Does Joe the Plumber know Joe Six-Pack?

October 16, 2008

(Corrects third paragraph to say Joe about to buy a business) 

Joe the Plumber was the surprise star of the third and final presidential debate, getting no less than 13 mentions in the opening minutes.

So who is this guy? His full name is Joe Wurzelbacher, and it turns out he had a close encounter with Barack Obama a few days ago. John McCain adopted Joe’s cause as a way to tar his opponent as a tax-and-spend liberal. rtx9llq.jpg

The apparent problem is that Joe is about to buy a company that makes a little over $250,000 a year, and under Obama’s proposal that would put him into a higher tax bracket. Obama told Joe that he wasn’t trying to punish his success, only to spread the wealth around.

“Joe wants to buy the business that he has been in for all of these years, worked 10, 12 hours a day. And he wanted to buy the business but he looked at your tax plan and he saw that he was going to pay much higher taxes,” McCain said.

“Joe, I want to tell you, I’ll not only help you buy that business that you worked your whole life for and be able — and I’ll keep your taxes low and I’ll provide available and affordable health care for you and your employees,” McCain said, staring straight into the camera.

McCain got a little caught up in the moment and muddled in his message to Joe by saying at one point that “fifty percent of small business income taxes are paid by small businesses.”

Still, Joe the Plumber has become a bit of Internet celebrity and Republicans quickly latched onto his plight, issuing a statement saying his comments to Joe showed that Obama would “tax to death” the American Dream.

Obama’s response was that Joe the Plumber needed a tax cut five years ago, and Obama wants to “make sure that the plumber, the nurse, the firefighter, the teacher, the young entrepreneur who doesn’t yet have money, I want to give them a tax break now. And that requires us to make some important choices.”

As for Joe himself, directory assistance had no telephone listing for him in Toledo, Ohio. If you’re listening, Joe, we’d love to hear how you’re handling fame!  

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I am originally from Ohio and just want Joe to know that I am very proud of him. He represents many of us who have worked our whole lives for our families and don’t feel that we did that to give it to SOMEONE who didn’t work at all.

Posted by Susie | Report as abusive

Good for Joe, some one need to ask some questions?

Posted by carlene | Report as abusive

In case you want one of those Joe the Plumber, Toilet Tattoos, you can get them on

Posted by Porcelaingoddess | Report as abusive

All this leftist cr*p makes me sick.
Why shouldn’t I be allowed to make as much as I desire, and allowed to reward myself for all my hard work with whatever I choose to buy, without someone saying you make too much money, give half of what you earn to the lazy bums who don’t want to make anything of there lives?
I work for ME and my FAMILY, so we could live comfortable lives. Not ‘ditch digging Dave’ who only has the mental capacity to do that job. Work 2 jobs like I did in tough times if need be to get by.

Posted by MIke in Pa | Report as abusive

The problem with America is that too many people compare themselves with someone else they think may have it better or have more than they do. Comparison always leads to discontent!!! If I’m Joe the plumber, I should choose what I give away, not the Government. The Government has wasted our tax dollars giving to programs that don’t work! Organizations like Habitat for Humanity work because they are efficient. Our Government is anything but efficient. Government is too big in this country. Giving them more of our Tax dollars will simply make it bigger!

Posted by Charlie | Report as abusive

I am so tired of hearing about Joe the plumber and his $250K a year business. I worked with Joe at Global Crossing in Phoenix, AZ several years ago and he is a super nice guy and shouldn’t be scrutinized this much. BUT, BUT…here is what I want to hear about…I want to hear about what is going to be done to HELP my best friend and her husband who have lost their home because they can’t find work. BOTH of my parents who have been laid off and have their retirement tied up in the stock market which goes down every day…the fact that I am a college student working 3 jobs (oh, wait…make that 1 job…I lost 2 of them last week). WHAT is going to be done to help us? I’m glad that Joe is going so well…lucky Joe. When I graduate college next semester with my degree, am I going to be able to find a job? Or will I be bartending for the rest of my life?

I don’t know about Joe and his $250K per year, but I know about my $2.90 per hour and the fact that my tips get worse every single weekend. I know that between working and school I don’t have enough time for sleep. I know that I worry about my parents who are out of work and several friends who can’t support their families.

