In slip up, Palin calls Afghanistan “our neighboring country”

October 6, 2008

SAN FRANCISCO – Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin called Afghanistan “our neighboring country” on Sunday in a speech that could revive questions over her tendency to stumble into linguistic knots.rtx95kp.jpg

Three days after a mostly gaffe-free debate performance, the Alaska governor fumbled during a speech in which she praised U.S. soldiers for “fighting terrorism and protecting us and our democratic values”.

“They are also building schools for the Afghan children so that there is hope and opportunity in our neighboring country of Afghanistan,” she told several hundred supporters at a fundraising event in San Francisco.

The gaffe could add fuel to comedians and late-night talk show hosts who have seized on her linguistic infelicities to portray her as someone not to be taken seriously.

Later in a speech in Omaha, Neb., Palin poked a little fun at herself when talking about one comedian in particular — actress Tina Fey whose dead-on impression of Palin’s looks, voice and body language has been a hit.

Fey, who bears an uncanny resemblance to Palin, has parodied her as a rambling, perky politician unfamiliar with world issues for three straight weeks on the comedy show “Saturday Night Live”.

“I was just trying to give Tina Fey more material — job security for Saturday Night Live,” Palin said.

The skits have become a sensation since an awkward interview with CBS News anchor Katie Couric in which Palin failed to coherently express her views about Russia, the U.S. government’s $700 billion financial bailout package, and the newspapers or magazines she reads.

In recent days, the 44-year-old self-described “hockey mom” has described the Couric interview as “less than successful”, and apologized to crowds of supporters for her shaky performance, saying she was “annoyed” and “impatient” because she wanted to talk about other issues like energy independence.

Palin’s opponent, Democratic vice presidential nominee Joe Biden, has also committed high-profile gaffes, including claiming in a recent interview that President Franklin D. Roosevelt calmed fears in a TV address at the beginning of the Great Depression. There was no TV in 1929 — Roosevelt wasn’t president at the time. 

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– Photo credit: Reuters/Brian Snyder (A Palin supporter at a rally in Denver last week.)


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She is such an evil person.

Posted by hottopics | Report as abusive

I like Sarah because she portrays herself as a real person. That’s what kind of politicians we need. So she’s not quick with answers…which the press seems to be jumping on. So what. She’s managing a state that one has to be physically & mentally aware–to live in. That’s smart.
I haven’t heard alot of complaints from Alaska about
political blunders by their politicians. Coming from Alaska to the mainland of the U.S. is enough to make most anyone slow their speech down and look surprised.
The U.S. rates pretty high on the BEST PLACE TO LIVE chart. Let’s listen to her.

Posted by Connie Malfa | Report as abusive

Wow! So this is the headline of the story: Palin’s little gaffe, not the crowd that came out to see her. Boy when they say “leftwing media,” they ought to be saying Communist/Marxist/Fascist America-hating media. You all are beyond hope. It’s now 24 hours a day Hate Sarah Palin, 7 days a week.

How about equal coverage to Obama’s ties to Radical Islamo-Fascist Terrorists like Raila Odinga?

Posted by Eric Dondero | Report as abusive


Posted by David | Report as abusive

Oh Gosh donit, I pressed the wrong button again and looky there, all those rockets going off are just so prettttty. It’s the white one isn’t it John, I should’ve pressed the white one right? Oh gee whiz, of course John wouldn’t be here, I keep forgetting…I’m President now.

Posted by Aycee | Report as abusive

She’s an idiot. No self respecting American would cast their vote for this ticket! She should be arrested and thrown under the jail for her stupidity.

Posted by J. Taylor | Report as abusive

Well, at least Palin knows that Afghanistan IS a country. That’s better than most Americans.

As for Obama and terrorists…well, he did meet an ex-terrorist at an event. But Palin is associated with the Alaska Independence Party, which advocates seceding from the USA. Isn’t that the definition of “treason”?

Palin belongs in prison, not in Washington.

Posted by D Nicol | Report as abusive

Calling Afghanistan a neighboring country speaks volumes about Palin’s Freudian slip: her blind demagoguery, irrational fanaticism, and stark hypocrisy remind me of the Talibans.

Posted by Saddam McCain | Report as abusive

The Harvard psychologist forget his name called the Palin gibberish word salad.

That’s an interesting choice of phrase because it is a symptom describing a person who is mentally disoriented to a degree considered pathological. Course the Harvard guy was probably just being metaphorical. Psychologists do that, right?

This whole month coming up reminds me of fireworks, there’s going to be all this exploding and light and noise and smoke and then it will stop. It will seem very quiet then and everybody who has worked so hard and lost so much sleep and neglected their families can step back and reorient.

Posted by Gaias Child | Report as abusive

“her shaky performance, saying she was “annoyed” and “impatient””

She wasn’t “annoyed” or “impatient”, she was incompetent – just like she was in her interview with Gibson. Anyone watching the interviews can easily see that.

She was able to muddle through the debate because she was basically reading index cards or reciting well-rehearsed scripts. There were several points, if you watch, where she completely ignores the question asked of her because she didn’t have a memorized talking point for it. Instead she just ignored the question and recited a talking point on something completely different.

The idea of this woman being next in line to be President, especially with a 72-year old running mate, is nothing short of scary.

Posted by McCain is a liar | Report as abusive

[…] Szep of Reuters Blogs writes Palin said Sunday at a fund-raising event in San Francisco “They are also building […]

Posted by Current must reads « One Choice: Obama | Report as abusive

FDR…Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the first president to appear on….tv…

Posted by jasan | Report as abusive

I have been voting since Goldwater (voted for Goldwater) and I have NEVER see anyone as flat stupid as Sarah Palin who was running for publica office. The only individuals more stupid than this preening moron are those who would sell out America and vote for her. She is horrid and no Patriot.

Posted by Scy | Report as abusive

[…] October 6, 2008 by jr Palin calls Afghanistan “our neighboring country” […]

Posted by Rich Lowry’s fantasy girlfriend Sarah Palin calls Afghanistan “our neighboring country” « McCombover | Report as abusive

I am tired hearing things that Senator Biden never said.

And I think that people signing off checks for our journalists would hate with darkest hatred if our next president is to revive policies FDR unveiled in the 30th of the previous century.

And I can very well understand their apprehension. There will be no rescues, no bailouts. They will go belly up while the Joe from main street will pay of his mortgage, re – build his shop, and go off to earn decent living.

So, putting words in Biden’s mouth today is cheap way to attack a dangerous opponent who will not hesitate to turn our treasury to the advantage of the majority of this country. And I do not expect any better. In the end Joe spoken his mind, in his mind there are no gloves and parachutes for those who gambled away their customer and stakeholder money on pleasures unknown to the most of the Earth population.

And now, after so – called “rescue plan” was voted in very well supplied with money from our children future to keep the pleasure trip continued with no end in sight.

Posted by Miron | Report as abusive

[…] While the pundits reckon she performed well during the recent televised debate, you’ve really got to call into question the intellect of someone that considers the USA to be a neighboring country of Afghanistan. […]

Posted by Palin into significance « Blogocrats | Report as abusive

Gov. Palin is or was my Governor, I feel the same as a lot of Alaskans, I hope she never returns to Alaska. She has made a fool of herself and Alaska. Dont be fooled by her either the debate was exactly like her debate for Governor, when she didn’t want to answer a question she changes the subject. That is how she is on everything. Wasilla used to be a great town pre Palin now everyone knows its the place to go to get all your drugs, she knows cuz her kids are the worse. So don’t fall for the Palin act you will regret it.

Posted by Kristin | Report as abusive

Everyone should ask themselves a question about hatchet men… and women. Would you put your name and face on television and talk sh*t about someone you don’t know personally, someone you barely truly know anything about? What kind of person does that? What kind of person is Sarah Palin? She probably deserves everything she gets in the media and on the Internet.

Posted by Henry | Report as abusive

Palin’s total resume – baccalaureate degree in communication – 6 years and 6 universities (no she was not married, did not have children and was not working) – academic record not public; local weather reporter, 4 years in the city council, 6 years as a Mayor of Wasilla (meth capital of AK, population <7000) where her main responsibility was to hire a city manager, 20 months as governor of Alaska (population 650,000), foreign policy experience she ‘can see Russia from Alaska”. Of course, remember she was also Miss Wasilla.

The most extraordinary thing about chosing Britney Spea… I mean, Sarah Palin as a running mate is that the Republicans have managed to do the impossible. That is– find someone less intelligent, less interested in the world and less qualified to lead than G.W. Bush. Amazing! You guys should really pat yourself on the back. Well done.

Posted by James D | Report as abusive

A TIME reporter’s story even funnier than Fey’s immatation of Palin is that she has had sex with Jeff Zucker of NBC. Now, I there is no proof that she did, but then again, there is no proof that she did not.

Posted by Bob Imm | Report as abusive

Those who say that Sarah Palin is a plain-speaking average American, please translate the quote below. Remember that it is from a post-debate, low pressure, non-gotcha, right-wing FOX interview.

“As we send our young men and women overseas in a war zone to fight for democracy and freedoms, including freedom of the press, you’ve really got to have a mutually beneficial relationship here. With fighting for the freedom of the press and then the press, though, not taking advantage of that and exploiting a situation that perhaps that they would want to capture and abuse the privilege.”

Posted by Deeva | Report as abusive

IF Sarah Palin did her media homework, she would have known that Tina Fey is not worried about Job Security for SNL because she is off the show now. She has only returned these last three weeks to play Sarah. You can find an interview online of Tina saying she’s hoping that after NOV 4th, she can stop.

Posted by Holly | Report as abusive

[…] Todd Palin and the Alaska Independence Party. Todd’s more than her pal — he’s Sarah’s husband! And he was registered with the Alaska Independence Party from 1995 to 2002, the year when Sarah Palin ran for lieutenant governor in Alaska. (Boy, big changes for Sarah in 2002 when she started grabbing for more power and visibility.) I’m not sure if wanting to break up the United States of America makes you a terrorist. It’s at least un-American and un-patriotic. But maybe they want Alaska and Hawaii to break off and give us a simpler country map to draw with two fewer neighboring countries: Russia and Afghanistan. […]

Posted by Sarah Palin &#8220;Palling Around with Terrorists&#8221; &laquo; Vote Palin Weblog | Report as abusive

Gov Palin is just a puppet for Karl Rove and Steve Smidt, their hands must have slipped.

Eight is enough!

Posted by letjustvote | Report as abusive

Oh come on… Barack Obama said that America has 57 states once… Like him, she just misspoke.

Posted by brb | Report as abusive

[…] what happens when she doesn’t have talking points or a cheat sheet? This. ‘They are also building schools for the Afghan children so that there is hope and opportunity in […]

Posted by Palin: Afghanistan Is &#8220;Our Neighnoring Country&#8221; &raquo; Oliver Willis | Report as abusive

Nothing new, can’t take this woman seriously for anything. And another thing, that’s the only thing she can talk about is energy. Even during the debate when asked about bankruptcy, what did she discuss, “ENERGY”. There was another question in there if I remember and she still rambled on about energy. And her energy plan envolves nothing but drilling, no plans to get us off oil or anything. That’s her answer. Her and McBush have no plans for the economy. I’m not saying it needs to work because plans are exactly that, but no ideas or nothing. That’s what we’re going to get with their administration is no solutions.

Posted by Trasa | Report as abusive

Give me a break. Biden provides enough gaffes in a day than Palin will ever make in the course of this campaign. He even tried to make a wheelchair bound man walk…….no notice from the main blogs about this one. Biden and his three er two college degrees don’t seem to stop his misstatements (but they do qualify him for a pass by the lefties).

Posted by J_Pierre | Report as abusive

I’m laughing up here in Alaska about all the comments about the Alaska Independence Party. See, up here that party is just a part of the everyday political scene. We even elected an AIP member as our governor once, when the Republicans and Democrats couldn’t produce decent candidates. 😉

Posted by Jen | Report as abusive

Palin is less than sincere, less then truthful, less than educated.. Cruel (the wolves aerial shooting), power abusing (the troopergate). I am not sure how people feel comfortable supporting this woman, this is not a beauty contest. If their ticket wins (god forbid), she will make decisions affecting millions of people with her chicken brains! Help us God!

Posted by aptr | Report as abusive

The media is trying very hard to interpret everything Palin says in the worst possible light. She clearly meant “neighbor country”, as in the USA is trying to be a good neighbor to Afghanistan, as in not abandoning them, etc. But now, everything you say can and will be used against you in the court of the leftist, pro-life hating, media. A major part of the problem is that the media deliberately, willfully, does not understand the speech of country folks. She was speaking and thinking “neighborly”, the media demands that she was asserting Afghanistan borders the lower 48. The media is a bunch of sneer filled weasels.

Posted by Andrew | Report as abusive

Ugh!! Sarah Palin has been promoted way above her intelligence, and I am sorry but a small minded, barely knowledgable woman is not what America or the world for that matter needs. There are HUGE issues facing America. The ‘liberal’ media have a right to “critisise’ things in America that are crooked, because a nation that thinks it is perfect is a nation in decline (and look what has happened in the past eight years) America is fast becoming a basket case. How sad. No more neo-cons and their simplistic thinking, no more greedy republicans, no more war and death, please!!!!!!

Posted by Aussie Girl | Report as abusive


Update. Obama has told us about his involvement with William Ayers and Tony Rezko. Can John McCain hear?

McCain’s fear of Keating Five is going to leave a major headache today.

WaPo has the divorce of John and Carol McCain.

WaPo has Phil Gramm’s relationship to the financial meltdown.

HuffPo has David Ifshin, John McCain’s 1960’s radical, the guy whose voice taunted John McCain as a prisoner of war over Radio Hanoi. They became friends because the found common ground. Oddly enough. Ifshin was also an owner of The New Republic, and is part of the reason McCain enjoyed such wonderful media connections until today.

Posted by kravitz | Report as abusive

So our lovely, Christian, Republican VP candidate has decided to play her best role yet—a lying, gossip monger.
Doesn’t surprise me as it seems that most of those “better than thou” people are like that. Anyone who votes for the McCain/Palin ticket had better take all their money out of the bank and hide it under a mattress because that is the only way they are going to keep it safe after that pair wrecks havoc on the economy (among other things). And if you do vote for McCain/Palin—well “stupid is as stupid does.”

Posted by MJ | Report as abusive

She really should be in Jail. What about the troopergate case she’s been trying so hard to stop, that means something there she tries to hide! Not to mention her ignorance, embarrassing American people, what a JOKE! Afghanistan, I am glad she knows that is a country, not a Small Town in the Great State of Alaska. LOL

Posted by baydweller | Report as abusive

I live in a small EU country. Over here, if you accused a politician of associating with terrorists, you would have to prove it or shut up.It would be a case for the Court and if you couldn´t prove it you certainly would be charged.Why is it possible in America to cast doubt on a person´s character without having to answer for it,even to make gains by vile smear campaigns?This is ugly.

Posted by Ulrike | Report as abusive

My greatest fear is that McCain is just another stooge for the corporations. After his connection with Charles Keating and the Savings and Loan Scandals and then his threatening the FCC with reorganization if they tried to close the loophole aiding the single entity ownership of multiple media outlets in a single market, Pittsburgh in this case. It is clear that his choice of Palin was an attempt to collect some disenfranchised women voters from the Hillary campaign. Never mind that he is seventy-one or two and she might actually have to succeed him as president! She is willing to drill in the wildlife area even though at our present rate of consumption, we would only gain enough oil to buy us an additional SIX MONTHS supply of oil. That is at our present rate of 20 million barrels/day consumption. T. Boone Pickens was right, we CANNOT DRILL OUR WAY OUT OF THIS MESS! Regardless of how nice it sounds when Palin and McCain say “DRILL BABY DRILL”. Better we should spend our time covering the Ohio River and others with floating turbine generators to generate CHEAP energy instead of nuclear generators that are the most expensive and least adequate in terms of a solution. Cheap energy would go a long way towards to re-energizing our economy and making us strong again. With cheap energy we could put our laid off workers back into production again without making them take a vow of poverty. By getting out of Iraq, we can spend ten billion per month on our infrastructure so that we can compete with China, India, and Russia and their current infrastructure building programs. Presently, we are doing nothing but squandering our remaining vitality in Iraq for no reason other than revitalizing Halliburton and the Military Industrial Complex that Eisenhower warned about. Whatever we do, we had better do it right this time in this election. We are running out of chances.

Posted by Jack | Report as abusive

Here is another chance for Sarah Palin supporters to translate a quote from this plain-speaking, average American hockey mom who, according to John McCain, is a top expert on energy.

“Oil of coal, of course, is a fungible commodity and they don’t flag, ya know, the molecules where, where it’s going to, where it’s not, but and in the, in the sense of the Congress today they know our very, very hungry domestic markets that need that oil first. So I believe that what Congress is going to do also is not to allow the export bans to such a degree that it’s Americans who get stuck holding the bag without the energy source that is produced here, pumped here; it’s gotta flow into our domestic markets first.

Posted by Deeva | Report as abusive

This woman is an even BIGGER embarassment than Bush! I never thought I could say that! McShame isn’t far behind! How pathetic he is to cower and blame “the media” for his lack of leadership! He is running out of time and now must resor to old news to try and stir up trouble for Obama. Perhaps they should have read Sun Tsu. Oh yeah, Palin doesn’t read!

Posted by Brett | Report as abusive

Yeah… and you never misspoke a word or two in a sentence. Bunch of freakin’ morons.

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

Hilarious goof by Palin. It’s annoying that the article throws in that little bit of false equivalence about Biden’s gaffes, though. Biden is a real gaffe machine in the sense that he says a thousand very smart things and then says something kind of stupid, although half the time it’s something correct that he just wasn’t supposed to say out loud. That’s very different from Palin’s style of saying a thousand very stupid things mixed in with a hundred stunningly idiotic things… she doesn’t make gaffes, she’s just a full-time moron.

Posted by jrn | Report as abusive

Sarah Pallin didn`t have the capability to be a vice president.Her linguistic knots were simply proof.ain`t they?

