Obama “The One”? McCain camp spoofs rival with trinket cufflinks

October 8, 2008

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Good or bad, you can’t accuse the John McCain campaign of not having a sense of humor.

rtx9b61.jpgThe Republican presidential candidate’s staff handed out cufflinks — yes, cufflinks — on Tuesday to surprised reporters with an unexpected decoration on top: a mock presidential seal for rival Democrat Barack Obama and the Illinois senator’s web site.

That’s not all. On the back, carefully engraved, were the words “The One.” 

Subtle? Not so much. The Arizona senator’s aides often poke fun at the messianic quality they feel Obama assumes and his supporters accept. Both sides have grown increasingly negative as the campaign enters its last month and McCain finds himself slightly behind in the latest polls.

Obama used a faux presidential seal on a podium at a campaign event earlier this year, drawing some ridicule and criticism for being presumptuous. He never used it again.

The Obama camp was not amused.

“People are struggling, and they want to hear about what these candidates are going to do to fix the economic crisis,” Obama spokesman Tommy Vietor said. “It’s unfortunate that the McCain campaign is instead focused on these silly distractions.”

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Middle Man, your mythical candidate sounds like a cross between McCain and Palin. In bed with nazi sympathizers? Check. Aligned with an anti-American group? Check (the Alaska Indpendence Party.) And John McCain sat on a board of a right wing group that funded Bin Laden, so I guess you need to put up a different hypothetical because you have described McCain/Palin.

Posted by Hope | Report as abusive

hahaha…look at all “The One” supporters who suddenly have a sense of humour failure :)

I guess someone should get out the truth squad eh?


Posted by Mailman | Report as abusive

HEY WINGNUTS! Could you take a break defending MCSAME and let me know where I can buy those cufflinks please?

Posted by Larry | Report as abusive

Problem with McCain is that he doesn’t do nearly enough of this sort of thing. Obama deserves nothing but scorn, contempt, and ridicule. He is without doubt the very worst Presidential candidate in United States History. A man who has a perfect Communist voting record of 100 according to the National Journal and even the Marxist ADA.

But McCain lobs softballs at the guy.

Libertarians will end up voting for Bob Barr, cause McCain is just too soft on Obama.

First off , the first paragraph said he gave the cuff links to the media that was preasent, to you overly intellagent, this is a sign that he believes that they are in the tank for BHO. It says nothing about handing them out to street people like you.

Posted by James | Report as abusive

Uh-uh-uh-bama characteristically whined: “It’s unfortunate that the McCain campaign is instead focused on these silly distractions.”

Sure. It’s always a “distraction” whenever the other side points out The One’s character flaws. But, it’s not a distraction for Doh-bama to CONSTANTLY campaign against President Bush, or make “lipstick on a pig” comments?

If you’re going to be President, grow a pair, Obama. You sound like a sissy with your whining and crying at every turn. Kim Jung Il will eat you alive if you face him with that attitude.

Posted by ynot4tony2 | Report as abusive


“I pray that the smarter and stronger Americans stand up for the weaker and less intelligent ones” ???????

That is typical left-wing BS. You buy into this so-called Messiah and then actually include yourself in the smarter and stronger category?

Which Messiah are you praying to?

Posted by Dan | Report as abusive

I suppose all you liberals think that when Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill (Democrat) told Mitt Romney that she had just spit on the earpiece that she was giving him, that it was “funny”?
You libs really need to get yourself a sense of humor. Really! It won’t hurt and you’ll probably feel better about yourselves. Of course, supporting somebody like Herr Obama (or is it Mohammad Obama?) probably takes away any and all humor in your lives.

Posted by Don | Report as abusive

That’s a long way from suspending one’s campaign because of an economic crisis. I guess the crisis is over.

Posted by tina | Report as abusive

What’s the matter, the multiracial blight losthissenseof humor?

Posted by Tom | Report as abusive

Only Don Rickles can pull off humor that’s always at the expense of someone’s character. And you John McCain are no Don Rickles.

Posted by Vickie from Florida | Report as abusive

Where can I order a bunch for me and to my colleagues who all will be voting for THAT ONE ?
Great souvenir of a long and hard campaign !

