Veep debate ends, how did Palin and Biden do?

October 3, 2008

rtx95uf.jpgThe first and only vice-presidential debate is over between Democrat Joe Biden and Republican Sarah Palin. Did it live up to expectations?

Will this debate have an impact on undecided voters trying to choose between the two tickets led by Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama?

Tell us what you thought was the pivotal point of the debate, did Palin convince those skeptical about her depth and did Biden avoid gaffes?

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I do remember David Dinkins.
So why should I vote for Obama?

Posted by Simon | Report as abusive

Where do the Repubs think the money for this Bush fiasco will come from. Our children’s, children’s, children will be paying for this. Taxes had got to be raised one way or the other. It would of been nice if Palin had answered the questions.

Posted by Bruce | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin was a breath of fresh air. Spoke from the heart. It was finally nice to hear from someone who has not been influenced by politics, money or greed. You Go Girl! What A Lady! WE need more Sarah Palins in America!

Posted by Debbie | Report as abusive

Last night in the debate Sarah Palin proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that she is the perfect Republican running mate for John McCain. She didn’t answer any questions, she was robotic and boring, and she was folksy to the point of being irritating. She was overeager and waaaaay overcoached. And just like McCain, she has a “nausea factor” that I just can’t get past. She is the perfect running mate for John McCain.

Posted by Roberta | Report as abusive

Gov. Palin came across as heavily coached on what to say, and she survived, but she repeats herself over and over, banking on Alaska oil to carry her through. She obviously does not care about our environment, drill baby drill. She did not answer very many questions, just kept going back to her folksy comments trying to convince us she is one of the average Americans. If something happened to McCain, who is pretty scary as President, Bush the 2nd, we would be in a scary mess. More war, more wasted money.

Posted by Sandra | Report as abusive

Was Sarah wearing those red high heels so that she could click the heels together three times if the going got too tough?

Posted by PJ | Report as abusive

Come on Republicans!! The lady was giving shout outs for God’s sake, while she could have been using that time to answer questions. She was clearly memorized and prepped. This is ridiculous! She did well and had a very organized speech, but did she really go into any important details that the American people wanted to hear about?? I am absolutely appalled at the fact that she has a chance of beoming the next VP!!

Posted by Nicole Fleming | Report as abusive

“Palin has done in 5 weeks what NONE of us could do in a year.”

A) I disagree; I could have done what she did.

B) Just because she is able to memorize facts doesn’t mean shes qualified to be governor of senator more populous state than Alaska, how could we possibly consider her for VP of the United States?

Posted by Amy | Report as abusive

to Simon @ 9:16 a.m

” I do remember David Dinkins. So why should I vote for Obama?”.

So what you’re saying is that you believe all black people are alike.

Well, if I use that reasoning then I do remember the eight years of George W. so why should I vote for McCain?.

I watched the repeat of the debates again. The second time around is horrific. Sarah Palin gave the same unintelligible answers but this time, she was able to repeat her gibberish without looking overwhelmed.

The only questions she directly answered were specifically about energy and then it was all about Alaska selling the lower 48 it’s oil(drill baby drill). Alaska can now become the lower 48′s Saudi Arabia, great.

She is very skillfull at avoiding substantive answers because she has none. I want someone with intelligence, decision-making ability and the ability to convince someone to accept their views.

McCain can’t even convince his own party to respect him. He chose Sarah because she’s a woman and the religious right would vote for someone who’s religious.

Well I’m spiritual and a Christian and the religious right scares me. They are mainly bigots, racists and classists. Read your Bible none of these attributes apply to God, but they do apply to satan.

I find this amazing. Where I felt that both candidates did very well, the constant rehetoric from Biden was astounding. Please explain to me how his flip flopping on his views (which gov Palin pointed out nicely) before becoming a vp candidate doesn’t bother anyone. So many people seemed impressed by his noting of facts and figures. Sure. sounds impressive until you actually take note of what he said. The various votes that he reported Mcain to have agreed with Obama on were FACTUAL lies. And might I add, provably so. Just look for yourself instead of blindly accepting what the politicians tell you. Haven’t we been lied to enough? At one count, there were ten major mistakes he made in his data FACTUALLY. Palins mistakes, though of course present, could at least be argued as opinion. I can sound impressive too if I say that 95 percent of all americans are alcoholics. WOW! there I go listing “facts” but they’re not actually facts. Do reasearch on his so called facts before posting that he made any sense.