Let’s STOP focusing on the ONE person John McCain has found to swing around by his puppet strings and start focusing on those of us who make FAR less than $250 a year, and there are a lot. Those Americans who are losing their homes, their families, their jobs…let’s focus on the worst recession since the great depression. Let’s focus on AMERICA!! And let’s do what we have to in order to get back to being able to live comfortably! Obama is offering us the chance to do just this. But what do I know? I’m not a plumber.

Posted by shaylin White | Report as abusive

50% tax?! What kind of nonsense are you talking? This country has been a PROGRESSIVE TAX STRUCTURE for MANY YEARS! The more you make, the higher percentage you are taxed. It’s for “the benefit of the country as a whole.” It doesn’t have anything to do with LAZY! There are a lot of people who – for MANY REASONS – cannot get high paying jobs. They work 2-3-4 jobs to make a living. That isn’t LAZINESS! Congratulations to you and your husband for making TONS of money. If you don’t want to help the country, then maybe you need to live somewhere else. AND KEEP IN MIND, there are MANY countries who’s income taxes are MUCH higher than ours.

AND – by the way… I am a college graduate. I graduated MAGNA CUM LAUDE and had a 4.0 within my major field of study – banking and finance. I have spent the last 12 years working in financial research. Now, because financial research is a dying profession and the financial markets are in shambles, I can’t even FIND WORK that would come even remotely close to what I deserve or expect to get paid, in my career.

Am I lazy?

I see many posts accusing Joe of being an above average american making a quarter of a million dollars a year. If you read the article it says he plans to purchase a business that makes this amount. This does not mean that his take home after salaries and business expenses will be even close to this amount.

Aside from this I have to wonder from where your sense of entitlement stems. What makes you think it’s ok to use the government to take what someone else has worked for? If you are not happy with your current financial situation find a way to improve it that does not force others to work for your luxuries.

Posted by Jay Pops | Report as abusive

Not an Obama fan. Not a fan of people who believe that those who have worked hard for what they have should be spreading their wealth even further. I took out loans for college, found good jobs, paid them off. I have worked for corporate america and have owned my own business. Husband has worked very hard and went to college on the GI Bill. We have been moderately successful. We bought houses, fixed them up, sold them for profit and did it again. The American way. Life has not been golf, sailing and yearly vacations to foreign lands. I am retired and plan to enjoy it. He will continue to work for a few more years. We go to church and believe in minimum 10% tithing knowing that portions of that money will go to food banks, farm workers, seniors and much, much more. I work in community ministries helping to teach children to read, be respectful, be able to make good decisions and have responsibility. I am not alone in this. Their are thousands of us living in communities throughout this county who believe in giving back. The Obamas believe in giving back, giving back other people’s money. Go to the internet and look up what they have given in charity. They did give $72,650 to charity. The money was linked back to convicted real estate developer Antoin Rezko as campaign contributions given to the Obama campaign by Rezko’s relatives. As for themselves, I read that they gave, before running for President, 1% of their income. Funny how a presidential campaign can disclose who the stingy ones are. Stingy with their earned income and generously giving with money made by others.

Posted by Joan | Report as abusive

After reading through most of the posts on this page many things are obviously being misconstrued, thus I agree with the very small amount of people stating that questions do need to be asked. One main question that needs to be clarified is the $250,000 question. For the few that may have taken the time to do a bit of research, granted, I did brief research, Obama states that individuals making over $250,000.00 would see a tax increase, so the question is how would that apply to a small business owner? The business, though run by an entrepenuer, is not the persons personal earnings, and with all of the assistance available to small business owners, especially new owners, there should be enough breaks in there to negate the possible tax increase effect. But again, the plan states for individuals and not businesses. So then the question becomes, does that mean if I work for Company A and make that amount or does that mean if I own a company with 3 employees and that company grosses $255,000/yr that I will see an increase?

One thing some people recognize is that the middle class are the ones with this country on their backbone. There\’s far more people in the middle class facing higher taxes IN OUR PRESENT state of things then there has been in history. The economy has done nothing but decline under Bush and more evident the mortgage crisis in which big oil companies sought they still wanted their billion dolar profits and continued to raise oil prices. Even though gas in on a decline, it has no reason being that high in the first place and now that the economy is on lego building blocks, it\’s funny how all of a sudden oil prices plummet and theres no talk anymore of the weakening dollar and how they had to raise prices to compensate…all of that was just food for thought, now back to the blog topic.

