Colombians keen to vote for Obama, or bet on him

October 24, 2008

By Freddy Builes

TURBACO, Colombia – A former mayor of this coastal town is such as fan of U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama that he plans to hold a mock election to allow Colombians to vote for the Democrat.

Silvio Carrasquilla plastered the front of his house with pictures of Obama, campaign slogans and U.S. flags.

“We want to show the moral support that Obama has here,” said 28-year-old Carrasquilla, who was mayor from 2004 to 2008. “I got the idea when people who saw the house started asking if there was some way for them to vote.”

On U.S. election day Nov 4., they will be able to cast a ballot at four voting booths set up around Turbaco, a mostly Afro-Colombian town near the Caribbean resort of Cartagena.

Win or lose in the United States, Barack Obama could really hit the jackpot in Colombia.

A provincial lottery has printed the smiling face of Obama on its tickets, hoping to boost sales while paying homage to the U.S. presidential candidate.

The average weekly top prize: just under $300,000.

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Photo credits: Reuters/Freddy Builes and Albeiro Lopera.


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Colombia or whatever: the big problem the American people have to overcome is color prejudice.

It is an ugly, devisive and totally illogical Achilles heal, but it still haunts the trail like a spectre of doom and puts fear into Obama and his supporter’s hearts.

Who knows what the madness of prejudice will do to the voting on E day? Let’s hope that the American voters vote with their hearts and minds and do not do their worst by voting for more of the same.

To vote in as president an elderly man and an quasi-incompetent novice would set off a political death knel for the US.

The fat lady would be singing loud and clear and America will have to kiss goodbye to any claims to be the world’s only superpower. Game over if McCain gets in.

Her international standing will plummet further and America will embark on an even greater farago of botched policies and economic degradation leading to greatly reduced world influence and financial ruin for many US companies.

At least that is my honest opinion of what color prejudice could end up doing.

Be careful, American people, for what you wish for – you may bitterly regret not voting for Obama, who happens to have a slightly deeper tan that you do.

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Since Obama is against the U.S. / Colombia Free Trade Agreement, which would effectively derail the hugely successful Plan Colombia, one thinks why on earth would any Colombian support Obama? Since this article focuses on a mostly black Colombian town, would race have anything to do with it?

Posted by Miguel Zamorano | Report as abusive