Slingin’ mud, campaigns get down and dirty

October 6, 2008

Up until now, the mud slinging in the presidential race has mostly been the Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama accusing the other of lying about each other’s record and views on health care, taxes and the Iraq war.
Now, with less than a month to go until voters go to the polls, the McCain campaign has sent out on the attack his vice presidential running-mate Sarah Palin where she is slinging some serious dirt, accusing Obama of “palling around with terrorists.”

She was referring to William Ayers, a former member of the Vietnam War-era militant group the Weather Underground. Obama met him decades later in the 1990s when he first began his political career in Chicago and the two served on an education board together.

Two days later, she adjusted her language slightly in Florida, not repeating the line about “palling around with terrorists” but saying Obama was “someone who sees America as imperfect enough to work with a former domestic terrorist who had targeted his own country.” 

The Obama campaign showed it would match the mud-slinging fistful for fistful, immediately bringing up McCain’s role in the “Keating Five” scandal, noting he was one of the senators who met federal regulators on behalf of a California savings and loan institution that collapsed in 1989. 
Here’s a clip the Obama campaign released from a 13 minute documentary about McCain’s role in the scandal to be released later on Monday.  
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When is the press going to cover McCain’s ties to G Gordon Liddy? They really are pals and have recent connections. Liddy is every bit as incidious as Ayers. Obama has consistently condemned Ayers actions during the Vietnam War. McCain has never repudiated Liddy. The Chicago Tribune (a conservative Republican newspaper) wrote the only news story I have seen on this.

Posted by Reasonable person | Report as abusive

I am supporting Obama. The difference between me and most Americans is most Americans believe we can force our will on the world by military force. Albeit, that figure is changing somewhat because of the Iraq war. In the fall of 1967 on Vietnam’s DMZ nearly 2000 marines tried to prevent 35,000 North Vietnamese soldiers from coming across the DMZ. Not only did they US Marines not prevent communist soldiers from coming across into South Vietnam but the numbers increased to the point a few months later the 1968 Tet happened and battles like Khe Sahn and Hue City killed and wounded many more US Marines. I was at Con Thien with 2nd Bn. 4th Marines. I was wounded in November, and spent the next 8 months reading the Stars and Stripes reading about my friends who died. My unit 2nd Bn 4th Marines won 4 Congressional Medals of Honor from September 67 to May 2nd 1968.This is why I am voting for Obama. I am voting for Obama because he sees limits to American military power, and sees the full power of Americans at home. Obama sees we can change the world not only by military force but by the force of example. As for McCain supporting Vietnam veterans. I always felt he felt like he was better then the Vietnam veteran draftee and their problems. His record of supporting combat veterans did not exist until this election. Now he talks as though he is one of us and not the privileged admirals son he is.

Posted by Archie Haase | Report as abusive

John McCain – Maverick Candidate or Manchurian Candidate … would a candidate deliberately sling mud when he knows it opens up more of his own associations and over stated positions in the past. I would think that an honorable man reject this tactic. Is his campaign controlling him or is he controlling the campaign. Lies, deceptions and half truths seems to be the order of the day. The quote “winds of change” seems to be blowing back all the mud slinging on the candidate. Is this something that those who respect John McCain and are convinced he has reputable record would want hin to do. More importantly if all the attributes of character he claims is this something that type of person would do. Interested observer from South Africa.

Posted by Tony Botha | Report as abusive

Obama and Ayers were certainly more than neigbors. The public needs to educated themselves then make their decision as the what that actually may mean to them in the future.

This link and realted links on the site are quite informative. n-reins/

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I am tired of the mud-slinging attack ads and stumps.
I want to here substance.
The Obama/Biden ticket has a plan as to what he wants to do when he is elected. He and Biden tell us (the American People) about it all the time.
I have heard no such plans from the McCain/Palin ticket. Perhaps if they were to use the time left to expound on their plan for America’s future, we could get down to choosing who we want to vote for.
As an Independent, I vote for the candidate who seems to have most of the same ideals I do. So far, that is Obama.

Posted by Kat Flynn | Report as abusive

Obama is just an empty shell (good looking) produced by Chicago political machine as an affirmative action candidate, and strongly promoted by the lefties who did not read George Orwell’s “1984”. Until this country will use a Newspeak (Politically Correct Language) instead of truth, we will definitely march towards USSA (United Socialistic States of America)

Posted by Isay | Report as abusive

Palin is telling people in Florida to get ready for some “rough campaigning” I’m certain she meant some Rove campaigning.” The politics of personal destruction have again been put into play by the Republican machine as the hour gets desperate. Of course they fall back on that strategy because it works, a certain segment of our society responds positively to some good old ass kicking, even if it’s not based in any factual statements…like in 2000 when Rove authorized push polling in the Carolina’s asking how voters would feel if they knew John McCain had an illegitimate African American child which of course he did not. Will they ever learn that winning isn’t the only thing. Those Christian values sure are easy to put up on the shelf when they’re inconvenient.

Posted by Mike | Report as abusive

What makes Obama think he can run the United States when his owne state of Il. is 2 billion in the red. Let him go home and get it fixed and come back in 4 years,if he can do it.

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