Oh wait, part of the topic has evolved around an economy where even someone with a PhD cant even find work. As for Joe, if he\’s smart enough, he should buy the business if he\’s done enough research to seek the right assistance. Most of the problem is that people don\’t know where to look or expect it to fall in their lap. He obviously should know what he\’s doing as a plumber if he has saved enough to buy the business or qualify for the loan to purchase it, so its just a matter of what happens on his end. But then again, under McCain, he wouldnt necessarily get a tax break either, unless Joe found a way to grow mushroom his plumbing business to qualify for McCains big business tax breaks to those who really dont need it. What good does it do to give tax breaks to big businesses that claim to create jobs if they had a break, yet those jobs never reach American soil? At least Obama states that he would encourage big businesses that create jobs in America by offering them breaks…Big Difference.

As for the government, it is out of control and something needs to be done about it. Honestly and truthfully, this Country is supposed to be run by the people, someone in transgression we have gotten away from that to the point where a few hundred men sit in a room and decide things that effect billions if not trillions of people. Their spending money like someone broke Hoover Dam and left the faucet on. Last time I checked, I didnt agree with the War in Iraq, I agreed that something needed to be done about the attacks here in the US, and last I heard, they weren\’t in Iraq.

Posted by Talk Too Much | Report as abusive

As we saw from later reports, Joe the plumber is the average American with debts and dreams and not a $250,000 a year income.
What troubles me and should trouble all Americans concerning Joe and the Obama campaign is that the people conected with Obama went after Joe like a pack of hungry sharks. They sought to discredit him and ruin him and it appears that Obama did nothing to stop this. Is this how Barak Obama intends to help the middle class? Is this how Barak Obama will respond to questions concerning his policies if he becomes president?

Posted by bookdiva | Report as abusive

You’ve made a good point, Maxwells, one I also tried to make in this song:

Joe the Plumber
words and music by Dr BLT copyright 2008

a new mix of the song should be up at my website, from the album, Lipstick, soon:

I would like to see equal PERCENTAGES paid in taxes. Yes I chose to be a teacher, a profession where I will never be rich, because of my love for children and desire to make a positive impact on the world. My problem is that I notice people making more than me paying a smaller percentage of their earnings than I do. If I, a lowly teacher, am expected to survive off a certain percentage than surely Joe and the rest of the hardworking 6figure earning population should be able to do the same.

Posted by DeMoCool | Report as abusive

He doesn’t make 250,000 dollars a year, his BUSINESS makes 250,000 dollars a year, a lot of which is going to go into paying employees and other business expenses. That’s not how much he gets paid.

Posted by Robert Farland | Report as abusive

To James Behlke. No disrespect but do you really know what senators make? Not in their salary but from all the perks they have? And if Obama and his wife only make $77,000.00 per year what are thier college educations in? That makes it $38,500.00 for each. I went to college, got a degree, left the field I studied and ended up making close to $100,000.00 per year because of hard work, willingness to work, and the opportunity to better myself but not at the expense of the American people. If you think there is economic turmoil now, if Obama is elected you haven’t seen anything. Better pull your money out of the bank and put it under your mattress.

Posted by Bill Michaelson | Report as abusive

here is the thing that puzzles me…percentage-wise I am payin way more in taxes than that of those who make more than 250,000.00 per year. so, the question is, WHY?? Wht would someone who could afford to pay the same tax rate as me more easily getting the breaks. Look, fair is fair, I pay my taxes and I get benefits from it and I appreciate those benefits. However, i am single with no children and i am getting HAMMERED at like 14%!!! tack on the state tax and SS and medicare it comes out over 20% of my pay going to taxes. I am TIRED of towing the line!!! I want a freakin’ break!! I’m sick of being penalized for not having had children!!!!!

I simply cannot listen to someone making 3 times more money than me whine about losing tax breaks!!! they can freakin’ afford to pay!! I know, because I pay my taxes and i have a pretty good life despite that.

It’s all good when the cutoff goes the other way and people making under 250k are paying a higher rate than you… Kiss my butt!!!

It’s simple pay your EFFing taxes JOE!!!

Posted by Danny the Plumber | Report as abusive

Get real,Joe the plumber? How about Jane the Fashion Model? 150K on clothes,I havent spent that much on my entire wardrobe over my lifetime. Hypocrisy run rampant.Im middle class and I wouldnt have Sara the valley girl represent me under any circumstance.