Posted by cuttey | Report as abusive

No, the story is not that she made yet another nonsensical, nitwit remark.

The story is that she’s a nitwit. And for any of you nitwits out there for whom she is your idol, just imagine your idol sitting across a table from Vladimir Putin. He’s salivating right now, and it’s not over her cleavage; they have cleavage in Russia. He’s drooling over her nitwittery.

Deal with it.

Posted by Apphouse50 | Report as abusive

Palin has diarrhea of the mouth whenever she’s asked what her personal opinion is on any particular subject. She apparently believes that “if you can’t argue the facts, then baffle everyone with b*llsh*t.”

Her tired little “just a hockey mom, don’tcha know” act is over. After November 4 she can go back to Alaska and stay there.

Posted by Bendal | Report as abusive

For a 72 year old four time survivor of cancer who some doctors say cant live past 2010 to select someone
who thinks “afganistan is our neighbouring country” as his running mate is an abuse to the intelligence of voters.

Posted by John Maina | Report as abusive

She also called McCain the “man that we should *leave*”. She may have something there.

Posted by JPMahler | Report as abusive

Palin is the stuff of my recent nightmares. She in front of NATO or G8 trying out different tactics : cute winks, folksy speak or changing the subject. She is being laughed out of the room and they continue with serious business.
I think she will not get any respect as was proven in New York 2 weeks ago: they treated her as a secretary at best or as a bimbo at worst. But then, if you act like an overage chearleader, you can not complain of sexist treatment.

Posted by melanie | Report as abusive

unfortunately, there’s no other way to say it.

if you support palin then your a moron.

I’m sorry.

for you.

Posted by ME | Report as abusive

I just love Sarah Palin; most people with blue eyes too…..

Posted by wallace | Report as abusive

Job security for SNL? hmmmmmm. On another site about the SNL VP debate paraody, a Palin support tried to announce “Tina Fey’s 15 minutes are up!” Forget Foreign policy, ecomonics, taxes, eduction, war in Iraq …. These idiots don’t even know our pop culture. But I guess a lot of votes are for sale for a smirk and a wink.

Posted by OutofTouch | Report as abusive

When Obama claimed that America had 57 states,that was fine with the media. Now Palin claims that “in the world community”(understood) Afghanistan is a neighbor they make a big deal. So what ,Afganistan is a neighbor in the global sphere,aren’t they?

Posted by ladyluck | Report as abusive

Yes, we need a know nothing with a native instinct for Machiavelli, to lead all the little sheep to the abatoire. We are so doomed.

Posted by c6Logic | Report as abusive

Not only is Palin incompetent and intellectually challenged, Palin is a toxic narcissist…and this is the real problem. She appeals to other narcissists who freely supply Palin with narcissistic supply. She is an empty skirt and nothing more.

Posted by Rob | Report as abusive

This is what America needs: A Dan Quayle for our times!

Posted by Ralph Pundit | Report as abusive

The sad thing is that this fool Palin is taking away everyone’s attention from real problems. She is the jester of McCain’s court. McCain is no patriot or hero. Heros or patriots don’t sell their country.

Let’s hope that McCain and the fool will create more blunders before November and some of the ignorant will wake up.

Posted by Jeff | Report as abusive

If Palin was a doctor, would you want her to do a surgery on you? (wink)
So with her meagerly experience why do ya all want her to handle foreign policy, national defense and economy? It’s only trillions of dollars, lives of your children and yours.

But perhaps some of ya all, would want an intern who just finished couple of courses in a community college to work on open heart surgery.

Posted by Nick | Report as abusive

Why can Obama say “John McCain didn’t question my Muslim faith” and have Reters not cover that gaffe with such vigor? Double standard…media loves Liberals. Just one example.

Posted by Joe | Report as abusive

The people I know in Europe can’t believe how two people as stupid as Palin and McCain could be running for higher office. They still can’t believe there is a chance that these two could lead the USA. We will be the laughing stock of the world if this crotchety old man and his bimbo make it to thew hite house. Horrors indeed if this happens.

Posted by McMoose | Report as abusive


1. I think you accidentally put an “i” in your name.

2. Joe Biden did in fact claim that FDR went on TV in 1929 to reassure the American public after the market crashed. It’s on tape. It’s been played by journalists interested in objectivity. That means you won’t hear about it on CBS, CNN, or MSNBC.

Also on tape is his statement that you have to have an “indian accent to walk into a 7-11 or Dunkin’Donuts.” Also on tape is him calling Obama, “the first clean and articulate black candidate.” Also on tape is him claiming to have earned three degrees while on full scholarship to law school and being at the top of his class, when in fact he earned ONE degree with a double major, had zero scholarships (had financial aid), and was, like McCain, near the bottom of his class. Unlike McCain, however, Biden’s school was not the US Naval Academy.

Biden is the guy who dropped out of the race for president 20 years ago because he got caught plagiarizing a British politician’s writings.

Posted by Matt | Report as abusive

I don’t want to “relate” to the person I vote for. I don’t one to feel like they are my “pal” or someone I could have a beer with.

I want to be in awe of the sheer intellect of the person I vote for. I want to say “Wow! I can’t believe how smart they are!”

Anyone who votes for someone because they say “gosh darn it” and winks at you, and thinks it’s “awesome” that someone talks about “joe six pack” and hockey moms, really needs to re-evaluate their decision making process.

Posted by Kurt | Report as abusive

One of the great tragedies of this election is the sadness of Sarah Palin. They will lose, and on November 5 she will be dumped like an old Halloween Pumpkin. ………….. e-tragedy-of-sarah-palin/

Posted by Ohg Rea Tone | Report as abusive

Well, maybe she can see Afghanistan from her house too. What a pathetic meathead, a perfect match for John McCan’t.

Posted by Gary Christenson | Report as abusive

Actually, TV’s first broadcast happened in 1929, with Herbert Hoover giving a televised address…

Posted by Rollie Hudson | Report as abusive

Palin is not equipped for the job.
Why would America REWARD complete Republican failure ?

We wont.

Posted by PulSamsara | Report as abusive

Question: The theme of the Republican Convention was “Country First” — i.e. putting your country’s interests above your own personal ambitions.

Does anybody truly believe that Sarah Palin was the most capable national leader Mccain could find? Or was she simply the best person to help him win?

His choice — the biggest decision a presidential candidate makes — speaks volumes about John McCain’s judgment…and ambition.

Posted by David Johnson | Report as abusive

I dont understand why people say Palin is real and she is human as the quality to aspire to for Vice Presidency. I don’t care that she has gaffes because if it was just a slip of tongue then it is inconsequential but serves as good comedy for late night shows.

What concerns me is the lack of her depth in understanding the critical issues that the McCain/Palin administration would have to handle if they were elected. She herself said that she has been in this for what 5 weeks, and therefore has not had the time to think about these issues like the other candidates or her vice presidential counterpart. Therefore she is trying to do the best she can and I applaud her for that.

However, it is McCain who I question who brought Palin to the ticket without fully vetting her and then put her on the national stage as a gimmick, a shiny toy to distract voters from looking at his own dismal record of supporting George Bush over the years.

Posted by Anita | Report as abusive

Can palin see Afghanastan from alaska too?

Posted by Rich | Report as abusive

I know she’s not the sharpest tool in a shed, but has she at least seen a globe or world map before?

Man, combining her and McCain’s “I graduated 894th out of 899 from a military college” and we really have a pair of Bush clones on the intellectual side. At least Bush had a Master’s degree (albeit with his homework done by his daddy’s employees most likely).

Posted by JJC | Report as abusive

Little gaffes like this are NOT important. I don’t care that Palin called Afganistan “our neighboring country” because clearly she knows that it is not. What concerns me DEEPLY is the number of issues and facts she DOES NOT know. Including the first clue about the economy and the international affairs. This can hardly be argued. When she was mayor, she left her town $20K in debt. She built an incredibly expensive hockey rink when roads were crumbling. She fired people who did not agree with her and stifled debate and wise counsel. She seems utterly unaware of her lack of qualifications. This is unbelievably frightening, as we are sitting on a tightrope right now and the US could fall like the Roman Empire. Obama is the only one of the 4 candidates who has a positive vision for this country and the wisdom and people around him qualified to carry it out.

Posted by Janet Greene | Report as abusive

Maybe when she stands on top of her house she can see Afghanistan

Posted by Leigh | Report as abusive

Give me a break. Biden sticks his foot in his mouth how many times? He’s had over 50 press conferences where he fields questions and has what 5, maybe 10 gaffes?

Palin gives zero conferences and even while being scripted bumbles it. Imagine if she actually had a press conference. We’d have material for years.

Amadinejad has given more press conferences in the U.S. than Sarah Palin. Ridiculous.

Nobody should vote for someone who won’t answer the questions of the public, which the press btw is the proxy for. Liberal or not, it’s not a dictatorship here last I looked.

Posted by John | Report as abusive

Obama should run the witch doctor tapes of Palin. Who in their right mind would vote for this woman? She doesn’t even read a newspaper. To say she did well in the debate is a joke. All she did was her same old talking points. When the liberal media asks her a question that she can’t answer they are picking on her.
Let’s see her on a Sunday morning show & see how she does.
She is not VP material America wake up see past the winks.

Posted by Kathy Rinetti | Report as abusive

Ms Palin is right about the neighbor comment, if we’re looking at occupying Iraq and Afghanistan for 100 years.

Posted by Doug Potter | Report as abusive

Palin is a good barometer for who the kooks are. Scary.

Posted by Barry Dalton | Report as abusive

This lady has obviously used her looks to get where she is. Its rather obvious she hasn’t used intelligence and a command of the English language.

Posted by SkipW | Report as abusive

One of the earlier comments said “I haven’t heard many complaints coming out of Alaska about her” WRONG.

There was a rally of 1,400 people, ‘ALASKANS AGAINST PALIN’
and it was the largest rally in the state’s history (the population there is relatively small). Just fyi.

Posted by Robert | Report as abusive

“How about equal coverage to Obama’s ties to Radical Islamo-Fascist Terrorists like Raila Odinga?”

Raila Odinga is the democratically elected prime minister of Kenya, he’s an Anglican. Could well be responsible/linked with lots of nefarious activity but his only anti-state violence links where fighting single party rule, not very fascist. Whatever etymological contortions one goes through it’s impossible to label him islamic (he may have political links) fascist and calling a democratically elected polictical leader a terrorist suddenly allows that label to encompass a hell of a lot of people.

Posted by HighbuyJD | Report as abusive

i’m annoyed that mccain is selling palin as the “most popular” and “loved” governor in the united states. why not the governor of New York, or California? Why can’t arnold schwarzenegger be vice president. i would have totally turned republican for that accent alone. calling the rest of the world girly men would have elevated our position in the world.

also, wasn’t george bush the governor of texas? a fat lot of good that experience did our country! at this point, the least amount of experience is looking really good right about now.

Posted by ralph | Report as abusive

Palin’s attack on Katie Couric sounded like more airhead babble, but what she was saying was dangerous. It was that the media has no right to ask what it wants, its job is to hold the mike while we expound what we want to say, in this case, a string of attacks on Obama.

That’s called propaganda, and it was precisely these principles that held up Hitler, Stalin, and every other repressive regime.

We need to reject this seemingly simple minded, but actually very dangerous concept of how the media should work and ship Ms. Palin back to the frozen north from whence she came.

Posted by Jaybird Said That | Report as abusive

Whay are Americans so obsessed with having a REGULAR guy or girl in charge of our country???

Would you want just a “regular” doctor working on your child for a heart transplant??? NO, you want the best and brightest!

Would you want just a “regular” engineer designing/building your families minivan??? NO, you want the best and brightest!

Would you want just a “regular” professor teaching your children? NO, you want the best and brightest!

Yet we are so happy when we get a “regular” person to be a VP candidate…we’ve had a “regular” guy in the White House for the last 8 years…need I say more???

Posted by rc | Report as abusive

Sarah is ignorant and dangerous to our country , she will be heading back to Alaska soon where she belongs.

Posted by Yoli | Report as abusive

She is the biggest embarrassment to this country in history. Only completely illiterate inbreds would actually vote for any ticket she’s on. Whatever happened to expecting our leaders to be intelligent? I have a neighbor down the street who drinks beer and eats Doritos all day while watching TV. Why not let him run the country? He’s a classic Joe-six-pack. The fact that all the intelligent conservatives notice this but she still attracts crowds just goes to prove how utterly uneducated and inbred most Republicans are.

Posted by JD | Report as abusive

Connie Malfa, you are a moron. I’m sorry to be so blunt but I’m getting sick and tired with people like you making excuses for this woman. While she might be the governor of a state with less people than Brooklyn, it is obvious she has no intellectual curiosity for anything outside Alaska. She is running for Vice President of the US and not for Vice President of the local PTA. The fact that she doesn’t know or doesn’t even understand foreign and economic issues is disturbing. Yesterday she basically said that there is a special place in hell for women that do not support other women (i.e., her). She took a quote and changed it from “help” to “support” and then said that she was waiting to see how the “newspaper” was going to take that comment and make into something else. What? How else to take a comment like that? Frankly, she is not insulting to me but to my wife and other women.

Posted by Nelson | Report as abusive

Here we go, the kitchen sink politics!!! Sarah Palin launching a new-cue-lar attack on Obama.

Posted by P.J. | Report as abusive

Good for you for liking Sarah Palin because she “portrays herself as a real person” (not that she IS a real person, but PORTRAYS herself that way?)! I personally want a brilliant president and VP that listens to others, can solve a national crisis, that understands both complex domestic and international issues without using a cheat sheet, will resolve problems and conflicts, and has a superlative grasp on financial, economic, social, political, diplomatic issues, and options. I want a statesman who can represent this country with dignity, integrity, intelligence, thoughtfulness, patience, and reason. That’s why Barack Obama runs away with my independent vote in my swing state.

Posted by Mary | Report as abusive

What seems to be missed by all the Palin-ites is that she is a fabulous campaigner who has gained a huge dose of confidence since ‘surviving’ the low expectations of the debate. This allows her to increase the pace and intensity of the lies that have have not become woven into the fiber of the Republican platform.

What comes out of her mouth, both the lies and profound stupidity of her potential future job requirement, along with her beliefs continually reinforces that she is a completely unqualified person for the job of VP or even more scary, President.

It is virtually impossible for a Republican to admit this distinction because they are so intent on winning that they don’t really care about the country and what could happen with the actions of someone who is only 5 weeks into this role. The distilled definition of a Republican is those who cares about their money. Democrats care about the people.

Someone needs to explain the Theory of Holes to Sarah Palin – which is that when you are in one, stop digging. But there is no point in trying to resuscitate the Republicans from their drug induced coma about the realities of their candidates, because as each day goes by, the rest of the country begins to get it and the Democratic lead increases.

Posted by David | Report as abusive

you keep on telling yourself that she is so good. She makes the years of women’s struggles all seem for nothing. She is a clown

Posted by Rose Richmond | Report as abusive

You have to wonder about McCain’s integrity when he places a person so obviously unable to understand the complexities of the world in a position where she could actually become the leader of the–for now at least–Free World. My friends, that’s not change you can believe in. That’s, gosh-darn it, just plain ol’ desperation. These folks appear to be completely amoral. Whatever advances their agenda is “right.” Torture, bombing, lying…

Posted by Mike Johnson | Report as abusive

I live in a small EU country. Over here, if you accused a politician of associating with terrorists, you would have to prove it or shut up.It would be a case for the Court and if you couldn´t prove it you certainly would be charged.Why is it possible in America to cast doubt on a person´s character without having to answer for it,even to make gains by vile smear campaigns?This is ugly.
– Posted by Ulrike

Uh, it has been proven, so does that mean you’ll shut up? EU, huh? No wonder you would have every comment someone makes turned into the government’s responsibility to heal…just like a good little socialist.

With a little bit of luck, Reuters will stop blocking for you and just publish the d@mn comment.

Posted by Matt | Report as abusive

Calling Afghanistan ‘our neighboring country’ is not a linguistic gaffe, it is an indication of ignorance.

Posted by lbcyclist | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin is yet another strident, lying Republican hack who wears her ignorance and stupidity like a badge. Too bad so many people identify with that. But at least their judgment about themselves is correct.

Posted by Dan | Report as abusive

“Three days after a mostly gaffe-free debate performance…”

Well I suppose that’s true, if you don’t count the fact that English is apparently her second language. Gibberish is her first.

Posted by shingles | Report as abusive

Gosh darn right! Wink. Wink. Sarah Palin already knows all you need to know to follow in the footsteps of George Bush and Dick Cheney. She knows how to abuse the powers of her office. She knows how to lie. She knows how to ignore subpeonas. She knows how to praise radical right wing separatist parties of which her “dude” was a member. She knows how to appoint cronies and misfits to public office on the grounds they were members of her high school class or her church. What more do we need?

Posted by Eric Lowin | Report as abusive

“…saying she was “annoyed” and “impatient” because she wanted to talk about other issues like energy independence.”

This woman does not belong anywhere near any sort of Presidential negotiating table. The more she talks, the more dangerous she sounds.

Posted by Skyrider | Report as abusive

It’s difficult to see what standards of journalistic “fairness” causes you to equate one mistake that Joe Biden made with Sarah Palin’s clearly inadequate intellect.
Joe Biden has a legal degree and years of experience with foreign leaders. Sarah Palin has had a few days of cramming and memorizing fed to her by polical handlers.

Posted by SKS | Report as abusive

Palin does have critics in Alaska – please check out

Posted by Mart | Report as abusive

Connie Malfa—

Are you kidding? Alaskan politicians in the news?!?!? Do Ted Stevens, or Don Young sound in the least bit familiar????

I am from Juneau, Alaska, and was an independent until McCain announced her as his running mate. Now I am an Obama supporter. She is an idiot, and it is a good thing my home state of Alaska is big enough, and sparsely populated enough to allow her to “play around” with, without causing too much damage.

Posted by Kimberly Groves | Report as abusive

Is that where we’re fightn for Oil John. You betcha. oops wrong place I mean Iraq. wink.

