McCain daughter blogs plea for support for her dad

October 28, 2008

WASHINGTON – As Meghan McCain has traveled the country campaigning for her father, Republican hopeful John McCain, she has been writing a blog sharing her thoughts and behind-the-scenes photos from campaign stops as well as from book signings for her new children’s book.

With her father behind in the latest polls, Meghan on Tuesday offered an impassioned plea for votes for her father over Democratic rival Barack Obama. At the same time, she acknowledged the country’s thirst for change and the fact that she and the Republican party do not always see eye to eye.

“I know there are people who are so desperate for change they will do anything to get what they think is a better deal,” McCain’s 24-year-old daughter wrote on her blog,

She argued that Obama was inexperienced and he would raise taxes if elected, noting that Democrats would control not just the White House but Congress as well. (Obama has said only those earning more than $250,000 would see their taxes go up.)

“Some of you have asked me how I can support my Dad or call myself a Republican when times are so tough, especially since my own personal beliefs don’t always sync with the GOP. Well, I have asked myself that same question a lot. But I support my Dad through it all because I know this: my Dad will be unlike ANY other Republican president,” she said.

In wrapping up her blogpost, McCain also tried to turn two words Obama regularly uses on the trail, “change” and “hope,” against him. 

She said a vote for her father was one to “change our country for the better.”

“Don’t hope for a better future,” she added. “Vote for one.”

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– Photo credit: Reuters/Carlos Barria (Meghan McCain introduces her father at a rally in Ohio.)


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Support McCain – for inciting to violence? The two skinheads recently apprehended planned to take the hatred and vindictiveness of the McCain/Palin campaign to its final, logical step.

That would be the one step further that Ashley Todd, the white woman campaign operative who made up the story of being mugged and brutalized by a black Obama supporter just three news cycles ago, had also been willing to provoke. (Remember Ashley? PITTSBURGH, Oct. 24, 2008 Latest Dirty Trick to Sway Election Backfires – Thwarted by Pittsburgh Police Dept: – McCain Worker Made Up Attack Story – PittsburghWoman To Be Charged With Making False Report).

A John McCain campaign volunteer made up a story of being robbed, pinned to the ground and having the letter “B” scratched on her face in a politically inspired attack, police said Friday. Ashley Todd, 20-year-old college student from College Station, Texas, admitted Friday that the story was false, police said. Maurita Bryant, the assistant chief of the police department’s investigations division, said Todd is being charged with making a false police report.
Todd worked in New York for the College Republican National Committee before moving two weeks ago to Pennsylvania, where her duties included recruiting college students, the committee’s executive director, Ethan Eilon, has said. Eilon declined to comment on the investigation Friday or to help The Associated Press contact Todd.

I assume, and certainly hope, that Ashley Todd was a rogue actor. Just as these two skinheads are undoubtedly rogue wanna-be assassains.

But they have been shown the way, and incited to their actions, by the rhetoric of Sarah Palin and John McCain, – who’s gutter campaign tactics have been bringing just this element to the surface at their rallies these past weeks. And that is the point.

Sorry, Meghan, but with all due respect, this McCain-style campaign from the gutter must not be rewarded with victory at the polls, but rather, must be soundly defeated on Nov 4th, election day, just 7 days from today!

Posted by fbla1805 | Report as abusive

I think McCain has gone over the top and is in desparation mode. Even, his hand picked VP is against her. He is shouted like Dean did in the primary four years ago.

It is her daughter, tomorrow it will his butler and then the new redneck contractor he hired, yea, Joe the Plumber!

I can not beleive that a man can make so many promises in 2 minutes without giving any details and hope the public would just voter for him. Maverick, my foot!
The sane thing for McCain would be pack up and go to Sedona, or heck, drive to Mexico and leave everyone sane in this country.


Posted by delhifofa | Report as abusive

well i like the idea you have but obama has said way to many lies about mccain , now what dos you dad going to do is he going to egnor them or do the same to him ?
thats my question …

i am 12 years old ….

