Veep debate ends, how did Palin and Biden do?

October 3, 2008

rtx95uf.jpgThe first and only vice-presidential debate is over between Democrat Joe Biden and Republican Sarah Palin. Did it live up to expectations?

Will this debate have an impact on undecided voters trying to choose between the two tickets led by Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama?

Tell us what you thought was the pivotal point of the debate, did Palin convince those skeptical about her depth and did Biden avoid gaffes?

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I think Biden won over all but Palin did well.

Posted by Dbow_Charlotte_NC | Report as abusive

LOL at Palin!

Posted by LOLpalinLOL | Report as abusive

Palin needed to answer the questions. It’s the ONLY thing you have to do… she failed many times. I’d almost settle for her just saying something that deals with the actual topic of the question, she failed at that many times. ANSWER THE QUESTIONS!

Posted by Mike | Report as abusive

She did not collapse; the expectations for her performance were so low, My Pet Goat would have rated as her equal. But she spoke in generalities, banalities and catch-phrases, endlessly repeating the same nonsense about her energy-producing state and her reign as mayor of Wasilla. He kept his tongue in check, which served him well. He showed command and experience, and was much smoother at pumping up his “principal” than she. She very much still seems out of her league. And for her not to recognize Cheney as evil incarnate, but to assume his dark cloak of vice presidential power as being in the Constitution, is truly scary.

Posted by Malcolm McKinsey | Report as abusive

She didn’t answer the questions she wasn’t coached on. She chose her own talking points

Posted by Brenda Arnold | Report as abusive

Palin did great! Biden looked and sounded like a hack with fake teeth in a fake smile.

Posted by Lyn | Report as abusive

Palin rocked! Although she didn’t necessarily knock the ball out of the park, she out did Joe in the fact that he sounded like business as usual and she did not. He also at one point seamed to get a little heated. I that if you had to proclaim a winner, she won hands down.

Posted by Jonathan | Report as abusive

Biden had the definite edge, but Palin did better than expected….not a huge feat. Does she usually wink, or blink, like she did tonight?

Posted by Kate | Report as abusive

Palin came across as a two-dimensional characature who was parroting learned lines. Her winks, grins and mocking couldn’t hide her lack of substance.

Posted by Gordon | Report as abusive

I especially liked when Sen. Biden could be heard sighing in exasperation at some of Gov. Palin’s more folksy opinions. Overall, regardless of your politics, or whether you pronounce it nuclear or nuke-ular, I think it’s fair to say that both running mates spoke effectively, only I think they spoke to two very distinct segments of American society.

Posted by Sabin | Report as abusive

Look at the replay and count how many times Joe Biden had the last word. That statistic speaks volumes about who won.

Posted by John Zbesko | Report as abusive

Just answer the question Sarah.

Posted by Scott Wheeler | Report as abusive

Biden is The Man. He and Obama will bring us back from this hell. He did a great job!!!

Posted by Stephanie Cook | Report as abusive

It’s “New-Klee-Urr” not “New-Kyuh-Lurr”…

Posted by Matt | Report as abusive

Palin did very poorly, she did not answer most of the questions. She is way out of her league, and we should not forget that McCain picked her…. says a lot about his judgement

Posted by Ron | Report as abusive

I am very Republican, but I have to declare a Repub loss. Palin just couldn’t handle Mr. Politician. I posted a blog declaring Biden the winner, but stating why the Repubs will still win! 8/10/02/biden-vs-palin-who-is-the-victor  /

Posted by Nate Stockard | Report as abusive

Classis case of form over substance – Pallin has no substance – just cutsey – I married cutsey – I don’t want cutsey to run my country !!!!

Posted by Bob Lincoln County NC | Report as abusive

Joe Biden won the debate. Palin didnt answer the questions asked to her.She would always go back to energy. She was very vague on her answers. If she didnt know the answer she would move to one of the few things she did know about. Alot of dodging. Her standard is so low that people think she did well tonight. I must have watched a different debate. Good thing its over if I hear Maverick or Energy Im gonna jump.

Posted by Jason | Report as abusive

Biden failed because he was too conservative in attacking Palin. He could have put pressure on Palin and challenge her more. Instead he backed off and let her breath and in doing so she shined.

Posted by Truth | Report as abusive

A lot of you are speaking like typical Democrates. “She didn’t answer the questions”, that’s a talking point the Dems have been talking about all week. “She didn’t recognize VP Chaney was ‘evil incarnate’. Since when has he ever been. It’s interesting to see that Republicans on the comments are respectful. On the other hand you Dems are ‘mean spirited’. You can’t talk reality and give credit where credit is due. Just like your politicians. Palin did awesome! She appeals to the average american. She also energizes the conservative base which when mobilized, cannot be stopped by the libs.

Posted by Jonathan | Report as abusive

She did a wonderful job or articulating in a down to earth common sense manner in which most in Washington are unfamiliar with, she whacked ole Joe’s tired old rhetoric and scare tactics out of the park.

Posted by Robby Parks | Report as abusive

Palin WAS able to put a sentence together. But, I wish she would have answered the questions that was asked of her with that sentence. I don’t know any hockey moms and I am not Joe six pack. Palin missed the mark again.

Posted by tim | Report as abusive

Do we have to listen to 4-8 more years of the word “nucular?” Ugh.

Posted by English speaker | Report as abusive

also, I find it a bit disturbing that leaders in Middle Eastern countries can be so easily referred to by Palin as “those people over there”…

Posted by Matt | Report as abusive

Nuts… Posturing and speech reading. Palin truly has nothing to say.

Posted by Spence | Report as abusive

Palin refused to answer any questions and consistantly repeated the same responses over and over again. I think it is so unfair and disheartening how low the bar was set for Palin. She is definitely not Vice Presidential and is a total disgrace to the American public.

Posted by Cheryl | Report as abusive

It’s been confirmed, Palin is as big an airhead as she appears. But she does memorize well!!

Posted by Obamaman | Report as abusive

I was really interested to see if Sarah Palin could turn me around. She is certainly likeable but seemed to dodge the questions to repeat things she had remembered. Joe Biden was pretty much what I thought. He is a regular Joe who wears his thoughts, good or bad, on his sleeve. After two debates, I am leaning towards Obama and regular Joe.

Posted by Eric | Report as abusive

OMG get rid of Palin. She can’t answer any questions and spoke of BS.

Posted by jack | Report as abusive

it is interesting to see the republican patter… I used to be a conservative independent – so tired of the true mean spirited republicans calling all dems or liberals “mean spirited” – why do we never see it the other way? Oh wait.. class… which is why Palin will NEVER get my vote – and with her choice of being a heartbeat away – neither will McSame…

Posted by Bob Lincoln County NC | Report as abusive

Mr. Biden sounded intelligent but regular. It was visible that he was Washington’s experienced and sly politician. Palin did great job for a woman in one on one debate with “aggressive” old male. I recommend Ms. Palin to enroll at George Washington University and take some classes in U.S Government, International Relations while she is in Washington DC.

Posted by Christian-Democrat | Report as abusive

If you have two kids – one smart the other a dullard – when the smart one passes a test with a 100% score, you aleady know what that child can do, and would not feel excited, but happy. However, if the other kid, the dullard, gets 50% in the same test, you would be happy. That’s what happened tonight. However, if you were to choose who you would put your money on, of course, it won’t be on the dullard.

Posted by Chris Odediran | Report as abusive

Palin got owned. She just kept repeating the same stuff, and kept smirking at Biden. She really showed her lack of knowledge too.

Posted by scott | Report as abusive

Palin did better than expected but because expectations were so low you can’t call her a winner. She didn’t answer the questions, nor did she ever provide a plan different from that of the Bush administration. Biden was eloquent, reserved, and most importantly educated and experienced in every matter and DIRECTLY ANSWERED every question. Therefore, we are giving too much credit to Palin for exceeding ridiulously low expectations that she earned herself. BIDEN IS THE WINNER HANDS DOWN.

Posted by Shep Stevens | Report as abusive

Joe Biden was by far more on point. The Democratic ticket has a clear agenda to restore America back. These have been extremely difficult times.. Obama/Biden seem to have the vision to put an agenda more favorable for the middle class… As for Palin, she didn’t answer the questions..but she does have spunk… The policies are what I am focused on… Iraq is a endless money pit…period…

Posted by Delores Costa | Report as abusive

It is unbelievable how Palin was unable to answer the questions asked. Biden was so gracious. Yet it was apparent he couldn’t believe it that she couldn’t answer the questions. I also was so put off by her winking, flirting and grinning, as if that would fulfill wherever her knowledge was lacking.She parroted information that was fed to her, as if she had crammed for a test in a subject she knew little about.

Biden totally outclassed her on every level and definately won the debate.

Posted by Ellyn | Report as abusive

I thought that overall it was an even debate, with no clear winner. What puzzles me, and I am no political expert, is that when Palin & Biden clearly contradict each other on issues that can clearly be proven with enough research, people such as myself would be stuck in a “library” or something to see who is really telling the truth! They can’t both be telling the truth. Our government is so sad, that I can only imagine that our founding fathers are rolling in their graves. I am SO ashamed of our entire goverment that I wish I could afford to move to Switzerland or France or something, but it isn’t in the cards. The U.S. is now a global laughing stock and an utter disgrace . . .

Posted by Angela | Report as abusive

I did not think beforehand that this debate would help me make up my mind. While both Palin and Biden did well in the debate, because it was expected of Biden to do so and not of Palin, the fact that she did so well impressed me and I have decided I will now vote McCain / Palin.


Posted by Paul Early | Report as abusive

Every answer – John is a maverick…..the women is so far out of her league it is crazy. Surely the American people don’t really believe this women is anywhere near ready for VP or President. I think Obama will win this election by a mile when it comes down to the big day…..

Posted by Martin | Report as abusive

Is it just me or was it the worst VP candidate performance coming from Palin? it is not fair to have the excuse that expectations for her were set so low. I didnt think she answered even a single question with an appropriate answer. She just blabbered along, with catch phrases (maverick, natural gas regulator, taxes etc) and there was zero substance in any of the responses. I am sure if Biden had prodded her with ‘can you give an example’ for most of her highly generic answers, the real substance would have surfaced. Biden didnt have to be that nice in my opinion.

Posted by raja | Report as abusive

Palin was clearly outclassed. She apparently does not know what the “Achilles Heel” means. I don’t see how anyone can defent her performance after she blatently said “I’m not going to answer that question…” and continued with her canned lines.

Posted by S.Floyd | Report as abusive

He is where we are and she is where we are going.

Posted by jayjo | Report as abusive

I think Palin kicked butt.
Biden , to me, sounded like business as usual.
Sarah , sounded like, she has been there.

Posted by Al Coombs | Report as abusive

Palin was clearly outclassed. She apparently does not know what the term “Achilles Heel” means. I don’t see how anyone can defent her performance after she blatently said “I’m not going to answer that question…” and continued with her canned lines.

Posted by S.Floyd | Report as abusive

Obamah apeals to the average american,not Palin. If you say Palin apeals to the average wealthy person you would be correct. Obahama/ Biden appeals to the average middle class. All Mccain/Palin apeal to is the wealthy who want to line there pockets. Palin is so fake. ROBOPALIN

Posted by Jason | Report as abusive

Palin didn’t win but she didn’t have to win, the success here is that her comments are going to be able to correctly energize the Christian conservative base. Her strong stance on abortion and gay marriage are going to excite the party base and increase the McCain poll numbers from their otherwise dismal level. I believe if the economy continues to recover and the bailout is passed, the debate will shift to family values and moral issues where McCain and especially Palin will dominate. The folksy cuteness of Palin and her down home attitude will fuel this further.

Also in the debate, Biden showed his fangs constantly, coming across as a Washington Insider and New England elitist. What most people perceived as “crushing blows” for Biden, I believe, are only going to hurt him and the ticket in the long run by helping to portray both him and Obama as overeducated elitists.

Posted by Corey | Report as abusive

I can’t believe the “analysts” initial reactions…did they not watch the same debate as I did. What a farce? It was a demolishment. She actually said she wanted to increase the powers given to a vice-president regarding overseeing the senate. She didn’t match Biden on a single issue in my mind. If the American people have any sense this election is over.

Posted by Alex McHardy | Report as abusive

While Palin probably did better than expected, her delivery and style got rather tiresome. This was a formal debate that she tried to bring down to a Wasilla PTA meeting by getting ‘cutsey, and folksy’ over and over. That made her look like an aging cheerleader, not the best candidate for VPOTUS.

Biden looked steady, knowledgable, confident, experienced. He managed to keep calling her “Governor…” and was polite and deferential to her Highness from Alaska. But in the end Joe won, he kicked her butt. While the debate was entertaining, the electoral map probably won’t shift much from it — and the electoral map is going ‘bluer’ toward the Dems every day. Nice try Sarah…but better plan for a 1-way ticket back to Alaska Nov. 5th.

Posted by Sharon in Denver | Report as abusive

Palin answered very few of the questions, where Biden played by the rules. The most telling contrast was to the question about their Achilles heels — Biden said he changed his opinion on Supreme Court justices, Palin said she has never changed a position. How very frightening.

Posted by Susan | Report as abusive

I got very tired listening to her ramblings, avoiding the questions, bragging aboout her place in Alaska. I vote for Biden…very professional.

Posted by ben parran | Report as abusive

Attacking Mcain doesnt tell me what u think Joe no substance just attacks well done Sarah!!!!

Posted by Ben D | Report as abusive

Can we just let Governor Palin run her fingernails down a blackboard instead of the winking, the cutsey crap, and the “say it ain’t so…”

I thought Biden was interesting I thought Palin was shallow.

I think too many people are looking at image and not thinking about the actual issues…

Posted by Frank | Report as abusive

Palin’s admittance that she was ignoring questions was simply insulting. I thought Biden did a fantastic job, but wish he would have been willing to go on the offensive. I think Palin’s positions were so weak she could not have survived pointed attacks.

Posted by Eric | Report as abusive

If you were to judge the debate on folksy colloquialism, Palin won. If you were to judge the debate on substance, Biden won. Which will America find more important?

Posted by Dave LaMontagne | Report as abusive

I was highly impressed with the overall debate. For the first time in this presidential race I saw politicians answering questions (mostly) very direct and somewhat clearly. I was impressed with both VP candidate’s eloquence. I did not think Sarah Palin had it in her to speak so pointedly and I wasn’t sure my attention span would tolerate Biden. Both proved me wrong. It was refreshing to see them respecting one another and not resorting to shallow finger pointing. I hope the Presidential candidates can follow their “2nd’s” example.

Now if only they would open the debates to 3rd parties…

Posted by Naider’s Rader #300000 | Report as abusive

To even consider Sarah Palin in the same league as Joe Biden would be a travesty to the Vice Presidential Debate process. She answered questions she wanted to (regardless of what was asked) and even reverted to cookbook answers on several issues. She even made her own rhetorical questions and answered them for herself, because people stopped listening to Joe Biden answered the questions for her and the Obama team.

Posted by AC | Report as abusive

Palin was predictibly poor. Just catch phrases and coach speak. She didn’t answer most of the questions. Struggled to find the right words. Went for cute. No substance. McCain would have this election in the bag with a real VP.

Biden was clear, concise, to the point. He attacked McCain, not Palin. He linked McCain to Bush over and over.

She didn’t fall flat on her face as many expected, but she had absolutely no substance at all.

Posted by Rob | Report as abusive

Biden made some salient points, and Palin yammered on in generalities and sound bites. How many times did she not answer the question so that she could spew some rehearsed bit? Could she have said “maverick” more? Ugh. It was so transparently bad. No, she didn’t flop, but she is such a lightweight — like electing a crash test dummy.

Posted by Ingrid | Report as abusive

Biden won hands down!
Palin was praying to get abducted by aliens!

Posted by m | Report as abusive

I heard a whole lot of rhetoric and basically nothing of substance from Palin. Biden was really boring, but at least he knew what he was talking about and didn’t just spew out cliche talking points like a trained monkey.

Posted by solu | Report as abusive

Given that pro pol Joe Biden has been around for a long time… Palin more than held her own.
If she had the same amount of experience that he did.. she would have killed him.

Posted by george meyers | Report as abusive

Biden CLEARLY sent Palin to school. He explained and showed himself to be presidential material that can be relied on to get the intended VP job done. His arguments made much better sense than Palin’s and they way he explained himself was understandable.

Palin attempted to show herself as a plain American. She talked like a foolish and naive country mom. This is great and does connect with some people, but what does this have to do with showing she can be VP? In addition, she DID NOT ANSWER QUESTIONS! Instead, she went on ranting about previous arguments in a confusing and disorganized way.

Note, I am independent and will not vote for either president. As far as who is the best VP? Biden hands down.

Posted by nick | Report as abusive

Joe’s smirk and name dropping made me sick. Palin should have hammered on the Dems for making Fannie and Freddie give loans to people that can’t afford them artificially proping up home prices and causing this mess.

Posted by Rick | Report as abusive

Palin talked with so much rhetorics in addition to the talking points and it thrilled me watching her but she is coming from a failed and old arguments. Biden won much of the issues as he is factual and perceived to be sincere for change (with Obama) unlike Palin who did not convinced me that she and McCain can instill change in Washington. Change is about adding a catalyst to transform a stagnant problem into a progressive and working model of government. I see McCain/Palin as not such catalysts but will only add fire into the problem by coming in as more of the same. They can shed off their skin but it no time will come back into their old form and the cycle goes on.

Posted by Jedi | Report as abusive

I was very impressed with the debate overall. I feel I FINALLY witness respectable politicians in action. There was no finger pointing, just honest debating. They respected one another and agreed to disagree. I was pleasantly surprised that Palin was able to answer questions without talking herself out to nowhere. Also, Biden wasn’t boring! I was interested the whole debate and proud. Great debate, I hope the Presidential candidates can follow their second mate’s example! I.e. stop the finger pointing…

Posted by Chelsea | Report as abusive

So is McCain an example of these respectful Republicans?

Posted by Matt | Report as abusive

The comments on here degrading Palin’s performance in the debate illustrate that, no matter what, liberals will do everything to cling to their strategy to paint her as an incompetent idiot. Yes, Palin made faux pas in the Couric interview, but tonight’s debate proves that she is an intelligent and capable woman who can lead. To state anything other than that is a transparent attempt at further smearing her. Sorry, it won’t work!

Posted by Dave Williams | Report as abusive

Palin managed to form complete sentences, but I still got the feeling that she had very little idea what she was talking about. In spite of Bush’s example, and team McSame’s coaching, repeating convenient falsehoods does not make them true.

Posted by Melody | Report as abusive

Overall a rather mundane debate, with each candidate using much of their time to reiterate positions already presented.

The indicator of who won is whether you would actually feel safe with either of them as President, should the need arise.

The answer then is: Biden.

Palin is SOOOOO out of her league. Dontcha know, also.

(how many times did she repeat that word?–inarticulate….)

Posted by Rick | Report as abusive

Palin is definately won….hands down.

Posted by Bill Keith | Report as abusive

I am an Alaskan and a registerd NonPartisan or Independent my whole life. Well, here’s my take on our gal from Alaska … I don’t agree with our governor on everything … but here’s the good news – she’s just as brainy as any ivy league type, honest, has incredible work ethic, and has been a true leader her whole life. She’s been fantastic for education. Did major work to help K-12 and university education, but also worked hard for workforce development in a real comprehensive way – we are increasing adult ed classes, apprenticeship programs and vocational training – lots of K-12 and adults are improving their lives due to these improved opportunities. She understands people and families. She has always been in the schools with us, helping and working with the kids and teachers, both before and after becoming governor. She’s a very good person and does have amazing abilities.

That’s about all I need to say because as I observed her abilities and work accomplishments, it had occurred to me that she would ultimately be headed to DC, but I never imagined so quickly, and had imagined as a senator not VP. And guess what – I did not vote for her orginally. This has been a shock to us Alaskans because we need her here in Alaska, but it’s not surprising if people knew of the big problems she has made major progress on, in short order. She’s an incredible problem-solver which is what I think leaders need to be. I’ve been a registered Independent or Nonpartisan my whole life, and will do what I always do – watch the debates, listen to the candidates themselves (not anyone’s opinion or analysis of them), then make up my mind and vote. Sarah Palin did a lot of good tonight and American people got a glimpse of her character and who she is and what she will in fact can and will do if elected.

Posted by uaastudent | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin articulate? Come now, she can’t even answer a question.

Posted by Marc | Report as abusive

This was one of the best debates I ever watched. Both candidates clearly stated their views. The debate was pointed and fast paced.

I say Joe Biden won. He answred the questions – and was sincere and deep in his answers. But Sarah Palin did well – and stated her case clearly.

Posted by Ari | Report as abusive

Palin was charming but lacked depth of on any topic. She kept avoiding answering any issue she was not familiar with. Played the middle class, soccer mom card but that’s what I would expect from a next door neighbor, not a vice presidential candidate.

Biden showed depth but lacked her energy. Overall, leading to what most americans would believe is a tie!

Posted by Priya Raghu | Report as abusive

I am a white middle-class wife and mother and I was not impressed with Palin. I thought her answers were vague and she avoided questions. I did not hear anything that was specific about McCain’s plans for economics and international issues. I was really tired of her folksy gee-whiz style and, in fact, offended by it.

Posted by Bobbie | Report as abusive

As people who are “applying” to us to be “hired” as the next Vice President, it is entirely within our right to judge the competence of the applicants.

No need for paint here. Gov. Palin is incompetent as her words, deeds and ignorance of how our system functions indicate.

Posted by Rick | Report as abusive

I think Palin did a very good job in the debate. Biden is old school and has the Washington political experience which is good and bad. She is a fresh face and would be energizing to the Republican party. I am an independent and am so sick of Washington politics that will write in “Sponge Bob’s” name for any state and local officials on my ballot. I am leaning towards the Republican ticket for the Presidential ticket because of Palin.

Posted by hairy brown | Report as abusive

She’s a Stepford Wife! Previously, I thought she was the Church Lady and would be wagging her finger at me like every Pain-in-the??? teacher I ever had. But no. No one memorizes that perfectly. She’s been to Stepford!

Posted by Marge Walsh | Report as abusive

Palin did fantastic. It was her first time to debate and considering this she did good on her first time but there is still room for improvement. She could actually be better than Obama.

Posted by Theo | Report as abusive

Palin is more scarier than ever! I can’t believe that woman could be Vice-President (or, heaven forbid, President). She can’t talk about anything more than the same 3 things she practiced for the past 2 days and her lacunes are beyond what any other candidate has ever demonstrated.
Not only would a McCain-Palin administration be four more years of the Bush policies, but she pronounces (wrongly) “nuclear” the same way Bush does!! Au secours!

