Newsflash — Sarah Palin, wearing only a towel

November 6, 2008

WASHINGTON – Lots of news trickling in about Sarah Palin’s time on the campaign trail…

Like the time John McCain’s top aides Steve Schmidt and Mark Salter went to brief the fit 44-year-old Alaska governor in her hotel room at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul.

Here’s how Newsweek described it:  “After a minute, Palin sailed into the room wearing nothing but a towel, with another on her wet hair. She told them to chat with her laconic husband, Todd. ‘I’ll be just a minute,’ she said.”

There were strains between the McCain and Palin camps on the trail. Now that the election is over, the long knives have come out.

The Los Angeles Times reported that when Palin arrived at the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix on Tuesday, she had expected to speak before McCain gave his concession speech, but was told by Schmidt and Salter that it would not be appropriate.

The Alaska governor is keeping her options open about running in 2012, and when she arrived in her hometown of Wasilla on Wednesday night, she was greeted by chants of “2012.”

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– Photo credit: Reuters/Mike Blake (McCain and Palin at their election night rally)


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Palin in 2012, I say please bring her on. Just because the lunatic fringe on the Right love her does not mean she is electable.

Posted by Tarro | Report as abusive

Please. Just because the PR branch of the left, er, I mean the mainstream media, successfully convinced you *diots that Bush is responsible for everything from price of a gallon of gas to the brown patches on your lawn, and that Obama is anything but an anti-Constitution communist doesn’t make it so either.

If Bush had found a cure for cancer, you would find a way to criticize him for it.

Posted by Matt | Report as abusive

By all means, if the lemmings … I mean Republicans … want to follow her over that cliff, let’s not stand in their way.

Posted by John D | Report as abusive

I hope she does run. It’ll make it that much easier for democrats to win again!!

Posted by Lefty | Report as abusive

Seriously, if you thought McCain got trounced, Palin wouldn’t win a single state.

Posted by Dave | Report as abusive

I am very happy to see Palin back in Alaska. As soon as McCain chose her, I switched sides! Her first unscripted speech where she thought Fannie Mae was taxpayer funded was a big clue. Then she was hidden from the media for obvious reasons and proved she didn’t have basic knowledge that a high school graduate would possess. When she wouldn’t respond to questions at the debate, it was obvious to me she was unqualified no matter how much she was briefed.

However, why are they doing this to her? Something doesn’t smell right.

Posted by NancyinFL | Report as abusive

Matt, of course I know that Bush isn’t responsible for the brown patches in my lawn because my lawn has no brown patches. However, the family in the “red” house across the street don’t have a patch of green in their yard…something about small rodents known as lemmings I believe (reference to John D). But going back to the main idea, just because the limelight was stolen away from the Republicans for this next term doesn’t give my conservative counterparts the right to make assuptions on how America will be for the next four years.

We’re all hoping for some change this year, even if John McCain would have won we would have all been looking for the same thing. Give Obama a chance–don’t start accusing him of being “Hussien the Communist” or “a baby killer” as I’ve heard from some. The Republicans are out of the White House! Get over it! Stop crying because nobody wants to wipe your tears away, not even John McCain, who I have much respect for. Sarah Palin on the otherhand…well, lets leave her to the moose.

Posted by El Heffe | Report as abusive

I’d love to see Palin taking on the mantle of the conservative movement. Who better to do so? Politics have been such fun this year.

Posted by Denny Mack | Report as abusive

Bush is a horrible President. It’s not the media’s fault that (1) he led us into a war that has succeeded in making Iran stronger and making the Middle East less stable,(2) he was responsible for biggest expansion of the federal government and federal deficit ever,(3) he had an abysmal response to Hurricane Katrina, (4) he condoned torture and the violation of the Geneva Convention, and (5) he succeeded in tarnishing the good name of the US around the world. I agree some elements of the media are biased, but Bush is a horrible President and should be detested by Republicans and Democrats alike. People need to stop drinking the Limbaugh Kool-Aid that praises idiots like Bush and Palin.

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

I’m old fashioned and I feel that women should be more modest so I’m disappointed to hear that Mrs. Palin appeared in this type of dress in the presence of mixed company. I think it’s very unbecoming.

