McCain’s final stop: Prescott, Arizona

November 2, 2008

For John McCain, the road to the White House ends in Prescott, Arizona.

The Arizona senator caps a frantic, final day of campaigning on Monday with a midnight rally on the courthouse steps in the old territorial capital, where he has concluded his earlier campaigns for Senate.

The courthouse plaza has hosted other notable rallies. Former Sen. Barry Goldwater, the 1964 presidential candidate who McCain regards as a role model, ended his campaigns there as well, as did members of the state’s Udall dynasty.

“It’s got great historical significance in Arizona,” said McCain adviser Mark Salter.

Though rich in symbolism, the rally will come at the cost of the rarest of commodities in the final days of a presidential campaign: sleep.

The rally wraps up at 1:15 a.m. on Tuesday morning, and the campaign won’t reach his home city of Phoenix until 1:45. That’s 20 hours after the day’s first rally in Tampa.

Tuesday’s schedule looks a bit more forgiving. McCain has only two tasks that day: vote, and wait for the the results to come in.

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Photo credit REUTERS/Brian Snyder. McCain speaks at rally in Wallingford, Pennsylvania, Nov. 2, 2008


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Senator McCain, My husband is a three time combat veteran and a supporter of your campaign. We are excited and hopeful about having a man such as yourself in the White House. Although my husband gets up for work at 5am he wouldn’t miss your rally at the courthouse plaza in Prescott Arizona. From Frank Carrano and Wife Debby we wish you Luck,strength, and Gods loving grace in running our great country.
Our prayers and support,
The Carrano Family

Posted by Debra Trad | Report as abusive

Senator McCain,

I wish you’d run an honorable campaign. Many people told me you were a decent man. I’m extremely disappointed in your actions. I live here in Prescott and am sorry that you’re putting the focus on our town. Men more honorable than you have stood on those Courthouse steps. You and Governor Palin should be deeply ashamed for the tone of your campaign.

Posted by RobinL | Report as abusive

As a longtime Prescott resident and McCain supporter I am proud to say I have already voted for Obama. Don’t let the fear and smears, and potential wait, stop you from casting your vote. Real change is possible!

Obama/Biden 2008

Posted by MountainGirl | Report as abusive

Campaigning is dirty! McCain has always been for his country and serves his country! I am proud of him and enjoyed the rally! The veterans were many and the crowd was friendly with exception to Obamas representives of young scruffy dredgelock protestors that sought only to cause trouble and serve as examples. Nice representation for Obama! A Prescott Democrat for MC CAIN!!!!

Posted by Prescott democrat | Report as abusive