Obama doesn’t know about Powell endorsement

October 17, 2008

ROANOKE, Va. – Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama said he has “no idea” if former Secretary of State Colin Powell, a Republican, is about to endorse him.

Powell, a four-star Army general who has advised three presidents including current President George W. Bush, is scheduled to appear on the NBC Sunday talk show, “Meet the Press”.

rtx9jr5.jpgThat has sparked speculation that he could throw his support to Obama during that appearance. Earlier this year Powell had been mentioned as a possible running mate to Obama’s rival, John McCain.

Asked on Friday at the Total Elegance hair salon whether he would win the retired general’s endorsement, Obama replied, “I have no idea.”

During the Democratic primary, Powell offered some praise for Obama in a discussion on ABC’s “Good Morning America”, saying at the time that while the first-term Illinois senator did not have a long foreign policy resume, he was probably someone who could “learn quickly.”

Obama said afterwards that the former Secretary of State was someone he consulted on occasion and someone whose advice he valued. The campaign was keeping mum on whether the two had had more recent contact. 

Powell, who like Obama is African American, also had kind words for the speech on race that the candidate delivered in March.

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– Photo credit: Reuters/Alessia Pierdomenico (Powell in London)


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Both McCain and Obama (alphabetical order) hope that Colin Powell will endorse their opponent.

Colin Powell has lost all his credibility after going to the UN and making that pathetic presentation.

Posted by Luigi | Report as abusive

are you kidding me luigi?

his status was used to us get into iraq. i still feel he is an honorable man.

regardless, the man has a brilliant strategic mind–simply one of the best soldiers and americans ever. he is dedicated to service of his country.
who wouldn’t want this man’s endorsement? if obama earns it its bound to swing a ton of undecided security-minded independents his way, as well as attract more republicans and military servicemen and women.

Posted by scott | Report as abusive

It really doesn’t matter who Powell will endorse now. Most people have made up their minds and someone else’s opinion shouldn’t matter. Besides, Powell would lose on both sides if he endorsed anyone. If he goes against his party, he’ll be seen as a traitor. If he goes with Obama, it would appear that he is going with his race. He has already lost enough. Why take such a chance? All he has to do is just wait until the election is over and congratulate the winner. That’s the “political” thing to do.

Posted by Kimberley | Report as abusive

I would have voted for Colin Powell in a split second.
He is another true American who was willing to give his life for his country. Never once did I hear him say that “for the first time in his life he was proud to be an American” or that “America is no longer a Christian Nation”. I’m sure there were things that he fought for that made him look bad in some people’s eyes but he always has been a very decent and admirable man and put the country before all else including his family during the many years that he served us all. I would never vote
for Barack Obama. Colin Powell, no matter how he votes will do so because he thinks that it will be in the best interest of our country. I will be disappointed if he
votes for Barack Obama but he has more than earned the right to vote for whomever he chooses, he spent his life fighting for those rights.

Posted by Peggy Holtz | Report as abusive

I don’t know what Rueter is thinking – this is not a blow to McCain – to have Colin Powell “Uncle Tom” as the liberals tagged him during his term in office with the Bush Administration. This is plus for McCain and just looks racially motivated on Powell’s part, but I know Powell who ran the State Department like a fund raiser for the European Union and refused to cooperate in stopping illegal aliens from entering this country whether it be islamic nationals from Canadian border or illegals pouring through the southern border with Mexico. This department under Colin Powell is why we have huge deficits in the government paying out healthcare, social security, identity theft, bad loans to illegals, because that department under Powell refused to monitor visas, and guess who was in charge for 911, yes that fateful day, when 9 terrorist who were here illegally with drivers licenses from Tennessee and other states, expired student visas, were never checked on by our dear state department under Powell. Obama is not going to want his indorsement, believe me. McCain is thrilled.

Posted by dktn | Report as abusive

I sure don’t care who endorses who especially with powell. I used to think colin was a good man until he sold the case for Iraq and then disappeared. Sad to say but I have no respect for him nor either candidate really.

Posted by jason | Report as abusive

Powell came off as a highly intellectual man who was nothing more than a puppet for the Bush regime.

I was happy when I saw him step down, as he was one of the few Republicans I trusted and admired. He went along with Bush because he had to at the time.

He has no need to support McCain and he has shown intelligent enough to see that this election is more important than party ties.

I applaud him on his choice, and he has re-affirmed my faith in the few stand up Republicans still out there.

Posted by Dave | Report as abusive

Powell’s endorsement of Obama does not verify Obama’s judgement, but rather brings Powell’s judgement into question. Powell says that Obama is ready to lead … WHY? … Regardless of Powell’s last minute endorsement, Obama is still the most liberal senator in congress … who accomplished nothing in his meager 3 years in office, except voting present 160 times, and campaigning for President, as well as associating with anti-American racists and domestic terrorists … giving good speeches … and, taking America down the road to socialism. I used to respect Colin Powell … but, now that’s history!!!

Posted by Howard | Report as abusive

I wonder about the hipocracy of the obama campaign. first off i am undecided, of which candidate is best . the powell endorsement by obama just through some more confussion with obama, why, hes been preaching against the
bush administration and linking his opponent to bush, however, he supports bushs’ biggest advisor , and possibly one of the biggest supporters for the war and push for the so called WMDs. Now, I think Powell is an outstanding american and thank him for his service, Believe me Bush is not smart enough to be the master mind. Powell sold his soul for a job, I believe and Obama should of thought his approval out.

Posted by jim kidwell | Report as abusive