VP debate starts with friendly greeting – “Can I call you Joe?”

October 3, 2008

rtx95r5.jpgWhile last week Republican hopeful John McCain did not call his opponent Barack Obama by his first name during a 90-minute debate, McCain’s running mate Sarah Palin wasted no time getting friendly with her opponent during the vice presidential debate on Thursday.

It came when she exchanged greetings with her opponent, Democrat Joe Biden, and they shook hands.

“Nice to meet you. Hey, can I call you Joe?” she said.

“Of course,” Biden replied with a smile. 

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– Photo credit: Reuters/Rick Wilking (Biden and Palin meet for the first time at the vice presidential debate in St. Louis.)


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Why can’t candidates answer the topic of the question?

Posted by Leto | Report as abusive

When Palin speaks, it makes little sense.

Posted by Joe | Report as abusive

Biden is speaking, while Palin is spitting out buzzwords and obviously memorized bits of information. And worse, she’s talking around as opposed to answering the questions.

Posted by tralfaz | Report as abusive

Is Palin doing better than expected? Is Biden coming across as too intelligent? Is the average American likely to vote for someone they feel, on some level, is less threatening personally? Will more people relate to bad grammar, etc? Do people vote for someone they can relate to because they can’t understand the other?

Posted by Leto | Report as abusive

Palin is trying to sound like she’s “one of us” Can I call you Joe! What was he going to say? No? Palin is out her league. Joe Biden understands that the way to deal with this debate is to keep pressing the issues not the pleasantries that Palin is attempting to introduce.

Posted by amanda | Report as abusive

I don’t know why but that was the highlight so far. “Hey, Can I call you Joe” what else is she going to call him, isn’t that his name Joe Biden?!

Posted by rebecca | Report as abusive

Most Dems can’t understand common sense….!

Posted by Gary Eriksen | Report as abusive

Is your common sense how we got where we are?

Posted by Leto | Report as abusive

Palin is out of his league?? Haha thats hilirious..She’s holding her own against a very experienced politican..Plus from this side of the pond,it appears she’s up against two people tonight 😉

Posted by andy | Report as abusive

Personally I don’t care about if she does good or not, what it comes down to are ISSUES!! I just don’t agree with on issues. Thats what it should be about. Not looks, sex, race, etc.. stop voting on image but issues.

Posted by Matt | Report as abusive

I am very Republican, but I have to declare a Repub loss. Palin just couldn’t handle Mr. Politician. I posted a blog declaring Biden the winner, but stating why the Repubs will still win!

http://averagepolitics.wordpress.com/200 8/10/02/biden-vs-palin-who-is-the-victor  /

Posted by Nate Stockard | Report as abusive

I loved the debate tonight. I believe she was speaking the truth. I know for certain she believed with every fiber of her being that she is speaking the truth. Palin was good.

Posted by Trish | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin blew the roof of the place in this debate. She was articulate, strong, and showed a lot of compassion and leadership. She knows what this country needs, and it is McCain and her.

Posted by Bob | Report as abusive

Gov. Palin spoke to us the PEOPLE…….while Sen. Biden
spoke to Gwen Ifill.
She was more alive and in tune. Biden seemed like the same old WASHINGTON FACE & TALK.

I like what she says, and the way she explained her points, I fully understood her!

Posted by Fannie | Report as abusive

OK Folks. Good evening. It’s so funny how dolls were being made out of this fake. Palin is failin’ big time. This debate was a feeble attempt to lift her back to her rockstar, soccer mom/mavericka (so sick of that image). She’s a dunce folks. Let’s call it what it is…an clearly unfit person trying to run as VP of US. Needless to say she and her wimpy hubby lined their pockets while in Alaska (sick of hearing that word too) writing off living in their own house as a per diem expense? Flying her huge family around with tax payer money? Put that poor little infant to sleep already – they don’t care it’s way past his bedtime? Why drag along a poor special needs child to all your stupid events idiotic Palin? Don’t you have any regard for your families health and well being? Conservative? Give me a break – can’t watch her own daughter who’s in trouble already. McSame | Failin’ – Career First.

