Maverick family to McCain: No way are you one of us!

October 6, 2008

PHOENIX – “He’s a maverick.” “He’s the consummate maverick.” “We’re a team of mavericks.” – You’ve all heard it time and again in recent weeks as Republican John McCain and fresh-faced running mate Gov. Sarah Palin slap on the maverick label to differentiate themselves from the GOP herd corralled inside the beltway in Washington.


But the New York Times reported on Sunday that the real Mavericks – a storied south Texas family with a long tradition in progressive politics – are not too happy about what they say is the misappropriation of their family name.

“I’m just enraged that McCain calls himself a maverick,” the Times reported Terrellita Maverick, 82, saying. The San Antonio resident is the scion of a family which has been outspoken about liberal causes for generations, and has otherwise bucked conventions.

The family’s name crept into the language for Samuel Augustus Maverick, a rancher who became known for not branding his cattle in the 1800s. Any unbranded cows found out on the range were simply known as “Maverick’s.”

Ranching aside, the Times reported that members of the Maverick family also have a long history championing often unpopular civil libertarian causes — from the rights of indentured servants in long ago New England to defending the cause of “draft resisters, atheists and others scorned by society” more recently in Texas. 

Aside from an unbranded calf, the word maverick has come to mean a lone dissenter who takes an independent stand from his or her associates – a label handy for McCain, who has tried to distance his campaign from eight years of rule by the increasingly unpopular President George W. Bush. Nevertheless, the veteran Republican Arizona senator’s appropriation of the word still grates on the original Mavericks.

He “is in no way a maverick, in uppercase or lowercase,” the Times reported Terrellitta, 82, as saying.

“It’s just incredible – the nerve! – to suggest that he’s not part of that Republican herd. Every time we hear it, all my children and I and all my family shrink a little and say, ‘Oh, my God, he said it again.’ ”

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McCain is no Maverick! he is a REPUBLICAN

Posted by Keith Darussy | Report as abusive

Well spoken, Terrellitta! Brand him the conformist bum that he is, along with his pet dog, Sarah.

Posted by John H | Report as abusive

Being from San Antonio and knowing of the storied Maverick family history, I was wondering when someone was going to say something about McCain’s use of the now generic term. Texans get branded with the Bush label too often. There’s a long line of progressive Texans, who may not be in the majority at the moment, but who are still around. Too bad Lloyd Bentsen, another more progressive South Texan who probably knew the Maverick family personally, isn’t still here to tell McCain and/or Palin, “You’re no Maverick.”

Posted by Jeff C | Report as abusive

“Maverick” vs. “Change”

Both are vague platitudes to which neither candidate will really adhere come 2009. Regardless of who wins, McCain and Obama will continue to push their agendas ahead of the people’s needs. And those times that their agendas should coincide with the needs of the people, the candidate will be able to anoint himself as the embodiment of their vague campaign messages.

All this story proves is that there’s some 82 year-old Texan with a tumbleweed stuck up her bum.

Posted by K-Man | Report as abusive

Maverick? maverick? NOT!!! Not when you voted with GW over 90% of the time. You are considered a disciple or a follow-tail-dog, which could also include a pit bull with lipstick. Not when you have no new ideas, when you try to be folksy, when you spew trash dug from sewers. You can only claim this when you renounce the republican party, disown your mother and set forth on a new path. Using the same old rhetoric can never make you a maverick, regardless how much you long to be one. Anyway, the Maverick family has really and truly disowned you and “bless their hearts” they are the true mavericks!

Posted by karuna | Report as abusive

Why doesn’t Obama talk about his record on crime?

Answer: The murder rate in Chicago is higher than in Bagdad!

Posted by BILL5321 | Report as abusive

Reuters— you’re kidding right? This is news?

Posted by Christopher Strauss | Report as abusive

Liberal whiners from Texas. Gah.

Posted by Joe Stahl | Report as abusive

I forgot…Reuters tends to suckle.

Posted by Joe Stahl | Report as abusive

Apparently Reuters has run out of photoshopping
material as evidenced by going out of their way
to find a family with the last name Maverick and
decide to run an anti-Conservative story. This is
great Grade-A National Enquirer material. Good job boys!

Posted by That One Guy | Report as abusive

lol, McCain.

