Tina Fey leaving Earth if Palin wins

October 14, 2008

WASHINGTON – Comedian Tina Fey says she’s checking out if her spitting image twin, Republican vice-presidential hopeful Sarah Palin, and White House contender John McCain win the general election next month.

Fey said she has loved playing Palin in the Saturday Night Live skits so far, especially with Amy Poehler who played Sen. Hillary Clinton in one and CBS News anchor Katie Couric in another.rtx8stl.jpg

“That lady is a media star.  She is a fascinating person, she’s very likeable.  She’s fun to play, and the two bits with Amy, that was super fun,” Fey told TV Guide. 

But a long-term gig isn’t in the cards.

“We’re gonna take it week by week. If she wins, I’m done,” she said. “I can’t do that for four years. And by ‘I’m done,’ I mean I’m leaving Earth.”

Fey has been hailed for her impressions of Palin, mocking in great detail her difficulties with media interviews and her lack of international experience.

For her part, Palin has tried to make the best of being the target of Fey’s humor. “I was just trying to give Tina Fey more material – job security for Saturday Night Live,” she told a rally earlier this month.

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Photo credit: Reuters/Mario Anzuoni (Fey and Poehler at the Emmy awards last month)


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Didn’t Alec Baldwin say he’d leave the country if George W. Bush was elected? Maybe he should have kept his word, and in doing so may have avoided that embarrassing episode with his daughter. Regarding Tina Fey, I think she is overrated. Never thought she was funny, though she sure does look like Palin. I’ll give her that.

Posted by Tom Tucker | Report as abusive

THe key words there being “if Bush was elected.” He wasn’t. Both elections were rigged. Both were stolen.

Posted by Maddy | Report as abusive

maybe Tina should leave

Posted by Angie Olney | Report as abusive

Well, if Alec Baldwin DID say that, I forgive him for toughing it out and trying to make change from within.

I think Tina Fey is BRILLIANT as Palin. “Mavericky” – ha! And even the corporate the media has taken up that term to some degree, which surprised me because they certainly seem to give McPalin a lot of ‘get out of jail free’ cards.

And finally, Tina or Alex not keeping their word of leaving would be NOTHING compared to the Mountain Of Lies which is the GOP, McPalin, and of course the Bush Administration. Every day they pile on more lies, like they’re trying to turn ALL of America into a landfill of misinformation.

Posted by Drew Deel | Report as abusive

That is probably the most stupid, uninformed comment I have read. Do you shill for Micheal Moore too?

Posted by Ben | Report as abusive

I think that Tina Fey realizes that a VP Sarah Palin would abuse her office to exact venegence upon Fey, so she would likely have to leave the country. Palin’s short history in Alaska has shown that she is quite vindictive and petty to those that have opposed her, and she is not above abusing her office.

Posted by Rodney Lamprey | Report as abusive

Wow, Fey can do impersonations? She never did when she was the all-important head writer. She was too busy playing with her boobs on Weekend Update 1/2 the time for no apparent reason–except to make sure everyone noticed.

Posted by TK | Report as abusive

THE SCARY THING IS THAT TINA was basically quoting everything Gov. Palin said and the way she behaves, there was no big acting effort needed by Tina, maybe Tina fay had to dumm down a little to be more like Gov. Palin.

Posted by Angelou | Report as abusive

hey tina GOP is looking for next VP and they have your name on the list…….but the problem is your with Presidential candidate sarah palin……….lol

Posted by Arif | Report as abusive

Perhaps if Gov. Palin were to mock Tina Fey by wearing a fake scar to emphasise the real one Ms.Fey bears that resigned her to the “damaged goods “section of humanity (the potential mate & procreative possibilities).

Posted by Jeff | Report as abusive

The fact that any of you are bloging proves you have nothing worthwhile to say.

Posted by Scott | Report as abusive

Don’t worry she won’t have to leave, cause McCrazy and his attack puppy “aint” gonna win….wink..wink..!
you betcha..
What’s McLame’s strategy this week? That Obama is a space alien? LOL!

Posted by GW | Report as abusive

Drew ?Deel says “And finally, Tina or Alex not keeping their word of leaving would be NOTHING compared to the Mountain Of Lies which is the GOP, McPalin, and of course the Bush Administration. Every day they pile on more lies, like they’re trying to turn ALL of America into a landfill of misinformation.”