Posted by Toni | Report as abusive

El Jefe,

How appropos, a liberal telling me what I do and don’t have the right to do or say. When the left was making death threats against Bush, it was just people exercising their 1st amendment rights. But God forbid a Conservative refers to Obama as a communist.

“Lemming” more appropriately describes you clowns who accept and repeat ad nauseum the media tagline that “he’s no socialist…um, because he said he’s not.” That’s exactly what he is. Trying to be nice about what words you use to describe your allies makes you a fraud. Promising to all but do away with the second amendment is one of the first steps of conversion from socialism to communism.

“Lemming” also more appropriately describes all the libs who jumped on the bandwagon with Tina Fey in describing Sarah Palin as an hillbilly idiot. You cared not to learn anything about her beyond an SNL skit. You will never acknowledge the fact that Obama repeatedly got a free pass from the press. He wasn’t asked a single tough question but when Joe the Plumber had the nerve to speak up for the free market, you f*cking leeches were all over the guy’s personal life.

Lemming more appropriately describes one who cries fake tears for the fewer than 1,000 unfortunate victims of Katrina because the media told them to and it was another way to bash Bush, yet completely ignores that Clinton didn’t even send the National Guard into Chicago during a heat wave that was responsible for the deaths of 1,100 elderly people.

It’s lemmings in the 70% who are afraid to stand up and admit to even a single Bush success. That’s what you don’t get about leadership. Clinton’s policy of making decisions based on polls was not leadership. Bush’s ability to ignore the crass, vile and ignorant attacks he faced every day and still do what he knew to be right was leadership.

Posted by Matt | Report as abusive

Just because the media reports on the lies and blunders of the Bush administration, or Palin’s lack of common knowledge, doesn’t make it biased. If you think so, then you probably also think that anyone who opposes the “Patriot” Act because of the infringement of privacy, is not a patriot.

Posted by Diesel | Report as abusive

Oh yes, please bring her on for 2012. She would be a great counterpoint to Mr Obama, and offer a clear choice for voters. According to McCain campaign staff members, (who wish to remain anonymous) she didn’t know the member countries of NAFTA or that Africa is Continent, not a country. I hope and pray she is the nominee of the Republican party. Just think…by just looking out her office window at Russia over the next few years as governor she will be able to get invaluable foreign policy experience. Oh and I love the story Wasilla’s requirement that any woman who said they were raped had to pay $800 to $1,200 for hospital tests, while she was mayor. Wasilla was the only city in Alaska with that requirement and the State of Alaska had to step in to stop this practice.

Did I say bring her on. Wonderful woman that Sarah Palin.

Posted by George Weiss | Report as abusive


1) Please identify your military credentials that qualify you to state this, not counting are “I heard it from Dan Rather” or “I heard it from Rosie O’Donnell.”
2) Actually, percentage-wise, FDR was by far.
3) So did Kathleen Blanco and Ray Nagin – who let a few hundred unused school buses sink, but I don’t see you blaming them. Nor did I hear any libs complaining when Clinton let 1,100 elderly Chicago residents die without any help during the Chicago heat waves.
4) See number 1. The Geneva Convention does not apply to non-uniformed combatants. It never has. As a matter of fact, those fitting this description in the past have been executed on site in many countries, but not the U.S. Again, this was another way for the left to call Bush every name in the book. Further, waterboarding was never considered torture until the left began looking for yet another reason to impeach Bush.
5) Did your father not give you enough attention? Why do so many on the left need so desperately to be liked by everyone? More proof there’s not a true leader among you. The left loves citing Germany, Italy and France as having been p*ssed off at us, yet they all seem to have managed to elect far-right conservatives in their last elections. Guess we’re not doing as badly as you’d like us to be on the world stage. Even if we were, who the h3ll cares? What’s popular isn’t always right and what’s right isn’t always popular.

Posted by Matt | Report as abusive

Bush is the worst president in history (Steve ably summarizes some of the principal reasons), and surely one of the dumbest. Palin makes him look like a rocket scientist by comparison. So yes, please, bring her on in 2012.