Does anybody else get a kick out of watching conservatives engage in mental gymnastics in order to justify McCain? They make some epic comments. I swear I could defend him better than they can just because they have lost track of how to notice glaring hypocricy.

Posted by penkilk | Report as abusive

It’s always stands out when the freepers all come to a message board at the same time…

Posted by schabadoo | Report as abusive

[…] McCain is not _technically_ a Maverick Tales from the Trail

Posted by How McCain is not _technically_ a Maverick – XDTalk Forums – Your HS2000/SA-XD Information Source! | Report as abusive

Is it just the republicans who are concerned about Obama’s ties to William Ayers, Rev. Wright or any of his other cronies?

Does it bother any of you that he will be raising taxes not only on the rich but on people making $42K a year?

Why is it so difficult to see this man (Obama) has quite a bit of mystery to him?

Why does it offend him to honor our flag? Why does he travel to different countries and apologize for our Great Country? Does any of these things offend you?

Well it offends me that he is offended by our country and our traditions!!!!!

I believe he is a muslim and he plans on “NO GOOD” for our country.

Posted by Linda | Report as abusive

[…] McCain is not _technically_ a Maverick Tales from the Trail

Posted by How McCain is not _technically_ a Maverick – XDTalk Forums – Your HS2000/SA-XD Information Source! | Report as abusive

Wow, calling Sarah Palin, or anyone for that matter is so school yard.

Posted by H.G. | Report as abusive

Let me see if I got this straight.The family called Maverick became legendary due to their ancestor NOT branding his cattle , and then claiming all unbranded CALVES as his.
Why- then I agree with them .
John McCain is not a Maverick.

Cattle thieves for Obama!

Posted by Bob Swanson | Report as abusive

9:14 pm GMT Is it just the republicans who are concerned about Obama’s ties to William Ayers, Rev. Wright or any of his other cronies?

Does it bother any of you that he will be raising taxes not only on the rich but on people making $42K a year?

Why is it so difficult to see this man (Obama) has quite a bit of mystery to him?

Why does it offend him to honor our flag? Why does he travel to different countries and apologize for our Great Country? Does any of these things offend you?

Well it offends me that he is offended by our country and our traditions!!!!!

I believe he is a muslim and he plans on “NO GOOD” for our country.

– Posted by Linda

Statements like this is why the Republicans are going to lose this election. And if they don’t wake up soon they may not win again for years to come. Obama is no more Muslim than Ronald Regan was. I believe the problem is ignorance. It would be like saying John McCain is Jewish, which we all know is not true, but the right-wing hate groups in this Country may start to beleive it if I said it enough. It’s a very old tactic.

Simple question; Are you happy with the way things have been the last 8 years? If you are, then vote Republican. If not, then you can vote for a CHANGE that matters.

Posted by Floridafish | Report as abusive

Hey Linda, if you actually READ Obama’s plan (don’t just listen to Republican talking points), you will more than likely see a reduction in taxes if you make less than $250,000.

The sad group who believe McCain have no idea that their taxes will go up across the board (unless you are rich) as he taxes your health benefits (the part your employer pays will now be considered income), so that you can get a credit of $5000 if you wanted to buy your own (My family’s health care is over $13000 per year, and that is for the lowest plan offered by my employer).

But of Course with McCain, the rich will enjoy generous tax breaks and bless their hearts, as they have been so generous with sharing the wealth over the last few years.

Hey, maybe it is the Republicans who need a hug anyway, after all, they seem to have the biggest problem with forgiveness. Obama must be evil because he met a former radical a couple of times who became a productive member of our society and has clearly done quite a bit to make the city of Chicago better. Isn’t that how we ended up in Iraq, since little Bush couldn’t forgive mean old Saddam for wanting to kill his dad?

I feel blessed to live in country where everyone can vote, but honestly I am saddened sometimes that they do.

Posted by C.H. | Report as abusive


–Is it just the republicans who are concerned about Obama’s ties to William Ayers, Rev. Wright or any of his other cronies?

Yes. Anytime somebody tries to tie him to those people, he emphatically distances himself from them

–Does it bother any of you that he will be raising taxes not only on the rich but on people making $42K a year?

Well, somebody’s got to pay a $700 billion debt caused by the Bush administration’s lack of financial oversight, and it’s going to be ALL OF US.

–Why is it so difficult to see this man (Obama) has quite a bit of mystery to him?

