Bush to spend last campaign weekend at Camp David

October 29, 2008

WASHINGTON – President George W. Bush, who said in March he would find ample time to campaign for Republican White House contender John McCain, is going to spend the last weekend of the 2008 race at, well, Camp David.

Bush has record low job approval ratings due to the prolonged wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as the sour economy. He will leave Friday for the U.S. presidential retreat in the Catoctin Mountains of Maryland and will remain secluded until Sunday, according to his public schedule released late Tuesday evening.

“The president is pretty focused on the activities that we have here, especially getting this economy back in order,” said White House spokeswoman Dana Perino. “As we’ve said for a while, the president was going to be focusing on this.”

When the economic crisis unfolded and Hurricane Gustav hit the Gulf Coast, Bush canceled plans to attend several fundraisers around the country and sometimes sent surrogates in his place, including his wife Laura Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.

And as rival White House contender Democrat Barack Obama sought to paint McCain as an extension of the current president, McCain went to great lengths to distance himself from Bush.

During the campaign, McCain met three times publicly with Bush: once when he clinched the Republican nomination at the White House, a brief appearance at the Phoenix airport after a closed-door fundraiser they attended together, and then last month at the White House during a meeting on the financial bailout package.

McCain also last week blasted Bush in an interview with the Washington Times newspaper, saying “We just let things get completely out of hand.”

During the 2000 election, then-President Bill Clinton was largely cast aside by the Democratic hopeful Al Gore who sought to distance himself from the sex scandal that nearly took Clinton down. Instead Clinton spent much of his time working to elect his wife to the U.S. Senate.

So as the final weekend before election day approaches and McCain trails in most polls (narrowly in some), Bush will spend it the sidelines.

“He’s going to focus on being with Mrs. Bush and others this weekend at Camp David,” Perino said.

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– Photo credit: White House (Bush fills out his election ballot)


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Never mind Camp David! Get out there and campaign for McCain, George! He needs you now, more than ever. How can you abandon your fellow Republican like this? For maximal effect, I recommend many appearances together where you can tell the country how McCain, if elected, would uphold and extend the enormously successful and popular Bush Doctrine. There’s little time left! Hurry!

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Staying out of sight is better for damage control. The Bush presidency has had a negative effect on the Country, and has been a drag on the GOP Presidential effort. Keeping well away from the spotlight is the best he could do right now. I don’t know how he sleeps at night with everyone in both parties, and most of the world, openly saying how bad a President he’s been

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Perhaps Mr. Bush can invite Mr. McCain for the weekend.

However, Mr. McCain probably wouldn’t want to do that for various reasons…not the least of which would be a seeming victory lap before the votes are counted. Mr. McCain has said repeatedly that he would never do that. Of course, it is not Mr. McCain who is ahead in the polls, to include the exit polls of early voters.

Rather, it is Mr. Obama who is ahead.

This morning, Mr. & Mrs. Reader, in a seemingly desperate attempt to hold onto republican party political power in the U.S. government as of next Tuesday…and in advance of Mr. Obama’s television address this evening…Mr. McCain shamefully and disgracefully embarked on a measured tirade against his opponent in the race for the presidency, and for the Constitutional position of military commander in chief.

Mr. McCain indicated that after the domestic (and worldwide) economic crisis is over, Americans will still face worldwide enemies, e.g., the “Castro brothers” of Cuba, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran, North Korea’s Kim Jong-il. Mr. Bush’s “axis of evil” includes Iran and North Korea (although the Korean dictatorship was removed from the United States’ list of states that sponsor terrorism on October 11th…and the Bush administration has been pursuing diplomatic talks with Iran).

Through the sad use of half-truths and innuendo, Mr. McCain indicated in no uncertain terms that foreign policy gurus such as 66-year old Senator Joe Liebermann and Richard Nixon’s former secretary of state, 85-year old Henry Kissinger, have assured him that Mr. Obama is not up to the task of carrying out the duties and responsibilities of Constitutional commander in chief. Behind Mr. McCain stood Florida’s governor, Charlie Crist, shaking his head in stern agreement with McCain’s every word and phrase.

Unlike Mr. McCain…Mr. Liebermann is a 1960’s draft dodger and personal coward who never served a day in the uniform of our great nation. Mr. Kissinger not only assisted Mr. Nixon in artificially keeping the Vietnam War going for political purposes until Nixon’s reelection in 1972, but Kissinger never served in the uniform of America’s military services either.

Mr. Crist could have joined the U.S. military in 1974 after graduation from high school, but he chose not to do so.