Posted by christian | Report as abusive

It’s funny. The first indication I got that McCain wasn’t the John McCain I thought I once knew, was through his family. I learned about the manner in which he left his first wife and his 12 year old for a woman almost two decades younger. I learned how this daughter, Meghan, didn’t even mention his first three children in a biography she wrote about her father’s life. I believe how a man treats his family says a lot about him. I voted for him in the primary nonetheless. But then the general election just confirmed my nagging worst fears about him. He is a hero, no doubt. He suffered A LOT for this country. I have tremendous respect for him in that regard. But the way in which he has run this campaign; from the Palin pick to Joe the Plummer- yeah, John M. is going to help HIM financially. Just the true nastiness of his campaign, it’s clear- this campaign for him is all about JOHN MCCAIN first, NOT country first. That much is finally clear. So long, John McCain. You’re going down.

Posted by Amy | Report as abusive

Yes Megan you are right when you said: “Don’t hope for a better future,vote for one.” We will follow your advise and vote Obama/Biden.

Posted by Character Counts1 | Report as abusive

Socialism has not worked in communist countries such as Russia, China, Vietnam, Cuba and North Korea. These countries are leaning toward capitalism and I don’t know why Obama wants to go in there. Spreading wealth will invite more people to depend on the help of the government and punish investors who may think the government will take a big chunk out of their profits.

Posted by serious voter | Report as abusive

Support your Dad? NO. This is why. He has run the sleaziest, most negative campaign I have ever seen. He wants to win but has no cogent plan for governing. He selected a VP who is beyond incompetent. He will continue Bush’s destructive policies.

Posted by D Martin | Report as abusive

sorry, why would we care what McCains daughter puts on her blog?
Shes a rich kid who wants her dad to be president… Im sure she has lots of help from his staff to tell the story of how bad Obama is.

Fear mongers.

Posted by Joe american | Report as abusive

McCain’s daughter does not add much to the campaign. She simply restates the same old, same old, tired old repertoire.

Obama will not raise taxes for most of us however many times the whole McCain family repeats their lies. Since her father is not going to materially change any of Bush’s economic policy it is hard to see why anything is really going to change from the outcomes we have experienced during the last eight years.

Academic studies have shown that trickle down economics simply do not work. The last eight years of Bush have shown that, in practice, this is true. Subsidising large companies makes for inefficient companies and does not create jobs. Small companies are the economic engine of the US and the vast majority of these have been hammered by Bush’s economic polices just like the middle class. Giving additional tax cuts to people who have already seen their pay go into the stratosphere does not create a significant number of jobs. They invest the majority of their cash in stocks, hedge funds and buildings and land. None of these create as many jobs as would be created by returning this cash to the middle class that would actually go out and buy things.

As for the democrats being tax and spend and for big government we only have to look at the Bush/Republicans to see that they are the new big spending, big government party. All they did was go out and borrow the money so that the tax bill falls on our kids.

Sorry Meghan, the great neocon experiment has failed. Dressing it up in reformist clothes for the 21st century is not going to work. Be there to comfort your father on November 5. He’s a good man and a great public servant but he should have broken with Bush and fought his own race.

Posted by Cataplasm | Report as abusive

The media had decided who voters should vote for before the debates got started. Katie Couric, David Letterman, SNL, MSNBC etc… took side with Obama from the beginning to the end. It is a shame that the outcome is pretty obvious.

Posted by serious voter | Report as abusive

It is good to know that he has his daughter Meghan on the campaign trail asking folks to vote for her father. One question that I have is why hasn’t his other daughter, Bridgette who is his adopted daughter been seen on the campaign trail like Meghan has? As we all, John McCain’s adopted daughter, Bridgette has not been seen since the RNC and has dark skin. Why hasn’t anyone asked that question especially when race has entered this race? Is he hiding her for that very reason? More importantly, what must she think of those coming to their rallies citing racial epithets?

Mary MacElveen!

Posted by Mary MacElveen | Report as abusive

Can anyone ask Obama why Corsi was just jailed and deported from Kenya? Free speech isnt’ an issue over there. Just in the same way this bullsh*t election is against free speech. Obamabots are so militant, i almost believe I’m talking to a comrade of maoist panthers. SOMETHING IS VERY WRONG WITH THIS ELECTION!!! Acorn? MSM?