Because you want there to be some mystery and refuse to believe he’s just being honest.

–Why does it offend him to honor our flag? Why does he travel to different countries and apologize for our Great Country? Does any of these things offend you?

–Well it offends me that he is offended by our country and our traditions!!!!!

It’s this kind of hubris that’s bringing us all down. We’re Number 1! We’re untouchable! We can do no wrong! Then the whole world falls down around us.

–I believe he is a muslim and he plans on “NO GOOD” for our country.

This is where you lost ALL credibility. He’s not a Muslim, but a Christian. You were worried about his ties to Rev. Wright. Rev. Wright is not a Muslim cleric. He is a pastor for the United Church of Christ. Why would you be worried about a Muslim’s ties to a Christian pastor?

Posted by Joseph | Report as abusive

What I wonder is how something like this became a news story in the first place. I can understand that the “Maverick” family is outraged by his and others use of the word. What I don’t understand how that is in any way news worthy. Is this really what journalism is now? C’monnnnnnnnn

Posted by Jacob | Report as abusive

lol, Obama.

Does anybody else get a kick out of watching liberals engage in mental gymnastics in order to justify Obama? They make some epic comments. I swear I could defend him better than they can just because they have lost track of how to notice glaring hypocricy.

(fixed that for you penkilk)

Posted by Cognitive Dissonance | Report as abusive

Thanks for setting Linda and others like her straight. Hopefully, she’ll do some deep thinking and see that Mr. Obama would make a much better leader that Mr. McCain. I guess people want to see what they want to see, especially xenophobic types. Anyone different makes them afraid. To me, Mr. Obama’s demeanor is a breath of fresh air. No, he isn’t perfect, but I think he has the wisdom and talent to lead our nation out of the mess it is in, thanks to 8 years of President Bush. I have confidence that he will pick an outstanding team to help help lead. Mr. McCain and Mrs. Palin would mean disaster for us.

Posted by Twyla from Texas | Report as abusive

Thank you Mr. Maverick!

Posted by Ben Smith | Report as abusive

Wow. Someone from Texas not wanting to support John McCain? This is Incredible!!! Talk about real mavericks.

Posted by Brad | Report as abusive

I heard Ms. Terrellita Maverick on the radio. Someone asked if McCain was a Maverick. She said “He’s no Maverick. He’s branded!” A big old ‘GOP’ on his flanks.

Posted by Kyle P | Report as abusive

I wonder how James Garner feels about it.

Posted by John C | Report as abusive

Mondays are indeed “slow news days” as indicated by this lame post about the Maverick family. No insult intended to them personally, nor their political persuasion.

Obama as President will likely be as dangerous and tragic as Clinton ignoring clear threats (London Daily News, 1998) made towards America by Osama bin hidin (in Pakistan.) Was is diplomatic to ignore the failed bombing attempt of the WTC in 1993? Or, that diplomacy was the answer to the bombing of the USS Cole?

The answer is NOT! NOBAMA for President!

McCain, like him or not, has bigger nuts than most of us. This is a matter of record and indisputable.

The financial markets will correct themselves.

Al Queda will not.

Posted by Katie O | Report as abusive

Oh yeah, McCain is going to change things and do away with pork. That’s why he and Obama and Biden all voted yes on a bailout bill that had $110 BILLION more added to it for nothing but pork. Give me a break. The choice boils down to a liar and a thief or a thief and a liar. I LIKE IKE!!!

Posted by JMM | Report as abusive

[…] * Maverick family rejects John McCain […]

Posted by 10/7 The Linkdown » Oliver Willis | Report as abusive

Is really news worthy, or just a space filler?

Posted by Retired | Report as abusive

Why should I care what a family with a last name of MAVERICK thinks?

Posted by Nick s | Report as abusive

I do not think you can call someone a “Maverick”, especially, when been a prisoner of war. Basically, a “Maverick” is smart enough to get caught.

Posted by abed | Report as abusive

Twyla from Texas –
Well said !

Posted by Elaine from RI | Report as abusive

Anytime somebody ends an internet posting with “fixed that for you”. And all they did was take the other person’s material and inserted a word here and or deleted a word there, it leads me to believe that person is a moron. Why don’t they try and express themselves you a somewhat original thought process. They might as well said, “I know you are but what am I.” Or, “I’m rubber and you’re glue.” I’m glad to see more people having access to computers and the internet, but I’m also deflated by the number of morons that have popped up.