In general, Mr. McCain surrounds himself with avoiders of military service, or with those who have extremely thin military resumes, e.g., Senator Lindsey Graham.

I agree that the bad guys who are running Cuba, Iran and N. Korea don’t like us, and therefore by definition are America’s enemies. However, the question is, “Are they the grave threats that Mr. McCain says they are…in order to keep the United States presidency under republican party control?” That is very, very debatable. I believe the rational answer to that question to be NO.

Here is why I say this:
1. For starters, Cuba is barely able to do much of anything. The “Castro brothers” are very old men on their last leg (82-year old Fidel Castro can’t even get out of bed). These guys are even older than 72-year old Mr. McCain is. Raul Castro is 77.
2. N. Korea’s half-insane & paranoid Kim Jong-il is more likely to blow himself up, than he is likely to find a means of delivering a nuclear warhead beyond his political borders.
3. Iran doesn’t have a nuclear missile capability, and even if Mahmoud Ahmadinejad did have such a capability he would not dare use it preemptively, for fear of complete annihilation by the West…if not by Israel first (which DOES have nuclear missile capability).

I mentioned Mr. McCain’s shameless use of half-truths and innuendo. He never quite tells the whole truth. Neither does his generally uninformed running mate, Mrs. Palin.

The preceding campaign tactics are the same as those used against Mr. McCain by Messrs. Bush/Cheney/Rove in 2000. Likewise, they are the same smear tactics used by Messrs. Bush/Cheney/Rove against decorated Vietnam War Veteran, Senator John Kerry, in 2004.

Mr. McCain can’t help but be aware of what he is indulging in. No, that’s not entirely correct, i.e., Mr. McCain is PERFECTLY AWARE of what he is indulging in.

As a retired military person and Disabled Vietnam Vet…to me, Mr. McCain’s conduct is at the very least embarrassing, i.e., I am embarrassed for HIM.

OK Jack

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Please hit the campaign trail Bush! Give us that October surprise and show up in a swing state.

Posted by J-Tyme | Report as abusive

I wonder what gw will do after he’s done with America. I wonder if he’ll actually continue living in America.

Posted by jason | Report as abusive

Bush spends his last campaign weekend in the same way he has governed for eight years — on vacation.

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As a fellow Republican, I totally agree with DaveSEMass! Fellow Republicans, we must urge our President to get out there and campaign for our ticket! Remember, country first! Also, don’t believe the pundits, reach into your wallets and give everything you can financially to pull off the greatest comeback ever! I myself am donating a $1,000 to efforts in Pennsylvania! We can do it! Don’t give up HOPE!! FOUR MORE YEARS!!!

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Lets see George,
In eight years you’ve destroyed the Economy , Attacked and Raped two countries , turned America into a pariah state , Created an Internal US ” Police State ” by passing Draconian Laws Orwell would be amazed at ,Wiped out the Middle Class , Used Daddy’s Gang to Illegally Manipulate your way into the Presidency not once but TWICE , Isolated half the world against America , Screwed up New Orleans forever by your incompetance with Hurricane Katrina ,Fought a Bogus War on Terrorism so Halliburton can make Billions ,and now you’re taking a weekend off . How Nice . If we were still a Democracy , you would have been off for the past Eight Years ! Go W. Go !I just dread to think what damage you and your Sociopathic Neocon Swine are capable of doing in the final three months of your Dictatorship -Oops ” Presidency”- Angry Joe

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It’s a shame that Bush is breaking his promise to campaign for McCain. Perhaps he should just suprise the senator by showing up at this next rally? Get out there and show your support Mr. President! John McCain needs your help!

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Posted by jason

“……I wonder what gw will do after he’s done with America. I wonder if he’ll actually continue living in America.”

– Didn’t President Bush buy 100,000 acres of land in Paraguay in 2006?

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http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index1159. htm

bush is under house arrest & has been since 7/25/08 with a little bit of mobility 2 hide the truth from being known to the American public…

http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseac tion=blog.ListAll&friendID=147509065

MUST READS — bushs’ detainment is among the many very interesting & riveting blogs hardly spoken of in the main stream media & newspaper arenas…


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Perhaps All Republicans Are Giving Us A Year
or so to forgive our president bush with his upcoming headstart in his new life here and abroad…
Promoting All Realistic Answer Giving Us Americans, Years of peace to come while we head south to our

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Maybe the rumors of Bush being detained at Camp David are true. There should be no reason he can’t attend fund raisers. He really did buy 100,000 acres in Paraguay after all.

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