Enough already with ‘the Republicans are liars stuff. If you really think it’s just the republicans who are liars and cheats, your living with your head in the Democratic sand. I’m not saying the R’s don’t lie. I’m simply saying it’s not JUST the R’s that lie. And to blame this whole economic thing on the R’s is ridiculous. Just think about it a little. Think of all of those defaulted loans (by folks who it seems had no business taking out those ARM loans in the first place). You’re going to blame all of those loans on the R’s. Be for real. It wasn’t the R’s pushing “affordable” home financing. You can have it both ways. You can’t say the R’s hate the poor and make it too hard for them to get into housing… and then turn around and blame them for just that (getting poorer folks into housing they couldn’t afford). And please just ask a ‘few’ hard questions of the D’s (Barney Franks, Chris Dodd, and Sen. Obama). Do just one thing before you bash another R. Simply investigate for yourself how much money they made through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack? And just listen to the speeches Barney Franks has made over the last FOUR years about how solid both firms were and what a great job they were doing (all the time getting kickbacks to his campaign).

Nobody is clean in this mess. NOBODY. So get over it and stop blaming everyone else. We ALL had a part in this mess.


Posted by smc | Report as abusive

Perhaps if Gov. Palin were to mock Tina Fey by wearing a fake scar to emphasise the real one Ms.Fey bears that resigned her to the “damaged goods “section of humanity (the potential mate & procreative possibilities) reduced considerably.

Posted by Jeff | Report as abusive

Tina Fey – Don’t wait to leave. Go now and take all of Hollywood with you. BON VOTAGE!

Posted by Candy | Report as abusive

If the Fascists steal another election, I will stay on earth, just in another country. I was born in the USA, but I speak 2 languages and hold dual citizenships.

Posted by Educated | Report as abusive

Tina Fey is a talented writer and actress. Too bad neither is needed to impersonate Palin, who on her own creates plenty of dumb things to repeat in a comedy skit.

Posted by Recovering Republican | Report as abusive

Palin is too nice. When she does things that the rest of us would get away with, she looks bad for it. But if she were to be herself then we would see that she is too nice to be a VP for the USA.
It seems odd to me that Hillary Rodham Clinton is known by her full name, GWB, JFK, FDR, etc., but when BHO (Barak Hussein Obama) is referred to by his full name people start making accusations of racism and bigotry. Why is it wrong to refer to the man by his name? WHEN he is sworn in it will be used while he places his hand on the Quran, so why not use it now?

Posted by Curious | Report as abusive

-Tom Tucker “Didn’t Alec Baldwin say he’d leave the country if George W. Bush was elected?”
-No, he didn’t. He said that if George W were to be elected, it might be a good time to leave the country. In hind sight, my 401K would have been better had it left the country.

Posted by thad schiele | Report as abusive

Please take the rest of the Hollywood crowd with you. Have a nice flight.

Posted by Jackie | Report as abusive

@Ben about your comment to @Maddy

I am so sorry to tell you, but it is YOU who are making the ignorant comments RE: the two presidential election being stolen.

It is VERY WELL DOCUMENTED, by numerous investigations, though not really published in the Corporate Media (which most Americans read or watch), that BOTH elections were, in fact, stolen. Between purging many hundreds of thousands of real voters from the rolls illegally, electronic voting theft, uncounted but valid Provisional ballots, uncounted but valid absentee ballots, GOP operatives in key positions within many states’ elections offices, Supreme Court ties to the Bush campaign in 2000, and much more, Bush lost both elections. In 2004 there were over 3 MILLION uncounted votes, most of whom were democrats voting for Kerry. It is corporate media spin that Kerry or Gore didn’t run good enough campaigns. They were robbed.

I guess I recommend you get yourself educated before attacking others. Here is a link to a voting guide about such issues. http://www.gregpalast.com/sbyv/

Posted by Drew Deel | Report as abusive

I would like to see Tina playing Palin as the “Two Face” villain from Batman. On one side the smiling, winking, scatter brain woman, and on the other a “fuhrer” type of woman inciting the crowds to violence…

Perhaps that is a true representation of governor Palin

Posted by E. Goldenberg | Report as abusive

Curious: Please join us back in reality. Even your candidate McCain doesn’t believe the bs rumour that Obama is a Muslim or that he ever took an oath on the Quran. I suppose you think he is not even an American citizen and that as President he would take all the white people’s money and give it to the black folk too. Ignorance is not bliss my friend. There are multiple source of information that will show these rumors to be false–try something other than FOX News and Rush Limbaugh maybe

Posted by mojo | Report as abusive

Bye Bye Educated…take your educated self and your dual citzenship elsewhere, you are not needed here in the U.S.A.

