Obama to fainting supporter: Eat!

October 2, 2008

obama-oct-2.jpgEAST LANSING – With a little over a month to go until the Nov. 4 U.S. presidential election, U.S. Sen. Barack Obama has no time for fainters. At an outdoor rally on Wednesday at Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan, the Democrat was all business.

Interrupted during his speech by a signal from someone in the crowd that a person may have fainted, Obama pointed medics to the area and had this advice for their potential patient — “Next time, if you come to a 20,000-person rally, remember to eat something before you get here.”

Back in January on the morning of the New Hampshire primary, another Obama supporter fainted as the U.S. senator from Illinois spoke at Dartmouth College. Back then Obama waited a full 15 minutes for medics to arrive and treat the patient before continuing with his speech. 

(Reporting by Mark Egan)

PICTURE: REUTERS/Jason Reed (Obama waves on stage at the end of his campaign rally at Michigan State University in East Lansing October 2, 2008)


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It’s funny, higly intelligent people seem to be very emotionally disconnected and anti-social. Obama fakes it well though he seems more inviting than he really is.

I’m still supporting and voting for him though.

Posted by JN | Report as abusive

What a jerk!!! Sen. Obama has been especially arrogant this week. First he votes against his constituents’ interest and instruction on the Bail-Out. Then he acts as if he knows what is better for us than we do ourselves.

Posted by John Wheeler | Report as abusive

Love the comment from John Wheeler who talks about arrogance. I wonder how he thinks of McCain who also voted for the bailout? And Obama has a right to be concerned when people come to his rallies and get sick. Perhaps if they’d listen, they might have a better chance against fainting. But for anyone to claim Obama is arrogant while the wealthy McCain has to be hit in the head with a complete break down of the economy before he ‘knew’ that things were bad, is laughable. Get a grip John, nobody is falling for your BS.

Posted by Debra | Report as abusive

John Wheeler: Please…give us a break, will you? Giving advice to eat before surrounding yourself with a large crowd isn’t being arrogant. As for the bailout, where did he vote against his constituents interests? There were a lot of people wanting the bailout, believe it or not. Yes, it sucks that it’s coming from the taxpayers. But this isn’t a little free market, extra money. This is the life savings and retirement for millions. It’s college loans and house mortgages. Add to that, McSame was publicly trying to convince Bush to not only give the money up WITHOUT congressional approval, but to give a total of 1 TRILLION in one lump sum.

As far as knowing what’s better for us than we do ourselves…I’m sorry…I haven’t noticed your bid for the presidency. Would you like to compare your educational background to his? How about resume? I just love how people assume so much about another man, especially when they couldn’t be bothered to try and do better.

Posted by Will | Report as abusive

How is asking someone to use common sense being a jerk or arrogant?

Posted by Sandy | Report as abusive

Obama’s advice sounds pretty sensible to me. But I can appreciate that speaking sensibly might offend right-wingers.

Posted by EdC | Report as abusive

Barack Obama .. is the single most important man available to truthfully address what the last 8 year administration has screwed-up! Oh Yeah! I voted for President Bush … at the time … i couldn’t possibly stand another four years of the ‘slick-willy’ mentality.

My vote is a swing vote … and definately one that will swing in all the right directions! Barack is straight forward and sincere … I have lost all the credibly in John Mccain due to his out-of-touch and outright lieing commercial ad’s running over the last several weeks.
Today (Thursday October 2, 2008) Myself and my family attended the rally in East Lansing MSU campus. Barrack is extremely charasmatic a visionary and above all .. truthfull. My hat is off to the New and up-comming President …. Barack Obama.

Posted by Brian Marshall | Report as abusive

Why would America REWARD complete Republican failure ?

We wont.

Posted by PulSamsara | Report as abusive

good job making obama look like a bad person even though he stopped his speech for 5 minutes and really worried about this person. he wasnt being mean when he said this. he said it happens often at his speeches and most of the time its because people dont eat while they wait for 4 hrs to see him. too bad no one would wait 5 minutes for mccains old ass to wobble out on to the stage… damn republicans

Posted by john smith | Report as abusive

I guess Obama is serving the Kool Aide at his rally’s again,please enough with the “hey can we get a medic over here,are you allright? give her some water,there allright it get,s pretty hot out here,she probably waited in line for a long time” B.S we heard it all through the primaries and it’s OLD! and BORING! Obama needs a new line! Maybe when he sits down with Irans President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or North Korea’s President Kim Jong Il for that no precondition tea and crumpet meeting about how we would really like and hope for them not to make nuclear weapons or not to wipe Isreal off the face of the map one of them will faint from excitment of just being in the presence of the great Obama and they will say sure,ok whatever you say Barack? NOT!!!!!!!! Wake up America Vote Mcain – Palin 08

Posted by Vote Mcain-Palin | Report as abusive

Obama is fine. The paramedics were doing their job. The person who fainted was fine. Let’s not get all worked up over this.

Posted by Mari Barosay | Report as abusive

No one fainted. They were waving because they wanted Obama to shut off his hollywood lighting.

Posted by Cameron | Report as abusive

According to this blogger Obama poked fun at Palin’s folksy way of speaking by saying: “We’re not going to let John McCain distract us. We’re not going to let him hoodwink ya, and bamboozle ya, we’re not going to let him run the okie doke on ya.” Mark Egan has not being paying attention, because Obama has used the same lines before Palin was in the scene. He used before in June when McCain proposed stopping the gas tax during summer, and every time the republicans use gimmicks to “turn the page” of uncomfortable subjects in economy.

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