McCain stunned by Rep. Lewis comments on campaign

October 14, 2008

rtx9ib0.jpgWASHINGTON – Republican presidential hopeful John McCain had previously made it clear he was a big admirer of civil rights leader Rep. John Lewis — but now not so much.

Lewis, a Georgia Democrat, said late last week that he was disturbed by the negative tone of the Republican’s campaign, accusing McCain and his running mate Sarah Palin of “sowing the seeds of hatred and division” and that it reminded him of the segregationist era of Alabama Gov. George Wallace.

The lawmaker later clarified his remarks, saying he did not compare the two to Wallace and that his purpose was to remind candidates that “toxic language can lead to destructive behavior.”

That clarification didn’t seem to make much difference.  In an interview with CNN late Monday, McCain fired back calling Lewis’ accusations “so far out of bounds and so disturbing.”

“It stopped me in my tracks,” McCain said in the interview. “I never believed that John Lewis, who is an American hero, who I admire, would every make a comment of that nature.  He even referred to the bombing of a church in Birmingham.  That’s unacceptable.  It is totally unacceptable.  And of course I’m not going to accept it and I’m going to reject it.”

He noted Lewis was a widely respected member of the Democratic Party, not a fringe element on a rant.

“I’m so disappointed in Congressman John Lewis who I have admired and respect. This is not just some obscure party official.  And that’s what’s so totally unacceptable about it,” McCain said. 

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– Photo credit: Reuters/Carlos Barria (McCain at a rally in Virginia Beach on Monday)


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McCain must sack Palin!

Toxic language does spread the contagion of hate and violence – and it appeals most to the morons, bullies and idiotic bigots of this world.

McCain NEEDS to feel some shame for allowing himself to be swallowed-up by his running mate’s penchant for shallow, spiteful remarking and for adopting the politics of the gutter with slander, libel and mendacity.

The great American and blessed people of America deserve better.

I hope that McCain does the decent thing and sacks Palin.

He needs to set a precedent by accepting his mistake and replacing Palin NOW with someone who at least has decent ethics.

If he does not – he will lose the White House. Period!

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The constituents in Rep Lewis’ district ought to be downright disgusted and vote to get this racially discriminative manipulator and his racist agendas out of office. But this isn’t the first time Obama and his supporters have purveyed this type of racist and discriminatory behavior.. not even starting with Rev Wright, father Phleger and those clowns…

And like McCain indicated, Rep Lewis is not some obscure campaign official this is a congressman. Then rep Lewis reportedly makes a later statement “The lawmaker later clarified his remarks, saying he did not compare the two to Wallace and that his purpose was to remind candidates that “toxic language can lead to destructive behavior.”

Rep Lewis, tell me how McCain has ever been or supported racism or discrimination. Tell me how McCain has ever stood outside of a school with police to deny people of other skin colors entry. Tell me how McCain has advocated for segregationism? Behavior such as gov wallace had portrayed. Your behavior Rep Lewis is disgusting.

There are a lot of people out there disgusted with Obama and his campaign, but not because of his or their skin color. Because of his and their lies, manipulations, racial discriminations against others and for spreading fallacies for personal gain. And many times he does many of those things all in the same statement – you just have to listen with the intention of pursuing truth and reason and not with the intention of worshiping Obama and then you can easily identify them.

Obama has shown he will do many things to win and smear anyone who gets in his way and you can watch it speech after speech… and the even worse part? He has the nerve to afterwards go on national television and say he doesn’t do that sort of thing only the other person does. In Chicago it was Rev Wright, in the primaries that was Hillary, in the general election that is McCain you notice the trend… according to Obama it’s never him.

Like, when Obama was questioned about some analytical downsides of Hillary Clinton’s campaign and he said directly to the people on a CNN interview that he wasn’t going to do what Hillary was doing, in talking about what an opponent can’t do but rather what he can do. The previous two weeks he was one televised speech after another about how polarizing Hillary is, how she would divide the country and a month or two earlier how she was disrespectful to Martin Luther King for giving a short historical time-line on the political perspective of the civil rights legislation. Then he has the nerve to come on CNN and lie directly to the people saying he isn’t running that type of campaign implying people are that stupid?

Like, one example of oh so many manipulations, those Obama racial manipulations that he used to attack Hillary Clinton when she was giving a speech seemingly trying to connect with voters, who have a darker skin color, when she said that it took a president to pass the civil rights legislation several decades ago that people like Martin Luther King fought to implement and she went on to imply that she would work for people who have a darker skin color in the same ways toward racial equality if she was elected president.