Posted by rick righi | Report as abusive

A lot of people posting here seem to think that a business is taxed on gross income — the total amount it brings in. It’s not. It’s taxed on its profits — that’s after all the bills and the employees are all paid. The idea that lots of successful small businesses will have their taxes raised under Obama’s plan is a lie, no more, no less. 95% of small businesses would see their taxes lowered under Obama’s plan. Look at the figures, ask a financial analyst. Obama’s plan will lower taxes on small businesses and is better for this country.

Posted by Alice Carli | Report as abusive


Let’s revolt for a FLAT TAX system. No one could EVER claim that isn’t fair for them. It’s completely EQUAL TO ALL!

YOU SHOULD ALREADY HAVE YOUR MONEY UNDER A MATTRESS. First… Interest rates are nearly at all time lows. Then, secondly… Banks are failing left and right and will continue to do so as RISKY mortgages fail and housing builders who took out HUGE loans can’t sell enough homes to cover these loans.

McCain / Obama… NO ONE can fix this problem, near-term. It’s all about CYCLES… The EXTREME high in the housing market must be met with an EXTREME low in the housing market. UNLESS OF COURSE you bail out the hugh corporations. What does that end up accomplishing? The stock market plummets 2000 points in mere weeks as the majority of america is FURIOUS and SCARED as to what the government has just done. Would they bail you out, if you made bad business decisions?

Now… What happens when you can buy a BRAND NEW home from a building company – the exact same home / same model / same lot / same community – as the one down the block (which was bought a 1/2 year – year ago (or so) for 50,000-100,000 less than your new neighbor… SOMETHING IS WRONG… and it will only get worse. It will get worse when half those homes sold a year ago are under foreclosure. This is happening ALL OVER my neighborhood in Davenport, FL. An entire block – just about – in a 3 year old neighborhood – is abandoned. I am NOT kidding. Jocelyn Drive – Davenport, FL… Awful. Big beautiful new homes. VACANT! You can buy a “short sale” home for 1/2 the price they were bought at – not even 3 years ago.

On another note… I still am bothered by the “if you work HARD, you will make a lot of money,” thought. I think this was the case during Reagan and Clinton (perhaps). And yes, in most cases, you HAVE to work hard to make a lot of money, but in a LOT of cases – in today’s economy – hard work is the work you are doing TRYING TO FIND A JOB THAT EQUATES TO YOUR SKILLSET! What do you do? For those of you who don’t have a clue… In order to pay your mortgage, you will get a job at BESTBUY or APPLEBEES or even WALMART just to make JUST ENOUGH money to keep the house. Your $100,000 / year has just become $10 / hour. And – on top of that – those who didn’t go to college – let’s say 5 years ago and got that hourly wage job at BESTBUY – and stayed there – are likely to be manager now and making 50,000+ / year. FUNNY HOW THINGS REVERSE!

I’d like to see some of the “rich” people in this thread – and what they would have to say – if by some horrible chance things reversed for them. Let’s say for instance, to the person who was talking about how she and her husband bought homes – and sold them for a profit. What if you bought at the peak? OOPS! You’d still OWN all those houses and you’d be praying for goverment assistant, at that point.

Let’s not forget the millions Joe the Plumber is likely making right now through McCain endorsements.

Joe the Plumber is a hero.

The point is not whether he “is an average American” or not.

The point is you are being taxed to death, and Joe the Plumber is being character-assassinated and attacked for speaking up and voicing an opinion – as though there were something wrong with that.

Obama and his cronies, including those who vote Democrat, would like more of that.

Punish the successful and hate and degrade those who oppose their creeping Marxism.

Posted by Big Paul | Report as abusive

Again… Let’s just move to a FLAT TAX – let’s say 20%.

I am so tired of McCain\’s reference to Joe the plumber. All I do now is turn off the TV or change the channel. This Joe the Plumber is driving me crazy!!!!!