Posted by Marcia | Report as abusive

Palin did well to hold her own, although Biden won overall.
Whilst John McCain is ready to lead from Day 1, Sarah Palin certainly isn’t. And that’s what we need from our Vice President – someone who can take charge in case the President is unexpectedly incapacitated.

Whilst Republican Americans think McCain / Palin is a winner, the rest of world is backing Obama / Biden to win the November 4 election, because right now, the USA sorely needs change.

A Republican win equals more of the same right-wing ideology and more of the same poor foreign policy decisions (the large conservative Republican blok will overide McCain’s more moderate ideology).

If average Americans wonder why the USA is so denigrated worldwide, they should try living in foreign countries to gain some much needed perspective (I’m currently living in NZ, but have spent time in UK and Europe).

The USA can lead the world in so many areas. It is a shame poor leadership, partisan politics and overly powerful lobby groups have so much influence.

Posted by richard the bad | Report as abusive

Dave Williams: “You think Palin did bad because you are a liberal.”

What kind of argument is that???

You are out of touch with reality and should stop listening to your favorite right wing talk shows.

Posted by nick | Report as abusive

Palin never answered any questions. She just repeated talking points and tried to seem folksy. She’s Bush in a skirt and America can’t survive for more years of that.

Posted by Fran Sampson | Report as abusive

Biden won overwhelmingly!! How can I value the opinion of a blogger who spells Democrat as “Democrates” and spells Cheney as “Chaney” (see below)? Mean spirited?! No, just intelligent enough to know when someone (Palin) isn’t qualified to be next-in-line for the Presidency of the United States of America. Palin was a joke again. And, by the way, it IS “New-Klee-Urr” not “New-Kyuh-Lurr” (thank-you, Matt). I won’t survive 12 straight years of bad grammar. Vote for Obama/Biden, please!!

Posted by brian | Report as abusive

Palin avoided questions like it was her job. She mixed up facts and exaggerated numbers. It takes a lot of nerve on McCain’s part to pander for womens votes at the expense of our country. I am truly shocked at how far this has gone. Biden was honest and confident, just what we need in a vice president.

Posted by caitlin | Report as abusive

Biden won hands down. Not only did Palin fail to debate the actual questions, but she did not serve her running mate well. She repeatedly commented on Biden’s long running service in the senate and his older age. But McCain is much older than Biden and has been serving in the senate for over twenty years. Is Palin more concerned with her own political career than supporting McCain? Biden did a great job of clearly and concisely answering the questions, accurately discussing McCain and Obama’s respective records, and combating Palin’s attacks without appearing condescending. Palin was vague, cheeky, and did not appear capable of the vice presidency.

Posted by e.t. | Report as abusive

I was undecided before tonight. Palin demonstrated she doesn’t have the knowledge it takes to be vice president. She couldn’t answer many of the questions so just veered off on to something she knew a little about, sometimes completely out of context. If something happened to McCain it would be a disaster. I felt bad for her, but this is serious business this election. I’m voting for Obama / Biden.

Posted by Jeff | Report as abusive

Also…Joe Sixpack? You’ve got to be kidding me.

Posted by e.t. | Report as abusive

Palin did exactly as B. Hussein Obama did and memorized her speech. The only difference between her and Obama is Palin has Executive experience and Obama none. Obama’s “ah” and “Duh” and stuttering kills me. He still won’t come clean on his part to the mortagage collapse as an activist with ACORN. The other Dems the public is aware of.

Posted by Ed Evans | Report as abusive

While Palin did better than expected, it was clear that her handlers had prepped her with with a dozen or so strong statements. Her voice makes me crazy and, at time, overwhelmed my ability to listen to her words. Biden is eloquent, kind, and representative of a big majority of the middle class. I do not want my folksy next door neighbor who doesn’t know the difference between nuclear and nuc-u-lar or that the countries are Ir-an and Ir-aq and not I-ran and I-raq (do we say I-talian? Most educated people don’t). Sarah sounded like she was talking to the local PTA or city council instead of the country. As they said on CNN just now, she may be ready to be Secretary of the Interior….not VEEP…

Posted by Liane | Report as abusive

Palin showed me that she is a good actress who could manage to recite her script with confidence. She did not answer most of the questions with the same depth as Senator Biden because she has no depth. It was funny to see her glee when she found general answers to the posed question in her notes; it was scary to see her jaw clench into a “smile” which did not reach her eyes when she had nothing. I wish someone had asked her why the grumpy old “maverick” voted for the bailout last night; ran negative ads today against Obama for voting the same way; and then said Bush should veto the bailout. That’s not just partisan politics, that’s cynical manipulation combined with apparent senility. Her fake homey touches (“gosh darnit” and “say it ain’t so, Joe”) were hard to stomach. I hope nobody bought it. She scares me because she is a hollow pretty marionette controlled by the men who have brought our country to its knees.

Posted by Kathy | Report as abusive

The main issue before the economy was the war now were winning so now the economy is the key point why arent all the liberals looking at the facts of who was running fannie and freddy and why were in this mess oh lets blame George for something else typical…

Posted by Ben D | Report as abusive

Once again neither side actually answered any question in any meaningful way. Why? Because it is obvious that both parties need each other to act as their “foil” and use as their example for how America will become the worst place on earth if the other wins an election.

It is a sad, sick, unhealthy relationship and all the citizens of the U.S. are worse off for it.

There really isn’t any choice here, as much as each party desperately wants you to think there is. Each is beholden to its group of special interests, each is out to steal money from one group to give to another group.

The true winners are the two parties and their ability to perpetuate this nonsense. The losers are the future generations for whom these politicians have stolen any chance of prosperity.

So keep cheering for your “R” team or “D” team like the bunch of sheep you are. Keep looking after your selfish interests, paid for on the backs of your grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Pat yourselves on the back for the great job you’ve done ruining their lives.

Posted by GenX | Report as abusive

Biden did very well on specifics while Palin flailed with vague soundbites and a weird refusal to answer the questions. America the real winner for having a clearer idea of who could potentially take over the presidency.

Posted by no for sale | Report as abusive

could you imagine palin on an international stage..I am a conservative, but I want someone more extroidinary than palin…here golly gee wiz informal style would make the USA the laughing stock of the world

Posted by john | Report as abusive

Yippeeee, she didnt cry or stammer or say something stupid. Lets vote her in. What more can you ask for right? Why did he pick her? Is this the best candidate that John could find? Im an American first and a Republican second. I couldnt put someone like her anywhere near the Washington. What is the GOP doing?

Posted by Mark | Report as abusive

I can’t believe I’m hearing this from you people – overly educated elitists? As if being more educated is somehow a BAD thing! Sarah Palin won because she didn’t flop? You’d give somebody credit for having set the standards so low for herself?

Ladies and gentlemen, she failed because she could not give a substantive answer on anything. ANYTHING. Not. One. Thing. She is a smiling Reagan blow up doll in pumps. It’s obvious why she’s been out of the spotlight, choosing only to interview that softball journalist Katie Couric – she’s been memorizing her lines. And it shows. She memorized the Republican talking points, hook, line, and sinker. When she wasn’t reciting a word for word talking point she spoke the most humiliating banalities! She’s less like a VP and more like a soccer mom – that’s NOT a good thing, people. Stop treating it like it is.

And stop saying that because Joe Biden was actually educated on the issues that this is somehow a negative, that he and Barack Obama are elitists because they’re smarter than YOU are – and then give John McCain a free pass for owning 10 houses and 13 cars! What kind of 1984, Twilight Zone, topsy-turvy B.S. is that?

Posted by Ed Ferrusquia | Report as abusive

Look people, the bottom line is that Biden speaks like someone who has been dealing with these issues a long time. He and Obama keep talking about change, but Joe does not have the history of promoting change. Palin is an average american women. That’s the kind of person who enters into politics that the Constitution talks about. So, do you want someone who has been in politics a very long time, voting like business as usual or do you want someone who is more like one of us? John McCain has a proven record of voting against the tide. Some of you guys probably voted for Senator Byrd, Kennedy, Dodd and other career polititions yet you say that whe need change. Very confusing. I say, NOBAMA in ’08.

Posted by Jonathan | Report as abusive

Palin spoke about the future. Biden attacked Bush and spoke about the past. She connected with voters. He sounded like an articulate, but pompous old guy fishing around for working-class anectodes…”down at Home Depot where I spend a lot of time…” Sure. She was authentic. She talked about cleaning up Washington, which will resonate with people. He talked about the war in Iraq, which people are tired of and want to win. Overall, as undecideds noted in the Frank Luntz instant poll, she did better than Biden and was more authentic, while Biden came off as a tired rehash. I think she won flat out.

Posted by DBE | Report as abusive

There is a big difference between Biden and Palin. When Biden talks you know that he knows what he is talking about. He’s an experienced political man. When Palin talks she is just saying what she was instructed to say. Why? Well, when she is UNSCRIPTED, she shows she knows nothing about sensitive issues.

Posted by Mario | Report as abusive

From a person from outside America looking for a person who would be 2nd in charge in one of the world superpowers Sarah Palin did not impress.
Very shallow knowledge of world and home affairs and appeared to be totally prescripted.
Yes, we in the rest of the world were looking for a potential leader and what we got was a lady winking, and sounding like a TV commercial actor selling a second hand car with a free bumper bar.

Posted by Aussie Woff | Report as abusive

Palin exceeded expectations, but that’s because the expectations could not be lower: as long as she can put a sentence together. I think the world would be surprised though how many Americans would rather put an airhead into the office as long as she shares their religion and colour, than have someone who is capable. This is exactly how the super power started to see its end. No need to feel sad, disappointed, shocked, every nation has its life circle and it’s officially USA’s turn to decline.

Posted by J Scott | Report as abusive

Enough with the phony pigeon English from Palin! I thought we were about to see reruns of “Beverly Hillbillies.”

Posted by Linda | Report as abusive

Palin did very well. We have to start looking at the future and unlike Joe Badin stop dwelling in the past.

Posted by Hendrik | Report as abusive

I was hoping Gov Palin would do good but I guess I am a little disappointed. She looked bad by not answering questions and sometimes the canned responses did not fit.
I am afraid it made her look worse.

Posted by geena | Report as abusive

biden didn’t even look at the camera for the first 20 minutes.
palin didn’t embarrass herself, as many people expected.
the debate was “won” by palin because she connected with people.
i’m still leaning towards obama.

Posted by Seraphine | Report as abusive

Biden showed what an air-head he is!! He was definitely wrong ten (10) times in what he said, and I will not vote for such a person. Also, Palin hit all the nails on the head, and crossed all the T’s. She was not rattled and stood her ground on every point, very knowledgeable and level-headed, and just the one that I would want to have a heart-beat away from being President. Admit it folks, she and McCain are the ones that we want in the White House!!

Posted by Jerilyn | Report as abusive

I am not sure which debate you guys were watching, But, Palin was awful. I could have done better than her. She is an “Airhead”. We do not need another “Airhead” as president.

Posted by Peaches | Report as abusive

Clearly Obama can out duel Palin and McCain can out duel Biden. McCain wins with Palin. It’s funny how the fake, folksy charm of Obama is not ridiculed…he is of old Chicago politics and the most liberal senator practically of all time…maybe Obama can run for president in 8 years or so when he gets some real experience.

Posted by american | Report as abusive


I could barely see her as Govenor of Alaska let alone negotiating with China or Europe or the Russians. I have to commend Biden for not gutting her each time he had the opportunity.

Posted by Mark | Report as abusive

I’m a registered NonPartisan American voter from Alaska. America got to finally meet Sarah Palin very well tonight. I don’t agree with our governor on everything … but here’s the good news – she’s just as brainy as any ivy league type, honest, has incredible work ethic, and has been a true leader her whole life. She is 100% for American and globally, families.

She’s been fantastic for Alaskan education. Did major work to help K-12, adult, and university education, but also worked hard for workforce development in a real comprehensive way. In Alaska, we are increasing adult ed classes, apprenticeship programs and vocational training – lots of adults are improving their lives due to the opportunities, and K-12 education is focusing on college and work readiness. Sarah Palin understands people and families. She has always been in the K-12 schools with us, helping and working with the kids and teachers, both before and after becoming governor. She’s a very good person and does have amazing abilities.

As I observed her abilities and work accomplishments in her first couple years as governor, it had occurred to me that she would ultimately be headed to DC but I never imagined so quickly, and had imagined as a senator not VP. This has been a shock to us Alaskans, but it’s not surprising if people knew of the big problems she has made major progress on in short order. Sarah Palin DOES know the intricacies of energy development and politics. I’ve been a registered Independent or Nonpartisan my whole life, and will do what I always do – watch the debates, listen to the candidates themselves (not anyone’s opinion or analysis of them), then make up my mind and vote.

Sarah Palin did herself, her family, her state and her country proud tonight.

Posted by uaastudent | Report as abusive

She has no clue that’s why she could not answer the questions. There was no substance in almost all her talk.
We can not risk she becomes President if the good old man fails.
The Senator was answering all the questions and made very clear in a detailed way what they will do.
He also said that He will sit in in importand discussion and provide Advise if requested.
That’s the Ticket. Palin is more like a shool girl.

Posted by Norbert Bissinger | Report as abusive

Obama and Biden are running against W. McCain & Palin can’t get too anti-W without alienating a lot of people in the Republican camp.
If you want the same socialism that are at the core of the financial collapse then vote for Obama. They will oversee the final collapse of our country. This started with Carter’s Community Reinvestment Act, Obama’s pal Madeline Talbott, and pushed to the max by Clinton. For Clinton tho gotta say that it’s probably pretty hard thinking straight on policy with Monica in the office and Super B’s physical abuse at home.
Palin did well. If you complain about not answering the question then you should be through the roof about Obama, who’s the Grand Master of Sneer and Evasion.

Posted by al connelly | Report as abusive

90% of you respondents have really fallen for the Hussein kool-aid. You want to turn this country over to a defeatest,a person (I use that loosely)who is going to raise your taxes beyond any belief and reduce the security of this great country that we will never be able to defend our selves. Hussein doesn’t give one toot about this can tell that by his terror friends and criminal ties. May you deserve all the hell this “it” is going to rain down on not only the people, but the country. Would interesting how many of you start whinning when he unleashes his destruction. He will cause this country to go down in huge flames….

Posted by Jerico | Report as abusive

Biden clearly won. He knew the issues, was able to respond well to questions he had not expected, and, most importantly, came across as presidential. Palin was much better than she was in the recent interviews but was still out of he league.

Posted by rs | Report as abusive

Neither candidate is acceptable, and the same for the primary candidates. Nothing will change, just the rhetoric. It’s sad to see our country headed nowhere and no qualitifed persons to lead. Sad.

Posted by Joe | Report as abusive

I was glad to read through many of the comments posted at this site. After watching reviews on the debate on some TV stations, I thought I may have tuned into a different debate. I cannot see how anyone might think that Palin won this debate. She has proven once again that she is not ready to be Vice President, and is ill prepared to be second in command of our great nation. If John McCain ever had a chance of winning, I am sure that chance is long gone.

Posted by Peter S. Russo | Report as abusive

Haven’t we had enough of “average Joe” running the country??

Bush and Palin are TOO SIMILAR.
Attack, attack… regurgitate newly-learned phrases, throw in a few lies here and there to get people fired up. “Nuculear” was driving me insane!

Biden did an excellent job from what I listened to on the radio (I stopped watching TV years ago). Not only did he answer the questions, but he probably taught millions of Americans much more about what’s going on right now in the world (and more importantly WHY) than the news has bothered to in years!

I used to do debate & Model United Nations back in high school, and Palin would not have been allowed to go on for even 1 speech like that. No judges would have put up with her BS. (And neither should America!)

Posted by JBD | Report as abusive

She shouldve at least glossed over the constitution before debating Biden. To want to take the office of the presidency further than Cheney has is scary.

As Rachel Madow said on MSNBC – Id rather have boring and right than exciting and wrong.

She wants to be Vice President of the US for gods sake people wake up!

Posted by Eric | Report as abusive

Considering the expectations that were scraping the bottom, Palin did great. But not enough. She clearly had well prepared answers and each question that was off the known script was followed by a desperate search for the known answer. Once arrived on the catch phrase or cliche, she plowed along. Would I want her to be a VP? Heck, no.

What struck me was the tone of her voice when she said about Washington insiders and how she felt, coming from outside. Well, her maverick boss is no less Washington insider than Biden. She clearly deviated off the script and did not realize that she bit McCain. And her voice was so fake when she said that.

Major credit goes to the cramming team that got her from where she was 3 weeks ago to doing almost OK. That might have taken some McCain’s resources to get him in shape for the next debate. Or maybe, some attention of McCain’s campaign to put out the Troopergate fire which is rising not in Palin’s favor.

At this point, as an independent and clearly not big Obama fan, I have no choice but swing to Obama’s side and hope for the best. God help America if she votes for McCain – Palin.

Posted by NoObamaFan | Report as abusive

Biden and clean cole.. WHAT A JOKE.. there is no such thing.. ask any chemist..

Posted by Ethan | Report as abusive

I kept waiting for Palin to whip off her glasses, shake out her hair, throw her red pumps in the air and moan “vote for me.” That might actually get her more positive press than any of her sound-bite rhetoric, and the non-answers she tossed so gracefully at the camera.

She’s cute, she’s driven, but she is not qualified to be 2nd in command of this country. Lest you call me sexist, let me say that I am a woman with a PhD in Math who would love to vote for a woman to lead this country. That said, Sarah Palin is not the woman I’d vote for as I think brains are required for the job.

Posted by Marla Taylor | Report as abusive

Mrs. Palin just started talking generalities and preaching Maverick McCain, instead of replying the very general and easy questions she has got.
Amazing, VP candidate in training…

Posted by Laura | Report as abusive

there is a single question that matters:


she is nice woman, but she is simply not qualified. not remotely.

Posted by luke | Report as abusive

I can’t wait until Tina Fey does her latest impression of Sarah Palin…………..gosh, gee whiz…….wish I was a hockey mom or “Joe six-pack” but I’m not……….

I’m an independent voter who has now landed in the Obama camp, and I don’t even like him. It is just appalling what lack of judgment McCain has shown in choosing such a dummy as his running mate.

I actually feel sorry for her, as her life, as she knew it, is over. Sarah, you just should have said no when you were asked to be VP.

Posted by Renee Johnson | Report as abusive

The bar was set so low for Palin that anything other than a complete collapse would have been a victory.
I thought on the whole, that she did a pretty well on the composure meter, but her responses sounded “rote” in delivery and stayed the course in repeating the untruths echoed by the McCain campaign. Based upon her earlier interviews, I would have to compliment her on her performance tonight, but she is no where near the equal of Senator Biden, and a far cry from being prepared to assume the role of the presidency.

Posted by Harry J | Report as abusive

I agree with the majority of the comments, Mrs. Palin did not address the questions she was asked, at one point she even said, she was’nt going to answer the question. She seemed very scripted, unprofessional and she looked like an unpaid but “love my job” Sunday school teacher. She is so clearly not ready to be VP. Did she even know or answer what the consitutional duties of the VP are. Instead she read the “Cheney as the head of all three branches of government” script the McCain camp had “drilled” into her head. Its scary, if this is an example of McCain’s “good judgement” we are all in trouble. Can you imagine four years of “betcha” and “Alaska” and “God has a special place in heaven”, I just love gay people, people with special needs, the people of Alaska, America, Main Street, Elm street, mooseburger, unwed mothers, the people who are our enemies, blah,blah,blah…..while the country is in a depression, Iran has nukes, Pakistan installs the Taliban,( not the Talibany, Sarah)….
I am no fan of Obama but he just got my vote.
I read somewhere that everytime Palin speaks, a idiot get his wings…..I have been swatting at these flying things all night….I know now what they are…..

Posted by Annie | Report as abusive

Obama chose Biden to get the old white man on his side. What does that say about him, or Americans for that matter? If he was truly for change and truly progressive, he would have chosen a woman as his running mate. Biden just fits the image Obama thinks he needs to win.

Posted by Vanessa | Report as abusive

Joe was so polished and fake. Thanks Sarah for being real for the American people. Joe doesn’t even identify with the average american. We don’t need anymore polished politicians.

Posted by terri | Report as abusive

It’s official – Palin has the IQ of a turnip.
How anyone can say she is qualified as a VP candidate is beyond belief.
McCain is 72 years old and has health problems – Can anyone really see Palin as President?
Maybe the end of the world is closer than we think….

Posted by John | Report as abusive

Sorry Sarah, NO hairbun = NO VOTE lol

Posted by Haoli | Report as abusive

sorry, but palin was totally clueless, to the point that i was embarrassed for her… she had no answers, so was like a wind-up doll that can only repeat some pat phrases… scarey

Posted by roobar | Report as abusive

Oh America!! Be vary of the McCain and Palin! Please…
It will be a joke if Palin becomes Vice President.

Does she know the constitution! She failed miserably and she did not answer the question. Like few readers have already commented, she needs to understand and digest the question without going on, and on!

Please Mrs. Palin in the world stage with respect, please get the correct name of the General who is heading Afghanistan efforts!

Mr. Biden showed how to answer questions.

FN from Canada!

Posted by FN | Report as abusive

Did Palin do good?
She did good against a “37 years in the senate” Biden.
Palin has done in 5 weeks what NONE of us could do in a year.
For this debate she had to know thousands of facts and keep them straight, that until 5 weeks ago, were not part of her duties as a govenor.
She was not rattled and did VERY well under the great pressure of doing more than was expected of her.
She has more courage than most commenting here.

Posted by Mike D | Report as abusive

The VPs are there to support the policies of the Presidential Candidates, they should not be there with their own agenda…. If you think Joe’s performance on the debate tonight was superior it was just because he is a long time politician will say what people want to hear, just as Obama will, and then will pursue what suits his interests best… In that sense Sarah lacks the exposure and experience in front of the media, but it clearly came across that she will stand behind her belief no matter who she needs to stand up to, you want change, well that is change!!! Biden only proved to me that he is an excellent politician and as such will lie to my face if that serves him best!!!

Posted by Andre | Report as abusive

Too the person who said Palin rocked. Your kidding right?
She may have rocked if her only audience would have been the third graders she “gave a shout out to”, but not to a nation looking for serious answers to serious questions.
Folksy – yes, Homespun – yes, Thoughtful, articulate and ready to be Vice President of the United States of America – in her own words “say it ain’t so Joe”.

Posted by bruce lindley | Report as abusive

No doubt about it, Biden won.

And, the CNN Poll agrees with me (51 percent of viewers said Biden won, 36 percent said Palin won).

Palin did not answer some questions, she erratically switched topics at times to do this, and I don’t like her folksy demeanor. She did okay but she came across as memorizing the information, not truly knowing it from any experience.