Posted by Oh My | Report as abusive

Let me be the first to donate to the space ship fund to help ms. fey to get off our planet !

Posted by Kevin Lynch | Report as abusive

These are truly some of the most mindless comments I have read about an article in my life. Tina Fey has done an awesome job doing what she does, lampooning. The fact that she also has an opinion that some might disagree with like leaving the planet, again funny if her lampoonis wins. Get a grip, laugh a little and call it what it is humor. And yes unfortunately they didn’t need writers for this one all she had to do was deliver exactly what Palin said. I mean this is a comics wet dream!

Posted by Ace | Report as abusive

thank god. Not soon enough for me.

Posted by Black Barack | Report as abusive

WRONG WRONG Barack Obama is NOT a Muslim, and will be sworn in with his hand on a bible.
http://fightthesmears.com/articles/3/bar acksfaith
There, a listing of reputable news sources that report what I just said.
And what do you have against Muslims anyways? It’s ignorant people like you that give the U.S. a bad name. Go back to hicksville or whatever hole you crawled up from

Posted by Meg | Report as abusive

Dear Curious,

You’re being sarcastic, right? Your accusation that Obama will be sworn in with his hand “on the Quran” is certainly not funny, and it’s certainly not true, so I can only interpret this as sarcasm.

Hussein is an Arabic name with an Islamic history. Barack Hussein Obama Jr. is named after his father, and Barack Hussein Obama Sr. was from Kenya. In Kenya, this is a fairly typical name reflecting Kenya’s strong influx of Arab and Islamic influence. In the United States, this is an exotic name reflecting an individual with a multi-ethnic background.

The issue here is not that it is “wrong” to refer to Obama by his full name. The issue is that the name is being politicized — it is being used in circles where there is a great fear of Islam, in regions where a non-Christian American president would be unthinkable. There are many people who feel that Obama is not “American enough” and they use his middle name as a sign of their suspicion that he is an Arab.

There’s nothing wrong with being an Arab. But there are people in this country who are afraid of Arabs, and there are other people who are using this knowledge to create fear of Obama. McCain’s town hall meeting on Friday showcased this fear. There’s also nothing wrong with being a Muslim — but people are using the idea of being a Muslim, again, to stir up fear.

Obama is neither Arab not Muslim; he is African-American (in the sense of half African and half “white” American) and he is a Christian. The problem is that he is being accused of these things falsely, and the implication is that these are things to fear — so the problem is doubled, as lies are used to stir up fear of a legitimate candidate, AND used to stir up fear of our many Arab and Muslim neighbors who are just as American as anybody else, Native Americans aside.

Your invocation of the Koran is part of the bigger problem. If and when he is sworn in, he will use a Bible. You are lying about him using a Koran, and in your lies — whether they are deliberate or just based in ignorance, I don’t know — you are stirring up hatred and encouraging fellow Americans to look down on those who are not from a Christian tradition. I’m pretty sure this is not what the founding fathers wanted, it’s not what I want, and it’s not what most good Christian people want.

So no, I don’t have a problem with people using Barack Hussein Obama’s full name. I have a problem with people trying to turn his name into an insult, and I have a problem with the greater xenophobia and hatred that comes with it. This world has seen hatred of all kinds: white racism, black racism, Christian terrorism, Islamic terrorism…it’s all the same in the end, and it all needs to stop now.

Posted by fearless | Report as abusive

One more thing, about Palin: I am not sure anyone else in the world would “get away with” abuse of power in trying to get Trooper Wooten fired; I am not sure anyone else would “get away with” the kind of idiocy she displayed in the Katie Couric interview; I am not sure anyone else would “get away with” so few press conferences and so many stump speeches that consist of one-liners full of patriotism but devoid of intelligent thought.

Look, I’m sure Palin is plenty nice. My grandmother is nice, too. But she is not ready to be a vice presidential candidate, and neither is Sarah Palin.

Posted by fearless | Report as abusive

Wow! And I was just going to move to Canada. I’m with Tina Fey – the thought of a Palin vice-presidency (not to mention the possibility of a Palin presidency) has me wanting to flee the U.S. of A. Not sure I want to flee the entire globe, though.

Posted by Nancy | Report as abusive

Bush stole the elections? What!?

Do you seriously believe that garbage? Documented? hahaha — any conspiracy theorist that throws trash on a website can be called documented?