Just because you once lived in a country doesn’t make you a powerful political power over there. Obama was helping Odinga to win a FRADULENT election. Does anyone see the resemblance of MSM and Acorn with these groups in Africa?

“The general tone of the strategy was to encourage the Odinga campaign to claim to be leading in the presidential race regardless of the actual numbers and be prepared to proclaim victory even if Odinga lost.

The officials poll results showed he lost to the incumbent by about 250,000 votes.

The plan called for “opportunities” for Odinga to pursue, including efforts to “exploit anti-Kikuyu statements,” with a determination to “leverage the vulnerability of the Kibaki administration responses to corruption” and confront Kibaki with “a powerful anti-corruption message.”

The final strategy the document calls for is exploiting ethnic tensions and using “violence as a last resort” to gain power. Among the 1,000 killed, reports say, were several dozen women and children who died when the Christian church in which they had sought refuge from marauding Muslim gangs was burned down around them.” a=PAGE.view&pageId=78132

Posted by vote4therepublic | Report as abusive

No offense Meghan and I know you are trying to help your Dad out, but I’m a grown woman and came make my own decision and your dad isn’t it. Sorry honey, but my mind is made up. And this shows a campaign being desperate that she has to come out and beg her dad for some votes. Some will say he is and that’s fine, my me and many other supporters of Barack think he is. The audacity, he should of had you out there like Hillary had Chelsea, obviously your dad didn’t trust you enough to say the right thing. And I’m definitely not going to listen to someone who doesn’t agree with the party but because your dad is running, you are voting for him. Whatever!

Posted by Trasa | Report as abusive

I support McCain. I actually researched Obama back when he was running against Hillary Clinton – before his team begain scrubbing the web of information his campaign doesn’t want people to see. I am still amazed that he is a candidate and that people support his ideas. They must be falling for those empty eloquent speeches without actually listening to what he is saying or searching for the truth. It sure isn’t hope that he will be delivering to the majority if he is elected.

Posted by Karla | Report as abusive

I judge people by their actions, not their words. McCain and Palin will get my vote because they have done what they say they have done and their careers are open for the public to look at and make up their own minds whether they agree with them. Candidates should answer questions rather than avoiding them or promoting questions as an attack.

Posted by Kyle | Report as abusive

Come on now. Open your eyes people voting for McCain/Palin. What is the REAL reason you are not voting for Obama. ‘Cause he’s the biggest boss that I’ve seen thus far. YQ

Posted by Jackie Morris | Report as abusive

Another reason to vote for Obama/Biden, and not McCain/Palin? How about affordable health care for the middle class?

John McCain’s health care plans will destroy employer-based health insurance (says the US Chamber of Commerce!). For the millions of Americans that have it, that insurance is worth about $12,000. a year! After destroying this, McCain will offer instead $5,000. in tax credits! That’s $7,000. per family per year that McCain’s plan will steal from American families.

Even worse, McCain’s plan will throw us out of group insurance rates, and instead force us all onto the market as lonely individuals, with no market power, facing the powerful, unregulated health-insurance industry giants. And anyone with a precondition will not get any insurance coverage at all!

Who will benefit from the McCain Plan, may I ask?

In fact, the only choice for people:

who now have employer-based health insurance, or

who want a comprehensive family health insurance policy they can afford, or

who want to have Medicare still around when they retire,

is to vote for Obama/Biden!

John McCain’s plans will destroy all chances for middle class people to ever get decent family health insurance coverage!

The Democrats, with Obama/Biden, are the only ones who intend to make health insurance affordable for middle class people!

Posted by aix1825 | Report as abusive

“Socialism has not worked in communist countries such as Russia, China, Vietnam, Cuba and North Korea. These countries are leaning toward capitalism and I don’t know why Obama wants to go in there. Spreading wealth will invite more people to depend on the help of the government and punish investors who may think the government will take a big chunk out of their profits.”