Posted by X_Repub_X | Report as abusive

Palin blew alright. My friend came up with the perfect name for Palin…. The “Fluffinator” 1) shoots air into any debate question so as to render it vague. 2) is an auntie who gives a shout out to a third grade class in her “interview” for the second highest office of our nation. 3) exhibits an aw shucks, knee-jerk reaction to anything outside her intellectual depth.

I found her to be as vapid as she’s been in previous discussions. She scares me.

McCain I disagree with, but Palin is an embarrassment. I actually buried my head because I was so mortified that this kind of winky “shout out” to America could actually work.

I thought Biden was targeted in his response and struck me as direct and competent–much straighter than the straight talk camp who scripted the answers before they knew the questions.

Posted by Jill | Report as abusive

“Hay Can I call you Joe?”

Very classless to call someone the word “HAY”

Posted by Smith | Report as abusive

Vice President Debate Palin V.S. Biden She Hits It Out The Ball Park!

Alaska Gov. Palin, once again shows how great she will be as our next Vice President of this great country our United States of America! I am so happy to be here and view this fantastic debate tonight mediated by the very fair Gwen Ifill whom I was very impressed with her questioning here at the Washington University in St. Louis Athletic Complex. I will definitely buy her book when it comes out, wow where to begin.

Sen. Joe Biden from Delaware was very decent towards Sarah Palin and was not what so ever degrading towards her and from watching this now I can clearly see he really is taken back by her as he did try many times to stump her but with her fast eye she always came back in full force to slam his pointing the finger right back at him.

Not only has Palin shown leadership by far she has me convinced that there is no doubt what so ever in my mind that she is ready to serve for the people in America. Palin with her beauty took a stand and spoke strong on what she believes in and here is the thing, she meant every word of what she said, I guess that is something you can tell when you hear a lady like her take a stand such as on her views on gay marraige, there was no wishy washy answer she was straight talk just like John McCain and you can see she fully supports John McCain and we the people of the United States and Freedom and equal rights.

Mavericks I will be voting for come this November. Palin hit a grand slam out the park I trust her I believe her and I know she will fight for the people unlike with Biden whom seems only concerned with saying what he can for the win. John McCain has always done what he felt was right for the people of our Country!

The Vice President debate has opened my eyes to see that I was correct in my views that Barack Obama not only has shown poor judgement with those whom have surrounding him his entire life but as well he picked old Biden a man that has been in the White House and served as a nobody for several years he is not all about change Barack Obama and Biden is all about the old politics which Barack Obama swore he would not be, well change my ass.

She killed him she really killed Biden I love her & all she stands for!

McCain Palin 08!

Posted by myebuzz | Report as abusive

I don’t know why Biden and Obama don’t go after the over trillion dollar sink hole of our illegal invasion of Iraq—and hammer home again and again and again how George Bush with John McCain’s support has poured all that money into a war against a country that never attacked us and didn’t have weapons of mass distruction—and never housed Osama Bin Laden. This is such a great big fat slow ball down the middle of the plate and these guys are reminding me more and more of John Kerry. Take off the gloves and punch.

Think of all the things we could have done with that money. Is the military budget such a sacred cow that no one ever whispers boo against it? Is it not true that our military budget is the largest on earth by a wide margin—yet we still can’t catch and kill the one person who attacked us?

Iraq is a fiasco and Obama and Biden let McCain and Palin repeately try and reframe the conversation as a fight for freedom and democracy.

Speaking of sacred cows…what gives with “Clean Coal.”
Explain how this dirty fossil fuel with NO KNOWN CLEANING TECHNOLOGY belongs in Obama’s energy program? This is not a greenhouse gas friendly fuel. And it is not sustainable. And neither is nuclear fuel–that has undeniable waste disposal issues which have never been solved.

Both candidates seem to be happy in the pocket of the coal mine owners. This is the biggest fraud being perpetrated on people who are in favor of a sustainable “non-global-warming-producing” energy policy! When both parties agree…look out.

Posted by Chris Shaver | Report as abusive

Before debate, biggest possible gaff for Biden would be to appear condescending. I thought he needed to avoid calling her “Sarah.” Right out of the chute Sarah asks him if she can call him Joe. That sounded like she wanted him to maybe slip up and call her Sarah. Biden did not take the bait and made a point of addressing her as “Governer Palin” Palin never addressed Senator Biden as “Joe” during the debate. That would have been a mistake on her part.

