Trying to shore up base, Cindy McCain goes to North Carolina

October 10, 2008

rtx8sbh.jpgWith polls showing that Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama has a shot at winning North Carolina, Republican rival John McCain is sending his wife Cindy to the state on Saturday to shore up what has traditionally been a stronghold for conservatives.

Obama has made inroads in North Carolina and made the city of Asheville his spot for preparing for the debate held this week. Plus, two out of three polls released this week have shown the Democrat ahead by as many as five points while the third poll showed McCain ahead by 3 points.

Cindy McCain, who has been taking a more prominent role in the campaign in recent days, will serve as the Grand Marshal at the NASCAR Bank of America 500 race on Saturday in Concord, North Carolina, the Republican’s campaign said. 

In addition to seeking those NASCAR voters, McCain’s vice presidential running mate, Sarah Palin, will be wooing the hockey contingent when she drops the ceremonial first puck in another battleground state, Pennsylvania, as the Philadelphia Flyers face off against the New York Rangers on Saturday.

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– Photo credit: Reuters/Robert LeSieur (NASCAR Sprint Cup last month in Delaware.)


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All I can say is this should make a GREAT SNL skit! Really…Cindy McCain and NASCAR?? That is hysterical! Her plastered updo hair will break off and go flying down the track even at 20mph. Yeah, Cindy go get that Bubba vote down in Concord and throw back a few Buds with them. I can’t wait to see this…and I’m a NASCAR fan FROM North Carolina. I bet she pees her pants from sheer terror…not of fast cars but of the race fans! “Are you SURE Johnny that I HAVE to go mingle with THOSE people????” “Yeah, and while you are at it, enter the wet t-shirt contest at the bar up the street. Do you want to move into the White House or not? Take one for the team you dumb #$^#$”

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The only way Palin is getting in to the Oval Office is with a tour pass. Keep your head in the sand, when you come up for air take a look at the electoral map. You are about to see the biggest Democratic landslide since 1964.

Republicans got their wish in 2004 and re-elected Bush who has trashed this country in 8 years. As President Obama said “Bush dug us a hole & McCain carried the shovel”.

Thanks again for the Palin pick, it’s the gift that keeps on giving to the Democrats.

Obama/Biden 08

In America, anybody can be president. That’s one of the risks you take.

Adlai E. Stevenson
American Lawyer, Politician

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