Biden did well at tying the McCain to the Bush Administration.

Obama has the momentum going into the final month, and it does not look good for poor old John McCain.

Posted by John Michael | Report as abusive

I was horrified at the insensitivity Palin showed by inappropriately skipping straight into prepped talking points when the subject was genocide in Darfur or after Biden talked about the loss of his wife and daughter.

I appreciated Palin’s attempts to talk straight to the American public, but she must think we are stupid. Flippancy and slang do not equal straight talk. I don’t want my vice president or president using phrases like “you betcha!”

Considering she’s “been at this what, five weeks?” I think she could have done much worse, but after seeing this debate I have made up my mind to vote for Obama/Biden.

Posted by Athena | Report as abusive

In a time when all Americans need clear, concise answers, Gov. Palin failed miserably. To realize that Sen. McCain picked this fine lady to be the potential next president (if something happened to him) is a true reflection of his failed judgment. If he can’t pick a competent VP, how should Americans trust him to make “Great” judgments on our behalf in a pretty messed up world! Democrats have their warts, but in this election, the choice is clear, Obama/Biden for our future and may God surely bless their leadership. We will need it!!!

Posted by kwabena Falson | Report as abusive

Tom Brokaw put it well: “I think the Democrats are glad there’s only one Vice Presidential debate”

Posted by jalrizzo | Report as abusive

I figured if Palin could get through the evening without crying or throwing up, the Republicans would declare victory, and that’s exactly what’s happening.

I was afraid that Palin’s canned non-responses might play well because she is superficially attractive at some level. I am very heartened that initial instant polling has Biden ‘winning’ the debate among independent voters. It’s good to see that Americans really are paying attention.

Posted by ed m | Report as abusive

I think Ifill should have snuck in the question ‘Governer how do YOU spell potato or tomato?’, cuz Palin has a striking resemblance to you know who – cheezy smile with cotton candy substance. Its like we’re revisiting the George H campaign. Who says the Repubs don’t believe in recycling, either they pick really vacuous Presidents (2 come to mind since 1980) or they pick VPs that scare the hell out of ya thinkin they could actually be in charge. But what am I saying? Since 2001, we’ve had the first presidency in US history to be run out of the VP’s office.

Posted by Ben | Report as abusive

People will vote for those that give them the most. That’s why most of you are voting Obama. The rest of us will eventually cave under the burden and there will be nobody left to tax. The end.

Posted by Kathy | Report as abusive

I’m glad I’m not the only one who had a difficult time stomaching her “folksy” comments. In fact, it elicited the same queeziness I felt when people told me they were going to vote for George W. Bush because “he seems like the kinda guy you could go have a beer with”. Remember that?

Posted by oh no | Report as abusive

When asked about an Achilles’ heel, Governor Palin did not answer the question. She did seem to be answering *A* question, but it was not that one. Senator Biden answered thoughtfully. It seemed to me that the Governor was unfamiliar with the term. Am I being too charitable?

Posted by Jill G. in Phoenix, AZ | Report as abusive

Palin did awesome! Joe Biden has been in the senate 35 damn years. This was old hat to him. Palin IS the change the our American politics and government need. She embodies “the people.” Joe has been there too long to connect to the American people. I’m sure he’s a great senator, but not the kind of NEW leader the everday American is starving for. I’m voting for McPalin!

Posted by Mike | Report as abusive

I can’t believe anyone would compare Palin to “any” other female leader in the world today or in history.
An adequate govenor of a large state with a small constituency yes – Potential leader of the free world – NO!!!
Biden’s answers came from the depth of his experience. I could see him scanning his experiences and actually seeing the event being debated. Palin’s simply remembered what a few facts she’d memorized over the last several weeks. No contest!!! Biden wins for sure!

Posted by Gary Loy | Report as abusive

Sarah will poison John so that she can become the President, I would be very afraid of electing her, she wants equal power with the President, and like Cheney she will be very dangerous.
If she and John win, this pair will continue in the footsteps of George and continue to escalate the third world war so that Jesus can come back, and they will be raptured first before the world goes up in flames.
Beware the evangelical pentecostal christians, they are the antichrists.

Posted by Chuck | Report as abusive

pathetic…is this what our political system (Constitution and Federalst papers) has come to?

Posted by dave mcguire | Report as abusive

High or low expectations Palin is a lightweight. She is likeable and nice, even forceful, but she has no command of the issues and on many she has no position. She’d be out of her depth in a major executive position. In fact I would rank her far below an average governor. It was a reckless gambit of McCain to put her on the ticket. She should be let nowhere near an economic crisis or a major security emergency. The folksy bit doesn’t do much for me. I was undecided for a long time, but this debate does. The Palin nomination speaks volumes about McCain’s judgement. He’s reckless, stubborn and superficial, just like George Bush.

Posted by Alex | Report as abusive

Palin was great and won the debate, hands down. She clearly knows the substance, and has deep convictions. She was down-home and credible, and not scripted like Biden. It is so refreshing to hear someone speak like a normal person, rather than in Washington double-speak.
Anne (Honolulu)

Posted by Anne Sylvester | Report as abusive


|X| Fighter Pilot & Hockey Mom


| | Smooth Talking Lawyer
& Foot-in-Mouth Lawyer

Posted by Mike D | Report as abusive

Interesting. First I wouldlike to addresss all the Corporuations that made this all possible…..oh I miss the Womens League.

I felt sorry for Gov. Palin. She got lost in her rhetoric and didn’t state much. Her folksy way I think worked against her. She try to ‘bull dog’ her way with how the debate was going to be run…..I could go on but then I would be one run on sentence like her, sorry.

I felt Senator Biden did quite well. He wass a little anxious that came over when the screen was split. He wasn’t patronizing to her. He got a little ‘smug’ around the middle of the debate I would quess because she was doing so poorly. I felt he handled her comment about his wife quite well and (1) strike against Palin for that one. I was very moved when I learned of his personal tradgey and I felt when he came back to Palin regarding knowing about single parent hardships; dealing with two injured children as a result of the wife’s death and I believe daughter. I believe Biden did quite well with that and I felt his emotional moment was sincere.

I felt Gwen was Gwen. At one point of the debate, Palin had just had a mental moment and you could hear Gwen sigh. I laughed. Love those hot micks. Speaking of hot mikes:

Did you catch on the C-SPAN airing and while the families were talking with Gwen…that the screen showed a wide shot of the floor. There was a tall blond haired man talking on the cell phone. He said “OH….they think it was her inexperience.”, he looks up and QUICKLY exits out of the screen. It was fabulous.

I guess the icing on the cake was watching Susan taking calls like when she hosts on Washington Journal. She is taking call after call and I just started laughing at the comments. They ALL thought Palin did so fantastic. She was brilliant. She was treated badly by Gwen! (because Gwen is an Obama supported!)

I guess I am scared over the whole bigger picture. It used to be worth watching debates because it was between two people and you could feel their engaging. Their inner strengths and weaknesses. They addressed issues. They didn’t rely on ‘Rove-onomics’

Posted by teri mccomb | Report as abusive

pathetic…is this what has become of our Political System

Posted by dave mcguire | Report as abusive

WOOOHOOO…REGULATION, REGULATION, REGULATION. Big Government has got its groove back. I can’t wait for its first command under Obama and Biden!!! Just wait, the government will be there from fetus onward. Telling us how to live our lives!!

Posted by LeeRoy | Report as abusive

Palin did such a good job. She kept a level head and didn’t give up. Agaist someone with so much more experience.

Palin. You have my vote for the entertainer of the year award.

Posted by Rick | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin did pretty well, but I was disappointed that she didn’t give policy specifics, and too often changed the topic and didn’t answer the questions of the moderator.

Biden’s come-backs to Palin’s charges were brilliant and showed that he is well informed of the details and facts. However, Palin did have more energy. Palin’s delivery was better, but Biden had substance.

Posted by Berkana | Report as abusive

I think Palin won this debate. She focused on energy and made Biden eat some of his negative pervious comments about Obama.

Posted by Chance | Report as abusive

It really isn’t much different from the first McCain/Obama debate. McCain was clearly in command of the issues and Obama was on his heels most of the night struggling to keep up. But the Obama supporters with the help of the media says Obama won.

Well, Palin clearly won in a very important way. She looked into the camera and spoke to the American people. Biden might have more “experience” but he didn’t connect with the average person.

It is interesting how experience doesn’t count in one debate and how it is so imortant in another debate. You democrats can never make up your mind.

Posted by Ty | Report as abusive

Palin was definitely outclassed. Biden had concise answers back by statistical evidence and actually stuck to the question at hand.

I think her act towards appealing to the working class is dwindling by the second… Her delivery dumbs down the complexity of the issues which she and McCain are going to have to seriously take on. This was W’s appeal and look where it got us.

Real issues need to be tackled by real, competent professionals–not Main Street hockey moms–and I think even “Joe Six-Pack” is starting to realize this.

Posted by dc | Report as abusive

kinda scary to think palin is being asked very serious questions about role of nuclear weapons in todays unstable world. and the fact that she calls it ‘nuclear weaponARY’, says to me that these are issues that are completely new to her. scary, very very scary.

Posted by i must be dreaming | Report as abusive

i am an indian. If american voters cannot see through the shallowness of Palin, God save them.
Biden has the authority of knowledge, besides the ring of authenticity.

Posted by prasad | Report as abusive

Biden when speaking about his past, losing his first wife and daughter and sitting by his son’s bedside wondering if he would live was so sincere he choked up and almost cried.

Palin when talking about her past winked and smiled and spit out spoon fed rhetoric that she has been repeating constantly over the last 2 months trying to relate to what republicans term the “average American people.”

That moment in the debate showed me that Biden was sincere about what he was saying. Palin is parrot

Posted by brendan | Report as abusive

Palin kicked Biden back to 1972. She was looking forward, and to the American people the whole time. Biden was wrong on at the least 10, yes 10 times. He stated Article 1 on the constitution when it was article 2, Obama DID vote for a tax increase on people who made 42,000 a year (4 times), Obama DID vote against funding the troops, the central war on terror is Iraq (tell me what you think would have happened if we left, and Iraq was now in total chaos), Biden DID say Obama was not ready to be President (no OJT)……etc., etc., etc.

Palin rocked this one! No doubt. She’s one of us.

Posted by Michael | Report as abusive

even Joe Six pack knows how to spell “nuclear” by now… so she is not even capable of representing him. What a shame!

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HaHaHa you stupid socialist! You will get what you want. Obama will probably win. Then you can line up with your hands out for your few morsels of grain. You can all stand in the soup line holding hands praising your new, New Deal. God Help Us and God help our children.

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Hey, this is a “shout out to all you voters”. I don’t want me VP to be someone who can win a talent contest by repeating talking points, I want them to be smart and know the issues. Sarah Palin is just plain vapid and we deserve better.

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After watching this debate, it’s embarrassing to think that Gov. Palin is the best the Republican party can offer up for the VP role. What answers she gave were shallow and rambling. Her attempt to replace thoughtful answers with winks, nods and soccer mom references were demeaning to those of us that actually believe knowledge on substantive issues affecting the US is a good thing, not an elitist thing. As an ex-military officer, never in even my wildest dreams could I picture her as a potential Commander in Chief, if that were to be ever required. Her selection was clearly all about “party first” and had little to do with “country first”. What a shame our politics has come to this.

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Biden clearly won. Palin stuck to generalities and platitudes, which started to wear thin by the end of the debate.

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Talk about practiced or rehearsed responses. You liberals comments are all the same down to the last period. I bet you all had them wrote out and rehearsed even before the debate started. True she may not have as much experience as Biden, but if it’s all bad experience then she’s still a better choice. My fifth grade son definitely would not have the experience to run this country, but I would still vote for him before Obama.

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Biden won, Obama won. The thought of Palin running the country should McCain die, is horrifying. She also stated support of the current VP contention that the VP is outside of the Executive portion of US Government. Article 2 of the US Constitution states that the VP only sits in the US Lesgislature to break a tie vote.
She may elicit homespun favor to some voters, but our national future has no place for a person of such incredibly inept credentials.

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Biden won, hands down. Palin was spewing prepared statements, even when they didn’t fit (or answer!) the question at hand. She didn’t even bother to effectively change the subject, she just vomited unrelated answers.

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If you are an elitist or washed by one you will hate Sarah. Average Joe hasn’t run this country since the mid 1800’s. Neither candidate answered the questions directly. Sarah is awesome. Poor Joe, he signed up on the ah, you know, wront, uh , uh side.

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I think I would buy a used car from Joe.

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Palin won by a long shot! She was honest and frank and won my heart AND my vote!

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Palin was an absolute disaster, in my opinion. When she said she wanted “to give a shout-out” to someone, I laughed so I hard I nearly spit out my cocktail. What a hick. Biden was well informed, well spoken, and clearly the winner of the debate.

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While Palin did much better then I expected, she came off to me a canned, well coached person. I still do not know her. I now feel I know her trainers very well.

Her disrespect for the moderator by saying this may not be your question or that I may not answer your question as you want, did it for me, that was the point I knew for sure her answers were not her own. I really do not care what she did in Alaska she is not yet running for President unless I missed the piece of breaking news.

Joe Biden however while he may be boring as watching my lawn grow I feel he and Obama have what we need to change our country. I think Biden did a much better job of explaining how Obama would help us the voter and tax payer, where from her I am still really in the dark as to how McCain and Palin would change our direction.

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Palin hit it out of the bark tonight. She stood up for America and the value that make us great.

She called out here opponents clearly, with out mincing words, as the extreme left that they are and there plan for massive class warfare, “redistribution of wealth” and the $1B increase in government spending in a government that is already to big.

She also pointed out that the massive tax increase would hurt the economy by chocking small business and our freedom. May our freedoms last – go Palin!

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Biden did very well tonight without attacking Palins inexperience and lack of knowledge. Biden clearly won the debate!

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I think the minimum qualification for the job is that you can form coherent sentences.

Is it just me or does 75% of what Palin says make no sense at all?

And I’m being serious.

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Just remember you dems; she sounded like she only spoke rehearsed and memorized lines to you because someone down to earth speaking from real experience is foreign to you. Biden didn’t have to rehearse or be coached. He said the same type of things he has been saying for over 20 years. It’s like second nature. He’s a career politician. Who want’s that same old same old again and forever. It’s time to break politics as usual and that’s one type of change only Palin can bring.

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I am sick and tired of the liberals telling me that the republicans are only for the rich. I am nowhere near rich. I am a middle class business owner who’s wife is a teacher. We make a living and that is it. We are happy doing so. I am a republican because I don’t want my tax money going to programs to support people who don’t work and who abuse the system.
I am republican because I believe in the American spirit that you can make anything of yourself if you work for it.
I am a republican because I believe that more government is less freedom.
I believe we should get rid of all members of congress and the senate and start over. Each one of them has failed us. This is the reason I like Gov. Palin. If you have a problem with her experience please examine Thedore Roosevelts qualifications before he became VP.
1.)Obama worked for Acorn as a lawyer suing banks to get them to give home loans to low income families who could not afford them, fact! He is knee deep in the socialist movement and I believe in our great capitalist system.
2.) McCain stated that “we let you down” referring to the failed and corrupt system in washington. Well John, you said eisenhower wrote two letters when invading normandy. One of success and one of resignation. You failed, so shouldn’t you resign?
3.)I am voting for the Palin/McCain ticket because I would rather a failed politician with the hopes of a person who is just like me “joe six pack” then a person who has the hollywood elite’s vote and who will lead this country one step closer to socialism.

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I think experience and knowledge spoke. Biden won.

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I don’t know how you can calculate who won. I’d rather wake up in the morning knowing Palin shared in the governmental authority of running this country than Biden. She is learning fast and Biden is still stuck in a rut. He doesn’t know as much as Democrats give him credit.

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the most powerfull country in the world and people think she should be second in command , what are you all thinking….. god bless us all allright

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Sarah Palin is an embarassment to our country. Has everyone forgotten her past or her positions? She wasn’t debating or providing answers or solutions, she was reading from a mental teleprompter. A teleprompter that’s been drilled into her for a week. The fact that John McCain chose her as a political expediency says volumes about his judgment and makes him unfit to be president.

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Was there a debate? If so I missed it.

I heard Biden giving clear and concise answers to questions asked of him. In every instance he states factual backing and a clear plan forward — for health care, for our invasion of Iraq, for our economic debacle.

On the other hand I heard nothing from Palin except grandstanding, fearmongering, and blatant pandering and patronizing. I felt like I was hearing McCain talk at his debate all over again, as she simply repeated the same responses again and again.

When asked what they thought the job of the Vice President should encompass, Biden stated that he would hold to the Constitution and act as an advisor to the President when called on, acting in an official capacity only to break a tie in the Senate (like the CONSTITUTION says). Given that he has 35 years of political experience I would wager that he would be at least a passable advisor. Palin was not clear on her job requirements in any way, shape, or form, and took the opportunity to grandstand about how great and “mavricky” their ticket is.

Just look at the past comments from this very forum. Those that support Governor Palin all say the same thing: they think that she is “awesome” or “charming”; even worse some of them refer to Biden as “old school” or actually slam his political experience!

Ask yourself this: do you want a Vice President that is all charm and flash — an illusion held together with a wink and a smile and a passing reference to soccer moms? Or do you want a Vice President that has been involved in our governmental process long enough to provide a FRESH Senator with advice that draws on a deep and varied political career?

McCain and Obama are running for President, not Biden and Palin. The McCain ticket has now been proven to be an “Old Guard” Republican with a completely inexperienced running mate. The Democratic ticket is a fresh Senator with just enough experience to understand how Washington runs without being beholden to its inside games, but who has the presence of mind to choose an highly experienced running mate.

It is pretty clear to me who is getting my “registered” Independent vote.

Obama/Biden in 2008.

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I can’t believe Palin got away with not answering the questions. She kept avoiding the direct issues of each question asked. How can someone get away with this kind of bs? This can’t be real? Am I having a nightmare? Will someone please wake me up from this horrible dream? Palin just said whatever she felt like saying, ignoring the questions. She was using that as a ego-preserving tactic because she is an IDIOT!

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Maverick. Maverick! Maverick. MAVERICK. Did I win?

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Please tell she didn’t give a “shout out” in a nationally televised debate in front of 50 million people for the 2nd highest office of the worlds most powerful country?

We’re doomed.

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Palin certainly exceeded expectations, which were abysmally low for her tonight, so that’s not saying much. Biden clearly won the debate, and Palin’s responses had her parroting Republican talking points that were often unrelated to the question she was asked. You could see her mentally checking off the points she was told to put across. The folksiness and winking was also very annoying. I remain unimpressed with Palin, to say the least.

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The expectation for Gov. Sarah Palin was so low, that if she did anything better than a total meltdown and/or absence of a pulse, she would be successful. That being said, I am not really sure what she said … On more than one occasion making up her own question and promptly answering it, regardless what the actual question from the moderator, in reality, was.

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One more thing, is it me or did joe biden have botox injections in his forhead and laugh lines? He also looked like he just got done having hair plugs. Did you see how red his hair line was? I was thinking of getting plugs but bald is beautiful, atleast my wife and bank account keep telling me so.

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It is really hard to sit back and watch the incompetence of the liberal media. If you really think that Obama cares about middle class America, sad to say it but you are a first class fool. It sickens me to watch good people in this country be sucked into this web of deception weaved by the democrats and liberal media. And by the way does Biden think that I am an infant and that he must repeat everything 4 and 5 times, but then again dems want americans to be dumb and poor and stay that way so they have someone to patronize in order to win an election. Palin slammed out of the park. Great Job Sarah

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All other things aside,
Biden said that his running mate is not ready to be commander in chief!!!
That right there should tell you the confidence he has in his running mate to get the job done

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What a crock, why do the majority of you think either person won or lost ? This stuff is all intended to make you think you have a real choice, rather than more of the “Political Ruling Class” something we aren’t supposed to have here, but do since no one has the intestinal fortitude to dump their own representatives no matter if they are good , or as crooked as your average snake. ( I apologize in advance to any snakes in the listening audience)

As long as we have a system which rewards folks w/ a huge salary , absurd benefits, and a lifetime of never actually having to hold down a job. What we get is more of the same.

Both of these two folks managed not to trip over themselves or each other, and neither of them spit on stage. Other than that, she is a safer bet, because she is new. Biden has never had an actual job. McCain, had a day job, that probably he would still be in if it hadn’t been for those nasty folks at the Hanoi Hilton. Obama, ahhh the dear thing, he’s new at the federal trough, and has landed an unbelievable shot to not have to do anything at all but lie on a beach, once he gets past the next 4 years minimum.Isn’t it great?

Whichever party wins this election, these two Veep candidates won’t have anything to do for the next 4 years at least. Presidents don’t actually give the VEEP anything substantive to do. ( No, children not even the former Bill & Hillary show did that.) They are looking at their own death when they see the veep.. and thus elected tho they may be, they are pretty much left to their own devices, and “make work” jobs.

Unless you can point me to information on the President Al Gore, or Dan Quayle,or even President Chaney??? No I thought you couldn’t.

>> Is it just me or was it the worst VP candidate performance coming from Palin?

It’s just you.You forgot or didn’t watch Al Gore

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Is this really the very best that the GOP has to offer? A gosh darn nice lady who knows how to work the sidelines at a soccer match? Sounds great lets cut her loose on Russia, China, Europe, Iran. She definitely has the experience if John’s heart gives out. Nice job GOP, you guys really loused this one up.

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I think Biden won. He answered every question asked. Palin once again engaged in party rhetoric and attemped to speak down to only white americans, when she repeatedly used the “joe-six-pack” phrase.

Biden was clear and concise in his answers. I especially enjoyed when he time-lined McCains out-of-touch statements regarding the economy and taxation of most of America, the middle-class.

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while the debate was interesting there was not much of a “real debate”.

While Palin was more on point tonight than in previous interviews, I was disappointed that she refused to debate or even address the questions asked. What she said tonight I have heard in her campaign trail and she missed an opportunity to let Americans see what she can do (assuming it is more than what we got tonight). I am concerned that she can not say “nuclear” correctly, finishes most thoughts with the word “also” and doesn’t know who the commanding general is (she kept using someone elses name).

Biden was articulate but reserved. He is known for an attacking style that would have served him well today if he used it, even sparingly. I think he lost many people when he tried to talk about what the VP should do. Though it is not important for every American to understand Constitutional Law, it should be very important to the average American that the people in office understand it, since that is where their duties and powers derive. Biden got it right, which was refreshing to hear.

It is obvious the current administration doesn’t know the limit of their power or where it comes from and it is reflected in what we received in the last 8 years from the Executive branch.