Posted by Eugene Diaz | Report as abusive

Joe the “Plumber”? He should vote for McCain and he probably voted for Bush twice and GHW Bush as well. It’s a phoney macho persona that Republican’s are “more tough” on evey issue and are out to protect his right not to pay taxes.
What this sockhead does not get is the fact that the GOP went crazy over the last 8 years spending money we just don’t have, but he and his children will someday have to repay. These are not conservative ideas or actions – on the contrary. They are perverted flaming liberal socialist ideas that spend tax dollars and imorally tranfer (spread the debt)equally to every man woman and child in the country.
If Joe thinks McCain and VP wannabe Barbie will help him or anyone like him step up, he’s just a bullet headed dope he appears to be.
He’s a lier (goes with the territory of being a phoney conservative)and a tax dodging leach. Anyone who is middle class and votes for McCain/McBarbie is either not paying attention on purpose, or is just plain stupid.

Look, if Obama screws up, I’ll be the first to vote him out. As far as voting for a ticket who wants to give the same tax cuts to everyone (do the math on a 1% cut on $200,000 worth of income v $40,000) has got to be kidding. Unless Joe the Plumber is really Joe Sixpack in which case, he can buy a sixpack with the tax break these two are claiming to deliever.
That tax cut will be funded by more debt which (like buying groceries with a credit card) will eventually make this country a bananna republic we are heading for if things don’t change soon.

Go ahead Joe, pull the lever. When people can’t pay for a plumber, maybe you’ll start to vote for your own interests.


Posted by T | Report as abusive

Joe seems like a nice fellow however this question he raised makes me wonder if he came up with it on his own. Working as a plumbers assistant, how on earth would Joe get the money to consider buying a business with a profit (or even gross income)of $250,000-$270,000 per year. Interestingly, Joe quoted the exact numbers that would place him in the “higher” tax bracket proposed by Senator Obama. This would suggest he has done his homework in some detail before raising the question with Senator Obama. Since he has the exact income details, surely he must know that if he wants to buy such a business he must expect a purchase price of several multiples of the annual income. Where would this money come from? Is he independently wealthy? Would a bank loan such an amount to an unlicensed plumber? Sorry Joe…good try but I don’t buy it!

Posted by Rita | Report as abusive

Hey Guys,

Thought I’d post to this because I noticed that most of the comments were mentioning that Joe is making 250$K at year, that’s not exactly what it’s saying, it said “…Joe is about to buy a plumbing company that is currently making about 250$K a year.” C’mon guys, cut the man some slack! If he wants the company I say Kudos to him! Everyone else is jealous that they’re not gonna make that much!

Posted by Sylken | Report as abusive

Geeeeeez. If Joe wants to have no taxes, do what I do: work forty-two hours a week for eight dollars and hour. Then he’ll make less than $20,000 a year and he will have to pay minimum taxes. OR he could butch up, and do what I am on track with doing: go to school, get a job that pays better, eventually own my own business, and pay taxes like every other company that exists. If Joe can’t buy his business this year, or next year, maybe he should just wait another couple of years. Plenty of businesses, including plumbing businesses, make it by regardless of what the taxes are. If taxes go up, do you think ALL plumbing businesses will fall off the planet? NO. And instead of dragging myself down with more taxes while I’m 20 years old, getting no help from my parents financially, and attempting to pay for college, doesn’t it make more sense to tax the guy who’s already well-established? Look at what the McCain stickers are on: Mercedes, Lexus, etc. Obama? Dodges, Kias, etc. Are the poor guys jealous? Yes. But sometimes they can’t drag themselves out of the pit of despair because the richie riches need to get more tax breaks for that new pool or vacation in Tahiti. Sometimes welfare goes to the wrong people. Sometimes food stamps go to the wrong people. But, I’m 20, intelligent, fit… but I wasn’t born into the right family. My parents aren’t paying for any part of my education. My mom drives a bus, my dad fixes cars at the shop him and his brother run (and they are their only employees).
Who “deserves” a tax break? Those who work hard to get where they are at. Those who are trying to succeed. Those who need to just get by until the next paycheck. Joe might deserve less taxes. But where’s the cut-off point? 20 thousand dollars earned a year? Forty? Two hundred and fifty? Two million? I am not an economist, but no broad plan is going to make everybody happy.

Sorry about the rant. Over.

Posted by Jared | Report as abusive

The answer to your question is that Joe the Plumber should be taxed more because our country needs the money and he can afford to contribute more than a teacher, firefighter, etc. He will still be making a boat load of money paying an extra 3%. Let me ask you this — no one (Republicans) wants to pay taxes and contribute to our society so what should our society run on? Should we just print some extra money at the mint so all the rich people can just keep all of their money and keep getting richer? This year my family will bring in less than half of what we brought in last year because of this economy and the crash of the real estate and new home industry. We could lose everything we worked hard for the past 15 years. However, I still know that I have to contribute what I can afford to contribute because we’re not in this alone.