Posted by Airforce-1 | Report as abusive

Please look at Sarah being annointed from witches in her church and other videos where she’s on stage with her pastor stating how everyone is going to flock to Alaska for refuge in the end of times and how Sarah is going to be the one to save them… SCAREY… if people can’t see through this we are in trouble…

Posted by Tina | Report as abusive

Palin is truly an idiot.

We’ve had 8 years already of an extremist corrupt idiot named George W bush.

The result: He destroyed America.

Wake up, folks!! We need to get some smarter folks in the WH. Hell, you wouldn’t hire this clown Palin to manage your business, let alone run the most important office in the world!!!

And btw, Palin’s “folksiness” is such a shjam. I don’t believe that FAKE for a second.

Posted by Kelly | Report as abusive

I hear people say she is evil and others say she is ‘real’ and what we need. She is neither.

A woman who believes the vice presidency should be a posiiton with more power is dangerous (See Dick Cheney). Someone who has no single understanding on a lot of the issues except one – energy independence (and her knowledge on that is questionable as well) should not be allowed a chance to hold the second highest office in the country. She has just as much experience as Barack Obabma but the difference is that senator Obama has more understanding of various issues than governor Palin does.

Her folkism is pkay but can be annoying when overdone and not everyone is going to have the same oratorical gift as Barack Obama does. So, describing her a s a politican we need is wrong and describing her as eveil, because of the way she twists words is wrong as well.

George Bush got elected becuase he was “one of the poeple”. I beg you all, in the name of all that is good, to judge the candidates on their stance on the issues and not on how likable they are. George Bush seemed likable and see where we are. Go to both websites (Barack Obama and John McCain) and find independent sources that will help you make your decision.

Its time to vote and Vote Smart!!!!

Posted by CeeDemocrat | Report as abusive

to Connie Malfa: The U.S. does NOT rate highly on the “BEST PLACE TO LIVE chart” — Canadians earn more, pay less per person for Health Care, have Universal Health Care, and live longer than Americans. What’s more, Palin tanked an interview because she was “annoyed” that she was being asked questions she didn’t like? How is this person fit to be in a DIPLOMATIC post? Just what we need, two Hot heads with their fingers on the button! McCain / Palin = Unstable / Unable.

Posted by Stephen Strepsi | Report as abusive

Palin is a complete phony. She takes everyday Americans to be fools who will fall for her “you betcha” and believe the lies that she spews. She’s an insult to all of us who work hard to support and care for our families, who desperately need a true leader, not a cheerleader, to show us the way through the dire straits we face as a country. With the selection of Palin, McCain proves he sees ordinary Americans as idiots who can be duped for their vote.

Posted by James Young | Report as abusive

I’m sure she didn’t really mean “neighboring”. The question is, what the hell DID she mean?!! “Nitwit” starts with an “N”.

Posted by Stevew | Report as abusive

Well, careful with your words (and history), too! There WAS television in 1932, but virtually no one had it. See

Posted by ebina2 | Report as abusive

Katie Couric, while interviewing a Marine sniper, asked: “What do you feel when you shoot a Terrorist?”. The Marine shrugged and said: “A slight recoil.”

let’s start with him saying “our troops are air raiding villages and killing civilians in Iraq.”

Earlier this month in Oregon, he redrew the map of the United States: “Over the last 15 months, we’ve traveled to every corner of the United States. I’ve now been in 57 states? I think one left to go.”

Last week, in front of a roaring Sioux Falls, S.D., audience, Obama exulted: “Thank you, Sioux City. … I said it wrong. I’ve been in Iowa for too long. I’m sorry.”

Explaining last week why he was trailing Hillary Clinton in Kentucky, Obama again botched basic geography: “Sen. Clinton, I think, is much better known, coming from a nearby state of Arkansas. So it’s not surprising that she would have an advantage in some of those states in the middle.” On what map is Arkansas closer to Kentucky than Illinois?

Obama has as much trouble with numbers as he has with maps. Last March, on the anniversary of the Bloody Sunday march in Selma, Ala., he claimed his parents united as a direct result of the civil rights movement: “There was something stirring across the country because of what happened in Selma, Ala., because some folks are willing to march across a bridge. So they got together and Barack Obama Jr. was born.”

Obama was born in 1961. The Selma march took place in 1965. His spokesman, Bill Burton, later explained that Obama was “speaking metaphorically about the civil-rights movement as a whole.”

Earlier this month in Cape Girardeau, Mo., Obama showed off his knowledge of the war in Afghanistan by homing in on a lack of translators: “We only have a certain number of them, and if they are all in Iraq, then it’s harder for us to use them in Afghanistan.” The real reason it’s “harder for us to use them” in Afghanistan: Iraqis speak Arabic or Kurdish. The Afghanis speak Pashto, Farsi, or other non-Arabic languages.

Over the weekend in Oregon, Obama pleaded ignorance of the decades-old, multibillion-dollar massive Hanford nuclear-waste cleanup: “Here’s something that you will rarely hear from a politician, and that is that I’m not familiar with the Hanford, uuuuhh, site, so I don’t know exactly what’s going on there. (Applause.) Now, having said that, I promise you I’ll learn about it by the time I leave here on the ride back to the airport.”

I assume on that ride, a staffer reminded him that he’s voted on at least one defense-authorization bill that addressed the “costs, schedules, and technical issues” dealing with the nation’s most contaminated nuclear-waste site.

Last March, the Chicago Tribune reported this little-noticed nugget about a fake autobiographical detail in Obama’s Dreams from My Father: “Then, there’s the copy of Life magazine that Obama presents as his racial awakening at age 9. In it, he wrote, was an article and two accompanying photographs of an African-American man physically and mentally scarred by his efforts to lighten his skin. In fact, the Life article and the photographs don’t exist, say the magazine’s own historians.”

And in perhaps the most seriously troubling set of gaffes of them all, Obama told a Portland crowd over the weekend that Iran doesn’t “pose a serious threat to us” — cluelessly arguing that “tiny countries” with small defense budgets can’t do us harm — and then promptly flip-flopped the next day, claiming, “I’ve made it clear for years that the threat from Iran is grave.”

Posted by CacklingGoddess | Report as abusive

An awkward interview? Is that how incoherent, uninformed, and simply laughable responses, is described these days? She thinks it’s a joke and to show us who’s boss she’ll take it up a notch with the winking and the nodding and the “you betchas”. This country is in dire need of solutions and leadership, and the media furthers the “let Sarah be Sarah” mantra.

The woman’s only skill is regurgitating talking points. Palin has no original ideas and has not demonstrated rational thinking. Awkward indeed.

Posted by Lotus19 | Report as abusive

Yeah Sarah sounds like a doofus most of the time…Barack thinks we have 57 states…relaize this–they are all F%@$ing idiots! The job of prescident is a thankless no-win gig. We are all in trouble no matter who is elected…now I’m off on vacation for the rest of the year…

Posted by Joe | Report as abusive

We should all be frightened at the prospect of this woman leading our country. I’m sure she’s a fine governor, but she is in way over her head here. We deserve better! Just because she’s “just like us” doesn’t mean she is qualified to be VP. I am embarrassed as an American that she is on the Republican ticket. (I’m a politically unaffiliated woman by the way) You know, it’s interesting to note, that if McCain had picked Mitt Romney for VP he’d be winning right now. Romney is a brilliant economic mind, and with the economy being the top issue, McCain would have the clear edge. (He also wouldn’t have had to pull out of Michigan, where Romney’s father was a popular governor) Instead, he is admittedly turning the page on the economy to launch dirty, unsubstantiated attacks on Barack Obama. Turn the page on the issue that is VITAL to every American family? McCain has said that he’d rather lose an election than lose a war. It looks like he’d also rather lose his good name and character than lose an election. Sad.

Posted by J Gardine | Report as abusive

Golly gee all this time I thought Afghanistan was adjacent to that Iraqi / Pakistani border just a quick F16 flight from Czechoslovakia. You betcha…..

Posted by plzgetreal | Report as abusive

Maybe Afghanistan or geography in general is her ‘achilles heel’. So much for a gaffe free debate….

Posted by Teri Krause | Report as abusive

Really? Can she see it from her yard?

Posted by pertello | Report as abusive

Think of the money she would save us in the War on Terror.
No more flying all the way around the world to fight the Taliban.
They’re right across the border.

Posted by WilyTrax | Report as abusive

Gaffe free debate? Maybe Afghanistan or geography in general is her ‘achilles heel’.

Posted by Teri | Report as abusive

So, when it gets down to brass tacks, on every major issue from Iraq to tax policy to utter ignorance and bellicosity about the middle east to health care to claiming that ignorant speech means folksiness, what specifically differentiates the McCain/Palin campaign from the last Republican administration? Other than of course that they’re “Mavericks”? Don’t we need something a little more astute than a six pack and Jesus talking to us personally about plans for war running things?

Posted by CitizenE | Report as abusive

Republicans, especially, Sarah Palin are un-American, un-Patriotic, and true-Terrorists.

Who controls the NRA, the wacko mega-churches, and preaches no government. Answer:Republicans

Posted by Ben | Report as abusive

I don’t “hate” Sarah Palin — she is just comletely unqualified to be the VP, let alone the President.

It is our duty to question the government, unlike how we, as a people, or how our media completely dropped tha ball in the run-up to the war.

McCain’s slogan is “Country First”. How can a nomination for a person so obviously unqualified, be putting country first? If elected, McCain would be the oldest President with a history of cancer. Sarah could very easily be the President. Its time we el;ect competent people for this job!

Posted by civicsjunkie | Report as abusive

This is not amusing! She probably DOES think Afghanistan is on America’s doorstep.

Posted by Reddy | Report as abusive

When will people realize that it’s not about media bias – just look at the facts. Nobody is making Palin look or sound stupid, nobody is forcing her not to answer questions! She may very well be a nice person, a good parent, and a capable governor of Alaska, but if you don’t know where is Afghanistan, where the US has been at war even before Iraq then you’re absolutely 100% NOT ready to be the VP of the president of the US.

Posted by seth b | Report as abusive

Hey brb: There were 57 primaries and caucuses — that’s what he was referring to. Buy a clue then come back and apologize.

Posted by logic | Report as abusive

The people who say they like Palin because she’s “like them” are crazy. We don’t need a hockey mom in the second highest office in the land. We don’t need another uninformed politician sitting in the White House (should something happen to McSame). We’ve had 8 years of “down home” ignorance. We can’t afford 4 more.

Posted by tjtull | Report as abusive

Can we stick to the issues and policies. Everyone know that Palin is not qualified! But if Obama sticks to the real differences between he and McCain.
Start screaming that the Republicans have run us into the ground!! And that McCain wants to ammend the constitution with Roe v Wade, putting in a hate ammendment to ban gay marriages, etc…….

Posted by V. Sabio | Report as abusive



Posted by Rebecca | Report as abusive

Once again Sarah “Plain” proves was a complete hick and ignoramous she is!

Posted by Rick | Report as abusive

I guess if you can see Russia from your house, then Afghanistan might be considered a neighboring country.

Isn’t she the leat bit embarrassed at being so ignorant?

Posted by Richard S | Report as abusive

Perhaps Sarah should hire an interpreter so that the rest us us can comprehend what she really meant. There is something strange and scary going on in that little mind.

Posted by Kalevipoeg | Report as abusive

Okay, so let me get this straight, we’re going to choose Palin as our VP because we LIKE her???? We LIKED George Bush and look what happened there. Why don’t we choose someone who might be able to provide intelligent leadership rather than a fun time at the pub?

Posted by Donna | Report as abusive

What an idiot. Only people stupider than Palin will vote for her, and that is a lot of people. A president should be smarter than the average American, considering the average American doesn’t know where Canada is.

Posted by Kevin | Report as abusive

When McCain and Palin lose the election, McCain will go back to work but I see the end of Mrs Palin career. Alaskans are waiting for her to render count on all the wrongdoings and misappropiations since she took office as Mayor and then as Governor. The woman is political toast.

Posted by Horace | Report as abusive

Ah shucks; come on now. Obama has tons of actual experience. You all folks shouldn’t worry, he and Joey are real smart.

Posted by Bill Jordan | Report as abusive

Why is it that conservatives instantly refer to the media as “leftwing” the moment they come under fire for their own screw ups, but the same is not true the other way around?? I even had a friend insinuate that was “leftist media” because it was constantly used to debunk BS conservative emails that were being circulated. How is Snopes leftist?? For rebutting misleading or erroneous email with researched facts? The site researches each email and then posts their sources…but yet, Snopes is leftist for saying that Obama didn’t blow off troops in Afghanistan for a photo-op basketball game. Snopes has debunked as many erroneous leftwing emails as rightwing ones.

I can’t think of a single left-leaning political commentator as “in your face” as the likes of Ann Coulter or Rush Limbaugh…but yet the media is all “leftwing”. What happened to the so-called “left-wing media” when Clinton got his blow job??? The media was EVERY BIT on his case as well.

In my opinion, conservatives need to just zip their lips and let Sarah take her beating like every other politician who has made an ass of themselves in the public spotlight.

Posted by Anna Roscello | Report as abusive

Not only is Sarah Palin a MORON, she is also MEAN!!!!
She is a disgrace and and an embarrassment to intelligent, honest, educated women everywhere!

Posted by Kiki Lenoue | Report as abusive

To all those Palin supporters, not this time baby. I was disturbed by the election and re-election of Bush even if questionable. Now, I’m just not only voting but I’m contributing money to the Obama campaign and I’m participating in events to make people aware of what the choices are in this election. She might have gotten the Republican base excited but she also did the same for the Democrats. She has energized people like me and the more garbage comes out of her mouth the more I want to do to help Obama win.

Posted by Nelson | Report as abusive

This woman would be fun to have around to rip on, if it weren’t for the fact that there are a ton of REALLY stupid people in this country. We’ve had a Joe 6-pack for 8 years now, do they really want more of this?
They are not thinking

Posted by Bruce | Report as abusive

Good point V. Sabio. Slam McCain on the economy, since he so desperately wants to change the subject. Bring up his ties to Fanny and Freddie as well a his involvement in the Keeting 5. Not to mention his ties to Phil Gramm. All part and parcel of this economic meltdown.

Posted by tjtull | Report as abusive

“Stupid is as stupid does.”

Posted by Forrest Gump | Report as abusive

this garbage can’t be tolerated, time to call the dump truck, haul her back to ak. where she belongs, cold and miserable…america clearly does not want her…

Posted by jay | Report as abusive

Why do Mc Cain and Palin need to translate for us what they say…after the fact. Fundamentals of the economy are strong translates to workers are strong. I didn’t answer about what I read because they would make fun of it/me….on and on. Orwellian double speak. There is not enough lipstick in the world to make these two look good. I know plenty of Alaskans who do NOT want her back, but are terrified of the alternative.
The greatest accomplishment of the Republicans in past eight years is the division of our country, even among families. What a legacy.
McCain and Palin will continue on this path. Maybe we will be able to declare war on OURSELVES! Now that”s change you can ….. cry about.

Posted by s doyle | Report as abusive

just one factor: those who are racist and those who are not.

Posted by Sid | Report as abusive

Folks should stop worrying about the tenuous “ties” politicians have with bad people. Raila Odinga? Yes Obama’s father comes from the same tribe, that’s where it ends. Cheney? Obama is related to him too in some distant way, but he clearly is not a right wing fascist.

Its clear Palin is not qualified to be Vice-President. She has proved this herself in the public appearances she gives. Give her some time, maybe in 10-20 years she will learn some basic information about foreign and domestic affairs and she will be ready.

Posted by eric | Report as abusive

Caribou Barbie isn’t qualified to work at a McDonalds drive in, let alone Vice President of the United States. Regardless of party affiliation, this position demands a politically and socially savvy individual who can meet and greet heads of state in the stead of the President. The individual must be knowledgeable of foreign and domestic issues, which Gidget is NOT, able to react in an appropriate fashion, which she CAN NOT, and deliver a cognizant message to the Americans which is just out of her league. McCain gambled and lost big time. Watching the GOP squirm with every utterance of these two imbeciles is certainly interesting. I wonder why McCain and Palin are constantly campaigning together when it only makes sense to split up to cover more ground. They are a match made in heaven and are destined for a histoical loss. Thank God and the American public for that.

Posted by Gregg Potter | Report as abusive

I cannot for the life of me understand anyone in America who wants their politicians to be average, dumbed-down and folksy. We just had an average (actually less than average)
NIMROD trying to run this country for the last 8 years. SO, I guess their are actually Americans that want MORE of the Lowest Common Denominator in politicians for another 4-8 years. Get REAL! Get SERIOUS! Palin is a VAPID CHASM. I can hear the Alaskan Wind blowing through her head!!!

Posted by DMS | Report as abusive

The U.S. barely has any presence in Afghanistan any more, since most reserves and focus was moved to Iraq. Most of that “school building” efforts can be attributed to Canadian troops, since Canada has the largest contingency of troops still fighting Afghanistan. I’m reading in our papers almost everyday of our boys getting maimed or killed over there.

Thanks for acknowledging the work of your REAL “neighbors”, Ms. Palin.

Posted by Elle Driver | Report as abusive

Funny now you want to talk about the crowds…doesn’t that make her a celebrity?? As for the woman who said she likes Palin because she is just like “one of us”. well as a woman she is not like me. I try to talk in sentences that are coherent. I try to educate myslef by reading and investigating the world around me. I place a value on honesty and truthfullness (as oppossed to truthiness!). We should want our leaders to be smart and educated – I love my next door neighbor that does not mean I think she should be the VP or the President!

Posted by pthomas KY | Report as abusive

Don’t we want our potential president to be smarter and more well read on economic and world affairs than some of the regular folks. I am a regular folk and I sure do. Also are we really going to support someone who gets up and never takes a question. Who are these women who are supporting her? She is not one of you!!!

Posted by sbertie | Report as abusive

The angry posters here are hurting John McCain’s cause. Independent voters are mightily put off by ranting.

Talking of extreme emotion, Rolling Stone has the most incredible essay on John McCain, available at ory/make_believe_maverick_the_real_john_ mccain

How can anyone vote for someone who calls his wife the c-word? In public?

Posted by Tim | Report as abusive

People who say Palin is doing just fine since she’s from Alaska and thrust into the spotlight, talk about excuses, excuses, excuses. This woman is not ready to be VP, and even less ready to be possibly President.

I know it’s hard, but please try admitting that to yourselves.

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

Hey when Palin took her line from the starbucks cup from madeline albright, madeline turns around and endorses obama.

what a maverick.

palin speaks to cups, obama speaks to world leaders.

Posted by TRUTH | Report as abusive

i think it’s totally weird that people like sarah. she’s likeable, sure. but not for president. she is NOT president material. at all.

why would you pick someone to lead the whole country who has no grasp on the outer world? she has nothing to bring to the table other than a nice personality. thats great, for a friend, but not for the leader of the free world, thanks.

Posted by daltonic | Report as abusive

This is getting ugly at a time when we should be standing together.

Obama/Biden– the only hope of uniting our country

Posted by Susan in WV | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin is the most incompetent major political figure I have witnessed in my life. That she even potentially could become the president scares the hell out of me. People blame the media for pointing out her gaffes as if they were unimportant. But in fact they are very important because they reveal her incompetence in the political arena. I also find it amazing that her strong supporters continually offer excuses as a substitute for this incompetence.

Posted by AlbertBano | Report as abusive

This woman is totally clueless as most 5th graders know more than this woman! She doesn’t even know geography and please don’t tell me that the VP’s understanding of geography and world issues is not vital! She is dumb!

Posted by Greg285 | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin is a Dumb Broad. Just an attack pitbull for McCain. After November 4th, she will go back to her Moose fetish in Alaska.She can take McCain with her.

Posted by alice | Report as abusive

You didn’t watch the debate analysis. Her debate was hardly “gaffe-free”. It set a record for factual errors, some of which even the McCain campaign admitted to.

Posted by keith | Report as abusive

Amadinejad has given more press conferences in the U.S. than Sarah Palin. Ridiculous:

To whomever said this, what an astute observation!! I just wanted to point out how glaringly obvious it is, that the repug Palin “defenders” are incapable of actually “defending” Palin’s qualifications and performances. The best these ignorant, hyper-partisan simpletons can come up with are accusations of media “liberal bias, in the tank for Obama..etc,.”

I am so sick of hearing Marxist/Communist/Socialist/Fascist from under-educated fools, who have no idea what any of these concepts actually mean. Listen up repug dum-dums: Karl Marx and George W. Bush would have gotten along really, really well. With W’s latest and greatest political maneuvers, we have officially entered the realm of Socialism.

That’s right my repug dimwits, this entire bail-out scheme is a Karl Marx dream-sequence. Furthermore, Benito Mussolini would have been Sarah Palin’s (and D. Cheney’s) BIGGEST fan. Since you republibot morons have no real understanding of these words you so eagerly toss about, do us all a favor and go read a book or two -go study some history- before you try to interrupt adult conversation again. If you can’t do that, please try (I know this will hurt a bit), to come up with something new and original. In other words, try having an original thought, apart from neocon talking points you legion of morons keep spewing all over the place.

Posted by LT in MD | Report as abusive

It is disheartening that any woman continues to endorse Sarah Palin after carefully listening to the V.P. debate. Palin consciously exploited her sexuality as she played up to the camera with complete intention to distract viewers from noticing her inability to answer basic questions. Whether you are a female republican or democrat is irrelevant, because what is important is that she derogates women of both parties who have worked extremely hard to be successful without using sexuality as a means to get there. Palin exploited herself simply because her ‘formal training’ (beauty pageants and a degree in journalism) taught her that it is okay to use one’s physicality in order to be successful. It amazes me how she bashes ‘main stream media’ yet she spent most of her life working towards trying to become one of them. I guess that journalists didn’t even think that Palin was articulate enough to be one of them and that is why she decided to go into politics. Personally, I think Palin would be a fantastic weather girl (if she could learn basic subject/ verb agreement) and I’m sure she’s a fantastic hockey mom but to think that someone can run our country just be putting on lipstick or “‘puttn’ [on] heels” is a disgrace to hard-working American women everywhere. We should expect more from our leaders whether they are male or female. They must have the mental capacity to answer complex questions and not be egotistic to think that they can get away with a generic wink to deflect from a their lack of intellect. I do not want to sit down and have a beer or a glass of wine with any of our top leaders; I want our elected leaders to protect our country and inevitably our children in times of war and economic disasters. A flip of the hair, a sarcastic wink, a tube of lipstick, a pair of heels, and carefully crafted one liners are not substantive enough to defend our country in times of debilitating crisis but unfortunately they have been crafty enough win the hearts of women and pants of men everywhere.

Posted by am-nina | Report as abusive

hehe.. ok. this would bet let to slide, but due to previous incompetence, she has to be perfect.. and she isn’t giving any more interviews.
We don’t need joe 6 pack in the white house.. we need very intelligent people in the white house. Bush was the original joe six pack, even though he was more of a trust fund baby version of it.
And it’s not like alaska is hard to run when oil is through the roof. They are loaded with cash

Posted by Derek | Report as abusive

@ Ed Dondero; I am a Kenyan an Prime Minister Raila Odinga is no terrorist. He and his father the late Jaramogi help liberate Kenya and foster democracy in our continent.
Please get your facts right you nimrod before you go around belching forth inaccurate slander and propaganda.

Posted by Dave | Report as abusive

1. With at least a quarter million US citizens in and out of Iraq, yes I would call Afghanistan “our neighboring country”.
2. With proof a “World Economy” does exist, i.e. the US catches a financial flue and the world catches pneumonia; yes I would call Afghanistan “our neighboring country”.
3. Would like to see issues like AGE DISCRIMINATION in the workplace -OR- “How do you plan to pay off a 25 year load commitment when YOU turn 50?”

Posted by Judson Quicksall II | Report as abusive

This is getting ugly at a time when we should be standing together.

Obama/Biden ’08 the only hope for bringing our country together

Posted by Susan in WV | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin is incompetent to run for the office of Vice-President, President, or for that matter any other elected office. Cute slogans and winks are not tantamount to competence and experience for elected office. What is terribly frightening is that McCain and his cronies vouch for Palin’s competetence. What does this say about McPalin? He will do anything to win and does not place his country first. His arrogance along with Palin’s is frankly sickening.

Posted by Torin | Report as abusive

I think her statement could have been a simple Freudian slip. At worst it could have been a Freudian slip combined with a stupid geographical error. I think she was thinking about the GOP’s plans to colonize the Middle East when she made this statement. This description of Afghanistan as “our neighbor” should give us good insight into how she’s been thinking about Iran or Iraq.

That’s where the “stupid” part comes in. If she was thinking about her party’s plans for Iran, there’s no stupid mistake, because Iran shares a border with Afghanistan. If she was thinking about her party’s presence in Iraq, she might have forgotten that Iran is between Iraq and Afghanistan. But, maybe she just meant “nearby country”, in which case there’s not so much to talk about in terms of stupidity – these countries are small and close together and share some common concerns, so “neighbor” is appropriate.

What really worries me about what she said is, again, how colonialist it sounds. I think it was a pretty revealing comment. Haven’t a lot of us been thinking for a long time that it’s the multinational oil and engineering firms who are behind this war, and that it looks like our strategy is to take over in that area so that we can control the resources? Ok then! What did she say that did not support that, however unintentional it might have been?

Posted by rak | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin: All Wink…No THINK!

We’ve started a new group dedicated to voting for smart people for a change. Neither Sarah Palin nor John McCain are members. We’ve had eight years of stupid and the world can’t afford four more. Please join our Facebook Group: NO MORE STUPID 08 or got to

Posted by Ken Miami | Report as abusive

She celebrates stupidity. I guess that’s the GOP way.

Posted by moondancing | Report as abusive

Can she see Afghanistan from her house?

Posted by Jane, MI | Report as abusive

@ Eric Dondero.

Raila Odinga has no connections to Barack Obama. Raila Odinga claimed to be a blood cousin of Obama’s father, but this is not the case. Obama has never even spoken to Odinga, so get your facts straight before you start making innuendo.

Posted by Mike W | Report as abusive

Once upon a time we had a president who could think both inside and outside the box; a smart, wise and innovative thinker and leader: Abraham Lincoln. I pray that our next leadership team has just a small amount of his ability to lead and make decisions.

Posted by Bill Jordan | Report as abusive

The U.S. is now #12 on the Human Development Index. We seem to be losing ground. Perhaps this is a consequence of allowing criminal corporations to get control of our government.

Posted by Deborah | Report as abusive

I cannot imagine why anyone would vote for this woman.

Posted by colleen | Report as abusive

“So she’s not quick with answers…which the press seems to be jumping on. So what”????
Wars have begun over what countries’ leaders have said- the words they have used. That’s so what! The stock market rises and falls on the words of the Fed.
Since when did the ability to speak coherently become unimportant when choosing our leaders?

She and George Bush can slide into oblivion with their “nucular” selves.

Posted by Kyle | Report as abusive

This woman is an absolute disgrace..if she wins God help us all…Think long and hard before you go out and vote for her! I dont want some small town gal running the country!! Frightening!

Posted by adam p | Report as abusive

Belonging to an organization, that wants to SUSCEED!!! from the Union, is one of the most UNPATRIOTIC things i can think of….i don’t care is she doesn’t have a clue where Afghanistan, is…i DO NOT Sarah Palin, anywhere near the White House.

Posted by cdotpearl | Report as abusive

I like Sarah because she portrays herself as a real person.(Not highly educated as we need in these troubled times) That’s what kind of politicians we need.(not the brightest and best) So she’s not quick with answers…(reason being?)which the press seems to be jumping on.(ask Bush what he reads..He will tel you right away… NOTHING) So what. She’s managing a state that one has to be physically & mentally aware–to live in.(an outpost not MAINSTREAM AMERICA, Duh!) That’s smart.
I haven’t heard alot of complaints from Alaska about
political blunders by their politicians.(an outpost) Coming from Alaska to the mainland of the U.S. is enough to make most anyone slow their speech down and look surprised.(like a Moose in the headlight)
The U.S. rates pretty high on the BEST PLACE TO LIVE chart.(You move to Alaska smartie.) Let’s listen to her.(I have a 9 year old already..yes they are cute when they talk)

Posted by Mi Ho | Report as abusive


Obama never said “John McCain didn’t question my Muslim faith.” That’s why it’s not being reported. The actual quote was “John McCain never talked about my Muslim faith.” Obama wasn’t admitting he was Muslim; he was saying McCain wasn’t spreading the untrue rumor.

Posted by Deeva | Report as abusive

How about those moral values – oh wait they (Republicans) do not have any – teenage pregnancy – oops, second/third marriages (where’s the sanctitiy in that?) and obstructing justice and kickbacks in Alaska/Arizona (Keating Five) – McCain/Palin must think that they’re above reproach (like Bush/Cheney) – they’re both dishonorable people.

Posted by Chris | Report as abusive

Palin strikes me as the worst kind of opportunistic hypocrit full of meaningless platitudes, pandering to the public (“doggone”, “Joe six-pack”), snide and condescending (“There you go again, Joe”), and ready o claim credit where none is due. One example – her “Thanks, but no thanks” to the bridge – after supporting it until it became an embarrassment – and still, she kept the money. Another – see the following – ore/palins-darfur-lie-alaskan_b_132125.h tml
(This is something you will NOT want to read if you think Palin has integrity.)

Posted by james | Report as abusive

she’s not evil just ignorant

Posted by mike schmieg | Report as abusive

Palin is in the tradition of George Bush – “anyone” can do it, see? Well, turns out that was very wrong. We don’t want “average joes” running a country. We have fallen into the celebrity trap with politicians – very scary. Ask more from your elected officials. Awareness, knowledge, judgement, substance – not sound bites and video moments that belong on Entertainment Tonight.

She is a turtle on a post: You know she didn’t get up there by herself, she doesn’t belong up there, she doesn’t know what to do while she is up there, and you just
wonder what kind of dumb ass put her up there to begin with.

Posted by Robert | Report as abusive

I am not certain the American public gives significant credence to PALIN whose receives religeous ministry includes advice from “witch doctors”.

I am more certain the Amercican public understands the degrees of separation between OBAMA and AYERS, who was never convicted of any crime are more distant than separation between McCANE and CHARLES KEATING, convicted of financial fraud costing millions of seniors and others their life savings and retirement.

I am positive that the American public see’s PALIN closer association to ALASKAN Republican public officials whose numbers could fill an entire wing of a Federal Minimum Security Prison.

Posted by Barry Cohen | Report as abusive

what will it take for americans to stop fighting over meaningless entertainment and sport when the future of the country is at stake? Three of America’s worst disasters(not counting Pearl Harbor and the great depression)have happened in the last 8 years – under Palin’s leader GW Bush – this is not a coincidence – any one who is half a patriot will see and recognize that for what it is. Competence Matters!
Being president is not easy, and another folky, charming but mediocrity-minded, ill-educated, ill-informed idiot is not what the country needs.
Would you want a small-town values, charming, pretty, folksy, *but* UNqualified doctor do brain-surgery on your mother? SO WHY would you give them the biggest job in the country? Being president or vice-president? Like Carli fiorina said, “she is not qualified to run a company”…

OBAMA/Biden ’08 and ’12

Posted by deanmoor | Report as abusive

I can only suspect that she was nervous and misspoke when she called Afghanistan our “neighboring” country. She probably meant “fellow” country or such. Still, words matter. Someone in her position should not be making such linguistic mistakes. One wrong word can change the entire meaning of a communication and a politician at her level should understand that. She is clearly not up to the challenge of being Vice President of the United States. She should bow out gracefully but that will never happen. It’s up to the voters to send her back to Alaska where she belongs where she can’t do any significant damage except to further victimize rape victims and finish off the polar bear population.

Posted by Karen Larson | Report as abusive

Does Sarah Palin belive in “the Rapture”? Yes, she does… really! Someone please tell me what this means for international diplomacy, nuclear proliferation, sustainabilty and a whole host of very scary self-fulfilling prophecies. Why is no one talking about this when it should be at the center of, at least, a serious line of discussion?

Posted by leeroy | Report as abusive

google any Alaskan newspaper, read any article about Palin and then look at the comments. She is not popular in Alaska and her ethics have come under questions many times prior to her being named a VP candidate. We have had a man of low intellect and curiosity for eight years and look where we are. McCain should be ashamed for picking her, there are many Republican woman who deserved that spot on the ticket besides her.

Posted by Pat O&#8217;Malley | Report as abusive

“Boy when they say “leftwing media,” they ought to be saying Communist/Marxist/Fascist America-hating media. You all are beyond hope. It’s now 24 hours a day Hate Sarah Palin, 7 days a week.”

Yes, that is so true, it’s also incredibly convient that when Palin makes her many mistakes you can somehow blame those mistakes on the media! Great!

Also, and you’re obviously smarter than me, as I hadn’t realized that say, Katie Couric made Palin state, outright, that she thought the V.P. should have more power than the constitution allows, but there’s no reason to group Communist/Marxist with Facist. And, while were at it, you may want to consider that some of us haven’t ingested right wing talking points to degree you have, and that some of us might actually want some justification for the use of utopian ideals (and no, not facism, though historically, one of the first signs a country is heading towards facism is the importance of staying on message, sound familiar? (and I’m paraphasing Hannah Arendt, though she, presumably, was never a hockey mom, so you’ll just disregard it)) in a purely pejoriative sense. Simply, just because you want the words Communist and Marxist to be bad, doesn’t make them so.

Posted by Doug | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin calls Afghanistan, “our neighbouring country” because when she looks out at it from her balcony she can rightly say, “I KNOW Afghanistan”.

Posted by San Ying | Report as abusive

i tired of hearing about “real” people like Palin (net worth over million). this anti intellectualism is ridiculous. I want someone smarter than me running the country. Next time you go for surgery ask for the doctor “whose a real” person. Not the smartest or the best. If Jefferson, Adams and Hamilton were around today they would be labeled as elitist. I wish we had some of those elitist around today.

Posted by sean t | Report as abusive

Everything she spewed on Thursday has been proven as lies and misstatements. Why on earth would smart women continue to support a woman who stands around lying about the issues. We don’t support this type of woman in the workplace do we?

Posted by fmlndn71 | Report as abusive

IMO, this election *should* be a no-brainer. It’s terribly unfortunate that the fans of the McShame/Palyin’ ticket *are* no-brainers. God willing, those of us who DO have a brain will outnumber the sheeple in this country by a huge margin on November 4.

Wake up and smell the dementia, people.

Obama/Biden ’08

Posted by beantowner | Report as abusive

Shouldn’t we be setting the bar higher for public office rather than lowering it.

I know I would like someone sharper that Palin as a teacher for our children. Let alone as VP

We need to expect more of ourselves as well.
Aim High

Posted by Paul Vernier | Report as abusive

So, she shows she is human and she can laugh at herself; two qualities that are normally considered qutie valuable!
Then, for how many years have we been told the world is “shrinking” and all nations are our “neighbors”? Really, now! Do you really want to start throwing stones over terminology? A verbal snafu doesn’t determine a person’s intelligence.
As far as “qualifications” to be Pres or V.P., just how does one gain these credentials and experience … is there a degree that could be earned?
And, finally, I hope you who vote for Obama/Biden are ready for the “new-world order” … better start getting used to Obama’s logo, that’s your new “flag”! No patriotism there!

Posted by JRA | Report as abusive

Well, actually, Ms. Wink-a-lot-but-never-blink is right. If you stand on your tippy-toes on Denali, on a crystal clear day, you can see clear across the northern Pacific, Japan, the Koreas, and China, and can just about make out the notheastern-most part of Afghanistan. So that makes us neighbors. So, you see, she was right. Gosh golly, she knows her stuff. You betcha!

Posted by Preston | Report as abusive

She made a minor slip if you want to label the comment that, SO WHAT

Posted by J Edwards | Report as abusive

This woman is an embarrassment to the electorate and shouldn’t be taken seriously!!
I watched the VP debates again, to see if I had missed anything about her that would make anybody take her seriously for that position or president. Nope, nothing there!
I think a high school student could have done better in the debate then what Sarah accomplished.

