No Republican tricks at polls: McCain camp

November 1, 2008

WASHINGTON – A flier warning that Republicans could try to intimidate voters on Tuesday in the battleground state of Pennsylvania drew a sharp rebuke from John McCain’s camp.

The flier circulating in Lancaster County tells voters to be on alert for attempts to challenge their eligibility, according to McCain backer and former Sen. John Danforth.

He said the flier warns students and “people of color” they could be targeted, and some people might be told they cannot vote if they did not cast a ballot in the primaries, are delinquent on child support or have outstanding parking tickets.

Danforth said the idea that Republicans will attempt to intimidate voters is “absolutely false.”

“These are practices that are flatly repudiated by the McCain-Palin campaign,” he told reporters via conference call.

“It’s possible to create a lot of smoke by alleging things that are just flatly untrue and are not happening,” he added.

McCain backers are concerned, however, about the potential for voter fraud. Danforth mentioned the community group ACORN, which Republicans seized on after workers were accused of faking thousands of voter registrations.

See something suspicious? The McCain camp has set up a phone line for voters to report fraud, intimidation or other problems at the polls.

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Photo credit: Reuters/Jim Bourg (Voters arrive to cast absentee ballots in Maryland)



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Wow, the Democrats must be getting desperate resorting to such low measures as this obsurd rumour they are starting. They must be losing and reaching for straws.

Posted by Jenn Dee | Report as abusive

Fear and intimidation are the only tactics the republicans are truly artful about, from running abominable smear campaigns to intimidating already nervous new voters. The unfortunate tragedy is that I believe it and am not surprised.

Posted by Farhad | Report as abusive

Once Republicans privatize public education, they’ll have our kids working in the factories again. Now is the time to put our collective foot down and reject the corporations-first-citizens-second ideology that’s been breaking our backs for the last 30 years.

Posted by Hilary Smith | Report as abusive

Quit carrying water for the Republican mis-information machine. ACORN is the one that has been defrauded out of money by lazy workers. They are the ones who brought the fake voter registrations to the feds attention in the first place! The real scandal is that the Bush administration’s corrupt, partisan “justice” department “leaked” this information illegally close to a Presidential election!!!

Posted by Chris | Report as abusive

I’ve watched Republicans and Republican supporters pull dirty tricks. It’s their signature. That’s one reason I’m 100% behind Barack Obama.

Then, of course, there is the economy, our standing in the world, health care, education, treatment of veterans, and the energy crisis, among others.

It’s time for a change, and it’s time to put integrity, dignity, honesty and compassion at the forefront of our political process. Vote Obama/Biden ’08.

Posted by ash | Report as abusive

Oh yeah, the Democrats are getting desperate, right. After the presidential debacle in 2000 involving Florida, and questionable GOP activities related to that affair these are real concerns.

We’ve seen McCain-Palin reaching for straws like guilt by association to bad ministers and so-called former terrorists. It’s because their candidate has little to offer other than more of the same GW Bush failed policies. To top it off, his VP candidate was cited for ethics violations and lacks the experience to be president should McCain die in office. Face it GOP-ers, you guys are outta luck.

Posted by Jonny Octane | Report as abusive

Jeb Bush had the State Police out with dogs at the polls in Florida in 2000. Republicans shouldn’t be so indignant to dismiss it out of hand.

Posted by DaveSEMass | Report as abusive

Dear Jenn Dee –
Dems are not desparate, just mindfull of Florida 2000, when “check points” were set up in Democratic areas and inhibitted more than 80,000 people from voting. This likely cost the election and has led to … the morass the world is in today.

Posted by David | Report as abusive

There is a very real possibility that Republicans would try that… after all that’s EXACTLY what they did in the last two elections and it’s been proven.

Jenn Dee, you must have been out to lunch when all that happened before. The only way Republicans can WIN is by stealing elections with that sort of tactic. They are NOTORIOUS for it. That’s why Ohio now has a Democratic Secretary of State. The vote was literally STOLEN by Republicans using these tactics the last time around.

If you’re a Republican, you have NOTHING to be proud of; in fact you should be ashamed of yourself!

Posted by mavisdarling | Report as abusive

Let’s keep in mind here that all parties have the right to have challengers and watchers at all precincts. This is part of the checks and balance system. Both parties have their representatives at the polls. Frankly I just came from the local GOP training session. It was emphasized multiple times that no interaction with voters is allowed, and that everyone has the right to vote, no matter who they might be. Provisional ballots are there for that purpose.