Posted by Jamie | Report as abusive

If I were to tell you that raising taxes would, without a doubt, hurt our economy, would you still vote to increase taxes? Well, unfortunately most people don’t realize the back lash of this. If taxes are raised, the owners of companies will not cut their income, they will just pass on the increase to the consumer, or cut jobs – so you and I will end up paying more. Again, the lower income and middle class will feel it the most. We will just be hurting ourselves if taxes are increased. I still don’t understand why it is so difficult to grasp the significance?

I do understand people wanting to make more money, but are unsure how to do it.

Also, government isn’t suppose to be a business. I was born in a communist country, and I can tell you that you do not want more government involvement.

Posted by Chris | Report as abusive

Just because a business makes $250.000.00 does not mean the owner takes home $250.000.00. Out of that comes salaries, business insurance, equipment, property taxes, income taxes, retirement plans, personal health insurance…Geez, you’d think Joe was able to live on 5th Avenue the way many of you are talking. Do you get this critical with pro athletes, celebrities and movie stars? By the way, many of the above don’t work 12 hour days, only to be mocked for being “just a plumber” to make a decent living. And please, don’t get me started on the salaries of politicians. After “serving” in congress for so many years they spend the rest of their lives receiving free health care and a risk free pension the rest of us could only dream about. Most of the time that is fine with me, because I figure if I wanted the same for myself, I would run for office. I don’t want to, so thats that. But don’t begrudge people who make money, THEY are the workers and most of us can still make choices! What a blessing! Rewarding hard work is the American Way! It creates ingenuity! Yea!

Posted by donna reichenbach | Report as abusive

This post is for Jamie (posted on the 26th).

Jamie, If someone makes more money than you, do you feel that they use more than you? For example, do they drive on the road more than you, or use the public school system more than you? Of course not. What we should have is a flat tax and get rid of any government run organization that is wasteful.

I’m pretty sure that we are all happy to pay our taxes, but not to fund things that are unnecessary.

Posted by chris | Report as abusive

Thinking is good. But you have to be objective and not just let pop thoughts drift off the top of your heads. Joe the plumber presently makes about $40,000 a year, and would benefit from Obama’s tax plan now. Joe has a dream and a vision, not based on reality, of one day owning a business that could possibly be making at least $250,000. Under Obama’s tax initiatives, Joe would benefit from the rest of the 95% of Americans having the ability to get enough of a tax break to be a customer of Joe the Plumber. Plus Joe would get tax breaks for hiring people to work for him. But back to reality Joe, you don’t like the fact that you have to be taxed for anything in America. Is that why you owe about $11,000 in back taxes? As long as you have your 2 guns and a dog, you’re cool.Keep dreaming the American dream Joe.

My God what has happened to my GOP. This is what we get for nominating such a rouge republican

Posted by Craig the Engineer | Report as abusive

You people are not seeing the real world here. Have you HIRED a plumber lately? Or a mechanic? or a painter? Would you think a horse shoer could make $250,000 a year? NO? Well, I pay my shoer $150 to shoe a horse, which takes him about 45 minutes. He can shoe 8-10-12 horses a day. And with a helper, he could do even more. Go figure it out, My Friends.

Joe’s $250K is the gross income of the business and he is concerned that Obama will tax him so that he doesn’t have enough money to pay his wages, buy equipment, and even hire more help. This shows Obama’s tax plan hurts small businesses while taking money away from Joe to grow his business, it’s that simple. Obama is that used car salesperson you better be careful in dealing. While we have Joe the Plumber we have Barack the Used Care Salesperson..

Posted by Jon Bridgewater NJ USA | Report as abusive

Do any of us “employed” people work for a business, corporation, etc., with a gross income LESS than $250K?

Hello!!!! It’s the businesses, corporations, etc., that have the $$ that employ us!!!!

All I know is that we started out with Joe Six Pack and then evolved to Joe the Plumber. This is surreal. I cannot believe that this is how we are framing our political discourse for such an important election. And then I saw this video this morning: 670/thomas-haden-church-vs-joe-the-plumb er-from-thomas-haden-church

And I think that really highlights how absurd this dialog is!