Posted by Your Father | Report as abusive

who really cares, why is this being reported

Posted by Joseph Olivieri | Report as abusive

It’s really disheartening when I see these very imflammatory comments. I know these guys can be anonymous, so they’re willing to spew anything, as long as their real name isn’t associated with them, but let’s look at some of these comments. Let’s look at a few, along with my comments:

1. “Reuters— you’re kidding right? This is news?”, by C. Strauss.
erm, this is Reuters’ blog page, NOT the news page.
2. “I believe he (Obama) is a muslim…”, by “Linda”.
Not that there’s any indication that Obama is a muslim, but you make it sound like all muslims are bad. It’s a shame that so many conformists in our society attack anything that they personally are not, and assume it’s bad, and other people accept without argument.
3. “Does anybody else get a kick out of watching conservatives engage in mental gymnastics in order to justify McCain?”
You make it sound like every conservative likes McCain. Also, if the intent is to have conservatives vote for Obama, comments like this isn’t going to sway anyone.

Posted by Mitch T | Report as abusive


The river boat gamble? The card shark? The huckster? The con artist? The guy who was always one step away from the law? That is the Maverick I remember from the TV show and the movie.

This Maverick though he was pulling a rabbit out of his hat with Palin, that turned out to be a sknuk

Posted by geek | Report as abusive

How the tides change. How easily both sides fall into their same tired camps. WAKE UP EVERYONE! The hatred spat out about the candidates is really ridiculous.

I find that one can regain their ‘center’ if they stop and realize that if the Republicans had chosen someone like Bobby Jindal for Pres. and the Democrats had chosen say, Biden at the top of the ticket, then all of the arguments about experience would be completely reversed. You’d see both sides arguing the exact opposite of what they are right now. Neither side really believes half of the things they say to win.


When Bush ran against Gore the experience v change argument was a complete reversal.

When Kerry ran against Bush, democrats cheered and praised the fact that they had a candidate with military experience. His first words to his convention that year were “reporting for duty (salute).”


Stop coming onto forums and simply spouting whatever talking points are circulating the media that day.

You are all sheep…

Posted by jsg | Report as abusive

Before the Mavericks were from Texas, they were from South Carolina, to be precise. The original Maverick plantation stands outside of Pendleton SC. I wonder if John McCain even really understands the meaning of the word, or has enough intellectual curiousity to look it up?

Posted by Liz | Report as abusive

I have read some really stupid things lately but this is the most ridiculous. I cannot believe any newspaper would waste their time with this story or the paper and ink to even print it. Journalism is sliding down on a new low!!!!

Posted by JB | Report as abusive

It is an honor for me for John McCain and Sarah Palin to be called a Maverick because my great great grandfather was Samuel A Maverick, a hero during the Alamo and signer of the Texas War of Independence from Mexico. As the Webster’s Dictionary 1983 version says “an unbranded calf, cow, steer that is separated from its mother after S A Maverick (1803-1870) Texas pioneer who neglected to brand his cattle. Also, it says a dissenter, as an intellectual, an artist or politician who takes an independent stand apart from his associates.” That is certainly what McCain and Palin will do and can make the difference for the future of this country. They will owe no one anything when they are elected and their patriotism will never be questioned. My grandmother was the oldest sister of Maury Maverick and she married another Texas hero’s son by the name of McNeel who was one of the Stephen F. Austin’s 300 who settled in Texas and also signed the Texas Declaration of Independence. Only the Ivy League Maverick brats support Obama but the real Texas folks who have gone to school here have the good sense of knowing a war hero and truly remarkable young woman leader who has proved herself have the right to be called Mavericks. Terrelita has no idea how many Mavericks that are supporters of McCain and Palin. She is living in the past. Maudie Halbert

Posted by Maudie Halbert | Report as abusive

A nod to Lloyd Bentsen:

“I knew James Garner, I was a friend of James Garner, you sir are no Maverick.”

Posted by Guy Budziak | Report as abusive

Ms Halbert, could you kindly explain to me what makes Gov. Palin so remarkable? The few people I know that support the Mccain/Palin ticket just cannot seem to explain what makes her so electable. Oh, they know what they like about her but just can’t seem to put their finger on how she would make a great VP or President for that matter. If you have any input besides she’s a hockey mom, she’s bubbly, she’s attractive, she was in the PTA, she has foreign policy experience because she can see Russia, I would love to hear it. And Mr Budziak, thanks for the laugh.