There is nothing wrong with casting a provisional ballot. The purpose is that those votes get set aside, until qualifications are established, then they are counted. Letting questionable votes go straight into the tabulator is wrong, and creates an environment that supports election fraud.

Intimidation goes both ways, you say GOP are big meanies, and the GOP says the democrats are the ones that need to be watched. Both parties rate some watching.

Posted by T | Report as abusive

POLITICIAN=LIAR! Both sides spin their stories and work their angles. When Obama wins it will be up to US ALL to INSIST, by whatever peaceful means available to us, that he keep his word to the the American people, the hard working taxpayers who indeed have the power (and always have had the power) to change the course of this nation.

“Force is on the side of the governed,” as Hume would say. They must listen if we speak!

Posted by Marla Taylor | Report as abusive

I am PROUD to be a Republican, The person who should be ashamed here is Mr. Obama for running for President. He should come back in 15 years when he knows what he is doing. He has no right running for president.

Small businesses make up 84 percent of our jobs. Honestly, what do you think will happen when he taxes them? I’ll give you a chance to figure this one out. ……His tax plan will KILL our economy! Can you convince me otherwise?

And his healthcare plan will leave us waiting 3 months for an MRI or having to run to anonther country for treatment like they are now doing in Canada. They come here instead of waiting for the below standard treatment they receive there.

Now tell please, I am a Republican, what in my above comment was a smear, a tactic? It’s all fact.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post!
Vote sane, vote for McCain!

Posted by Jenn Dee | Report as abusive

I’m an old world Republican. Not one of these sleazy, neo-con Bush/W-Rove types. Give me Reagan, give me Bush Sr., or give me Obama.

Posted by John M | Report as abusive

Republicans are already pulling “tricks.” A document that looks like an authentic Election Board flyer is being distributed to Democrats in Virginia, telling them that the Virginia General Assembly passed an emergency measure to extend voting into November 5. The information is, of course, false. That is just one example — there are others. Not all Republicans will stoop to these dirty tricks, and some Democrats are just as bad. Stop automatically defending people who act badly just because they will vote for your candidate. If you see voters being blocked by either side, yell loudly!

Posted by gingersnap1951 | Report as abusive

It seems to me that since the story about Acorn came out, and also the story about his aunt being an illegal alien, that the Democrats will resort to anything to win this election. What will they resort to next?
How can they say that “people of color” could be targeted, especially when he has a daughter that is a person “of color”???
Didn’t they agree that family was off limits? Couldn’t this be considered a possible shot at his daughter?
Will they next go after beauty queens??

Posted by Terriann Reini | Report as abusive

The voting dirty tricks of past years are NOT going to work this time! Any voter who reasonably suspects such tactics being used should be encouraged to contact an Obama polling representative (attorney).

Posted by Jorge | Report as abusive

[…] Tales from the Trail » Blog Archive » No Republican tricks at … […]

Posted by Are there any people of color who are living with rosacea? « Rosacea Support | Report as abusive


I’d say the Pennsylvanians should be aware of this.

Posted by MK | Report as abusive

I’m a republican ( for now) but am writing in Ron Paul. We need a president with the guts and intelligence to live up to the oath. The idea that Americans have a choice with Obama and Mccain is absurd. Both Obama and Mccain represent traditional Washington economics much more than our Constitution.

Posted by jason | Report as abusive

WE can only hope a lawsuit is filed again SENATOR DOLE in N.C. and is won in court, the false adds just belittle most peoples intelligence.
IT is as they believe only ignorant people vote.

Posted by airplane | Report as abusive

repubs need to purge their party of all rove-esque personage. these people will stop at nothing to win. they care not about what is good for all. remember – of the people, by the people, for the people. we need to gather as a collective one and TAKE BACK our country. no longer can we vote blindly along party lines. nor can we be so naive as to believe everything we are told. we are CITIZENS, not CONSUMERS. go obama/biden

Posted by Eloise | Report as abusive

I agree that everyone should behave. Today I saw an Obama sign that had red paint spilled on it. And then I had my McCain signs taken out of my front yard.
Peace to all, we can get past this.

Peaceful McCain Supporter

Posted by Jenn Dee | Report as abusive

The biggest shot McCain has is that Democrats don’t bother to show up at the voting booth. They talk a good game, but the Republicans are the ones who actually pull the levers in an election. Therefore, McCain supporters should take some heart from that fact. I think Democrats are simply more apathetic. McCain has a real shot at winning. It all depends on who casts an actual ballot. Good luck, United States citizens!

Posted by Denny Mack | Report as abusive