Posted by tony | Report as abusive

yeh…because we know the msm is giving the same time to Obama’s and Bidens gaffes…sure.

Posted by Chris | Report as abusive

to connie malfa:
there’s nothing wrong with being a real person, but there’s a stark difference from being a real person and just portraying oneself as being as such. One is genuine, the other is faking it.

and it does matter a lot about being quick and sharp with answers. other world leaders seeking and jockeying for power aren’t going to give anybody an inch. so if a representative of the US can’t hold muster with quick and precise answers, who’s going to take them seriously?

think about it. if you were interviewing a person and they couldn’t come up with the correct answers to the most basic of questions, would you still hire them?

and saying that alaska is a state where one has to be physically & mentally aware is so general that it can be attributed to any state, county, or country for that matter.

and we have been listening to her, and now more than half the country (check the polls) agree that we don’t like what we’re hearing.

Posted by paul newman | Report as abusive

This is not worse than Obama saying that he has been to 53 or 54 states!

Posted by A Reyes | Report as abusive

“I cannot imagine why anyone would vote for this woman.
– Posted by colleen”

She is anti-choice, and the ultra right hopes to appoint two or three Supreme Court justices over the next 8 years in order to overturn Roe v. Wade. Nothing else matters. Not health care for the rest of us, not reigning-in destructive amounts of greed on Wall Street, not repairing the environment, not escaping global warming, and certainly not salvaging relations with all those other lesser nations around the world. So it doesn’t matter that she knows nothing about these things. She is anti-choice. That is all.

Posted by Madeline | Report as abusive

Nothing out of that less than educated mouth surprises me.

Posted by Theresa | Report as abusive

She should be held to a higher standard than most because she is seeking to be elected Vice President of this country. And no, your average Joe-Six-Pack should not be making decisions for all of us. Why? Because average Joe does not understand the complexities of diplomacy, economics, management (on a huge scale), law, etc. Being the President or Vice President requires a higher level understanding. Sadly, Palin does not possess this quality.

Posted by Jenna | Report as abusive

The media are only as liberal as their conservative corporate owners allow them to be…

Sarah Palin is a dunce and has no business being anywhere near the presidency. Defending her ignorance is about as fascist and unAmerican as you can get.

Posted by Ken | Report as abusive

Sarah Six Pack said it herself when asked one of the many unanswered questions at the debate – In light of the econimic crisis what campaign promise they would have to give up if they should win the election? She answered that they don’t have to give up anything because they did not promise anything. And therein lies the whole problem. McCain/Palin is not promising anything to the American people. They are on a selfish quest to achieve greatness for themselves. Six Pack wants to give First Dude his dream of separating Alaska from the rest of the US (which I am sure she will find a way to do God forbid they do win) and “Bad judgement” McCain wants to die knowing that America has rewarded him for being a POW for 5 years. Winning this election is the dream of a dying man and he shows us week after week that he will do any underhanded low lying thing to achieve that. And I mean anything! Starting with chosing that no brain bimbo go out and spew the lies that he is too coward to speak himself. He picked her because he knew that it would have been harder for them to get Romney or Lieberman to go out there with an attack of lies! If she really did read the NY Times article as she likes to claim she did then she should have read the last paragraph where it says that the claims that Barack Obama is palling aroung with terrorists is unsubstantiated. But that is the whole idea isn’t it? She does not read. If she had any pride in herself as a human being, before she repeats lies she would google up information on the talking points the liars in McCain’s camp gives her to rehearse and say in public day after day. With her lack of knowledge she probably doesn’t even know that Google exists. I have no respect for her and I hope the rest of the cheering Americans who attends her rallys start to see through her for exactly what she is before it is too late! Come on Hockey Moms, show the rest of America that you are smarter than Sarah Six Pack gives you credit for! Too bad for them that the economic crisis will remain Issue #1 with the American people for the rest of and beyond the the campaign. OBAMA/BIDEN ’08!!!!

Posted by dbj | Report as abusive

The next President and Vice President of the US will be able to save the US, and even the whole wide world because they are so smart and different. Now I can rest easy, sigh, relief, snore………………….

Posted by Al Jansen | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin is an embarrassment, she’s a joke, she’s a rube-chosen by a desperate, angry man who claims he’s putting ‘country first’ when it’s actually his ambitions first. Even if the ticket wins, there will NEVER be a President Palin – the American people realize she is just bling, and she would NEVER get the nomination. But, fellow Americans, let’s make sure that NEVER even gets close to happening.

Posted by one of the Judys | Report as abusive

I like Sarah because she’s so ordinary — she’s like the dumb relative we all have and in high heels. I can’t wait until that 72 yr. old heart gives up the ghost and you betcha we will no longer consider GWB the most intellectually inferior president in history. Besides, Sarah can wink her way through anything.

Posted by jenny | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin is an insult to all Americans, especially women. We need to elect the best and brightest to administer this country, not folksy, cute, and sorta dumb—what, exactly, are we to think of all the trite phrases and winking? It doesn’t matter if the candidates are black/white/male/female/whatever, but we absolutely require and deserve well-educated, intelligent, thoughtful, inclusive qualities in our leaders!

Posted by SB | Report as abusive

McCain sleeps with someone who is a drug addict and stole medicine from a nonprofit org. Palin sleeps with someone who is long time member of a treasonous organization.

People who live in glass houses…
Read the Rolling Stone article about John McCain:
The “Make-Believe Maverick” ing-stoneem-mccain_n_132093.html

Posted by debrab | Report as abusive

Palin is a joke, and not a funny one.
But, I guess if Alaska secedes from the union, like Palin wants, Alaska might become a neighboring state to Afghanistan…at least in Palin’s anti-American worldview.

For the economic and national security of America, I hope Obama gets elected!

Posted by Ron | Report as abusive

Palin is a JACKAL.

Posted by Sue | Report as abusive

The only real problem with Sarah is that she is, although she may be a real person, she’s a real person who would be eaten alive by any minor crisis that came up as president and we would go down with her.

Posted by jimmy | Report as abusive

Yes, let’s listen to Sarah Palin. Let’s listen to her when she says the Earth is less than 7,000 years old. Let’s listen to her when she says man walked the Earth with dinosaurs.

Who cares about facts and science and truth? Not Sarah Palin. But let’s to her because she sounds like an idiot.

Let’s listen to Sarah Palin when she says Barak Obama has an association with terrorists. Let’s listen to her when she says she worked to divest the Alaska oil fund from Sudanese investments.

Who cares about that none of this is true? Who cares that her husband belonged to a separatist party? Not Sarah Palin. But let’s to her because she is a liar.

Let’s listen to her when she says John McCain is a maverick. Let’s listen to her when she says we need to get the government out of people’s lives and on their side.

Who cares whether McCain votes 96% of the time with George W. Bush, supported Bush’s foreign policy, and prevented government regulation of credit default swaps (CDS) that are the source of our economic meltdown? Not Sarah Plain. But let’s listen to her because she is ignorant.

Let’s listen to her when she says she runs a transparent executive office. Let’s listen to her when says John McCain is an honest person.

Who cares that GOVERNOR Sarah Palin is under an ethics investigation for abuse of state power? Who cares that John McCain was censured for his direct involvement in the Keating 5 scandal? Not Sarah Plain. But let’s listen to her because she is a demagogue.

Sarah Palin does represent a portion of the American people and a large segment of Republican voters. And that’s the basic problem with our country.

We celebrate and embrace and revel in our ignorance. We roll around in our lack of knowledge. This group proudly proclaims its Know Nothing status by listening to morons like Sarah Palin and voting for demagogues like George W. Bush and John McCain.

Posted by bevo | Report as abusive

Interestingly, when the media asks Palin straightforward questions about the policies and positions she supports, or about her experience as governor, or about plain and simple facts, they are labeled as ‘Palin-haters’ or ‘left-wing’. What is unclear to me is why the request for simple facts is met with such uproar. Any person applying for a job (and she’s applying for the 2nd highest office in the country) would/should be met with interview questions about their experience and what they will bring to the position. Apparently that is somehow deemed ‘inappropriate’ and ‘hateful’ by those who want her to be chosen for the position regardless of her experience and knowledge about the job qualifications. Look what the hire and re-hire of an abysmally under-qualified and deceptive president has netted us these last eight years. I want someone who can string together a coherent sentence and shows integrity and transparency. So far, all of the lying and hiding has undermined the integrity of the McCain/Palin campaign. And the media reporting those lies is mislabeled as ‘hating’ when it should be called ‘revealing’.

Posted by Yoder | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin is anything but real. She emphasizes that fake accent of hers to appear folksy, she lies about what she knows, she lies about the other candidates, she’s abused the power of her office, both as mayor and governor and she’s a hypocrite on abortion, gay rights, pre-emptive use of the military, and a myriad of other issues. She exemplifies the worst of modern politics, a new generation of Rove acolytes that view gaining power at the expense of the people as legitimate.

Posted by tom | Report as abusive

I don’t want the next president appointing pointy headed intellectuals with their fancy book learning. I want a president that will appoint Joe sixpack to shake up the establishment and be a maverick. YEE HAW!!!!!!!!!!!

/Next president will reshape U.S. courts from top to bottom
//Supreme Court openings are all but guaranteed, and that’s just the start: 44 trial and appellate federal judicial vacancies already await filling. There will be more.
//Sarah Palin is an expert on Supreme Court decisions as she has shown in her interviews. Donchaknow

Posted by Madeline | Report as abusive

Mrs. Palin isn’t evil. She has some attractive qualities. They are: Being telegenic, being forceful and unafraid, having certain values that are in line with the values of most people, and a reasonable degree of ability in implementing government action as she conceives of it. She also appears to have an ability to pereceive situations in a simple way…. which definitely has it’s advantages in a lot of cases. One of the problems we have with government is that it is too complex at times.

However, as attractive as these things are…. she has a number of attributes that are unattractive and make her not only undesireable for the presidency… but unqualified altogether. She is not well educated… and in terms of the complex realities of national and international affairs… she is not educated at all. Some have said she is a quick study. The only evidence I’ve seen of that is that she has adapted within a few weeks to being able to negative campaign with the standard talking points her campaign has produced…. all of them very standard stuff… so far.

Her appeal seems… so far…. to simply be one of self identification. Conservatives seem to like her because she is saying the stuff they like to hear. Some women identify because she’s a woman and some men identify because she is pretty.

Tina… err …. Sarah has yet to demonstrate a depth of understanding of…. anything at all at the national or international level, as far as I’ve seen. If she did… it would be different. But she hasn’t. And this matters, because what the country needs is intelligent, thoughtful, tough leadership. Sarah seems to have a certain amount of toughness, but seems to…. so far…. be totally immune to the sensibilities of “the other side”. Some of those sensibilities may be a bit extreme at times for the mainstream, but many or most of them have relevance because they are rooted in real human needs, desires, and beliefs. Mrs. Palin seems to be an ideolog who doesn’t appear to want to understand those things other than her own narrow belief system.

It would be very bad for the country if she were president. George W Bush is similarly limited in his abilities. To understand a Palin adminstration… the parallels of belief system and leadership style with the George Bush we’ve seen in office seem very strong.

Vote Obama-Biden 08!

Posted by jake1492 | Report as abusive

Palin is the most incompetent person ever to run for VP. Thank goodness intelligent Americans have rejected her. It’s sad that this was the best the Republicans could offer: A functioning moron with no understanding of the world. Oh wait, that’s what we had with George Bush. And Bush is a lot smarter than Palin — if this doesn’t scare you, nothing will.

Posted by Raquel | Report as abusive

I can’t believe there are Palin supporters in SF. Well, actually I can’t believe there are Palin supporters anywhere.

Posted by akemi bischoff | Report as abusive

posted by Hottopics:

“I like Sarah because she portrays herself as a real person. That’s what kind of politicians we need”

I’m sorry, but that is such a lame answer! We tried your theory the past 8 yrs. with GW Bush! Now Sara Palin, you have got to be kidding me! Palin like Bush cannot seem to say “nuclear”, properly. To me that is a direct lack of proper english on both of these GOP’s mouths.
Plus Palin mixes State & religion,…that is a major no-no!

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Palin is a sad, sad joke of a candidate.

Her selection will haunt McCain eternally.

Posted by eskimo joe | Report as abusive

Palin is a sad, sad joke of a candidate.

Her selection will haunt McCain eternally.

Posted by eskimojoe | Report as abusive

This gaffe is being reported fairly – as just something else Palin has said that is modestly amusing. It’s not played up to be anything more than that.
However, she remains woefully inadequate for the second highest position in the country. Mayor of a town of 5,000? Then 1.5 years as governor of a state with a population the size of the Seattle area? Absolutely no foreign policy experience whatsoever, etc.
Those of you voting for the McCain/Palin ticket are selling what’s left of this country down the river. McCain’s policies are essentially Bush/Neocon policies – you know – the ones that got us into this horrible situation we’re in right now. So you’re going to vote for someone who was directly responsible for the Savings & Loan debacle with Charles Keating & co., to solve our problems? Good luck (to all of us – we’re going to need it, and more).

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Folks, it’s over. McCain is out of ideas and refuses to tell Americans what he wants to do to fix this country. His top financial advisor, Phil Gramm, is the architect of the provision that allowed this whole mess to take place. Palin is not even worth commenting on. She’s highly unqualified and really shows you that her party doesn’t have the stones to tell McCain that he was nuts for picking her.

If you still think McCain’s choice of Palin jived with Country First, you need to get your head checked.

There are two kinds of people in this world. One is the kind that looks for any shred of logic to keep their closed minded thinking beating. The other is one of open minded, considerate thinking who allows other views to influence their opinion. Can you guess which party belongs to those statements?

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What scares me about all this that they show that Palin does not have a knowledge of the territory. Yes, the media jumps on the mistakes, but there are a lot of them and they cleaarly point up that, overall, she DOES NOT have the basic fundation of knowledge needed to function in the office she aspires to. No problem? Baloney. She is 44 years old and up to this point in her life has not had enough interest in the USA nationally to know the basics needed to pass a high school civics class. Not the firhg person for the job. He election will make us the laughing stock of the the World and embolden our enemies.

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Perhaps McCain and Lindsey Graham can make her some laminated custom made index cards she seems to be so fond of shuffling in the debate. One thing I find rather curious about this woman is that she is supposed to be a real Christian. I thought they were supposed to be nicer than everybody else. All of those snide remarks she obvioulsy substitutes for witty reparte is nothing more than very unspiritual nastiness. Oh well, perhaps the witch doctor didn’t chase away that particular demon.

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Now that journalists are digging deeper, they are finding a woman with a long history of petulant grudges, paybacks and unrealistic pride. I for one see a pathological disconnect in her, not unlike what we saw on the first trail go-round with OJ Simpson. She seems to be oblivious to the reality that she is under-studied and under-experienced for VP. I might also add that seems to be oblivious to the special needs of her family. Of course, I believe a woman with children can hold down a demanding and important job, but I also believe that a psychologically-sound woman would have “blinked” when asked to join the ticket, and would have opted for a pass this time around in the interest of a new disadvantaged baby who needed close attention and first-year bonding and a daughter who was going through a crisis. I am so disappointed in the media for not taking on the question of this woman’s psychology.

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Russia is Alaska’s next-door neighbor. Afghanistan is Russia’s next-door neighbor. So Afghanistan is only two doors down. Howdy neighbor!

Posted by vinny | Report as abusive

What scares me is why more people are not scared to death.

Posted by David | Report as abusive

Ok she appeals to “joe six-pack”. I consider myself fairly well educated and intelligent but in no way would I be able to take responsibility to fix our economy, sit down with foreign leaders and discuss policy. Do all those Joe six-packs out there feel they would be able to? “she is just like me”, “she reminds me of my sister”. These are the reasons people have to put this woman in the White House during these turbulent times.

I must be a real dummy, it appears millions of people feel that they too are suited for the white house. Otherwise why pick a VP just like you and not someone with a little bit of experience and maybe an education?

Be honest. If you had to pick a path for your kids to follow, would that be Obama’s path with an excellent education and opportunities or Palin with her lack of education, opportunism and complete disregard for opposing views.

Obama represents exactly how we want the world to view us. A country where with hard work, playing by the rules you can make it all the way to the white house.

Palin doesn’t want to put in the work or educate herself, nor her children. She is an opportunist.

So how do you want your children’s future to look. Give them the ability to take care of themselves and make their own choices or sit around and wait to win the lottery because that will be the only way they will be able to get out of the poverty we have waiting for us (95% of us) with a McCain-Palin administration.

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You like Palin because she “potrays herself as a real person” ???

OK, cool. You ever think of going a little deeper than that in your criteria for choosing the next leaders of the free world?

Maybe factor in some experience. Expect a little knowledge about the world. History. Federal government. Our country (the whole country, not just a tiny corner of it). Hey, I know, let’s expect someone to have a modicum of intelligence and curiosity about the world.

I know America is down right now. But come on, let’s not lower our expectations that much.

Yes, she’s real, and that’s cool. She has some nice attributes — a self-taught politician who has done some good (though in other ways, she’s been horrendous).

Come on, we are better than that. You are better than that.

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Drink your beer and criticize, pontificate and so on. Just keep doing nothing.

Posted by Jamie Holsten | Report as abusive

“A verbal snafu doesn’t determine a person’s intelligence.”

No, It doesn’t. But a series of them does. By the same token, the ability to memorize talking points is no good indicator, either. The problem with Sarah Palin is that she can’t think critically beyond her message. That’s why “but I want to talk about energy” came in a close second to the word “maverick” in her debate performance.

“As far as “qualifications” to be Pres or V.P., just how does one gain these credentials and experience … is there a degree that could be earned?”

No, there’s no degree,per se. But to gain those credentials, you can familiarize yourself with political science, diplomacy, geography, economics, social sciences, etc. But growing up in a state that has oil doesn’t make you an energy expert, just as living near a border doesn’t qualify as foreign policy experience.

“And, finally, I hope you who vote for Obama/Biden are ready for the “new-world order” … better start getting used to Obama’s logo, that’s your new “flag”! No patriotism there!”