Posted by Frederick | Report as abusive

I’d have voted for that racist anti-American Communist (rather than McCain) for a chance to hang out with Palin while she wears a towel! Every man has his price, and that it mine.
That said, I don’t believe anything I hear about her Or anybody, really); I still love her “everyday normality”- all the geniuses with their Ivy League educations, connections and worldly experience have gotten us into this mess- maybe it’ll take somebody who knows what a gallon of milk costs to clean it up.
Strange that the McCain camp would hang her out to dry… certainly after running the worst campaign I can remember. I absolutely hate what Obama stands for, but his campaign was top notch.

Posted by Jonathan Devens | Report as abusive

Matt…. umm…. i don’t think so, but i do think you’re an absolute idiot, along with the rest of the right-wing robots

Posted by Aaron | Report as abusive

Can people at least be reasonable? It is no wonder our country is divided. Even if one dislikes Bush, at the very least, you must admit that he has kept our country safe and free from attack in our borders. AND, he is doing everything possible to make the transition as smooth as possible, even allowing Obama to have an office at the WH so he can talk to foreign leaders. He is an honorable statesman doing the best he can for our country in this time of transition, give him that much credit at least!

Posted by tjomac | Report as abusive

Please Matt, Bush is responsible for the price of gas and the brown patch on your lawn because: (1) The invasion of Iraq affected the production of gas from that country causing a run-up of oil prices, (2) this was furthur spiked up to unreasonable levels by Wall Street traders who had less ‘regulations’ to restrain them due to Bush’s policy to deregulation; ‘wouldn’t want to do anything to hold back businesses’ (3) traders clients suddenly rich from years of cheap money bought houses and stocks they could not collapses added to the national debt, the Iraq war added to the national debt…, your grandchildren will never pay off this debt, teh USA as we know it may collapse,… and 50 million of you id10ts still voted for the Republicans, that’s truly sad

Posted by Jerry | Report as abusive


You can not possibly be that stupid.

1. The price of gas rose from 1.46 to 2.16 between 1/20/01 and 11/7/06. It rose from 2.16 to 4.35 in the next sixteen months. It was a market response to the election of the completely anti-market democrats who had spent the previous year accusing Exxon-Mobil of basically stealing from the public. BTW, their “record” profits were only a ROI of $0.07 on every dollar of investment. The dems love to demonize them because of the scale of their business. Never mind that the federal government takes around $0.40 on every gallon of gasoline, nearly 6 times what the people who actually do the work make. Further, oil companies actually employ productive people. The government does not.

2. Tell me exactly what regulations Bush stripped from the market that caused traders to drive up the price. You’ll have to look back to 1977, and the president’s name was Carter, stupid. That’s when oil hit the commodities market.

3. Nobody, but NOBODY, who was “suddenly rich from cheap money” (yet another liberal trait – anybody who has money can’t possibly have earned it, they must have gotten it easy somehow) fell victim to the housing collapse. See Carter’s legacy again. It was under him that it became law to loan to unqualified borrowers. Clinton threatened to stop lending to banks who did not lend to high-risk borrowers. People who had no business borrowing money in the first place are responsible for and affected by the housing collapse. Carter and Clinton added fuel to the flame.

John McCain and George Bush have been calling for stricter regulations on FHMC and FNMA for years. If you weren’t so f*cking intellectually lazy, you can go to You Tube and watch videos of that h0m0 Barney Frank, along with Harry Reid and other libs blocking attempts to regulate their corrupt friends like Franklin Raines, Jim Johnson and Jamie Gorelick, all of whom were found to have received bonuses in the tens of millions of dollars from these GSEs as a result of major misreporting of earnings.

Even the most liberal of pundits admit all or most of these facts to be true. You probably don’t even know what half of it means, yet you’re calling people idiots. That’s what sucks about elections. You’re a dipsh*t and your vote counts the same as mine.

Posted by Matt | Report as abusive


I find it particularly frightening when Republican Party members demonstrate such a blatant paucity of understanding for even the most basic of political concepts. You clearly haven’t a clue as to what socialism is.