Posted by Thomas | Report as abusive


Posted by peter barton | Report as abusive

Good grief, so many of you are having fits over “Joe the
Plumber”, but he isn’t running for president and besides
all he did really was pose a decent hypothetical question
of Sen.Obama.

Admit it, Obama slipped up in answering by revealing his true plan for taxing! No help from his handlers, debate
coaches or handlers that time to obfuscate the truth!

We already have welfare and now a bigger piece is to be
taken from those who work hard and be given to others.
Suggestion: Do what many of us are already doing and
give to a favorite charity or personally help out someone!

Senator Obama how much money personally, have you spared to spread to help the wealth around?

McCain/Palin ’08

Posted by littleleers | Report as abusive

Is Joe the Plumber coming to campaign in Charlotte, NC anytime soon? I’d like to hear him speak and ask his opinion on the Fed’s Open Market Account and his take the Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations. I also hope that he’s being well remunerated for his campaign appearances. A man on plumber’s wages can’t afford to take too many breaks from his regular job.

Posted by Carlos Navarro | Report as abusive

I don’t give a rat’s behind about Joe. Here’s what I do care about… ending war… a decent economy… jobs staying in the USA (I HATE talking to foreign customer service centers!) and keeping Sarah Palin as far away from the White House as possible.

Posted by Vicki | Report as abusive

Hey Jon Bridgewater (oct 29), what kind of dumbed up logic are using? Joe is concerned that Obama is going to tax his “make believe” business which will negatively affect his ability to hire “make believe” employees. How does that show that Obama tax plan hurts small businesses? Pretty sure that is the most illogical statement on this long list of uninformed responses. I’m worried that my insurance company won’t cover my surgery, which shows that we should do away with insurance, Presto. Doesn’t work that way.

One more thing, from all the people that were bagging on the couple that had master’s degrees and only made around 77K. You guys ever think that just maybe they chose to enter a field that has better benefits than money, for themselves and us. Check out the average salary for a teacher. I know here in the midwest, the “real America” according to your boy McCain, teachers with advanced degrees still average around 30-40K a year. Not everybody is motivated solely by the green.

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Sam the Gas Station Guy……….sam is sammer issa anabi. rawa is his wife. very wealthy and not voting for obama because of profit in gas prices. This article was a sham.

C.A.R. Enterprises owns 60 facilities that offer combinations of fuel, C-store, and car washing services in California. Sam Anabi, president of C.A.R.

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I am so sick of hearing about Joe”The Not Really A Plumber”. This guy doesn’t even have a plumbing license and doesn’t make anywhere near $250,000 a year. Not sure why he wants to jump on the McCain bandwagon. McCain needs to find a real small business owner that Obama’s plans would affect. The whole Joe Six Pack, come on, you have to be kidding me. I think I’ll go with Obama/Biden. Seeing as how Joe really is a Biden.

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To litteleers:

Obama is willing to increase his own taxes, so he can lower taxes for those of us who don’t make $250,000. Looks to me like he is willing to personally spread the wealth. What is McCain willing to personally contribute from his own pocket?

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Joe the plumber is not license? If true I would not do business with him. I am so sick of hearing about, Joe the Plumber! Mccain must be desperate for the low IQ votes.

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*** What troubles me and should trouble all Americans concerning Joe and the Obama campaign is that the people conected with Obama went after Joe like a pack of hungry sharks. They sought to discredit him and ruin him and it appears that Obama did nothing to stop this. ***

No. The media dug in to JtP’s life and reported on it, same as they do with anyone who ends up in the spotlight. The fact that what turned up made Joe and McCain look like fools is noone’s fault but Joe’s And McCain’s.

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How is it right to highly tax people below $250,000 who are trying to succeed and make it in life, but it’s completely wrong to highly tax people who are already well off? America will not grow if the middle class can barely earn enough money to live while the “rich” class continues to gain more and more money. It almost looks as if the “rich” class is trying to step all over the middle class just because they have more money.

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WHAT ABOUT JOE THE UNION CARPENTER THE REAL MIDDLE CLASS!!!!!! OBAMA BACKS ME 100% John McCain HATES US,joe the plumber has his own buss. hes not middle class why doesnt n e one see this ,

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what are everyones thoughts on this joe the plumber business one year on?