While it is possible that given a good deal of time Palin could become an effective politician, the office of the VP is not the place where she should “cut her teeth” given the amount of learning she needs.

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New rule: The same answer can only be applied to two questions in the same debate. How many times can we hear, “McCain and I are Mavericks and are going to bring change to DC”?

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Palin for President…not now, but you’ll see.

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Well a lot of comments and sentiments rolling out on this site tonight… Having read most of them I think I can see both sides and saw some of it from the candidates too…

Seems like both parties are sending mixed messages, inferred compromises and at times extremes and they too are having to deal with an on-going compilation of challenges this year – all around.

In many ways it seems sad that this great country does not have better options for next President. I see this election as one of compromise to a lowest common denomiator not one where there is hope and a next chapter one a hope for… Politics as usual and change? well hard to see no?

Last.. (sorry rnning on here) as far as VP debate.. ask your average American that is not nuts about politics and I’d guess you’d call it +/- a tie.

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one think she said….she tolorates gays, yes she said tolerates son is gay,,,my vote is changed for the other ticket

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I see that some polls are reporting that 35% of respondents think that Palin won the debate.

I think I now see the problem – about a third of the country can’t tell the difference between Gobbledygook (Palinspeak) and English.

She is a disaster. I am still amazed that she was elected mayor of that small town.

Of all the qualified people out there (both men and women) McCain has picked her.

This says a lot about his judgment. God help us all.

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What scared me the most was not the debate itself; it was the instant coverage afterward. It seems like all the major news networks and pundits planned what they were going to say before the debate even started. I was very startled my Palins composure, and was surprised to hear initially on all the major news networks that it was a tie. That is a very safe first call to make. It appeals to all viewers, so they won’t disagree and turn to another channel.

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Palin has been the best thing for the Dems. Her air-head moments have finally knocked sense into the Americans that voted a second time for W. Even Joe six pack finally gets it. Thanks Palin!

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there are so many comments on this page which show how successful the republican party-along with their pals in big media (come on people- who controls the message of the big-bad-mainstream media? the reporters? or the multibillionaires who own the media?) has been at brainwashing a large portion of the population.
Big government? how about the republican administration that records every telephone conversation you have? How about a government that wants to tell you what to do in the privacy of your bedroom as well as the privacy of a doctors exam room.
How about a government that placates the “little people” with the never-ending quest to get rid of the “gays”, and put the “Christ back in Christmas” in order to gain the power they need to give the large corporations in this country (once again, media conglomerates stand to benefit) large tax cut and deregulation of their respective business’s.
Don’t you see? they are laughing at each and every one of you who are so busy fawning over Palin “wow, she’s just like me!” check the facts people! go to each candidates web page–did you hear what they said about McCains health care plan? $5000 doesn’t pay for a family plan! but many of you will vote republican because of their empty promise to end abortion and keep marriage sacred–wont happen because if it ever does you will finally wake up and realize how they have used you–
use the internet to educate yourself! get off this site-research the candidates and as Biden said “the past is prologue” go find the truth–you will not find it on these MSM sites

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I advise everyone to watch the complete replays on CNN. I’m watching it again. Palin is an idiot. Her first answer reveals just how much she doesn’t understand.

She was coached to used inflections in her voice and emote more emotion, but, she still has the same empty, nonsensical answers.

Obama/Biden all the way.

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Governor Palin is not an idiot, she has an 80% approval rating as governor of Alaska. She fought the politicians in Alaska who were being paid off by the oil companies. Don’t allow the media to steer your thinking. Think for yourself. She is an Executive of a state as governor. Many presidents have been governors of states. She has more experience than Obama who has never been in charge of anything except his campaigns. Americans should not be so superficial to vote for people because they are attractive and speak well. We need to be a country of integrity and substance again.

I think she is a breath of fresh air for a corrupt and bipartisan government. I like the fact that she talks directly to the people and that she is relatable. I am sick of the politicians in Washington and their snobby attitudes and corrupt behavior. They have no idea what it is like to live outside their comfortable beltway lives like 99% of the Americans. They all need to be called on the carpet for their abuses of power and waste of our money. You think Congress is really looking out for you? They are looking out for themselves and whoever will keep them in office. I think there should be term limits so we don’t have career politicians.

I hope McCain and Palin get in office and I hope they shake things up and call these politicians out for their behavior. Think about it, Palin has already done this and McCain has nothing to lose because he will not be running for a second term. If they shake up Washington politics maybe we can get back on track as a country.

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The standard for Palin’s performance were set quiet low. Even though she was not able to answer most of the questions, any coherent thought (like the sky is blue) would be considered a great success. She improved her performance and it wasn’t painful to watch her. It was the first time where I didn’t feel bad for her. So good job Palin!

However, she scared me when she expressed her thoughts in expanding the powers of the VP. Why in the world would the American people want to give more powers to a lady who can’t parrot well what her trainers taught her to do. Scary…very scary. This would be so destructive for America. You might as well give our enemies the weapons to destroy our great country.

An advice for Palin… You lack experience. You can make it up in knowledge — which at this time seems far fetch. So maybe spend a lot of time reading national and international news, some history books. I hear progress is through learning from the failures and successes of the past. Perhaps you should start paying to attention to recent history.

As f

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I’m a registered republican and I’m very dissapointed how Palin will not answer many of the questions in the debate all we heard from her is the fact that John McCain is a maverick, and Joe Biden destroyed all that when he said that McCain was not a maverick on the issues that matter most. Biden was talking about facts, Palin was talking about being a maverick. She did better than expected but that’s because she sucks at giving interviews.

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the way biden lied tonight the polls will drop dramasticlly

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For Palin, it was more like prepared speech rather than debate. She spoke well but only what she was prepared to tell.
She would refuse to answer particular question and go back what she was told to say.
I could not understand why she was smiling while talking, may be trying to be cuty.
Overall she did much better than what I expected from her.

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I thought Palin did well, I also think Biden did well. As much as the democrats hate to admit it, they tuned in to watch Palin not Biden.
Biden can draw on how many years of experience? So of course his comments were “substantive”, he can draw on minutiae from bills hes written 20 years ago. Palin can only draw from her experience in Alaska. Thats why she kept mentioning it. There’s nothing wrong with that. Just like Obama’s experience pails in comparison to McCains. It doesnt mean all of his ideas are worthless.

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I love Joe Biden. He was beautiful tonight and the clear winner of the debate. Sarah Palin, thankfully for her self esteem, did redeem herself after the Katie Couric interviews in which my stomach turned for Palin as I watched. Palin is not even close to being qualified, she was snide, sarcastic, insensitive and at times almost mean. However, the expectations were so low that by not talking in unfinished sentences and bizzare incoherent thoughts, Sarah did okay for McCain. Funny how some of her positions are not McCain’s but that’s okay. I think that Palin’s beautiful newborn son deserves and needs the full attention of his mom way more than America needs Sarah Palin.

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How can a person compare a kitchen rug with something so silky and refine?

Palin never even met face to face the new immigrants on this country such as Salvadoreans, Armenians, Koreans. She is limited to the red -necks and the Bible belt evangelists. The new USA means anglos + new immigrants

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Palin did much better than I thought she was going to do. I really was looking forward to watching the debate for laughs. I was very disappointed to see that Palin spoke coherently. Biden still won, but she did okay.

By the way, after reading all of the comments above, it sickens me when people want to vote for another Republican after seeing what has happened over the last 8 years. How can you blame the Democrats when it has been a ‘criminal’ Republican administration in office for the last 8 years. I would have probably considered voting for McCain 4 years ago when he was a decent guy, but after seeing him completely change who he is in the last few years (his policies), I don’t understand why anyone would want to vote for him. Why would you want to vote for someone who has the same policies as George Busch and Dick Cheney? I can’t even believe that George Bush was voted in for a second term. If McCain is elected into office, I’m going to lose a lot of confidence in the mental capacity of the American people. Please stop watching Fox news, at least for one night so you can find out what is really happening.

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I’m a republican, but OMG!!!
I’ll vote for McCain in spite of Sarah Palin. But her nomination will cost him the election. You want to mobilize conservatives you appoint Huckabee. You can spin this anyway you want – that you like her more, feel more comfortable with her, you want hockey mums for president, all well and good. But you can’t say she won the debate. She didn’t answer many questions and when she did gave scripted answers. If you think she’ll carry independents think again. She lost the debate, showed she’s not ready and may the last person to leave America switch off the light

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I am a democrat but after tonight, I will vote for Sarah Palin. I am sure Sarah Palin out-shined Biden to night! Biden looked like a crook to me.

Posted by gademoncrate | Report as abusive

I have to remind myself that one of these individuals could instantly become president. With that in mind, there is only one person on the stage tonight who came even close to meeting the test. I also cannot believe the talking heads. What debate were they watching. Yes, it was not the Couric interview, but is anything better than that acceptable? Astonishing!

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Palin was silly , everytime she was asked a question , she blurted out the answer so fast that it was almost robotic, I was thinking she must be worried if she slowed down she might forget what McCain told her to say. She seems like she could be a smart woman, well , at least smarter than McCain and his gang are making her look now… I feel sorry for her … Its sad … It was very annoying that she just decided NOT to answer 3 or 4 questions … I guess the answers to those werent in her TRAINING CLASS at McCains rich man ranch …. sad sad sad

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I hate to be petty, but I am going to match Soundbite Palin with Soundbite reaction. She’s Dick Cheney in a skirt with half the brains! Make no mistake. Having half of Cheney’s brain doesn’t make her less dangerous. It just makes her less conscious. She is also Bushesque in her ability to say ANYTHING with a straight face because she doesn’t truly understand the implications of what she is saying. In many ways, that makes her a good running mate because she’s not dynamic enough to actually make a statement that is not on an index card. However, even though I lose faith in the American people’s ambition (not ability) to ferret out bs, I still think they are savvy enough to smell a rat (with lipstick, or without.)

Sooooo, she was glad that she and Biden agreed on Isreal. Duuuuuuuuuuuuude, he’s actually got enough experience to comment on Israel. Three days ago, a tutor wasn’t sitting with him saying, “Now, this is Jordan (but pay no mind to them, they’re the Switzerland of the Middle East.) This is Lebanon (pay no mind to them…we like to let Syria & Israel use their lands as battle grounds because it doesn’t REALLY make any sense to waste resources there…orrrrr does it?) Now, this. THIS is Israel! You’d like it there. You can stand in a long line in Jerusalem and stick your hand in a hole to touch a rock that Christ touched.”

Yeah, I could go on. But why? She answered the questions that she was prepared to answer (or maybe she DOES have a special voice in her head asking her different questions.) True, she didn’t fall all over herself. Hurray for women around the world! Jeez, do our low standards have to be so apparent?! We actually are ok with somebody if she doesn’t have some Tourret-like outburst like, “Gahhhhhhhhh. I hate you! Up in Alaska…! Up in Alaska…! Up… Up…”

Hey, gang? Alaska ranks 47th (out of 50 states, in case Palin’s tutor isn’t around to point this out) in population density. So, when she’s talking about the folks that support her up there, yeah, she’s talking about her blood relatives. All 20 of them. Care to join the lovefest??? Come on. Jump in the pool is warm enough. Eh, because the polar ice caps are melting around her.

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i have been reading all these comments.LIBERAL IDIOTS………..PALIN destryed BIDEN………..SARAH IS THE REAL DEAL.she is an experienced executive.SHE WON.and so will McCAIN/PALIN……………

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Folksy Sarah can not answer questions. She should hand Mc Cain a letter of withdrawal claiming family matters doing a service for the country.

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If Americans were smarter than they are they would clearly see that Biden is much more ready to be president than Barack Obama. Biden is far more knowledgeable on the topics, has a more presidential demeanor, obviously has the necessary experience (and experience is a good attribute, not a negative as Obama and his supporters would have you believe), personally knows most of the top leaders of the world, and he’s really a better speaker than Obama when you take the teleprompter away from Obama. The only thing Obama has over Biden is that he’s a better BSer than Biden. If you like superficial, pop culture mentality then you prefer Obama. He just doesn’t have any action that backs up his rhetoric.

The Democrats missed a once-in-a-live-time opportunity to elect a very gifted leader when they decided to ignore Biden’s candidacy in favor of the neophyte Obama. Consider the fact that Obama’s top prerequisite for a running mate was to choose the best qualified person to step into the presidency should anything happen to him (Obama) and he chose someone who couldn’t be more different than himself. He chose the person best qualified to be president.

Bush wasn’t a disaster because he was a Republican. He was a disaster because he wasn’t qualified to be president; that’s what we have to look at! Now we’re on the verge of electing another person who isn’t qualified to be president at a time when we can’t afford to make the same mistake twice.

Obama’s supporters will use the same talking points as Bush’s supporters did, but because they’re Democrats and not Republicans they’ll think that somehow it’s different. They’ll think that even though on paper Obama doesn’t appear to be qualified to be president, they just know in their hearts that he’s the man. The truth is that both Bush’s supporters and Obama’s supporters have drunk the Koolaid and have lost the ability to be objective. They can find no serious fault in their respective object of worship.

Obama is not qualified. If he had the judgment becoming of a president he would have spent some time in Washington learning how things work, thus acquiring the knowledge necessary to undo our nation’s problems, before forming a presidential exploratory committee after just 144 days in the Senate.

And, no, I’m not a supporter of McCain’s. I’m a supporter of America. I’m sick and tired of our inability to be rational. I’m tired of the unnecessary war; I’m tired of the economic collapse; I’m tired of the partisan stalemating; and I’m tired of blindly ambitious egos putting themselves first and America last. To those who assisted in putting us in this predicament, I say f*** you for your stupidity. Thanks for your part in ruining a once great country.

Posted by Ginchinchili | Report as abusive

Palin did better than expected, which was easy, but she didn’t answer the hard questions – in fact, didn’t answer most of the questions. She reminded me of Pollyanna, albeit a smart one. Biden did ok, but seemed so reserved I didn’t recognize him. I guess he gets a B+ and she gets a C.

Posted by lucyblue | Report as abusive

poste by Gail “My fifth grade son definitely would not have the experience to run this country, but I would still vote for him before Obama.”

Wow….. you just defined the conservative agenda in one sentence Gail. Scuttle the ship.

Posted by bruce lindley | Report as abusive

How do you win a debate when you don’t answer questions? Not only did she not answer the questions she told them that she wasnt going too!!! That sealed me for Obama/Biden

Posted by james | Report as abusive

People please try this. Watch the debate again. But this time don’t look. Just listen.

Its scary.

Posted by Justin C | Report as abusive

Someone above referred to “angry liberals” and their attacks on Gov. Palin. You’re damn right we’re mad! Bush and Cheney have destroyed this country with their lies and penchant for greed; McCain has agreed with Bush on the issues that most affect peoples’ lives. His insulting choice of Sarah Palin for VP in itself demonstrates his poor judgement (much like his crude, insulting comments about his own wife). Palin is so out of her league it’s laughable. Her shallow responses to the questions asked, her well-rehearsed answers and smugness spoke volumes about her capabilities to be VP or, God forbid, President. My criticism of Biden is he should’ve challenged her for more specifics, but he clearly demonstrated his readiness to be President. She pandered to the Christian base with her ignorance of how the world truly is. She remains a joke.

Posted by Peter West | Report as abusive

I want Obama to win. I am aching for substantive, intelligent answers from our President.

The GOP would have you believe diplomacy is a sign of weakness, not so, it’s a sign of strength to mentally engage your enemy. It affords you the ability to understand discover their weaknesses and to understand their limits pertaining to the issues.

My favorite point of Bidens’, when he said Obama he, Biden and others counseled the President that supporting elections in Gaza would legitimize Hammas because Hammas would win. America stands for Democratic elections but as soon as Hammas won, we vowed not to deal with this democratically elected government, because the Bush Administration wasn’t smart enough to know the history of Hammas and the services they provide the palestinians: food, housing, healthcare,education. This mistake was a huge foreign-policy blunder. It made the Bush Administration look stupid.

Bush has based his whole foreign policy on democratizing the middle east with free elections. The one important issue with regards to electing a terrorist group-Hammas as a government, Bush was mentally absent and didn’t realize his blunder, why, because Buch, McCain and Palin have no knowledge of world history ancient or modern.

Posted by mead | Report as abusive

I’m an Obama/Biden supporter, but I thought Palin exceeded expectations. A few (critical) observations about her: She plays soccer mom, but being a governor and a vp candidate, how much time could she possibly spend on her kids? And she talks about being governor of a large state as a qualifier of her abilities, but her state happens to be the state with more natural resources per person than any other. Does she have any idea how hard it is in states where the resources are being rapidly depleted or were never there to begin with?

Posted by Scott de Snoo | Report as abusive

Both of them did much better than anticipated. Biden was the true gentleman and Palin the true lady. I do think she avoided some questions/didn’t answer then and ran off to her energy expertise and at times, she sounded like a broken record. What she has going for her is her looks (check out the male undecided voter curves everything the camera switched to Palin, haha) – guys think she is a hot mom and moms who don’t look half as good as she does wish they would look like her. Besides the fluff, I don’t think she has what it takes to run for a VP. If something would happen to McCain and she would take over, things could get VERY scary. It’s irresponsible of the Republican party to have her running for VP. She should resign and they should nominate someone else, that’s the only responsible thing to do.
The winner of the debate was clearly Biden, much more knowledgeable, informed, grabs real issues and is very passionate about these and knows what he is talking about. Palin just repeats her well drilled comments, very repetitive. Very nice lady, I assume good heart, probably great mom, great Alaskian but that is where it should end. If she would have to battle against Hilary instead of Obama/Biden, she wouldn’t stand a chance.

Posted by Tiny1 | Report as abusive

As cheerleaders go, Sarah Palin is doing a great job of rallying team McCain. This is not a game however, and though I am happy for her that she didn’t fall on her face tonight, I cannot fathom America being willing to risk its credibility on the likes of empty candidates like she and John McCain. People may be able to relate to her but for her to assume the position she seeks we need to be able to believe in her and everything I’ve seen so far indicates that she is like I said, a great cheerleader. Go Sarah…back to Alaska!

Posted by M.E. Laine | Report as abusive

Guess you cant speak about the issues if you dont know them. Pathetic performance. Was that the republican vp nominee or a chatty cattie doll? Pull the string and she says 1 out of 5 talking points

Posted by Stephen | Report as abusive

Palin is Mrs. Potato Head. Sorry I don’t think being Governor of Alaska is very impressive overall. For this “debate”, Palin clearly memorized a great many words that someone else crafted – the problem with that is then she couldn’t give any answers except off her memorized script. People keep saying “she is one of us”…. sounds like that’s the problem… she doesn’t have any more brains or education than the average American so of course those like her love her. That’s why they loved Bush.

Posted by Jackie | Report as abusive

As usual Palin dodged the questions and Never outlined a specific plan on the issues that are critical to most of us that have to do with our economy,our troops,middle class was mentioned in her speech at the end. And to have used the word blunders for the war in Iraq,when well over 4,000 of our soldiers have fought, died and continue to fight in Iraq.I was offended by Palin’s insensitve,belittling comment.Many of our sons,daughters have been to Iraq,returned.Many never made it home,and many continue to still be there. God Bless our Troops!

Biden did very well,outlined timeline to bring home our troops,taxbreaks for the middle class,and No More Big Taxbreaks for the wealthiest of Americans.Also mentioned at the end,where our CEO’s like to hide all their kickbacks for sending jobs overseas, to Bermuda,where they don’t have to pay a cent to the IRS.

Posted by Maria | Report as abusive

Please oh please keep attacking Sarah Palin!!!!! The more you rant the more you offend. The more you offend the more votes McCain gets.

Posted by dlruss | Report as abusive

After being thoroughly bemused by the amount of pundits scoring this debate a tie or even a narrow win for Governor Palin, it is very heartening to read over the replies on this message board and see my opinion of the debate vindicated. The vast majority of the pro-Palin opinions come from clearly partisan hacks; in my view those capable of assessing the debate objectively, regardless of their political views, can choose but one winner: Senator Biden. Whilst not perfect, he generally responded to the questions and showed a depth of understanding of the issues which was embarrassingly absent from Governer Palin’s performance. Governor Palin did not so much debate her adversary as resort to making incredibly crude segues into stilted renditions of pre-formulated “talking points”. Perhaps, as a foreigner, I don’t get her “hockey mom” persona; but rather than charming she struck me as nervous and witless.

If, after this performance and her earlier media blunders, American voters still consider her competent to hold the second-highest executive office in the land, then I fear America will truly receive the “democracy it deserves”. God help us all.

Posted by Mikhail | Report as abusive

I am so proud of Joe Biden. He answered like a statesman while Palin babbled like Daffy Duck.

Posted by yaya | Report as abusive

Ahhh, the dog and pony show………How about.

Posted by F.C. Browne | Report as abusive

Only the very feeble-minded could think Palin won the debate. Those people must have been unable to look past her charming exterior to realize she was picking and choosing which questions to answer. She only addressed questions that she was (clearly) coached for and had a practiced response to. She totally ignored MANY questions that she was unprepared for, or gave ridiculous and extremely vague answers like, “We need to stop Wall Street greed,” when asked about the economic crisis. I felt bad for Biden, because he could not pressure her more or call her out– he would have looked like a bully, picking on a poor, cute woman. When will republicans realize that “did not answer the questions” is not just some “democratic talking point,” but the obvious conclusion any intelligent and informed person would make after seeing the debate? Sometimes I think all they care about is whether they want to “have a beer with” the candidate, while totally disregarding experience or knowledge.

Posted by Kelly | Report as abusive

The VP debate will not influence the selection of the next president, however Palin proved herself not to be a deficit to McCain this evening. Not that she is a particular help. Bottom line: the next debate should be between Palin and Obama, that way we can hear from two polititans whose lack of experience is best suited for leadership in this country.

Posted by Jim | Report as abusive

After reading the many comments here it is more than apparent many of you simply do not closely follow political facts as Sen. Biden, on numerous occasions during the debate, was completely untruthful in his statements which can be verified on record. While Gov. Palin exceeded the media induced expectations, it is a sad state of affairs many of you are ill informed and are running with this election cycle on pure emotion and are unwilling or unable to separate fact from fiction concerning the Obama campaign.

Posted by Dr. James Rank | Report as abusive

I think the people who thought Palin won the debate tonight would have said so even if she had debated Jesus. They must be republican party hacks trying to disorient people reading blogs. If anybody else had performed so weakly they’d have been the laughing stock of the nation. In fact she was similar, but even worse than George Bush (folksy tone, can’t pronounce words, governor of a big energy state, not too good in school, talks to God, connects with “real people”, lacks curiosity…). Hell she should run for president and Bush for VP. And when they win we’ll have a ball!!. Come on people!!! The emperor has no clothes. Admit your mistake and pull her off the ticket. Just in case McCain wins.