That being said, I agree that Palin could have done better, though I do feel that she exceeded expectations. She has heart and a desire for change. If Obama had the same thing, why would he pick a VP candidate who is obviously as business as usual as Biden? Doesn’t make sense. Furthermore, Palin stated in her response of the VP role that her differences with Mcain are embraced by him. It provides positive and alternate viewpoints for friendly debate. Biden more or less said he would be right there holding Obama’s hand. And you say Palin is the one seeking more power? Please. Palin said she would be backing up her candidate.

by the way, before you go rallying that all things with the current crisis are the fault of republicans…note the fact that the democrats have had control for two years. Not to mention, there are a few interesting tidbits out there which clearly show dems not only making money off of this cash cow, but also defending it in light of legislation John Mcain was tryin to pass to ADD MORE REGULATION. Now, all it seems the ones responsible and even the current candidates can do is look back in time and point fingers. Tell me how you are going to fix it (which they have yet to do.) And you would agree if you put passions aside and actually listened to their answers. Don’t tell me whose fault it is.

Posted by independant | Report as abusive

In a court of law, NOT answering the question gets you ‘in trouble’. In front of the American people (VP Debate), NOT answering the question gets you a free pass. If the candidate cannot or will not answer the questions addressed to them, what ensures they will be honest and straightforward if put in office? There were many questions asked that where NOT answered. It is unknown if the topic was unknown; the answer was not popular; there was uncertainty in the pledge; or some other reason.

In a way, regardless of the question asked, Palin said what she wanted to say – what she had been trained to say. Biden, on the other hand, was articulate and direct in addressing the questions asked.

Posted by Michael L | Report as abusive

Palin showed up wearing a tight skirt as she wiggled up on the podium (maybe Biden should have worn an unbuttoned polo shirt). Then, as she grinned, smirked and winked like the sportscaster/pageant girl personality that she is, she kept reverting back to her canned “up here in Alaska” sound bytes and “doggone it” and “you betcha”.

I have have been a staunch Republican for decades, and when McCain has a coronary, she’ll be the one meeting with foreign leaders and making decisions. Let’s see, she already met with the president of Pakistan and she wore a short skirt. They talked about their kids like it was old home day. He stared at her legs and flirted with her, she giggled. Which caused a cleric in Pakistan to issue a Fatwah against the Pakistani president for coming onto a married non-Muslim woman.

I hope that people will quit looking at this election as another episode of American Idol or Dancing with the Stars or some other reality show where we have a “favorite” that we root for because we like their style or hairdo. The stakes are too high. The only thing we have to lose it just… everything.

Posted by Kelley | Report as abusive

As a newly proclaimed Republican who was raised in a midwest Democratic family – I thought Palin rocked! She seemed to be more in touch with “Joe 6 pack”. I agree strongly with her comments that people in our country need to take responsibility for our overspending and not budgeting within our means. Geez, look at Oprah’s mom! As a nurse in a very busy ED, I was very interested in what was said pretaining to a national healthcare plan. I don’t think a large portion of our population understands how healthcare needs to work, and unfortunately access is always an issue. Lets look at fixing that problem! I think Palin hit it on the head when she commented on not wanting the government to run a healthcare system knowing what they have done to the economy.

Posted by Kelly | Report as abusive

I was impressed with Palin, thought she would choke from all the cramming but she did well.(McCain,a lot of people don’t like Palin,we’re not that shollow) Now, on too the importance of the debate.
Same old lies and tactics. Nothing has changed and nothing will change.They both want to bailout the predatory leanders and blame it on those seeking the American dream
Obama is C.F.R. and that means more wars and more corruption.
It is truly time to vote, if you want to see American successful, not a failed state!
It is time to check who is REALLY on the ticket and check previous votes. McSAME and Obama,who never say’s the pledge of allegiance, are not your only choice!
WE the People out number the Elite who vote for these front puppets, if you were ever to realize that, you just might vote for a true leader.

Posted by Dawn | Report as abusive

Palin did not answer the questions because she couldn’t – that was very apparent. Polly, excuse me, I mean Palin could only parrot what she’s been trained to say the past week. Can she speak extemporaneously and give a somewhat coherent answer to questions dealing with polical issues on a national level (foreign affairs, the economy, etc.)? Well, we saw the answer to that in the Charles Gibson and Katie Couric interviews. Many tuned-in last night to hear a debate, not a continuous loop of rehearsed sound bites that were irrelevant to the questions.