Thanks to the McCain campaign for supporting our candidate Obama.

Posted by melanie | Report as abusive

Whew, someone needs to switch to Sanka. Lighten up Libbies your guy is ahead.
It will be hard to shake the elitist moniker when you make comments like this

I pray that the smarter and stronger Americans help those weak and less intelligent ones out by informing them about the propoganda and race bating-republicans.

Oh and how much more hypocritical can you get then this post?

9:17 pm GMT

i bet he paid for those with all those earmarks he gets

Earmarks… You gotta be kidding. Better check Barry O’s record before you throw that stone.

Posted by @ntif@n | Report as abusive

Mc Cain nailed it ! The liberal left only have a sense of humor when it is embedded in hatred toward anyone not of their stripes. Obama began his intro at the convention as “the one”. When it is pointed how arrogant this view is, the left react in anger. Come on folks, we will not always agree but this election is about more than getting your man in. Our nation is in grave danger and the choice to vote for a sound candidate – and not a sound bite – is utmost. Obama still needs to come clean about his past and who he really is. Conservatives aren’t buying his line.

Posted by Kristiane | Report as abusive

What is wrong with the people running McCain’s campaign? While the cufflink stunt isn’t as distasteful as the Purple Heart bandaid fiasco of 2004, the behavior is somewhat childish and a waste of contributor’s money. McCain’s campaign should spend less time dreaming up trinkets and more time prepping their candidates for tough questions … like “what newspapers do you read”! The Republican party must want to lose this year.

Posted by Wendy | Report as abusive

Obama has proclaimed himself “The One” , a ridiculously self-centered label and he doesn’t expect people to laugh in his face? Get a grip Obama, you are totally out to lunch and hopefully your followers will get a clue before it is too late to stop the mindless parade to socialism and the fall of American freedom. Obama is definitely “The One”, the one and only man in Chicago who didn’t/doesn’t know that Ayers was/is a terrorist.He is “The One” who accepted Fannie Mae contributions etc etc. “The One” is such an asinine label to assume that it would be pathetic if it wasn’t so scary.

Posted by Sue | Report as abusive

The “initial accounts” of the controversy were quite straightforward: Wasilla once had a policy on the books — publicly supported by Palin’s hand-picked police chief — that it would charge rape victims or their insurers to collect evidence of sexual assaults. (Or to be more precise, the town would no longer pay for the fees out of its own budget and would seek reimbursements.)

And this is what elephants think represents character, WOMANHOOD, and integrity…? I thought elephants never forget. I guess I was wrong. They can’t remember. They can’t remember the way to DECENCY!!!

Yeah, because who is the target audience for ‘cufflinks’?

Rich white males.

Posted by Izzy | Report as abusive

Well, the Republicans finally ‘have a pair’…

but look how small they are!

Posted by Liz | Report as abusive

Where can I order some ? My friends and I are happy and proud to vote for THAT ONE and would like a souvenir of this long and hard campaign.

Posted by marta | Report as abusive

Why can’t liberals answer a question or make a statement without such venom? You can sure tell a conservative dem from a liberal dem.

Posted by k. jo goulden | Report as abusive

Ok, the cufflinks are kind of funny, though I think his campaign would’ve been better of with t-shirts, signs or, I don’t know, ads in Michigan?
And will you republicans please look up the words socialist and marxist before you call Obama one? Please, if Obama’s a socialist than Europe must be the second coming of the soviet union (just for the record, it’s not)

Posted by Nikki | Report as abusive

Here’s something that doesn’t show up in the debates, Obama and McCain’s views on the arts:
http://www.artsology.com/obama_mccain.ph p

If McCain spends his money on such frivolous items during his campaign just to poke fun at his rival, how will he spend the peoples’ money if he gets into the presidential arena?

Posted by kaffy | Report as abusive

Everything about Obama is a fraud and a bad joke. His pretension and narcisism would not be believable in a movie. He knows nothing. He has done nothing. He has disclosed almost nothing, not even his birth certificate, work records or college and law school transcripts. He deserves ridicule. He should never have made it as far as the Illinois Senate. The only things sustaining him are a core of fringe left wing extremists and a deeply bigoted group commited to racial grievance and hatred.

