A comic book look at McCain and Obama

October 8, 2008

comic.jpgIn a bruising campaign, John McCain’s unfaithfulness during his marriage to his first wife, Carol, and Barack Obama’s drug use as a young man have occasionally come up.
So when IDW Publishing set out to create biographical comics about McCain and Obama, it included those scandals.
In one panel from Obama’s youth, he is shown playing basketball and driving to the basket. A narration box says that “He was experimenting with tobacco, alcohol, pot and cocaine.” The comic helpfully explains that Obama was trying “to figure out where he belonged” at the time.
McCain’s former hard-partying lifestyle is also put on display in the comics. In one panel, he is seen dancing on a table with a woman in a skirt, from his days in the Navy. In another panel from the same time period, McCain is seen in a red convertible with a woman. The narration box reads that “He began seeing other women. Rumors flew around the base. Before long Carol knew, but kept silent.”
Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin has sought this week to paint Obama as a man who was “palling around” with terrorists by in the past associating with William Ayers, a former member of the radical group the Weather Underground. That connection doesn’t merit a mention in the Obama comic book. There is, however, a panel on Obama arriving at the Democratic National Convention in 2000 and not being able to get a floor pass.
The comics hit stands and bookstores on Wednesday. 

Photo credit: Reuters/Mike Blake.


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really cool! GO BARAC OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by ashley | Report as abusive

McCain and and Palin are getting very desperate. They are definitely going down, no doubt. Here are some Palin facts, add some of your own: http://obscuredclarity.blogspot.com/2008  /10/condensed-list-of-sarah-palin-facts .html

Posted by Tim Molter | Report as abusive

The worst part of the town hall debate was Tom Brokaw. What and utter A… He stated that he had 8,000 questions submitted and presented those??? I in my wildest dreams could not imagine NH presenting a ZEN question??? What was it??? ZEN??? He ruined the debate with his flunky attitude. Awwwwwful.

Posted by J. Galvin | Report as abusive

You want comic book? Sarah Palin! She is ready to be a joke in history.

SP, talking points machine: http://mypalininterview.com

Posted by Jay | Report as abusive

The only thing funny here is the fact that the good ol’ jon tiller and his trusted side kick palin the pig are getting beat so bad that they are a comic book. Why america have we let this kind of thing go on so long? It is time to stand up and let our voice be heard.


Posted by we will | Report as abusive

Actually, the Ayers connection is mentioned in the Obama book…

Posted by Scott | Report as abusive

I hear a lot of serious players are betting serious money that Obama will not be President.

As a racehorse owner and a betting man I counsel the wise advice an old professional gambler once gave me. Never blindly follow the market but don’t bet against it unless you have inside information.

Posted by Ian Thorpe | Report as abusive

No way will America elect someone who has terrorist friends and radical friends without the illegal activities like those of ACORN. My vote will be McCain/Palin!

Posted by Cherie | Report as abusive

MCcain is awesome!
Palin Rocks!

Posted by chantelle | Report as abusive

I would never have believed this but it is true. Tuesday we will witness history on the mall in D.C.

Posted by Anderson | Report as abusive