Now, is John McCain telling us this is the most capable/qualified Republican vice presidential candidate he could find in all of America? He always spouts how he puts country first. Is this an example? Mrs. Palin could very well end up as the President of the United States – thanks to John McCain. What a very chilling/scary scenario. He believes she is just what this country needs to deal with an unstable economy, the wall street debacle, no health care, a failing education system, jobs going overseas, and wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Watching Mrs. Palin, speaks volumes to John McCain’s character and integrity. He and his cohorts have crafted a scheme to win the White House with no regard for the prosperity and well-being of this country. He’s a disgrace like his predecesor, who also develed into unscrupulous practices/tactics at the expense of the American people. Looking for the maverick? Sorry, all you will find is a desperate Republican presidental hopeful with the same old playbook looking to suck you dry.

Posted by LM | Report as abusive

My family works hard and probably considered lower middle class. I find in infuriating to be listed as “joe six pack” . Her “folksy” attitude of delivering the debate was a total embarrassment. Why didn’t she just use a Fargo or Norweigen accent while she was at it? This country should pick a candidate for issues and not for appearance because the rate Palin is “get ir done”, the next debate she will be dressed as a “hick”.

Posted by Beck | Report as abusive

Palin was the hands down victor! Vote McCain/Palin when you go to the polls

Posted by Camacho Pinzon | Report as abusive

Has anyone ever seen the movie “Meet John Doe”? Ironically, it was on the day before the debate. Why I mention this movie? It would be great to have a country with leaders that had the same ideas and principles that the John Doe clubs stood for.

Posted by Beck | Report as abusive

Palin the puppet.

What a superficial performance of Palin. She was like a muppet knowing noting about anything. Her spin-docters put some superficial phrases in to her ignorent little brain.

She should stay in Alaska and keep looking for the Russians.

To bad Biden was to polite not to knock her out during the debate, he could have done that several times. Probably Biden felt sorry for the provincial Palin Puppet.

This women is one big joke and McCain should be ashamed for his choosing this cartoon caracter.

Posted by Chris | Report as abusive

Alright. Let’s be fair. Palin wasnt disastrous, neither was Biden perfect. Biden’s statements did contain a number of half-truths, and some of his allegations were somewhat distorted.

That said, it is still a stretch to think that Palin was remotely successful in any way. Her lack of reply to substantive questions were appalling. The number one rule in debate is never to skirt questions, and she did precisely that which was really damaging to her.

Two, she was obviously reading off a script. Given the way she had conducted herself during the debate, she couldnt even have survived through a 5th-grader debate session, much less a vp debate. Its incredulous how she adamantly adheres to her pre-written script, and when faced with questions that were obviously not within the script, she avoids it or subtly circumvents it and jerks back to questions she WANTS TO BE ASKED, and say things that SHE HAS ALREADY PLANNED TO SAY. Its almost like a monologue, you know, asking hypothetical questions and answering them yourself. Its funny and scary all at once.

Thirdly, there was indeed some very strong statements from Biden, namely the one on his paternal struggles, one on his attack on McCain’s voting records ['Maverick he is not'] and one on deregulation yet she seems to me as helpless and defenseless as one can possibly be. Lack of rebuttal, to me, is a tacit acknowledgement of the failure of McCain in these aspects.

Her lack of experience doesnt scare me. It’s her utter lack of knowledge and expertise that does. Anyone well educated enough will be able to cut through all that ‘smoke’ and see her as who she really is.

Like what someone has aptly said, anyone who thought Palin had won the debate would have thought the same for any other Palin debate. Picking Palin as running mate is a travesty to one of the greatest countries in the world. Her performance made me cringe [ no less than her previous interviews] and confirmed my worst fears. If this sort of standard is seen as qualified for one of the highest political office in the country, or possibly the World, then I wish America the very best.

America, many of us in other parts of the world value reason and logic over empty ‘smoke’. One puzzling thing to me is the inability of some Americans to see the blindingly obvious. We are not saying that Biden/Obama camp is without flaws. Everything is in relative terms, and relatively speaking, the winner is clear. Crystal clear. Make one wrong move, and the country is in for another 4 or possibly 8 years of deterioration. Pick your candidates wisely.