Posted by John Knight | Report as abusive

I cannot believe that some pundits have actually declared Palin the winner simply because she managed to exceed the very low standard that was expected of her. What kind of logic is that? Biden was concise and comprehensive. His arguments were well thought out and rooted in fact. Palin on the other hand, chose to recite the same old lines. In fact, whenever she wasnt able to answer a particular question, she just rambled on about being a ‘maverick’ and her track record as a mayor and governor.

Where was the substance? Where were the new ideas? The fact is that there weren’t any. She was simply relying on the ‘folksy’ charm, rather than any understanding of the fundamental issues. Look what kind of President you get when voters choose charm over substance, namely the current President. A man with no credibility. A man who is not respected and whose only legacy will be his gross ineptitude. There is something eerily similar about Sarah Palin and George W. Charm over substance. Folksy over factual. Surely voters cannot fall into the same trap once again…especially when it is quite likely that McCain wont see out his full term.

America and the world deserve better. The world needs an American President and VP equipped to face the challenges of the present and the future. Palin is so far out of her depth it beggars belief. Lets not set our standards of Government so low that we accept and reward mediocrity.

Posted by CK | Report as abusive

Biden knew what he was talking about, Palin was reading her talking points.
She couldn’t answer any question directly, but she read those talking points as if she were back reading those hockey scores to a TV audience in Anchorage.
I especially loved it when she recited the talking point that Obama’s plan for Iraq (endorsed by Maliki and the Bush administration) is tantamount to “waving the white flag.” She is completely clueless.

Biden should have asked her why she voted for the bridge to nowhere before she voted against it. He was way too easy on her.

Posted by getplaning | Report as abusive

I can sleep now. Biden just synched Obama’s victory. My “shout out” to the perennially angry, nasty Mr. McCain: Do you have that knawing, “uh oh” feeling in your stomach? That’s called “The end”.

PS I’d love to have ONE child, but feel it’s irresponsible and selfish given that I work two jobs. Five children and running for VP?! What the BLANK!

Posted by Mary | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin didn’t sound as bad as she did with Couric or Gibson. Then again, neither Couric nor Gibson let Palin get away with not answering the questions they were asked (“I got lost in a blizzard of words… I’m going to ask one last time…”)

I walked away from the debate mostly feeling stoked about Biden. He answered the questions and managed to seem down to earth while clearly knowing his stuff. I LOVED it when he said this is the most important election since 1932, implying that Obama may be the next FDR :^).

Palin had developed slightly more sophisticated sound bites, and was adequate. Joe Biden looked presidential.

Posted by Jen C | Report as abusive

To: Gademoncrate at 11:20

You were never going to vote for Obama if you were waiting on the VP debate to make your decision. I think you want her to do better that she’s done thus far so you can justify voting for McCain because prior to this debate, you wouldn’t vote for McCain/Palin either.

Your lack of intelligence, honesty and integrity is what gave us eight years of Bush/Chaney. I hope most of America is not like you, this time.

Palin is not prepared to be VP. This woman has no knowledge of American policy, American law(supreme court decisions) and foreign policy. We got what we deserved with Buch/Chaney, do we want to make that mistake again, Russia, China, Iran, Pakistan and North Korea all have agendas, can we afford to be erratic and dumb in our decision-making?.

Posted by joan | Report as abusive

I believe since this is the second highest political office in the land Jo Biden clearly showed the prowess. I keep hearing she reached the everyday person and clearly won the debate by radical right wing ghost hunters I just know if we were in an extreme conflict with a foreign nationand lives were at stake I would not want a radical hockey mom deciding for my nation!!

Posted by Robert | Report as abusive

I’m a transvestite, but Palin could not answer questions on what she would do by giving examples. Middle schoolers learn that you give examples to explain your point. She said things to appeal to the emotional side of Americans, and it might work in the polls.
People call her a shrewd politician, but she wasn’t smart enough to make up examples, like McCain and Obama did in their debates. Most American aren’t going to do fact checks. Oh, wait, she’s the “new” type of politician.

Posted by Randy | Report as abusive

“cute” may be fine for a small town mayor, but I do not want “cute” in the white house. Hey Sarah, I think you have something in your eye.

Posted by Jason | Report as abusive

Never any mention of Michelle: If there might be agendas to surface later and the amount of her influence on Barack. We’ve already had an unelected first lady who had an agenda – natl health care. The “first spouse, partner” is a factor that will have to be considered from here on.
The comments on Palin being “cutesy” miss the point that she was chosen to energize the Rep ticket, nothing more.

Posted by khf | Report as abusive


Posted by WASHINGTON OUTSIDER | Report as abusive

jeezus everyone said Palin did well, if you set the bar low you have no where to go but up. as a woman from alaska, she is one of the gun toting, “tolerant” rednecks that exploit the game and land for thier selfish purpose, drill baby drill is not policy.
sarah palin fell on her Tina Fey glasses, just filling up space with rhetoric is not doing well, it’s just filling up space.

Posted by Raven | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin = Thedore Roosevelt

Barry soetoro(?)aka:Baraak Obama = Jimmy Carter

I am old enough to remember the nightmare of Carter.

She oversaw a $40 billion dollar project.
Barry oversaw 2500 employees on his campaign staff (in which women got paid less for equal work then men).
She is more qaulified then him, so please don’t go after her experience. He has been running for president ever since he got out of Harvard. Did any of you middle class libs. make it to an ivy league school? I made it through a state run college just like the one Sarah Palin went to.
I want the one who know’s me best, not the one who want’s me to think that he know’s me best and is filling my head with lovely songs song by school children. Give’s me the creep.
He is not God, but more like Hitler.

Posted by Jay R. from delafield,wi | Report as abusive

As as Republican I am shocked at her naive answers and lack of substance. Not everyone can spun and spin the facts as she can – she’s good at it. God help this country.

Posted by ddavid | Report as abusive

Justin at 11:30

I’m listening/watching it again as we blog. It’s worse the second time around. The same non-sense answers by Palin as in her previous interviews, only this time, they trained her how to not look like a deer in the headlights when giving these absolutely stupid answers.

This woman is an insult to every man who has pushed his daughter to get a college education and to every woman who strives to undertand the world beyond her closet.

I think McCain chose her solely for window-dressing because a man of his generation does not view women as intelligent, logical beings.

Posted by joan | Report as abusive

It’s truly a sad day in America when the person who could be 1 step away from running our Country is said to have succeeded merely because she didn’t fall flat on her face. This isn’t like running for president of the PTA Sarah! What we needed were real answers not rhetoric and repetitious talking points. Biden delivered real answers backed by facts, Palin offered nothing more than generalities.

Posted by Ryan | Report as abusive

I didn’t realize this website had so many Kool-Aid drinkers. Only a liberal press or a far left looney can deny Palin her victory. Yes, she won.

Posted by Frank | Report as abusive

Palin did well? if you set the bar low you have no where to go but up. as a woman from alaska, she is one of the gun toting, “tolerant” rednecks that exploit the game and land for thier selfish purpose, drill baby drill is not policy.
sarah palin fell on her Tina Fey glasses, just filling up space with rhetoric is not doing well, it’s just filling up space.

Posted by Raven | Report as abusive

i was impressed with Palin’s performance. I heard so much from the media and pundits on what a poor interview she is and how dumb she is and I must say that I found her to be genuine and fresh. Perhaps my expectations were lowered by public opinion but she came out ahead because of it. Biden was difficult to listen to after some time because he was condescending with his tone and if I was paid each time he said “listen” or “look” listening to him would have been worth my time.

Posted by M. Crane | Report as abusive

Palin was awesome!
*guilty pause*
*laughing exhale*
Ha ha ha… Sorry, I couldn’t help it – those people kill me. She didn’t totally suck. If you think otherwise you are wrong. Biden didn’t totally suck either. But he’ll be a better VP.

Posted by Mike M | Report as abusive

I like it when a VP candidate winks at me. Gov. Palin did it twice tonight. George Bush would do that in his debates and it just make me feel more protected from terrorists.

Posted by Mike | Report as abusive

It wasn’t a debate-the McCain camp wouldn’t allow that. Palin didn’t answer questions and, given the format, got away with it. The bar was set way low for Palin: All she had to do was not make a glaring gaffe and as much as possible, gosh-darn, smile and wink the moments away. Palin’s folksy delivery is condescending and turns me off. Some of her direct comments to Biden bordered on mean and disrespectful. Her Cheney-like stance on the role of the VP was quite a slip. Biden was excellent. He condensed his responses to specifics. He came through as likable and knowledgeable. Since she’s not in his league, there was no reason for him to attack her. There is no comparison between the two candidates. Senator Biden is competent to be President and Governor Palin is not. For the sake of our country let’s send her back to Alaska.

Posted by Amylynde | Report as abusive

Did she say “the toxic mess on Main Street has moved to Wall Street”?!

Posted by Merrill Grinch | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin won and so did the country! I am SO TIRED of the Ivy League Washington types who think that they know better, are better suited and more qualified to lead this country than us.

I LOVED that this woman spoke to us ..she didn’t play the politician …she talked to regular Americans…she has lived the middle class life and knows what it means to put your kids through school while you hold a job and don’t have the $$ to send them to private schools and hire nannies.

My small business doesn’t need more taxes and my husbands employer doesn’t need more taxes, because if they get more piled on that means folks will loose jobs! It is NOT rocket science. If Obama has his way, 40% of the Americans who don’t pay any taxes will get money back… question Mr. Obama….just where exactly where that money come from????!!

Frankly, I think its time to let a down to earth person like Sarah Palin, and John McCain a man who has walked the walk, run this country and take it away from Washington and give it back to the people!!!

Posted by Barbara | Report as abusive

Why do people think they need to relate to the VP? These people are NOT your friends. They won’t come to your door and want to kick back with you. They are here to run our country with class, dignity and knowledge. Having someone who can only talk about 3 topics over and over again is called a machine. Robots do that. As VP, she sounds like a 2nd grader who thinks she can sit down and have an intelligent conversation with foreign leaders. Are you kidding? Will you be bringing your binder of notes when you are eating lunch with these people? And tell me again, when you go to a job interview, do you read from your book of notes when the interviewer ask you questions? Or do you sound sincere? It’s one thing to have well thought out answers and another thing to avoid another one. As a hiring partner at a firm, she would NOT be representing any of my clients much less the United States of America.

Posted by Linda | Report as abusive

As someone not from the United States with an unbiased view, I have to say that Biden won hands down. Palin was completely out of her league, and yes she has done good things for Alaska, but I believe she clearly showed tonight that there is no way she is ready for this position. I am quite shocked at how much Republican Analysts were able to talk up her debate despite the obvious fact that she side stepped so many important questions and focused on her strengths, but in doing so showed where a lot of her weaknesses lay. It really makes me question McCain’s judgement in selecting a VP with so little experience in Washington, foreign affairs, law, etc. I do understand one main reason he chose her, in order to distance himself from looking like a repeat of the Bush Administration, but how can you convince the people that Ms. Palin would be fit for the job of President should McCain be unable to perform his duties for one reason or another? From her debate, I just don’t see her being able to instill the confidence in the American people that they will need in the years to come.

As for Mr. Biden, I had not had the oppurtunity to hear him speak until tonight and overall I was quite impressed. I think he will be an extremely good fit with Obama and that the two will comlement each other quite well. It sounds like he will not be pressured off his own beliefs should he be VP, whereas for Ms. Palin, it sounds more like she will be a cheering squad for McCain. I believe Biden has all the right experience involving Washington to be able to help push through any future legislature which is an absolute key component for the VP.

Obama made the right pick, McCain did not.

Posted by Brian | Report as abusive

As Americans lets ask what our country can do for us not what we can do for ourselves. Lets all get our mortgages and our healthcare and our food stamps paid for by the govt.. Let us not fight terrorism lets just forget 911 and worry about issues that are really important like gay rights and making sure that everyone gets a piece of the pie. Where would America be if the previous generations thought that way.If were all lucky maybe we can just pass it on to the next generations of taxpayers because this generation doesnt have the guts to fight for freedom and hold themselves accountable for getting a job and making sound financial decisions so please uncle Sam Im waiting for my check i hope its in the mail

Posted by Ben D | Report as abusive

debate was great, Biden showed that he is an stateman: kind, gentle and knowledgeable, gives people confidence that he will do a good job and that he is ready to take the presidency in case something happen to Obama; Sarah reafirmed what was already know: lock of experience, eagerness, and lock of answer at questions, please take us seriously, at this point in time and at anytime we need someone capable of being a good Vicepresident.

Posted by Eddie | Report as abusive

I’m sorry the fact that liberals can’t admit that Sarah did a good job compared to Joe are so far gone it doesn’t even matter. I lived in Washington, DC for 10 years and she’s refreshing and he’s “the establishment” how can he represent change when he’s been in the same gvt job for 35 years (give or take – I don’t have exact # years in front of me right now). He didn’t say anything new nor did he show how HE would change anything he’s been part of. Even if you’re not voting for her you have to giver her credit. It’s impressive to see her come so far in a few weeks – that’s a go getter and someone we want in office – someone who can learn quickly and adapt to the environment. It’s ever changing and we need someone quick on their feet and she’s pretty good. My vote is not decided but I resent those folks who won’t see beyond their party blinders and resentment that she’s “the” woman in the front line. Get over it. She is middle America and beyond. You go girl!

Posted by Kim | Report as abusive

If Sarah Palin was hunting, she’s bringing home nothing. Joe Biden was diplomatic, restrained and answered the questions as expected. He was not caught like a deer in headlights like McCain and Palin. It is really scary to think that the puppet could talk apart from the handlers.

Posted by Matt | Report as abusive

On the contrary to mainstream media journalists’ opinion,(I usually don’t believe in mainstream media because of their manipulation of information!) Palin was awesome. Her bright face was in contrast with Biden’s. She is refreshing, unlike many politicians

Posted by Geon Lee | Report as abusive

This country is in dire straits if people actually think that Palin is qualified to be Vice President. Her lack of knowledge is scary – her lack of the right kind of experience that is needed for that position is obvious to anybody who actually has an education (a proper eduction by that….)

Posted by Cathal | Report as abusive

people are funny!
o-biden want to raise taxes i don’t care what class your in. THE GOVERNMENT TAKES TOOOO MUCH MONEY FROM US……..
rich people are american also. if the gov. was a private company they would be out of business so why give them more money HELLO!!!!!
Sarah rocked

Posted by brandon | Report as abusive

Palin was dynamic and engaging. However, she was considerably off topic and often did not answer the question posed.

Biden was a bit monotone but very subtantive and pointed.

They both did well in different ways but I give the win to Biden.

Posted by Debra Zenden | Report as abusive

I was pleasantly surprised by both of them, honestly. I think that Biden did a better job of answering the questions, but Palin came off OK.

Posted by BR | Report as abusive

I forgot one thing…she referred to Joe as “Obiden”, anyone else catch that?

Posted by Debra Zenden | Report as abusive

I find it difficult to believe that anyone could believe that Palin has any substance. Winking at the camera? Come on folks, this lady could end up being the CEO of our country! I was disgusted that Palin was allowed by the moderator to circumvent the questions. It was an offense to our intelligence that she thought we would fall for her dribble. It was obvious that the woman knew what she was talking about maybe one third of the time. Joe Biden was fantastic and spoke like an intelligent, experienced and prepared professional. Palin needs to go home to her soccer games!

Posted by Gale | Report as abusive

Palin did very well- considering that she is not the smooth talking Washington establishment; she speaks from ‘main street’ and not D.C. That said I think that she is still about equal to Obama in terms of experience-and he is running for president! Biden did well- no need to retract his foot from his mouth- which was quite a suprise!

Posted by steve | Report as abusive

Palin, was probably a better speaker, but it ended there. She hardly had any answers or facts. Few or no numbers – all contested and won by Biden. It was a wide paint brush with no strategy, structure nor detail She tried her best, was composed probably knew she had a lesser chance and prefered to poke fun at Obama and Biden rather than reply to questions she was supposed to answer. Biden walked away as a doer, Paln – just a talker!

Posted by sk | Report as abusive

I keep reading how Palin succeeded merely because she didn’t fall flat on her face, again! That’s crazy talk! And here is what I HEARD her say…. “Soccer moms, maverick, also, Joe six-pack, also, maverick, gosh darnit, also, hockey mom, Up in Alaska, also, mainstream media, maverick, wink, also, say it ain’t so, Joe, also, Up in Alaska, “give a shout-out to”, maverick, also, extra-credit, also, flirt,gee whiz, The Large State of Alaska, also, wink, maverick, you betcha, maverick, also, Civil War General who???? in Afghanistan, wink, been at this what, five weeks?, also, Up in Alaska, like me and Todd, also, maverick.” In other words, a bunch of nothing! Shame on McCain for picking someone so utterly unqualified!

Posted by Linda | Report as abusive

Cathal, exactly what is a proper education? That has to be the most arrogant “I am an elite snob” statement I have seen in a bit. If you don’t agree with you Cathal you are obviously not “properly” educated, hmm perhaps they should be sent to re-education camps? that sound like a good idea to you Cathal? then we can all come out as proper cookie cutter “properly educated” drones.

Posted by Eric K. | Report as abusive

Dave Williams:

Even Republicans have commented on this site that Palin clearly did not win this debate. It’s not just liberals that are waking up to that fact that McCain picked a very bad VP choice.

My three main complaints about her performance:
*She did not answers the questions she was asked
*She made several (simple) grammatical mistakes and factual errors
*Her cutie-pie routine is transparent and insulting

And what was up with those Republican analysts that spoke after the debate? Do they actually think they can ‘talk’ the American public into believing that Palin did a good job? What debate were they watching?! I watched the debate and I know that she does not have the qualifications to be the Vice President of this country.

Obama/Biden 2008

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Bless Joe I started off sort of cheering for him, being an Independent, I don’t have that party loyalty thing hanging over my head and in my opinion Biden didn’t bad but, Palin brought it tonight, I think she kicked some butt definitely.

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As an Australian watching this debate, it really is scary to see that the best that America can produce is in the form of a gun-toting hocky mom. It’s a paradox to use the word gun and mom in the same sentence. If your future leaders cannot even understand basic english, how the heck do you expect them to govern, communicate and be the future torch bearers of peace. Be afraid…be very afraid.

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Palin is out of her league, the little winks, mocking grins and moronic catch phrases really showed how much of a simpleton she is on hard issues. Nice that she was talking to the camera, but wasn’t exactly selling to the undecided, just giving pats on the back to the republican supports she already has. At least she strung some coherent sentences together (albeit short of substance), so that’s some sort of win at least.

Biden – articulate and thorough. Obama for president!

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It takes more than a pretty face and some clichés to make a good VP. Redneck Sarah will score with Joe Sixpack but if that is what it takes we’re in for a lousy 4 years or ‘more of the same’.Buch promissed less government and we never had so much of it. Besides who’s going to pay for the 700 billion plus, the ‘off-balance’ war and 9 trillion of debt with lower taxes? Biden won, he’s the better choice anyway!

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one last comment tonight. anyone who can talk about Sarah Palin’s lack of experience while supporting Barak Obama for president, whose main credential for the job is, he’s been campaigning for us to give it to him for 20 months, instead of doing the job he was elected to do in the US Senate.
dangerous naivety does not even begin to describe your number one for the ticket, couple that with advice from the man that wanted to split Iraq into three warring weak states to be gobbled up by Iran as appetizer’s and you are talking about a disaster.

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Intellectually, Biden won hands down. Emotionally, Palin clearly had the edge. God help us all if these two, along with their running mates, are the “best” America can come up with. We’re all in deep sh@t!
The vote is dead. Arm yourself!

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The reality is, it’s not McCain, Obama, Biden or Palin who really hold the ‘power’ in this country. It’s moneyed elites who own the international banking cartel. Every politician is basically a puppet of these interests. So, I wish I could convince myself that I actually have a real choice, and that this election isn’t just another illusion, but I can’t. I will vote Obama because he’s the lesser of two evils, but in the end I’m still mourning the fact that Ron Paul wasn’t able to break through the cloak of deception that’s been over this country’s eyes since they passed the nefarious Federal Reserve Act during a Christmas break in 1913. The Fed owns us and they are neither Federal nor a reserve. Wake up everyone. Study who is really in control. Whoever has the power to mint the money controls our economy, and economic interests control what these political candidates do and say. Let’s break free from deception and take power back into our own hands. The elections don’t matter as much as how you individuals live your lives, as civilians, not as mere consumers. Read Brave New World and it will make more sense. The change begins with us, not with the candidates. That’s democracy.

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The way Palin winked and talked was not what a possible President of the United States should do. People from outside the US like me just don’t get them. She should have kept her job as Mayor or a beauty queen of a small town.

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Palin is so much better at memorizing and performing onstage than I imagined. And Biden, though relaxed and knowledgeable, was a worse debater than I expected. Problem for Palin is of course she didn’t answer the questions. Reminds us too much of Bush-in-the-bubble. Biden was present, interactive. Palin was in an alter-universe, in a debate all her own.

She’s got to get over the media thing. Even if the media is slanted one way or another at times, if you can’t handle that, do you really think you can run a country? Does she believe that the freedoms we are fighting for exclude freedom of the press? All journalism?

Nonetheless, I’m personally relieved she made it through. I would have hated to see a hockey mom humiliated on national television.

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I tell you. If this presidential campaign is held in any other parts of the World, Obama/Biden would have won hands-down.

The debate has already demonstrated an already well-known fact : Palin is not qualified. What she does is spew coached remarks and read off pre-written scripts without even independent thinking of any sort. She avoids questions like the plague and went back to her safety zone of “energy,Alaska etc” when she could not substantively rebut some of the points mentioned by Biden.

Her speech was rhetorical and did not have strong facts to back her up. As if her weak understanding of politics wasnt enough, she also did not show sympathy when Biden spoke of his raising up 2 sons all by himself. Not at all. I thought that was pretty ungracious.

Lastly, Biden made several substantive, powerful attacks on McCain’s voting records and policies, especially that part when he says that “maverick he is not”. Yet she just stares blankly at her desk and did not even attempt to rebut these attacks. What on earth is she doing?

No intelligent being, in his rational right mind, would vote for someone who is so completely ignorant and who clings on to pre-written speeches and avoids tough questions.

Btw, I am from Singapore and if I were an American I would have voted for Obama/Biden. Many of my countrymen share the same sentiments, as with many other people from other countries. Its patently obvious taht Biden and Obama has what it takes to run the country and bring about fundamental changes.

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First of all, I honestly believe that all of you that come down so hard on Palin are basically jealous of her either because 1) she has more backbone than you or because 2) she is more beautiful than you. And no, that woman is never going to “run off the stage” and be like that. Some of you cannot see a beautiful woman and understand that she is also a strong woman.

As for her not “answering the question.” I believe she did, as much as a person could. Joe didn’t answer all the questions pointedly either. Both wanted to (as they should) answer the question as well as answer unasked questions that were brought up by the other side in the previous question during the small time given them.

In addition, I could bet money on every statement she said, that it was true. It was interesting that Joe didn’t deny his statements that she quoted. I believe a lot of what he said in this debate stemmed from the fact that he is now “wearing a different coat” from what he was before he was nominated as vp. His beliefs change according to who he hangs out with.

Basically, Sarah is Sarah and that is beautiful. Basically, however, Joe is not necessarily Joe. I believe he doesn’t even know what his real beliefs are.

And, Does Sarah Palin have what it takes? Yes. If you say No to that question then you have never known a good intelligent woman. What she doesn’t know she can learn, and Biden didn’t really impress me with any huge amount of knowledge that would outshine her current knowledge. Biden would have to learn to be vp as well, however, he is a lot older and I don’t believe has the potential to learn as quick or as well as she.

It is interesting how easily some embrace different race over different sex. Not that I have a problem with race, I just don’t know why that should get more respect than the opposite sex.

Or it could be that most people who are irate at Palin are on this website stating their opinions, while most people who are happy with this debate are already in bed enjoying the rest that only happiness brings. (the only reason why I am still awake is that I am at work :(

God Bless America. Palin for President!

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How many hourns in a day does Palin hold her baby, is it so
important that immediately after her dabate she should so rush to hold the kid with cameras pointing at her.Is she
trying to show something else. other than love for the baby.

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Frankly, I’m worried about anyone who stays in the same job for 35 years as Biden has as a Senator! Move on, already! Let someone with new ideas and a fresh perspective take over. The Founding Fathers of our country did not envision lifelong, professional politicians, rather a government run by the people–shopkeepers, farmers, lawyers, and teachers who would put aside the tools of their trade for a time and serve as leaders. So, yes, Biden has had 35 years plus law school to bone up on statistics and to polish up his rhetoric. But, many of the most amazing leaders in our history have been those less rehearsed in politics like Truman and Regan. I have every confidence that Ms. Palin is perfectly capable of coming up to speed quickly on any task she undertakes–and I sense an earnestness and honesty in her and McCain that is missing in Biden’s half-truths, bluster and fake “common guy” persona, or Obama’s swagger. Let’s face it–the job of VP or President – is a manager’s job. If government was run more like a business and less like a social service agency, we wouldn’t be in the deep trouble we are today. Let’s encourage the citizens of the USA to be accountable for themselves rather than expecting, at every turn, a government handout. Since the White House comes equipped with experts, advisors and cabinet members in abundance and in every possible discipline, those we elect don’t have to be experts in every field. They need good judgement and integrity. I’m voting for the people that I feel will consider issues and make decisions in my best interest-McCain and Palin.

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After watching Palin debate with a more qualified Joe, I started wondering why USA did not start an institution that vets leaders before they appear before the world audience. Palin sounded totally like someone who runs a school in the village: Quite out of touch with current affairs. Memorizing issue without getting to understand the big picture is what finished Palin. Joe was quite steady as he understood issues like the back of his hand. A good start for Sarah.

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These are serious times. I don’t want good ol boy politics. They are uneducated feel good answers. She did not answer 3 or 4 questions because she was not prepped for them. At least Biden answered. Wake up, Simpletons.

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Palin did not win the debate. In order to have had the chance at winning the debate, she needed to directly answer the questions that were pointed to her. Over and over again she dodged with a giddy innocence that has no place in the White House, let alone a televised VPOTUS debate.

Agree or not with the Obama/Biden policies- at least they can answer the questions in a manner that is reasoned and intelligent. Palin defaulted the debate many times over- I cannot believe she had the audacity to actually say that she (I paraphrase) was not going to answer the questions the way they (the people who came up with the questions?) wanted her to answer.

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Biden won on substance and Governor Palin on folksyness, but lsck of depth. She held her own and may have done herself good in the republican party. otherwise, no impact. . Senator Obama will win the election handily. I am a registered Republican and I have to admit that in the end there is no contest due to the economic issues. Sorry, Senator Mc Cain will have to simply cow further to the riches of his spouse. He is a kept man!

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Palin was pathetic. Well rehearsed at saying nothing. The moderator was weak and should have insisted she answered the questions. Palin was condescenduing and insulting. who does she think she is. She is beginning to believe her Joe six pack statement. She does not understand what a maverick is. She is just plain dumb. Her knoweldge of foreign affairs is limited to a three week cramming from the party leaders.
Obama and Biden give America some hope for a brighter future. America must regain its respect in the world. Bush and Cheney have made us a world dictatorship. They have put all our money into overseas wars and problems or into their own greedy pockets. Wake up America this is your chance to turn the corner and get back to the America we all deserve. Obame and Biden are our only chance.

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Senator Biden won on substasnce, but Governor Palin maintained her standing in the Republican party. However, it will not afffect the outcome.

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Joe Biden’s 14 Lies IN VP DEBATE

1. TAX VOTE: Biden said McCain voted

“the exact same way” as Obama to

increase taxes on Americans earning

just $42,000, but McCain DID NOT



Biden lied when he said that Barack

Obama never said that he would sit

down unconditionally with Mahmoud

Ahmedinijad of Iran. Barack Obama did

say specifically, and Joe Biden attacked

him for it.


said, “Drill we must.” But Biden has

opposed offshore drilling and even

compared offshore drilling to “raping”

the Outer Continental Shelf.”

4. TROOP FUNDING: Joe Biden lied

when he indicated that John McCain and

Barack Obama voted the same way

against funding the troops in the field.

John McCain opposed a bill that

included a timeline, that the President of

the United States had already said he

would veto regardless of it’s passage.


says he’s always been for clean coal,

but he just told a voter that he is against

clean coal and any new coal plants in

America and has a record of voting

against clean coal and coal in the U.S.



According to, Biden is

exaggerating and overstating John

McCain’s record voting for alternative

energy when he says he voted against it

23 times.

7. HEALTH INSURANCE: Biden falsely

said McCain will raise taxes on people’s

health insurance coverage — they get a

tax credit to offset any tax hike.

Independent fact checkers have

confirmed this attack is false

8. OIL TAXES: Biden falsely said Palin

supported a windfall profits tax in Alaska

— she reformed the state tax and

revenue system, it’s not a windfall

profits tax.


COMMENTS: Biden said that top

military commander in Iraq said the

principles of the surge could not be

applied to Afghanistan, but the

commander of NATO’s International

Security Assistance Force Gen. David

D. McKiernan said that there were

principles of the surge strategy,

including working with tribes, that could

be applied in Afghanistan.

10. REGULATION: Biden falsely said

McCain weakened regulation — he

actually called for more regulation on

Fannie and Freddie.

11. IRAQ: When Joe Biden lied when

he said that John McCain was “dead

wrong on Iraq”, because Joe Biden

shared the same vote to authorize the

war and differed on the surge strategy

where they John McCain has been

proven right.

12. TAX INCREASES: Biden said

Americans earning less than $250,000

wouldn’t see higher taxes, but the

Obama-Biden tax plan would raise taxes

on individuals making $200,000 or


13. BAILOUT: Biden said the economic

rescue legislation matches the four

principles that Obama laid out, but in

reality it doesn’t meet two of the four

principles that Obama outlined on Sept.

19, which were that it include an

emergency economic stimulus

package, and that it be part of “part of a

globally coordinated effort with our

partners in the G-20.”

14. REAGAN TAX RATES: Biden is

wrong in saying that under Obama,

Americans won’t pay any more in taxes

then they did under Reagan.



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A VP and the Prez must have one thing to make them great at the job.


OBAMA has shown none!
Biden has shown none!

McCain has shown plenty!!!!
Palin has shown plenty!!!

I would bet on McCain/Palin in a knife fight with Obama/Biden anytime!!!!

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Sarah Palin’s response to questions during the debate could pass for answers in a referendum. She was in love with the answer ’NO’ on so many issues. Although she sounded tough, maybe due to inferiority complex, on foreign policy, in her I saw a person who would fear to negotiate. But in Joe Biden, I saw a person who would neither fear to negotiate, nor negotiate out of fear. President Bush must be proud of her. She sounded like a great student of his, a true hawk that’s out of touch with the global village that we want. I’m sure, even in grave, Ronald Reagan must be a happy man for having produced three know-little warmongers: George Bush, John McCain and toddler Palin. Republicans McCain and Palin will make Novermber 4th a success for Barack Obama and Joe Biden. In athletics, it’s always good to be escorted to the finish line by pace-setters. Republicans have lost this race and they know it too well. Let them play the pace-setter role.

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Biden was the winner hands down. I don’t blame Palin for her predicament, I blame McCain and the republican machine. Biden could have torn Palin limb from limb but he held back because he knew it wouldn’t win votes and because he knew she would dig her own hole.

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Fellow Americans, only about 1 in 10 of us trust congress thats both dems and reps. So how do you get from here to where we want to be. You cant get there by sending the same old people back. So some of us conservatives want to send Palin to Washington because she has our Ideology, and we dont like all these “Experienced” people who are not much better than crooks. So we can Hope Palin can extablish some honor and ethics. Can you hope Obama will change anything? You havnt studied his record if you believe that. Someone said of all the talents a man can have the only important one is integrity. If she has integrity the rest will follow.

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Please, America, tell me it isn’t true? Is that all it takes to be fit for the vice presidency? Ignore the questions you are asked? Deploy the carbon-copy speeches you were trained to say, over and over again? Give answers to questions you weren’t asked?
The only way Sahra Palin did succeed in the debate was by being able to utter complete sencences most of the time. By sticking to the script she was drilled like a fly to a glue trap. As if someone had her winded up and sent to the debate like a toy soldier.

I’m not so sure I want that to be true for a possible POTUS…

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It is very evident by reading the comments who is a Liberal and who is a conservative.
Not very objective comments!

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Palin failed miserably and did not answer any question that requires knowledge and intelligence. She couldn’t answer what VP’s job is. Rather she answered VP presides over the United States senates, and add that more Authorities should be given to the position of VP thereby echoing the Cheney’s position. She doesn’t know the name of the commander in Afghanistan. Rather, she appeared to answers those questions that she couldn’t answered during previous interview she had, and wasted time talking about what she has done in Alaska. Finally, she couldn’t offer any explanation where Sen. John McCain’s polices differs from George Bushes. Therefore, Sen. Joe Biden won the debates.

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Palin has clearly mastered the 90 second sound bite and has shown she can be a relatively quick study. That may be perfectly adequate for governor of a sparsely populated state but not for the Vice President’s office.

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LOL@Palin indeed.

When she wasn’t lying, she was evading.
She was reproducing untrue information and/or purposly withholding relevant information on pretty much every topic.

Castro brothers dangerous? Wiping Israel off the map? Come on. Baddies hating Americas “freedoms”? Are you kidding me?

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Palin did quite well. Biden is a total fake just check his record. only a month ago he himself was slamming Obama????? the two Obama&Biden are like peas and carrots,not every body likes is easy to tell who likes them here

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Gov. Palin and Sen. McCain Should run on their own ideas and tell us what they are going to ofer us rather than telling us how great President Ronald Reagan was.

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Palin done a fine job, I commend her on called Biden out on his comments he said earlier on Obama.

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Palin is a friendly lady, she is a polite lady BUT she is better off staying in Alaska. She is not matured enough to deal with global crises. Palin was prepared like a parrot. This is why she was not able to answer many questions. She did not even know many facts i.e. 95% of small business owners in the U.S. earns less than $250k , i.e. that MC Cowboy is for deregulation and this is what got U.S. economy in this mess. Ms. Sarah Palin is a very friendly lady but not a politician.

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How you define “win?” How do you define the qualities needed to be a president? Popular opinion says we need a TV star who can “kick butt” and please the audience. That’s how Palin appears to me. These are nice, but if there’s nothing of substance to back them up, how in the heck are you going to lead one of the most powerful nations in the world? “Don’t do that buddy or we’re gonna whip your hiney!” Gee, what authority and demeanor…

Obama and Biden provide more hope for more humane national and world leadership than any other ticket I’ve seen in many, many years. We need stewardship, folks, not brinksmanship. Bullying and greed got us where we are. The rest of the world seems to get that. We’re simply blinded by our own power.

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I’m a Chinese living in Hong Kong, most would think the U.S. presidential race probably has nothing to do with me. Having said that, it is most disturbing to see someone like Palin could even be considered being the VP of the US, I think the US would gain more respect with Obama-Biden. Good luck guys.

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Palin was fantastic………the message was delivered………Socialist Liberals quit and go home and take this enormous debt that You have created by enlarging your POWER and GREED for more and larger government control.
Socialist Liberals are no longer the in thing; they are what is wrong with this nation and it’s moral decay that exist today. They will bury themselves with their GREED for POWER; God willing they will not take the United States of America down with them. Their rotten core has never been more at the surface than it is now! The American People will not allow this to continue. Pelosi, Reid, Dodd and Frank are the perfect example of all that is politically and morally wrong, wrong, wrong. We will not tolerate The Hitler Mentality of the Demorats any more!!

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Biden won, but not by a knockout as some Democrats hoped. However, this is scary reading Republicans’ comments. Palin did good obviously because the bar was so low it was inevitable.

Republicans, after watching this debate with this woman who could be president, you still cast your vote for McCain? If something happened to McCain, Palin would have the toughest job in the world… she’d have the huge task of restoring American greatness – the economy and foreign policy/world standing. How can you be so ignorant/naive/stupid/clueless to even think she could do it?

Btw, I’m a libertarian who dislikes both candidates but chooses the lesser of two evils, Obama as his pick.

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How anyone can take Palin seriously is beyond me. The thought of having her as the leader the most powerful nation is terrifying!
She couldn’t even answer the questions. Either she didn’t comprehend them or didn’t have the skills to respond and fell back on superficial script. All night she repeated the same themes “John’s a maverick” “the surge” etc. She offered nothing constructed whatsoever! To say she performed well because she didn’t make a fool out of herself is setting extremely low standards. America is better than that…

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Who could steer the “Ship of State” in an emergency assumption of the highest office? The answer is clear now – Senator Biden. We have no more time or patience for on the job “non-learners”!

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Not only did Palin not answer a lot of the questions, and she never backed anything up when Biden would point out some controversy, simply stating, “That’s not true.” You have to back up your statements with facts if you want anyone to believe that. Biden did well in the debate, but I don’t agree with either’s policy. They agree on too many things. Our so-called “elections” have long turned into jokes.

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Biden reaffirming Biden is much better than Palin reaffirming Palin.

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All of you stuck up ivy league types have been so brainwashed by the liberal colleges, you can no longer recognize a person of true character and strength. Sarah is not part of your phony crowd and I thank God for that. She won hands down so get over it. She is the true agent of change in this election and will be the next VP!

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They say her performance was “folksy”, are you kidding me! I say it was humiliating!

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Biden showed restraint and this will leave the largest impression amongst the populace because he could have stomped on her, he could have made it hell for the lady from Alaska but he was gracious enough to just sigh and focus on Mccain instead of making it a personal attack.
Infact there was nothing to speak of Palin because she has no credentials in short the debate wan;t even about her. Its okay to shout out at 3rd grader I guess. What does Palin want? A junior g man badge?

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Debra Zenden: ‘I forgot one thing…she referred to Joe as “Obiden”, anyone else catch that?

Obama bin Laden ?

Osama Barak ?

Is the USA a continent or a country ?

The centre of the known Universe ?

Are all the autonomous States in financial dwang, or only New York State ?

Democracy ?

Apples, pears…

Huh ?

What ?

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Sarah Palin mopped up the floor with Joe Biden.

Go Sarah >>>>>>>>>>>

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Palin is real and shined….McCain/Palin are the winning ticket.

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Finally, a canidate who will look out for the American people….

We love Sarah.

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Palin= No substance, folksy type… yes! but, didn’t we, the USA just have an 8 year stint with a ‘folksy’ idiot who knew absolutely nothing, who alienated the world and a treacherous VP hailing from his money making Halliburton days.

Come on USA, let’s get this country back to what it was!

Joe Biden did an excellent job with issues regarding Irag, Afganistan, the economy, health care, the subprime meltdown… issues that mean something to all of us.

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also, JUST THINK… THE VP IS ONE HEARTBEAT AWAY FROM THE PRESIDENT, who would you want in there as President?

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Well, to be fair to Sarah, Joe Biden was really trying hard to get her rebuttal against his comment about McCain’s article in a “major magazine about the complete deregulation of healthcare.” Even Gwen encouraged her to debate back on that statement. Sarah probably didn’t know what in the heck he was talking about, because as they pointed out after the debate, the article was in some small political journal and McCain wrote about deregulating state-line borders with regard to health care — not complete deregulation of healthcare. He feels that we should encourage competition by being able to choose a health insurance company outside of our own state.

It’s kind of hard for her to bite on something that Biden is falsely giving her to bite on.

In my humble opinion, Biden — while experienced and knowledgeable — came off as crusty, old and bitter. He tried waaaaay too hard to compare McCain to Bush, and it just didn’t work. Sarah put him in his place. I’m really glad that she called him out on that.

Bottom line, Sarah isn’t part of the “good ol’ boys” club, and will bring change, honesty and genuine concern for the average American citizen to Washington D.C.

And we need that in the worst way…

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I sat up to watch it in the UK – this side of the “pond”.

Class vs Crass.
Biden vs Palin.

Hope you guys make the right decision for all our sakes.

Palin one heartbeat away from being President ? – should provoke our mutual enemies to pile on the pressure !
Then, where would you (and we) be ?

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I am waiting to see this fact in coverage of last night’s debate: Nobody has mentioned that Sarah Palin still doesn’t know the difference between the Shiites and the Sunnis in Iraq. From the transcript, “We cannot afford to lose against al Qaeda and the Shia extremists who are still there…” [from the CNN transcript online]

In truth, the al Qaeda network led by Osama bin Laden is comprehensively Sunni and subscribes to a form of Sunni Islam known for not tolerating theological deviation. In fact, U.S. officials blame al Qaeda’s former leader in Iraq, the late Abu Musab al Zarqawi, for the surge in sectarian violence between Sunnis and Shiites. I double checked this on Reuters [AlertNet] just to make sure I wasn’t making any error.

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Another inane effort by Palin & Co to convince the american public that she and McCain represent the opposition party ready for change. Which party has run the country for the past 8 years?? When will she learn
that “maverick” is not the correct answer to questions she hasn’t a clue about? Speaking of which, the last thing our country needs is a “maverick” in the White House after 8 years of a “cowboy!”

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I have to say, it is SCARY to read all of this Sarah Palin bashing comments. I’m embarrassed and ashamed that people will judge someone by their dialect, by their manner of speech, and by the way they look. Judging books by their covers is a typical Liberal way of doing things. How awful is it that in this country, people are making fun of how a person talks and looks versus what they’ve accomplished (or will accomplish)?

If I were CEO of a big company and our company was floundering and in need of big change and in need of a new right-hand-man, who would I be looking for in an interview? Someone who’s been around forever… who’s used to doing the same old thing and hanging with the same old people… who looks/acts/talks just like all of the other right-hand-men out there that have been in other floundering companies…


Do I look for that fresh, forward-thinking, independent streak of lightning that has some learning to do but has all the fire, determination, creativity, understanding and drive that has been missing from my company?

Who ever thought that two nerdy college dudes would be successful with a goofy product that had a name like “Google?”

Sarah has the personality, the drive, the intelligence and the determination to be very successful in office. She may not talk like an Ivy League graduate, but guess what? Neither do I. Neither do all of my friends and family. Neither do most Americans in this country. Sure, she might have a learning curve, but this is a clear example of a case where the foundation is there in ways that it hasn’t been in our government for many, many, many years.

Joe Biden is just like every other politician out there. Are we really going to believe that in his huge mansion he talked about that he really does his own construction work and hangs out at Home Depot? Come on. We’re not stupid. We deserve change. We deserve someone who can relate to us. It’s time we voted for someone because of their potential, not because of their resume. Obviously resume doesn’t matter anymore in Washington — it’s ruined our country. Honesty… integrity… determination… moral values… a connection to the American people.

Sarah Palin has that over Joe Biden, hands down.

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I am a confirmed Independant and will not blindly follow either party. That said, I have to give the edge on the debate to Joe Biden. Sarah Palin obviously studied hard and when the subject matter was within that field of study she held her own.

The inability to handle unexpected subject matter gives me reason for concern. I don’t expect any representative to be an expert on all things (that is why there are advisors) but nothing that was asked last night should give any person, that may be commander-in-chief, any problem.

I believe she could rise to become a good leader but we’ve had enough of marginal or bad leadership and this is not the time for OJT.


Posted by EdAInWestOC | Report as abusive

So we laud Obama for his “freshness” and desire for change but we trash Palin for the same thing. Obama has been repeatedly targeted for his lack of international understanding how is that different from Palin?
Palin did a great job. Does she have a learning curve to climb. Yes, but then again she will have that chance as VP. Obama will have to climb that hill as Pres.
Let’s think about this.

Posted by Teri Birdsall | Report as abusive

Not LOL and brave enough to sign my own name. Biden-career lawyer and non-elected presidential congressman known for extensive rhetoric on any subject-just ask. Heaven knows he has the time and congressional perks and aides for indepth study. Palin – Governor. Well versed. Respectible. Fact: Unable to have her lifelong mentor as an FBI formally declared and investigated Communist and then run for President on the Democratic ticket preaching socialist cures.

Posted by Craig | Report as abusive

Aw shucks ya’ll havin’ Sarah Palin for VP would be a hoot… But if I was looking for snappy fun colloquialisms I would have tuned into “He Haw” last night instead of a Vice Presidential debate.

Friends,we are facing the most important election of our lifetime and the fact Palin is even being considered for this position quite frankly scares me immensely.

Biden won hands down.

Posted by Chris Brown | Report as abusive

i think sarah palin did very well. she made me want to go vote on nove 4. she gave a fresh new feeling to everything. she made me feel like a friend sitting down at my kitchen table who is on the same level with me and we are just hashing out whats going on. not your regular politician. a politician that is going to try to have everyones best interest in mind. she held up against biden like a champ.