And for those in the GOP who find Palin’s hockey Mom charm refreshing and look forward to her ascendance within the party: demand better. I personally want my leaders – no what their party affiliation is – to be significantly more intelligent than some jack-ass like “Joe the tax-dodging Plummer” and you all should expect the same. Remember: modern conservatism was born from people like William F. Buckley Jr.; an intellectual giant by any party’s measure. Mr. Buckley would almost certainly characterize Mrs. Palin’s lack of knowledge as dangerous even for governorship, let alone the executive branch. His brand of intelligent oversight among conservatives has now been replaced by leaders ill-prepared for even the simplest of questions: What magazines do read? Is Africa a country of a continent? Does being the Mayor of Wasilla make one qualified to be President of the United States of America?

But even more striking than Palin’s alarming lack of savvy, is the gullibility of GOP members to have accepted her candidacy with such unflinching and blind loyalty. It demonstrates only allegiance to their party – not to America. How can conservatives accept such mediocrity – at best – from those chosen to lead them? It boggles the mind. Palin’s appointment was an ideal opportunity for GOP members to question authority, and a one-word question – “Why?” – would have sufficed.

Wake up, conservatives. We have a country to run: not a church.

Posted by Patrick | Report as abusive

Sure, bring back Palin for 2012, this way Obama will be guaranteed to stay in the white house for another 4 years! Great news for all man-kind!

Posted by Yeppers | Report as abusive

I would like to know why Reuters didn’t post my last comment referring to beer, but will let Matt put “f*cking” in his comments. Please either post my last comment or remove Matt’s. Thank you.

Posted by El Heffe | Report as abusive

Palin and her supporters are drunk on their own kool-aid! If anything this election should be a wake up call for them! A majority of America has rebuked them for their narrow mindedness and divisive politics!

Posted by Rob | Report as abusive

Matt is an idiot because the far-right in Europe is closer in line with the left liberals here than with our right wing conservatives.

First off Clinton using polls to make decisions some times was a GOOD thing. The President is there to do OUR bidding. That’s what you crazy Republicans don’t get. Youthink he’s there to just do what he/she sees fit to do. But the reality is we are his Boss.

I’m not going to give a single ounce of credit to Bush for keeping our country safe. He didn’t keep it safe on 9/11 and just because we didn’t get attacked again you honestly think he should get credit for that?

No the credit on that goes to the CIA, FBI, NSA, and other people. Bush hasn’t done anything productive for our country but infringe on privacy rights and destroy the economy while he and his friends got richer.

Posted by Dave | Report as abusive

When asked about the towel incident she said, ”I was just excited to show them that I had finally figured out what the ’Bush doctrine’ was”!

Posted by Rod | Report as abusive

I am 67 years old, a retired school teacher and a ranch wife in MT. I think she would be a great President because she has “grit” and not part of the CFR insider group. She is a real American and stands up for America and not ashamed to do so. She is not out to destroy Capitalism as Obama is wanting to do.

Posted by verabeth johnson | Report as abusive


Please consider that Bush had only been in office less than a year and that Clinton and other adminstrations had allowed Bin Laden a free pass and that the attack on 9/11 had been planned for quite some time. I do think Bush should get credit. If people could learn to have a civil discourse instead of name calling and other partisan tactics maybe the whole country could begin to work together and find solutions to problems. I don’t hear any solutios, just a bunch of negativity.

Can we all just see how things go with this adminstration before we begin to criticize Obama the way the folks have demonized Bush? It is called common decency and civility and something this country seems to be sorely lacking.

Posted by tjomac | Report as abusive

One factor you’ve not mentioned in the gas price is that Bush’s economic policies forced the value of the Dollar through the floor. That’s what you get when you spend like there’s no tomorrow and reduce the tax take at the same time.
Since the oil is priced in bucks, but produced overseas the price will tend to go up to compensate for the devaluation of the controlling currency.

Posted by NickPheas | Report as abusive

This towel story just seems flat-out unbelievable. It reeks to high hell of a sexist hoax.

Posted by Robert | Report as abusive

Following in the path of the great Republican leaders–Abraham Lincoln (savior of the Union and freer of the slaves), Dwight Eisenhower (Supreme Allied Commander in WWII), we now have for our consideration for president, Sarah Palin (towel tease).

Posted by tom | Report as abusive

Perhaps Jindal will rise in 2012 and make conservatives feel intelligent again. 😉

So far, he seems to be only conservative able to rain down detailed analyses and “the vision-things” in paragraphs. Faster than you could say “EH?”

