Superstitious Biden sure of Pennsylvania, not others

November 3, 2008

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Joe Biden would bet his daughter’s graduate tuition on winning the battleground state of Pennsylvania, but he said he was not so sure of Ohio, Indiana or Missouri.

Speaking to reporters en route to a rally, the Democratic vice presidential candidate was upbeat about Tuesday’s election. But he would not say if he expected Barack Obama to win.

“I am superstitious and so I am not going to comment on us winning or losing,” he said.

Asked about battleground states, the Delaware senator was most optimistic about Pennsylvania, where he was born nearly 66 years ago in a hardscrabble town called Scranton.

“I don’t want to bet on Ohio or Missouri. Indiana I don’t want to bet on either. I think we can win all three. Am I ready to bet my daughter’s graduation tuition on it? Nope. If I had to bet it on Pennsylvania, I would bet it.”

“Look, it’s self-evident: Democrats have not done well in those states. But there’s something in the air, guys.”

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Photo credit: Reuters/Jason Reed (Biden waves at a rally in Florida in October) 


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the possibility that so decent, intelligent, gallant, wise and inspiring a young man as Senator Obama may not be chosen as as our next president is altogether too painful to contemplate.

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