Move over, Tina Fey, John McCain’s coming to Saturday Night Live

October 31, 2008

STEUBENVILLE, Ohio – It’s official. Republican John McCain is making an appearance on the popular comedy sketch show Saturday Night Live this weekend, just days before the November 4 election.

SNL has seen its ratings surge this season on the popularity of its political skits, especially actress Tina Fey’s portrayal of McCain’s running mate, Sarah Palin

Palin, who bears a striking resemblance to Fey, appeared on the show two weeks ago, boosting ratings and drawing positive reviews.

McCain, 72, is a joker on the campaign trail himself, often poking fun at his home state or his friends from the Senate. 

The Arizona senator has often said he would make appearances on late night variety shows to boost his appeal with younger voters, many of whom have flocked to the candidacy of his Democratic rival Barack Obama, who is ahead in opinion polls. 

The trip to New York, where the show is filmed, will take McCain out of important battleground states like Ohio and Florida just days before voters go to the polls, but the campaign clearly believes the time is well spent appealing, for free, to a national television audience. 

The appearance will be McCain’s third on the show.

REUTERS/Brian Snyder (McCain in Florida); REUTERS/staff (Palin and Fey)


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What a great move. McCain has a very good sense of humor (as he showed in the roast last week) and it is an excellent chance to connect to a whole new audience 3 days before they vote. Go John!

Posted by Timothy B | Report as abusive

This election is prefaced by a slew of serious issues. I think that appearing on SNL 3 days before the election doesn’t represent a candidate who is concerned about changing the state of the economy. If this was a face recognition/popularity contest it would be okay but he’s running for president. I’m now officially going from undecided to voting for Obama.

Posted by Diane K. | Report as abusive

I thought John McCain’s performance showed how little respect he had for Sarah Palin. At least Palin went on the show to mock herself. John McCain mocked Palin. That’s a major difference. To me, it’s proof the Republican Party is very divided right now.

Posted by Hello? | Report as abusive

First, of all in defense of John McCain appearing on SNL,it’s amazing to me that a skit on SNL can make or break a some peoples eyes….but news reports of questionable liasions and actions of character have no relevance to some in our great nation…talk about looking for an excuse to make a decision on whom to vote for and using frivolus reasons to make your decision this is the best one yet.
Secondly, I am not sure how Mccain mocked Sarah Palin I thought the opeing skit was very Pro Palin compared to previous ones…that totally mocked her unrelentlessly and came off sexist at best in the past.
Even when Sarah appeared two weeks ago, she had to stomach being told she was horrible by Alec’s amazing to me how much hate many celebrities have for the Republican party..isn’t it great that we live in a Free Nation where you can speak your mind in public form? I just watched a news story where Hillary was putting down the sitting President George Bush and telling everyone at an Obama rally that she wanted to dress up as a scary character like George Bush for Halloween but John McCain already did…..this to me was below the belt …..and really showed me her character and lack there of…but this shouldn’t change or influence a vote should it? The one thing she should have said was ” I want to thank all of the men and women and yes….. John Mccain for defending our Freedom and for allowing me to insult our President of the United States” but I don’t think that’s in her character…that might explain why she’s not on the ticket.

Lastly, I just want to encourage everyone to go Vote on Tuesday…this is a very important election no matter what party you find your self supporting. Keep in mind that the candidates have all said what they thought we wanted to hear some times changing as the wind blows…I believe they will do any thing as long as legal to sway us to their side. Our country was founded by men and women who believed in Freedom…it’s taken us a while to get this far..we have a ways to go but it is attainable. So use one Of your Rights made possible by fellow Americans who gave thier lives for your opportunity and Right to VOTE!!

Posted by KC | Report as abusive

>>>To me, it’s proof the Republican Party is very divided right now.<<<

True. And McCain is part of the contingent that’s on its way out. The conservatives will come back. It took Jimmy Carter to give us Ronald Reagan. Obama is Carter squared, and he is likely to have a filibuster-proof senate and an 80-vote majority in the lower house. NO EXCUSES. When the economy is worse two years from now, the sweep begins, and we will get Ronald Reagan squared.

Posted by Kurtiss | Report as abusive