Don from Singapore.

Posted by don | Report as abusive

How can a U.S. Senator running for the VP of the United States make 4 major mistakes such as McCain voted against funding of the troops and not get slapped on the hand for it. I’m tired of both the Republican and Democratic parties never coming to common ground.This country needs to heel its wounds one person at a time. How can they look each other in the eye and lie so withouta guilty conscious. But I’ll say this,greed isn’t the only thing people in this country need to work on,try courtesy, politness, and a simple case of manners.

Posted by Sal Ticli | Report as abusive

Reading some of these responses makes me laugh. I love how the Obama/Biden supporters love to point out how Palin didn’t answer the questions. Re-watching the debate this morning I could only see a few instances where she didn’t answer the question, or got off track in the process of answering. But wow- There were a few instances when Joe did that too! The mediator even commented on it. If an opinion is to have any merit behind it at all, both sides need to be looked at equally and fairly. Sadly, an American can vote without being educated.

Besides the fact that Biden outright lied to us… on at least 10 of his “factual” declarations of which way our Presidential candidates have voted on bills in the past, his wishy-washy nature is enough to push me further towards the republican ticket. How can I trust a man who less than a year ago was supportive of completely different values/adjenda’s, but suddenly hopped on board with Obama after being selected as running mate. And, I noticed that Biden had nothing to say in defense of himself when Palin pointed that out. Funny stuff!

Obama has come across as nothing more than a Snake-Oil salesman, and Joe Biden’s performance last night clearly stated that he is 100% on board with everything Obama stands for. At first my vote for McCain was purely because he seemed the lesser of two evils, but over the past few weeks, and especially after Palin’s ability to hold her own against a “seasoned Washington veteran” last night, I am going to feel proud as well as hopeful when I vote McCain/Palin on November 4th.

Posted by Jessica | Report as abusive

Palin spent a week practicing for this debate. Palin was tutored by professionals. Palin’s words sounded pre-programmed and often did not apply to the topic. It seems like she will be a puppet to the Republican Handlers who guide her.

Palin expects to have even more power over the Senate than her predecessors and that will mean her Handlers – or someone else – is ‘controlling’ the Senate. Why does a puppet run for office instead of the actual handler? Wait – she wants to change the Constitution to appease her power hunger …. If she even knows what the Constitution Reads.

Palin may be a smart professional (and by reading “all of the magazines” she likely knows every option) but her answers did not appear her own.

Biden is very experienced. He knows many topics as well as who the experts are in case he needs any input. If relying on others, it seems unlikely he would ‘pretend’ the ideas were his own.

Biden CAN handle the TOP job. Palin CANNOT handle the TOP job. Lets think long term and plan ahead.

Posted by Michael (VT) | Report as abusive

People realize she’s running for VP of the United States right? I get the distinct impression people are judging the next Amazing Race winner and the only competition is a boring politician.

Posted by Amy | Report as abusive

I found it hard to find much of an answer in any response Palin gave. Multiple times she didn’t even attempt to answer the question asked. The whole “hockey mom” routine was quite annoying and anybody who is basing their opinion on her cute, everyday, average woman bit is more than willing to ignore her total lack of substance in her responses. Biden won that DEBATE hands down. Palin won the inconsequential rambling of not answering questions asked portion of the program. The structure of the debate is very important, it’s like that for a reason. Talking around the issue asked, or referring back to a topic multiple times to avoid the current one shows weakness and is an attempt to dodge the actual, current question. Biden 1, Palin 0

Posted by Bob | Report as abusive

I thik Governer Biden won the debates from last night. because he looked confidence. and have more experience than Palin.

Posted by Usman | Report as abusive

Read the transcript – Biden won, hands down. All the colloquialisms and winks in the world cannot compensate for lacking in factual knowledge. She’s more hockey mom than vp. All this talk of ‘connecting’ is garbage. Are you so insecure that you would rather elect someone incapable (whose unexeptional mental capacities make you feel more secure about your own) than someone with exceptional knowledge and abilities? ‘Jee wiz’, that’s ludicrous.

Let’s face it folks – we wouldn’t even BE here if Palin was homely at all. Do you think all of this fuss is because she is a woman? It’s because she is a ATTRACTIVE woman. America looks SO silly with all of this. And how wonderful Joe Biden is – too bad he wasn’t running for President, he’d get my vote in a heartbeat!