Posted by Raj | Report as abusive

You guys are so much fun…

I have to ask if we really believe that those $50-$150k CRA loans to people in redlined neighborhoods brought down the whole world’s economy. That darned Jimmy Carter. But wasn’t that 30 years ago?

Posted by Jeffey | Report as abusive

This story is sexist and even if it is true, I wonder that anyone associated with the campaign would reveal it. Trying to place all the blame for McCain’s loss on his selection of his running mate and her qualifications is wrong. He ran a weak campaign and he had a weak and chaotic staff aiding him (further evidenced by their post-election Palin-bashing), but they’re trying to cover their butts now with these distracting stories. I am not a Palin fan but I respect her and her accomplishments and despise the treatment she is receiving from the people and party that pushed her into the limelight.

Bush is almost finished; leaving a legacy that will be noted more for its failures than successes. He certainly wasn’t responsible for 9/11 or Katrina, but he was responsible for our government’s response to both. He is the President, our Commander in Chief, and the man in charge. The governor of LA and mayor of NO are responsible as well for the Katrina response, but Nagin’s begging for help on TV was not a staged moment. Bush’s response to Katrina, a post-9/11 event, did little to reassure us that we were safe and well prepared for another catastrophe – man or nature made. Like McCain, his choice of staff was politically driven (Good job Brownie), rather than based on solid qualifications, and so the response was damaging.

Steve, most of us, like you (unless you have an insider’s perspective that you aren’t revealing), get our information from television and the media (TV, books, radio, internet). We take away what we like from it, interpret it based on our beliefs, criticize what we don’t like – it’s difficult to be entirely objective. What qualifications besides what you hear from the media do you have for contesting the statement that Iran or the Middle East is stronger now than pre-Operation Iraqi Freedom? Military service? A job in security? A hunch?

Finally, I live in Chicago and did so during the awful heat wave. That Clinton didn’t send in assistance is no excuse for Bush’s failure, as you seem to suggest. Two wrongs don’t make a right. The deaths were disastrous (although you conveniently increased the Chicago number while reducing the number of Katrina deaths). They were preventable and it is a stain on the mayor and citizens of what was a very racially and economically segregated city that so many died. Attribute it to a City that ignored its most vulnerable population but which has hopefully learned from its terrible and costly error, based on how the City responds now during extreme weather (and a campaign to encourage neighbors to do our share) I think we have improved greatly. But, to compare that event to Katrina has little merit. You round down the number of deaths due to Katrina and completely fail to mention the thousands of people displaced (who remain so), homes and businesses destroyed (still not entirely rebuilt), and the other collateral damage sustained that has made it difficult for the region to recover years later. In terms of death toll due to a single event there is a historical basis for comparison, but the failure to note the extensive and long-term damage of Katrina as compared to Chicago and the extent to which the lag in response by the federal government contributed to the damage needs to be noted.

The election is over. Time to move on. Good night.

Posted by Cl | Report as abusive

I’m the person who made the calls to Newsweek. I’m so excited to see my name (and that of my brother, whose name is “Insider”) in print in a heavy-hitting journalistic publication — it’s been a long time coming. As you know, I’m a regular contributor to your run-of-the-mill supermarket rags like the Enquirer, but I’m thrilled to see that our nation’s more serious journalists are finally listening to us! Thank you, Newsweek, for this hard-hitting and well-researched piece.

Posted by anonymous sources | Report as abusive

Matt is an idiot because the far-right in Europe is closer in line with the left liberals here than with our right wing conservatives.

First off Clinton using polls to make decisions some times was a GOOD thing. The President is there to do OUR bidding. That’s what you crazy Republicans don’t get. Youthink he’s there to just do what he/she sees fit to do. But the reality is we are his Boss.

I’m not going to give a single ounce of credit to Bush for keeping our country safe. He didn’t keep it safe on 9/11 and just because we didn’t get attacked again you honestly think he should get credit for that?

No the credit on that goes to the CIA, FBI, NSA, and other people. Bush hasn’t done anything productive for our country but infringe on privacy rights and destroy the economy while he and his friends got richer.

