRESIDENT (at least this time). Except for the name callers and ideologues, the posters here have shown that there are many thinking people in this country.

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Does anyone in the room see the Pink Elephant?

I see two root causes to the current crises:
1. The change in bankruptcy laws which encouraged banks to soften their lending practices leading to this crises.
2. The US government competing with the private market in borrowing. Our politicians are borrowing vast amounts of money (5 Trillion in 7 years) that should be available to the private sector. If the US government was run responsible we would have 11 Trillion more dollars in the private sector (about $35k per person) and about 750 billion to spend on the military, health care, retirement or schools depending on your personal preference.

In case anyone has been asleep and does not realize it; the republicans with the tacit consent of the democrats have usured in the largest tax increase in US history. More than doubling our debt in 7 short years. To make payments on our debt (which is mostly short term) we must alocate about half of what we spend yearly on our milatary. This amounts to an estimated 12% of our total tax revenue spent on servicing just the interest on our debt. If inflation begins to rise, which it will if we start printing money to fire up the economy or pay the debt, we will see the funding for every esential service cut to service our debt.
Remember this when you vote whichever party you choose. We can not have a healthy ecomomy while the government is competing for private capital that could be invested in your neighborhood. Your company, state, neighborhood or average home owner can not compete at any level with the government to secure funding.
We need to enact a balanced budget amendment and get our nation back on track.

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Well all of us will likely get what is coming to us….change!! Frying pan into the fire makes for more great news opportunities and a much larger body count. Just remember this day and your rational as it’s you, your husband, your parents, your children that two years from now when CNN and the others are reporting and debating on why the Obama “CHANGE YOU CAN BELIEVE IN” administration and Democratic Congress failed and are presiding over the greatest Domestic and International catastrophe ever to face the people of the United States since the Civil War! Folks 20/20 wisdom does not live with the young and inexperienced! Obama is a young pied piper!! Get ready and HANG ON!!!

Posted by Michael | Report as abusive

I’m tired of all the fluff and lies, smears, etc. I’m just going to vote Obama. Period. He’s the best candidate for the job of being President of the USA. McCain and Palin are inept. They have no ideas, plans, etc. All they have are insults, lies, smears, their up to their eyes in Troopergate, etc. I don’t want to start out that way. And I don’t want a VP with ties to a secessionist group in Alaska. It just smells bad.  /2008/10/finally-obama-camp-raisestodd- palins.html

Posted by Vegas | Report as abusive

I am so tired of hearing all this finger pointing. FACT – the American public was too busy being greedy, allowing ALL politicians – that includes counties and cities, to decide how to create the next quick buck. Face it everyone wants to blame someone else, BUT the REAL TRUTH is we have only ourselves to blame. Listening to speakers, like Obama, who say what people want to hear, not what is factual is horrid. WAKE UP AMERICA – we put ourselves here! How many of you lived of credit cards? How many of you thought you were pulling a fast one by getting a home you REALLY couldn’t afford.

The Great Depression was preceeded by pure and simple GREED – not any one party.

As long as people want to point fingers – let me make a note, most of the politicans who can’t seem to budget and think money floats through the air have ONE COMMON BACKGROUND – THEY ARE ATTORNEYS, yes. More amazing, their legal ethics are more than questionable. The Consititution created THREE, Legislative,Judical & Executive, Branches – why are we allowing those whose ethics and morals are questionable and have too many connection to the judical branch run this country.
Maybe Americans have watched too many court movies and they really believe all attorneys speak only the truth – reminds me of “Alice in Wonderland”.

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