Posted by C. Martinico | Report as abusive

To Bob Swanson…..
Who was asking if the only reason were famous is because of the deal with unbranded cattle…
There are a few other reasons……
Two Mayors of San Antonio. A Senator from Texas. A famous civil liberties lawyer for the A.C.L.U. in Texas who defended the rights of Atheist, Socialist, and C.O.s.
A Texas Legislature.
As well as ancestors who were killed at the Boston Massacre, Meriwether Lewis of the famous Lewis and Clark duo…… If you are at all familiar with history throughout America you would be familiar with my family. But your obviously not very educated at all…….

Posted by Maury Maverick Harms | Report as abusive

And Maudie your obviously delusional to say that only the Ivy League out of staters are supporting Obama. Or that Terrelita is living in the past. Thats B.S. and you know it. I say this as a staunch and proud liberal. Of the movers and shakers in this family… the people I have highlighted above……they were all very liberal politicians.
That is a historical fact!!
The direct descendents of these great people are ALL liberal. Please…by all means… tell me who it is your talking about that supports McCain in this Family…. and what was that you were saying about the liberal aspect of this family being a thing of the past???
That past that my GRANDMOTHER is supposedly living in???? EXCUSE ME?!?!??!??!???!
I just having turned 30… KNOW very personally all the people you are speaking of. They are my cousins, my uncles, my GRANDMOTHER, my sister, my aunts, and we ALL support Obama!!!!!!! Granted some of us supported Hillary at first (not me …EEECCCHHHH!!!!!!) but we are all Democrats or (liberal) Independants. Never Republicans!!!!!!!
Maury MAVERICK Harms

Posted by Maury Maverick Harms | Report as abusive

Hi again folks I love the fact you are living Lala land if you are dumb enough to think there are no Republican conseratives in the Maverick family. There are a multitude of us but we are just not as loud and rude as you are. Actually, I liked Maury Jr. He was very kind to us when my daughter came with her company, the Deutsche Oper (Berlin) Ballet and danced in the San Antonio Festival he wrote a lovely article about her but at the end he said I have never gotten along with her grandmother for her politics. (Conservative Republican). She died in 1995 at 90 years old. Is that long enough to be a Maverick Republican? I have nothing against your grandmother as she is a very colorful and interesting character and stands up for what she believes in. So do I! And I make no apology for it. Just remember there are a multitude of people who have never heard of the Mavericks and could care less what we think. Have a nice day! I certainly plan to!!!!

Posted by Maudie Halbert | Report as abusive

well,well well. lookie here Old Mc Lipstick has done it agian. Not only has he made himself not look like a leader or a hero he has managed to upset a family whos name he is throwing around like it is his to do as he likes. The fact is american are not amused with the kind of things that the Mc Kronies are doing. Just look at the polls!? It pretty bad when two enter a race and you come in 3rd. OBAMANOS AMERICA…

Posted by we will | Report as abusive

linda, you’re just too gullible if you think that Obama won’t honor the flag just because he didn’t wear a flag on his lapel. I’m embarassed FOR you. The glory days of the uninformed and prejudiced are ending with this election when Obama wins.

Posted by mark | Report as abusive

Dera Readers,

Samuel Maverick is my relative. She is correct to say that his was used for the term of an unbranded calf. Unfortunatly,

She is incorrect about the slavery issue. When Maverick left South Carolina to move to Texas he brought his slaves with him. His main sleve was killed trying to defend Maverick during the second war with Mexico.

Maverick was then marched with his men from South Texas to Mexico City where he was offered early release(his prominate father arranged this, Maverick turned it down. He refused to leave his men. Sound familiar folks.

Lastly, the Maverick family, in the 50′, acted more left. As mayor of San Antonio, Maury Maverick, a friend of FDR, allowed Communist to protest in the Market area. Consequently, he was not reelected as mayor.

Needless to say the Maverick family is diverse and some individuals lean left and others lean right. Terralita, you do not have your facts straight and you do not speak for the Mavericks.