– Posted by Dave

Really? A president should make decisions based on polls? Why even have a president? The country can just be run by polls.

Is it even necessary for me to point out how stupid one has to be to say in one sentence that Bush is responsible for not keeping our country safe on 9/11 and in the next that when it has been safe, it’s been due to the work of another entity? So, 9/11 had only to do with Bush, not with the agencies you later credit. It had nothing to do with Clinton passing on a chance to take custody of bin Laden because as HE stated, “We had no legal basis.” It also had nothing to do with the wall erected between local and Federal law enforcement by Jamie Gorelick, right?

Posted by Matt | Report as abusive

Yeah, the SOUTHERN WHITE PEOPLES’ REGIONAL PARTY — formerly the GOP — should keep Palin front and center the next four years. That should relegate their political control to southeast Alaska and western Oklahoma, by 2013.

Posted by Jimmy Doors | Report as abusive

Lighten up, people!
She was simply giving a visual demo of bush administration.

Posted by N. U. Endo | Report as abusive

If John McCain had come from the shower, wrapped in a towel and told his aides that he needed a few minutes to get dressed, would that have raised an international commotion? To criticize Sarah Palin for the same action is pure sexism. If this is the worst mud that can be slung at Governer Palin, then she is an admirable politician indeed.

Posted by crunkcar | Report as abusive

I do not want to see Palin in 2012.

But I would like to see her in just a towel.

Posted by Mark | Report as abusive

Come on- Let’s assume this did really happen… doesn’t it still sound fairly sensationalized? I’m a democrat born, bread, and when I die, I’ll be a democrat dead, but this is just crazy.

Gov. Palin won’t run in 2012, not for President. She’d get sliced open in the first debate. She should take the first tv contract offered

Posted by Ben | Report as abusive

As a proud member of the Green Party and political observer, I would like to make a few comments.

First, to the Right, I’m pretty sure Obama is a center-left/centrist. His “radical” economic ideas – progressive taxation and the earned income tax credit – are part of the tax code (he’s just tweaking it a bit) and were put in place by Teddy Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan respectively. I know that Republicans think those two were Trotskyites but in reality they were classic Conservatives: two part libertarian with one part Christian morality.

Second, to the Left (or so called left), I would not get too happy about a Palin run in 2012. First its ridiculous to think that she doesn’t know what are the countries in NAFTA; second, I’m sure she knew that Africa was a continent. The woman has 65% approval ratings in Alaska add to that the cotton belt states and Wyoming and Utah. Now she just has to win over the remaining Republican base, which she can with a real economic message other than Joe the Plumber and a vice presidential pick on the level of Haley Barbour.

Addressing the towel thing specifically. So these GOP reps come into her hotel room to meet with her. She gets out of the shower, walks through the suite toward her room, tells them to talk to Tom and then goes and changes. I don’t get whats odd, unbecoming or out of the ordinary regarding that. She was telling them to sit tight while she changed. It wasn’t like she

Now as an outside observer I have to question the timing and truth to these new allegations. The GOP leaders are calling her “no nothing hick from Wasilla.” Wait a minute, so the GOP can make themselves out to be the party of working class white people, but when one of them runs you have to distance yourselves from them. Rank and file Republicans, you are not served well by your party. You have an admiral’s son in McCain, the ultimate blueblood Maineards in the Bushes, a third generation centrist party hack (who ran as a social liberal in Mass) in Romney. Your centrist wing is named for the grandson of the definition of a rich person: “Rockefeller Republicans.” Don’t let them play to you once every four years, get you’re own people up there – not your political class.

And, I’m with Mark, I’d like to see Palin in a towel.

Posted by Thrasybulus | Report as abusive

Here’s an story about the post-campaign Palin rumors. It’s nothing new, just some humorous commentary. utorial-for-palin-as-gossip-abounds.html

Posted by Tom | Report as abusive

If not Sarah Palin McCain would hav no chance to continue His fight for Presidency, She brough millions of people to McCain ans now ,me jerks are attacking Her. McCain crew did a such losy job and not blaming Sarah. So what that She was in 2 towels, Her Husban Todd was there, and She was visited by campain people. What a such big deal, if She wa man and that man was cover with towel i would be perfectly OK. But because a such hudge jelousy by McCain stuff, tha Sarah (just one woman) did what they were not able to do for 2 years ,now they are attacking Her to cover up their lazy-faceless campain for McCain .
Hands off Sarah Palin. Those who steer this ugly action against Sarah Palin should never have any kind of job in anyone campain. They betray Her. Why so few show at McCain speaches, but so many at Palin. Stupidity of those jerks are sky high and their names must be publish. McCain must appologies to Sarah and must now. If He wont, than I can say one thing, He dont deserve to be President. So, it is McCain choice, and we will see who He truly is!!!!
Not letting Sarah Palin to speak after McCain concession ,is just ignorance on McCain and His stuff. So, now we know, why those two guys from McCains stuff went to Hotel, were Sarah and Her Famili were staying, just to tell Her , NO SPEACHES FOR YOU SARAH, WE DONT NEED ANY MORE OF YOUR SPEACHES, BECAUSE WE LOOSE , AND THIS IS ALL YOU FAULT!!! J E R K S!!!

Posted by babalu123 | Report as abusive

Thrasybulus… You are absolutely right, and now McCains 4 days after lost His fight for Presidency, is still quiet.??? He does not apologise for His stuff dirty attack on someone who did asuch fantastic job. The whole stuff of His is worth nothing but to be dismiss, and names of those who are trashing Palin must be publish. Media (again) is covering up for those who are trashing Her. It is about time, that “RULES AND RIGHTS FOR MEDIA MUST BE CHANGE”, THE MUST SUPPLY US WITH ONLY STORIE BASE ON TRUTH ONLY”, AND LIES AND STORIES BASE ON LIES AND UNTRUE SHOULD BE PROSECUTED , THEIR JURNALIST LICENCES MUST BE TERMINATED AND THOSE RESPONSIBLE MUST BE PENELIZE AND DISMISS INCL. THOSE ABOVE THEM. ENOUGH IF BALONEY ,DIRT, RUMORS AND LIES!!!
I HEAR THAT “NYT” IS IN TROUBLE, AND MY GOES DOWN. Jurnalists from TV Stations who are campaining for candidates, have no right to do this, and this must be stop for good.
If any Media as TV,Radio,PRESS is knowingly covering up a real and negative informations about possible crime, or braking USA LAW by any of candidates for office uncl. Presidency of USA, should be charge with commiting crime. False accusation and spying in personal documents ,by any Goverment, State employee as happend to JOHN THE PLUMBER, should be an absolutely reason for dismissal of that person, no metter of position in Government, from buttom up!!!! John The Plumber,Hillary Clinton ,Sarah Palin are vivtims of dirty politics done by OUR MEDIA and some High Officials. This must stop ans must stop NOW!!!

Posted by babalu123 | Report as abusive

MATT…You forgot to add, that President”IKE” change the USA SOVIAL SECURITY LAW and let use any surplus for “emergency reason” , now someone (democrat)is trying to tax Disability Pension to, and Pelosi want to tax 401K. Social Security Pension and Disability Pension are the same, and we are beying tax.That money are beying taken strait from OUR paychecks .Tax on top of tax and new demend to tax SS again by DEMOCRATIC Congress.
So, who is the one , who is destroing MIDDLE CLASS????
Buy out(700 billion) and adition of 150 billions for PORK programs, from what Pelosi husband got over 100000 for His private business??? Hope Mr.Obama will get to the bottom of this and throw all corrupted politicians “under the bus” as quick as possible. I will give chance to Emanuel ,because His great job for Clinton, but the rest should be replace with those who truly want “CHANGES” for USA and US!!! WE need “CHANGES” for bad but for GOOD!!! NOW it is in President Obama hands to do right, and I vote for Him , because some how I believe that He will do right!I am giving HIM 4 years, and if He keep His given to US promises, I will give Him another 4, but if wont keep His promises I will not vote again for Him again.