Actually, the “new world order” is the Republican’s idea. Called for in 1990 by George H. W. Bush, it later evolved (excuse me, was intelligently designed) into the Policy for a New American Century.

Maybe if you weren’t reaching so hard to defend the clearly unqualified, you would have time to read up on that. I don’t really blame you, though. If I were a Republican, I don’t know what I’d do right now either. I do know I’d be embarrassed. Sucks, eh?

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I love how she says there’s a special place in hell for women who don’t support women. I hope she remembers how she didn’t support those women who had to buy their own rape kits.

Posted by kle | Report as abusive

To all those who STILL feel that we need “regular folks” in the White House: wake up. These are extremely complicated times we live in, and require expertise, not folksy down-home platitudes. We’ve had 8 years of that, and we are crashing and burning. If I have engine trouble, I don’t go to the mechanic who seems like a regular guy: I go to the one who knows about cars. (And if that’s not homespun wisdom, I don’t know what is!)

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Palin is just plain scary. To like her because she’s homesy-folksy is just fine, but to consider that in January she could be making decisions that could have lasting repercussions for not only the US but the world is just terrifying…

Posted by Lynne B | Report as abusive

“I like Sarah because she portrays herself as a real person”

And there is part of the problem…she “portays” herself as a real person. It is an act. Her “folksiness” is forced, not genuine.

She simply is not qualified to hold the office of Vice-President or President. In any way.

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In all fairness to Sarah, there is only one country between Alaska and Afghanistan, it just happens to be the largest geographically. – What, she’s supposed to look at maps, too?

Posted by JoJo | Report as abusive

Giver her a break…maybe she can see Afghanistan from Alaska and was confused. :)

Posted by TLC2 | Report as abusive

Enough already. Who is making a big deal out of Obama saying he’s visited 57 states (not nations…actual states within the USA)????

Just take a ‘chill’ pill on verbal slip-ups unless you want to be fair and point out all of them, from both parties.

Posted by john | Report as abusive

Palin…? Palin who?

In a few weeks Palin will go back to Alaska sit on her porch and look for Russians or euhhh …Afghannis or Brazilians or other neighboring countries.

What a joke !

Posted by chris Boston USA | Report as abusive


George Bernard Shaw once said that America and Britain are two countries separated by a common language. However, writing now in the 21st century and with the benefit of globalisation, not just economically but also through the media and internet, one might have suspected that the separation would have become somewhat narrower.

Then I watched Palin stumble through the Vice-Presidential debate. Now, to those of us who have followed the last eight years of the Bush presidency, you would think that we would have become, if not immune, then at least familiar with the grammatical car wreck that redefined the English language under that administration. In some cases it was even contagious. When Rumsfeld pointed out that there were ‘known knowns, known unknowns, and unknown unkowns’ it was easy to picture GW sat it the Oval Office slapping old Rummy on the back and saying ‘Good job, ya knocked it outa the park’.

Little did we suspect that the next US election might bring onto the public stage a potential Vice-President whose skill with the English language made GW Bush look, and more importantly sound, like Richard Burton. I was going to include a direct quotation from the debate in this blog. Perhaps Palin’s incoherent rambling about global warming and its causes. I didn’t in the end because the spell checker goes overboard with green wavy lines everywhere. When I asked for suggestions it said ‘vote for Obama’.

Well I exaggerate, but only about the voting suggestion. In respect to the grammatical gymnastics, try it. Pick any answer from Palin and see what your spell checker does with it. Perhaps we can have a competition with a prize to the first person that can find one of her utterances that doesn’t result in at least one grammatical banana skin. I will even let you use the UK or US dictionary. Perhaps I’ll drop Bill Gates a quick e-mail and ask him if in his next upgrade he can include, along with UK and US English, an option for Palin English or Republican Politician English just in case, heaven forbid, McNugget actually wins.

PS. I am inventing a new word. ‘Palindrone’.

Definition: (i) The answer to a question not actually asked.

(ii) An answer containing a reference to energy or oil or either situated in Alaska.

(iii) A pig with lipstick.

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Since she can’t name specifically what newspapers or magazines she reads I guess it would be too much to imagine her ever looking at a map or globe to see where exactly where Afghanistan is. Palin appears to over-state her experience level needed to run the country and has become a legend in her own mind. Like a magician’s powder, she shows a lot of flash but accomplishes little else.

Posted by Debbie | Report as abusive

@Connie Malfa:

I understand that she’s a woman and that she seems like a down to earth gal but don’t make the mistake of voting for someone because they seem more like you.

Our next president will be handling the most complex problems since the Great Depression and WWII. We also need someone who can heal the divide that Bush has caused between us and the rest of the world. Someone who doesn’t know what the Bush Doctrine is and who claims that she has a solid grasp of foreign policy experience because Russia can be seen from a distance across the Bering Strait is NOT going to cut it.

Seriously, I’m a man but if I was a woman, I’d be deeply offended that McCain picked her in such a token gesture toward the female voters. She may be the Governor of Alaska but she is horribly inept.

Posted by Chamberlin | Report as abusive

It’s ironic that folks are attracted to Palin for being a “real person” when in fact she’s just as packaged and contrived as any other politician. They’re sales-people. She’s selling sizzle with no steak. And that’s the ‘kind of politician we need’? Bush was the guy folks wanted to ‘have a beer with.’ Was he the kind of politician we needed at the time? Think about that one.
Don’t you think we need someone who’s quick with answers in the government? Words are important, and if someone’s going to be in government and in the public trust we should have someone that can use them properly… and hold them to the highest standard.
Where’s she’s from make no difference. It’s not like she’s out there living-off-the-land. She’s well-off and upper crust.
She’s spoken and there’s nothing left for her to say.

Posted by SC | Report as abusive

“I like Sarah because she portrays herself as a real person.” Amusing. Why wouldn’t you prefer a politician who actually is a real person to one who portrays herself as a real person? Sarah Palin is an actress, and a rather bad one at that, who depends on lines written for her by Karl Rove types who have nothing to offer the American people but slime.

Posted by david surlaw | Report as abusive

It’s not so hard to understand, after all, she can see it from Alaska!

Posted by sammy b | Report as abusive

Hey give her a break… she thinks she can see Afghanistan from her house too.

Posted by Mark | Report as abusive

10:06 pm “I haven’t heard alot of complaints from Alaska about political blunders by their politicians. Coming from Alaska to the mainland of the U.S. is enough to make most anyone slow their speech down and look surprised.”

Really? Everyone I know in Alaska thinks Palin is a blithering idiot, completely inadequate for office, and riddled with an extremist religious agenda.

Do you really want the person with the slowest reflexes and the least amount of pertinent brain cells navigating our future through an economic disaster? Is this the person you want to entrust with the global opportunity to-nuke or not to-nuke? The list of questions could go on for miles.

Palin is a disaster and McCain is her chauffeur.

Posted by ginny | Report as abusive

When intelligent people make a mistake while speaken that’s “misspoke”. Palin is not intelligent( and its proven) so her gaffes are not “misspokes”. Her mistakes or misspoke are caused by her not understanding the issues. Everything has been cram for Palin to speak from memory only, nothing she says is based on her understanding of things. If she does have an understanding of things she would be able to speak to even her “BASE” with an in depth speech.SO far she hasn’t nor can she speak with in depth thought on the complex issues faces this country and relations abroad. Its all talking points and cheerleaders cheers. It’s disgusting and horrific that this person running for public office feels that its so American to dup the american people in voting for you. All because in her mind she knows Christ, therefore, she knows whats best for the people,more so then the people or whomever the people pray too does. That’s what it boils down to for me to try to understand why Palin is so comfortable going out in front of crowds to spew that BS script with no regret.
And People, look at this election like deciding on a surgeon for a required surgery. No one goes into a hosptial for themselves or for family and ask for the average doctor, the Dr. that had to take extra years to help them past. We want the smart doctor, the calm doctor. I mean, Would you choose the surgeon that cram to memorize the surgical procedures but doesn’t understand the WHY, or do you want the surgeon that not only knows the procedure but understands the WHY?

Posted by Selena | Report as abusive

For someone who wants to talk about issues…Gov Palin has turned into a hate spewing, culture-war igniting machine for John McCain. What happened to the honorable John McCain? His campaign has turned into the worst kind of politics, pandering to the worst kind of fear mongering Americans. As for Gov Palin… This is a person who’s global view is as limited as it gets. Prior to her VP selection she had little if any knowledge of the very issues she now spouts “punchlines” about on the campaign trail.

Posted by inalaska | Report as abusive

Her stupidity is outweighed by her meanness. Check out her reaction to Joe Biden’s tears during the debate. There was none. Sarah has the brains of W and the soul of Barbara.

Posted by PT | Report as abusive

they were just talking about bombing the heck out of it. nice to see they’re using the same landscape to produce warm fuzzies that the politicos are threatening to turn into cannon fodder.

Posted by don&#8217;t we remember | Report as abusive

In response to Connie Malfa — of course Governor Palin portrays herself as a real person. She is a real person. I am assuming that by “real person” you mean someone who is at about the same educational and intellectual level as most people who are middle class. The problem with that is that I want people in the White House (and with their fingers on the nuclear trigger) to be far smarter than average, to have a much more in depth understanding of the issues than the average person, and has a history of accomplishment that a “real person” doesn’t have. We have had in President Bush a person of average intelligence and accomplishment, though his entire life has been one of wealth and privilege. He is proof that we need people in the White House who are the smartest, most educated, and have the clearest understanding of how to make things happen in our Congress and with world leaders. Sarah Palin simply does not meet that fundamental criteria.

Posted by Bengalidan | Report as abusive

I was able to sum up Palin’s debate performance in one word – PALINDRONE. Any question asked in any way will always get you the same response – “Alaska, Energy independence, John McCain, Iraq, Surge, Hockey mom”. From a nation of giants who showed the right way to the rest of the world, we are becoming a nation of dwarfs, in capable of managing our own country.

Posted by SRAJ | Report as abusive

Gov. Palin is making women look bad. I am one woman who does not and cannot support her candidacy. As a mother, I am disgusted by the way she uses the little baby, Trigg, as a campaigning aid and the way she is subjecting him to noise, crowds/germs and over-stimulation from that type of environment. I am also appalled at how selfish Gov. Palin was as she put her teen daughter up on stage and announced Bristol’s pregnancy to the whole world. From these actions and her nonsensical statements, I believe she does not think things through and she especially does not think through how her actions will affect others. This is an indicator of how she would perform as VP, and I say we need someone better.

Posted by jane | Report as abusive

TV was invented in 1928 vented

Obviously, Biden meant radio. Big deal.

But not to worry, McPalin’s swiftboat is taking water fast & sinking:  /archive/2008/10/05/it-s-over.aspx

Posted by J Dole | Report as abusive

Palin is given way too much credit. I don’t believe Americans were ever enthused by her. She was not great or even good at the Republican convention. The media has been trying to shove her down our throats since she was nominated. Media = BS Factor.
I am so tired of hearing “Palin decided..”, “Palin’s plan..”. Palin has no thought or opinion she is a puppet.

Posted by simkmer | Report as abusive

When you’re an Avon lady you consider EVERYONE your neighbor.

Posted by Laurie | Report as abusive

Connie Malta noted: “I like Sarah because she portrays herself as a real person. That’s what kind of politicians we need.”

Sorry, Connie, but you and I “fundamentally disagree”. I believe we need real people as elected officials. Not politicians posing as real people.

Posted by danod | Report as abusive

Palin needs to be able to answer questions and make speeches which make sense. This is not only the job of a presiudent but for a productive citizen of the US. It seems that she fails at both.

Vote for intelligence: VOTE OBAMA/BIDEN

Posted by Theresa | Report as abusive

I support Sarah’s return to the Wasilla PTA!

Posted by BobKay | Report as abusive

Oh, my goodness, if I have to hear from Palin one more time, I am going to vomit. She seems to wallow in mediocrity. Is that what we want to be? A nation that takes pride in mediocrity? It is bad enough that we placed a “regular guy” in the White House for 8 years and it costs us thousands of lives. Are some of us so willing to sell ourselves short as a nation and put another individual who takes pride in being mediocre in the White House?

Posted by Mike Jones | Report as abusive

Palin makes a unimportant gaffe notable, probably because of the resemblance to her other theme of her neighbor Russia, and that being support of her non-existent foreign policy experience. THIS TIME, at least she corrects herself showing poise and humor, therefore I want her as the next VP because she’s learning. Not!

Keep in mind she probably knew zilch about Afghanistan and Iraq before coming into this election.

There is no excuse for her Couric interviews. When allowed to makes speeches, and repeat talking points, and not address questions, she babbles along fine, if you weigh “folksy” over content. She appeals to people’s emotions, but not people who think and read about issues. In the Couric and Gibson interviews, she had to answer the question, and she still continued to make little speeches at times, after fumbling the question.

I speak 5 languages. Years ago, I took a very difficult screening exam to work in foreign service, for a position as a lowly paid junior officer, working in a U.S. embassy abroad. The exam included current events and questions about world affairs that were very difficult, and that was just a screening exam. Palin would never pass that exam. I’d be impressed with Palin if she spoke Russian, and had been reading Russian newspapers for an understanding of their policy. She says she “reads ’em all.”

Hockey mom is not qualified. I have no doubt she’s done a few fine things for Alaska, but with A LOT of stumbling along the way. Since we’ve had 8 years of a bumbling person in office, who was never successful in business in real life, who had EVERYTHING to do with getting us involved in an unnecessary war, leading the party with deregulation and trickle-down economics, with their huge tax breaks for the rich — well, this it what it has come down to. All about personality.

It is no longer about personality or perkiness. It is about having a president with dignity, language skills, and intelligence. This is not a reality show.

Obama and Palin have something in common. They are both mostly self-made, not having important parents who got them in the “right” schools and careers, as both McCain and Bush have had. McCain would have been kicked out of prep school without his Admiral father, and he certainly would NEVER have been admitted to the Naval Academy. Likewise, he would have been kicked out of the Naval Academy, and never gotten in flight school, without Daddy, not to mention prevented from flying after crashing two planes. This is not an exaggeration. It is a real story. McCain and Bush are both legacy screw-ups. Yes, McCain was tortured horribly, but truly, this did not change him all that much. He’s just trying to climb higher in something, because his father and grandfather were Admirals.

Do people honestly think, he saw Cindy, fell in love with her, cheated with her for a year behind his crippled wife’s back, because it was true love. He went for her because he knew she was worth an immense fortune, and I bet he knew that before he even said “hello.”

At least Palin is probably in love with her secessionist-leaning husband, the way the kids keep poppin’ out of her.

Posted by Jorge Lopez | Report as abusive

Sarah is so great.
Maybe she can’t answer questions but she is like George Bush. She is new and untainted by Washington.
She may not have information but she has something else, pluckiness.

Posted by Gorp | Report as abusive

I think it’s time for Americas to start paying attention to the policies and beliefs of the McCain-Palin ticket. This is not a woman who will fight for womens rights or for our freedoms as American citizens. She is under investigation for abuse of power. Do we really want 4 more years of abuse of power and secrecy in the White House? She is not an average American mother. She believes in teaching creationism in schools and thinks global warming is not man-made. She is not fighting for the tax breaks for the middle class. Instead, she and McCain propose tax breaks only for the rich. Take a deeper look at this woman! She is unprepared and unqualified. She doesn’t know where Afganistan is, she lies continually about her experience and about her opponents, and she never left the country until last year. How is she even being considered as a candidate who will potentially lead this country. I’m an average American woman. I know I certainly am not qualified to be Vice President of the United States of America. I also know that Sarah Palin is not only not qualified, she is dangerous!

Posted by Bonnie | Report as abusive

The first poster on this thread praises Palin “for portraying herself as a regular person.”

Americans no longer know reality forom a reality show, and don’t care.

Posted by bud nathans | Report as abusive

She also thought she was in Marin County when she was in Burlingame, CA. Duh — just drop the cash in the hat folks, while I wink atcha.

And that church she attends, with its terrifying minister, who has made as many anti-American comments as Wright. Her own mother-in-law has said that “pro-life is what Sarah is all about.” Just check out YouTube to see some horror movies about her church.

Clearly, Palin is a deadly combination of personal ambition and religious zealotry. Her mission — to make you and me and the whole U.S. over in her image.

We’ve had 8 years of religious ideologues in the White House and that’s too many.

Posted by SFSister | Report as abusive

Just like Michael Brown was qualified to be head of FEMA during Hurricane Katrina, just like Alberto Gonzalez was qualified to be the Attorney General, just like Harriet Miers was the “best qualified person” to be a Supreme Court Justice, so is Sarah Palin the best qualified person to be one 72-year-old, cancer survivor’s heartbeat away from the presidency. For those who are Republicans, I’ll make it even simpler: she is not close to being qualified for this job. I’m tired of these incompetent people running our government. Sarah needs to go home and tend to her family. That should keep her plenty busy.

Posted by George | Report as abusive

Does Palin’s lie that she supported Alaska’s Darfur divestment count as a gaffe?

Alaskans know she lied: ore/palins-darfur-lie-alaskan_b_132125.h tml

Posted by J Dole | Report as abusive

“I can see Afghanistan from my house!”

Posted by Phil | Report as abusive

Please! There is no excuse for the stupidity that is Sarah Palin. I want smart, not coy and flirty to run this country. We have had a moron for 8 years and I say to use Obama’s word, “ENOUGH”!

Posted by Maggie | Report as abusive

is it true that there were 41 busts for meth factories in wasilla alaska last year? sounds like the economy there is sailing right along. hope this isn’t what the palin/mccain ticket has planed for the usoa if they’re elected.

Posted by mark jensen | Report as abusive

Palin is so incoherent, so shallow, so stupid,,,I hope that she doesn’t represent the typical Alaskan resident. I wonder how her high profile will effect Alaska tourism – I know I have NO desire to go there after hearing her spout off. If I were McCain, I’d get a food taster whenever she was around…

Posted by GodHelpUs | Report as abusive, check this website for mccain and the keating five scandal

Posted by yahya | Report as abusive

Palins hubby is part of a violent splinter group that advocates (by any means nessasary) sessison from the USA they hate America and want to leave it behind. Being married to and attending the session meetings is diffrent from running into someone because you serve on the same board. If I were here and I was in a meeting where they were talking about leaving the USA I would walk out.

