Oops! McCain asks Russia’s U.N. envoy for money

October 20, 2008

By Louis Charbonneau 

UNITED NATIONS – John McCain’s U.S. presidential election campaign has solicited a financial contribution from an unlikely source — Russia’s U.N. envoy — but a McCain spokesman said on churkin.jpgMonday it was a mistake. 

 In the letter, McCain urged Russia’s U.N. Ambassador Vitaly Churkin to contribute anywhere from $35 to $5,000 to help ensure McCain’s victory over Democratic rival Sen. Barack Obama, currently ahead in voter preference polls. 

“If I have the honor of continuing to serve you, I make you this promise: We will always put America — her strength, her ideals, her future — before every other consideration,” McCain assured Churkin. 

Moscow’s mission to the United Nations issued a terse statement on the Republican presidential candidate’s letter, saying that the Russian government and its officials “do not finance political activity in foreign countries.” 

 A spokesman for McCain, a long-time critic of Russia, had a simple explanation for the fundraising letter’s arrival at the Russian mission in New York: “It was an error in the mailing list.” 

 The letter was addressed to Churkin and sported a McCain signature near the bottom. 

Earlier this month, both McCain and Obama harshly criticized Russia for invading Georgia two months ago, but neither was willing to say yes when asked if Russia under Prime Minister Vladimir Putin was the “evil empire”. 

It is illegal for U.S. presidential candidates to accept funds from foreign sources. The McCain campaign accused Obama earlier this month of not doing enough to screen for illegal contributors and asked U.S. election officials to investigate. 

 McCain has agreed to public financing for his campaign and therefore his election campaign cannot accept funds from private donors.

Photo credit: Reuters/Keith Bedford.  Churkin speaks to the media after a meeting of the U.N. Security Council at United Nations headquarters in New York, August 11, 2008.

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Um, I call BS…

Posted by yarrrrr | Report as abusive

I’m going to make it sweet, but short “WHATEVER”!

Posted by Trasa | Report as abusive

wonder why this piece of news isn’t making it to headlines of major portals… hmm

Posted by TT | Report as abusive

I guess if he asked a terrorist that would be alright.

Posted by Allen | Report as abusive

It only came up as a mistake when the media found out about it. It makes you wonder How many other illegal contributions has the McCain campaign solicited? Maybe THEY should be investigated, right after we charge and convict Bush and Cheney for war crimes.

Posted by Joe Hairspray | Report as abusive

wat lunkheads

Posted by vincent gonzalez | Report as abusive

Hmmnnn…..where is the story about Mr. Biden’s statement regarding that a President Obama will be “tested” soon after taking office? That’s a story!!!!

Posted by patboo | Report as abusive

It’s not in the headlines because it is a simple computer mailing list error. Think about it. What is so newsworthy of tens of thousands of letters being mailed out and one accidently makes it to the wrong person. If this should be brought to light as a mark againts McCain, then Biden being extremely wrong about the duties of the Vice President as set out by the constitution should definitely be put out in front of the media. Amazing how Biden can be totally wrong on many statements made, Obama can make outlandish claims and nothing hits the airwaves. Now one innocent computer mailing list glitch happens and all the Dems are in uproar.

Posted by dwmt | Report as abusive

If McCain has accepted public financing and cannot accept funds from private donors, what the hell is his campaign doing sending out solicitation letters anyway?

Posted by SC | Report as abusive

McCain and the gop. are done. They think they can do what they want yet everyone else is held to a higher standard. This is just one more reason that barack obama will bring this home. Jon McCain does not know if he is comming or going. Well i would say that’s to bad. But i could care less about the right wing and all there low down tactics. They are just a bunch of nasty, bitter people who have been found out. Oh good luck with that…


Posted by we will | Report as abusive

Tuesday, October 21, 2008…

SPREAD IT AROUND If ‘Joe/Sam The Plumber’ of Toledo, Ohio was really just John Q. Citizen asking a question and getting a thoughtful response from Barack Obama then Joe/Sam ought to be outraged at McCain’s campaign for turning him into a “symbol…

Posted by Anonymous | Report as abusive

“then Biden being extremely wrong about the duties of the Vice Presiden”

At least the Democrats VP pick can spell Vice President. Reps can’t even spit out all the words on the paper in front of here, she messes up so just smiles pretty and winks.

And McCain makes a huge deal out of every person that Obama every came within 20 feet of. Seriously McCain, lets look at scandals you’ve been involved in…

Posted by Michael | Report as abusive

The USA is a stage and the world is watching this dog and pony show, i will be so happy when nov 4 is here so we can drop the curtain.
d vuletic

Posted by d vuletic | Report as abusive

All this story is about, really, is crass incompetence of monumental proportions.

No one can excuse this faux pas – it’s just too stark and stupid to ignore.

It is evidence that Mc Cain is not in full control of his patch – or even that he himself is emphatically incompetent.

Either way, combined with his other gaffs and with the devastating Palin effect – he’s toast! :-(

Posted by TheTruthIs… | Report as abusive

Why should the Russians pay for the neighbor lady’s addiction to clothes on other people’s money.

Posted by Rodger Lemonde | Report as abusive