Posted by babalu123 | Report as abusive

Stop those attack on Palin. I just dont understand why this hate toward this woman, She didnt do anything wrong, She is Republican and She stands for what She believs. So, what is wrong with that. She has the old time Republican values, We supports those old values all Her life . Her values are not as current Republicans values, Her values are good one. Get You anger on those not just Republicans, but Democrats to, because they are just as responsible for the whole mess, as they are. Sarah Palin is not one of them, She is the new wave with old and great values, and this is good for Republican Party and for all of US, no metter with Party we support. Hating Her because She is Republican is as stupid as is. Value Her as person. She is the only one who openly commited Her self to fight with corrupted Republicans and Democrats and to clean the mess in corrupted Goverment. McCain nor Obama never commited themselfs to fight with corruption, but Palin did. What is wrong with that. Woman with great values, honest and smart, beying attack , trash, by those who are directly involve in ECONOMY collapse, unbelievable high gas prices,unexaplatble PORK programs,Health Care cost. She is the only ONE who has guts to tell those who are directly responsible for, that it will be the END of their corrupted politics. Dirty attack by McCain stuff is just showing how ugly they are. Not understand Palin answers to some jurnalist like ; Kathy Curic, or Gibson; I gan see Rosia from Alaska, and what this meens is; Rosia is so close to Alaska, tha You can “see” it. Read between lines, and You will understand what She meens. Acusing Her, for not knowing the difference between Africa and country in Africa is another proof, that we dont understand Her answers. I did.She know 100% what NAFTA meens, better then Obama knows how many states are in USA… So, stop those sensless attacks, get to real problems and live this woman alone.

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Palin has nothing to do with BUSH politics and fail policies. Remember when Carter left, OUR hostages in Iran were relase from captivity. When Clinton left, we have 9/11. WHY those thing happend, when Democratic Presidents left President Office.
But attacking Palin in ugliest way as I ever see is inadmissable. You need to chill out, and blame those who are responsible for this whole mess. Palin is not, ans Alaskand loves HER. The best Governor in USA, an most important.
Any one who are attacking Her for any possible (in their mine) reason, are not smarter then Palin is. She has more brain then any one of those(together) who are just looking for any reason to make Her look stupid and it does not work. Possibly, that those attackers, are former McCain stuff, who in 2 years were unable to do anything smart to make His campain moving foreward, as Paline did in only 2 months. If You all, anty Palin anemies are talking Her beying damn, then You are just provimg, that You dont have to much knowlage at all, but hate and stupidity!!Just showing Your ignorance and nothing good about.
I saw all those ygly attack on Hillary supporters bu Obama supporters, and it was ugly, and You are just continuing those attack on Palin. Why no oane is attacking any of male candidates in recent ellection???
I wonder, how Your wifes feel about, because if You are so nastyu toward female candidate, I can emagine , how much You disrespect Your own wife and doughter, not neccesary by words but by thinking. You dont have respect for woman and You can not stand strong and independent woman as Hillary and Palin are.That is a tipical male mentality”woman as second class” O YES!!!

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Well, I voted McCain, but the Palin pick was almost a deal breaker for me.

The attacks on her do sound mean-spirited. But the claim that she had basically ignored the public policy debates of the last decade just rings true in light of her various performances.

She is, no doubt, bright. And, in certain contexts, I expect that she is formidable. But she was simply out of her depth as a potential VP.

I would still like to see her in a towel.

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Personally, I would find the report more believable if the name of the towelee was changed to Mr. Obama, and the honey entertain the reporters to Mrs. Obama

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“If Bush had found a cure for cancer, you would find a way to criticize him for it.” Or maybe the “liberal media” would hide it from avid truth-seekers such as yourself Matt!

It must be hard living in a world in which the crimes of your free-market idols are coming to light– several members of the current administration should be in prison, for criminal neglect if nothing else.

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As far as I can see you are all i*iots, republican and democrat. You are both calling each other lemmings but you are both parroting the talking heads on your respective “sides”. You both do it, but the libs are the worst when it comes to suppressing everyone elses free speech. I honestly think it would do more good to just have another civil war. I think it’s the only way you people will realize that being divided on everything just for the sake of disagreeing with the “other side” is absurd.

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[…] than not outnumber our differences.  In a comment from a reader on the Reuters blog, we see this: “I honestly think it would do more good to just have another civil war.”  For real?  If it has truly come to this in a country founded on democratic ideals and political […]

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