Posted by Karen | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin has convinced me to register and vote for the first time at fifty years old.
Jordan above at 8:47am said “This debate will certainly not influence the election…” Wrong, it has influenced me and who knows how many others.
Sean said “Unfortunately, I don’t think most of America realized how dodging she was and how little substance she had.” Wrong also. I think most of us saw just that.
If McCain/Palin win I want to be at least able to say that I did my part in trying to stop this fiasco.

Posted by Ron | Report as abusive

Palin did not seem to “own” her arguments-she was repetitive, often evasive and altogether formulaic. It sounded as if she went through some rote memorization training, especially in the foreign policy arena, and tried her hardest to sound fluid and competent but I do not think she quite succeded. It would be interesting to have a linguist analyze how many times the same chunks of sentences appeared in different contexts and at different times in her speech.

I was underwhelmed by her winks and little grimaces.

Posted by lola | Report as abusive

Biden has been in the Congress for 3 decades but stated during the debate that Article I speaks to the Office of the VP but Article 1 speaks to the Executive Branch and Article II speaks to the legislative branch. He will be given another pass about ( does the press really care?)!

Posted by lawrence tayon | Report as abusive

How can you be soo blind or stupid. This is not a fashion show this is a president election. I do not understand how anyone can support Palin, after last night debate. Even if you like her you still should admit that she sucked. You all know that Obama/Biden are the most qualified candidates. I have not heard any plans to make thing better for our country from McCain or Palin. And I am sure that we all want change. I just hope race is not an issue.

Posted by Ivan | Report as abusive


Posted by SCOTT PEREZ | Report as abusive


Posted by SCOTT PEREZ | Report as abusive

It is like Palin is running for President against Biden.Biden is a Pro he has spent his life as a Polotician asnwering questions in a Politically Correct Way that make him sound smart without saying anything at all. Obama has never done anything, run anything, been in charge of anything. He has gotten one billion dollars in pork for his state in less than two years as a senator. So he is good at wasting tax payer money. Come on McCain is the man, he has been honest and against government spenders like Obama his whole career. Palin is very smart. Very versed in what she does know. But she is the first to admit she does not know everything. Obama on the other hand acts like he knows it all. But yet has less experience running anything, than Palin. Don’t forget. Palin actually received more votes to become the Mayor of Wasilla than Joe Biden did to become senator. Please just be honest with yourselves. Obama and Biden neither one know what the ordinary american is looking for or needs. Adding Sarah Palin to the Ticket does put the Republicans with someone who isn’t Washington Politics as usual. You can not beleive a word that comes out of Obama or Biden. Check there statements yourself, don’t listen to the media, or unions,or the internet or other people, check the facts from the records not hear say or inuendo.

Posted by Brad | Report as abusive

It’s all fine and dandy that Joe Biden gave some direct answers to Gwen’s questions but it helps if the answer are factual. People have to take into account that this was Palin’s very first time on a large national stage & Biden has been debating for over 30 years, I believe that truly gives Palin a Net+ considering the vast comparable!! Look at the voting records & forget the words they want you to believe, that’s how you get the real deal.

Posted by Tracy-College Educated | Report as abusive

To see people say you are unintellectual just because they disagree with your world view is so ludicrous it’s laughable if it wasn’t so scary. I turned in my liberal card when I had a liberal Harvard trained professor tell me he had quit reading history because it interferes with his world view. It’s also the same time I decided that to maintain intellectual honesty it would be better to change my career path from the one in academia that I had been planning up until that time.
Of course it is an old and fallacious argument if you can not argue on facts impugn the intelligence of the people that are opposing you.
As far as Joe Biden being ahead on points. Last night particularly when he was talking about the middle east he made SEVEN count them SEVEN factual mistakes, one of which was about a bill he claimed to have authored that never even happened.
You know having 36 years of experience, being wrong, isn’t that great a selling point.

Posted by Eric K. | Report as abusive

Ivan just what are obama’s great qualifications to be president?
His community organization activities for ACORN a radical leftist agenda based group that used the threat of accusing some institutions of racism to force them to make sub-prime loans?
Oh yes he served on a board with Ayers, someones that blew up police stations.
Ohh maybe it’s his less than a full term in the senate, which of course he spent most of running for President.
Wow you are sooooo right how could I ever have doubted his qualifications. . . Messiah save us!!!!

