Latino Protestants swing to Obama

October 16, 2008

DALLAS – They are a minority within a minority but in this year’s White House race between Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain they are also a sought-after swing vote. Vying for swing votes

Latino Protestant voters in the United States are swinging solidly behind Obama, according to a poll released on Thursday by the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, Faith in Public Life and other faith-based groups.

Its key finding: that among Latino Protestant registered voters, Obama has 50.4 percent support versus 33.6 percent for McCain. By way of contrast, President Bush by some estimates got over 60 percent of the votes cast by Latino Protestants in 2004, the main reason for Republican inroads with this ethnic group in that election.

Bush’s social conservatism appealed to many Latino Protestants, but the survey found that the perceived hardening of Republican views on immigration had tilted the landscape.

Close to a quarter of America’s 45 million Hispanics are Protestant, according to some estimates (most are Roman Catholic),  amounting to close to a third of the Latino electorate because of demographic and other social factors. Many are concentrated in closely contested states such as New Mexico and Colorado.

The nationwide poll was conducted by SDR Consulting from Oct 1 to 7 and included 500 self-identified Hispanic Protestants . It has a margin or error of +/- 4.4 percentage points.


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Hurrah for all those Latinos who do not see Obama’s color as the elephant in the room.

Good for them for being more Christian in spirit than some of those bibile-hugging bigots who have the timerity to claim to be Christians, and yet practice the most hateful and anti-Christian racism.

Come on America – reject the negative skin color phobics and embrace egality, fraternity and the just and fair ethos of a people who truly believe equality is the only way.

Treating fellow citizens, including Obama, with respect, dignity and fairness is the only way the US people will pull together and try to resolve the damage made by the Bush years.

It is NOT rocket science – just common sense and the ability to overcome personal prejudice and in some cases the raw injustice of race hatred.

The world looks on and waits…can the great American public achieve racial equality in mind and body?

Can they vote for an American with a different skin color? :-)

Posted by TheTruthIs… | Report as abusive

most catholics and people from a catholic back ground vote democrat.a passed listing refered to poll that suggested that people who attend church occasionly support obama and people how attend church every week or twice a week support macain.i have wounderful renewed catholic friends. most norminal christians think that because they are a member of a denomination they have automatic dispensation.joe biden professes to be a wonderful spiritual man look at what he gave last year ,small change.sadly what these spiritual democratic leaders say and do on faith seems to be so far from any biblical reference.

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

Idolatry is unChristian; no less so when the idol is the American Dream – as sold by the allegedly protestant distortion of Christianity that infests the GOP.

No surprise that this is beginning to sink in. It’s now plain to all that George W Bush needs to ‘born again’ again – this time for real.

Posted by AlanDownunder | Report as abusive

I could never understand why Hispanics would vote republican in the first place??? We were never in the same income bracket as republicans and they never liked us anyway. Happy to hear you’re waking up! Good choice–Go for Obama, he’s our man.

Posted by Alexandra | Report as abusive

America this is our time to make a difference, we will be part of history….Vote for Obama, I truly believe as a Born Again Christian raised by both republican Puerto Ricoan parents that for the first time I will vote DEMOCRAT…I will stand 100% Barack Obama. My mother is not happy with my decision, but I must do this for us AMERICA my vote counts, and need CHANGE. Vote Obama!!

Posted by Mrs. Martinez | Report as abusive

obama said himself to an audience of supporters that he indeed is not born again .he said he had no special awakening but made “an intellectual decision to convert to christianity when he was 23 years old” ,perhaps he was saying this because the audience were cacus dems and the word” born again” would have helped clinton.

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive