Bidens band together on Election Day

November 4, 2008

WILMINGTON, Del. – For Joe Biden, politics has always been a family business and on Tuesday the Democratic vice presidential candidate took along three dozen of his relatives on the final campaign leg to Chicago. 

 Of the 99 passengers on board his campaign plane, 37 were members of the Biden family, including the Delaware senator, his mother Jean, wife Jill, daughter Ashley, son Hunter, grandchildren, siblings and other relatives. 

 A notable omission was Beau Biden, the senator’s eldest son who is being deployed to Iraq and is in military training in Texas. 

 Biden’s sister Valerie Owens, who has worked on every campaign since Biden first ran for the Senate in 1972, was also there along with her children. 

 Relatives took up the first third of the aircraft and applauded when the Delaware senator, who has made several failed presidential bids in the past, came on board after casting his ballot in his hometown of Wilmington. 

 Biden voted for himself twice at a polling station at the local library in his Greenville neighborhood — once for his Senate seat and then for himself and Barack Obama on the presidential ticket. 

 “Mom says this is the most important election of her lifetime,” said Biden, who gave a thumbs-up sign after he came out of the voting booth and hugged his wife and mother. “Mom, don’t tell them who you voted for,” he joked to journalists.

Photo credit: Reuters/Tim Shaffer.  Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden walks with his mother Jean (C) and his wife Jill (L) after casting their votes at the Tatnall School near Wilmington, Delaware, Nov. 4, 2008.


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It seems brainwashed people are now going to have to learn the hard way…they were forewarned! The beast has made it’s appearance on the United States soil!!!

Posted by Dennis | Report as abusive

he didn’t vote at a library he voted in the Tatnall School’s front lobby…in Wilmington Delaware

Posted by a | Report as abusive

Dennis, are you by any chance a religious nut who believes the End Times are nigh, and Obama is the Anti-Christ?

God I can’t stand un-intellectual people like that!

Posted by Dave | Report as abusive

Why does someone have to say that the Beast has appeared in America now. What is the form of the Beast as stated in the Bible that you want to imply? It is dangerous to misquote the Bible for your own self-satisfaction.
Until we all come to the unity, there will come a time when we do not look at a person’s skin color, economic background or such the like to measure a man, but as we are so often reminded by the contents of what they do more than what they say. I hope this period of life will be a peaceful and prosperous one for all living in America. God Bless America.

Posted by Barbara | Report as abusive

Hi Dennis,
I have some questions, if you please.

1. Could you clarify your comment?
2. Who/what is the beast you refer to?
3. What is your resource for such information?
4. You say this beast has made “it’s” appearance on US soil. Could you give a bit more information as to where, when?
5. You mention that the US has received a warning; could you elaborate? Was it a phone call, advert, TV programme?
7. Have you alerted the authorities and/or perhaps the News media? As this seems rather a large event, I should think it merits breaking newson CNN or Sky, no? Perhaps the Politics or International desks here at Reuterswould be a good place to start.

6. Lastly,could you suggest “next steps”?


Posted by hil | Report as abusive

”Several” failed presidential bids? I know of one in late ’80s, and of course this year. I truly like, respect and admire Senator Biden. I appreciate his intellect, honesty, and integrity, and especially his love of and extensive service to America. He is what I consider the real deal. I understand that Mr. Obama spent a great deal of time interviewing Joe Biden (and leaders in the Democratic Party for their opinion of Biden) before finally asking him to be his running mate (called vetting). Obama later said that Biden had always been his top pick. I couldn’t be happier with Obama’s choice-hundreds of thousands of Americans love Biden-and I think both gentlemen are great for America.

Posted by NBS | Report as abusive