Socialism and Communism. Not the same. While they both share the same views. Communism is the extreme of socialism, it’s extreme left on the political spectrum. Where as Nazism is on the extreme right of the spectrum. Socialism is a accepted, and respected form of political structure in the rest of the world. Not Communism; just as Conservative politics in this country are accepted, but of course extreme conservatism [a.k.a Nazism] is not accepted. Get your facts correct, and quit spreading misinformation. It’s seriously the lack of understanding of politics, and in general everything, that is going to hurt this country worst.

One more question – Do you like Social Security? The you are IN FACT a socialist. Read some books. Stop watching TV. its becoming clear most people in the US get all their information from TV and the Internet. Read books, please expand your mind. Quit shrinking it with the senseless rabble produced for television these days. Geez.

Posted by Informed | Report as abusive

from the looks of all these comments NONE of you have even taken a moment to look at Meghan’s blog. If you did you would see a young woman that represents the best of her generation. While many of her peers are sitting around asking themselves “whats in it for me?” she is out there fighting for our rights and freedoms. A SPOILED RICH GIRL? Do you know her personally? I have never seen or heard anything in the press to back up this argument. All I see is a girl like me who is out there fighting for what is RIGHT, what is JUST and fighting for your right to behave like babies for the rest of your lives. Honestly, what is it with you liberal haters? Do you know how depressing a pathetic you all look? A life without optimism is a life wasted. Optimism will triumph over dumbed down liberalism… will see!

Posted by Holly Con | Report as abusive

Mehgan, your dad may be unlike any other Republican President, but he has run a terribly negative campaign. Most importantly, Sarah Palin would be only a 72-year-old heart-beat away from the most powerful office in the world. I’ll cast my vote for the 40-something-year-old who would tell us what newspapers he reads, what the role of the vice-president is, knows the Constitution in an academic and not emotional way and is preaching unity, not division among us.

Posted by carolrieger | Report as abusive

McCain risked the security of this country by selection a vice presidential running mate totally unprepared for the office, much less to take over as President should he become unable to serve. At his age that is a very likely possibility. Just with that selection he demonstrated extremely poor judgment, and that his personal ego came before the welfare of this country. And that is a real shame, he had served well before he became a politician.

Posted by Dietrich, AZ | Report as abusive

In my view, McCain risked the security of this country with his complete lack of good judgment when he selected a totally unprepared and unqualified running mate. He is 72 years old, the possibility of his vice president having to take over is very real. But he was more concerned with his ego than with the welfare of the country. Which is a shame. He served this country extremely well before he became a politician.

Posted by Dietrich, AZ | Report as abusive

It is admirable to show loyalty to family. She acknowledges the doubts we all feel about voting for a Republican during these times of need. However, her choice of her father is the only logical one.

I am curious about his leaving his first wife and children. That is a pretty damning thing about a man, if he does not acknowledge, support (emotionally and financially) and love his children. You can understand some problem causing a guy to change to a new wife for some reason or other, if it’s very serious (same for woman needing to change in the event of unforeseen and very serious events). However, ignoring the children has no excuse. In this age where everything about Obama’s life has been publicized, why hasn’t this been dugg into and brought up. I wouldn’t under any circumstances trust someone who ignores his children of a previous marriage.

Posted by Richard | Report as abusive

I love my father just like she does. But I accept the fact that my father could not be President. Her father could not either because he is too old and displayed erratic behavior about numerous things while campaigning such as suspending campaign but didn’t, saying not going to participate in debate, just to name a few and lastly has shown terrible decision making especially by chosing Sarah Palin. She should accept the same facts about her father. I had been a Republican for years until Bush and now McCain ended that. I am now a Democrat and look forward to Obama as President. I can’t believe this as I was raised in the days of segregation and had daily doses of bigotry. How I look forward to the future!!!!!

Posted by Jack | Report as abusive

Megan, this democrat is voting for McCain/Palin. 1st time in 23 years of voting. I did not drink the Obama kool-aid. I know many democrats that are voting for McCain too. Stay strong, and tell your dad that many hispanic democrats in Texas are voting for him.

Posted by cindy | Report as abusive