Posted by Eric K. | Report as abusive

If I hear one more person rave about biden’s “factual knowledge” in the debate, when he can’t even get the article of the constitution that he is trying to lecture someone about right, I will send them a pressure gauge to check the air in their head.
He claimed we united with France to push hezbollah out of Lebanon. Never happened. He claimed we would have thousands of body bags in days in the first gulf war. . . oops never happened.
I could go on there were seven in just sixty seconds, but of course you won’t care. biden is the messiah’s chosen one he must be annoited.

Posted by Eric K. | Report as abusive

How many times did Biden lie? Palin is honest even if she does not have the polish of years of collecting tax payer money as a “servant”. She is what we need. If you hate her because she can’t look smooth in a debate or a leftist interview, what can you possibly think of Barry?

Posted by JonT | Report as abusive

This is For “”Eric K. Or for anyone that does not know why Obama is qualified.

Really nobody deserves the presidency. The Presidency of the United States is not a privilege. It is a duty, a responsibility to over 300 million people and a historical legacy.

Let’s also get over this idea of experience or qualification. The only people who have the “experience” to be president are the people who have already been president—and sometimes, not even them. I think we can all safely say that after 8 years in office, George W. Bush is still no more qualified to be president than the guy who cleans the White House bathrooms. In fact, he’s probably less qualified than the guy who cleans the White House bathrooms.

Truth be told, Obama is young and many say, inexperienced in Executive Office. But he is someone who hasn’t yet sold their soul just to keep their congressional seat. He understands that the President answers to the people.

Yet you still argue, what experience or qualification does Obama have? Well, let’s start at the beginning. He’s experienced what millions of other Americans have experienced: growing up with a single, working mother, the child of an interracial relationship, never really knowing his father. Put himself through college, graduating from Columbia University, then working as a community organizer for three years with a church-based organization originally comprised of eight Catholic parishes in the south side of Chicago, where he helped set up a job training program, a college prep tutoring program and a tenants rights organization. He went on to Harvard Law school, where he was selected as an editor, and then later the president of, the Harvard Law Review. He taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School for 12 years and also joined a law firm that specialized in civil rights litigation and neighborhood economic development.

In 1996, he was elected to the Illinois Senate where he served until 2004, following his election to the US Senate. He has served as a United States Senator for the past three years. One of his sponsored legislative acts included the Coburn-Obama Transparency Act, which established, a web search engine on government spending. He also sponsored the “Democratic Republic of the Congo Relief, Security and Democracy Promotion Act,” signed into law by President Bush in December, 2006. He sponsored the Honest Leadership and Open Government Act, signed into law in September 2007. He also sponsored an amendment to the Defense Authorization Act adding safeguards for personality disorder military discharges.

He has sat on the Senate Committees for Foreign Relations, Environment and Public Works and Veterans’ Affairs, as well as Health, Labor and Pensions, Education and Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. He is the chairman of the subcommittee on European Affairs.

That’s quite a bit of experience, I’d say. In fact, isn’t that the epitome of the American Dream? A man who works his way up from the bottom, his hard work gives way to success, his success allows him to give back to the community?

But what about his political positions?

Well, he was an opponent of the Iraq War, and spoke out against it on numerous occasions. He would like to eliminate all nuclear weapons, eventually. He believes in direct presidential diplomacy with foreign enemies but is not against using force when necessary. He has called for action against the genocide in Darfur, has divested his holdings of Sudan-related stock and urges divestment from companies doing business in Iran. He opposes privatized Social Security. He supports universal healthcare. He proposes to reward teachers on a merit-based pay system. He would eliminate taxes for seniors with incomes of less than $50k a year, close corporate tax loopholes, and proposed a cap and trade auction system to restrict carbon emissions. He prefers transparency in government. He wants to actively promote advancements in science and technology. He is pro-choice.

Of course, you didn’t need me to write all this. You could have looked it up on Wikipedia or gone to and found it out.


Posted by Ivan | Report as abusive

Im not a strong supporter of either party but for Repubs to think Palin won this debate just lets me know where the conservs stand on this country. She had nothing to say but generalities and cutesy lil catch phrases. “say it aint so Joe”? Youve got to be kidding me. Is this some sort of practical joke John Mccain is pulling on the public or are Americans this dumb?

Posted by Johnny | Report as abusive