You probably believe the war is over oil too? If it was, then were is it? I haven’t put a drop of oil in my car from the war… What conspiracy do you have for that?

Seriously people, stop drinking the kool-aid. Actually go and learn about these people and topics and NOT from whacko conspiracy websites.

Posted by hahaha | Report as abusive

99% of those who appose Sarah Palin don’t have a clue.

If you didn’t know she was a women, and all you had was credentials and accomplishments, you’d be just fine.

I think Tina is very funny, and I think the SNL skits are mostly funny aside from the crudeness, but ultimately you rarely see this type of hatred.

If Sarah Palin truly didn’t have any credentials, then there would be nothing to fear, nothing to blog about, and she would just come and go and nobody would care.

But in fact, she has those credentials and that is what scares democrats the most, so they must attack her viciously as it is all they have.

Posted by hahaha | Report as abusive

Good bye to Tina. I would be willing to wager that Tina, like so many of the rest of the liberals out there, couldn’t talk intelligently about the issues facing the US, nor do they know what the political platforms really are. You are quick to insult the governor of Alaska and yet overlook Clinton’s lies and indiscretions. If the Democrats are so supportive of Barak’s policies, then they should move to France or some other socialist country and leave our country. Do any liberals understand economics and the importance of rewarding those who develop businesses and provide jobs? The ones who want a level playing field are the same stupid parents who want to give EVERYONE in kids’ sports a trophy, whether they win or not. Because they don’t believe in rewarding accomplishments and think those who are lazy and on public assistance are just as “deserving” as those who work. If Barak gets elected, just watch out, as you will be responsible for destroying American ideology. Those creative individuals who are willing to take a risk with their money to try something new and provide a better way of life for their families and employees will have no incentive to continue since their profit will be redistributed. Why then take a risk? I just hope Tina leaves all her money to the homeless before she leaves earth.

Posted by Sandy | Report as abusive

I wish both McCain and Palin had better advisers.

They always appear to be playing catch-up. Wish they would rely less on mentioning the “o” opposition and more on laying out their very real plans for America after they get into office.

We hear quite enough about the others. Really frightening information.

Posted by Patricia Costelow | Report as abusive

Tina Fey. Get ready to pack your bags. Because even though you look like Governor Palin, you do not have the heart and spirit of Sarah Barracuda–a high school senior that led her basketball team to a championship title with a stress fracture, who ran state cross country, who hunts and fishes, who runs hills just because it hurts, who took on her own party and battled corruption. She represents the people. I believe Tina Fey and all the disrepect and hateful comments thrust upon Governor Palin will only make her stronger (and make me like her even more!)

Go Sarah!! We will follow. Lead the way for strong women everywhere.

Posted by swany | Report as abusive

I will contribute a goodly amount if she leaves immediately

Posted by Bob Imm | Report as abusive

I adore Tina Faye. I love her impression of Palin. Seth Meyers did the writing on the sketches and deserves credit for making one of the most on-target political satires I’ve seen in a long time. I thought they were wonderfully balanced; if you watch the whole sketch, they obviously try to be non-partisan. And in unrelated news: 30 Rock is the best comedy on TV in several years.

Posted by Benson | Report as abusive

The grotesque, surreal and downright horrifying prospect of Sarah Palin even running the local burger bar is enough to send anyone heading for the launchpad to drift amongst the stars.

That is unlikely to happen, however, as the US public grow-up and stop seeing Obama’s color as the ‘elephant in the room’.

That is the salient issue, folks, and let me tell you that shedding that racist mindset is very good indeed for the soul and the good old American psyche.

It ain’t rocket science but it IS the morally right thing to do! :-)

As for Palin, well, I think we all know, really, that she would be thumping great disaster for the USA. :-(

Don’t even think of voting for that ticket!

Posted by TheTruthIs… | Report as abusive

Way to confirm my earlier post, that liberals don’t know the issues. Just vote for color. Very intelligent.

Posted by Sandy | Report as abusive

Poor Sarah Palin, shoutin’ and flailin’, flingin’ some old moose doo-doo. She don’t have to read, she don’t have to think, and she’s got her sights set on you. Please Mrs. Dude, don’t be so darned rude, don’t stoop to those old Karl Rove tricks! If you’re gonna run, put down that big gun, put away all the stones and the sticks. Remember Old McCain, who’s now such a pain, the way he once talked straight and true? C’mon, Sarah Palin, this tactic is failin’, let’s hear somethin’ honest from you. (GObama!)