Posted by Megan | Report as abusive

As an self decribed independent I was originally intrigued by Palin. Came out of nowhere and energized the country. seemed to be about reform.

By why is she front and center when McCain is the candidate?

Makes it seem like he thinks no one will elect him on his own merits so he keeps foisting a unfortunately under aware woman who showed up at the debates in her version of “a little black dress” and flirted with America.

Kinda sexist and sad.

Posted by josh | Report as abusive

I don’t understand that being “just like me” is a good thing for a politician. I want my president, vice president, and administration to be MUCH smarter than me, since they will deal with big important issues, while I am not.

The “Hockey Mom” / “Joe Six Pack” gimmick is such a cynic way of appealing to people insecure enough to have a hard time relating to a person with a greater understanding of the world than themselves.

Posted by Ken | Report as abusive

Mrs. Palin gets very easily confused under pressure. Hopefully, continuing to reign as governor of the sovereign state of Alaska for a few more years could possibly prepare her for another run at a federal leadership position in the coming years.

Posted by Charles Hansen | Report as abusive

However, FDR was the 1st president to ever appear on TV…

In April of 1939, Franklin D. Roosevelt became the first president of the United States to appear on television. The setting was the 1939 World’s Fair in New York. The appearance was broadcast to a handful of TV sets in the New York area.

FDR had already mastered the medium of his time–radio. His “fireside chats” broadcast across the nation soothed Americans troubled by the hard times of the Great Depression. Radio was a perfect fit for the eloquent Roosevelt, who would have had a much more difficult time hiding the fact that he was confined to a wheelchair in the television age.

The outbreak of World War II temporarily halted the development of television, and it would be more than a decade before the new medium became popular.

Link to article: eline/years/1939.html

Posted by tv-watcher | Report as abusive

Says alot for all that still believe this woman actually has a chance.

Posted by RiggsMD KC,Mo. | Report as abusive

‘The U.S. is now #12 on the Human Development Index. We seem to be losing ground. Perhaps this is a consequence of allowing criminal corporations to get control of our government.’

– Posted by Deborah

Thank you, Deborah, for defining facism for the conservatives here (they apparently don’t like to read). It’s their side of the spectrum that facism comes from and it has nothing to do with theology (i.e. “Islamo-Fascism”) or socialism. In fact, fascism and socialism are diametrically opposed to each other. The fact that they and their trolls here don’t understand this is no surprise…

…and it is precisely this kind of intellectual incuriosity that allows one to better understand Palin and her mind-boggling selection.

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How could anyone with as little leadership skills and experience as the Gov. even consider saying “yes” when asked to be the vice-presidential candidate for her party?
In my long career in accounting and finance, I have never seen anyone lack the professionalism one expects from the “executive” of a state or corporation! She would never get past the first interview in the business world.

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It is truly amazing that some people find Sarah Palin authentic. She is clearly as fake as a three dollar bill. This is why she gets tangled up in linguistic knots when someone hasn’t written out answers for her on 3×5 cards. She is like a teenager who has been caught without a book report and is busy making things up. It reminds me of a high school cheerleader without pompoms. Wake up America. We are not that stupid. … Or are we?

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She has set women back 30 years. She is an embarrassment. How could anyone running for president consider her a viable choice?

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You media elites can say what you will, but Palin/McCain will win in November and we can be rid of the appeasers, secularists, islamists and other non believers soon after.

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Come on, cut her some slack.

She can’t actually see Afghanistan from Alaska, so we can’t expert her to be an authority on that country.

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What, another “Gotcha Moment”? I am sure she will use this tired left wing media attack argument again. Honestly, the coverage of this dimwit has become so insane that it is truly a joke. With all of the very serious and critical issues we are facing, must we be be constantly subjected to “Charo(for those over 45)/ Paris Hilton (for those below 30)” charicature of a candidate?

I would be very grateful if she just goes back to her igloo, tent, hole in the wall or wherever she “nests”in Alaska. Please, stop covering this nonsense!

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Maybe when she’s had enough six packs she can see Afghanistan from Alaska too???

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Sarah Palin’s shoot-from-the-hip mannerism, lack of apparent knowledge of complex world issues, and religious zeal remind me far too much of George W. Bush. Let’s try something different this time around.

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I really am a psychologist, and I can tell you that Palin is not crazy. She may not even be as stupid as some claim. But she does appear to have an intermittent language dysfunction, which gets worse when she is under stress. That is when she rambles the most. Word salad indeed. You betcha!

I find her politics abhorrent. Her anti-intellectualism, and that of her fans, is repellent to me. Since when do we need a hockey-mom/Joe six-pack in control of this country? Ignorance is not a virtue, no matter what some may claim. This is one ignorant woman. She does not appear to be intellectually curious, and is not interested in learning more. God save us all from the depredations of the Republican party.

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If you are posting a positive opinion about sarah palin…make sure your grammer is correct/..because you look like idiots supporting an idiot when you miss-spell and miss-qoute…and miss in general.. …or …rather dont… this will further enhance the opinion that she and you are lacking in cranial skills…

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October 6th, 2008
12:19 am GMT
Oh come on… Barack Obama said that America has 57 states once… Like him, she just misspoke.
– Posted by brb

Whereas Obama has been campaigning for better than a year,I can see how he might be feeling a little tired now and again, and make the occasional mis-statement. But Sideshow Sarah has been at this for what, like five weeks? Pffft.

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It’s too bad that John McCain and his running mate are sinking to this level to save their political necks. I saw James Warren form the Chicago Tribune on TV this morning (who is not always complimentary of Obama – but let me guess what McCain/Palin campaign/supporters description would be – left-wing liberal media/non-patriotic, etc…….(?)) – anyway, he said anybody who cared about or was involved in education issues in Chicago, could not avoid being in a meeting, etc. with this guy (Ayers) and that some local “liberals”, were upset with some of his strident/outspoken positions. This is an empty issue, and shows desperation on the part of the McCain/Palin campaign. I used to like McCain somewhat and felt sorry for him back in 2000 election (when he was “Rove’d” in South Carolina), but no more – throughout this campaign it has been evident that he is willing to sink to the same levels just to win, not so he can save average Americans with his “Maverickness”…

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To all those who love Sara so much for being so people person and should be allowed to gaffe, say things what a common Joe Six pack says than drop John Mccain the (Maverick) and have a Joe Six Pack run for president. Would you same people will ever vote for a Man with beard to run for President? OR a man NOT in suit and tie?
Sara was asking Joe Biden Not to look back at bush admin. and look forward but still wants every one to look at Obama’s past when he was 8 years old.
Did you ever notice every sentence that Sara speaks is full of sarcasm and that the way she always speaks.

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Re: Typo in my post above, should read: ….Warren “from” the Chicago Tribune…

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This article is a joke. ALL politicians slip up. Obama said:

– The “57 states” of America
– “My Muslim faith”….he is a Christian

Do we truly think he meant these things? Of course not. The problem is, the press is SO OVERWHELMINGLY left-of-left that they give all democrats and liberals a bad name.

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The real tragedy with Sarah Palin is that she really believes she is bright.

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Oh give the nitwit a break. She just confused the place with the throw on her love seat, where she and the Dude suck Bud and watch Russia.

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Sarah Palin should have tried a career in the movies. Yes, she is definitely in the wrong profession! And she cannot pull wool over the eyes of the American Public!
She has nothing in her brains even if you look at it with a microscope…..It will be a disaster if by dint of some lameluck, she were to be elected!

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Uh… The reason the media has not jumped on the Obama ties to radial Islam is that they simply don’t exist. Obama is NOT even Muslim. He’s a Christian like I’m guessing you pretend to be.

Please refrain from drinking the Conservative Talk Show cool-aid. It’s bad for you brain.

BTW, I think it’s very important that our leaders know what the hell we’re talking about. There is no “liberal” bias in reporting what a person actually said (notice they even pointed out Biden’s gaffe?). And just because she’s an “everyday” person like you, it doesn’t make her qualified in any sort of way for the presidency, should something happen to McCain.

Haven’t you learned anything from the last 8 years of leadership by totally stupidity?

But, why do I bother? You probably have a zero percent chance of coming to terms with reality. And I feel very sorry for you.


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“not too quick with answers…” ??? you’ve got to be kidding… she has no answers, she has garbled, incoherent, hurriedly memorized talking points … and you think this is good?

Heaven help us.

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You betcha! I like Sarah, because she’s just an ordinary person. She’s one of us. No, she’s not too quick with the answers like one of those…those… smart people, but she really speaks to me and the other down to earth, not too curious soccer moms across this great nation. I just hope those mean mainstream press people who hate America don’t continue to try and drag her down by asking about all those annoying facts. She’s got a great personality! She reminds me of my cousin. She was always so cheerful…. anyway, make the right choice America. Let’s elect one of US!!

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I am a woman who was born and raised in the midwest. Sarah Palin does not speak like anyone I know. I think she absolutely knows that she is out of her league here which is sad because its hard to watch another woman fail so miserably in this position. Can you really see her having an educated and heavy conversation with any foreign leader? She has a goal in mind and is greedy. IF she cared about the country or individual americans she would not be running for the VP, a position she knows she can not handle. I think her sarcasm and attacks only prove the lack of substance or knowledge. And Alaska has no political blunders? YOu need to do some homework on that? Frist start w the ethics investigation of SARAH PALIN. The one she said she’d be transparent for and now won’t take part in and told her employees to do the same. Nothing to hide?

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OK…who wants HER to be VP???? she doesnt even know where in the world AFGHANISTAN is located! It would be a SHAME if she becomes the next VP. So much for FOREIGN POLICY! There is no substance to this woman, why do we even bother? And by choosing her as his running mate says alot about McCain…Obama is the MAN!

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I just watched Sarah Palin make a speech in Florida and in the background she had kids aged 7, 8, 9 sitting in the bleachers. Whats that all about. When did the voting age change. Is that the change she is talking about.

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Sarah Palin is a good VP choice because she portrays herself as a regular person and isn’t too quick with answers?


Is that the measure of the second-in-line to be Leader of the Free World?

Someone who is folksy and doesn’t have any answers to any of the problems that we as a nation face?

Yeah, I know that whenever I have a problem the LAST thing I want to do is call someone who knows what to do about it. Or has thought about what to do about it. Or at least can give a reasonable impression of having thought about what to do about it.

Next time my car breaks down I won’t take it to the competent mechanic who I don’t have any rapport with, but who will fix my car.

No siree!

I’m going to take it to the other guy who has no idea what the various parts of my car are called, doesn’t know what tools he’ll need to fix it, but who knows my name and trades jokes with me everytime I come in.


Best Plan EVER!

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Palin is a freak show. McCain-Palin, the new dumb and dumber!

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Imagine what this election season would have been without Sarah Palin. A humorless experience at best! Romney … Rudy 9/11 … Huckleberry … Tommy Thompson … Hispanic Favorite Tancredo … Mr. Personality Lieberman — none of them would have given Tina Fey months of material and the rest of us as much laughter.

Thank you John ‘POW’ McCain for giving us something with which to endure your deceptions and updated Rovian campaign tactics. Your bright-eyed, bushy-tailed GOP operatives are as Aryan and vanilla, scripted and unexciting as Bush’s were in 2000 and 2004. Your mavericking has been a real treat for us to observe.

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This woman insults our collective intelligences…

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[…]  /05/in-slip-up-palin-calls-afghanistan- our-neighboring-count… […]

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I truly respect that Sarah Palin speaks her mind. Because the more she speaks, the more we understand that she’s incapable articulating a competent thought on policy. She’s the conservative Paris Hilton.

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John McCain selecting Sarah Palin as his VP running mate is absurd. I liked John McCain as a Republican presidential candidates, but Palin’s lack of political experience makes the ticket a joke. Another Republican failure starting with Pres. Bush guarantees that the Democrats will run the Whitehouse for the next 4 years.

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“Boy when they say ‘leftwing media,’ they ought to be saying Communist/Marxist/Fascist America-hating media.” -Eric Dondero

Get your facts straight; facism is on the extreme right of the political spectrum; in that way, “Communist/Fascist” is an unrealistic combination of descriptors. Note also that Marxism has never existed in the world; although it would be the perfect system of government, greed and other human traits make it an unrealistic ideal. Please, don’t make accusations if you don’t have your facts straight.

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Truly she has a dizzying intellect.

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Unbelievable that we are wasting time on Sarah Palin while we move into the depression for this century. Let’s just have the election. Assuming votes are really counted, we can send Sarah back to her job in Alaska. It’s like the frenzy for Britney and Lohan. Who cares?!!! We are losing our retirement savings. I won’t be voting for Obama either. I’ll vote 3rd party, but I must say Sarah Palin is a perfect illustration of how pitiful our democracy is. We can’t hear from third party candidates, but we are force fed Palinese. Drop it and get some substance. I want to know what Nader, Paul, & Barr think about what is going on? Can you report on that. They are actually candidates for President and have been running for a long time. They weren’t just snatched up off the street by John McCain 5 weeks ago

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She must think we own Iraq.

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Laughable! It took me 17 hours stright flight to come from Afghanistan to D.C, and she is saying “our neighboring country Afghanistan”.

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Palin “pals” around with the anti-American, ultra-right wing “Alaskan Independence Party” who’s leader advocates the succession of Alaska from the Union. The founder of the AIP, Joe Vogler, died in an attempt to purchase plastic explosives. Vogler was buried in Dawson City, Canada, granting his wish that he not be buried under the American flag.

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The article’s right that Tina Fey perfectly parodies Sarah Palin. Hmmm–has anyone ever seen them in the same room together? No? Oh wow–what a headline: Tina Fey IS Sarah Palin!

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Of course Afghanistan neighbors the U.S. It’s right next to Canada! :)

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I’m “annoyed” and impatient” with her stupidity! I don’t want to see or hear her any more! Go away Dick Cheney with Lipstick!

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You all are beyond hope. It’s now 24 hours a day Hate Sarah Palin, 7 days a week.”

Yep, she’s a dangerous person and she must be stopped.

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If Sarah Palin is unable to codify a sentence or paragraph when she is speaking, she is unable to codify a sentence or paragraph when she is thinking.

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[…] 6, 2008 by angryxer He quotes a Reuters story on one of her latest campaign trail bits of […]

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How reassuring it is to see so many people get it when it comes to Sarah Palin. I lost totally respect for her as a women and a mother when she threw her 17 year old daughter under the bus to further her own agenda. Think about how you would have felt at 17 and the whole world being made privy to your “mistake”. She knew when she accepted the nomination that her daughter would be an issue. Also the way she holds her infant up like some kind of trophy every chance she gets, at least long enough to get the photo opp, before passing him off to one of the other little Palins.

She is great as a fake smiling beauty queen. But seriously as Vice President one heart beat away. Wake up!!

She might be trying to come off as “hockey mom, susie winecooler”, but face it folks this is the wolf in sheep clothing we have been told to watch out for all our lives. A speaking of wolves who in their right mind would vote for someone who considers hunting shooting animals from a helicopter. She is snarky, not very bright and has a rather large ego…remind you of anyone…haven’t we had enough of that. The past eight years are proof that ignorance and arrogance just do not mix when it comes to running a country.

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Any self-respecting American would not vote for this clown in pumps.

She is a gimmick–one that has really worn thin.

I do NOT want “Mrs. Joe Six-Pack” as our second in command. Time to let the SMART PEOPLE

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I heard this from someone who worked the event, according to him the room went silent.

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If it was one mistake, maybe we would overlook it, but two posters here have quoted completely unintelligible statements made by her in the past month. During the debate, she pretty much said, “I’m not going to answer your silly questions; I’m going to talk to the American people.” Ms. Palin, I think the American people were waiting for you to answer the questions, you know, there, because, there were questions there that we wanted answered. She’s here, she’s there, she’s everywhere, and she’s nowhere. This candidate is a joke.

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It is just as I had expected the McCain-Palin ticket is basically a Racist-publican party, in which and that McCain is using Ms.Piggy to change the topic of the economy.The McCain campaign is trying to changing election strategies of the economy to a smear campaign,you want to know why,because both the McCain and Piggy with Lip-Stick knows 100% that they can not win the campaign fairly.So what are the McCain party is now trying their very best to do,is trying to change the subject to use the Smear topics against Barack Obama,well I am very sorry for these liars.The McCain-Palin party is going to loose the election.We the young people,and what are these idiots failed to realized,and understand is that Barack Obama is going to win this election.Barack Obama don’t need the old people to win this election,think about all you Racist-publican voters.We the Barack Obama supporters will be standing together to do the right thing,by making the right decisions,to put this Great Nation back to where it belongs a world leader once again, people.If you claim that you love this Great America than vote in the right direction,so we can be the world leader once America.NJ1.

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all dressed in your klansman whites today…did the hood fall over your eyes when you were reading from your color coded index cheat cards??? is that how you thought afghanistan was our neighbor??? push the hood up honey..i know the reading thing gets so tough for you…

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come on guys, i think she’s totally unqualified, but she meant afghanistan was a neighboring country to iraq, right? she doesn’t really think afghanistan is between us and canada or mexico, right?
get on to the real issues.

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Mrs. Palin brings to mind a statement by another Republican great, Senator Roman Hruska, of Nebraska: “there are a lot of mediocre judges and people and lawyers. They are entitled to a little representation, aren’t they?”

One only hopes that Sarah, like Judge Carswell, fade to black.

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We all know a “Sarah Palin” – she’s beautiful, polite to all the adults, gets good grades, has highly developed social skills (at least on the surface), participates in extra-curricular activities… But underneath it all, she is an insecure, back-stabbing sociopath who craves attention and adulation. She will stop at nothing to get her way. When called on her behavior, she points the finger at her best friend, cries foul and charms her way out. She’s the “mean girl” in high school!