Posted by Hopety Changeling | Report as abusive

Humor is the highest form of human intellect, just ask any A.I. engineer. The postings of the liberal here prove they have neither.
As an American that KNOWS that the two cornerstones this country was built on were God and Free Enterprise I am shocked that a man with such Marxist views and no other identifiable foundations as obooba actually has a chance to be President of the U.S. I will Pray for my country and my Grandkid’s ability to prosper others, something possible only in a free enterprise system.

Posted by Doug | Report as abusive

Oh yes, the left responds with the usual diatribe. B.O\’s the one that created the simulated presendial seal in the first place. Speaking of the party of the rich, if you added up all Oprah\’s, Hollywoods, musicians, etc… (who all of course are for Obama), come on who are the ones with the money!

You democrats are about the most pathetic bunch of morons that I ever seen. I really don’t think you have 5 brain cells shared among you. ypu’re worse that patrons of a football game yelling “My team is better than your team” Fact its not a game, our nation depends on INFORMED voters and not believe the MSM, its our Duty to reserch the canidates and be sure you are not putting someone in office that does not have our best interest at heart!! BTW the Government is not your NANNY, Quit asking it to be!!

Posted by Screaminde | Report as abusive

I want a set. They’ll make a great gift to the Smithsonian’s campaign collection, regardless of who wins.

Cheer up Marxist! A cufflink joke is nothing compare with the news bomb waiting to explode. Say Kenya, Obinga Islamist extremist take over of Kenya with the help of NoBama at a website near you.

All you leftest who say the cufflink joke was a waste of money FELL FOR IT!!! I have never seen such a trifle cause so much publicity. If something that small and that inexpensive caused that much free press, it was worth it. Think how fast the word got around, and the remakrs and how many people found out about it so quick. That right there should tell you who will spend the money wisely..somoeone who spends a little to get a BIG return or someone that spends a lot and wants more by raising taxes.

AND when all you OBama fans lose your freedom of speech, freedom or religion and freedom over everything thank your self. AND for those who think, “He will be under a microscope for 4 years,” That would do it for an average American, but he is not average, he is Muslim and they do not wait, they act. After all think of the plan he had for the PM Kenya if HE did not make President? Riots, threats and finally military retribution. Think about that.
BUT my really important question is, who is he really? I have yet to see any proof of who he really is. But then Satan does not win souls of people by yelling at them, he does it smooth talking, smilling and misdirection and takes from you when you think he is the greatest. Figure it out…but I am not calling him that..just something to think about.

Here yesterday, today and tomorrow.
All remarks are opinions

Posted by VAAD | Report as abusive

C’mon. Where’s the Love? Wasn’t it Mr Obama who ‘cleaverly’ presented us with his (vision of the) Presidential Seal? Wasn’t that supposed to make everyone laugh? Or was it MEANT to instill something else? Well, perhaps it did. One shouldn’t start what one can’t finish (without crying). Cufflinks … a nice finish.

Posted by Raymond | Report as abusive

I would like some of those cufflinks as a souvenir…to remember the last days of NOT living under socialism.

Posted by Laura | Report as abusive

I want a bunch of those cufflinks to sell to people who want to THNK they are living under solcialism. After all if the think this is solcialism, they will buy anything. AND I want to sell them to Obama fans also, after all if they buy into his ideals, they too will buy anything. Heck they just might think after awhile that Obama came up with the idea and want a pair for that reason. They buy into everything else he says.

Here yesterday, today and tomorrow.
Anarchy, the true equalizer.

Posted by VAAD | Report as abusive

I think it’s hilarious. McCain obviously sees the irony in the way the press and the people have put Obama on a pedestal and bowed to him and his Socialist mantra. And of course Obama’s camp didn’t see the humor in it. Obama has no sense of humor. If nothing else, his campaign has become a boring, preachy monotone of self-aggrandizement. Uh… Uh…

Posted by Deb | Report as abusive

In my opinion you are mistaken. I suggest it to discuss. Write to me in PM.