Posted by John L | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin kicked butt tonight. That’s no surprise though because she is a Master Debater. Had you looked at the pic on this website ahead of time, you would have known this.

I’m Pullin’ For Palin – The Unofficial Tribute To Our Future VPILF

Posted by First Dude | Report as abusive

[…] the moment the two combatants greeted each other, she owned him. “Nice to meet you.  Can I call you […]

Posted by She Had Him At “Hello” « Cinie’s World | Report as abusive

I just think it shows some people’s mindset. On the one hand people say, “oh, McCain was horrible because he didn’t call Obama by his first name.” And then now you idiots complain that she made a personable greeting to Joe, “Can I call you, Joe?”

And what is it with comments about her personality? If she had no personality then you would complain about that. Face it, if you want to love Palin, you will. If you want to hate her you will. But you can’t say that Sarah will be anything but Sarah.

Joe, however, is a chameleon. He changes color depending upon who he’s running with! That’s is why some of you are so impressed, he IS a politician!!! I thought we wanted something different, something that would make a difference in America!!! Not another politician that says whatever you want to hear (which is different depending upon which crowd he is around), and then does something different when your back is turned!

God Bless America. Palin for President!

Posted by mmm | Report as abusive

Well we could have avoided the “sink hole” in Iraq but both Republicans and Dems voted for it. $700,000,000 could have been avoided if the Democrates would have listened to McCain and other Republicans for more oversight on Freddie and Fannie 2 years ago but the Dems were too busy greasing their pockets. Yes she was folksy but she came across real. The debate was like watching David and Goliath. I’ve been a Democrat all my life but not this election- let common sense rule. Sara Palin’s right, average Americans did not cause this finacial mess but we can do our part by living within our means, common sense. Just a single Mom who put herself and kids thru college without help from Uncle Sam.

Posted by Eileen | Report as abusive

Palin absolutely controlled this debate, related to the audience and gained new supporters. Biden was his usual stuffed self.

Posted by Not Your sweetie | Report as abusive

Biden was a big time fault finder and did not take responsibility for not minding the store about the economy or anything else. He credits Obama with a speech about the economy back in the very recent day but neither he nor Obama took any actions.
Biden also took hits at her experience while acting blameless for not helping control the out of control White House.
Biden’s botoxed brow makes him look silly. What is up with that?

Posted by PITA | Report as abusive

Palin, once again, knocked it out of the park. I’ve always liked Joe Biden. He’s smart, congenial, and certainly funny. Of course, he has experience. But he’s tired. He couldn’t keep up with her. He obviously liked her. She’s ready. I’m afraid Biden is over the proverbial hill. He was a desperate attempt for Obama to shore up his sagging campaign. McCain/Palin look to me they’ve got what it takes. I’ve never voted Republican before. Not sure I know where they are on the Ballot. But McCain/Palin will get my vote. She won hands down. No one in any administration makes a decision without lots of help and consultation with other experts. She can do the job. Even Biden said Hillary would have made a better VP. He obviously really doesn’t want the job. Not picking Hillary was the biggest lack of judgement I’ve ever seen. I’m sure Obama was advised to pick her. He’s too big of a narcissist to think logically. He’s about Obame…not country. We need a Country First person in the rocky times to guide the ship, not a deck swab.

Posted by Mary Houston – Harvey | Report as abusive

Hey , most people see debates and for that matter any brosdcast through the lens of their own preference. SHE WAS FANTASTIC. Joe was good.

Posted by susancarroll | Report as abusive

Palin rocked, Obiden looked like a botoxed Klingon baffoon.

McCain/Palin 08

Posted by Heidi Colorado | Report as abusive

I can’t be the only one who figured out that “Can I call you Joe?” was not a ‘friendly greeting,’ but a contrived set-up for “Say it ain’t so, Joe” later on. Republicans are often a little too comfortable with deceit.

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

Oh my…it’s not hard to see which group drank the obama kool aid. Instead of attacking..take the time to research his background. I saw nothing pretty!! We are known by the company we keep. A democrat for many years.

Posted by Betty | Report as abusive