Posted by tee fabiszewski | Report as abusive

I am a white middle class mother of 3 from a battle ground state. I think Sarah Palin is an idiot. I am a soccer mom, I don’t talk about the economy on the sideline! I speak about how my son is playing. I think she is a disgrace who doesn’t know what the hell she is talking about. I don’t want someone I can identify with the run the country, just like I don’t care if my doctor is funny. I want the best, and so should all of us. As a registered Republican I cannot in good faith because I love my country first vote for these two morons. Obama/Biden 2008

Posted by Susan | Report as abusive

It seems the only purpose of debates is to disagree with the other party. McCain has been part of the US Senate for ever it seems and if he was unable to make a change then what makes us think having a running mate like Palin whose command of the English language is so out of touch make any differnce. Talk is Free and cheap. It’s embarrasing that we have Palin be a VP candidate the way she speaks she should be working on a farm not running for higher office.

Palin came out arrogant when she said she would not answer the question posed by Senator Biden or the moderator and how does she think she can resolve anything by only saying her piece.. The mess in this country is reason enough to know we need change and a fresh start and Obama/Biden would fit that bill….

In the coporate they prefer new blood as they come with fresh ideas that is exactly what America needs in goverment to move forward.

Posted by bhavna | Report as abusive

It seems the only purpose of debates is to disagree with the other party. McCain has been part of the US Senate for ever it seems and if he was unable to make a change then what makes us think having a running mate like Palin whose command of the English language is so out of touch make any differnce. Talk is Free and cheap. It’s embarrasing that we have Palin be a VP candidate the way she speaks she should be working on a farm not running for higher office.

Palin came out arrogant when she said she would not answer the question posed by Senator Biden or the moderator and how does she think she can resolve anything by only saying her piece.. The mess in this country is reason enough to know we need change and a fresh start and Obama/Biden would fit that bill….

In the coporate they prefer new blood as they come with fresh ideas that is exactly what America needs in goverment to move forward.

Posted by bhavna | Report as abusive

Given the choice between voting for a candidate who appeals to rational and objective discourse and one who appeals to knee-jerking, anti-intellectualism and hysteria, the American public seem to have an insatiable appetite for the latter.

So Biden may have won the debate, but it is all to easy for a bigoted populist to win the hearts of the voting public.

Posted by Joel | Report as abusive

A lot of people might think there’s not a chance in hell that Palin might get elected, because she’s cute and folksy, and has no substance- but I remember thinking the exact same thing when I heard Ronald Reagan campaigning for President. Yet he won, and much of the mess the world is in right now, is thanks to Reagan.

Posted by Giancarlo Bucchi | Report as abusive

Besides of usual stupid American politically correct questions for such a debates, Palin is clear victor.

1. She bravely admitted that Bush administration has done many blinders as all other administrations do
2. She made her stand on pressing Biden to acknowledge the truce of the matter that before he accepted Obama ticket he was on the same bench with McCain on many issues that now divide them

Posted by Simon | Report as abusive

“She did a wonderful job or articulating in a down to earth common sense manner in which most in Washington are unfamiliar with….”

Yeah right, like Bush’s been doing in the past years!

Posted by ed | Report as abusive

My observations:

Joe Biden did a really good job on the issues and talked specifically about plans for change that Obama plans to make as president. In fact, I think that Biden himself would make a good president. It’s like getting two for the price of one.

Sarah Palin offered only generalizations about changing current Bush policies. On some subjects, it was as if she herself did not agree with her running mate. Palin came off as a person on the John McCain “pep squad”…you know, that person who’s still cheering when their football team is down 38-0 in the last two minutes of the game….GO MAVERICKS!

Just for fun!

Lori B.

Posted by Lori | Report as abusive

Palin proved that, while she may not be as dumb as we thought last week, she still represents an anti-intellectualism that this country has seen far too much of in it’s leaders of late.

Biden was a gentleman, and should have struck back on several occasions, however he never took the fight to Palin; maybe that was wise.

Ifill was framing her questions in a way that gave the candidates an idea of how she wanted them to respond and she did an awful job of holding them accountable for providing actual answers.

Posted by James Kurtz III | Report as abusive

Almost every question that was asked of Sarah Palin she answered it in terms of oil, energy and how knowledgeable she was on that. She got the information wrong on Senator McCain’s votes and no one mentioned how many times he voted against healthcare increases and help for returning vets. She kept winking into the camera and giving the “durn right” and “you betcha” answers and when asked about same sex unions she answered by saying she wouldn’t stop anyone from visiting the hospital and she believed in marriage as one man and one woman. She avoided how she felt about gay rights and legal unions. I was ready to scream at how many times she referred to John McCain as The Maverick who saved the “bail out” when we all know he went in there and screwed the whole thing up and brought it to a halt. So I see nothing that she said or did last night, even when she tried to make herself into “as a woman raising kids” and “kitchen table worries”, she brought out Joe Biden’s fight for his children’s lives after losing two daughter’s a wife and nearly his two son’s and his pain from that is still very evident. He raised 2 boys alone and did a marvelous job, something she’s never faced! So living in the Big State of Alaska, that is actually smaller than the city Of Chicago, and how she did it up there, or how the power of the VP should be made even stronger in the decision making (extremely dangerous), made me more concerned about her than ever. NO to a “same old, same old” only much worse, McCain/Palin and yes to a new and brighter future with Obama/Biden.

Posted by Sandra | Report as abusive

I am a republican and am embarrassed at Palin and McCain’s judgment in choosing her. She was incapable of answering the moderator’s questions. We are not all children and should not be comforted by vacuous “folksy” banter.

Posted by stromo | Report as abusive

Based on the comments on this site, most of you are not focused on the heart of the matter. Obama is approximately 83% Arab, was taught in a Muslim school, and his ideologies are socialist at best. He talks about change, but the only change he would make would be adding another liberal democrat who has so little respect for this country and what it stands for, he won’t even salute our flag. Obama & Co. talk about how much they care for the average working stiff, yet he has done nothing to help a half brother who lives in abject poverty. If he cares that little for his own, how is going to any different where you and I are concerned? And how about the fact that he prospered greatly from the Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac fiasco? Obama has changed stories and so many occasions, he can’t keep up with the lies he is telling us. Do we really need more of big government? Did Americans forget that when Clinton was in office, we had tax rates at a record high? Do you realize that if something happened to Biden & Obama, Pelosi would be President – who would want that nut job as President?

Posted by scott | Report as abusive

Biden is a 30 plus year politican he is for or against whatever gets your vote.Just use common sense.You can research what he said like bill orilly did to Barney Frank .Washington cant pull one over on me if they are decetiful I.ll take the time and effort to know We need to research these canditates and know whos right whos wrong. God Bless……

Posted by waylon | Report as abusive

No wonder this country is falling apart. Reading all of these comments about last nights debate. It sounds as if we are as bad as all of the politicians. Talk about party lines. These comments sound like I am in the house or senate . If you really want to know who won the debate go over their talking points, research their facts and go from there. Don’t let the news media sway you. That is what they are hoping for and that is why this country is in such bad shape.

Posted by Amy | Report as abusive

So Palin’s first showing on the National Stage. No Gaffs, no stumbles, a fiery lady who isn’t afraid of much, B+. Joe Biden, 35 years of practice, he thought he could be president and that was it? I’ll take the new comer over the retread all day long!

Posted by Gregg | Report as abusive

The thought that popped into my head watching Sarah Palin was – “God help us if she became President of the United States” — Nice lady but she is in way over her head.

Posted by Kevin | Report as abusive

I watched only parts of the debate since I am Canadian and our debate was at the same time.

From what I did see about 45min, Palin was able to hold her own, but did avoid a couple questions, which was expected.

I would have liked the moderator to ask her if she really thought just living in Alaska gives her foreign affairs experience because “she can see Russia from there”. To me that just insults people.

When asked what news papers and journals she read she to be informed she replied something to the matter of, all of the ones put in front of her. To me that seems vague, and it is important to know what she knows and how she informs herself on issues that are important.

The reason I am on Palin is because I don’t know anything about her other than she was a Mayor and Governor for a short time, and she can dress a Moose (which I don’t think is a prerequisite for being president).

She seems nice, but I think it would take her a long time to get herself educated about the issues and foreign policies. I would want someone who is more knowledgeable than myself to be my president (prime minister for me), and I am only 30. Maybe if she ran in another 8 years she would be knowledgeable enough.

Biden has been around for a while so it is easier to see where he stands on issues.

Good luck Americans and please use facts to make your decisions, not the “spin/lies” the biased media has been shoving down your throats.

Posted by Sean S | Report as abusive

People WAKE UP!!!! If you think Biden had the edge, your a politician just like him, full of BS and giving the people what they want to hear. All he did was talk in circles more than Palin. Palin told the truth as much as she could without getting into specifics. Biden gave the usual Washington speech, lets talk in circles and give the average American citizen a line so we can get in office and do nothing but collect high pay checks and rip them off.

If you want something different. Take a chance and vote for the McCain/Palin ticket. The thing you got to understand is she is NOT your typical Washington politician and that is what I want. She will make people in Washington think before they act, as for Obama/Biden, the Washington politicians already know what they can and can’t get away with.

I like to take chances and I hate politics. At least with Palin I won’t have to listen to a politician trying to sell me a bronze statue that they say is solid but in fact it is only made of cardboard and the only bronze it has is what you see…. the outside plated, polished to look good.

My 2 cents…… At least I’m free because there are people in this country that will fight for our freedom…

Posted by Don | Report as abusive

Palin and Obama were both well coached. Obama was better than Palin on slick style and Palin was “one of the people”.
McCain was more correct on past votes (first gulf war, surge)than Biden and probably more reliable in defense of the country.

Posted by Ron | Report as abusive

Another thing…

All the Right wing nut jobs out there are so, how can I say it nicely, caught up in this Palin stuff. They feel energized and feel that they finally have someone out there who represents them…

Got news for them…

Gov. Palin’s views as expressed last night are contrary:

She supports fighting Global Warming.
She called for MASSIVE Regulation in the Financial System.
She wants to cut taxes, BUT increase spending.
She supports Windfall Profit Taxes on Oil Companies
She agrees with the Obama/Biden ticket on gay & lesbian rights (watch out for those evangelical voters).

Those are all I can think of right now. But to me she seemed to be well coached but just not on the level that we need in these times for a VP.

Posted by Chris | Report as abusive

I am starting to realize the intelligence levels of the people that will be voting for obama and bidden. You people don’t understand anything about politics or the economy. It is scary to think that you will be voting for all the wrong reasons. Sarah Palin is more of a leader and decision maker than O/B combined.

Posted by antiobama | Report as abusive

“Can I call you Joe?”
“Palin wants a cracker, BWAACK” *whistle* *wink*

Posted by chris | Report as abusive

To Scott 10/3 @ 7:40 a.m. Are you kidding me? Seriously Scott, do you write for the tabloids?

Lori B.

Posted by Lori | Report as abusive

McCain and Obama, Palin and Biden aside, this is a comment on Reuters’ biased reporting, which I am probably typing to myself and which I am sure won’t be publicly published. I am amazed at how in recent weeks I have only read negative comments here bashing McCain and praising Obama. Come on now, you can’t find ONE pro-McCain to print? Now here we are again, NO one out there criticizes Biden or any other democrat? Reuters, you are just another member of the herd mentality campaigning for your candidate, and not reporting two sides of the story. How sad for you.

Posted by Jennifer Logan | Report as abusive

It’s not about winning or losing the debate. The fact is that Biden was straightforward, answered the questions, and said his position. Palin side-stepped questions she was not sure on, and smiled pretty, and winked….
Sex sells. Come on people you are voting for our pres and vice pres not a pretty face to look at for 4 years.

Posted by Mike | Report as abusive

Joe Biden was a smooth talker in the debate and that is no surprise – he is a seasoned politician! Do we want change? If we do, Sarah and McCain will bring change!

Posted by Bill | Report as abusive

Joe Biden won without any doubt. He was to the point and had a better plan on every issue that mattered.

Sarah Palin was looking like a stupid school girl. She is totally totally unfit for any government position, eave alone the prestigious post of US Vice Presidency.


BOTH are equally bad and unfit to be PRESIDENT and VICE PRESIDENT repectively.


Posted by smarty | Report as abusive

I think she won but was surprised that she did not confront him with the original cause of the current economic crisis. Greenspan, at the instruction of Bill Clinton relaxed Bank reserve requirements and was told to also relax borrower requirements in order to get people into homes who should never have qualified.

Posted by John | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin’s performance was well scripted and she said nothing which diminishes the fact that her intelect, knowldge and experience is seriously compromised for a person who could potentially be the president of a superpower.

Posted by Sikander Gulzar | Report as abusive

Good debate for both parties but NOT another demeaning LOL commentary as above. Biden-career lawyer, non-elected presidential congressman known for extensive rhetoric on any subject-just ask. Studied well with his volume of congressional aides and PAC friends. Palin – Governor. Well versed. Respectible. Addressed the issues of change. However, still unable to emulate the Democratic presidential candidate who had a documented Communist mentor who plans on using socialist cures for economic ills. Unfortunate liberal news agencies spin one party only and count out “real” American votes.

Posted by Craig | Report as abusive

Take a close look at how Palin reacts when directly confronted almost face-to-face with Biden. See her look down…see her deflect her eyes…listen to her almost giggle. This woman does not have the inner strength and confidence to run a country…
Look very very closely.

Posted by Jean | Report as abusive

Biden in Congress 35 years–No change! Why now? Never!
Obama is an empty suit–America needs two out-of-the-box
thinkers–get used to McCain/Palin Presidency! Two terms!
Passion/Enthusiastic/Excited/Young/Norma l/Badly Needed!
It should be Biden/Obama except Joe ran twice and got no
votes–Obama/Slick/Articulate but wrong strategy/Bad Friends/No experience–How does one get this far with NO Experience–Money & Lack of another democratic candidate!
Sorry folks, “I’ll take–betya”….Antime/Anyday!–DRW

Posted by Dennis R. White | Report as abusive

Palin did good but not great , she has no clue about international politics. American leaders has to be strong in domestic and international politics. beside that she was not answering all the questions , I was waiting to hear Palin’s plans as a vice president.
I Think biden was more proffessional and accurate in his answeres .

Posted by sam | Report as abusive

Biden for points
Palin for affability

But if I heard the word “maverick” one more time I was going to put a beer bottle through my TV screen.

Posted by Charlie M | Report as abusive

If you go for Hollywood film stars, then Palin is your candidate. If you want facts: the end of the war, the recovery of the economy, lower taxes for the middle class,
and Wall Street deregulation, then the Obama/Biden ticket is your choice. In fact, it is the ONLY choice!

Posted by Constance Markey | Report as abusive

I feel that they both gave their debate everything they had. Biden gave the debate of his life; he was cordial, intelligent and careful not to come out swinging at Palin. Mrs. Palin, on the other hand displayed all the talent of a parrot that has been well rehearsed. Add to that the perpetual smirk on her face and all you have is a beauty queen that can remember her lines well on cue. She will make a great talk show host one day, in Alaska.

Posted by NYCLegalGal | Report as abusive

Mr.Biden showed his experience. Palin did ok for a rookie but this is not the time to put someone in office who doesn’t know the ropes.
And please, don’t lecture me on how the U.S. workers have the best work ethic!! I have been in the restaurant business for 25 years and not many Americans want to get there hands dirty. Most want to be stock brokers or something “high society”
You don’t see many welders these days do you?


Posted by John | Report as abusive

Palin is what the founding fathers wanted,good ordinary people willing to serve. Bidens what the founding fathers were afraid of, a smooth lying carpet bagger, willing to steal.

Posted by sean | Report as abusive

Both did better than expected, but it was too close to declare a winner. Only biased views will see it otherwise. Still comes down to who you trust, and who you think has better goals for America.

Posted by Bob | Report as abusive

Palin’s performance was abysmal. Relying on folksy talk and winks at the camera is ham-acting. She stuck to a set of pre-determined points and willfully refused to answer even direct questions from the moderator. This person simply does not have a strong enough overview of the country as a whole to do the job she has been selected for.

Biden on the other hand looked almost presidential, his performance in comparison to the Primaries was pretty good in my opinion and he seemed more disciplined than usual.

Posted by Andy | Report as abusive

Did Palin sound like the local newscaster in a small market town? Honestly…from the first nervous quiver in her voice to the gleeful smile she would get when she realized, “Hey, I got coached on thet one!” The folksy sayings covered up any attempt to answer a question.

She’s gonna take the greed out of Wall Street. How? The sub-prime collapse is way bigger than Wall Street, but she seems to have found the one simple (and wrong) cause.

Global warming…I’m for all of the above!

The ecomony…her and Todd sit at the kitchen table at night and wonder ‘how do other people get by’…any fixes other than tax cuts?

Energy independence…’We have so much oil in Alaska’…wow, if only it were that easy. But for someone without an Achilles’ heel, it is that easy.

Everyone watched hoping for a car wreck, and none happened. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t see an inexperienced driver swerving all over the road. But at least she’s not an elitist!

Funny how all the posts pro-Palin are men…the die-hard GOP demographic.

Posted by Michael | Report as abusive

I’m sorry did Biden say “Clean coal and Nuclear??” I live in an area where coal was stripped from the landscape and mined. It devistated the area. Coal does not burn clean. You have ash left behind that has to be disposed of. Lets see, clean nuclear oh thats right Yucca Mountain. How can you promise a quick fix on energy? You can’t . I’d rather see something down the road that will last, not hurry up so I can get voted. There are a lot of ways to easy the energy crunch. Like lower taxes to offset the cost, more jobs, stronge economy. Without those, who can afford energy?????

Posted by Joe B | Report as abusive

You know, I enjoyed watching Biden. I thought he was really good and I saw how easily he was convincing people to vote for him and Obama. Palin was cute and folksy and yes, she did well because of the coaching. However, Biden has had many years of experience at spouting the same old rhetoric. So, I am voting for Palin through John McCain and praying for refreshing change. I ask you…how can it get any worse?

Posted by Jan | Report as abusive

Beyond content, and the extent to which she has been coached, the whole folksy, wink at the camera, I’m the mom next door style just doesn’t play with me. I want statesmanship. I want leaders who act and look like leaders. Call that whatever you want, it’s what America deserves after 8 years “I’m the Decider,” shoot from the hip laughable soundbites. If last night was an episode of Star Search she would get my vote for Americas spokesmodel. But in the real election, where Americans will depend on her ability to be decisive based on fact, knowledge and experience it is an irresponsible hand that pulls the lever for Sarah.

Posted by Chris | Report as abusive

This election is NOT about BUSH and his policies which so many of you Democrats think. Its about the lack of leadership in this country for years!

Palin? I am voting for her as PRESIDENT!

Mike Gallagher

Posted by Mike Gallagher | Report as abusive

Having participated in Lincoln Douglas Debate for quite a long time, I was really impressed with how well Biden handled himself. I was expecting him to be overly aggressive or John-Kerry-boring but he really addressed the questions and points brought up by Palin well.

Palin, on the other hand, dodged questions pretty obviously and went back to saying memorized statements about the good ‘ole “Maverick”.

Unfortunately, I don’t think most of America realized how dodging she was and how little substance she had.

Posted by Sean | Report as abusive

This debate will certainly not influence the election, it was the most anticipated debate with all eyes on Governor Palin. Joe Biden is a master of debate with years of experience and Palin’s ‘ALASKAN CHARM’ didn’t charm me whatsoever. This debate was about how each candidate will best promote their Presidential running mates, not about dodging questions and beating around the bush as Governor Palin did so. Biden did a beautiful job of promoting Obama, I certainly will not say Palin did a bad job but she is way out of her league. Also, Palin mentioned Alaska throughout the entire election on her little side comments about being off the mainstreet. She’s wayyyyy off mainstreet and it shows. Stay in Alaska Ms. Palin.

Posted by Jordan | Report as abusive

For the same reason university professors don’t debate five year olds, how could we expect Palin to do little more than regurgitate over and over again her parties’ rhetoric. As we all already knew Palin is totally out of her league.

Posted by Nicho | Report as abusive

I like a statement i heard up the line.
I myself have a hard time trusting people so i always take things with a grain of salt. I listen to all four people speak.I have a hard time trusting the o-biden ticket(lots of talk).
I think government has spun out of control. Mc-Palin
WONT RAISE MY TAXES AND WILL TRY TO GET THAT MESS UNDER CONTROL! o-biden ticket is business as usual we have had enough of that. I would take the Mc-palin ticket to a knife fight any day(and I have been to a few of them).

Posted by brandon | Report as abusive

Another soccer mom from the Midwest here, who also happens to teach rhetoric. There was no comparison last night between the answers of the two candidates. One was substantive, the other was largely lacking detail and relied on cliche and overgenealizations.

I thought I had seen it all when a vacuous Geroge W was elected to office, now I am even further dismayed by the Republicsn party, if that is possible.

Posted by Ingrid | Report as abusive

They both are pinch hitters and did their job well. Why worry about “nucular” when you did not worry about all of the Kennedys “Cuber”? We are all about the President. Choose who you like but not before you read Obama’s “Dreams From My Father” and “Audacity of Hope”. Then you will know the real Obama if you care.

Posted by jerry | Report as abusive

We middle America folks like Sarah, but we don’t want her and McCain to win. For the leadership we need now, we want Obama.

Posted by Janice | Report as abusive

Palin’s performance certainly exceeded even my wildest expectations, after having seen her in two interviews. She was confident and charming.

Nonetheless, she did *not* answer most of the questions – which, surprisingly, she announced right at the beginning. And this, I believe, is to a large part why she did so well: By repeating her talking points again and again and evading questions, she avoided going into substantive matters all too deeply. Which is where she would have been awful.

For me personally, Biden was much more convincing. He has the sincerity, experiences and insight I expect from a VP. Palin doesn’t. She might be ‘connected to the heartland of America’ by being an (upper!) middle class woman, but where’s the qualification for the job in that?

Posted by Foreign guy | Report as abusive

Palin definitely won the sound bite marathon.

Biden won the debate.

Posted by Chelsea | Report as abusive

I do remember David Dinkins.
So why should I vote for Obama?

Posted by Simon | Report as abusive

Where do the Repubs think the money for this Bush fiasco will come from. Our children’s, children’s, children will be paying for this. Taxes had got to be raised one way or the other. It would of been nice if Palin had answered the questions.

Posted by Bruce | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin was a breath of fresh air. Spoke from the heart. It was finally nice to hear from someone who has not been influenced by politics, money or greed. You Go Girl! What A Lady! WE need more Sarah Palins in America!

Posted by Debbie | Report as abusive

Last night in the debate Sarah Palin proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that she is the perfect Republican running mate for John McCain. She didn’t answer any questions, she was robotic and boring, and she was folksy to the point of being irritating. She was overeager and waaaaay overcoached. And just like McCain, she has a “nausea factor” that I just can’t get past. She is the perfect running mate for John McCain.

