Palin for president? McCain mum on running for second term

October 3, 2008

rtx95q1.jpgDENVER – It’s a question that has dogged Republican John McCain since he became the Republican presidential nominee.

Would he run for a second term in office if he wins the White House in November?

The 72-year-old Arizona senator, who would be the oldest person to become president in U.S. history, isn’t saying.

“That’s something that every president doesn’t consider until after the appropriate time,” McCain told Reuters in an interview. He often plays down or jokes about his age on the campaign trail.

Critics charged that his running mate choice of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who has little experience on the national stage, was irresponsible given the Arizona senator’s health history, which includes brushes with cancer.

But Palin’s debate performance on Thursday night reassured some that she would be up to the challenge if McCain could not or would not continue in the Oval Office.

Palin for president in 2012 anyone? 

Read the full Reuters interview story with McCain here.

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– Photo credit: Reuters/Brian Snyder (McCain at a town hall meeting in Denver, Colo.)


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Palin vs. Hillary 2012?

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When will Sarah Palin release her Tax Returns

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McCain in Palin out !!!!

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Sarah ‘Joe Six Pack’ Palin?
The Palins’ family total income in 2007 included her salary of $125,000; Todd Palin part-time income of $46,790 at BP Alaska plus $230,000 commercial fishing income and $10,500 in Iron Dog snow machine race winnings. These figures do not include $17,000 in per diem payments that Palin received for spending nights in her own home, the $43,490 she received to cover travel costs for her husband and children, the state oil royalties that each family member received, returns from several private investments and the 401(k) retirement account. The Palins’ assets include a half-million-dollar home on a lake with a float-plane at the dock, two vacation retreats, and commercial-fishing rights worth an estimated $50,000 or more. With other friends, the Palins own a cabin on a five acre site on the southwest of Wasilla and the Iditarod National Historic Trail. In addition, they posses several snow machines and an airplane. She plans to pen a book after the elections, win or loose.
On Tuesday September 30, 2008 on a conservative radio talk show program while interviewed by Hugh Hewitt, Sarah said, “It’s time a Joe Six Pack be finally represented in the position of vice presidency.” She then added, “Washington elite do not like the idea of just an everyday working class American running for a high office”. But the facts are that in 2007 the median family income in America was $50,740. In the states of Texas, North Carolina, Missouri, Michigan, New Mexico, Ohio, Florida, West Virgnia, Kansas, Arkansas, Nebraska, Iowa and others the median household income was below $ 48,000. While the middle class was shrinking, the Palin household was one of the top most five (5) percent in the nation that made more than $ 200,000. Joe Six Pack did not have a luxury of being paid to sleep in his or her own home. An everyday working American did not own a plane or two vacation retreats. Such lies would not win her my vote!

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What are you offering for the immigrants??

Posted by Catia Godinez | Report as abusive


Is Obama’s fortune going to make him a better fit? with 3 of the 4 people involved making over 300k a year you focus on the ONE that isn’t, that is pretty sad.

Posted by Ben | Report as abusive

McCain should not even be running for this term let alone a second( no need to worry though he won’t get the first term). He along with Obama plan on mass amnesty for tens of millions of illegals. Obama wants a socialized government like his compadre Chavez.

Our nation as we have know it is in great peril regardless of which of these two idiots get elected.

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I am worried that the socialist and loones who supported Obama are waiting in the back ground and will go to the white house with him…ruining this country…god help us if Obama wins.

Posted by oldewok | Report as abusive

Grumpy Grampa needs a nap, and Hacky Mam needs to go back to sitting on an ice berg in Alaska waiting for Russia to attack..

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During the debate with Biden, Palin looked like a girl taking her first driving test after heavy coaching, though allowed to drive her pre-learned route, not the tester’s one.
Biden looked like a professional GreyHound bus driver, calm, skillful, and reliable one.
The question is who we, the bus passengers, would prefer to drive our bus, especially on current steep slope roads, and considering her far better chances to get to the wheel, if elected?
I would get in with Biden at the wheel, never with her: why risk your life even if a driver is cute?

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Why is it that none of the Senators we hear from in the news take responsibility for the problems we are in on all fronts. The President can not introduce a bill in Congress. The President can not vote on a bill before the Congress. Biden and Obama blame everyone else, but weren’t they in the Senate voting? They say they were out voted by others – Democrats and Republicans alike – so the question becomes if they can get things done as President and Vice-President why couldn’t they get something done when they were in Congress? Bragging about voting for or against a bill doen’t prove anything, the question becomes were you a help or hinderance to the people of America, all other things are imaterial.

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Sarah for president – you must be kidding. She is so uneducated that she can not even string a sentence together. Do you think NATO or G8 are going to fall for those cutesy wink or folksy talk ? They won’t let her get away with changing subjects or calling her handlers for prepared resonses.
Just look how the foreign politicians treated her last week in New York. Do you think they were ever that patronizing with Rice, Albright, Merkel or Tatcher.
If you do not earn any respect, you don’t get it !!!

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Oh deary me! Seems the gutter politics of Palin & Co betray her real aspirations = to drag us all into the gutter.

Not now, not ever and thank God Obama has some sense of decency.

And as for McCain calling Obama a liar? I should think his nose must be two feet long by now. 😉

Obama – don’t let them get you down baby! :-)

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Wow oldewok. U think Obama would drag us down? What has bush been doing for last 8 years. We are on the mist of economic meltdown on his watch. And McCain will follow a lot of same policies….plus he is a bazlillon years old and probably is not all there….Over 70 is past your prime…

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