McCain reschedules Letterman appearance after relentless ribbing

October 12, 2008

rtx8vu8.jpgRepublican White House hopeful John McCain will appear as a guest on the CBS ‘Late Show’ with David Letterman this week, after relentless ribbing by the comedian for the candidate’s last-minute cancellation last month amid the financial crisis.

The Arizona senator skipped his appearance on the late night show, telling Letterman he had suspended his presidential campaign so he could immediately return to Washington to participate in the negotiations on a financial bailout package in Congress.

However, McCain ended up staying in New York for another day, drawing repeated blasts by Letterman for standing him up as he tried to fill the empty airtime.  To fill some of the show, the comedian discovered footage of McCain getting prepped for an interview with CBS News’ Katie Couric instead of coming on his show.

McCain will appear on Letterman program Thursday Oct. 16, the day after the third and final presidential debate.  No word yet on whether McCain will be bringing some sort of peace offering.

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– Photo credit: Reuters/Brian Snyder (McCain walks to the podium on Sept. 24 to announce he was temporarily suspending his campaign to focus on financial bailout talks in Washington)


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Letterman could skewer McCain with sarcasm if he so chooses, but what has McCain got to lose at this point in the campaign. The only one to benefit will Dave with a ratings bump.

Matt Cazalas
Technical Writer
Network Cables

Posted by sbrstlouis | Report as abusive

This is another example of how the rich republicans can lie, cheat, obstruct justice, disobey the court, and nothing will happen to them. Enough said.

Posted by Dave | Report as abusive

I think it would have had a different response by Letterman had McCain been honest. “Hey Dave, I’ve got this interview to do with Ms. Couric and then I need to hurry back to Washington for this bail out legislation. Can we do it at some other time.”

Posted by Shelby Childers | Report as abusive

“Letterman could skewer McCain with sarcasm if he so chooses, but what has McCain got to lose at this point in the campaign. The only one to benefit will Dave with a ratings bump.

Matt Cazalas
Technical Writer”

I think you mean McCain will crater as in “the economy is cratering” It will definitely be worth investigation. Letterman has been putting out some very good lines… and if McCain doesn’t shoe, it will really be all hell and damnation for McCain, but Palin is no match to Letterman. But after the third debate, he can’t do himself any greater harm.

Posted by pogomcl | Report as abusive

I think Letterman should cancel McCain’s appearance an hour before they tape the show and interview Katie Couric instead.

Posted by Sandi | Report as abusive

This is our chance to get back at the fight. Some of the comedians will hear John McCain’s plans to save the economy and the country. David Letterman worked wsith same network as Tom Brokaw over the years, so he’ll know what the plans may work for.

Posted by Sang | Report as abusive

I think it was McCain who wants to put country over politics. Obama, well, he wanted to put the politics first, and now he’s flipfloping. He should mention that when he goes to the Late Show. If you’re Democrats, you should realize this, but you have a phony Senator from Illionis, stealing other party’s lines.

Posted by Sang | Report as abusive

hahaha i watched that!

Just shows how McCain is so erratic in his leadership!

Obama/Biden ’08

Posted by Binky | Report as abusive

I want to go on Letterman.. no wait, I don’t really want to go on Letterman.. no WAIT, I think I better go on Letterman.. naaaa, never mind, I don’t want to go on Letterman after all.. WAIT!! I think I NEED to go on Letterman NOW!!

Go take a nap Grampa! You are getting erratic and confused again!

Does this man ever stick to one strategy or idea? and he wants to be our President? pretty scary!

Posted by Democrats 08 | Report as abusive

No surprise McCain chose to snub D. Letterman in favor of an interview with the very lovely Katie Couric. Its obvious McCain prioritizes women above all things, and I mean all things: eg.
Dump his first wife in favor of a younger prettier model
choose Palin despite clearly having no experience, but being a hot piece of meat.

Posted by henry | Report as abusive

McCain has a long track record of putting the country over politics (easily researchable by those who care to bother) while Obama’s idea of dealing with the financial crisis is to spend time shaking hands with people in some small town in Ohio, spending God only knows how many dollars of secret service man hours to protect him while campaigning instead of doing his job as a senator … c’est la politique

Posted by Mike | Report as abusive

McCain blew it when he stood Letterman up and stayed another night in NY and then went on with Katie.

Posted by Ted Harmon | Report as abusive

McCain is old and makes some mistakes and his staff is ill advising him.

Posted by Ted Harmon | Report as abusive

I almost considered actually voting Democrate this year, but I just can’t get with the culture of hate. I have been looking for answers and all you can get is “I hate Palin and I hate McCain and I hate Republicans”. Whats the change, hate? Wait, no, it’s always been that on the left. Guess I’ll write in Ron Paul. And watch, all of the responeses from the left will be filled with venom and hatred and then they will want you to join them in the hate fest. NO one will tell you the “secret change”. Are you going to kill only Palin and McCain when this is over? Or will you just throw everyone who doesn’t see your “light” into a hole and shoot them? I don’t think I fit into this new change, I’d better watch myself, Huh?


Posted by Ben MacArthur | Report as abusive

McCain: “I didn’t lie to you, David, about having to catch a plane. I just didn’t tell you the truth.”

McCain: “Let me make it up to you, David. Here’s a McCain-Palin bumper sticker.”

Posted by Speaking Freely | Report as abusive

I do not understand why McCain would give this bozo the time of day. He’s not going to get an more votes then he already has which should be plenty to defeat Barry….

Posted by Allen | Report as abusive

Obama cannot be trusted with all the shady people in his life in such a short political career. He won’t win the election, all his shady friends will help him steal it. It is a shame people don’t get to know more about him, if they did, I’m sure that he wouldn’t win. O.J. got away with murder and Obama might just steal the White House with fraud, lies and deception

Posted by bosco | Report as abusive

My Dad was raised democrat and Mom a republican. Out of deep family pride my Dad grew up and claimed to be a democrat. He never cast a vote, ever. He knew that he was not really what he was brought up to be, why pretend and act like he was something that he was not. What I can not understand is why do so many people for family prides sake vote and vote for the very things or persons they know are not fit or just for our Nation? Be true to yourself and fellow Americans that really do care where this years vote takes us as a whole. Honestly ponder before you vote as to why you are voting? Step out and decide without pressures what party you belong to? Of 6 siblings, 1 is democrat, 1 independent,3 republican and 1 undecided. Just because you are registered as one party does not mean that on voting day you can not cross the lines and vote instead for the party you really would like to support. HATE IS NOT THE ANSWER,PLEASE VOTE RESPONSIBLY!

Posted by Debra | Report as abusive

I don’t see how can you say Democrats are the ones full of hate? Haven’t you seen the clips of the McCain/Palin rallies with people yelling “Kill him!” and “Terrorist!” about Obama?! And all the negative campaigning from McCain and Palin? Have you ever watched Fox News or read the comments on their site? It’s the Republicans that are talking about Hate, the Democrats are talking about Hope.

Posted by Hate? | Report as abusive