Posted by Roberta | Report as abusive

Gov. Palin came across as heavily coached on what to say, and she survived, but she repeats herself over and over, banking on Alaska oil to carry her through. She obviously does not care about our environment, drill baby drill. She did not answer very many questions, just kept going back to her folksy comments trying to convince us she is one of the average Americans. If something happened to McCain, who is pretty scary as President, Bush the 2nd, we would be in a scary mess. More war, more wasted money.

Posted by Sandra | Report as abusive

Was Sarah wearing those red high heels so that she could click the heels together three times if the going got too tough?

Posted by PJ | Report as abusive

Come on Republicans!! The lady was giving shout outs for God’s sake, while she could have been using that time to answer questions. She was clearly memorized and prepped. This is ridiculous! She did well and had a very organized speech, but did she really go into any important details that the American people wanted to hear about?? I am absolutely appalled at the fact that she has a chance of beoming the next VP!!

Posted by Nicole Fleming | Report as abusive

“Palin has done in 5 weeks what NONE of us could do in a year.”

A) I disagree; I could have done what she did.

B) Just because she is able to memorize facts doesn’t mean shes qualified to be governor of senator more populous state than Alaska, how could we possibly consider her for VP of the United States?

Posted by Amy | Report as abusive

to Simon @ 9:16 a.m

” I do remember David Dinkins. So why should I vote for Obama?”.

So what you’re saying is that you believe all black people are alike.

Well, if I use that reasoning then I do remember the eight years of George W. so why should I vote for McCain?.

Posted by joan | Report as abusive

I watched the repeat of the debates again. The second time around is horrific. Sarah Palin gave the same unintelligible answers but this time, she was able to repeat her gibberish without looking overwhelmed.

The only questions she directly answered were specifically about energy and then it was all about Alaska selling the lower 48 it’s oil(drill baby drill). Alaska can now become the lower 48’s Saudi Arabia, great.

She is very skillfull at avoiding substantive answers because she has none. I want someone with intelligence, decision-making ability and the ability to convince someone to accept their views.

McCain can’t even convince his own party to respect him. He chose Sarah because she’s a woman and the religious right would vote for someone who’s religious.

Well I’m spiritual and a Christian and the religious right scares me. They are mainly bigots, racists and classists. Read your Bible none of these attributes apply to God, but they do apply to satan.

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I find this amazing. Where I felt that both candidates did very well, the constant rehetoric from Biden was astounding. Please explain to me how his flip flopping on his views (which gov Palin pointed out nicely) before becoming a vp candidate doesn’t bother anyone. So many people seemed impressed by his noting of facts and figures. Sure. sounds impressive until you actually take note of what he said. The various votes that he reported Mcain to have agreed with Obama on were FACTUAL lies. And might I add, provably so. Just look for yourself instead of blindly accepting what the politicians tell you. Haven’t we been lied to enough? At one count, there were ten major mistakes he made in his data FACTUALLY. Palins mistakes, though of course present, could at least be argued as opinion. I can sound impressive too if I say that 95 percent of all americans are alcoholics. WOW! there I go listing “facts” but they’re not actually facts. Do reasearch on his so called facts before posting that he made any sense.

That being said, I agree that Palin could have done better, though I do feel that she exceeded expectations. She has heart and a desire for change. If Obama had the same thing, why would he pick a VP candidate who is obviously as business as usual as Biden? Doesn’t make sense. Furthermore, Palin stated in her response of the VP role that her differences with Mcain are embraced by him. It provides positive and alternate viewpoints for friendly debate. Biden more or less said he would be right there holding Obama’s hand. And you say Palin is the one seeking more power? Please. Palin said she would be backing up her candidate.

by the way, before you go rallying that all things with the current crisis are the fault of republicans…note the fact that the democrats have had control for two years. Not to mention, there are a few interesting tidbits out there which clearly show dems not only making money off of this cash cow, but also defending it in light of legislation John Mcain was tryin to pass to ADD MORE REGULATION. Now, all it seems the ones responsible and even the current candidates can do is look back in time and point fingers. Tell me how you are going to fix it (which they have yet to do.) And you would agree if you put passions aside and actually listened to their answers. Don’t tell me whose fault it is.

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In a court of law, NOT answering the question gets you ‘in trouble’. In front of the American people (VP Debate), NOT answering the question gets you a free pass. If the candidate cannot or will not answer the questions addressed to them, what ensures they will be honest and straightforward if put in office? There were many questions asked that where NOT answered. It is unknown if the topic was unknown; the answer was not popular; there was uncertainty in the pledge; or some other reason.

In a way, regardless of the question asked, Palin said what she wanted to say – what she had been trained to say. Biden, on the other hand, was articulate and direct in addressing the questions asked.

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Palin showed up wearing a tight skirt as she wiggled up on the podium (maybe Biden should have worn an unbuttoned polo shirt). Then, as she grinned, smirked and winked like the sportscaster/pageant girl personality that she is, she kept reverting back to her canned “up here in Alaska” sound bytes and “doggone it” and “you betcha”.

I have have been a staunch Republican for decades, and when McCain has a coronary, she’ll be the one meeting with foreign leaders and making decisions. Let’s see, she already met with the president of Pakistan and she wore a short skirt. They talked about their kids like it was old home day. He stared at her legs and flirted with her, she giggled. Which caused a cleric in Pakistan to issue a Fatwah against the Pakistani president for coming onto a married non-Muslim woman.

I hope that people will quit looking at this election as another episode of American Idol or Dancing with the Stars or some other reality show where we have a “favorite” that we root for because we like their style or hairdo. The stakes are too high. The only thing we have to lose it just… everything.

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As a newly proclaimed Republican who was raised in a midwest Democratic family – I thought Palin rocked! She seemed to be more in touch with “Joe 6 pack”. I agree strongly with her comments that people in our country need to take responsibility for our overspending and not budgeting within our means. Geez, look at Oprah’s mom! As a nurse in a very busy ED, I was very interested in what was said pretaining to a national healthcare plan. I don’t think a large portion of our population understands how healthcare needs to work, and unfortunately access is always an issue. Lets look at fixing that problem! I think Palin hit it on the head when she commented on not wanting the government to run a healthcare system knowing what they have done to the economy.

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I was impressed with Palin, thought she would choke from all the cramming but she did well.(McCain,a lot of people don’t like Palin,we’re not that shollow) Now, on too the importance of the debate.
Same old lies and tactics. Nothing has changed and nothing will change.They both want to bailout the predatory leanders and blame it on those seeking the American dream
Obama is C.F.R. and that means more wars and more corruption.
It is truly time to vote, if you want to see American successful, not a failed state!
It is time to check who is REALLY on the ticket and check previous votes. McSAME and Obama,who never say’s the pledge of allegiance, are not your only choice!
WE the People out number the Elite who vote for these front puppets, if you were ever to realize that, you just might vote for a true leader.

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Palin did not answer the questions because she couldn’t – that was very apparent. Polly, excuse me, I mean Palin could only parrot what she’s been trained to say the past week. Can she speak extemporaneously and give a somewhat coherent answer to questions dealing with polical issues on a national level (foreign affairs, the economy, etc.)? Well, we saw the answer to that in the Charles Gibson and Katie Couric interviews. Many tuned-in last night to hear a debate, not a continuous loop of rehearsed sound bites that were irrelevant to the questions.

Now, is John McCain telling us this is the most capable/qualified Republican vice presidential candidate he could find in all of America? He always spouts how he puts country first. Is this an example? Mrs. Palin could very well end up as the President of the United States – thanks to John McCain. What a very chilling/scary scenario. He believes she is just what this country needs to deal with an unstable economy, the wall street debacle, no health care, a failing education system, jobs going overseas, and wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Watching Mrs. Palin, speaks volumes to John McCain’s character and integrity. He and his cohorts have crafted a scheme to win the White House with no regard for the prosperity and well-being of this country. He’s a disgrace like his predecesor, who also develed into unscrupulous practices/tactics at the expense of the American people. Looking for the maverick? Sorry, all you will find is a desperate Republican presidental hopeful with the same old playbook looking to suck you dry.

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My family works hard and probably considered lower middle class. I find in infuriating to be listed as “joe six pack” . Her “folksy” attitude of delivering the debate was a total embarrassment. Why didn’t she just use a Fargo or Norweigen accent while she was at it? This country should pick a candidate for issues and not for appearance because the rate Palin is “get ir done”, the next debate she will be dressed as a “hick”.

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Palin was the hands down victor! Vote McCain/Palin when you go to the polls

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Has anyone ever seen the movie “Meet John Doe”? Ironically, it was on the day before the debate. Why I mention this movie? It would be great to have a country with leaders that had the same ideas and principles that the John Doe clubs stood for.

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Palin the puppet.

What a superficial performance of Palin. She was like a muppet knowing noting about anything. Her spin-docters put some superficial phrases in to her ignorent little brain.

She should stay in Alaska and keep looking for the Russians.

To bad Biden was to polite not to knock her out during the debate, he could have done that several times. Probably Biden felt sorry for the provincial Palin Puppet.

This women is one big joke and McCain should be ashamed for his choosing this cartoon caracter.

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Alright. Let’s be fair. Palin wasnt disastrous, neither was Biden perfect. Biden’s statements did contain a number of half-truths, and some of his allegations were somewhat distorted.

That said, it is still a stretch to think that Palin was remotely successful in any way. Her lack of reply to substantive questions were appalling. The number one rule in debate is never to skirt questions, and she did precisely that which was really damaging to her.

Two, she was obviously reading off a script. Given the way she had conducted herself during the debate, she couldnt even have survived through a 5th-grader debate session, much less a vp debate. Its incredulous how she adamantly adheres to her pre-written script, and when faced with questions that were obviously not within the script, she avoids it or subtly circumvents it and jerks back to questions she WANTS TO BE ASKED, and say things that SHE HAS ALREADY PLANNED TO SAY. Its almost like a monologue, you know, asking hypothetical questions and answering them yourself. Its funny and scary all at once.

Thirdly, there was indeed some very strong statements from Biden, namely the one on his paternal struggles, one on his attack on McCain’s voting records [‘Maverick he is not’] and one on deregulation yet she seems to me as helpless and defenseless as one can possibly be. Lack of rebuttal, to me, is a tacit acknowledgement of the failure of McCain in these aspects.

Her lack of experience doesnt scare me. It’s her utter lack of knowledge and expertise that does. Anyone well educated enough will be able to cut through all that ‘smoke’ and see her as who she really is.

Like what someone has aptly said, anyone who thought Palin had won the debate would have thought the same for any other Palin debate. Picking Palin as running mate is a travesty to one of the greatest countries in the world. Her performance made me cringe [ no less than her previous interviews] and confirmed my worst fears. If this sort of standard is seen as qualified for one of the highest political office in the country, or possibly the World, then I wish America the very best.

America, many of us in other parts of the world value reason and logic over empty ‘smoke’. One puzzling thing to me is the inability of some Americans to see the blindingly obvious. We are not saying that Biden/Obama camp is without flaws. Everything is in relative terms, and relatively speaking, the winner is clear. Crystal clear. Make one wrong move, and the country is in for another 4 or possibly 8 years of deterioration. Pick your candidates wisely.

Don from Singapore.

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How can a U.S. Senator running for the VP of the United States make 4 major mistakes such as McCain voted against funding of the troops and not get slapped on the hand for it. I’m tired of both the Republican and Democratic parties never coming to common ground.This country needs to heel its wounds one person at a time. How can they look each other in the eye and lie so withouta guilty conscious. But I’ll say this,greed isn’t the only thing people in this country need to work on,try courtesy, politness, and a simple case of manners.

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Reading some of these responses makes me laugh. I love how the Obama/Biden supporters love to point out how Palin didn’t answer the questions. Re-watching the debate this morning I could only see a few instances where she didn’t answer the question, or got off track in the process of answering. But wow- There were a few instances when Joe did that too! The mediator even commented on it. If an opinion is to have any merit behind it at all, both sides need to be looked at equally and fairly. Sadly, an American can vote without being educated.

Besides the fact that Biden outright lied to us… on at least 10 of his “factual” declarations of which way our Presidential candidates have voted on bills in the past, his wishy-washy nature is enough to push me further towards the republican ticket. How can I trust a man who less than a year ago was supportive of completely different values/adjenda’s, but suddenly hopped on board with Obama after being selected as running mate. And, I noticed that Biden had nothing to say in defense of himself when Palin pointed that out. Funny stuff!

Obama has come across as nothing more than a Snake-Oil salesman, and Joe Biden’s performance last night clearly stated that he is 100% on board with everything Obama stands for. At first my vote for McCain was purely because he seemed the lesser of two evils, but over the past few weeks, and especially after Palin’s ability to hold her own against a “seasoned Washington veteran” last night, I am going to feel proud as well as hopeful when I vote McCain/Palin on November 4th.

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Palin spent a week practicing for this debate. Palin was tutored by professionals. Palin’s words sounded pre-programmed and often did not apply to the topic. It seems like she will be a puppet to the Republican Handlers who guide her.

Palin expects to have even more power over the Senate than her predecessors and that will mean her Handlers – or someone else – is ‘controlling’ the Senate. Why does a puppet run for office instead of the actual handler? Wait – she wants to change the Constitution to appease her power hunger …. If she even knows what the Constitution Reads.

Palin may be a smart professional (and by reading “all of the magazines” she likely knows every option) but her answers did not appear her own.

Biden is very experienced. He knows many topics as well as who the experts are in case he needs any input. If relying on others, it seems unlikely he would ‘pretend’ the ideas were his own.

Biden CAN handle the TOP job. Palin CANNOT handle the TOP job. Lets think long term and plan ahead.

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People realize she’s running for VP of the United States right? I get the distinct impression people are judging the next Amazing Race winner and the only competition is a boring politician.

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I found it hard to find much of an answer in any response Palin gave. Multiple times she didn’t even attempt to answer the question asked. The whole “hockey mom” routine was quite annoying and anybody who is basing their opinion on her cute, everyday, average woman bit is more than willing to ignore her total lack of substance in her responses. Biden won that DEBATE hands down. Palin won the inconsequential rambling of not answering questions asked portion of the program. The structure of the debate is very important, it’s like that for a reason. Talking around the issue asked, or referring back to a topic multiple times to avoid the current one shows weakness and is an attempt to dodge the actual, current question. Biden 1, Palin 0

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I thik Governer Biden won the debates from last night. because he looked confidence. and have more experience than Palin.

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Read the transcript – Biden won, hands down. All the colloquialisms and winks in the world cannot compensate for lacking in factual knowledge. She’s more hockey mom than vp. All this talk of ‘connecting’ is garbage. Are you so insecure that you would rather elect someone incapable (whose unexeptional mental capacities make you feel more secure about your own) than someone with exceptional knowledge and abilities? ‘Jee wiz’, that’s ludicrous.

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Let’s face it folks – we wouldn’t even BE here if Palin was homely at all. Do you think all of this fuss is because she is a woman? It’s because she is a ATTRACTIVE woman. America looks SO silly with all of this. And how wonderful Joe Biden is – too bad he wasn’t running for President, he’d get my vote in a heartbeat!

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Sarah Palin has convinced me to register and vote for the first time at fifty years old.
Jordan above at 8:47am said “This debate will certainly not influence the election…” Wrong, it has influenced me and who knows how many others.
Sean said “Unfortunately, I don’t think most of America realized how dodging she was and how little substance she had.” Wrong also. I think most of us saw just that.
If McCain/Palin win I want to be at least able to say that I did my part in trying to stop this fiasco.

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Palin did not seem to “own” her arguments-she was repetitive, often evasive and altogether formulaic. It sounded as if she went through some rote memorization training, especially in the foreign policy arena, and tried her hardest to sound fluid and competent but I do not think she quite succeded. It would be interesting to have a linguist analyze how many times the same chunks of sentences appeared in different contexts and at different times in her speech.

I was underwhelmed by her winks and little grimaces.

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Biden has been in the Congress for 3 decades but stated during the debate that Article I speaks to the Office of the VP but Article 1 speaks to the Executive Branch and Article II speaks to the legislative branch. He will be given another pass about ( does the press really care?)!

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How can you be soo blind or stupid. This is not a fashion show this is a president election. I do not understand how anyone can support Palin, after last night debate. Even if you like her you still should admit that she sucked. You all know that Obama/Biden are the most qualified candidates. I have not heard any plans to make thing better for our country from McCain or Palin. And I am sure that we all want change. I just hope race is not an issue.

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It is like Palin is running for President against Biden.Biden is a Pro he has spent his life as a Polotician asnwering questions in a Politically Correct Way that make him sound smart without saying anything at all. Obama has never done anything, run anything, been in charge of anything. He has gotten one billion dollars in pork for his state in less than two years as a senator. So he is good at wasting tax payer money. Come on McCain is the man, he has been honest and against government spenders like Obama his whole career. Palin is very smart. Very versed in what she does know. But she is the first to admit she does not know everything. Obama on the other hand acts like he knows it all. But yet has less experience running anything, than Palin. Don’t forget. Palin actually received more votes to become the Mayor of Wasilla than Joe Biden did to become senator. Please just be honest with yourselves. Obama and Biden neither one know what the ordinary american is looking for or needs. Adding Sarah Palin to the Ticket does put the Republicans with someone who isn’t Washington Politics as usual. You can not beleive a word that comes out of Obama or Biden. Check there statements yourself, don’t listen to the media, or unions,or the internet or other people, check the facts from the records not hear say or inuendo.

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It’s all fine and dandy that Joe Biden gave some direct answers to Gwen’s questions but it helps if the answer are factual. People have to take into account that this was Palin’s very first time on a large national stage & Biden has been debating for over 30 years, I believe that truly gives Palin a Net+ considering the vast comparable!! Look at the voting records & forget the words they want you to believe, that’s how you get the real deal.

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To see people say you are unintellectual just because they disagree with your world view is so ludicrous it’s laughable if it wasn’t so scary. I turned in my liberal card when I had a liberal Harvard trained professor tell me he had quit reading history because it interferes with his world view. It’s also the same time I decided that to maintain intellectual honesty it would be better to change my career path from the one in academia that I had been planning up until that time.
Of course it is an old and fallacious argument if you can not argue on facts impugn the intelligence of the people that are opposing you.
As far as Joe Biden being ahead on points. Last night particularly when he was talking about the middle east he made SEVEN count them SEVEN factual mistakes, one of which was about a bill he claimed to have authored that never even happened.
You know having 36 years of experience, being wrong, isn’t that great a selling point.

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Ivan just what are obama’s great qualifications to be president?
His community organization activities for ACORN a radical leftist agenda based group that used the threat of accusing some institutions of racism to force them to make sub-prime loans?
Oh yes he served on a board with Ayers, someones that blew up police stations.
Ohh maybe it’s his less than a full term in the senate, which of course he spent most of running for President.
Wow you are sooooo right how could I ever have doubted his qualifications. . . Messiah save us!!!!

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If I hear one more person rave about biden’s “factual knowledge” in the debate, when he can’t even get the article of the constitution that he is trying to lecture someone about right, I will send them a pressure gauge to check the air in their head.
He claimed we united with France to push hezbollah out of Lebanon. Never happened. He claimed we would have thousands of body bags in days in the first gulf war. . . oops never happened.
I could go on there were seven in just sixty seconds, but of course you won’t care. biden is the messiah’s chosen one he must be annoited.

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How many times did Biden lie? Palin is honest even if she does not have the polish of years of collecting tax payer money as a “servant”. She is what we need. If you hate her because she can’t look smooth in a debate or a leftist interview, what can you possibly think of Barry?

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This is For “”Eric K. Or for anyone that does not know why Obama is qualified.

Really nobody deserves the presidency. The Presidency of the United States is not a privilege. It is a duty, a responsibility to over 300 million people and a historical legacy.

Let’s also get over this idea of experience or qualification. The only people who have the “experience” to be president are the people who have already been president—and sometimes, not even them. I think we can all safely say that after 8 years in office, George W. Bush is still no more qualified to be president than the guy who cleans the White House bathrooms. In fact, he’s probably less qualified than the guy who cleans the White House bathrooms.

Truth be told, Obama is young and many say, inexperienced in Executive Office. But he is someone who hasn’t yet sold their soul just to keep their congressional seat. He understands that the President answers to the people.

Yet you still argue, what experience or qualification does Obama have? Well, let’s start at the beginning. He’s experienced what millions of other Americans have experienced: growing up with a single, working mother, the child of an interracial relationship, never really knowing his father. Put himself through college, graduating from Columbia University, then working as a community organizer for three years with a church-based organization originally comprised of eight Catholic parishes in the south side of Chicago, where he helped set up a job training program, a college prep tutoring program and a tenants rights organization. He went on to Harvard Law school, where he was selected as an editor, and then later the president of, the Harvard Law Review. He taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School for 12 years and also joined a law firm that specialized in civil rights litigation and neighborhood economic development.

In 1996, he was elected to the Illinois Senate where he served until 2004, following his election to the US Senate. He has served as a United States Senator for the past three years. One of his sponsored legislative acts included the Coburn-Obama Transparency Act, which established, a web search engine on government spending. He also sponsored the “Democratic Republic of the Congo Relief, Security and Democracy Promotion Act,” signed into law by President Bush in December, 2006. He sponsored the Honest Leadership and Open Government Act, signed into law in September 2007. He also sponsored an amendment to the Defense Authorization Act adding safeguards for personality disorder military discharges.

He has sat on the Senate Committees for Foreign Relations, Environment and Public Works and Veterans’ Affairs, as well as Health, Labor and Pensions, Education and Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. He is the chairman of the subcommittee on European Affairs.

That’s quite a bit of experience, I’d say. In fact, isn’t that the epitome of the American Dream? A man who works his way up from the bottom, his hard work gives way to success, his success allows him to give back to the community?

But what about his political positions?

Well, he was an opponent of the Iraq War, and spoke out against it on numerous occasions. He would like to eliminate all nuclear weapons, eventually. He believes in direct presidential diplomacy with foreign enemies but is not against using force when necessary. He has called for action against the genocide in Darfur, has divested his holdings of Sudan-related stock and urges divestment from companies doing business in Iran. He opposes privatized Social Security. He supports universal healthcare. He proposes to reward teachers on a merit-based pay system. He would eliminate taxes for seniors with incomes of less than $50k a year, close corporate tax loopholes, and proposed a cap and trade auction system to restrict carbon emissions. He prefers transparency in government. He wants to actively promote advancements in science and technology. He is pro-choice.

Of course, you didn’t need me to write all this. You could have looked it up on Wikipedia or gone to and found it out.


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Im not a strong supporter of either party but for Repubs to think Palin won this debate just lets me know where the conservs stand on this country. She had nothing to say but generalities and cutesy lil catch phrases. “say it aint so Joe”? Youve got to be kidding me. Is this some sort of practical joke John Mccain is pulling on the public or are Americans this dumb?

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