Posted by Laura | Report as abusive

The infor mation I previously documented about Sam Maverick is in the “Original Source Material of the Writings by Samuel Maverick. Rueters you can correct your facts by researching his papers, that I have studied, in the LBJ Library in Austin Texas. Both His writings and Mary Adams Mavericks original ducuments are stored there.

Posted by Laura | Report as abusive

Wow, Republicans are the nastiest, greediest, most maligning people. Just look at their comments listed here in comparison to the others. No wonder our country is in the most dire of straits! You think you all could move to the same geographical area and create your own country? Sure would make it easier for the rest of us!

Posted by texasred | Report as abusive

Learn about the real Maverick (McCain) and his supporters who are currently supporting terrorists…it does take a Maverick to go against the grain and support terrorists.

The United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC) is considered to be a terrorist organization by many countries and organizations, including the United States and the European Union. Why is this important?

In March 2007, the international fruit corporation, Chiquita, admitted to having paid the AUC from 1997 to 2004 $1.7 million in order to protect its workers and operations, in Urabá and Santa Marta, of which at least $825,000 came after the AUC was designated a Foreign Terrorist Organization by the US State Department in 2001.

The the Chief Executive Officer of Chiquita Brands International is Carl Lindner. Lindner recently co-hosted a $25,000-per-person fundraiser for McCain and the Republican Party in the wealthy Indian Hills neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio. The event raised about $2 million; Lindner also serves on McCain’s Ohio Victory Team.

Posted by Dan | Report as abusive

I’ve been hoping that someone would write an article about how McCain probably is a type of maverick but that all mavericks don’t necessarily rebel in a positive direction (let’s face it, progressive direction is not in the generic definition).

mav·er·ick [ mávvərik, mávvrik ] (plural mav·er·icks)


1. independent person: an independent thinker who refuses to conform to the accepted views on a subject

Now think about Bush. You could argue that he is also a maverick:

Bush refuses to accept that invading Iraq was the wrong thing to do
Bush refuses to accept that global warming is real
Bush refuses to accept that he needs to respect the international treaties the US has signed
Bush refuses to accept that Guantanamo Bay is a travesty and should be shut down.
I could go on and on as we all know.

The democrats would do well to re-frame the word maverick imo and then ask the electorate if they really want another maverick in the white house.

Posted by katy | Report as abusive

McCain is a hack

Posted by Kevin Cassidy | Report as abusive

Go read the Webster’s dictionary definition of the word and deal with it!

Posted by U. Gottobekiddn | Report as abusive

James Garner is the Original Maverick as far as I know

Posted by Maverick | Report as abusive

These maverick people in texas need to get over themselves. Heck I am not even a McCain supporter and I think this is the stupidest thing I have ever heard.

Posted by Will | Report as abusive

After reading nearly all of the above comments…. well I still say this is much ado about nothing. they dont OWN the name…. it a word/term….. that happens to be their name… big deal, get over it.

No matter who gets elected it will eventualy be politics as usual…. THEIR agenda… not what the people want or need…. that is evident in the recent “bail out bill”. Politicians of both parties will say ANYTHING, PROMISE anything to gain votes and figure out how to justify NOT coming thru on those promises AFTER they are well entrenched in office.

Posted by Will | Report as abusive

We have been here since 1832 and you moved here when? Appears that when facts are presented, you resort to personal attacks. Sadly, I had hoped you were above such things.

Posted by laura | Report as abusive

McCain is a Maverick in that sense of that piece of junk car of the 70’s, the Maverick.

Posted by Joe Momma | Report as abusive

Way to go Maudie! I’m right there with ya!
Well…dont’ mean any disrespect to cousin Terrellita Maverick, but there are a lot of Maverick family members and she doesn’t speak for ALL of the “family”…some of us have had the good sense to become Republicans…so sorry…but not ALL Mavericks are upset that McCain calls himself a Maverick…VOTE MCCAIN/PALAN…but thanks for the publicity for the family…even though it was negative!

Posted by Maverick N. Houston | Report as abusive

James Garner = Maverick

Tom Cruise = Maverick

The Maverick Family = A whole herd of Mavericks

John McCain = George W.