Obama manipulated that situation at a time when he was polling very poorly among those who CNN referred to as “black” voters. Obama lied, bypassed the English language dictionary that defines the words Hillary used and made up his own manipulative definition terms of the words Hillary Clinton used so Obama could divide people based on skin color by attacking someone who happens to have another skin color and the Obama campaign put out rhetoric that what Hillary said was racist and discriminatory and Obama himself said it was disrespectful of Martin Luther King.

Then comes out Obama is the one who was attending a church that purveys racially discriminatory and racially hate-filled sermons. Then he has the nerve to go on tv and lecture us with this long talking-to about race relations?!

Too bad more people didn’t see his racial manipulations before it cost Hillary a lot more votes up until the truth came out that Obama was the one consorting with racially discriminating members of the community. But then he gave his hypocritical lecture about race relations and after that a lot more people were ready to forget and jump in line and believe again in “the one” liar.

Stop letting this guy and his supporters get away with such blatant smearing of people through his manipulations, lies and fallacies. Stop racial discrimination. No matter what color skin a a person who discriminates has or what color skin a person who is discriminated against has, discrimination based on skin color or race is WRONG! Civil rights is not a word to define “white” rights or “black” rights. It is EQUAL rights. No matter what color skin a person has or what gender a person happens to be, lying, manipulating and using fallacies for personal gain is WRONG!

CNN has loved to subtly try and shame people by trying to make them buy into fallacies and mis-representations of the truth and bully people into voting for Obama by implying people of lighter skin color are racist and discriminatory if they don’t… but you notice they never touch the reported issue that 90% of people that cnn and other polling agencies have polled and call “black” voters all reportedly say they will vote for Obama… Hmm I have never seen 90% of any color of people all back one candidate based on the issues before so it can’t be because of the “issues” – which is really just campaign rhetoric. Yeah it’s manipulative and they want to try and get people to buy into fallacies to manipulatively try and shame a larger demographics of people to vote for the candidate for which they want to see win. They continuall report things similar to “will race hurt Obama?” Well I ask, “will race hurt McCain?” IF 90% of people who call themselves “black” are voting for Obama does that not hurt McCain? But those biased news agencies and their political agendas don’t want you to think of it like that, they want to shame you and make it appear only one candidate is being hurt by race. If you really want to talk about racial issues in purusit of reason and justice it must be talked about it as it effects all people not just one color of people. And as far as people not voting for Obama, could it possibly be that people of many different skin colors don’t want Obama as president because he is a lying, manipulative weasel?

Racial discrimination exists among communities of people of all different skin colors. We must stand against it coming from all communities consisting of people having any skin color.

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So McCain is saying that Palin’s hate speech is acceptable because she is not a respected member of the Republican party. When John Lewis denounces McCain for allowing the hate speech from his campaign, it is wrong because Lewis is respectable?

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Do you really think you are going to squash the truth about Obama by crying “racist” or “hate mongerer” every time someone raises a question about his lack of experience and his history of consorting with an unrepentent terrorist, a white-hating pastor, and a convicted felon political hustler.

This guy is a good-looking, well-spoken, “empty suit” socialist and when the truth comes out about him and his Chicago associates, you will understand why these questions must be raised.

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Go on ‘Fed up’, be honest – isn’t it all about Obama’s skin color??

Is that not the ‘elephant in the room’?

If only leopards could change their spots! If that happened maybe a few anti-colored skin folk would stop behaving like a bunch of morons and show their true grit.

Obama is a great candidate and McCain is a on the road to perdition.

Say no to mendacity, racism and misinformation.

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Over the last weeks I have heard a few interesting reasons given as to why someone is going to vote for McCain.

One was because he wouldn’t vote for a black person.
I found that answer ignorant and offensive. I’m white.

A second one said “He’s a Muslim”.
Another ignorant response. As if somehow a persons choice in religion is a qualification for becoming President.

The third I heard was “I can’t vote for a guy whose middle name is Hussein”.
The third ignorant response. Seriously, what the hell does someone’s middle name have to do with anything?

Now if someone were to tell me, “I’m voting for McCain because I feel he can do a better job” or even “I trust him more”, well then I could accept that response with no problems even if I disagree. But at least then that decision isn’t based in ignorance and fear.

Sorry, but America doesn’t need a bunch of racists, bigots, and ignorant folks deciding who will run the country. We’ve had enough of that for the last hundred or so years 😉

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