Celebration at the White House — an election and birthday

November 5, 2008

WASHINGTON – It is a celebratory night at the White House this election night, and not just because President George W. Bush learns who will be his successor — it is his wife Laura’s birthday.

The first couple hosted a private dinner with friends and senior staff in the Old Family Dining Room at the White House and Bush gave his wife earrings to celebrate her 62nd birthday, according to White House spokeswoman Dana Perino.

The president gave a toast at the start of the dinner thanking everyone for their work and friendship, Perino said. He concluded by saying: “And may God bless whoever wins tonight.”

The group will watch election results in the White House residence as they roll in tonight. Bush, facing record low job approval ratings, has been mostly out of sight during the presidential race.

He participated in numerous closed-door fundraisers around the country and only appearing briefly on three occasions with Republican hopeful John McCain after he clinched his party’s presidential nomination.

While Bush remained secluded in the final days of the campaign, Laura attended a rally in Kentucky on Monday.

“The president believes tonight is a night to appreciate the strength of our country and our democracy, as citizens from all over the country exercised their right to vote today, after a historic campaign,” Perino said. “The president is committed to a transition that is as smooth as possible, a process that has been under way for many months, and as soon as we have a president-elect we’ll be able to do even more on that front.”

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Photo credit: Reuters/Jonathan Ernst (Bush enters the White House on Sunday after returning from Camp David)


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Good bye to you, President Bush. The speeches you made on 9/11 made me so proud to be an American again. No matter what anyone says about your term as our Nation’s leader, those were your shinning moments and God bless you for taking the action you did. You let the world know that we, the American people, were not going to stand for anymore unretaliated acts of terrorism against us. We are a strong people, don’t step on us. Because it wasn’t an easily won war, you have taken the heaqt for it. Enjoy your leisure and remember you finest hour!!

Posted by Betty Bee | Report as abusive

congratulations on reaching your dream we share the joy of a new president of united states of america and our very proud that dream came true god bless. m. weeks

Posted by maria | Report as abusive

Bush you have ruined your party and brought down our Country. As you toast your self and friends tonight, dont let the door hit you on the way out. You will go down as the WORST PRESIDENT not only in this great Country of ours, but of any free country throughout the world. Dont go home mad, JUST GO HOME!!!

Posted by Greg Gamble | Report as abusive

I was at the white house tonight, and if Bush was inside, that sucks for him because we raised HELL!!!!! Viva President-elect Barack Obama :)

Posted by Angeliqué Israel | Report as abusive

Bush doesn’t have the presence of mind to be ashamed, but shame is what he should feel. I celebrate that we won’t have to listen to his ignorant voice any longer. He will disappear and never be missed.

Posted by Kim | Report as abusive