Sarah Palin = Mini Me

Posted by Shelley | Report as abusive

This family needs to get off it, I’m sorry their family name has become a generic term but is nobody allowed to use this word if they do not follow the moral path of this family? It is ridiculous that subjects like this even come up in an election. “Oh my goodness he says Maverick, oh and Obama smokes, and McCain has foreign cars, and Obama’s pastor said….” Let’s focus on the real issues, we don’t want an election decided on a catch phrase, smoking preferences, or brand choices.

Posted by Mark | Report as abusive

McCain got the moniker “Maverick” because he voted with the Democrats against his own party. However he hasn’t done that in a while because he votes 90%+ of the time with Bush. McCain – A failure at the Naval Academy, a “crash” pilot, a cheater on his first wife, and the gigolo to his second wife…a man who spent most of his life living off someone…either the goverment or a woman…boy that’s some “maverick”

Posted by nanabelle | Report as abusive

All of the vilification, personal attacks, outright lies, and character asasisanation (rats! forgot how to spell that word)from both the candidates for our nation’s highest office leave me a little disturbed. Neither candidate can guarantee that his legislative proposals will be enacted, it takes a congress to do that! Whatever your beliefs,in the goodness of either of them, or their qualifications, exercise your right to vote. I spent over twenty years of my life trying to protect that right for you. Use it wisely, please.

Posted by kyle | Report as abusive

hmmmm, hasn’t anyone noticed that Mcain acts like he is out of his friken mind? Come-on, is this the both the parties have to offer? i voted for bush in 2000… that was a big mistake..

Posted by steve | Report as abusive

So amusing to see conservatives bring up Clinton here for the umpteenth time. Let us remember that under Clinton, World Trade Center terrorists of 1993 were arrested, tried and convicted. Bin Laden, whom the Bush administration ignored when a report on him was shown to them, is still at large seven years after 9/11/01, still releasing tapes taunting the US and reminding all of GOP incompetence. As for the Maverick family name, I appreciate knowing that it has a PROGRESSIVE history in Texas and admire the family for standing up for their family ideals. McCain-Palin regularly steal from progressives, even trying to appropriate the “change” label from Obama. Now that their ideas are shown to be empty and the deregulated economy McCain advocated is tanking, they are reduced to attacking Obama personally. I don’t think mudslinging is working well, though.

Posted by Anais | Report as abusive

Even the KSAT news in San Antonio said at the end of their piece (where they interview my grandmother) they say” Now the Maverick family is NOT non partisan. They have a long history of voting Democratic.”. Maudie and Houston… stop acting like you represent anywhere near the majority in this family. You know very well that we ARE the MAJORITY and liberal ideas have all ways been at the cornerstone of our tradition.

Posted by Maury Maverick Harms | Report as abusive

I know the Mavericks. One of them is a neighbor here in San Antonio. She lives in a streetcar on the remains of the Sunshine Ranch.

John McCain and Sarah Palin are NO Mavericks.

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In today’s loose usages of words, McCain qualifies as a maverick because of his many divisions with the Republican Party. Most notably, his refusal to use the earmark system that is popular with both parties (It’s how they buy support back home). Then there is campaign finance reform, that Republicans did not support it. He voted to give President Clinton the authority to veto by line item. On the Iraq War, he voted along with Harry Reid, H. Clinton, Joe Bidden, and 27 other Senate Democrats. He went against President Bush on “the Surge” in Iraq. He went against the Republicans to form the “Gang of 14″ to prevent the Senate from losing the filibuster when considering nominated judges.

BTW, he’s been referred to, in admiring terms, as maverick by both Democrats and the legacy media since at least 1993. That is 15 years now.

Why is it all of a sudden not a true characterization?

Election year politics, eh?

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According to the washington post, McCain has voted along party lines 88% of the time. He was also accused of corruption in the keating five scandal in 1989. He then claimed that he would not align himself with “agents of intolerance” who were “pandering to the outer reaches of American politics.” That didn’t stop him from giving the commencement speech at Jerry Fallwell’s Liberty University six years later. He is against gay rights. He is against abortion. He is for expanded government wiretapping. He believes the 10 commandments “would bring virtue to our schools”. That sounds like GOP politics to me.

Besides, it’s the Mavericks name. If they say he doesn’t represent the values they hold dear, then he doesn’t.

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Terrellitta is old money Texas Yellow Dog Democrat liberal elite. Never worked a day in her life and has never been face to face with her principles to see if they can really walk on their hind legs. They just “know” better than the rest of us, like the Kennedy Family.

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