Posted by Tom Jefferson | Report as abusive

Tina Faye does the diry work for Liberals in the skits, simple enough. Cons and Reps can use such behavior from her kind of people as motivation for voting Palin into office.

The other thing that both Cons and Reps can do is to stop watching the shows that Tina Faye helps. If she wants to be a political hack, the audience merly has to tune the woman out.

Posted by Joe | Report as abusive

To Curious:

Barack Hussein Obama is NOT a MUSLIM. He will NOT be placing his hand on the Holy Qur’an if he is elected to take office. Please don’t post false claims in your posts, because ignorant people will read your comment and believe it. Regardless, it is absolutely disappointing to see the very negative way the public has reacted to this false claim–it’s as if being Muslim is a horrible, contagious disease or something. Sheesh.

Posted by r. | Report as abusive

Lighten up folks! Parody isn’t the battle ground the voting booth is.

Posted by Rodger Lemonde | Report as abusive

I would love to vote for a non-caucasian person – it would be good for America. We’ve come a long, long way but we know that racism still exists. The problem is when every objection to someone is turned into an accusation of racism. Wolf, wolf and wolf again.

Posted by cccinos | Report as abusive

Voters don’t dismiss Senator Obama because of some race issue. There are those that won’t vote for him simply because of his liberal politics. It has always been this way. Even Kennedy, who was a rock star of his time, wasn’t elected president in a landslide. Not every person in America bought into Kennedy’s politics. People vote usually by ideology, or by their checkbook if they don’t have any ideology. Or others simply vote a straight ticket in every election anyway. But most voters will vote against Senator Obama simply because he doesn’t represent their political values. I am a minority and I won’t be voting for him.

Posted by Deborah | Report as abusive

Bush stole his two “elections”: one primarily through events in Florida, with the help of the Republican Supreme Court and FL state officials, by having the count stopped before it was determined that indeed Gore had won, and the second one primarily in Ohio, where notorious vote suppression, chiefly by means of moving voting booths out of Democratic areas into Republican ones, helped to squeeze out the necessary narrow margin.

Now Republicans are already trying, in every way they can, to suppress the vote nationally and to question the validity of a vote they know is very likely going to go against them. Fox Noise reports on Acorn in every news report, and McCain speaks of it constantly, but a voter registration movement with some faulty workers in it (one that McCain himself once supported) doesn’t add up to “voter fraud,” since everyone still has to identify themselves at the polling place, and I doubt that “Mickey Mouse” is going to show up. What a shambles for our democracy.

Posted by Tom Jefferson | Report as abusive

Please read more than the headline.

And I quote:

But a long-term gig isn’t in the cards.

“We’re gonna take it week by week. If she wins, I’m done,” she said. “I can’t do that for four years. And by ‘I’m done,’ I mean I’m leaving Earth.”

Tina Fey means that she can’t continue playing Palin for four years if she wins. She is not saying that she won’t win.

The two things below our forehead are called EYES. One of its uses is to “read”. Reading is not enough though, you’ll need a functioning brain to digest the information.

Posted by Earth | Report as abusive

BEN….YOU are an idiot!!!! The second election was NOT won and if YOU don’t know that …. you don’t WANT to know that

Posted by The Truth | Report as abusive

Voting for Bob Barr,..Democrats and Republicans are both the same at the core: only interested in getting elected and staying in office which means selling out to special interests in both cases.

Never saw a woman so trashed in my life as Sarah Palin. Clearly she is less experienced than the other three candidates, but they all spent their lives wanting to be the President,..she came to politics a better way in my mind, but watch her get torn up.

Has SNL ever made fun of Obama at all? I have not seen this,..are they so afraid that any humor directed his way will label them racist? Apparently being sexist is not a problem.

For that matter has David Letterman or any of the late night hosts made fun of Obama? They all seem to have taken his side,..which is fine, but too many voters don’t really think for themselves, and think that Comedy Central counts as a news source.

BTW: if you know anyone who lives in Alaska, ask them how they feel about Palin,..the two friends I have up there think she is a champ, which is good for them because she will probably be their governor for a while yet. I have lived all of the country and in Europe,…currently in the North East,.I have never seen so much bigotry and elitism in my life,…people up here think if you have an accent from Europe and you must be smart,…have a southern or midwestern or Alaskan accent and you must be an idiot.

Posted by scottjb | Report as abusive

If you don’t think Tina Fey is funny you don’t have a sense of humor.

Posted by David Sewell | Report as abusive