Sarah Palin is also a poster child of the Republican agenda – dumb down America so we (the financial and self-professed intellectual elite) can manipulate you (the inferior products of underfunded public schools) by using scare tactics (WoMD Iraq, eminent collapse of economy if no Wall St. bail out, etc.) because an unquestioning public creates no obstacles for profitability (golden parachutes, Halliburton, etc).

This single hubristic act of the Republican party (selecting Sarah Palin as VP running mate) has done a great thing for our country. It has provided Americans the chance to heal the wounds that have been inflicted on our character over the last 7+ years. So I thank you, Rovian proteges, for your help in electing a compassionate, reasoning, intelligent, engaging, interesting, articulate President & VP, Obama & Biden.

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Palen’s real all right. A real idiot. There is no bigger nor better proof of the dire need for quality education in this country than those who are thrilled to feel “she’s just like me…”.
Seriously, folks.
She’s a mental disaster!

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Patricia, you are my new hero. So very well said.

My theory is that a bunch of people who couldn’t handle criticism in high school, and who have been paying a price for that, are glad someone is talking back to the teacher (and taking an anti-knowledge stance).

I’ve always found it surprising that more mothers/fathers/parents haven’t been up in arms over a president who belittles science, knowledge, and expertise. No it is clearer. And even sadder.

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Connie Malfa says, “I like Sarah because she portrays herself as a real person. That’s what kind of politicians we need. So she’s not quick with answers…which the press seems to be jumping on. So what.”
Only in America does the people want a President or Vice President who cannot speak as well as the majority of its citizens. Remember George Walker Bush? the village idiot in office as I right, the one who no other leader in the world respects? the one who is now ridiculed those who voted for him twice!! You might think Sarah a smart person because she was a “businesswoman” but what happened to those businesses? remember George Bush while part-owner of the Texas Rangers was not in charge of the finances yet his resume when he ran for the presidency made it seem as if he was in charge.
Sarah Palin like George Bush is asking you the voters to “MISUNDERSTIMATE” her and vote for her and McCain..really, I should be impressed and want to be like Sarah?
Just how much of a real person is she? how many real persons do you know that flies in planes to shoot wild animals? In today’s economy, how many of you can afford Starbucks Venti mocha lattes?
One more question, do you know of a teacher in your children’s school who misspeaks like Sarah? If so, why is she teaching your children?

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[…] Ron Artest, because both were brought in to up the intensity on their squads, but neither of them can keep from saying crazy […]

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Yamean, like, isn’t Afghanistan that country in between USA and Canada?

Posted by Debi | Report as abusive

We are about to lose a cowboy president, I really don not want to have a maverick.

Posted by Matt | Report as abusive

I think she meant Canadastan, right next door to Alaska.

Posted by Chilly | Report as abusive

If Sarah Palin were an African-American candidate, she would be thrown from the frying pan into the fire for the stupid way she talks down to people.

I’m seriously hoping the American people aren’t as stupid as she seems to think they are.

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Hey, give the girl a freaking break. Maybe she meant Albania.

Posted by 1Greensix | Report as abusive

It’s hard to resist not getting fired up when you read this stuff. I want to know why people think it’s acceptable that the bar has become so low for a person seeking one of the highest offices in our country.

Here are some prerequisites: An expert knowledge of the constitution, the bill of rights, american history, foreign policy and world geography for starters. She is not qualified for the position. Being a “real” person does not cut it. She has been given plenty of opportunities to prove her self and she has failed, and I wish people would stop being partisan with this. Putting under qualified people in this high office is unacceptable and dangerous.

Posted by Don | Report as abusive

[…] cup).  And Sarah Palin doesn’t have maps and places such as, because according to her, Afghanistan is “our neighboring […]

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Palin calls herself an energy expert yet she said that Alaska provided 20% of the oil for the US. Actually it’s about 4%.

Posted by Les | Report as abusive

She’s clearly out of her league. She was picked by the McCain staff to bolster support from the right and just being used to get their guy in. I would feel sorry for her if she wasn’t a christian extremist who would jeopardize our freedoms like Bush has.

Posted by sourmilksea | Report as abusive

She’s not evil, I don’t think. She’s just ignorant. No thank you.

Posted by Diva | Report as abusive

I’m living in AK right now- Palin’s hometown in fact. It DOES NOT require mental and physical awareness to live in this town. Maybe the Aleutian chain, or somewhere else in the Bush, but not Wasilla, Anchorage, or Juneau- which are Palin’s haunts. If you got plunked down in any one of these places and was told to guess where you were, you would just as soon say Colorado, as you would Alaska.

She may not be evil, but she certainly is very Christian. She’s a hypocrite and these smears are very unbecoming of her and for women in general.

Posted by tm68 | Report as abusive

Hold on- BIG typo- she is NOT very christian!

Posted by tm68 | Report as abusive

To the dedicated republicans who defend Palin –

I was a swing vote. I was considering McCain. But I will NOT vote republican for one reason specifically – making the selection of Palin as the VP candidate shows incompetence in its highest form. I could never endorse a party or a man who made such a foolish decision.

As for Sarah Palin, she is embarrassing to all female politicians, in fact, she has single-handedly put that glass ceiling she spoke of even further away.

Posted by Wanda | Report as abusive

Sarah Palin is not dumb. She is however ignorant. Ignorant of world affairs, world geography and the dangers and issues of the world. It is apparent from her comments that she does not have a clue.

A mistake or two is one thing, but constant gaffes are not acceptable. This woman is simply not prepared to be a heartbeat away from the President.

Everyone says she is running for VP. However, the fact remains that this woman could easily become President if McCain should (God Forbid) be elected and succumb to one of the most lethal cancers known.

How could anyone be comfortable thinking this woman might be president?

This woman has set the Women’s Movement back at least 100 years! She will set the country back immeasurably.

Moreover, how can we have as president a woman whose husband belongs to an organization that supports the secession of Alaska from the United States?

Posted by Vgirl11 | Report as abusive

The country has just been put through 8 years of mockery because of a president who appears to have not gotten past 8th. grade….. Can’t believe people would even consider another term of that. Let’s vote intelligence this time. Obama/Biden 08

Posted by Nancy | Report as abusive

Idiots are all we are deserving of for our representation. People liked Bush because we was dumb and didn’t make the average American feel inadequate. That’s why repugnants claim to like Palin. She’s like the many–she isn’t intelligent as are the few who deprive us of our God given presumption of the right to an opinion, however ill-informed. Obama’s no better. He is and isn’t one thing or another. He is and is not black/white. He is and is not a Muslim/Christian/Jew. He does and does not represent a minority/majority. He is and is not in favor of defending Israel. He condemns and supports the plight/error of the Palestinians. But in the end both candidates speak of “change.” That is what happens as the result of an election which follows a sitting president who has already served two terms.

Posted by AntiUS | Report as abusive

First she wants to build a bridge to nowhere and accepts the money then says “I was against it to begin with” yeah right so us the money and give it back from her Alaskan welfare state. Second she probably wants to build an oil pipeline from Alaska to Afganistan that’s what she meant by “neighboring country” like muslims call each other ‘brothers’ when they really aren’t.
The woman is a cheerleader for the Republicans and nothing more.

Posted by LOL123 | Report as abusive

Connie Malfa,

Really? Was your post a joke? We do listen to her…do you? If not, start w/ this: Sc then watch all of them.

Listening to her makes me laugh and scared at the same time.

How can anyone who follows politics even mildly think she was a good choice? Even hard core republicans have stated she was not the best of choices.

[Stepping of my soap box]

Posted by Me | Report as abusive

If Connie (see below) thinks that the only quality one needs to possess to be a good vice president, or president for that matter, she’s as daft-if not more than-the Republicans in office. “Good” people don’t exist, and leadership should not hinge on people failing upwards.

I speak as an independent, so parse my comment as you will. Sarah Palin, in all of her mediocre glory, has done nothing to prove that she is qualified to lead this country. She hides from “negative” reporting- come out of hiding, Sarah… We just want to ask a few questions. John McCain, after an illustrious career of noble ideals, dignity and honor, has denigrated into nothing more than a mimic of George Bush, Dick Cheney and war-criminal Henry Kissinger. Let’s stop the fear-mongering and respond to questions on the issues, John, just as you promised earlier in the campaign. The spaghetti you keep cooking is not sticking to any walls.


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Thank you, Deborah, for defining facism for the conservatives here (they apparently don’t like to read). It’s their side of the spectrum that facism comes from and it has nothing to do with theology (i.e. “Islamo-Fascism”) or socialism. In fact, fascism and socialism are diametrically opposed to each other. The fact that they and their trolls here don’t understand this is no surprise…

…and it is precisely this kind of intellectual incuriosity that allows one to better understand Palin and her mind-boggling selection.

– Posted by SLCPunk

Did your left-wing university professors teach you that? Apparently, they left out Mussolini and Hitler in your 20th Century World Affairs class. Facism and Socialism are strikingly similar, no matter how many hippie rallies you’ve been to in which your stoned friends call Republicans facists. Facists (Mussolini) and Socialists (Hitler) both use the same means to the same end. Violent suppression of opposition to exert total control over the citizenry. Both achieved this first through gun control, then through high taxation, then assailing the character of and imprisoning political opponents (Putin has done the same.) Cry all you want about Republicans wanting to control you via their pro-life platform but outlawing murder is a far cry from redistribution of wealth, stripping the public of its God-given right to self defense, and a completely dishonest portrayal of political opponents via the media.

Posted by Matt | Report as abusive

If you are posting a positive opinion about sarah palin…make sure your grammer is correct/..because you look like idiots supporting an idiot when you miss-spell and miss-qoute…and miss in general.. …or …rather dont… this will further enhance the opinion that she and you are lacking in cranial skills…

– Posted by michael peck

Look like an idiot as in misspelling “grammar” you mor0n? Or by incorrectly inserting a hyphen into misspell and misquote? Or do you mean by not capitalizing the beginning of sentences or punctuating the end? Or do you mean having three sentences incoherently blended into one run-on? And you’re judging people’s intelligence? Typical liberal.

Posted by Matt | Report as abusive

There is one final question I want someone ( as many as necessary ) to PLEASE ask SP:

About how old is the Earth ?

Posted by R. D. Flowers | Report as abusive

Palin is as incompetent as any candidate who’s ever run for office. Of course, it’s not saying much with John McCain in the field.

Friday may be her undoing and the rescue of the American people from one more nasty Human with delusions of grandeur……. like her running mate, the clueless but vicious John McCain.

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Palin is as incompetent as any candidate who’s ever run for office. Of course, it’s not saying much with John McCain in the field.

Friday may be her undoing with the Troopergate report, but it will be the rescue of the American people from one more nasty Human with delusions of grandeur……. like her running mate, the clueless but vicious John McCain.

Now, if only they understood the bailout they mistakenly call a ‘rescue’, they’d be just as dumb as before…….. but we might get help, rather than racist rallies calling for the murder of their opposition.

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I am a bit confused why she is allowed to run for VP when she and her husband have been working to split Alaska off from the United States. She has engaged in treason and attempted to start a Civil war in the US.

This is serious stuff. Less than a year ago she was the opening speaker at the Alaska Independence Party’s convention, and she did this as Governor of Alaska. In the opening address she said she was proud of the work they were doing to secede and had her full support.

I mean really people. I wonder what people would say if Barack Obama only last year had tried to pass legislation that allowed Illinois to become it’s own country. Would we laugh him out of office or put him in jail?

I have to also wonder how the Palin’s (with the help of huge teams of Republican lawyers) can simply decide on their own that they are above the law and don’t have to respond to subpoena’s. Todd Palin has ignored two .. and finally relented to letting the McCain lawyers answer one of them in writing. I mean what? Again I have to ask .. if Obama and his family had been issues two subpoena’s for alleged corruption and he said, “I do not recognize the authority of the US Justice system in this matter.” what would we do? Would we vote for him, laugh him out of this race, or would he be in jail. I’m thinking jail and that is what would happen to any other American in this country. We would be in jail.

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Palin sounds like she’s taking a page out of G.W.’s playbook by pretending to be less intelligent than she really is so that she would be underestimated. The remark sounds so obviously incorrect, even for her, and obviously forced.

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Good for you Dems, you say we need something fresh and not tainted by politics. But then you turn around and look at someone not tainted by Washington and slam her for not being experienced? Palin has more political experience than Obama. He only has 2 years in the senate, and 2 years of running for President. Even Biden said Obama was inexperienced.

Then you claim that Bush ruined America? Why does a Dem controlled congress have a lower aproval rating than Bush? That Dem controlled congress is probably more to blame about our current conditions than Bush, you all give him way more credit than he is due.

I’ll be honest, I don’t like McCain or Obama. One is a bit old, differs on a some core values than me, the other is inexperienced and thinks campiagning in other countries has some sort of value to us the American public. Neither is a great choice, neither is even a good choice. But the same as 8 and 4 years ago, which is the lesser of two evils.

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We all try to have friends that know something more than we do. I mean it’s cool to make friends with common interests but it is natural for one to have a friend you can learn from. I just don’t see that I can learn anything from Palin. I mean I love the out doors and I suppose she could give me a 101 tips on making my way through the wonderfully beautiful Alaska outback but… She just isn’t the kind of person I’d like to invite to my house for diner. One of those long dinners that you wind up talking about everything under the sun and you laugh, argue, drink and at the end of it all you are better friends than before. I just would not be able to put her on my wish list of people to share a meal with.

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You want to know who the real Sarah Palin is, and why she’s here?

“Mad Dog Palin: The full Story” ry/23318320/mad_dog_palin

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I don’t know about the rest of you but I would rather watch Tina Fey playing Sarah Palin than Sarah Palin playing Sarah Palin any day of the week.

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I want McCain and Biden to run the country. Obama and Palin are inexperienced and have never played where it counts!

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For some added information, you know to know a little more about what’s going on between Biden and Palin as far as wrong comments . . .,2933,4333 14,00.html

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To those who say they like Palin because she “seems so real,” like such a “real person”… come on, get over it. Do we really want someone with an average intelligence at best to help run this country? It’s absolutely irresponsible to vote for someone who “seems cool.” You have to think about the fate of the nation, not just who you want to hang out with. Frankly, I need someone who’s MUCH smarter than I am to run this country, to lead us in the right direction, not towards the aimless Right.

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Linguistic infelicity…nice…

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Palin is an idiot, and you are too if you somehow feel she deserves to be VP. We don’t need any more phoney ‘real’ people as politicians. We need smart, able, mature, educated, thoughtful, competent leaders. To all those who wish for ‘ordinary’ politicians, I have one question: when you go to the doctor, do you want someone of ‘ordinary’ ability? Of course not – you want the best person available.

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It would all be very funny if this woman wasn’t a candidate for vice president of the United States. The situation is just too serious. I have lost my ability to see the funny side.

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How about we focus less on her cutesy, folksy gaffes and more on her inciting violence against Obama. Or her husband’s membership in, and her support of, a party that wants alaska to secede from the union.

If Michelle Obama belonged to a black separatist party, we’d never hear the end of it!

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Not sure what McCain was thinking. When this election is over and Obama has won, it would be for the following reasons:

1. Economy, which is not his fault but he belongs to the party in power.

2. Iraq War, i.e., decision to go to the war in the first place and his continued insistence that he will stay there.

3. Sarah Palin. He would have done so much better picking someone like Bobby Jindal. I would have voted for him but now my decision to vote for Obama is a no brainer.

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I don’t want my leaders to be like me; I demand them to be better than me. With the salaries/benefits we pay them, I want my money’s worth!

And if Sarah Palin is the new voice of the right, I’m going to invest in an earplug company.

Case in point:
“I’m not saying that he’s dishonest,” Palin said on the flight from Pensacola, Fla., to Greenville, “but in terms of judgment and in terms of being able to answer questions forthrightly, it has two different parts to this, that judgment and that truthfulness and just being able to answer very candidly a simple question about when did you know him, how did you know him, has been there been an association continued since ’02 or ’05. We’ve heard a couple of different stories. I think it’s relevant.”

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If her finger ever ends up on the “nookular” button, let’s hope her grasp of geography is better than this gaffe suggests. Otherwise, I’d be very worried if I were Canadian.

Anyway, here’s another Palin joke for your entertainment:

A couple of Palin supporters are out hunting in the woods when one of them falls to the ground. He doesn’t seem to be breathing and his eyes have rolled back in his head.

The other guy whips out his mobile phone and calls the emergency services. He gasps to the operator: “My friend is dead! What can I do?”

The operator, in a soothing voice, says: “Just take it easy. I can help. First, let’s make sure he’s dead.”

There is a silence, then a shot is heard. The guy’s voice comes back on the line. He says: “OK, now what?”

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The Republicans are promoting Palin similar to how they promoted Bush in ’00 and ’04. The home town, BBQ/beer guzzling average “Joe”. We have all seen how well that panned out.

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I love how the right wingers are quick to point fingers at a ‘leftist media’…this isn’t a biased portrayal? The slip up AT BEST reveals her inability to communicate and at worst reveals her understanding of geography…frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised at the latter given her very recent acquisition of a PASSPORT.

you can complain all you want, media this and media that, then go back to watching your fair and balanced FOX (lol). Palin is not qualified, of course we should be emphasizing her goofs, so people can understand her scant knowledge on important issues….like the cause of global warming, political events in the middle east, etc. etc.

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Palin comes across as not just brassy and immature but also incoherent and uninformed. Bit sad that McCain couldn’t find a more appropriate running mate.

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In much the way that better-knowing-people compromised any intergrity they once had to ‘toe the party line’ in electing the very un-electable George Bush to office TWICE, many of those same apologists are providing the very same sort of support to another mental midget, Simple Sarah.
Hopefully, enough of them rue their decisions of old to do the right thing this time around.
Obama/Biden ’08!

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This is a no brainer. To appreciate Sara Palin you would first have to enjoy conservative values. Small government, personal responsibility, a love for our country and a strong sense of moral values. If this is where you stand you love Sara Palin. If you desire a large socialist government, Government to take control of your life, a dislike for our country and a life with no moral boundaries then Joe Biden is the VP for you. How simple can it get.

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