Clinton: Not just any woman will do for the White House

October 14, 2008

palin-vertical.jpghillary-vertical.jpgCracked. Shattered. Whatever. Forget the glass ceiling, policy trumps gender in the race for the White House as far as Hillary Clinton is concerned.

“Of course it’s exciting to have a woman on the ticket,” Clinton said in a CNN interview when asked about the vice presidential candidacy of Republican Sarah Palin.

“But that in and of itself is not enough reason … and really no one will shatter that ceiling until we have a woman serving as president or vice president,” she said in the interview broadcast on Tuesday.

Clinton, a New York senator, saw an opportunity to be the first U.S. woman president slip away with her Democratic presidential primary loss to Barack Obama.

When Palin joined the Republican ticket as John McCain’s running mate, she credited Clinton with leaving 18 million cracks in the so-called glass ceiling — a reference to the number of votes she won in primaries before dropping out of the race.

But the two women have little else in common, especially on the divisive issue of abortion rights, which Palin opposes.

“I am going to be supporting women and men with whom I agree, who I believe have the right policies and the right ideas about what’s best for America,” said Clinton, who is campaigning for Obama in several states before the Nov. 4 election.

Pressed on Palin’s candidacy and wanting to see a woman in the White House, Clinton was firm.

“I would like to see the very first woman in the White House who I agree with and who I think has policies that would really fulfill the goals that I have for our country,” she told CNN.

It was clear the governor from Alaska was not that woman.

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I totally agree with Senator Clinton, Palin is not the first women that should be in the White House, she as already showed how she abussed her power in Alaska, and showed she cannot follow policies and procedures, it is a very scary thought that she could be a heartbeat away. And as for Hillary supporters they are supporting Senator Obama.Obama/Biden 08

Posted by Joanne, WI | Report as abusive


Posted by I HATE LIBERALS!!! | Report as abusive

Well thank you Hillary! :-)

I think many people will applaud your clear rejection of the person who happens to be the female Sarah Palin.

When I saw how Palin ruthlessly, pitilessly and remorselessly persues endangered wolves, via helicopters during the snow season – when it is so EASY to spot and kill wolves – I realised, finally, that there was something not quite right about her.

She made my blood run cold and, frankly, it chilled me to the bone.

In a world of violence, extinction and desertification, when rain forests are being raped and pillaged to order, it is perverse and unacceptable in extremis for anyone seeking high political office, to be quite so savage towards other species and towards their opponents.

After all, who does Palin think she is – a Victorian bounty hunter or a big game cheese?

It beggars belief that after that she has the temerity and foolhardy nerve to start an anti-Obama campaign so septic that she even ignites the contagion of race hate, violent threats borne out of crass slander and libel.

I wonder if Palin has any shame at all? :-(

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If Obama wins, he’ll advance women’s issues just as Clinton would. Clinton should then run in 2016. Biden (73) will be too old, Clinton (68) will not.

On the other hand, should McCain win, Democrats rightly or wrongly will blame Clinton and not support her in 2012 or any other time.

Obama ’08
Clinton ’16

Posted by GregOhio | Report as abusive

Simply set this up in your head. Russian, Chinese and USA warships covering each other in Arctic in dispute over whom owns which oil rights There is a emergency meeting at VP level, Putin and Chinese at table.. do you want or can you imagine Palin there representing you. Vote accordingly

Posted by chuck Nashville TN | Report as abusive

All I want is a woman in the White House who is intelligent, articulate, cultured, and interested in furthering women’s rights. I do not support a women who would roll the clock back to a time when women were mere chattel.

Ms. Palin, please go back to Alaska and let them deal with you, you do not belong in Washington!

Posted by Marla Taylor | Report as abusive

Endorsing Hillary Clinton, of course we – Americans of every race or gender, only want a qualified person in the White House. Sarah Palin would be too close, and she is simply not, at this time, qualified. But most importantly, may I address a comment to “I hate Liberals”?

Can we put aside the HATE, and work together to find the Golden Mein? I am middle of the road, and can embrace good causes and good candidates from either side,,but mainly at this time, the Democratic side. This freedom is a right I am assured under the Constitution, and unless you want to return to Colonial times, we must all be free to exercise this right, and given respect when we do so. Many ideas from Republicans and Democrats can work for the good of our country, but Hate never worked for anything good at all.

Posted by E Gleiser | Report as abusive

Whats the matter ladies? Sarah scare ya? BOO. It took a real woman to get rid of all you so called feminists. Gotta love the jealousy. Careful ladies, your claws are showing. LOL

Posted by skunk | Report as abusive